Individual tickets on sale Saturday


This just in from NYR:

Saturday, September 12 at 10:00 a.m. via Ticketmaster

New York, September 10, 2009 – The New York Rangers announced today that tickets for the 2009-10 Rangers season home games will go on-sale on Saturday, September 12th beginning at 10:00 a.m. on Ticketmaster via, Ticketmaster charge-by-phone, 1-800-745-3000 and Ticketmaster outlets. Tickets are limited.  Fans will be limited to a maximum of four (4) tickets per game.


ps, continue your discussion on the Rangers’ ranking this season … or whatever you want to discuss.

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  1. Southern Ranger on

    I just cant figure how all these sites can say that the Rangers will be worse than last year. The defense hasnt changed ( for better or worse) and our scoring couldnt be any worse, if anything its improved.And Lundquist is still in goal. The rest of the conference didnt improve itself by any great stretch, so how we can go from a playoff team to a bottom tier team just doesnt make sense. Is there really that much New York backlash/hatred? The Hockey News seems to hate Sather ( get in line) but they seem to be taking it out on the team.

  2. Southern Ranger,

    Do I think this team is worse than last year? Maybe, but not by much. I think it’s going to be a very similar team. Perhaps it’s just that we overachieved last year (if you can even call a team with such a high payroll overachievers). For a team that couldn’t put the puck in the net, to finish 7th in a fairly tough conference was quite an achievement. Maybe we just got lucky and this year’s rankings are reflecting that.

  3. if anyone wants tickets now, I still have a few games for sale in Section 303, row D, isle = $150/pair. Preseason games are $50/pair.

    steve at blacks4 dot com

  4. Doodie Machetto on

    I got season tickets. First time ever. Section 231. I’m not crazy about the seats or the price (I have to split them with 3 others just to pay for them), but once my foot is in the door, I can get better (and cheaper) seats next year.

    Anyone sitting near me?

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    Southern, the defense has changed. Solid vets like Mara and Morris have been replaced by unproven rookies. Blue chip prospect or not, they will still be unproven rookies.

  6. Southern Ranger on

    Yes, the defense has changed – and I liked Mara – but lets not give too much credit to Morris. I just dont think those two positions push us that far down the ladder.

  7. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "NJ DEVILS suck!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Exactly as 1 poster did say…how can you Rank the Rangers when half our team is gone..The full PK guys are gone and our top 2 leading scorers are gone so I guess they are on a decline? In the NEW NHL , the Rangers are a different club.
    You think we made these changes to get weaker? It’s all about shoving it down the critic azzes!!!! Who care what they say..really?…all I hear is If Gaborik stays heathy , Hank stays focused..bla bla bla. Anyone who thinks the Rangers wont make the playoffs ( not mentioning any names Doodie and Eric )are sadly mistaken and I laugh out loud at them every time Gaborik pops in the game winner!!! ahhhhhhh!!!

  8. doodie- i am in section 309! come visit…i have the detroit and waashington PRESEASON games available for sale, face value 60, will sell for forty-cant make those games wedding pain planning…let me know if ur interested

  9. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "no pants , no problem!!! "… says Greg L. on

    BTW Local fan…were you a mousekateer too at one time? The Devils were a micky mouse operation so you had to be a fan of mickey!!!?? Pritty sad how an organization has to make a logo and name the team the devils just to make it look scary…pathetic. Scott Steven’s head shot on Lindros was pritty nasty and he deserved a “Marty McSorley” tomahawk chop Brashear style to knock that stuiped smirk off his face. Scott Steven couldn’t score a goal and in todays NHL , he would even be too slow for our farm team!!! Ulf Sammeulsson and Jeff Beukaboom over Stevens…anyday buddy , any day….

  10. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "no pants , no problem!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Could be true Mike , If Gaborik steps on the logo..his azz could be grazz!!!

  11. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "no pants , no problem!!! "… says Greg L. on

    haha sorry Carp..but you’ll never live down the pantzzz!!

