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With the huge amount of change that the Rangers roster has seen since July, it’s certainly been difficult to focus on anything except the revamped squad that the Garden Faithful will be watching this season.  There’s a new superstar, a few new role guys, and, love him or hate him, a brand new goon. We’re in for a different brand of hockey and a new group of players led by an unpredictable coach.   So at this point, I think it’s fair to say that the season is, more or less, a question mark.  My feeling is that the team is either going to be very impressive or pretty dismal – I don’t think this roster is really geared towards finding any kind of middle ground.  At the very least, it’s going to be interesting.  The team this year begs a lot of questions, most of which can’t really be answered until at least a month or two into the season, when they’ll either find their chemistry or it will become obvious that every game is going to be a one-goal dog fight, right through April and into the playoffs.   We can’t predict now whether or not Gaborik will play a full season, whether Prospal , Kotalik, Higgins, Callahan and Captain Clutch will fill in the score sheets with twenty some-odd goals each,  or whether Brashear will win us over by taking Riley Cote or Chris Niel to task at center ice for cheap shotting one of our guys.  There’s one thing, though, that we can count on: opening night at the Garden.

Opening night is different than any other game of the year.  There’s no win/loss record yet, no statistics to pore over or clips to watch and watch again on youtube.  There’s only the new season, a blank slate as pristine as the ice before the puck drops in the first period, and the excitement of the 81 games coming up over the next few months.  And, of course, there’s the Garden.  During the season I can’t wait to get there, and after the playoffs end I can’t wait to get back.  The smell, the temperature (not cold but never hot), and the draft Bud Light that, for some reason, tastes kind of like strawberries (has anyone else noticed this?).   No matter where the Rangers are predicted to finish, no matter which mainstays left during the off-season season or which brand new players they’ve just signed that year, the buzz on opening night always makes me think that this is it, this could be the year, this will be the spring that we bring Stanley back to Broadway.  

Every year, my Dad and I get tickets to the home opener, no matter how busy we are with work or how outrageously expensive they are on StubHubb.  Some things, he likes to say, are just more important than others.  The Rangers home opener is one of them.  For each of the last four seasons, the Blueshirts have won their first game at home, and every year, my Dad and I have left the Garden telling each other without a shadow of a doubt that this will be the year they win it all.  No matter how realistic that prediction actually is, every opening night makes it seem like the Cup is the Rangers’ trophy to lose.  And sooner or later, it actually will be.  That’s why we keep coming back – because one of these years, my Dad and I will be right.   Regardless of how the regular season plays out, it’s opening night that keeps us coming back to those seats, because every year they seem to look just hungry enough to go the distance, even if it’s only for one night.  Call me an optimist, I don’t care.  The Rangers are my team, and for at least one night of the season, I know in my bones that they could go all the way.  If not this year, then next year, if not next year, then the year after – every season has a home opener.  The Garden will be louder, the players will be faster, and there’s nothing that any of the fans, the rest of the league or anyone else can hold against our team. 

On October 3rd, the Rangers will open their (home) season against the Senators.  Ask me tomorrow and I’ll tell you that I’m a little pensive about this year, that I’m nervous none of the new guys will gel, or that I’m worried the Olympic break is going to wear out Hank before the second half of the season even begins.  But ask me at 6:45 PM on October 3rd, when my Dad and I are taking our usual  seats, wearing our brand new Rangers hats (we get new ones every year), and drinking strawberry-tinged Bud Lights, and I’ll tell you that this is it, man, this is year we take back the Cup.  Why? Because it’s going to be opening night, and the Rangers will be playing at the Garden again.  See you there.    

– Dan Gaffey

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  1. hey hey hey Mr. Rick! How are you?

    yeah… i did get kinda cocky there…my status allows me to do that… lol

    i got beat…true…but, there is always tomorrow!

  2. True fans bleed RW&B on

    Great great article!

    3rd paragraph is missing a ‘to’ and clutch is mis-spelled… Editor.

  3. Good post btw… too bad my dad doesn’t like hockey.

    Also Dan, I think you meant October 3rd is the home opener and not the season opener which will be the day before in Cindysburgh.

  4. Nice post…but I think at the end of the day (season) we will find that this team will be neither great nor dismal, but rather middle of the road. Despite all the changes they are not much better or worse than the team we saw last year. Just my 2 cents of course, but I see them fighting for a playoff spot and struggling to win a round. Pretty much the same as the ’08-’09 squad. Guess time will tell. Still looking forward to opening night though…it’s always a great time.

