Ovechkin in NYC tomorrow


Got this from release from the NHL, regarding Alex Ovechkin’s NYC visit tomorrow. The headline on the release said that Ovechkin will ride a Zamboni up Sixth Avenue, but the text only said he will be at the NHL/Reebok store (between 46th and 47th streets) to ring up a few customers and to play his new video game against pre-determined contest winners:

On Wednesday, September 9, Ovechkin will celebrate the launch of the highly-anticipated hockey title, NHL 2K10, by offering fans an exclusive opportunity to be among a select group to pre-order the video game directly from the cover athlete.  The Capitals star will personally ring up a limited number of fans who pre-order NHL 2K10 and play against a number of pre-determined contest winners in the Nintendo Wii version of the game.  Please visit store for Official Rules.  More details on each event are below.

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  1. Grabachev- I don’t think Kotalik was brought on for “moral support”. Chemistry is a Difficult intangible to pin down, and I think that was the purpose of the signing since they both had their best statistical years playing together. I agree it might be an awful signing and Id rather see a kid in that spot, but Slats is trying to maximize his (large) investment in Drury. We’ll see.

  2. After the stunts he pulled in the playoffs, I’d rather play a game of rochembeau with Ovechkin than play his stupid video game.

  3. Constantly asking about “Dubi” is not going to get him signed any faster. I’m sure we’ll be the first know when there’s any news on him.

  4. Ovechkin will ride a Zamboni up Sixth Avenue?? lmao

    what time is he going to be there? i wanna see that!

    Also, the 2K series sux…

    only if Ovi go streaking down Times Square on a weekend wearing nothing but a hockey helmet… that is the only way for 2K series to gain some popularity.

    I was at the store last year for the same event…Rick Nash was there… doing the same thing (minus Zamboni ride… those Russians, they’ll do anything to stand out)

    I entered the Wii tournament but that platform is so retarded that i lost in the first round… bought the game for PS3 anyway and Nash signed it. He seemed like a good kid…

  5. oh and Carp

    i know i haven’t been “first” lately… I’m taking a little break from it… you know… it is so much pressure and responsibility to be “first” all the time…the whole world is watching…you know what i mean?

  6. Welcome back Carp….aside from your poor sister-in-law cracking her head open, I have rarely laughed so hard at a post as I did at your wedding weekend fiasco.

  7. Attended the Rangers Fan Fest on Saturday. The event was pushed back a week due the remnants of a hurricane. Anyway, fans were unable to take a tour of the facility or skate until 3:00 in the afternoon. We arrived at 9:00, as the event was scheduled for 10:00 to find quite a few things to do in addition to various photo ops. NYR Alumni, Adam Graves, Ron Duguay & Nick Fotiu were all very, very friendly & accomodating, as was Tyler Arnason, the only “active” player there, and Sam Rosen. In addition, there was free lunch & all the soda and water you wanted. Unfortunately, we had to leave at 2:00 without seeing any current players (other than Arnason). When we got home & checked the Rangers website we found out the promised “surprise” happened to be #11 showing up. Oh, well.

  8. Olga Folkyerself on

    Good Morning (technically). No rant today- It IS kinda dark at 4AM, isn’t it?

    Die Sather, Die.

    Now for lunch…

  9. [i]”Why does 2K even bother putting out NHL games? EA just destroys them!”[/i]

    That’s what I was just thinking. Anyone who gets this game and not NHL10 (EA) is making a serious mistake.

  10. NOON

    Mostly people who cant afford $60 games settle for the 2K games, which i think are only $20 bucks.

    The game’s playable, but once you play EA you cant go back. It’s like, if i got it on with Megan Fox, id want to get it on with Kila Kunis, Hayden Panettiere, etc. And i wouldn’t want to go back to regular chicks.

  11. ORR
    “Im considering going to the NHL store, and throwing a pie at OV’s face. Anybody know any good pie shops around that area ?”
    No, but I know very skillful plastic surgeon in Lennox Hospital. Discount for Rangers fans…

  12. Laurel Babcock on

    Hey Carp, you and Mr. Titleist going to the Rangers outing Westchester on Thursday? This is about the only time I wish I played golf. Think Aves would let me drive his cart?

  13. Tramp stamps on men ? Is that a Russian thing ? I cant imagine getting on my stomach, of on both knees, letting some giving me a tatoo so close to my ass. Gross !!! Even a girl. If it was Fox, then id have to consider it, but i don’t know if id go through with it. Something would have to be in it for me.

  14. ORR
    “I have great hands, i can jump on top of a moving car. Amazing grip.”
    Yeah,it helps – you definitely will need that to hold together your broken jaw bones.

  15. First – EA Sports is supremely better than any 2k Game, no question about it.

    Second – in response to the “best hockey video game ever” its also indisputable – Blades of Steel for the original NES. Now I’ve bought every EA game since 97, and still to this day, my favorite hockey game is blades of steel

  16. YUP — re: tramp stamp. I agree!

    Especially the placement, provides something interesting to read at the same time.