  12. Am I the only one here who thinks that our team will be better, even with some unproven rookies on the roster?
    Again, I wont predict anything…at least not right now, but I think we can really give something to think aboot to any team in the league!

    Higgins, Kotalik, Gaborik, Lisin… BRASHEAR!! And with AA about to crack the line up and possibly even Grachev , with Gilroy, DZ, or Bobby S as PP boosters… how can we not be better than last year??

    I also think Hank will have a great year from start to finish.

  13. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Hank's in top form ...LOOK OUT NHL!!! "… says Greg L. on

    5 words why we will win the Stanley Cup this year:


    Great coach , makes players in great shape
    Great goalie, He will again lead the league in shutouts!!
    Great superstar , He has softer hands then Jagr !!!
    Great yound stud defensman , He will be the total package!!
    Great Drive , these players WANT the cup ’em go get it!!!

  14. Carp! Can you see if they can just send Dubinsky to Buffalo? We wouldn’t treat him like that over here. I will take him to Duff’s. And Canada! Cause I think he’s old enough to drink in Canada! Oh man… I’m getting so stressed out right now.

  15. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Avery rules again!!! "… says Greg L. on

    La LA LA LA …hey hey Montreal sucks tooooo!!!! NJ sucks even more….Philthy filly has NO identity (just a washed up slow Pronger). Penguins have peaked , its all down hill now….everyone will be watching them and it could get really ugly, really fast!!! Islanders will always play second fiddle to us. Boston was a flash in the pan last year and will be cellar dwellars once again this year. Ottawa has to be better? Now Washington could dominate but this time WE have Brashear!!!GHoooonie goo goo gus!!! Time to repay the Crapits with our new hitman you will do anything to make the Garden faithfull embrace him!!! Tanpa bay and Alanta will again suck but it seems odd because of all the talent both teams have..could be intersting there too!! Buffalo gets crappier every year…and who cares about Florida!!?? As ugly as Carolina are , that team a team. They have done a great job there .

    Thats the East in a nut shell


  16. Chuck, this is true.

    CCCP, sorry, I only know that one thing. What you said… that’s Russian for “You should have won 1st place in the Playoff Beard Competition”, right?

  17. Don’t count the Devils out until game 82 is over and they’re in 9th or lower. They always find a way to get into the big dance. The Olympics will help them a lot when they trap and teams are tired in the second half.

    None of these previews have even mentioned Anisimov, Lisin, and even Grachev or Byers as alternative ways to score so they mean nothing to me. Even if the Rangers get off to a slow start, it’s fine. They’ll gel. I’m less worried about this year than last year.

  18. Olga Folkyerself on

    5 words why we won’t win the Stanley Cup this year:


    Can’t Draft.
    Stiffs his own prospects/rookies.
    Out of touch with post-lockout NHL.
    Tries to turn has-beens into all stars.

  19. well Sally… you should’ve won the beard contest regardless… but what i said just now was

    “I Love You Too!”

    btw, how is that art project going? :P

  20. Aw shucks, CCCP!

    The art project? Hmm. It’s sketched out and I like it. I’d like to be able to say that grad school has been super overwhelming and that’s why I haven’t finished it, but that’d be a lie. The truth is that grad school/living in Buffalo makes me spend all my free time riding my bike and drinking in crazy places… and THAT’S why I haven’t finished it. I’ll git er dun soon.

  21. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Get this party Started "… says Greg L. on

    Hers a unnamed person who commented on the Kessel link that was posted by Rick (not that one)
    “You are supposed to lock up your young stars! Krejci, Kessel, Lucic, Wheeler, Bergeron….You don’t sign Marc Recchi and Derek Morris. …Good grief”

    HAHAHA!! see we can’t be that bad.