  5. ok, i’m about to run through a wall for hockey season right now! you guys and your great posts are killin me!!

  6. The Most Interesting Man in the World (formerly MiamiPimp) on

    WTF was the U.S. Team thinking tonight … 2-1 against El Salvador .. are you KIDDING me?

    Fire Bradley … NOW … I didn’t want to say this, but I must … it was BUSH LEAGUE

  7. ZzZz 30 ZzZz " IN HANK WE TRUST !!! "… says Greg L. on

    Ahhhh finally an inspirational blog . I actually enjoyed reading this one!

    CCCP , um…you really stuck yer foot in yer mouth this time!!! HAHAHAHAA!!! Ouch is right eh Rick?

    Pbr you slaughters CCCP and ya even got him as he basking in his riches!! Great job to you.

    With Gaborik , we actually have a star!!!! Rangers mediocure? NO WAY!! Our team wears Rangers jerseys so anything can happen….Even Brashear with look great in it!!!

  8. ZzZz 30 ZzZz " IN HANK WE TRUST !!! "… says Greg L. on

    * pbr you slaughtered CCCP and you even caught him basking in his own riches!!! Great job!!

  9. Hey Dan-
    Just out of curiosity, did you and your dad go to opening night in ’93? For that one season at least, your prediction would have come true. That would have been pretty cool.

    Unfortunately, my dad and I only got to one Ranger game together. We watched on tv all the time. One night though, our neighbor came over with Rangers-Devils tickets and told us he couldn’t go. It took quite a while to talk my dad into going- he didn’t like to go anywhere. I told him how different it was to see a game live. Finally, he relented and we went. He had a great time! And so did I. There’s nothing like watching a game with your dad. It’s a memory I’ll always treasure.

  10. 26 days to go everyone, and 27 until the home opener! Whoever is attending the home opener we should have a get together or something before the game starts.

  11. I really think that the Rangers will do well this year.

    You listen to every person who give interviews and they say they’re in the best shape they have ever been in their lives.

    Tortorella and his mandated conditioning will make at least 10 points difference in the standings. Yes our defense is still suspect but I think ouro ocnditioning and our forechecking will more than make up for that.

    I put the Rangers ahead of Philly, New Jersey, we were close to Boston last year, Isles, ha they have some kids but we’ll take them too.

    I have a really good feeling about our team this year, but of course this is the time of year for optimism.

    I bet Gaborik and Dubinsky tear it up this year.

  12. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    its nice to hear father and son stories about hockey.
    My dad took me to my first one way back when there were only 6 teams .
    I took my sons in the early 90’s to a few.
    But every two or three years the rangers roll over the roster with new hopes only to fail.
    Opening night is bit over the top with all the cheap lights and crappy music.
    Just give me the game ,never mind the intro.

  13. good post DanLD, but I’m with onecup on this one… get all the hoopla out of the way and drop the puck

  14. Good morning, everyone. Dan, good post. It actually reminded all of us that we make very little, if any decisions about this team. But one thing we do well: watch, enjoy and hope. Every year.
    CCCP, Carp, what are you doing talking to each other at 2 am? Get a live!
    Speaking of live, just caught a 19 in. largemouth bass. Oh, well. Back to fishing.

  15. Father and Son hockey, it doesnt get any better than that. My father and I took in our 1st game when Eddie came back in goal for Detroit,how can ya top that. Since then and my fathers passing my son and I have been going since he was 8 starting with Super Skate charaties and every game we could make until my seasons got too much to afford. We still do about a dozen together and I can say it is a bonding I reccomend to every Father-Son

  16. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Great job summing up the blind faith / desperation we as Ranger fans have in our team.

    I tend to agree with all of it!

    Every year I say I’m not getting the hockey package (I live in FL now unfortunately) because they won’t go anywhere… and every year I change my mind and say “They could be pretty good this year”

    Blind faith… and a never ending well of hope is all it is. Wouldn’t change it for the world.

  17. My Dad and i havent seen a game together for over 25 yrs ,he’ll be in NY from Florida opening night weekend for his sisters 80th b day , so im taking him to citi fied Sun and Rangers vs devils Monday in Jersey …cant wait

    Lets go Rangers !!!!!!!!!!

