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Hey everyone, Buster here. I’ve been following Sam’s posts and now Carp’s and his team’s for about two years. I’ve been more active in submitting some comments and thoughts the past year or so, and it goes without saying that the daily conversations here are great hockey fun. Though I’m not as loyal a poster as some of you guys, I’m always reading and laughing along, and many times out loud.

That said, I can’t thank Carp enough for a spot on the guest blog. Like those before me have said, getting in was the easy part…what to say is the real challenge. So, with that, I’m offering up a two-part blog: 1) a quick show-and-tell followed by 2) a Fall commentary…

Part 1: Visual Blog

Some unsolicited advice to the NHL: go back to the home whites. I’ve always been a fan of the home whites. And the sidebar picture (above) here would be a great new jersey, eh? Kidding, of course, but I thought everyone here would get a good chuckle out of it…

Part 2: October Chill

There’s nothing like getting the chills. Sometimes they sneak up on us and tickle the back of our neck when we least expect it. Sometimes we know exactly when they’re going to hit but have absolutely no way of stopping them…so we welcome them and almost look forward to it. The best kind of chills, and this is speaking strictly within the world of sports and the emotions they bring out in us, are the ones that leave a mark…the ones that stand the test of time and never fail to say hello again and again. There are “Fictional Chills,” like the ones we all get when Rocky stands up at “9” and Apollo falls back into the corner. Or when Roy Hobbs destroys the lights and rounds the bases under falling fireworks. There are “History Making Chills,” like the ones that stay tucked away but come out in full force when we see Eruzione beat Myshkin. Or when we watch a winger named Stephane become “Matteau! Matteau! Matteau!”

But no chill compares to the “October Chill” that starts swooping in when the calendar turns from August to September. We can feel its moving parts in the air: The pennant races are heating up in baseball. Meaningless preseason NFL games are ready to give way to Week 1. And, best of all, the light at the end of the The Garden’s tunnel is starting to flicker on. This is the chill that comes only once a year. It’s not “Fictional” or “History Making,” but is incomparable in its subtleness and its strength. We know it is coming. Crave it. Sure, baseball is great and passes the time through the dog days of summer, but something is missing…the air isn’t crisp. We love fighting the heat and humidity by cooling off at the beaches or swimming in the pools, yet would much rather be staring at a sheet of ice.

We know it is there. The shorts and the bathing suits start trading places with the jackets and the jeans. The sun begins to disappear a minute or two earlier than the day before. We swear we can hear the snow stops and the slap shots and the glove saves and the whistles. It is within reach now. It is almost here. Hockey Season. Welcome Back. I just got the chills.

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  1. LMFAO!!

    so i was trying to post another message right after the fist one…and this is what i got…

    “You are posting comments too quickly. Slow down.” lol

  2. Great job Buster…the visual looks like something last year’s team should have worn – all Lady Bing-like.

  3. Wow.
    great piece Buster.
    Like CCCP – it gave me chills.

    ” Or when we watch a winger named Stephane become “Matteau! Matteau! Matteau!” ”


  4. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    paul Revere and the raiders used to wear shirts like that,that was when the original 6 teams wore dark jerseys at home and white on the road.

  5. Re: the Shirt:
    I can see it now…

    SCENE: Rangers Locker Room – Pre-Game

    Drury wears a Puffy Rangers Jersey. Tortorlla walks in.

    (Between laughs) What is that?!

    SATHER: It’s the puffy shirt. Look at it, eh? Whatd’ya think? Is it cool or what?

    TORTS: (To Drury) Why’re you wearing that now?

    DRURY: ‘Why am I wearing it now?’? I’ll tell you why I’m wearing it now – because the lowtalker asked me to, that’s why!

    And I said ‘yes’. Do you know why? Because I couldn’t HEAR her!

    TORTS: When did she, (Snickers) when did she ask you this?

    DRURY: When we were at dinner, when Sather went to the bathroom.

    TORTS: I didn’t hear anything.

    DRURY: (Yelling out) Of course not! Nobody hears anything when this woman speaks!

  6. Buster

    LMFAO! The shirt rocks!! Good post!

    I hope everyone has a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man weekend!!

  7. Olga Folkyerself on

    Woooo!!!! 13th!

    CCCP- being first all the time just means that you have no life at all…

    Ahhh. The Puffy Shirt! Nice.

  8. ZzZz 11 ZzZz " another episode of the Grapevine !!! "… says Greg L. on

    Dats a right Ogla !! WHOOOHOOOO 14th!!!! Nice post , seems like thier starting to get better.