  17. Laurel Babcock on

    TR, if Aves isn’t there when I get down to Warren, I am gonna be verrrrrrry displeased.

  18. blades of steel is also on the Wii Virtual Console.. I have it. As well as the Nintendo Ice Hockey where you could make your guys really fat or really skinny

  19. I don’t blame Betts for wanting to go to the Flowers, besides the fact that no team has expressed any interest, supposedly, but why not sign with them, at least they’ll protect him when Brash*t tries to throw a cheap shot.

    Im not worried aboot him though. I hope he gets nailed by Aves !

  20. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Betts he wont make their team !!! "… says Greg L. on

    Ovechkin shows up at Ranger practice saying that he didn’t know he wasn’t supose to be there.What a moron!! Now he signs up for a video game thats a bust in the hockey world??? He forsure an idiot. Ovechkin is highly skilled but is also as dumb as a bag of pucks!!!

  21. Why couldn’t Betts go to Canada like Sjostrom? I can’t believe the Oilers and assistant coach Renney wouldn’t want him. Maybe his agent got greedy. Time to sign for the minimum and get the hell out of our division (no offense).

    Three more spots open to any competitive Rangers Report blog readers in the third edition of the fantasy hockey league on Yahoo. There are only a few holdovers from the first year, so I want some better competition! Email me at bmitchelf@yahoo.com. I’m tired of advertising!

  22. Greg L- I don’t think Ovechkin is that dumb. Immature and arrogant- yes, but not dumb.
    Hypocrisy anyone? Take a look at what mr. Burke says at TSN about his possible offer sheet to Kessel. He was actually ” blindsided ” by Lowe when he signed Dustin Penner. So if one does it openly, it’s ok. If I remember correctly, he was fuming that Lowe gave him too much money, and that is why NHL is in trouble and blah- blah. Well, looks like a big peeing contest is about to start

  23. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Fat chance a Ranger fan will buy OV's game!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Ilb , Maybe dumb isn’t the word . I don’t mind him being arrogant and immature . Or that he uses crazy celebrations, I think he is great for the game and I was a fan of his too.
    Untill we played him in the playoffs and I watched him sulk and whine about not scoring on Hank. He DISRESPECTED US Rangers fans in that series!! He mocked our salute as well!!
    Now he wants top promote a video game!!!?? I sure hope in hell NO RANGER fans ever buy that game because of OV disrespect to us. Ilb …yeah maybe he is stuiped.

  24. FYI –

    Amex Presale: Wed, 09/09/09, 10am – Sat, 09/12/09, 10am for all home games

    Code was “blue” last couple years. I will let you know if it’s changed.

    Tickets on sale Saturday at 10am to the public.

  25. I don’t think anyone will buy 2K10 here anyway because it doesn’t compare to EA’s game. They could put Messier on the cover putting a stone cold stunner on Brodeur, and I still wouldn’t buy it. OK maybe if they did that I’d consider it.

  26. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "no pants , no problem!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Yeah Rick , that story made me think of a story kinda like that but different.

    It was over 8 years ago and I was at home alone on a cold afternoon strolling about the house. It was winter out so sometimes you needed extra gear just to keep toasty. I had just gotten a phone call from a neibor across the street ( the street is usually busy and I have to wait a min to cross.)He wanted me to come over for a quik coffee and ask me about something or whatever. So I toss on my jacket and flew out the door and went across the street to his place.
    I got in the door and I was invited to sit down at the kitchen table. He got a “buzz” at the door and he had 2 friends who happen to pop by…

    Thinking nothing of it , I sipped my coffee and looked down at my legs…OMFG!!!!! I….I was in my god dam Long johns!!!! I turned beat red and stared to panic…It looked like I was wearing my gitch out in public!! How the heck did I make it across the street standing there in my gotch!!! I guess I asumed I was wearing my sweatpants but in actuality I went in such a hurry I forgot to put them on!!! …So I yelled to my friend , ” I have to go!!” I zipped past him and his company..and dashed out side..omg , it was horrible..I kinda blacked out running (blocked out anything I saw) and darted into my place !!!! I can’t believe that happened!!!

    Sick embarrasing story …kinda like when I looked down at my shoes waiting in the Mcdonalds line-up and noticed I was wearing 1 sandle and 1 runner!! OMG .

  27. lmao greg. sheet, i rock the longjohns all the time. greg- i actually did that before too. no lie. different circumstances though. it was in front of a hot girl. in front of guys, i wouldnt give a crap, but those things make u look like such a dork in front of a cute girl!!

  28. mike

    yes i got it.
    still cant believe it.
    was so excited to show ya man. i emailed you once he was here and stuff.

    didnt even read the email you had written me just replied to it real quick while i was getting ready to do it.

  29. yea orr- 2k is the same price but they lower the price quicker than ea because it doesnt seel alot. except here, in the gamestop by my house, people buy the 2k series just cuz they dont know sports or hockey at all. its pathetic, but i will never buy 2k. i tried buyin it used once just to see what it was like, and it was horrible. i turned the game off after 30 seconds and returned it.

