Traverse City and Theo Fleury


This from the NYR about tonight’s game in Traverse City:

Thursday, September 10, 2009 – New York Rangers 5, St. Louis Blues 4

•The New York Rangers prospects defeated the St. Louis Blues prospects, 5-4, to finish in third
place at the 2009 Traverse City (Michigan) Prospects Tournament.
•The Rangers prospects notched three consecutive goals in the third period, including two
goals in a 94-second span.  New York out-shot St. Louis, 43-31, in the contest.
•The Blueshirts prospects were five-for-five on the penalty kill to finish the tournament, 21-
for-22, in shorthanded situations.
•Evgeny Grachev, the Rangers’ third round selection (75th overall) in 2008, notched two goals
on four shots and posted a team-high, plus-three rating.  Grachev finished the tournament with
a team-high, three goals in four games.  He also tied for third in the tournament with a plus-five
rating, and sixth with 15 shots.
•Rangers’ prospects captain, Dale Weise, sealed the victory with an empty net goal in the final
minute, added an assist and registered a team-high, six shots.  Weise, the Rangers’ fourth
round pick (111th overall), tied for second on the team with four points (two goals and two
assists) in four games, and tied for sixth overall in the tournament with 15 shots.
•Ethan Werek, selected in the second round (47th overall) in 2009, tallied one goal to finish the
tournament tied for second on the team with four points (two goals and two assists).
•Roman Horak collected one assist and posted a plus-two rating.  Selected in the fifth round
(127th overall) in 2009, Horak finished the tournament with three points (one goal and two
assists) and tied for third among all skaters with a plus-five rating.
•Scott Stajcer, the Rangers’ fifth round selection, 140th overall, in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft,
turned aside 27 of 31 shots in net for New York to improve to 1-1-0 in the tournament.
•Defenseman Tomas Kundratek, selected in the third round (90th overall) in 2008, and free
agent signings Sam Klassen (July 27, 2009) and Paul Crowder (March 19, 2009) each
collected one assist in the contest.  Kundratek (one goal and one assist) and Klassen (one
goal and one assist) finished tied for sixth in points among tournament defensemen.

Director of Player Personnel, Gordie Clark, on Evgeny Grachev:

“The top players came to play tonight.  Grachev scored two big-time goals, and once again
dominated with his dynamic combination of strength and skill.”

On Michael Del Zotto:
“He controlled the puck all night, and logged playoff-type minutes.”

On Dale Weise:
“He showed why he was the team captain tonight, creating a number of scoring chances and
delivering solid hits.  He salted the game away in the closing seconds, out-skating and out-
muscling two St. Louis players to score the empty netter.”

On the line of Daniel Bartek-Roman Horak-Luke Walker:
“They played well throughout the tournament, supplying a consistent dose of speed, skill and


Also, this just came down from the NHL:



NEW YORK/TORONTO (September 10, 2009) — The National Hockey League and the National Hockey League Players’ Association announced tonight that forward Theoren Fleury has been cleared to return to on-ice competition.
Fleury, who in June, 2006 was placed in Stage 4 of the Substance Abuse and Behavioral Health Program of the NHLPA and the NHL, will continue to participate in the after-care phase of the Program.
The program’s doctors, Dr. Dave Lewis on behalf of the NHL and Dr. Brian Shaw on behalf of the NHLPA, continue to administer Fleury’s care.

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  1. Good Stuff for Theo.
    Any Guesses where he’ll end up?
    I’ll say Toronto.


    I just wrote up a piece on my blog about the rumored Heatley trade, and even covered the fantasy angle if it were to happen. Which it seems highly unlikely.

    This time, I think heater’s agent leaked it as opposed to Ottawa doing it last time.

  2. I understand the Rangers want their drafted prospects to look good but let us be fair here as Grachev really is not the leading goal scorer.

    Luke Walker who is at Traverse City on a tryout basis also had 3 goals (and got them before Grachev).

    The difference in my book is that Grachev took 15 shots (.200) and Walker only 8 (.375) which to me says Walker was the leader.

    Walker wound up as the leading scorer among the Ranger prospects at 3-2-4, +4.

    According to those other than the Rangers the Bartek/Horak/Walker line was the best line the prospects had during the 4 games.

    2 free agents and a 6th round pick got the job done 6-6-12, +12 and deserve invites to the Ranger’s main camp as a reward for their hard work.

  3. Olga Folkyerself on

    C’mon Glen! What’s the holdup? Invite Theo Fleury to camp! What can it hurt? He’s absolutely Free! And worth every penny!

    You weren’t going to use any of those rookies anyway, now where you? Why get their hopes up? They’re going to camp aren’t they? That’s close enough for ‘em. Another year in Hartford never did anyone any harm.

    So Fleury’s another Right Winger? So what! As per your usual spending, if you pay him enough, he’ll play center. He used to make $4 million. Offer 5. Problem solved.

    What’s that? Cap crunch? Just pay Dubinsky minimum wage, then send Anisimov, Gilroy and Lisin down. Because you CAN, that’s why. They can’t do a thing about it.

    Now let’s get this camp started. We need to keep these suits coming back y’know. That’s where the big bucks are. They don’t want to see rookies. They want Fleury. Man, what a character he was!