  9. ZzZz 18 ZzZz " we do NEED another crease clearing hard hitting physical d man !!! "… says Greg L. on

    Going back to home whites , I second that.

  10. Olga Folkyerself

    life? whats that? as you can see i am up at 7:55 on Saturday! damn bills…

    i love the shirt… i bet Avery would love it too… the shirt and high above the knee boots… YEAH!

  11. ZzZz 18 ZzZz " we do NEED another crease clearing hard hitting physical d man !!! "… says Greg L. on

    Damit CCCP im still up!!!! Im off to bed now..geeze i’m sleepyy zzzzz , what a night!

  12. ZzZz 18 ZzZz " we do NEED another crease clearing hard hitting physical d man !!! "… says Greg L. on

    Mind you it’s still 7 am here.

  13. Home whites is good with me… brings back nostalgic feelings!

    i can’t wait for the season to start either… i can hear the chants filling the rafters….



  14. I like seeing the blueshirts wearing blue. October is the best for sports, NFL in full swing, baseball playoffs, NASCAR winding down and NY Rangers hockey! Nice thought Buster.

  15. Great Post. Its amazing how just reading ”Or when we watch a winger named Stephane become “Matteau! Matteau! Matteau!” Can still give one goosebumps after all these years.

  16. Buster
    What a wonderful, emotional piece of Writing. Makes me proud to be among such a talented bunch of RR crazy bloggers.White jersey, thou gave me comic relieve inevitably reminding Seinfeld episode (not to start this theme again).
    Thank you for this touching essay.

  17. how did you get a picture of Avery’s home jersey?….nice for female fans or whatevers like larry ;-)

  18. A little flower next to letter “R”? Blue or lavander? Well, I thought I was a crazy fan… Out fishing for the next week. No, haven’t seen Slats. Yet. Doubt he is back to work, though. Will update you on daily catch.

  19. She’s a beautiful piece. The entire read gave me the bumps. Love the winger named stephane becomes matteau matteau matteau

  20. damn that ‘shirt’ make me wanna poke my eyes out with a dull rusty spoon! Too funny! CCCP, great Avery reference with the shirt, I could see him wearing it with his tailored striped shorts.

    Great October Chills section Buster. If I wasnt ready for the start of the season before, I’m dyin for it now! Great post!

    Hola Sally

  21. The little blurb about cally and dubi was good, really funny part about dubi “He comes from a nice family and had every advantage — why is this 23-year-old so angry? Dubinsky smashes sticks when he loses faceoffs. He transfers that burning desire to win and a quick fuse into an energetic game that is hard to keep up with. Getting better and better and may center the first line this year”

    Cracks me up!!

    Greg L

    Love the new name! Welcome to the dark (physical) side brother!!!!

    Carp and all

    Have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day!!!

    BTW folks, the #2 big hitter in the NHL….Orpik (and this is exactly what I’m talking about ” He’s big and he’s mean, so you better have your head on a swivel, especially along the boards. Orpik has reined in his penchant for penalties while increasing the number of legal hits he dishes out each year. Orpik’s physicality was a big factor in Pittsburgh’s Stanley Cup championship.” If you want the cup, banging, hard hitting d a must!!!

  22. Man, if we trade Dubi, we’re gonna have a horrible group of centers, just like in 05-06. Dreary will be our 1st line center, that’s horrifying. Prospal will be our 2nd, im assuming. That, who knows how that will work out, then there’s Artie, which is something to look forward to, and then Boyle on the 4th line, which i have no problem with.

  23. duby is contracted for this season under the QO or what? id like to know if sather needs to resign him before a certain time or if duby will not be eligible to play. if he didnt accept the QO then hes open to signing offer sheets? this whole thing is confusing.

  24. Interesting look at the Rangers total offensive production by Rodent on his website today. Granted, his glass is almost always half empty, but he tends to be right more often than not. I just don’t think that they’ll start the season with the roster we have now.

  25. I believe Sather needs to sign him by Dec. 1st otherwise Dubi cannot play this season.

    Same thing as Kessel in Boston.
    Let me check the CBA to be sure…

  26. Dont worry Orr !! Dubinsky’s not going anywhere. I heard a rumor that Chicago may get in on the Heatley trade talks and honestly they have a VERY GOOD chance of getting him.

