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This came in from the Rangers late Monday night:

Monday, Sept. 7, 2009 – New York Rangers 4, Atlanta Thrashers 1

The New York Rangers prospects defeated the Atlanta Thrashers prospects, 4-1, on Monday, September 7, to improve to 1-1-0 in the first round of the 2009 Traverse City (Michigan) Prospects Tournament.
The Rangers prospects notched four unanswered goals after surrendering the game’s opening tally, and out-shot Atlanta, 35-29, in the contest.
The Blueshirts prospects went six-for-six on the penalty kill to improve to 11-for-11 overall in the tournament.
Three of the Rangers’ four goal-scorers in the contest were selected in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, and two of New York’s goals were tallied by a defenseman.
Rangers’ prospects Captain, Dale Weise, registered two points (one goal and one assist) in the contest.  Weise was the Rangers’ fourth round choice, 111th overall, in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft.
The Rangers prospects got on the board with a Sam Klassen goal with three minutes remaining in the first period.  Klassen signed as a free agent on July 27, 2009.
Tomas Kundratek, the Rangers’ third round selection, 90th overall, in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, notched the game-winning goal at 7:48 of the middle frame.
Evgeny Grachev notched one goal on five shots, and posted a game-high, plus-four rating.  The Rangers’ third round selection, 75th overall, in the 2008 NHL Entry Draft, his five shots also marked a team-high.
Four of the Rangers’ 2009 draft picks – Ethan Werek (second round, 47th overall), Ryan Bourque (third round, 80th overall), Roman Horak (fifth round, 127th overall), and Daniel Maggio (sixth round, 170th overall) – collected an assist in the game.  Werek (two assists), Bourque (one goal and one assist) and Horak (one goal and one assist) each have two points in two tournament contests.
Chad Johnson, acquired from Pittsburgh in exchange for a 2009 fifth round selection (Andy Bathgate) on June 27, 2009, stopped 28 of 29 shots in net for the Rangers.
The New York Rangers prospects return to action on Wednesday, September 9, when they will face-off against the Detroit Red Wings prospects in their final of three First Round contests.  The game will begin at 7:00 p.m. on Centre ICE 1 in Traverse City, Michigan.

Director of Player Personnel, Gordie Clark, on Chad Johnson:
“He was the Player of the Year in the CCHA (Central Collegiate Hockey Association) last year, and he showed why.  He was absolutely outstanding in goal, and is a big reason why we were able to go a perfect six-for-six in shorthanded situations.”

On Sam Klassen and Tomas Kundratek:
“Two of our goals came from a defenseman – Klassen and Kundratek – and both were solid in the game on both sides of the puck.  Klassen’s goal came at a key moment in the game for us, tying the score at one goal apiece, and Kundratek’s goal was a canon of a shot, one-timed from the point.”

On Dale Weise:
“Dale (Weise) played a solid game, constantly moving his skates and using the body well.  He was rewarded for it by going to the front of the net and tipping in (Daniel) Maggio’s waist-high shot.”

On Evgeny Grachev:
“Once again, he dominated the game with his size and strength, and was rewarded with a well-deserved goal that demonstrated these attributes.”


Our friend Mike G. has two Adam Graves videos and a wrapup from the weekend Rangers fan fest, on his blog,

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  1. See! That’s why I don’t play this competitive posting game. I need some keyboard roids to keep up!

  2. ZzZz 17 ZzZz " CCCP where are thee?!!! "… says Greg L. on

    HAHA CCCP all washed up!!!!

    GO GO GO junior Rangers!!! Nice to see Grachev dominate and the defense chipping in with a goal or two.

  3. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " CCCP where are thee?!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Ya almost did it Mark…don’t give up man , you can do it!!!

  4. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " CCCP where are thee?!!! "… says Greg L. on

    We have been drooling over AA and Grachev and I hope those two kids realize that they already have a ton of fans!!!
    We are patient so they don’t have to worry about us fans pressuring them. We brought up Callahan and Dubinsky pritty good !!! Can’t wait till our “new” kids make the team!!!

  5. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sorry kids. I know the pre-season is just starting, and training camp is a week away, but I just can’t get my mind behind the 2009\10 Rangers being a force to be reckoned with. Sather is a washed up fossil who hasn’t done anything since 1989. That’s 20 years ago, for those who are counting.

    Sather has poisoned my optimism for too many years to have any faith in his latest mish-mash of personnel. This season has the smell of disaster written all over it. I love the Rangers- I just hate what Sather has done with them. I just feel that it’s a useless exercise to hope for any positive outcome this spring.

    In fact, I can make a few predictions for this year.
    1. The Rangers will be out of a playoff spot by game 20 of the season.
    2. Gaborik will suffer an injury that will keep him out for at least 10 games.
    3. Rangers will be sellers at the trade deadline- not that there will be many takers.
    4. Brashear will be suspended at least once during the season.
    5. Sather will not be fired, despite fans calling “Fire Sather” starting somewhere around the first of the year, as Ranger fans see the season slipping away yet again.

    And yet as pessimistic as I am at this point, I will root for these Bums to win every game. Because I’m a sucker for the Rangers, and I just can’t help myself. My heart is still with the Rangers, no matter what my mind says.

    Damn You, Sather!

  6. Watched that footage of the prospects game at Yes Grachev is a big boy and strong on the puck. I also noticed Bourque and that Pither kid flying around.

    Its good to see the yutes with so much talent.

  7. I really want Grachev to make the team but with Cally, Higgins, Gabby, Prospal, Avery and Kotalik i think it will take a big tournament and camp to break onto the top 3 lines unless Prospal is played at center and Dubi or AA are not on the team….


