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Happy holiday. Officially, I’m back from vacation today. I know you didn’t miss me much, because we really had some sensational guest bloggers. And before I forget, our friend Mike G. is planning to send along something from the Rangers fan fest he attended over the weekend. Not sure how much I will be able to post, or if I can put up photos and/or video. We’ll see.

I have a lot to discuss with you guys the next few days, but first I have to tell you a story about my vacation.

We went to a family wedding in Fort Myers, Fla. Nice time of year to go to Florida — felt like 100 degrees and 100 percent humidity only when it wasn’t a thunder-and-lightning monsoon.

Anyway, Mrs. Carp and I and her sister and brother-in-law stayed at a nice place on Sanibel Island, about 35 minutes from the church.

So it’s the wedding day. The ceremony is at 4 p.m. It’s about 3:05 and my wife says we should get going. I’m in shorts and a T-shirt at this point, watching golf on TV and hanging out in the air conditioning. So I get out my jacket and shoes and shirt and tie, and like one of those bolts of lightning, panic hits me right in the heart. Holy %$@&! I forgot to pack my pants! I have no pants! None! Zero! Just shorts. I can’t go in shorts. And my new dress shoes won’t work with shorts, or my new jacket.

So I grab all my stuff and put it into a plastic bag. My wife gets dressed, and off into the pouring rain we go. We stop at a couple of places on Sanibel, and none of them has dress pants. Now it’s 3:30. We figured we better get to Fort Myers. That way I can at least drop her off, she can go to the wedding, I can go buy pants and meet her at the reception. Once we get back onto the mainland, we pass a Ralph Lauren store, so I stop the car, grab my bag of clothes and run in. First rack, I spot a pair of navy pants, my size, way more than I would spend on a pair of pants. I grab them, run to the register, and get stuck behind an old guy who’s stammering “which copy do I sign” to the clerk.

He finally gets out of the way, and I tell the girl, “This is an emergency. Please ring this up, take all the tags and everything off, and let me go change in your fitting room.” Like that, I’m out of there in about four minutes. I’m soaked in perspiration. My wife’s new dress is drenched from the rain. We go 70 mph in a 35 zone to get to the church at 4:10, run through the rain, and find out that they held up the wedding for us (it was a small gathering). Yikes! Then I had the pleasure of telling every single person at the wedding what an idiot I am, forgetting to pack my pants.

Next day, my poor sister-in-law slipped on wet cement stairs and fell, cracked her head on the steps and we spent the whole day in the emergency room. Then the skies opened up and a beach party scheduled for the families of the bride and groom was cancelled. What a weekend.

Very relaxing.


EVENING UPDATE, 7:48 p.m.:

Got this from the Rangers:

Sunday, September 6, 2009 – New York Rangers 3, Carolina Hurricanes 5
The New York Rangers prospects were defeated by the Carolina Hurricanes prospects, 5-3, in their opening game at the 2009 Traverse City (Michigan) Prospects Tournament on Sunday, September 6.
The Rangers prospects tallied two goals in a 21-second span in the third period to tie the score at three goals apiece, but Carolina notched the go-ahead goal with 2:25 remaining and added an empty net tally in the closing minute.
The Blueshirts prospects were five-for-five on the penalty kill (10:00).
Three of the Rangers’ four point-getters in the contest were selected in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.
The Rangers prospects began their third-period comeback from a 3-1 deficit with a Ryan Bourque goal, assisted by Ethan Werek, at 4:49.  Bourque, the Rangers’ third round selection, 80th overall, in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, finished the contest with one goal and tied for the game-high with five shots on net.  Werek was the Rangers’ second pick, 47th overall, in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft.
Roman Horak notched an unassisted goal at 5:10 of the final frame to tie the score at three goals apiece.  The Rangers’ fifth round selection, 127th overall, in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, Horak finished the contest with one goal and two shots on net.
Scott Stajcer, the Rangers’ fifth round selection, 140th overall, in the 2009 NHL Entry Draft, stopped 35 of 39 shots in net for New York.
Defenseman Sam Klassen, who signed with the Rangers as a free agent on July 27, 2009, registered a team-high, plus-two rating.
The New York Rangers prospects return to action on Monday, September 7, when they will face-off against the Atlanta Thrashers prospects at Centre ICE 1 in Traverse City, Michigan, in their second of three First Round contests at 3:30 p.m.

