Gettin’ closer


Three days from the opening of training camp. 

The Ottawa Citizen is still banging the drum on a possible trade of Dany Heatley to the Rangers, though its speculation, you would think, is off the mark. The story, on, suggests that the Rangers send Marc Staal, Brandon Dubinsky and Michal Rozsival to the Senators. I find that a tad steep and rather unbelievable.

Meanwhile, has a feature from Traverse City on Evgeny Grachev. You can see it here.

This blog will be down temporarily late this afternoon or early evening for some sort of tech work. So don’t panic if you can’t get on for a little while. We’ll be back. We promise.

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  1. 6 days until PRESEASON HOCKEY AT MSG!!!!!

    Cannot wait to see the kids perform on madison square garden ice! oh wade how is the weight room treating you!

  2. I don’t see how it would make sense to trade Staal just to get back one of Ottawa’s young defensemen to take Rozsival’s place, since he would be traded to balance the cap. That would leave us with three or four rookies in our lineup!

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  3. Nothing like those 3 for 1 trades where you tie up all your cap space and only have 2 NHL-experienced D on your roster. Thanks but no thanks Ottawa.

  4. I want whatever they are smoking in Ottawa!
    Staal, Dubinsky and Rozi…total pipe dream!
    I love how the article said it makes alot of sense…haha
    for Ottawa it makes sense, for the Rangers it would be the dumbest move we have seen in ages.

  5. Laurel

    You’re always first to all of us!!!

    Have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to all!!!!

  6. The Heatley deal has come and gone. Sather tried to trade for heatley and Murray wanted to much so Sather signed Gaborik. If sather is looking for anything it’s a center.

  7. Trust me Rangers fans, Staal is going nowhere. The information that I have is that Ottawa and the Rangers are talking. Murray has said any move with the Rangers for Heatley starts with Staal. The Rangers, from what I’ve heard, want Heatly, but have dug in their heels against moving the best defensemn they’ve had since Number Two left the World’s Most Expensive Arena.

    I am COMPLETELY speculating here, but Dubinsky, Rozsival a first and/or Girardi or one of the top prospects (you know the names) makes a lot of sense and would get the deal done.

    The problem with any deal is who the hell is going to get Heatley and Gaborik the puck? If you trade Dubinsky then that means Prospal is your number one center. By a show of hands, anyone besides me uncomfortable with that scenario?

    To me, and nobody asked, I would think you’d have to pull Dubinsky off that trade and make it Callahan instead. The Rangers have ample wings that could replace Cally, as much as I’d hate to see him go since he’s a personal favorite of mine. Yo have to keep Dubinsky and hope he can play as aNumber one and dish the puck off. Also, his departure opens up a little more money to fit in Heatley and get Dubi a decent contract.

    Bottom line though is that unless Murray comes down to Earth with his demands, Heatley is going to play in Ottawa and that will certainly make for an interesting scenario to watch.

  8. Hockeyman Rangers on


  9. Let’s lighten up on the threats, OK? We’re just having a discussion here, and we get it. Most everybody thinks Staal and Dubinsky is too much. Sather very likely agrees.

  10. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Serenity now, Insanity later!

    Look it’s not gonna happen period.

    Sather needs some wiggle rooms for in season trades etc and singing HEater and cap strapping ourselves while giving away a vet D man (yes I know it’s Rosi) and Staal or Griardi or Dubi makes no sense

    HE’s not gonna trade Cally, as that’s what TOrts wants on his team, players jsut like him

    Staal? Pipe dream, he aint going anywhere

    Heately stays in Ottowa, and MAYBE gets traded mid season.

    But looks as though old Uncle Glen is gonna try Dubi at 1st line center, and hope he flourishes as he did with JAgr in his rookie season. I fnot, he tries Drury, then Anisimov.

    Not the perfect situation you want for your top line center position, but it’s better than no options at all

    Anyone else hear JAgr and Renney still speaking frequently?
    Could he maybe sign in Edmonton next year after he’s done iwth his Russian contract? that would be funny.

  11. Wicky, you sweet pea :)

    Good morning Staal. Though that is far my first first (not including the time I cheated)

  12. In terms of talent and using a narrow scope of “would it fill a need?”, I think most GMs would trade Callahan over Dubinsky as part of a package to get Heatley.

    Ignore the goal total from last season, Dubi has a higher upside and plays a more important position. Both bring plenty of energy to the game and are more than willing to throw their bodies around. For all we know Cally could have essentially hit his ceiling last year in terms of production. I suspect he could score up to 25 but anything beyond that is pushing it.

    Obviously Heatley’s attitude and personality severely diminish his allure especially if it’s at the expense of a heart and soul type player. Yet, even in a down year Heatley can still net 30 goals and about 80 points. I doubt Cally ever consistently reaches those totals.

  13. Do not panic.

    Typically, Sather fleeces the other GM’s in taking their “troubled assets” (Jagr, Avery, Lindros, etc…)

    Secondly, salary has to go the other way, so Rozi, Drury, or Redden would have to be part of the deal. Now would anyone object to taking a bona fide superstar at the expense of Cally?

    and the NYC mass transit system will keep the streets safe for all of us. EVERYONE WINS!!!!!!