  18. My son and I go as often as we can. Unreal experience. I took my dad and my son to a few games. My dad prefers it on TV though. A different story was when I took my wife to a game when Shanny fought Brashear. After the fight and all these cheers “Shanny, Shanny!” she asked: Why do they have to fight?”. Folks, if someone can explain it to her, please let me know. I’ll give you her email. Suffice to say she hasn’t asked to join me since. And I haven’t offered.

  19. Dan, the Bud Light does taste a little funky at MSG. I can’t remember it well right now, but it may well be strawberries.

    MiamiPimp, it should have been 3-1 but our region (CONCACAF) has the most incompetent, biased (anti-U.S.) refereeing you will ever see, and that includes the NHL.

  20. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Carp, what’s the story will TJN layoffs?
    Where are you headed?
    Will this blog cease like the Giants, high school sticking and etc?

  21. DanLD:
    Great, great post. Thoroughly enjoyable read. Thanks for ramping up my anticipation for the new season a bit more. I think you’re absolutely right that this team is one huge question mark. Personally, I’m hanging a lot of hope on the fact (a fact in my mind at least), that Torts had a lot of input into who’s here. I’m counting on these guys coming together as a team and playing with a determination and grit that we haven’t seen since ’94. Torts is building a team, not just a collection of ‘players’. I expect a very, very competitive camp and extremely entertaining pre-season games.

    Bottom line…this is going to be fun and better than last year…I hope! LGR!

  22. ha yea my dad wasnt a huge fan like me but hes the one who got me into the game. he and some of his friends from work went to a game back in the late 80’s and took me with them. i was about 7 or 8 and didnt know hockey at all. never watched on tv so i was just happy to be there. nicholls was still there so it was probably in 88 or 89. after that i started watching on tv and every game i went to i would always think, this is weird, theres nobody calling the game. i always had thought, and dont laugh, that when sam and jd called the games, you could hear them from inside the garden. lol.

  23. My dad introduced me to the Rangers in about ’92 or ’93 when I was about 7. My first hockey experience was the Albertville Olympics and then my dad showed me the Rangers and I remember being happy that I didn’t have to wait four years to watch hockey haha.

  24. damn shory. so when we won the cup, you had just gotten into hockey basically. i admit, had i been the age i am now when we won in 94, i wouldve appreciated it so much more. i was 13 so i had only a few years of hockey experience, and although i was nervous as can be, and hanging on to the edge of my seat, didnt fully understand the importance of it all. i wish so bad we can get there again while im still young and nerves arent shot yet!!

  25. My most vivid memory of ’94 will always be jumping up and down after the tension of Game 7 against the Devils. During Game 7 against Vancouver, when you’re 7 you’re confident that the Rangers will hold the lead so I wasn’t too nervous except for when LaFayette hit the post.

  26. Aww, that was a nice post, DanLD.

    You guys know that there are other unsigned RFAs besides Dubinsky, right? Obviously, we all know about Kessel, but there’s also Drew Stafford and Josh Harding that come to mind.

    I don’t know, that first USA goal looked like it was offside for sure, but I don’t know if the offside is waived if the guy who touches the ball wasn’t offside. I liked watching the stanky leg after the second goal!

  27. Must be between 1st and second periods. I don’t speak Russian, that’s where you come in. Lol. What is this?

  28. banj- this is cool. i cant understand what theyre saying, but those commercials were funny. that second goal was a sweet deflection too. i love hockey, i dont care if i cant understand what theyre sayin. lol

  29. Can someone tell me what the status is with Brandon Dubinsky. Is he still a RFA? It shows it on as him being a RFA. Is there doubt in the NYR Organization? They pick up 2 centers in the off season. Dubi must be fighting for a spot.

  30. rich- duby is an rfa and any team can attempt to sign him. he didnt accept the QO, so if hes not signed or traded by dec 1st, he will be ineligible to play this year. or so thats what ive been told but i think he can play until dec 1st so this thing could go on for few more months

  31. They said Swedes are the favorites to win it all… and Carl Rachuneck made a joke saying that “too bad there are not too many Swedes on my team”

  32. Spiderpig

    If a player who is offside is deemed by the ref to not “be active”, meaning he didn’t touch the ball, screen the goalkeeper, or occupy a defender, it’s not offside. Unfortunately, this rule causes controversy just about every week since it’s incredibly subjective.

  33. Dan

    Great post, thanks man. Grabachev how’s the long weekend going brother?? Have a great crease clearing hard hitting physical d man weekend to all!