    Ottawa is looking for a top 4 D-man, a top 6 forward,and a pick or prospect for Heatley and Chicago has alot of overpriced talent in those departments

    1. with the addition of Madden and the emergence of Dustin B and Versteeg — Sharp is expendable

    2. with Campbell and Keith their D has too many 2-3 million dollar guys on it so look for either Seabrook or Barker


    Sharp, Seabrook/Barker, and a pick/prospect for Heatley in the next few days

    THEN the Rangers finally sign Dubinsky

  27. Great post Buster!! Where rookie starts are concerned that ranks right up there with Vickers’ 2 consecutive hat tricks.
    Carp you’re going to have to dig deep to beat that one when you decide to make your come back.
    Another season on the verge; lovin’ it!!

  28. if the hawks get heatley, bye detroit and the pens will have a new opponent in the finals. yayt!! im soirry, but last playoffs was kinda cool, cuz it was a rematch and all, but im sick of both those teams and nbc too!!

  29. If anyone here is into fantasy hockey,
    Last nite I posted Part 2 of my “High Risk / High Reward” players in this year’s NHL Fantasy Draft over on my blog.

    Here’s a tinyurl or just click on my name:

  30. it would be interesting to see hossa and heatley on the same team, as thats who was traded for each other…

  31. tony how the hell are ya? u like the mclaren invite? i do. if anything it makes the young d men work harder and maybe step up their physical game. torts wants staal and girardi to be more physical and start using their size to their advantage. i hear staal is working on his strength and puttin some weight on, so we may have some overall increase in toughness, but you always need at least 1 guy who is a banger. i dont see staal being that mean type to just punish guys, and girardi either, so we still could use a guy like mclaren. if he beats out some of the kids, then thats just sad, and i guess they werent ready to make the team yet. its a win/win in my book.

  32. Grabachev- Dubi can’t play without a contract. So either he signs the lowball offer, negotiates a d signs a better deal or sits out. I just don’t see how Sather has the cojones to play hardball with homegrown kids when he gives 1m contracts to the likes of Rissmiller and Voros. It’s like he paints himself into a corner, gets pissed off and throws the paint bucket at his own kids. I’m getting a bad feeling about the whole Dubi situation. I don’t think other teams will trade for a contractless Dubi, but then again Korp was in the same boat.

  33. By the way, who’s blogging tomorrow? I offered but didn’t hear back so I’m assuming someone else got the nod. Nice job, BUSTER. Well written and the perfect tone.

  34. Grabachev …

    Love the name – I cant believe you’ve kept it up this long. ha

    But i agree 100 % about Mclaren. He does his job really well up until last season when he got hurt and all the conditioning issues began to surface. For the last 10 years he has been good for about 60-70 games and 130-150 hits a season.

    For us, especially if he takes near league minimum could be great for a 7th D-man – 40-50 games (depending on how well the rookies do) and 110 – 130 hits.

  35. hey guys long time reader first time poster…i’ve really enjoyed this blog and finally decided to post…anyway idk whats up with mclaren cause now hes not on the rangers training camp roster on the official site…

  36. today is going to be a long day.

    i thought i was going to have some news but the only news i was able to find was about the “heroin beer” in alberta during the team canada game.

    anyone going to be in the city tonight?

  37. TR- i was bar hoppin in IA last night. i sent u an invite but i guess you were at warrens!! have they started charging you rent yet? btw- i was pissed when they didnt have molson. effin midwest. all the drink is bud, miller, coors and other watered down piss

  38. somer- lol , i actually got the name from a poster named “patr” who i have only see once or twice and he never came back. well, he pronounced grachev as grabachev, and i almost pissed myself laughing so hard, hence, i love this handle, and until something funnier comes along, i think its a keeper!!. also, as i said in my guest blog, sone guy posted other name like “grachez”, and i liked that one too. maybe i’ll change my name to the grabby triplets!!!

  39. mike
    i actually wasnt there last night
    shocking i know
    im going back tonight
    if i got your invite i woulda hopped on the old magic carpet and been right there, lol.

    i hope tonight is kick ass there. thursday seems to be “the night” to go.

  40. i also found out that apparently i was sitting next to julia styles the other night. i dont know who that is but apparently shes an actress?

    hopefully tonight after the open some tennis players come in maybe i can snag a pic to make orr jealous, hahahah

  41. Colorado, Dan LD is posting tomorrow. Sorry I didn’t get a chance to respond to all those who volunteered. We’ve still got a few weeks left in which guest bloggers will be needed.

    Anybody got anything from the fan fest?

  42. julia styles was in the bourne movies and in some other stupid movies like 10 things i hate about you. and she was also in the remake of the omen. cute girl, id uhhh, hmmm how can i put this? i would like to take her to dinner and my apartment, skip the movie, we can make our own!!

