Heatley, Schoney, Torts and all


Training camp opens tomorrow, and at this very moment John  Tortorella is meeting with his good friends in the media. Unfortunately, I’m not there, so I suggest checking the Rangers’ site and some of the other familiar spots to see and/or hear what Torts said. Then, as always, please come back home to discuss.

Steve Zipay is reporting today, via twitter, that Jim Schoenfeld will remain as one of the assistant coaches. It was believed Schoenfeld would not coach again. But he will continue his dual-roles as assistant GM/assistant coach.

The Dany Heatley fiasco continued overnight, as ESPN reported a three-way deal with Los Angeles, San Jose and Ottawa. Then it was fiercely denied that there is any truth whatsoever to the deal. So he remains in play. Too bad. I thought we might finally be able to put the Heatley talk behind us.

Some of you got the news first last night that Kyle McLaren, the camp invitee, was injured. Today it’s apparently official that he will not be at camp.

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  1. hoping that Slats does NOT deal Staal.

    It is so much safer for our kids to get a Ranger jersey with their OWN name on it!

  2. Great that schoeny is back as an asst!!! Keep the doughnut lines coming!! Where the hell is bouillon??? I hope everyone has a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day!!!

    Congrats TR!!!

  3. Coming into August I was completely fine with the thought that we’d be going into the season with 2 rookie defensemen, but as the season is almost upon us, I cannot fathom it. Is anybody out there actually confident with the last two pairings?


    We need bouillon/physical vet d-man.

  4. i love the new Rangers site, its awesome. Maybe as a Graphic artist im the only one who cares. But its way better than the previous one!


  5. Why was Schoney not going to coach again? That sounds so ominous.

    Slats is not trading Staal. That would be insane.

  6. tony, hope you’re going to be around more often now.

    my prediction, based on nothing but experience, is that Dubinsky will sign by the end of the weekend. He might miss Day 1 of camp.

  7. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    First we all bitch no youngsters getting a chance and now that two D-men are hopefully going to be on the team now were complaining?

    Give me a break

    Gilroy (98%)& Del Z or Heikkinen or Bobby Sangs as the third pair, we’ll be fine

  8. I hate how it appears that Dubinsky is getting the short end of the stick. I don’t know what he’s asking for the but this may make him want to leave at the end of next season.

  9. Good point Real Mikey,
    I think its funny that we are getting what we want…youth.
    But now thats not good for some reason.
    Can you imagine if another Rookie, pushes past Redden and 3 make the team…oh no the sky is falling. To many young Ranger prospects are making the team…wow how much would that suck?

  10. btw Carp

    ever since the update website been acting kind of strange… the website link that i usually have in my name doesn’t stay for some reason… after i post something the link goes back to the link that i had there last week before the update… it was a music link i posted for Salty… very weird…

    oh and also, if you change your original name to another name (yes, i posted as Theo Fleury last night…SURPRISE!!)…after a post the name goes back to the original one… :)

  11. I kinda wanted to see what McLaren could do would have done he would been a good #7 guy if he played well.

    On My radio show last night I talked to Rick Middleton. As You Know he was involved in the worst lopsided 1-1 deals in NHL history, No less Ranger History.

    He talk predominantly about his two years with the Rangers and some of the not so obvious reason he got traded for Ken Hodge.

    Check It Out !


  12. Real Mike – I’m all for youngsters making the team, believe me…especially on offense. I would love to see Lisin, Anisimov, and hopefully towards the end of the season if he’s tearing it up in the AHL, Grachev and maybe even Owens next year. But without at least a vet 7th d-man we’re going to have a shoddy blueline til these rookies get used to play at the NHL level. And that is not to put the youngsters to blame at all. It is entirely Sather’s fault for having Roszival and Redden locked into these contracts.

    With that being said I realize the only way to get to the point where these guys gain the experience and can play on a level at least similar to Girardi, is to get them in the games now and not add another older defenseman. While I agree with that and hope we continue to pursue that course of development, I am definitely not confident in the team’s defense going into the season. I wish the Rangers gave Sauer or Potter a chance at a bigger role on the team last year.