  30. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "no pants , no problem!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Nice to see I wasn’t the only one haha , yeah it was broad daylight with random cars passing by. I had usually wore my LJ under my sweats..that time I kinda missed the pants part.
    HAHA the guys guest were wemen …sad sad sad.

  31. Some guy got stabbed in Newark today, just standing at a bus stop. Why would anyone want to move to a dump like NJ ???

    And i was watching the news for the first time in my life, and i saw Ryan McDonagh !! He’s still in high school, and plays high school football, what the fugg, the Habs screwed us !!!

    And i didn’t know 2K was $60, must be $20 for PS2. Either way, game sucks. Ill be getting NHL 2010 maybe on the 15th, probably before the 20th. Im looking forward to kicking ass again like i did !

    7 Seconds !!! Remember CCCP ?!?!

  32. I kind of like Prospal remarks about Torts and tone of it, seems to me he is a very sincere guy (not unlike Torts himself), with a lot of stuff to prove. Good for him and for Rangers. Somehow I have a high expectationfor him. Just hunch.

  33. No Country For Old Rangers on


    Genesis or Super NES?

    I think Genesis had the edge in gameplay but the NES version looked a bit better. I’d have to go with Genesis overall.

  34. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "no pants , no problem!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Sega genesis was the start of EA in 91. Super nintendo sucked only to have the n64 take over in EA hockey till NHL 99. Then xbox took over and n64 was left in the dark. “flipping” the puck over everyone and having it lob into the net made me quit playing anything newer than NHL99 on n64 untill this year I started with NHL09 on the xbox360..finnaly a worhthy game.

  35. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "no pants , no problem!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Grabachev , we should inroll CCCP in the “im first” HALL OF FAME !!??? Don’t ya think ..? He could be a role model to all the young bloggers out there!! He could tell some secrets on how he became so fast and highly skilled at it too!! Kids would eat this stuff up!!!! So I say , I elect CCCP to the “im first Hall of fame” anyone here second it?

    CCCP , speach , speach!!!

  36. Interesting that after all the hullaballu that Sather wasn’t resigning Betts – no one seems to want him right now.

    Maybe his one-dimensional play isn’t quite as up to snuff as we thought?

  37. NHL ’98 on PS1 was awesome. Christian Dube was a monster in that game for us, for some insane reason. He scored like Wayne Gretzky, hit like a Mack truck, and fought like Steven Seagal.

    But NHL ’94 was what I grew up on, I played that and Blades of Steel for years as a kid.

  38. Being down here in Delaware, I get top watch a lot of Flyers hockey. Prospal has some serious skills, and is a real strong player, especially when he has the supporting cast. I truly believe that if he was available prior to the Kotalik signing, we never would have signed Ales. But who knows? I would love to see Anisimov or Grachev crack the lineup, but maybe having a couple spare parts, veteran or youth, will be beneficial come the trade deadline. If the defense holds together and barring major injury to Gabby, we could have a helluva season.

    I got tix to see Rangers vs. Detroit preseason on 9/21. Will be great to see my 2 favorite teams duke it out, as long as the Rangers win!

  39. Ovechkin riding a Zamboni up any NYC Avenue is high treason — unless he tears up his contract with Washington and signs a contract with the Rangers… treason, treachery, bounderishness, caddishness, downright wronggg.

  40. btw… if anyone was interested what time Ovechkin is going to be at the NHL store tomorrow… its 4pm – 6pm ET.

    I think i might swing by around 5pm by the store tomorrow

    not that it matters now or at all but Chris Pronger was at the NHL Store today .

  41. Greg

    what did i do to deserve your attention? :P

    btw, i like the “im first” HALL OF FAME idea… though, i don’t think I’m quite a “hall of famer” YET… but i like the idea.

  42. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I can’t believe Betts has to tryout for a team. He’ll make someone’s roster.

    Rick Carpiniello
    September 8th, 2009 at 10:08 am
    unpaid. but i thought those of you in and around NYC might want to see *your favorite player.* maybe he’ll go over to the Rangers practice facility and sit on the bench.

    Sean Avery’s going to be with Ovechkin? I kid. But those are 2 of my 3 favorite players.

  43. i would take betts in a heartebeat over this stiff boyle. to replace sjostrom on the pk is viable however betts as 4th line center and pk with lisin on the wing and brash who they say is more offensive then orr i dont agree they both suck is a better 4th line then last year.

    betts will be missed for pk and heart.

    wait to game 15-20 when we are in bottom half in the league in pk

  44. eric- drury and cally did pk too. they were both good at it. henrik was the main reason for us being so good though. i dont think we’ll be that bad in pk. we had a great tandem with shoe and betts, but honestly, they didnt do anything extraordinary. they made lots of good plays but also, staal and girardi were damn good too. i think we still will be in top ten pk.

  45. Can’t wait for NHL10 to come out (EA). Hope they fixed that toe drag glitch where you scored every single time against CPU goalie.

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