Director of Player Personnel, Gordie Clark, on Michael Del Zotto:

“He displayed high-end ability with his puck movement, vision of the ice and passing, particularly on the power play.  He was very noticeable throughout the contest.”

On Scott Stajcer:
“Scott was excellent in this game, especially in the first half of the game.  He made a number of outstanding saves and was able to keep the game close.  He kept us in it, and gave us a chance to win.”

On Ryan Bourque:
“Bourque gave us a big offensive spark in the third period.  He played hard throughout and created a number of scoring chances.  His goal was the result of hard work, driving hard to the net.”

On Evgeny Grachev:
“He dominated the entire game and was dangerous whenever he touched the puck.  In the second half, especially, he took his game to another level with his size and strength.  He used his natural attributes to control the puck and the flow of the game.”

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  1. Carp

    Welcome back and thanks for having the guest bloggers, they were all great. Have crease clearing hard hitting physical d man labor day!!!!!!

  2. and she slipped and fell in mud…ruining the very pants she was about to return!

    sorry, I couldn’t help myself. i hope your sister in law is doing well.

  3. Geez – well other than that Mrs. Lincoln…

    Sorry for your crappy vacation – I hope this means you are glad to be back at least :)

  4. Good morning, sllepy heads!
    Carp, you’re either full of it, or your luck just really ran out that weekend. What do you mean you forgot your pants? Well, next time you visit some funny Russian place and check your pants, don’t forget the tag! Do you have any pictures of Mrs. Carps’ face when you told her you forgot your pants?
    We are all glad to have you back. The guest blogging was fun and innovative, but it’s time for the pro to get back to work.

  5. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I have had dreams like that.
    Carp, That sounds like a typical day in a Ranger fans life,if something can go wrong it will.

    When I was a cop I once went to work without my gun, the desk officer gave me his and told me “you better not shoot anybody”

  6. tristateyankee on

    Hope your sister-in-law is ok Carp…glad you survived the blissful wedding weekend and are back at the helm.

    Let’s Go Rangers!

  7. man what a story! Glad to have you back Carp…

    reminds me of a time i went to one of my hockey games and realized i had forgotten my helmet….luckily one of the guys had another one!

  8. Funny stuff Carp…

    Interesting story happened to me once too… I remember one time, bunch of my friends and i went to a Russian restaurant on Brighton… oh, right…i already told that one.



    Good morning, Carp. How is your sister-in-law? That’s a good story. BTW, does Mrs. Carp like sports? Funny that you’re back to work on Labor Day……


    Carp, I have to mention. You write your blog just like your column. Ending in a new paragraph….one sentence. Was that intentional or does it come naturally? :-D

  11. I was thinking the same thing Salt. Carpy Chase. Ha. I hope sis-in-law is ok. That was a very funny story.

  12. Well… you can find the same link i posted in the link of your own name… just type in Infected Mushroom. New album should come up… :)

    Infected Mushroom – Legend of the Black Shawarma (HQ production here)

  13. Doodie Machetto on

    Hey Carp, welcome back. Funny story.

    Haven’t been reading the comments the past few days, but I’ve been reading all of the guest posts and they’ve been great.

    What does everyone think of the Kessel trade rumors going around? I’ve seen it formed as Callahan or Dubinsky, Chris Kreider, and a 1st for Kessel.

    Would you pull the trigger on that? Kessel has franchise center written all over him.

  14. THE REAL Mikeynj on

    Welcome back Carp

    you almost sound like Clark Griswold with that story

    Sorry for your sister in law, hope she’s alright

  15. Oh my!

    How do you know Lincoln was Jewish? He was shot in the temple. (too soon?)

    I have to advertise the blog fantasy hockey league on Yahoo again. Hopefully some more regulars are back now that Carp is posting again. Email me at if you’re interested. Five spots still open!