    It was unfortunate that Sauer had to come up in the midst of a playoff run and the Rangers couldn’t risk him making any mental errors (he was out of position constantly) or bad giveaways. Regardless of that, I’d be much more sure of any of these youngsters if they had more NHL experience under their belt. Defense is the big ? as far as I’m concerned. I think this offense will get the job done.

  13. I just heard on TV they said that entire Seinfeld cast will be at MSG tomorrow promoting some sort of charity… free to get in plus some Seinfeld memorabilia gifts for first 500 fans…

  14. Hey Carp, I’ll be around more often.
    Sometimes I have to work long hours (like now).
    But I always read what the guys have to say.
    And I say – get Dubi signed – NOW !

  15. CCCP, you’re right on about this Lisen kid. We loved him in Phx.
    But he’s like Prucha, fast & good moves. But he can be hit off the puck.
    Hope he works our for us

  16. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    A Fly

    I like your reasoning, I see what your saying.

    And did anyone read torts interview quotes on Zipay’s blog

    I’m starting to not have a good feeling baout htis.

    “hold Grudges, works itself out, whatever happens”

    Not words i lwanted to hear from him

    FU$KING SATHER!!!!!!

    Rissmiller 1 Million, VOROS 1 Million, Dubi – $550?

    Stop low balling, give the kid a 1 year raise and lets freaking play some hockey!!

  17. CCCP, it’s kinda gray here in Alabama also, I agree with you. Thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who was affected by the tragedy. It is a reflective, thoughtful day.

    It’s too sad that Jane’s picture is gone. When is Josh EVER going to make an appearance?? Thankfully camp starts tomorrow, it seems like this was an extremely long off season. Got my tickets this morning for Jan. 7, so if any of you boneheads are gonna be in the ATL for that game, let me know!

  18. TR,
    From what I have read, Sather has multiple deals on the table. A 1 year deal as well as multiple year deals…
    but it does boil down to money. If Sather offered a nice multi year deal, Dubi would have signed it, but I assume it wasn’t enough money…or a 1 year deal, but again Dubi hasn’t signed because its not enough money.

  19. cccp,
    we all want to see what Lisin can do, but they signed Prospal, so there is nowhere for him to play.

  20. If Dubi wants the one year it is because he is salary arbitration eligible next year. If he has a break-out season he could be in line for a big time raise by the arbitrator that might add a fatal blow to the Rangers cap woes as they will have Staal and a few other RFAs to deal with. This may be why Sather is pushing the multi-year deal.

    However, if he continues at his present pace scoring wise he may be kicking himself he did not sign the multi year that is on the table.

    Of course, this is all conjecture as we really don’t know what is going on and whether Dubi and his agent want too much or Sather and the Rangers are giving too little or some combination of the two.

  21. Well if Dubi has a season where he can truly cash out then it’s good for the team.

    (Not directed at TR specifically) And it’s not an apples to apples comparison when players like Voros/Rissmiller/Brashear get brought into the discussion since they were UFA’s and whether you think they’re overpaid or not, the salary structure of the league pretty much guarantees them at least a million a year.

  22. We should replace Janes picture with Megan Fox’s, im sure that would make people happier. Better yet, get rid of Josh’s pic, and replace it with Fox’s.

    Speaking of Fox, she’ll be on Conan next week ! Cant wait ! Fox, and CoCo, what a show !

  23. i read earlier this first time msg network will televise all preseason games. so next week we have games tues wed friday sat. hockey is BACK.

    check out blue notes by zipay and notice the conditioning torts has in store. glad i am not doing that.

    captain invisible will not lead the way

  24. bulldob- anisimov can drop to the 4th line and prospal can center the 3rd with lisin on his wng.thats pretty much the only way he gets decent playing time. so yea, lisin could be healthy scratch alot of games. hes prucha 1.5

  25. so actually, we all want duby to do good this year, but at the same time, we wont be heartbroken since he wont be commanding high dollars next year in his arb hearing. its a lose/lose/win!!!! trade him now slats

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    I heard he kicked a puppy and then pooped on an old lady’s lawn.