  34. yea i didnt see him either. if he was it would be tied right now. they need him. i am so excited to see gaborik man. this guy is gonna make this team fun again and give us the elite player we missed so badly last year. we thought zherdev couldve been that guy. everytime i think about it, i get pissed that zherdev is gone. he could be a 40g guy and if he signs in atlanta he’ll be scoring alot with kovy

  35. Since the offside players were just standing around while the onside Dempsey scored, El Salvador didn’t really have much of a case.

    9 times out of 10, if the goalscorer is onside they’ll count it. Hope I explained it clear enough haha.

  36. Story of Gilroy’s development is a great one: He didn’t hit puberty until 18, according to him, and he has come such a long way.

    Shoryuken – Thanks. It was strange to see El Salvador’s defense move away from the goal after the ball was kicked, like they wanted to influence the sideline ref somehow. They played that really terribly.

  37. USA is ranked 11th on Fifa World Ranking list.

    Greece (12)Serbia (13) Australia (14) Switzerland (15) Denmark (16) all have better rankings than Portugal (17) and Czech Republic (18) which is sort of odd.

    Russia is 6th. Not bad.

  38. onecup, thanks for asking. i survived the layoffs/reorganization. we lost a lot of good people, including Jane.

    The future of the blogs is a bit uncertain. I mean, we will keep this one going as long as I am able. Some of the others will die off, or have died off. Our pro coverage is minimal at the moment. I imagine we will make every attempt to keep the high school blogs going, but we are really, really short staffed now. So we will see.

  39. that sucks carp. wow i didnt realize that it was that bad. that would be a huge downer for me and everyone else here. wed be lost, displaced fans with no home!! we should take up a collection to keep the blog alive!!!

  40. CCCP- what’s the score?
    Just caught a 3ft long eel. This fish freaks me out. You try to take this thing off the hook!

  41. tomb- the nhl channel was supposed tyo show it but someone said they cancelled and are showing old playoff games instead. its not listed on atdhe either so idk man, id like to watch it too.

    ilb- it was 2-2 in ot when it got disconnected. its probably over now

  42. That sucks. what does it cost? one camera and one internet feed. Im sure they could sell enough advertisements to pay for that.

    Maybe the NHL is asking too mmuch for broadcasting rights.

    Pricing themselves right out of business. I could see the NHL doing that

  43. yep. see, thats another reason the nhl isnt as popular. they dont expose the young future stars of the game to the media. they should expand and either have programs for schools like truefans said, and/or get tv rights to broadcast this kinda stuff like the traverse tourney. get the youth of america into the game on a more personal level. its like that old saying my dad used to tell me” son, if you ask 100 girls out, theres bound to be a few that will say yes”, lol not like i needed to i always had a “fanclub” of girls!! ok ok im exxagerating. just a bit :)

  44. has coverage… currently scoreless in the first is what they are saying… it started at 3pm ET

  45. highlander is on tomb. thats a good flick. damn, i gotta thank you banj for the link to the game, but now that, coupled with these last 2(excellent) posts, its just makin it that much harder to wait for hockey. id really love to see the prospect tourney, so if i find it, i’ll link it here, and anyone else do the same ok.

  46. Thx, Mike. No, I don’t know what pencil fish is. Sounds like it wouldn’t be my favorite either. There is a bass tournament on the lake. So my neighbor asked if I wanted to participate. I’m on vacation, so, no thanks, I have enough “tournaments” at work, if you know what I mean.

    Carp- glad to hear you’ve survived. That economy and merciless “reorganization” left a lot of good people scrambling. Hope it’s coming to an end. Jane is a quality person. She’ll find her place.

  47. this is an excerpt from the meet n greet the other day. its kinda funny how brash reacted to some questions. i like this guy already. first guy he lays out after goin after gabby or hank, we will love him.-

    Brashear also brought laughter to the proceedings when he self-deprecatingly raised his arm when a fan asked the panel who they thought would replace the traded Scott Gomez as the forward most likely to lead rushes up ice this season.

    Not surprisingly, Brashear fielded several questions about fighting and his role as an enforcer. But when he was asked a question about whether fighting could be limited or eliminated in the NHL at some point in the future, Higgins interjected and said, “Listen I’ve played against Donald Brashear. He’s got skills. He can play.”

  48. yea crazy, supposedly, bourque is kickin a$$ i think in his juniors preseason games or some other games, im not sure. but hes gonna be a good player for us. we always seem to do well with 2nd, 3rd, even 4th rounders in the draft. btw, with his dad being a hockey great, he cant be all that bad. just his size knocked him down the rankings. on another topic, spectors blog had us involved in the kessel rumours and seems the bruins would want cally, a 1st, and possibly kreider. i dont like that move at all. thats 2 firsts basically, and one of the heart n sould players on this team. i mean, its better than what ottawa want for heatley, but still, no way. kessel cant even play till dec.