    Sure Sathers old olga..but it’s not “Charles in Charge ” here …IT’s TORTS that is in charge..Glen can go sign a bunch of chimpanzees for all we care..Torts is guy with the lead foot on the gas peddle so Sather’s doings wont change whats gonna happen…Lord Stanley’s Mug is enevitable ( did I spell that correct UES?) BTW Slats got us Gaborik , you un greatfull jerk haha!!

  22. Sally and CCCP, I hope you’re not swearing in Russian. Or saying anything unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatorym, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane or indecent (like the fine print says). LOL.

    Good evening, Sally!

  23. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Let's get this partay started "… says Greg L. on

    Yo Carp , why isn’t it saving the recent name?

    Nice honest excuse Sally!! Didn’t do it cuz I was out getting pissed all Get Carp to post one of the ones ya alreaded did.

  24. Olga Folkyerself on

    I waited all summer for Stogypuss to finish the job of putting together a decent Ranger team. As we approach training camp it’s beginning to look like SSDD. I just don’t see this team getting any further than any other Sather snow-job. Sorry, I’m not drinkin the Kool-Aid this time.

    I don’t understand how he keeps his job, and realize that as long as he runs the Rangers, they will never win the Cup. I hate what he’s done to my Rangers, now going on his 10th year… unbelievable!

    When does it end?

  25. Actually Carp we were saying EVERYTHING unlawful, threatening, abusive, libelous, defamatory, obscene, vulgar, pornographic, profane AND indecent… without limitation EXACTLY what the fine print says! And we hold full responsibility for that!

    Right, Sally?

  26. Olga Folkyerself on

    Greg L.- You’re not just drinking the Kool-Aid, you’re guzzling it by the gallon. Slow down! It’s working too well on you…

  27. gabby has softer hands than jagr??? the only thing gabby has that is softer than jagrs is his skeletal structure. he cannot hold a candle to an even old jagr. besides goal scoring here, were talkin about the JAGR EXPRESS!!! the guy was a freakin freight train that could plow through other teams D like they were made of marshmallow. nobody could knock him off the puck and was tough as they come(not fighting, but still tough). the best chance we had at winning a cup was when him n shanny were herre. gabby is gonna need to play full seasons for us if were gonna do anything in the playoffs. if he cant handle it, put him on the next train outta town and bring grachevs big a$$ up and see what he can do.

  28. So who’s getting NHL 10 on PS3? Anyone interested in an online team? If you are just add me, my PSN name is Solskjaer20.

    I don’t think these predictions are serious. Remember post-lockout when we were supposed to be 30th? Or when the Hockey News picked us to win the East the next year? They were way off both times. We won’t know until the games start, that is my bold prediction haha.

  29. hey thanks tomb!! its better than nothin eh? cant waytch it which is a huge mistake for the league. you wanna promote the young stars of tommorow and they dont even televise it? wtf??? get a clue butt-0man. you little rat fink

  30. Does a Dubi for Kesl deal make sense?
    I mean, Kessel can play center, too. And he is better than Dubi. He would come a lot cheaper than Heatley, obviously. I can’t believe Heatley was gonna happen anyway after signing Gaborik.


    Where do you guys meet for beers before the games?

  31. kessel is good. but this season could be dubys breakout season. give him some time. he’ll be much cheaper than pigface kessel. and besides, duby will at least attract some hotties to the garden, what is pigface kessel gonna attract? besides old farmers who want to buy him to raise for pork

  32. I think we are a little bit better team this year on paper, but it may as well be toilet paper at this point in the season.

    I don’t know what more Sather realistically could have done this summer to make this team a whole lot better. He got rid of Gomez. sounds like he tried pretty hard to get someone to take Roszival.

    Made the great trade for Higgins and Mcdonagh, signed the best available free agent. Had another strong draft. YOu build a championship from within, not only with your offseason moves.

    The great Wings picked up Hossa last summer, didn’t work out so well. as much as I hate Sather for what he has said and done the last ten years, I think he is letting the scouts be scouts, the coaches coach and staying a lot more on the sidelines.