    C’mon man, stupid rumors can’t be believed.

  27. Come on Mike…you heard? I hate stuff like that. Maybe he got crap service…maybe he to poop and couldn’t sign the jersey…we have no idea.
    And to get rid of him now…no way…let him have a great year then he’s worth more, and we can get more for him, if he really wants to leave.

  28. I don’t care how ‘mean’ he is, or about his personality…I like his game and could care less if he doesn’t sign autographs, or doesn’t leave a tip.

  29. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Dubinsky doesn’t sign autographs or leave tips.

    He also doesn’t score goals.


  30. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You know all the inside info and can’t say anything.

    Why are you even here? Why do put stuff out and then say you can’t say anymore or you can assure us it happened?

    Do you know what you sound like?

  31. Happy camp eve Staal and all! Let the games begin!

    Carp and I talked….Josh’s picture will remain, and he will stay 26. Taking him down would be like messing with Mount Rushmore.

  32. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Downeaster: Couldnt have said it better myself

    ANYTIME I’ve ever gotten inside info, I say who and where it’s from (Buddy from high School works for the Rangers Org)
    but RARELY gives me more than what he’s ALLOWED to say

    Unless of course were wasted at a bar mid season, then that’s the only time i learn of any possible trades, inside info, etc

    TR 808 put up or shut up, your becoming like Local fan, all talk no proof

  33. RIP 9/11 heroes.

    Wonder if the worst commissioner in the history of sports will do the right thing and let the Coyotes go to Hamilton, or will he continue to stubbornly defend his failed southern experiment.

  34. real mikey

    i can not provide someone i do not trust w/ proof
    i have already emailed people proof, people I trust.
    i dont need anyone knowing who i am, what i do, etc.

    ask robE, laurel, mikeia, wicky if i speak the truth

    if anyone needs further proof you know where to meet me on saturday night.
    getting lippy on the internet behind a keyboard doesnt do you any good, just make you look like a chump.

  35. RANFAN

    Go with Aves, the ladies dig that sort of thing. It shows you you’re a sensitive man, but still a man. And you might appreciate what she’s wearing, but still love to see her without the clothes.

    Yup, you just cant go wrong with an Aves jersey, especially now that he’s a Ranger again.

  36. and no me saying “if anyone needs further proof you know where to meet me on saturday night.” isnt me trying to fight

    its not common knowledge where i am most nights?

  37. guys, first of all, i was jokin about all the “dooby doesnt sign autographs for little kids and all that. jeez. and TR does have inside scoop. all i was doin was being sarcastic. as to why we should trade him. lighten up folks.

  38. Rangers, Preds, and Leafs looking hard at trading for kessel. Offers to Bruins have been better that the Comp they would receive if he signed offer sheet.

  39. Let me make this clear for all of you boneheads… My picture stays where it belongs… and my age remains unchallenged! Im sure you all know the deal. Thought, I wish my picture was above Carps and not the other way around… but its cool, I can deal with it. Don’t mess with my picture… I am no Voros…I don’t just take a beating, I fight back!

  40. Josh Thomson
    September 11th, 2009 at 5:55 pm
    Let me make this clear for all of you boneheads… My picture stays where it belongs… and my age remains unchallenged! Im sure you all know the deal. Thought, I wish my picture was above Carps and not the other way around… but its cool, I can deal with it. Don’t mess with my picture… I am no Voros…I don’t just take a beating, I fight back!

    LMAO!!!!!! great freakin post

  41. uh Josh, just one thing….here it says your 26, but your link says 30….so you’re age actually IS challenged..hmmmm

  42. So they are negotiating. I heard they are close. Maybe Dubi is just trying to get out of Saturday’s practice.

    He’ll sign this weekend and show up when the scrimmages start.

  43. TR…I wasn’t saying you don’t have connections, but when you say something like thats all I can say…you open yourself up to challenge.
    I also like to stir the pot, you know push some buttons…its in my nature…I’m surprised I’ve never been beat up. So don’t take it personally, you or anyone.