  14. going to start a riot here and i am sorry in advance.

    if i knew i COULDNT sign staal next off season i would trade him now. staal is a franchise defenseman. he has value.

    you give value to get value. especially when you can disconnect your feelings and see it from a financial point of view.

    that being said murray does not have this type of leverage so there is no way the deal gets done.

  15. Mitch –
    when did Murray say the Heatley deal “starts and ends with staal”?

    The only documented public rumblings from Ottawa I’ve heard were their grumblings that “they couldn’t even get a 12 goal scorer in the deal” – ie: Dubi.

    Either way, No way the Rangers include Staal in any deal – for Heatley or Kessel.

  16. Exactly TR,
    They are trying to sell a guy that has crippled his own value. NTC’s are a bitch. If Heatley really wants to be in NYC, I bet he gets it done. Avery did the same damn thing.

    But I don’t think Heatley is the answer. We need a center.

  17. Mystery of Ovechkin’s tram stamp tattoo is no longer a mystery! I think…

    i just showed the kanji tattoos on Alex’s back to a friend of mine who is Japanese and she said that the left one resembles ” Home ” kanji but there’s no need for the upper sign on top of left kanji. And the right sign doesn’t look like a kanji at all.

  18. I think the Rangers have plenty of kids to trade away. Hockey’s Future ranked NYR # 12 in prospects (as of June 2, so that must jump up for whatever HF is worth). I could see Sather dealing kids. Do you trade Cally assuming Grachev jumps right in?

  19. How much could he get? I mean, if you have to then release Redden to sign him, you do it. That simple. They will make room. Unless he has an awful season. Then he has no leverage.

  20. Ovechkin was on WFAN this morning. What a trainwreck. His English is so bad, you couldn’t listen. I love the guy, but I had to turn it off.

  21. Rick,
    Stall would be under the same restrictions as Dubi is now?

    STALL would be sure to get an offer sheet, no?

  22. next year Higgins, Prospal, Valliquette and Arnason are UFAs.

    Staal and Girardi and Sauer plus Ambuhl, Lisin and Zaba are RFAs.

    Rangers currently have around $47M committed for next year as of now.

    if we don’t load up on a contract like Heatley’s, we should EASILY be able to retain Staal- he is a higher priority than all the other names above.

  23. Exactly Carp,
    Stall is not going anywhere, the Rangers will find a way for him.
    Going to need a center if they trade Dubi for Heatly. This rumor won’t go away, makes you think it is going to happen.

  24. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Sather for as dumb as he is will have room to re-sign Staal next year

    First off, he’s a RFA not UFA

    Second there’s no assurance he will resign Girardi.

    Prospal, Higgins, Voros and Rissmiller will all be eihter gone or UFA’s so there’s money to be spent on a nice long deal for Marc Staal.

    And remember the kid is what, 22? He only has upside. Look at how good he is already as a Dman, imagine him getting better offensively in a year or two?

    He’s going nowhere. Hank, Staal – two of the cornerstones of the NYR franchise.

  25. rick

    releasing redden would be the best thing since sliced bread.
    that makes all the bad thoughts go away.

    its a no brainer @ that point.

  26. Hi, everyone. Fishing all morning, just came back and saw what I expected from your comments: Staal isn’t going anywhere. I don’t think that Heatley is worth trading Dubi and high prospects. Torts is a great motivator and he made Vinny one of the better players in the league. Heatley may not respond that well to benching. Who is to say that he won’t ask for another trade?
    What I didn’t expect is to see Laurel first. Carp, was she sitting to your right or left? J/K

  27. Can they do what they did with Henrik a couple of years back and sign Dubi and Staal to an extension in the new calender year?

    They better hold onto Staal because I just got my jersey modified with Staal’s name and number covering up the name and number of the player that made Gaborik’s arrival in NY possible.

  28. Since we are talking trade/moving players, I would much rather give up a few players/prospects and land a guy like Kessel than Heatley. If Heatley has shown me anything, its that he is not as much of a team player as I had thought.
    Kessel IMO would be a much better piece to our puzzle.

  29. I would say that this suggestion is utterly ridiculous but with sather’s undying love for getting rid of youngsters in exchange for old veterans makes me think that just maybe hed make some dumb move like this

  30. Moving a lot of players around to get Kessel would be taking a mulligan on the season since he’s out for the first quarter of the year at least. While his skill is undeniable he’s a bit on the smaller side. There would be a couple of players I’d be interested in from Boston if they need to dump salary such as Blake Wheeler and David Krejci.

  31. And i cant believe Nyr plays Boston in 6 days, that came out of nowhere. Im looking forward to that. I thought there would be a season preview first. I hope they’re still doing it, i wanna see what team bonding they do this year. And if Torts will actually do it.

  32. so tsn has us ranked 22nd in the league… news has us 11th in the EAST….lets prove them all wrong!!!!!