    These is mere speculation based on observations from afar with no real inside information besides what a read in the Rangers universe.

    We are a couple of years away from being a solid contender. I don’t want to mess any of that up becuase we’re too impatient and bring up all the youth tomorrow.

    I’m still pretty optimistic for the season. I don’t think we’re likely to see Grachev and Del Zotto on opening night but maybe they’ll get their ten games.

  33. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "It's our Staal's turn!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Yeah Mike , Hard to argue that point. Jagr is a beast and having him was our best chance since Messier!!!

    Olga , the only cool-aid im drinking is the stuff that leaked outta yer brain. Bash me for my loyalty , see if I care.

  34. anybody here think duby hits 20g? i think he could get between 18-24g depending on whether he shoots more like he said he was gonna. cmon, look at mike richards. see alot of similarities in their style and careers. gotta save this kid. dont trade him stogeyslatipuss maximus

  35. Carp, Russian is a complex language. You can swing this phrase whichever way you want. I’m not sure you REALLY care. Anyways, CCCP I thought you only lyubish local fan.
    Mike, I agree. Jagr could pick apart any defense with his strength. And he had some hands. Gaborik has a much better speed, though

  36. Doodie
    i am in section 330. come visit. also i have all home games 330 aisle seats 120/pair for the seats. oct 26th vs phoenix
    11/23 columbus
    12/6 detroit

    i also have a pair for 90 a tix for rangers in montreal on the 24th of october. i lost my job and wife and I need to cancel the trip for weekend. tix are yours if u want to make the drive or fly for weekend. let me know

  37. Just watching the MSG show on Gretzky with my buddy Dellapina telling old stories … and I saw a promo for Tuesday night’s preseason game. For those who asked, MSG Network is doing that game.

  38. hey cool!! guys, check out the article on lisin at the rangers website. hes very dtermined to make a huge impact on winning games for us. he seems like a pretty offensive guy who could be a bigger stronger prucha and hes also fast as hell!! i hope he makes the top 3 lines. a guy like him needs more than 3-4 minutes a game. but whos spot could he take?

  39. I’m following the Phoenix Court proceeding on TSn.
    The NHL’s Relocation expert Franklin Fisher is on the stand.

    Here’s teh highlights so far:

    -Fisher states that the value of the NHL may increase if a team increases in value after a move.

    -A team in Hamilton could be top five in the league in term of revenues and would contribute to revenue sharing, rather than take away from it according to a league expert.

    -Fisher does not want to answer the questions being posed to him by Kessler. Both are getting frustrated with one another.

    -Kessler says 2006 report shows that Hamilton market has more hockey fans than Los Angeles or New York.

  40. More Phoenix Trial:

    NHL Relocation Expert Franklin Fisher says on stand:

    -If Ice Edge couldn’t get financing, doesn’t that speak to what creditors think of their ability to succeed? Why did the NHL put in their bid that they could move in a year? The NHL isn’t confident thay can find a buyer to keep the team in Glendale. No marketplace bidder.

    -Balsillie’s Lawyer Kessler asks: Has the league done anything to develop goodwill in Hamilton? Can you think of any team in the history of sports that has had a relocation fee higher than $40 million?

    -Fisher says “I don’t know” to almost every question and is extremely argumentative. Judge Baum says they are getting way behind and spending too much time on relocation fee, which is not the most important thing before the court.

  41. I think Dubi will hit 20 goals this year. I expect 45-50 points out of him.

    MSG is gonna have all the games.

    And yeah Mike, Frank Zappa rocked.

  42. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I want Kessel in a Blueshirts jersey. If he holds out long enough I believe he becomes a UFA and I’m not worried about dumping Rozi for anyone and bringing somebody young up to get a PWF like Kessel. He wants the money he deserves, he’s no 3 million dollar player, im pretty sure he did better than Zhervalev, no?