  44. Interesting stuff on Zipay’s blog, Torts says “We’ll see what happens with the center situation in the next couple of days.”

    In a completely unrelated note, anyone else gonna watch “Steven Seagal: Lawman” on A&E in December? Apparently he’s a real-life sheriff in New Orleans.

    In other words, New Orleans is now the safest city in America.

  45. thank you orr
    it is much appreciated

    that kid is my nigga
    and if i ever say too much im afraid ill lose a good friendship

    once again thank you

  46. i have a hard time with the fact that dubi will not be there tomorrow. sign the goddamn deal or trade him for kessel. one way or another this needs to be resolved. since july 1 they cant get a deal. what a joke. dubi and sather could both kiss my butt

  47. TR, don’t care what or who your hookup is.
    I have not read one piece of good information from you. you seem to be a lot of nothing. Maybe you can be like Francessa on the FAN, and tell us you knew about something after it happens.

  48. i’m going tuesday too. coming in from texas. agree, no jersey. likely shorts and a t-shirt. fellow board members holla if you see me. i’ll be dude with 2 full tattoo sleeves

  49. SHOR

    Im serious, he got fugged up by the Mafia cause of showing some secret Martial Arts stuff, kind of like how Bruce Lee might have been murdered by the Yakuza for using super secret ancient martial arts in his movies. It hasn’t been proven, but the Yakuza probably whacked him.

    But the Mafia/Yakuza/Native Americans With An Edge beat him up. It’s a true story.

  50. staal
    i have a client here
    i promise ill email you in a minute or one of the 2 people (orr, soryuken) can fwd the link to you
    if you have any questions once you get to the page IM me using the box in the sidebar

  51. is it just me or the site is acting weird? some posts don’t go through and i cant change the website link!

    *Rick Carpiniello*, any idea whats up with the site?

  52. i already said the info

    dubi was a total douche

    he wants a 1 yr deal
    he wants to “cash out” next time
    thats about all i can say

    there wasnt much more info than that

  53. Hey everyone. I’ve been reading for a couple of years now, but haven’t made the effort to comment. However, approximately 5 minutes ago I visited ESPN’s NHL website and noticed they posted a fantasy top 200. I began looking for Hank and Gaborik, only to see Sean Avery the top-ranked Ranger at position 53. Gabby and Hank are at 78 and 83, respectively.

    Take a look at these rankings. Just ridiculous. Pekka Rinne at 15! Who??


  54. If Dubinsky truly wants to cash in next season, and is that confident he will produce to do it, he should take the qualifier. Then if he has the big season he expects to have, he can stick to the Rangers next off season. My guess is Dubinsky is getting bad advice from his agent. As much as we all like him, what exactly has he done to cash in now.

  55. I’m gonna try to make it to the city sometime this winter. Maybe we could all watch a game at Warren 77 or something? How much fun would that be???

  56. I am sorry they can’t sign Dubinsky. They gave away Zherdev for nothing and now Dubinsky is going.


    Why can’t we start a season hopeful, instead of debating the merits of Dubi? NOTHING comes easy for Rangers fans. Nothing!

  58. you are all so desperate for a home grown talent that you are making Dubi the answer to all your prayers…the fact is he hasn’t proven sh_t…and he is no better then the qualifying offer he got..when he proves something on his own…i.e.without a hot jagr or zherdev, he can ask for more money…right now…kick him to the curb…i don’t want him anymore

  59. Du…your obviously a little Debbie fan or a Fishsticks fan…
    and when was any Ranger hot last year. Zherdev played like his usually streaky self…
    I think you wish Dubi was on your lousy team.

  60. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Turn up the Heatley!!! "… says Greg L. on

    TR 808 brings alot to the table around here ..Give the guy some respect. He’s always around here linking stuff to us. To compare him to local fan…umm thats way far off base.

  61. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Bye Bye Dubi...Hello Kessel!!! "… says Greg L. on

    NHL players in limbo :


    Interesting. Offer sheet from the Rangers to Kessel? I garentee Glen has one already wrote up.