    I think the Kessel to Toronto rumors are much more interesting. Don’t forget that Kessel will be out for a month or two to start the season.

  16. Doodie, you said it. Kessel is a franchise center. And I’d doesn’t matter if he isn’t around for a month or two. He is barely 22. And he has by far better skills than any center in our system. I just think it may take more than Dubi, Kreider and a 1st.

  17. Spiderpig …

    for some reason my computer is not letting me Email you. But im down to join your league if you still have some spots open. Let me know, Thanks man

  18. Welcome back Carp but a bigger welcome back to me, as I have returned from Israel last evening through airport in Amsterdam in which I got lost and nearly missed my conenction even though I had 4.5 hours until my flight to NY.

  19. Welcome back Carp! Dang, that’s a crazy story. I’m sorry to hear your vacation got a little loony. Hopefully you got the stress part of your year over and you can have a great easy Rangers beat/rest of the year.

    And Doodie-No way that trade with the Bruins goes down. B’s have no cap room and Kessel is gonna cost $4-5 million and the Rangers would be over the cap too. The only way any of this goes down is if Redden gets waived a Rozi is traded.

  20. When I was a goalie for Nassau County back in the 80’s, I forgot my pads. Yeah, I know, stupid, but I thought they were in my Brian’s hockey bag that I could fit a little league team in. I was able to find a set to borrow, no big deal. After all that drama, I realized while getting dressed that my cup was gone as well. I was too embarrassed to tell the guys, so I did the unthinkable and played without. I held my hands in front of me, felt like Kramer going Commando and survived the harrowing experience. I’m happy to say I fathered a daughter in1996.

    I double and triple checked my equipment from then on.

  21. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Carp, that sounds like a fantastic vacation. You also get props on the pants and only being 10minutes late. However, it begs the question…

    What Would Chris Do? WWCD?
    I think Drury, similar to the Dos Equis commercials, might purposely forget his pants just to see what the stress feels like.

  22. Hey, I forgot a ticket to a baseball game that I was going to with a group last week so I had to purchase a second one at the stadium. Luckily, it was AAA baseball, so the ticket was only $9.

  23. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Carp, may I share a story of my own?

    I had basically the same ordeal, except this was my first cousins wedding and I forgot my tie and cufflinks, as bad as pants are, you can buy another pair. The cufflinks and tie were the only thing that held my suit together, so I grabbed some double-sided tape from the janitors closet and made that my tie and cufflinks.

    Needless to say my entire family was yelling at me and I was freaking out, also, sweating profusely, but the wedding got on fine and the tape held out.

    You’re not the first person to screw up something for proper wedding apparel

  24. I thought you were going to say that when you were in the dressing room, you sold your suit to Banya for a cool $300.

    What’s the deal with channel 5? They are going to start showing The Office in the Seinfeld time slots? Are they done with Seinfeld? What am I going to do for fruit?

  25. tony from az

    u coming to newyork. u still interested in any games in october. i have phoenix game on oct 26th for you

  26. Didn’t know fish could celebrate Labor Day. Slow day fishing today. What do they do, BBQ down there? Oh, well… I have the whole week to catch up.
    So who wants to bet at what number TSN will rank the Rangers? Ottawa just checked in at 24.
    I’d say they rank the Rangers at 17. Opinion?

  27. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    Great great vacation story. If you remembered to pack your pants, it would have been just another boring in-law visit.

    Sorry to hear about Mrs. Carps’s sister, I hope she is OK.

    What is up with Dubinsky? Any reasons to be concerned yet ?

  28. ZzZz 17 ZzZz " Dubi Dubi doo where are you?!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Welcome Back Rick !

    Your sister in law went to the emergency!!!?? That’s awful.
    Let us know if she going to be alright , Tell ‘er the gang here hope her a speedy recovery!!

    Maybe Richards? Heatley’s a posibility…we have the assets to make a trade. Is Sather going to do it????

  29. Eric, I’m in NY on the 14th & my brother got us 4 tickets to the Kings game.
    But we’re coming back in March, I’ll give you the dates when I find out.
    Thanks for remembering about me

  30. im going to be @ w77 around dinner time. if anyone is interested from here.
    i shouldnt even say when im going cause its practically every night.