  43. TR-
    Good catch.

    read the french translation of an interview with the Sens’ color commentator this a.m. where he said the same: Heatley is gone by Saturday Midnight.

    I hate Bucci (he tries SO hard to be cool) but that’s a double confirmation as far as I’m concerned.

  44. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Kessel could be good!!!? "… says Greg L. on

    Very uncomfortable time on the Fan radio network with Bob Mcgowan talking to Doug MacLean about his backing up balsille. WOW!!! Bob comfronted Doug saying he bad mouths Basille then joins him…Doug told Bob , he has no say and is just trying to get ratings right now!!

  45. Rangers prospects beat the Blues 5-4 to finish in 3rd place. Grachev scored twice including the game winner so 3 goals in 4 games, not too shabby and that should quiet some of his critics.

    Luke Walker was very good too, he’s the son of Gordie Walker who played for the Rangers during the turbulent Esposito years. I hope they give him a contract.

    Heately to the Sharks makes sense; probably Cheechoo, one of the kids they got in the Erhoff deal, a pick, and a prospect, and maybe even Marleau as the Sharks are in cap trouble.

  46. Kessel can hold out for a long time, he just won’t become a UFA. He is and will remain an RFA unless he sits out until he’s 27.

  47. This just in Heatley traded to sharks in three team deal with Marleau going to the LA Kings and Frolov and Jarret Stoll to the Sens

  48. As long as he isn’t coming here or near here. I’m all for it. I’m so tired of hearing about that whiny SOB.

    Thank heaven it’s finally over.

    Now back to our regular programming.

  49. don’t see though what Kings gained here… Frolov and Stoll are young and got pretty dicent offensive skills… maybe its the veteran leadership of Marleau the Kings were after…

  50. hey, heatleys gone!!! wooooohooooooo!! thank god. now no more duby rumours. now this is confusing. cuz if we werent after heatley that bad, what was the holdout with duby? is boston talkin about trading kessel? i hope something happens with duby soon, cuz even though heatleys gone, the major distraction in the duby rumours, hes still gotta be signed or else the drama will never end. richards will come back into discussions, and its gonna be even more frustrating when the season is so close. sather needs to do something. this kid doesnt need to worry about this on top of the number 1 center responsibility!

  51. Laurel – Did you see the link in NYT Slapshots about Mr. Pink Tie and fashion week – they made him pink face- lol

    “I like that shirt with the collar,” Mr. Avery said. “What’s it called? It kind of stands up?”

    “The stand collar,” Mr. Keegan said.

    Mr. Avery blushed.

  52. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Turn up the HEATley!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Lombardi told via text message: “It is complete bull.”

  53. anybody know if there is a link that shows the Traverse City Stats??

    I’d like to see who scored for us and our guys +/- stats and who led the the whole Tourny overall in points and such

    I kept reading Evander Kane scored a bunch of goals

  54. Hey folks-
    I just wrote up a piece on my blog about the rumored Heatley trade, and even covered the fantasy angle if it were to happen. Which it seems highly unlikely.

    This time, I think heater’s agent leaked it as opposed to Ottawa doing it last time.

  55. Olga Folkyerself on

    C’mon Glen! What’s the holdup? Invite Theo Fleury to camp! What can it hurt? He’s absolutely Free! And worth every penny!

    You weren’t going to use any of those rookies anyway, now where you? Why get their hopes up? They’re going to camp aren’t they? That’s close enough for ’em. Another year in Hartford never did anyone any harm.

    So Fleury’s another Right Winger? So what! As per your usual spending, if you pay him enough, he’ll play center. He used to make $4 million. Offer 5. Problem solved.

    What’s that? Cap crunch? Just pay Dubinsky minimum wage, then send Anisimov, Gilroy and Lisin down. Because you CAN, that’s why. They can’t do a thing about it.

    Now let’s get this camp started. We need to keep these suits coming back y’know. That’s where the big bucks are. They don’t want to see rookies. They want Fleury. Man, what a character he was!

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