  33. I know im not the only one, but i say this every season!

    THIS IS THE YEAR!!!!!!! WE WANT THE CUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  34. Rick,
    The season hasn’t started yet and I’m totally optimistic at this point but…
    If Gaborik stays healthy and Dubinsky finds the hands we know he has, I put the Rangers in the top 15.
    Don’t forget this a not a defensive system anymore. This is Tort’s high pressure, offensive system.

  35. UESBlueshirt: Krejci in a Rangers uniform would look goooood next to Gaborik. That would be a fantastic move, but probably nigh on impossible to do.

  36. Im so stoked, im goin to the game on Tuesday and it cant come soon enough, who do we think is goin to be playing in this game?

  37. Rick,

    While you were away for a few weeks-enjoying mr titliest and Ralph Lauren – I made my predictions for the entire eastern conference….and i believe i had the Rangers 5th so overall I guess I would have them around 10-12th overall in the league….i am first to admit i am a bit optimistic this year (that could change drastically after 10-15 games into the season) but i think the rangers are going to compete very competively with the Flyers for no. 2 in the atlantic and if emery struggles the rangers could easily finish 2nd in the atlantic….i just do not see the devils being that good this year-gionta and madden are big losses in my opinion and im not in love with their 6 dman either….i definitely can see some “experts” predicting the rangers to miss the playoffs but i just do not see how you rank them behind teams like buffalo, florida and yes NJ this year!

  38. RangerFan 32-

    expect to see players like boyle, byers, rismiller, voros, parenteau, i hope we get to see this kid lisin play tuesday night…on defense hopefully we get to see gilroy and del zotto and i would love to see heikkinen

  39. Carp — I wouldn’t expect the Rangers to be any better than a playoff “bubble” team. Similar to last year. However, despite their faults, they still have much better goaltending than a number of teams that are picked above them. The Hockey News has Toronto, Florida, TB, etc., selected above them. I’m not buying that either.

  40. tsn ranked the rangers 22…

    they know as much as we do, not much.

    the rangers need grachev and anisimov to contribute and dubi and cally and others to continue to improve.

    i do not trade staal straight up for heatley…

    staal is a better offensive rob langway for 12 years….

  41. i’ll be coming in from Texas to see the game Tuesday vs Boston. can’t wait. anyone going to the game in NJ too?

  42. SETH

    You should bring a gun, or some kind of weapon with you. There’s a lot of criminals over there. Only in New Jersey you’ll find people that set cars on fire after a Bon Jovo concert, muahaha, i will love that story for as long as i live !

  43. Carp,

    Are you slipping with your guarantee that Brandon Dubinsky will be a Ranger this year?
    The leafs just got their second round pick back in an obvious effort to make a pitch at a RFA. If the leafs offer him 3 million and we can only offer him 700 K why would he stay? Our whole team is a mess.

  44. ROCK YOUR BLUEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE IN JERSEY, ORR-those mothaf—- stole my ranger playoff towel from the buffalo series from the year before when i entered game 2 of the playoffs in the 07-08 season!

  45. Reading everybody high thoughts on this season, predictions for us winning the cup for example, got me really excited. The truth is the Hockey News thinks we are the 8th worst team in the entire NHL. Sather has made us a joke of a franchise. Turnover is ridiculous. We field entirely new teams every year because we cant get it right and just over spend on medicore talent. I have to admit, we are a joke, and until Sather is long gone, nothing can change. Just look at these disgusting contracts and trading away the likes of Tutyn etc.. We are now counting on vinny prospal to be our number one center? The guy was bought out by the Tampa Bay Lightning for gods sake, and no other team would offer him more then a million. And he is our number one center?? C’mon people!

  46. If Dubi is offered 3m by the Leafs, then Slats matches and dumps Voros, replacing him with a rookie on the 4th. Problem solved.

  47. been a ranger fan since the 70’s. and i agree w/ “a local fan” this team is a collection of has-beens and wanna be’s. cast offs and losers. no way we can compete with the flyers. christ, they even brought in betts, one of the few guys i actually enjoyed watching last year. sather scks

  48. Oh come on local fan, there’s always the Islanders. They’re a bigger joke of a franchise than the Rangers.

    How about the LA Kings, not a whole lot going right out there since the magical run of 1993.

    The Phoenix Coyotes are certainly making headlines for all the wrong reasons these days.

    The Maple Weeps are going on 40+ years of Cup futility.

    You’re going by pre-season rankings to determine whether the team is any good or not? Guess what, there are only 2 teams in the Eastern conference that have made the playoffs every year since the lockout…and only one of them doesn’t have a homewrecker tending goal.

  49. UES: I didnt say we are the biggest Joke in the NHL. I just said we are a joke. We have an advantage over most teams in the NHL. Players want to play in New York, why the hell cant we get it right? You do not build a team with, as Matt Man put it, a collection of has-beens and wanna be’s. What doesnt Sather get? We all get it. We trade away people the organization talks up for years such as Lauri K or Fedor Tutyn, players they tell us will be the future, for what? Other players we get rid of and give up on in a year or two. It is just so frustrating.

  50. Shoryuken on Wade Redden

    What is there to watch? Our offense is dreadful, our d-fense is minor league. Yes we have a good goalie, but can we expect him to carry us to the playoffs? He is not going to get two weeks rest in February either!
    I am still interested to see if Carp stand by his Guarantee that Brandon Dubinsky will be a New York Ranger this year.