  31. yea guys, idk about duby. hes gotta be signed before the season starts right? but ya gotta sign him before training camp because if hes our number 1 center he cant be worrying about this. hes gotta worry about his game. not cool. just trade him already if hes not part of this teams plans

  32. welcome back carp.

    glad to see u got pants. toronto no doubt in my mind signs kessel to offer sheet

  33. Carp

    Hey, Im with grabachev on this one, could we get the actual scenario on Dubi, when does he have to be signed, is he signed, for how much, can he play now or in December, does he wear matching socks….what is the deal. Thanks!

  34. Maybe Rob E (the CBA expert) can help us with this, but I don’t know of any deadlines regarding Dubinsky or any RFA. Training camp begins Sept. 12. This negotiation obviously needs a deadline of some sort to get moving. The next deadline is the start of preseason, then the start of the regular season, obviously. My bet would be on this getting done Sept. 12 or thereabouts.

  35. yea carp im with wick on this one! also, in addition to matching socks, does he wear crew or ankle? j/k lol. yea, see rob told me he has to be signed by dec 1st or hes ineligible for the season, but if thats the case, conceivably, he can play until then, but i cant understand how he can play until then w/out a contract. unless he just accepts the QO until then. rob- if you can elaborate it’d be much appreciated.

  36. Well Carp, at least you didn’t try to shoplift the pants like Chris Nilan. I believe that he said he was just trying to “save money” too.

    I’m also working on the holiday. Trying to finish writing my dissertation so I can get the hell out of Philadelphia. My heart’s a little broken though. It’s been easy enough to keep my Rangers season package through my years here but I’ll be moving to Boston for my fellowship. I just gave up my seats after having them for 7 years.

    I’m hoping to be able to make the Home Opener…like many others here, I absolutely love that game. NYR will always be #1 in my heart but I’m happy my new local team, the Bruins, will be much easier to appreciate than the Flyers. Still..I’m Feeling the pain of the long-distance Rangers fans.

  37. this duby thing is just pissin me off. im gonna let out some frustraion on nhl 09. im team finland in the world tourney. and i just beat russia yesterday cccp!! cccp- ur ukranian though. so do u root for both?

  38. nutgirl- love the name!! also- i live in iowa now since 05, and it sucks that i missed most of the games from then until now. i left just as they were gonna have 4 straight postseason runs!! ive gotten to take on the blues as my second team since i see them alot of fsn midwest. its also muchj easier to like them since theyre in the western conf. and J.D. is the prez. also love these new kids tj osjie and berglund.

  39. im not a cards fan ok, but im watchin their game today and chris carpenter whos pitching was a former hockey player and is a huge blues fan. they showed him in the stands alot during last season. thats what they need to do with sports. get some of the stars from different sports endorsing hockey and other sports too. get the great players from each game and do somethin to get exposure to not just help hockey, but help expose the game to parts of the country where its not seen or available.

  40. Happy my name can amuse you, Mike. I like that so many Rangers fans are hockey fans in general. We can love the blueshirts and the sport. Makes it so much easier to have to leave the NY area.

  41. yep nutgirl. i can watch any hockey game. even yesterday banj came on and posted a link for a czech republic vs russia game, couldnt understand what they were even saying, but didnt care. i can appreciate hockey anywhere.

  42. im really impressed with bourque. and werek too. i wish we could se kreider play in thsi tourney. i know hes fast and is great athletically, but i wanna see how his skills are. he prob wont be close to joining the team for another 2-3 years. for a 1st rnd pick, that kinda sucks

  43. mike
    one day youll be here.
    im not even there yet. just finished driving an hr+ to get to my job to park.
    now public transportation to the city. i have a feeling its going to be a good night. lol.

  44. i figured thats what u meant. but your post above i didnt get. ohh, u meant i’ll get to warrens? im sure i will buddy. but me, you and some other boneheads all gotta meet up. if i lived there id be there alot too.