  62. I’ve been a rangers fan my whole life…dubinsky had a great start to the season…first 10 games..probably had the same point total as voros..hasn’t done anything to define himself as of yet…he is worth no more then the qualifying offer for a year…he had 12 goals…it looks like he has a lot of potential but numbers talk and I think he had 12 goals last year

  63. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Turn up the Heatley!!! "… says Greg L. on

    ” he is worth no more then the qualifying offer for a year…”

    What’s make you say so? That’s how you would treat your young star player? Any talk about Dubinsky’s contract is complete hearsay. You can’t throw out a demand about something untill we know what side said what. We don’t know if it’s Glen playing hard ball tactics or Dubinsky’s agent trying to get what he can. Do me and everyone else who likes Dubinsky a favor and type your negative crap somewhere else.

  64. As of now, Dubinsky is a question mark. He could turn in to Tony Amonte or he could become Troy Mallette. I like the kid as a player based on grit and potential, and hope a deal gets done, but it seems that either Brandon or his agent are over estimating his value at this point in time.

  65. Du-sucks-sky September 11th, 2009 at 9:14 pm

    “you are all so desperate for a home grown talent that you are making Dubi the answer to all your prayers…the fact is he hasn’t proven sh_t…and he is no better then the qualifying offer he got..when he proves something on his own…i.e.without a hot jagr or zherdev, he can ask for more money…right now…kick him to the curb…i don’t want him anymore”

    Well with this comment you sound like your a far cry from a Rangers fan…
    BTW When was Zherdev hot? I do remember Dubi scoring some big playoff goals.

  66. All I’m saying is I agree with Chuck..young talent or not he is unproven why throw money at him…let him get the 25 goals callahan got and give him the contract…I’m just saying we have centers in hartford that can get 12 goals for the league min..why pay dubinsky more to get 12 goals..he’s 23 making 500 grand a year…i don’t feel bad for him..he’s got no bargaining rights and he hasn’t proven he’s worth more..i think our hope for him to be a star is clogging our perception of him

  67. Dubinsky’s a question mark? Did you watch the friggin playoffs? He was the only person on the ice besides Avery who was making this happen.

    Rangers dont want to give him a one year deal? They are stupid when it comes to money sometimes. ANything about numbers is pure speculation, I will be severely disappointed if he isn’t signed.

  68. The rangers don’t want to give him a one year deal because he is probably going to play with Gaborik…if Gabby is healthy and puts up the numbers he should he will inflate dubi’s numbers to where is is unsignable next year because he will be do arbitration..it’s a smart move by sather to play hardball with a dynamic yet very much unproven player. its the same reason we let freddy shoes and betts go..they give 110 percent but don’t put up any numbers.

  69. Im on Dubinsky’s side based on Sathers history and Dubinskys work on the ice. this guy can make some much room for Gaborik its gonna be sick.

    Trying to say he isn’t worth more than the Qualifying offer is totally ignorant. Go back to your playstation and learn more about hockey. Did you watch the playoffs last year? OK then.

    Thats the time of year when Zherdev’s dipsy doodle weenie hockey doesnt do shit, gomez is afraid to get hit and stayed out of the middle. All the Rangers skated around the perimeter. Dubinsky took people out, took the puck along the boards, established posession, created scoring chances.

    Give him a million for one year Glen, be a lion.

  70. Du,

    You make a very valid point, from what I understand there is a multi year deal on the table, but Dubinsky’s camp wants a one year deal above the QO. Basically, they want to have their cake and eat it too.

  71. I dunno – maybe it’s me. But I just do not see all of this furor over Dubinsky.

    What has he ever really done?

    OK he skates hard. ( So does Voros – and many of the others). Yeah he shows promise ( and so do others). But what has he ever really accomplished? All this hand wringing about him is getting old.

    Set up a trade or send him down, but get on with it.

  72. Olga Folkyerself on

    If Dubinsky holds out, he’s gone. Sather is a vindictive essobee. Sather will not put up with a direct attack on his authority. He’ll trade him or let him rot- 1st line center or not- who’s right, who’s wrong, doesn’t matter if it hurts or helps the Rangers. It’s the Sather Way.