  51. Shoryuken

    you just took the word outta my mouth! Let the freaking season start first! This is completely different team under completely different coaching! wtf!

    hey “shmoko” fan…

    What offense u speak of? the season hasn’t start yet!
    you dont like it… switch the mother f’ing channel!

    Typical Devils fan with bipolar issues.

  52. what the heck is up with this hogwash Ottowa thinks they can pull over on Sather? Dubi better be a Ranger next season.

  53. Local fan,

    Players might want to go to a high profile team, but they want to go to where the most money is. And in the days of the salary cap, NY doesn’t have that distinct advantage.

    As for some of the players you mentioned the Rangers discarind, Tyutin by all means would be expendable these days given the amount of talent the Rangers have in their system on D. Whether holding onto him would have precluded the Rangers from signing Redden or re-signing Rozsival is certainly debatable.

    Korpikoski was a terrible choice for a 1st round pick and while he has good wheels and plays a decent two way game, he’s well on his way to becoming Sjostrom Jr. It was worth the risk-reward of Lisin, this year’s version of Zherdev with exception that Lisin won’t have the pressure to be a top 6 winger like Zherdev was last year.

    In terms of age, Brashear is the only player that is substantially over 30, Drury/Redden/Kotalik/Prospal are in their early-mid 30’s and then you have a cadre of well under 30 talent in Lundqvist/Staal/Callahan/Gaborik and Dubinsky pending his signing.

    I am not going to excuse a decade worth of mistakes that took place pre-lockout and there have been some obvious mistakes made since the lockout. While there have been poorly contemplated signings, the organization has wisely held onto large portion of its youth assets. The crop of higher ceiling prospects project to be better than the likes of Prucha/Dawes/Korpikoski.

    With the exception of Detroit, no other team has managed the continual success in the past nearly 20 years. Even the Devils with their 3 Cups have fallen back to the pack, especially since their most recent championship. Teams like Pittsburgh/Washington/Chicago had to go through several years of being absolutely dreadful in order to draft their current stars.

    The Rangers aren’t great by any means and Sather has certainly impeded the rebuilding of the franchise but things could be substantially worse.

  54. Todd in Colorado on

    At best, Dubinsky might turn into a 20-goal scorer. This team needs more than that down the middle.

  55. Dubinsky scored 14 and 13 goals in his first two full seasons, where he went through long scoring droughts in his second season.

    With his size and style of game he could very well end up as the Rangers version of Mike Richards who scored 11 and 10 goals in first 2 seasons then had a breakout year in his 3rd year.

    I’m not expecting him to challenge for the Art Ross but I can easily seem him becoming a 65-70 point guy while playing on special teams and in important game situations.

  56. first off, carp isnt the gm, so theres no way anybody really knows what slats is gonna do. i think the only reason he isnt signed yet is because hes being dangled in trades. when the other gm’s finally decide accept to sathers trade or not, then he will be signed. its pretty obvious and thats why we keep hearing the rumours.


    bla bla bla, im excited to see Lisin. Dude can fly and score. Prob will love NY also and thrve. Otherwise noone knows how good/bad we will be stop guessing seriously stfu. We know we are getting top 3 goaltending in the league. D is suspect but can’t be worse then last year i.e. staal/girardi to be way better, rozi/redden cant be worse.
    And in Torts system, we will score goals. Regardless of how high our talent level pools, we do have players who can light it up and will be given the chance.
    But we for sure know that we are doing exactly what Ranger fans want and that is going mostly young, inhouse, and gonna put on a show.

  58. A local fan September 9th, 2009 at 3:27 pm
    “What is there to watch? Our offense is dreadful, our d-fense is minor league. Yes we have a good goalie, but can we expect him to carry us to the playoffs? He is not going to get two weeks rest in February either!…”

    Sounds to me like a description of the Debbies.

  59. Can someone explain to me, in all seriousness, why Jim Balsillie can be excluded from buying the Coyotes if he’s willing to offer 100 million dollars more for the club? How is that non some sort of anti-trust (or whatever) violation? Just because Buttman doesn’t like him? Hockey hasn’t been working as an expansion push here, has it? Yet, as far as I know, the Canadians are still apes–t about the sport. This seems wrong.

  60. Chris F.
    all you need to know is Bettman…or Buttman…or Butt-man…
    He is a moron, and simply put…he would rather go down with his stupid expansion teams than see them succeed somewhere else.
    OR…in this case, he would rather see the Coyotes fail in Phoenix, than succeed in Hamilton.

  61. If this deal ever happened, I would walk my 120 pound Bernese mountain dog right into the Rangers locker room and let him take a big steamy dump right on the Rangers logo.

    Because thats how us fans have been treated for the last 100 years by this club.

  62. Staal Wart:

    I hear that. But Buttman must have lawyers, right? Can the NHL just decide this, with no big fight. Or is the judgement coming in the next couple days about Balsillie’s inclusion in the auction the big legal moment?