  45. OMG! That was a hilarious story, but I’m sorry to hear about your sister’s accident. I hope she makes a full recovery. Glad to have you back. It has been a while since I’ve posted anything. I do read the blogs pretty much everyday. The guest blogger idea was genious!

  46. Carp, I was expecting a Bob Cobb reference in that story somewhere. After all, he knew the secret to wrinkle free pants.

  47. Grabachevorik

    Speaking of the blues, when I was in grad school in st louis, one season I got to see 39 of the blues home games! It was pretty fun, I’d always root for the wings when they came to town because I loved konstantinov. They had pronger back then who was nasty with stick work and always took dumb penalties. That and they had the worst hockey player ever in tony twist, makes voros look like the second coming of gordie howe. Oh well, just rambling!!

  48. Thanks all. Welcome back Lev. Welcome back Rachel. Welcome back to all of those who are now flocking back to hockey season like birds flying south for winter.

    Another part of the story was at the reception, during cocktails, when I was raving about this delicious spread they had in a bowl next to the crackers and cheeses. “Oh my God, this is so good … you have to try this … this is unbelievable … wow!” etc. etc. To which one of my cousins-in-law said, “It’s blueberry yogurt. You must not get out much.”

  49. Ugh, i just saw pics of Brash*t & Kotalik. Horrible !! Also Higgs, and Gabby were there, they both looked ridiculously happy, with a kool-aid smile going on. Come to think of it, they looked high. I hope Dredden doesn’t have anything to do with this.

  50. unreal to think about how much these players make. and to think kane had to punch a guy fover 20 cents!!! what a damn punk. i was at the gas station the other day, and they have a little change dish for people to use if theyre short a few cents, and i always throw a quarter in or whatever. i even donated 10 bucks to the vets of ww2 charity in my communtity and it was only a dollar required. i tip the pizza guy 5 bucks. people are cheap man.

  51. holy crap, i make in a year what he makes taking ONE freakin shot on goal! that’s just insane!!! I should make more, especially when I have people coming in wearing a pair of glasses they lost in a manure pile for 2 weeks and didnt even bother to clean em off!!! I’m gonna talk to my boss about this tomorrow!

    Mike, I guess we’ll find out when he actually SCORES a clutch goal for us! lmao @ people are cheap! I’ve actually had wait staff playfully argue who’s gonna help us because I’m known in Alabama as a ‘big tipper’. It annoys the man, but he’ll get over it!

    Whenever i see that “UPDATED” word next to a blog, I get nervous, half expecting to see Dubi’s gone for a fat cuban cigar and a bottle of scotch. Good report on the young guys though.

  52. AWESOME, Vinny makes my salary in 4 minutes….4!!!! I’m going to go have a beer and then go play blindfolded on the Freeway! See you guys in the next life! LGR!!!!

  53. captain invisible wont let anything ruin his time as a rangers. hes stealing money and at the meet and greet for season tix holder last week i put him on the spot by asking him about his contract and his play in front of 200 or so people and he tippy toed around giving me a bs answer. i actually got booed myself for asking him about his contract and the fact that does he think he has performed well

  54. Hey Brother-in-Law (a.k.a. “Sponge-Bob-No-Pants)!

    ‘Preciate the well wishes. Making progress – head checked out OK (though Mr. Sister-in-Law is requesting a re-check), but the butt bruise resembles a HUGE eggplant! Eeeek!

  55. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Well played, Eric! What you did was Clutch, Drury should have recognized that and I’m sure he did… and that’s why it wasn’t going to ruin his evening anyway.

  56. yeah brash got booed and then jokingly challenged anyone to a fight. honestly i hope orr beats the hell out of him on oct 12th 3rd home game vs the leafs. gabby seemed legit in wanting to win and higgins and kotalik were cool. only problem with kotalik you couldnt understand a word. his english is brutal.

  57. Eric

    I like the question you asked dru and thought it was a very fair realistic one, but the fact that other people booed you for asking the question means that those of us that think he is overpaid (myself included, overpaid, but not a bad player) are in the minority. Now, where is my blindfold again??? oh, there it is, back to the freeway!!!

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