  49. spider- i dont see how he wouldnt be able to play, because if they have till dec. 1st, then i guess he can play until then. but, he might have to at least accept the QO before and then get resigned at the dec. deadline, or maybe he can only play in hartford until they get him signed which would be very stupid on slatipuss part if he didnt get him signed before then.

  50. damn. grachev needs to score. this is a good measuring stick for him playing against guys equal in talent. lets see how he fares and if his great season last year was a little bit of jumping the gun maybe. i think hes got nhl potential all the way, just not sure how good he will be yet. thats why i think he really needs at least 1 season in ahl first before we start proposing marriage to thsi guy. now dont get me wrong, but i dont wanna set my expectations so high just yet for him. few other guys we drafted high were awesome in minors but couldnt handle nhl. i think he is the real deal, just wanna make sure he develops the right way and not be rushed like zherdev was.

  51. Game tied 1-1

    The Rangers got their first goal of the game at 3:50 of the middle period, when Daniel Bartek scored off a feed from prospects team captain Dale Weise. The goal came moments after the Blueshirts had killed off an early high-sticking penalty to Ryan Bourque.

  52. I’m also starting to come around to Greg L.’s side of not saying “if Gaborik misses time” because it’s likely that one of the other players we are counting on will miss time anyway, so there is no reason to point one particular player out from them all, especially as he is now considered to be healthy.

  53. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Carp, I am very sorry to hear that.
    Since last year it became very apparent that tjn was headed south. As you know, Tjn used to do a great job covering H.S. sports with reporters and photogs. Lots of my sons hockey games were accurately reported despite what the coach had to say, they reported the real facts.They will and are missed. As far as pro sports go, this paper is history. Ads are down, circulation is down, the internet and the dumbing down of America.Growing up , masses of kids had news paper del. jobs. My friend delivered the NY post in the afternoons on the big bicycle with the huge basket .The bike came and went with the job .It wasn’t a mtn. 3 spd , 10 speed or sting ray. As a kid you got a job to buy the 3 spd, 10spd or stingray. dads worked , moms cleaned and cooked you wanted something you earned it. NEVER mind ex box crap or Madden what. Today’s youth is spoiled ,fat , lazy. Well enough.
    Write a book, blog, or whatever. You have too much talent , you’ll survive.TJN will sink.

  54. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Carp, TJN is short sighted. From the blogs are readers or future readers, subscribers of TJN. End the blogs , why go to TJN? Read rehashed stories?

  55. ilb2001
    Czechs won 2-1 by SO after 2-2 and OT. Best of luck fishing, my daughter’s fish just died in tank so, please bring me some, mind you…

  56. In the third period, the game is tied 3-3.

    Trailing 3-1 early in the final period, the Rangers engineered a remarkable two goals in six seconds. Both goals came off the sticks of 2009 drafees who have starred in the major-junior preseason — fifth-rounder Roman Horak and third-rounder Ryan Bourque.

  57. Thx, 4everanger. Too bad they lost. Did it look like good, old, typical contest? Did they hate each other?
    I should stop posting while fishing otherwise I’ll need a new iPhone soon. This one is starting to smell like fish.

  58. ilb
    Oh,yeah. A lot of animosity,yaping,pushing, shawing etc.but noteven close to real fighting Orr/Brash style.

  59. onecup, I’m not defending the decision, but the fact of the matter is our company greatly reduced its manpower. we’d love to add blogs, not subtract them, I’m sure. but you have to have some level of expertise and man-hours to continue to do all we have been doing. So we will probably — and I’m speculating — have to pick and choose which blogs we can continue and which will have to be sacrificed. Since this one is No.2 on all of LoHud (to the Yankees) I imagine there will be an attempt to keep this one going.

  60. ZzZz 30 ZzZz " IN HANK WE TRUST !!! "… says Greg L. on

    Exactly Spiderpig! It could be someone else (not gonna mention any names)that gets injured. Gaborik is our Main Star and to see other team’s fans harp on Gaboriks past injuries is only because they are simple jelous. Like I said before ,Even a fragile Eric Lindros still played the whole 82 game schedule for us …so don’t anyone count out Gaborik!!