  63. As much as I think Bill Simmons Sportsguy’s act can get pretty old, especially with his nonstop love affair with the NBA, he did bring up a point about hockey and how it shouldn’t have over a certain amount of teams and a good proportion of those teams should be in Canada.

    Does anyone think that Raleigh/Nashville/Atlanta/Tampa/Miami are better hockey markets than the greater Toronto market?

    I don’t know why the NHL doesn’t want Balsillie, he’s been very cavalier with his bid but essentially all he wants to do is move the team from a market where its obviously failed and will continue to do so given how hard Phoenix was hit by the collapse of the real estate market.

    I suspect a lot of it has to do with Bettman and co’s reluctance to admit failure of his grand vision to make hockey popular across the US more than placing a team in a much more appropriate market.

  64. Just got back from work; gals and guys, don’t get worked up over this latest Heatley rumor. It’s not logical, you think they go into the season with only 3 experienced DMen and one center with a lot of NHL experience. It’s all just rumors like the Fleetwood Mac album.

    Those TSN stories are stupid; they have Valetanko on the fantasy depth chart and make no mention of either Artie or Evgeny in the #22 ranked overall article. Balogna. C’mon, you’re all smarter than that!

  65. LIQUID. That’s a beautiful dog.
    Everybody is obviously upset. So TSN ranked the Rangers 22nd. End of the season. Let’s not watch any games. This is it. Early( or late ) golf. Who cares?

  66. I was watching “Pardon the Interruption” on ESPN just now and Ovechkin made the news…AGAIN, saying that he will play in Winter Olympics of 2014 in Sochi whether the NHL lets him or not. NHL hasn’t promised to accommodate Winter Olympics after next year game in Vancouver.

    Ovechkin also added…and I quote:

    “Nobody can say to me you can’t play for your country in the Olympics…it’s not unfair, it’s stupid. If someone says to me I can’t play…SEE YA!”

    What do you guys think aboot that statement?! Alex got some cohones! You guys think he’ll get punished?

    I would assume Malkin would want to do the same thing… I mean, the 2014 Olympics are in native Russia! I wouldn’t want to miss it either if I was Ovechkin or Malkin or any other Russian hockey player…


  67. Murray is retarded if he thinks he can get both Dubi, and Staal. I mean Heatley is a 50 goal scorer, but that is actually laughable.

    Just deal the guy for what he’s worth. He has no choice but to take what ever he can get.

    Dubi, Rozi, and McDonagh is enough in my opinion.

    I don’t want it to happen, although if Heatley plays like god, and McDonagh ends up like a bust, and Dubi is nothing more than a 20 goal scorer, and doesn’t turn out to be like Savard. Then i don’t care.

    Dubi, Artie, Stepan = The Future Down The Middle !

    Hopefully a bright one.

  68. Punished? CCCP, how do you think he’ll get punished? He said what he felt. And I’m sure he’ll do it.

  69. CCCP, you know Olympics is a huge deal for Russian athletes. So he’ll be there. So if they fine for a couple of hundreds Ks- he’ll have enough to keep, you think? If they suspend him- that’s a sure way to lose the best player in the world to KHL.

  70. CCCP
    Being 5 years from event it is a little too early to discus. A lot of things could happened:
    1. Money for Sochy developments will be all stolen and Olympic would be relocated to Seoul(S. Korea).
    2. OVI could be knock out by drunk Semin at preolympic party causing career ending concussion.
    3.NHL will accommodate all players for Olympics, giving them honorable certified armature status.
    4. Hockey in North America will be replaced with game “pellotta” and we wouldn’t, give a flying f*ck about OVI

  71. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Ottawa can go take a flying leap "… says Greg L. on

    Local Fan , Don’t say “we” when you refer to OUR Rangers you idiot.

  72. Btw, would anyone be interested in what Mr. S. Crosby has to say about 2014 Olympics. I would. Well, good luck. Because cohones is nowhere near his first, last or middle name. What’s his middle name, anyway?

  73. Local, I stick by my guarantee. That doesn’t mean he won’t be traded. It means if he signs as a free agent, it will be with the NYR. Toronto and Brian Burke would have to be out of their minds to give him more than $3M a year and give up all those draft picks.

  74. Greg L- that’s the best thing anyone said all day. Short, precise and right to the point. I’m sure even Carp envies your writing skills. And he is a pro!

  75. Rangers prospects playing Red Wings right now. Chad “ocho cinco” Johnson is in goal.

    tied 0-0 in the first, 8:09 left. both teams came up empty on the power play. Shots NYR-7 DRW-6.

  76. After one period its NYR-2 DRW-0. shots NYR-16 DRW-9. thats pretty dominating.

    Goals by Walker and Bartek. Both at 20:00?

  77. ORR and others; if the Rangers trade Rozi for Heately, who is going to replace his minutes? Other than our good buddy Christian Backman and Martin Skoula, both invited to the Panthers camp there aren’t many free D out there besides Boullion, Bergeron, and Seidenberg.

    Also the Rangers would be losing cap room yet again in that deal Rozi ($5 million) and Dubi ($1.9 for arguments sake) for Heately($7.5 million) plus they’d have one more position to fill and less flexibility cap wise.