    Hey! Maybe we can get Lindros and put the FLY line back together. Now, whose name begins with Y?

  4. Rick – do you know if the team has any plans to sign Luke Walker or Daniel Bartek to an ELC? I know they only have one or two contracts to play with so they probably won’t – thus the lack of PR. But, do you know if the team has any hopes or plans for either of these prospects? It seems like Walker deserves strong consideration and perhaps even an invite to camp…

  5. I’d love to see Theo end up in Phoenix or some other small market where there is a load of youth and a lack of veteran presence. It would make a great story to see him come back, and he could potentially be a difference maker for a very agreeable price… for any other team besides the Rangers.

    Grachev could be our Johan Franzen. The kid is good, and I’d like to see him have a monster training camp and crack the squad. How cool would a Grachev-Anisimov-Lisin line be? Young, big, fast and skilled… awesome.

  6. Joe in DE-

    The GAL line, eh?
    Sounds fun and exciting.
    I like your thinking re: our franzen.

    Also- Theo in Phoenix makes big sense.
    Same reason i said Toronto, except Phoenix is less pressure by far. (the NHL auction wasn’t even front page news).

    G’nite all.
    Dreams of a top ten finish dance in my head…

  7. PLEASE sign Theo. Then, put him on a line with Brashear. Unleash. I am fully aware that MAY not make hockey sense, but holy cow that could be entertaining.

  8. Grachev is a man among boys. He better score. Give him some time in Hartford against men before you pencil him in for the Rangers. He has skills, I just think he needs to face some real comopetition first. maybe next year.
    Anisimov’sspot is his to lose.

    As much as Adam Graves says Del Zotto is gonna be a Ranger next year, the wise thing is to give him another year. He has plenty to work on. Not NHL ready yet.

    I would rather see the AHL guys Sangs, Potter, Sauer, etc. get some NHL time first.

    I have played and watched hockey all my life but I really don’t know jack. I just maintain that we are two years away from being a contender.

  9. Here we go again.

    Amid reports that the Ottawa Senators have traded Dany Heatley to the San Jose Sharks as part of a three-way deal with the Los Angeles Kings, sources tell TSN nothing could be further from the truth.

    In fact, sources tell TSN that not only is the report of a three-way deal being done not true, but the Senators are no closer to trading Heatley now than they have been for most of the summer.

    It’s eerily similar to earlier this summer when there were reports the Senators had traded Heatley to the Edmonton Oilers. The difference then, though, was the Sens and Oilers actually had a deal worked out, but Heatley refused to waive his no-movement clause. This time around, it doesn’t appear there’s been any agreement with the Senators and one other team, never mind two.

  10. Good for Theo! He’s been fighting some seriuos demons all his life. I hope he knows where his head is now. A bit late for hockey, but that clearance will make him feel better. Who knows, he might even get invited to a training camp.

  11. i understand its hard to move this guy cuz of the salary cap and hes got a ntc, but hes a great hockey player. how can some of these teams not want him? alot of the teams with cap space arent willing to take a risk on a 40 goal scorer because of his attitude? i thought hed be gone by now. anybody know why hes not invited to the golf outing with the sens if hes not already in the process of being traded? if he wasnt gonna be traded, dont you think he would be with the team and its kinda messed up

  12. Theo! Last time I heard about him him and his bro were getting into barroom brawls in FLA strip clubs. Good luck to you, sir!

  13. I’m not sure Theo is NHL standard anymore, i saw him play a few years ago when he playing for the Belfast Giants in the British Elite Hockey League, he was in a different class to a lot of those guys but i can only think he may be looking for an AHL roster spot or 2-way contract to pay off some creditors.

    As for 9/11 – its a very sad day, and what makes it worse is our muppet of a prime minister allowing that Libyan terrorist home to die when he should be left to rot in jail for all the lost souls of Lockerbie and PanAm flight 103

  14. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Just Read Brooksie’s article about Dubi

    One thing he says that actually makes sense is that Sather is willing to pay Rissmiller $1 million this year to play in hartford, but won’t at the very least bump dubi’s salary up another 400K to give him a one year contract?

    I really wonder if he’s still holding out for a last minute Heatley deal?

    You, I , and all of us know it makes no sense, cap straps us , and doesn’t give us a center if he manages to pull off the deal, but I don’t ever put anything past ole SLick Uncle Glen.

    Only thing that makes me feel somewhat sure he’ll be resigned, is that int he new promos on MSG it’s all dubi, Cally, Hank and Gabby.
    Don’t think they’d waste there marketing money on someone they were goign to trade

    At least I HOPE not.


  15. Thanks cwgatti and Ilb2001…Will never forget that day.
    It was good to see the footage again this morning of that day…remember people…its important!
    Why would anyone let that joke touch the cup?

  16. i think i saw last night that kessel will not negoiate with boston and will sign the offer sheet from another team. i may have read that wrong cause i saw it late last night.

  17. they want dubi to sign multi year deal now @ a discount as opposed to signing him next season when he has a really good season w/ gabby for more money when they have to sign staal and girardi.

  18. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    According to Steve Zipay on Twitter, Schoenfeld will remain as Assistant Coach behind the bench and also Assistant GM.

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