  8. olga- theres all the reason in the world to be down on slats but even if half the stuff you said comes true, so what? if gabby has a minor injury, i dont care. 10 games isnt as bad as almost a whole season. if brash gets suspeneded i dont care either. fans call for sathers head all the time, if the team is headed for missing the playoffs, they should be, have no problem with that, and if we do miss the playoffs, yea id be pissed, and pretty bummed, no doubt, but i really think we will make it. we basically filled in naslunds spot with prospal, higgins can fill in antros spot, kotalik can fill prucha or dawes, brash- orr, boyle-betts,lisin-korpi, AA-gomez, gabby for zherdev which is a huge upgrade, so if theres one thing i will worry about its the defense, but even if theres 2 rooks on the back end at least we know that our prospects are being given the chance and that they were the 2 best candidates for the job. i cant argue that this team is not a cup contender, but with grachev and del zotto developing at fast rates, we could see this team into a homegrown monster like the hawks but wth better goaltending. hank will probably have a harder time keeping his stats low because of the aggressive forecheck, but it will only make him better in the longrun. i understand your frustration over the years, but youre giving up before they even start. youre not givin them a chance. i mean, yea its cool to not put alot of pressure on the team so you dont have all these expectations and dont wanna be letdown again, but at least admit that the teams future, not just this season, is brighter than it was a year ago. it is for me, and you gotta be happy that we have a 40-50 goal guy on the team. at 27, gabby is in his prime. he can lead this team for 5 years. if hes healthy he’ll dominate for us. i really dont know if he’ll be healthy for that long. injuries can happen to anybody, but we didnt have to give up anything for this guy, so the risk/reward is minimal. cmon man, be happy. at least we didnt trade away our youth for any old farts again

  9. uk- grachev is goin to hartford even if he has a great camp. sathers worst mistake this offseason wasnt really that bad, and it could help the pp, but kotalik is kind of a bad signing. for 3 mill, 3 yrs, ntc, for him?? i dont see the appeal for that kinda contract. yea hes good in the shootout, but so was naslund and zherdev. hell, shoe was good too for a while there. the pp wouldve been better anyway with gabby and higgins, but for a guy who will play point on the pp and get you 20 goals(and not a defenseman), he didnt need 3 mill, and especially a ntc. wtf slats?? i have mixed feelings about kotalik, at first i thought if he could get dru goin it was worth it, but now it just pisses me off that the captain of our team needs moral support from his pals in order to play better. so yea, if u want me to play better tack on another 3 mill for my buddy here and i’ll score 5 more goals. its a bad signing to help another bad signing. a 10 millian dollar tag team of uselessness. excuse me, 10.5 or whatever million dollar blah blah blah. i think i was tryin to make a point here. oh yea, grachev. kiss his spot goodbye because kotalik took it. maybe next season when prospal is gone, someone could move up a line and grachev gets a 2nd or 3rd line roster spot. he needs more time anyway. not much, but some fine tuning. he could actually do that on the big team, but im sure if theres injuries(ha), he’ll be 1st callup. hey, if grabby gets hurt, he’ll get a shot!! so either way, its good news!! lol

  10. Good morning, sleepy heads.
    Olga, I understand, I’m usually in a bad mood at 4 am too. Geez, talking glass half empty…
    See you all later, gone fishing!

  11. uk- i too am sick of the duby situation. at this point, whenever it happens it happens. somethings gotta happen soon though. but you know slats has to be shopping him if its taking this long. he has no prob giving guys like kotalik lots of money.

  12. oh and olga- the playoffs arent determined till after game 82, so who cares if were out of a spot 20 games in? we were out of the playoffs every year at some point, but jeez 20 games? thats gonna dtermine if we make the playoffs or not?

  13. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hey, Folkyerself!
    The only prediction which seems like a ‘guess’ is the first one!

    In fact, I can make a few predictions for this year.
    1. The Rangers will be out of a playoff spot by game 20 of the season.
    2. Gaborik will suffer an injury that will keep him out for at least 10 games.
    3. Rangers will be sellers at the trade deadline- not that there will be many takers.
    4. Brashear will be suspended at least once during the season.
    5. Sather will not be fired, despite fans calling “Fire Sather” starting somewhere around the first of the year, as Ranger fans see the season slipping away yet again.

    2 thru 5 seem pretty obvious.

  14. i can make some predictions

    1) the rangers will win AND lose some games. ridiculous, i know.
    2)im not certain, but a gut feeling tells me that captain clutch could score the most clutch 2nd period game winner in the history of rangers hockey
    3) the rangers will make a trade sometime from now until the end of the year 2012
    4)the earth will be destroyed on december 21st, 2012(mayan doomsday prophecy)
    5)slatipuss will retire on december 20th, 2012(day before mayan doomsday prophecy)
    6)mess is hired as new gm
    7)december 22nd, 2012, hell has indeed frozen over and we will all be cheering for the rangers as they beat the flames(devils fave team btw) in a barnburner
    8) rangers win the cup june 12th 2094(100 year anniversary)
    9) we all celebreate by roasting marshmallows over a sea of lava!!
    10) sather becomes commisioner of nhhl(national hell hockey league)
    11) this post will end now!!

  15. I see things very differently than Olga. I am very optimistic and I think we will surprise the hockey world.

    We are what we have all been clamoring for: YOUNG.

    We have a very young and exciting team. Barring major injuries, we are going to be a scoring threat, with a solid defense and backstop.

    I do agree, however, with Brashear. I don’t see how the lockerroom can handle both he and Avery. This was Slats major error and I hope its impact is minimialized.

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