    Rozi, Dubi and cap room is better than Heately and being forced to over pay 1-3 of MA Bergeron/Seidenberg/Boullion. It just doesn’t add up.

  78. Regarding Jim Balsillie – The NHL is loathe to admit a Mark Cuban type of owner – which is EXACTLY what Balsillie is.

    Now that Ice Edge dropped out of the bidding for the Coyotes, only Balsillie and the NHL remain.

    Since the NHL had to (apparently) change their by laws to OWN a team (they have previously taken custodialship of floundering teams like the Penguins but never owned if i remember correctly) this seems to be a conflict of interest.

    IE: the league has denied Jim Balsillie as an owner while having plans to buy the team themselves, thereby unjustly eliminating competition. VERY sticky wicket here. The NHL might have to make a deal with Balsillie – ie: we’ll give you the team for $212 Million, but it stays put in Phoenix for 5 years.

    Regarding a Dubi offer sheet – was thinking it was a possibility my self. If an offer is made and the Rangers match, they cannot trade Dubinsky for a year. So there is that. But same goes for Boston/Kessel. Is Dubi worth more than a 1st,2nd and 3rd rounder?

    Going out on a VERY large limb here:
    If I’m Brian Burke, I sign Kessel to an offer sheet and c*ck-Block Boston into matching and having to make a deal, then do the same to the Rangers with Dubi. Then i make an offer for Heatley and try to scoop him up for Blake, Kaberle and picks.

  79. we should get bergeron and trade rozy. give ottawa rozy and a cardboard cutout of jagr to put on the ice so he will pass to it, and then they give us heatley, and some 222’s. also, since they wont just want rozy, even though he is a highly coveted pp qb, they will probably want some bum named stall. send him packin too. what kind of hockey name is stall anyway? i wanna guy with the name beukeboom. or featherstone. yea. get glen featherstone and tony twist up here asap.

  80. i dont care that tsn ranked the rangers 22nd, i just dont understand how we can possibly be ranked behind florida and buffalo-i am looking forward to their recaps of these franchises in the upcoming days…

  81. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    The ranking is very similar to that of the 2005 season. The team is so different it is impossible to tell. IN 2005 they were ranked 30th, this year not as bad, but the same idea exists. For a defensive team that changed to an offensive coach and added a guy who didn’t play 18 games last year… who the heck knows?! Honestly, I feel the same.

    This is the story of a man who is not liked by his fellow contry-men:

  82. thanks pav. they showed it was 4-0 on the rangers website but didnt show who scored the 4th. im surprised grachev isnt doing more scoring. its the lower 3 lines that have been doing the most since the tourney began. if anything, i just wanna see him dominate these ahl goalies. since we cant watch the games its hard to tell how they are really doing, but bourque, werek and horak seem to be doin very well too. i like that they say grachev plays a physical game. we really need a power fwd on this team.

  83. Mike A – Anton Babchuck is available from carolina and will be dealt for picks by the time camp opens. I’d love him over Seidenburg.


    Wanted to clarify –
    If I’m Burke, I sign Kessel to an Offer Sheet, making Boston match and have to scramble to deal players to fit Kessel under the cap in the 7 days they have. Then, offer sheet Dubi, and Make the Rangers match, thereby eliminating flexibility for my rivals.

    Ahh Speculation.
    It’s not just a crappy perfume.

  84. people are seriously still talking about babchuk and boullion?

    the only reason slats kicked the tires on those 2 is because he almost dealt rozi and there was no way we were going into the season with only 1 veteran dman. it was a back up plan that won’t ever come to fruition because he’s not trading rozi this offseason.

    wake up people. if rozi is a ranger, neither of those 2 will be.

    statistically, grachev hasn’t had the type of tourney i thought he was going to have but werek, bartek and bourque have caught me off guard with their play.

    this is going to be a rough year.

  85. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    TSN ranks the rangers 22 in the league,ouch.
    They aren’t impressed with sather’s moves.
    Oh ,well.

  86. nyrcc- yea, i kinda had hoped that grachev would be tearin it up on these young goalies. id like to think hes not tryin to go all out and injure himself before camp. idk. but i do like werek, bourque and bartek. all these kids look good. johnsons playin great too. 1gaa aint bad. hes probably makin it to hartford. id like to know if zaba or wikkman(sp)? are gona challenge vally for backup spot soon. we need a guy to play more than 10 games a year to relieve hank

  87. True Fans Bleed RW&B-

    The big difference between now and 2005 is we have a proven goalie, a superstar if he stays healthy-im not so sure many people on this site realize how good of an upgrade gaborik really is-if he stays healthy (btw that goes for every player in the league-i know he is injury prone but every player is at risk…i mean we havent seen a player with his skill level in a very long long time……and lastly the “NEW NHL” was created in 2005 so im fine with the prediction that the rangers would finish dead last back then but in 2009-2010 season one of only two teams in the east to make the playoffs all four season in the post lockout era and with basically swapping gomez-naslund-antropov-zherdev for gaborik-higgins-kotalik-prospal-i dont see how we are ranked 11th in the eastern conference……yeah yeah i know we lost betts and sjos THE PK will be fine!