  61. Grabachev

    Pretty cool comment higgins made when talking about brashear….I like a team guy like that!

  62. So how do we go from having almost too many centers to having to invite…..Matt Maccarone to a training camp? Can anyone tell me who he is?

  63. actually, I think last season Glen Sather gave Carp 6 year 9 mil per to be a chief for the team… but, I guess the economy is so bad that Slats more likely will have to wave Carp… and that is why he invited the Maccarone dude to try out for Carp’s job. Sorry Rick… nothing personal, just business.

  64. Screw the Indians… they got compensated by tax free land and tax free casinos! Not enough to forget the genocide…but its a start! :P

  65. Maccarone is a 6’7 beast sho used to play with Stall in juniors. He’s a longshot for sure, but at least hejaz size. MIKE- It would be cool if Subi could play without a contract, but it’s not possible. Both sides would have too much at risk. If he doesn’t sign, he doesn’t play. The Bruins have more time with Kessell because he’s injured. I wouldn’t worry too much about Grachev. He did score today, but it wouldn’t mean he was a fluke if he didn’t. It’s not like he was playing against lousy competition last tear. Traverse City has just as many unproven guys as surefire NHL prospects.

  66. Sorry, I was wrong. Grachev didn’t score. Does anyone else find the Official NYR press releases annoying and hard to read?

  67. ZzZz 30 ZzZz " IN HANK WE TRUST !!! "… says Greg L. on

    CCCP , Laurel probally didn’t fill in because the last time she did people on here gave her some flak. She probally did n’t want to after the “doodie” fiasco.

  68. i said a few days ago that bourque was lookin pretty impressive. its in his genes baby!! if hes half the player his pappy was, id be happy wit him. bourque, werek and kreider are all good picks. i liked this past draft. we may see som,e lower round guys like bourque and horak make some progress and turn out just as good as cally or duby. i think we may see werek or borque before kreider. thats cuz hes in college though. in 3 years we’ll see kreider on the 2nd line under AA and duby could be on the 3rd. thats how good these prospecxts are. i love the way slatipuss is takin the team in a new direction. i also read that heatley is most likely gonna be a sen this season. probably if he isnt traded before training camp, he’ll be there at least until the deadline most likely. and kessel is lookin like he could go to toronto. so slats will have no choice but to sign doobs and get this crap over with. im sick of it. oh btw, who won the prospect game?

  69. lol yea right TR!!! send pics!! like ‘ a loco fan’ was supposed to do. hes so full of it. next time i see a loco fan im givin him so much sheyet!! fuggin brodiva fan. hey loco fan, hows brodivas thong taste??

  70. laurel wanted to do a dual post with me. she kept askin me, but i said i’ll have to think about it. i cant let just any riff raff post here!! ha just kiddin laurel! hey, btw, me n you should do a tag team post one day. if carps ok with it.

  71. greg- did u ask uncle matteo(carp) if you can guest blog? id like to see you do a blog about comparisons between the guys who left and the guys who replaced them, and then do a side by side of each new guy compared to old guy like rw gaborik compared to rw zherdev. do a projected stat comparison for the upcoming season and go down the list and see how many goals the team would likely have compared to last years team, taking into account all the different players, the coaching change, the special teams and whatever else you can think of. or, anybody doing a guest blog, id like to see someone do this.

  72. TR- i believe you! i think richards will be a ranger. if he was in warrens, hes probably makin friends with his future teammates. bye doobs. shouldnt played hardball with the slatipuss maximus. hes old and cranky and if you catch him on a bad day(like when he forgets to take his geritol, or if he craps in his depends, or if you interrupt his nap time, while he drinks his milk and has shoney read him a story)then he will trade your a$$!!

  73. Dan-nice job posting, i will feel the same way at 645pm on October 3rd-the garden lights will dim-gardenvision will show the history of the NY Rangers-we will hear matteau matteau matteau then we will hear “the waiting is over” then we will here from fans like us that ” i am a ranger” and then henrik will hit the ice and ill be on cloud nine and very optimistic….and well then after redden pinches in and allows a 2-1 and ottawa lights the red lamp well then ill start dropping f bombs-but maybe this year just maybe this year will be our year-hey you never know! LETS GO RANGERS LETS GO RANGERS LETS GO RANGERS

  74. mike
    just emailed you back
    on the girl front, theres usually a decent amount @ the bar itself but me personally the girls i know are my clients and i dont really hang out w/ my clients.

    when you become friends w/ your clients your wallet suffers.

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