    Or the highway.

  73. Du-sucks-sky

    Du…no one ever said Dubi was proven…who said he’s a star? I think most here see Dubi leaving it all on the ice, he works hard and hits hard. How many times in our tough season last year was Dubi, one of the positives in the game? I’m not saying Dubi is a first line center, but when compared to other players in the organization ;see Voros, Rissmiller, Redden, etc. deserves to at least make Voros kind of money? Why lowball a player who the fans come to see…no matter what anyone says Dubi is a fan favorite. He is a heart player and IMO is very similar to Graves. He plays that same style of hardnosed game.

  74. I just pulled my avery t-shirt out of sally’s closet…..ummm, nevermind (i kid, i kid).

    For all of you who seem to be bashing TR, knock it off. We ARE all entitled to opinions, TR however, is not only entitled to his opinion like the rest of us, but also does in fact have a very reliable and legit source (which is something most of us DO NOT have) so I would be more respectful and attentive to his posts. Besides, if you don’t grabachev and I will hunt you down and give you a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man beat down!

  75. its just like Sather to throw millions at player like Redden Gomez etc. and now Gaborik, and screw over the home grown product. It is business but its like scumbag business…

  76. Hey TR,

    A friend of mine from when I used to live in San Diego is going to be in town next week. Is Warren a place worth taking him to? Looking for a sports bar with good looking broads, and most of the sports bars I chill at have more bookies than broads. :)

  77. Kessel only wants 4 million? For a 36-goal scorer? Hell, Sather gave Kotalik 3 mill and he scored 20 last season. Surely, 16 more goals is worth another million.

    Find a way to get him and fit him under the cap.

    Plus, he’s coming off an injury and we all know how Sather loves signing players coming off injuries and/or lousy seasons to big contracts!

  78. Id drop Dubinsky and take Kessel on this team in a heartbeat. Hell, the 1st 2nd and 3rd are all worth giving up for Kessel.

  79. Crappy challenge question. . . . . . I know.

    If Dubi wants to “cash out” or “cash in” why not just sign the QO, light it up with Gaborik, and let it play out? I believe that Dubi is looking for Cally $$$, and probably deserves something near that despite his low goal totals.

  80. TR 8o8,
    If you really have these sources, why didn’t you just tell Carp, and keep it to yourself? You sound more like a guy that wet himself seeing Sean Avery at his bar than a guy with any “real” connections.

  81. Even if Dubi holds out for a bit it’s not the end of the world.

    1)It will get Artie more ice time and maybe the chances of him playing with people like Gaborik increase. Then when Dubi comes back, he can move to wing if Artie is really gelling.

    2)Lisin will get bumped up from 4th line duty to top 9 winger so it gets him more ice time too.

    Dubi will be back, I’m not worried.

    Richter held out at the beginning of 91-92 before he was a star and that season turned out pretty great for the Rangers. And there was that Michael Strahan guy who held out in 2007 for the Giants and that ended up ok.

  82. cw

    and that is your opinion and you are entitled to it.

    changed your tune in less than 10 minutes.

    i thank you in advance for your email.

  83. can we just drop this “source” BS beef and focus on whats important? WORLD PEACE!!

    no, but seriously… its a CAMP opening day!! i just ran 3 miles!! i feel like i made the team! look for me on the ice… ill be wearing #68!

  84. I ran 5 miles in Thursday night in honor of camp (well, not really for camp though).

    That 3 miles in under 21 minutes is a good challenge though, still working on that one.

  85. Good morning to all and have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day everyone.

    Did we sign the cube yet??

    So what is the challenge question answer???

  86. Hey fellow Rangers fans! God it is good to be reading about hockey and the Rangers again. I´m in Cali Columbia and you cant get any further from the hockey world than this place!

    Anyway I´m wondering if anyone thinks that the dubi situation is related to the kessel rumor? ¨The reason I say that is if there is any truth to it Sather would have to sign dubi to a multi year low $ deal for it to entice Boston. Anyway so excited to watch some hockey this week go Rangers!!!!

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