  88. Doodie Machetto on

    Good luck to Bettsky. He was a class act.

    Too bad he’s headed for that goon organization. I guess he won’t have to worry too much about being cheapshotted there.

  89. seth- see, thats the thing. until gabby plays a full season, nobody will give him the benefit of the doubt. they feel were 1 injury away from being the islanders with a better goalie. thats not good, and yea, gabby is an upgrade over zherdev, no doubt. i think we need some of our prospects to shine this year. duby needs a good season. staal needs to step up offensively, AA needs to prove himself. when ya change the team so drastically, its much harder to predict, and it all hinges on an injury prone star. if he had played all last season, nobody would be talkin about it. he just needs to come here and play. not 65 games. not 70 games. 82. hes had plenty of time to rest!!

  90. I’d rather have TSN rank us 22nd and prove them wrong. Than have them rank us 5th and fall on our asses. I’ve been a Ranger fan a long time and they always seem to do better as the underdog. JMHO

  91. In theory, the loss of Sjostrom and Betts (for PK and defensive purposes) will be countered by the new attack style and general 3-line-only style of Torts. He’ll send out the 4th to give the others a rest, but if you listen to Torts and do well, you get bumped up.

    The advantage of that is those who are willing to give 110% will get their ice time. The disadvantage is that there will be line juggling.

  92. Whats with all the speculation? We got Gaborik didn’t we? When he stays Healthy this year he will score at least 50 goals next to Dubi. Once we get HIM signed. We let Bettsy go but I do believe we are upgrading on the forth line. Brasher can arguably skate better then Orr and I do believe he has better hands as well. I loved Orr myself, and have always hate Brasher. BUT I embraced Avery with open arms, especially after all his shenanigans with Brodeur. So now I am happy to say I hope our new resident goon muscles over marty this year. And whats up with this kid Lisin? And Kotalik and Higgins are + additions. Anisimov is ready for the jump. Man does Grachev look good too. Whew!

    Defense is anybodys guess this year.

  93. I agree with mitch (i think it was mitch) including cally and girardi instead of staal and dubi makes more sense from a ranger standpoint IF (IF) they dealt for heatley. Mind you I do not want to see cally go anywhere (although higgins is a bigger version of cally), it would make more sense!

    To me waiving redden is the end all solution, trading rozy is!!! At this point I would rather keep redden than Rozy (although in an ideal world I would dunp both).

    The NHL needs to move three more franchises to Canada, including another in Quebec and get back on ESPN! Now back to the real issue, a couple of hard hitting physical crease clearing d men for the rangers!

  94. lol Wicky. You funny. The Rangers haven’t had a pair like that since effin 94. lol I’ve been itching for them to get one for the longest time. I was hopin Girardi would turn into that guy…but what is going on in that camp…

  95. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ever since Dopey Dolan gave the car keys to Sather, all he’s done is to keep rotating retreads, looking for one that still has a little tread left.

    He’s rotated what, 10 players since last year? I can see why the pundits aren’t putting any faith in the Rangers going anywhere. They look like they were spotwelded together just across the street from Pic-A-Part. Sather has given us fans a Rolls-Canardly for 9 years now. This one looks an awful lot like the others.

    I’ll be surprised if they make the playoffs.

  96. JOSH THOMSON UPDATE: I asked Josh on his twitter “Are you still 26?”
    His response: “I am the Bart Simpson of sports writing”

    Josh Thomson will always be 26!!!

  97. Anton Babchuk is soft and inconsistent. The Rangers don’t need him. They have enough D prospects and Kyle McClaren as a 7th t ocover 3 spots. Worst case scenario, they sign one of Seidenberg/Bergeron/Boullion to a one year deal in a few weeks. Florida inviting Skoula and Backman to camp means Seidenberg probably isn’t in their plans.

    I’m really impressed by this Roman Horak kid in the Traverse City Tournament. He reminds me of Anisimov a little in that he’s this quiet unknown mysterious skilled player from across the pound who doesn’t get a lot of press but has impressed and put up poinys. If Dubi gets signed, AA does his thing, and Stepan is money, and they can add Horak much later down the road, that would be sick.

  98. I agree with mikeA, if (big if) we sign one of those 3 guys, it must be bouillon, the most physical of the three by far!

  99. Wicky, I’d like to see Sauer or Heikennen get the job cause both hit. McClaren is a good 7th because he won’t take any time away from a kid wen he’s hanging out in the press box most nights.

    Redden should play with Sauer so Sauer can cover up for him.

    I’d like to see Rozi back with Staal as the #1 pair and Girardi play with Heikennen or Gilroy.

  100. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    How can anyone seriously get on here and basically guarantee that Gabby will score 50? That’s just insanity. I want him to, I’d love to see what the team looks like if he plays 78-82 games, but to guarantee it is only asking for trouble.

    Seth, Two seasons ago the Rangers had the best NHL player in European history… remember that guy? He set records for goals, probably points too, maybe even quickest goals of home-opening games (back to back) by the same player. Anyway, Jagr carried this team for 2, if not 3 seasons. Can Gabby carry a team or his he that polish to finish off the job? I tend to think he’s the latter, especially with the centers of this team, but we will see. He’s a bonafide sniper, but I just don’t know how effective he can be with Drury (ughhh…) or Prospal. I hope Torts tries Dubi with him first.

  101. Hey, I’,m having problems posting. Must have something to do with the upgrade done in the evening. So I’ll just put this here. It’s the Rangers’ recap of the prospects game:

    Wednesday, September 9, 2009 – New York Rangers 4, Detroit Red Wings 3
    • The New York Rangers prospects defeated the Detroit Red Wings prospects, 4-3, on Wednesday, September 9, at the 2009 Traverse City (Michigan) Prospects Tournament. The Rangers improved to 2-1-0 in the tournament to finish in a tie atop the Eastern Division, and advance to the third place game.
    • The Rangers pulled out a four-goal lead through the second period, despite being out-shot, 23-21, over the span.
    • The Blueshirts prospects went five-for-six on the penalty kill to improve to 16-for-17 overall in the tournament.
    • Defenseman Mitch Gaulton tallied a game-high, two assists, both coming in the middle frame. Gaulton was the Rangers’ sixth round choice, 171st overall, in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.
    • Rangers’ 2009 draft picks, Ethan Werek (second round, 47th overall) and Ryan Bourque (third round, 80th overall), teamed up for a second period goal to give the Blueshirt prospects a three-goal advantage. Werek and Bourque have both registered one goal and two assists apiece in three tournament contests.
    • Rangers’ prospects Captain, Dale Weise, recorded a team-high, six shots on net. Weise was the Rangers’ fourth round choice, 111th overall, in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.
    • Justin Soryal recorded one assist and three shots on net in the contest. Soryal originally signed with the Rangers as a free agent on March 12, 2008.
    • Chad Johnson, acquired from Pittsburgh in exchange for a 2009 fifth round selection (Andy Bathgate) on June 27, 2009, stopped 32 of 35 shots in net for the Rangers.
    • The New York Rangers prospects return to action tomorrow, September 10, when they will face-off against the Minnesota Wild prospects for third place in the tournament. The game will begin at 6:00 p.m. on Centre ICE 1 in Traverse City, Michigan.

    Director of Player Personnel, Gordie Clark, on Chad Johnson:
    “He was excellent once again. Chad was very sharp tonight, stopping 20 top scoring chances. One of those saves was a penalty shot by Johan Ryno (of Detroit) that never had a chance of getting by him.”
    On Justin Soryal:
    “He made the two best passes of the game. On the first, he hit Ethan (Werek) perfectly on stride driving to the net. The second sprung (Luke) Walker loose with a rink-wide pass to the right wing.”

  102. What did Betts get, 3 years 15 mil? isn’t that the going rate for the greatest checking center in the game?

  103. ok lets just wait and see-ill stand by my prediction-RANGERS finish in 5th in the EAST!

    Good Luck Blair-you are a class act- a hardworking guy who shows up every night and knows his role-good luck to you!

  104. this chad johnsons pretty good huh? we could use some good goalies to back hank up soon. nothin against vallycat, i think hes decent and is a great team player. he doesnt make hank think twice about his starting job though. hank may have gotten used to playin so much and not have to worry about someone challenging him for his starting position. maybe thats why his overall stats were not as good last year. not just that, but he cant seem to play a full playoff series without having some bad games when he cant afford to. we need someone to step in and play 20-25 games a year and take some pressure off him. i know he loves playin all the time, but torts saw it last year, as we all did, that he could use a break now and then. valley is good, but i cant see him playing more than 10-12 games a year.

  105. Mike, Hank is an elite young goalie. He is here to stay. If we get somebody who can actually challenge Hank for his starting job, that person should be traded right away for a potential franchise player. Because by the time the starting job become available for him, he’ll start having prostate issues.

  106. JOSH THOMSON UPDATE: I asked Josh on his twitter “Are you still 26?”
    His response: “I am the Bart Simpson of sports writing”

    Josh Thomson will always be 26!!!

  107. PS: I was at the Yankees game last night and thought to myself what is the equivalent stat (Jeter most hits in Yankees history) for a hockey franchise? Most Goals? Most points? Thoughts?

  108. I don’t think there is a direct comparison. Baseball has so many more discrete aspects to it. There is also a different importance applied to each stat (batting avg vs OBP vs OPS) whereas hockey is pretty straighforward with the exception of +/-.

    Also baseball has all sorts of caveats, however outdated, for some of its stats that either overstates or understates a particular stats value.

  109. But I would say in terms of perceived value, goals = home runs, assists = hits, total points = a hybrid of RBIs and runs scored.

  110. Folks, enjoy the next two days. I am taking a class of sixth graders on an overnight camping retreat today in to tomorrow afternoon. It is supposed to rain something awful. Wish me luck.

    The only thing getting me through the next two days is knowing that pre season hockey starts next week.

  111. Authorities are going to find Nasty soaked and disoriented clutching a copy of the Rangers schedule. The first question he asks after he is treated for exposure to elements will be “Did they sign Dubi yet?”

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