  43. orr- styles is not high on my “list” either but id still do unspeakable things to her, and keri russel is hot too, not overly hot but i still like her. and would do things to her. i like scarlett johanssen and jordana brewster, they are sweet!! uhh the other girl from fast n furious, i do not like. too manly and her face is crazy looking for a girl. you know her name? i think its vin deisels girl.

  44. ZzZz 18 ZzZz " we do NEED another crease clearing hard hitting physical d man !!! "… says Greg L. on

    Sharapova , go go go!! I don’t realy understand how these points work in tennis but she is FINALLY on tv!!!

    Thanks for the vote of confidence Mike , I know if I did one it would be different but I would be torn to shreds by the RR pose!!!! It’s like Custer knew he should n’t of went in there …

  45. why does the new york rangers social media coordinator suck so hard?

    they cant buy him a pda, iphone, etc so he can post some better photos on twitter from the meet in white plains? who do i speak to about this????


    look @ the pictures… all 2 of them from today…

    sam rosens legs look fake… its so bad full size is the same size as the regular size.

  46. gregachev- well, as long as you think of something original and make it your own it should be fine. if you cant think of a topic, post pics of sharapova or whoever. that should ease the tensions of this highly combustible crowd thats dying for hockey! and satisfy orrs overactive libido for a short while anyway!!

  47. Ugh, she lost.

    FUGG !!!!

    That was a Chris Dreary style performance. She couldn’t serve if the lives of her families depended on it. How can you double fault 21 fuggin times in a single match ???

    Well, Tennis is over, no point in watching, all the major babes are gone.

    Wake me up when something happens to Dubi ! Or a Megan Fox nip slip, or sex tape surfaces.

  48. ZzZz 18 ZzZz " we do NEED another crease clearing hard hitting physical d man !!! "… says Greg L. on

    Yeah Grabachev something Original is not hard at all , I would n’t be lost for words but the words I did use could and might offend people on here. I don’t like to “sugar-coat” anything and I like tell it how it is so everything stays “real” I’m not moody but I am sensitive when It comes to something I care about. I know I gave you flak about always mentioning Gaboriks injuries. I never ment to insult or tell ya what to do ..I was just protecting our own. I do appreciate that ya don’t bring it up anymore , thanks man!!

  49. omg TR!! whats this world coming to!! i dont wanna see rosens legs anyway!! ive seen better legs on pianos! lol. no, but really, the pics do suck. they shouldve shown pics of orr wearing a betts jersey and his fave player brashear with brash holding orr in a headlock and orr trying to escape. then afterwards they should show the pic of orr at the tennis match with a sharapova sign while wearing a neckbrace and crutches!! haha j/k orr

  50. ZzZz 18 ZzZz " we do NEED another crease clearing hard hitting physical d man !!! "… says Greg L. on

    Sorry Orr that she lost..maybe I shouldn’t of had sex with her last night..she seemed a little “off” today..ooops!!

  51. hey, i dont get mad at anything anymore. i realize that online, things can get lost in translation, even a simple joke can turn into a huge argument. i dont care if me and another poster had disagreements or said insulting things to each other, its the internet and i dont hold a grudge against people i dont even know really. but i try to be diplomatic and everyone has their own opinions on things. so no hard feelings.

  52. ZzZz 30 ZzZz " IN HANK WE TRUST !!! "… says Greg L. on

    TR , keep up the good work . If it’s out there , you’ll find it!!

    Game #1 vs the Penguins and we have to watch them raise thier Stanley Cup banner!! That makes me wanna go Gaborik on them and score goals left and right past Fluery!! Usually long ceremonies hurt the home team , I sure hope it does in this case. Hank will shut down Crosby and Company and Christopher higgins will score our first goal.
    * You heard it here first!!

  53. no greg- higgins goal will be overturned by the refs because cindy will break a nail and fall down and the refs will blow the wistle and send out a stretcher for him so the play will be called dead, then after higgins starts cursing out the refs, him and avery(because he was on the ice at the time) both get game misconducts and malkin scores on the ensuing pp.

  54. Greg L- Are you sure it was you with her last night? Cause I doubt you’d be able to use your keyboard today.

  55. Carp …

    Any chance I can get get into the guest blogging fun?? I was on vacation last week and you told me you may have a spot for me when i got home if we you were still keeping up with the guest blogging theme.

    I gotta admit, im pretty computer illiterate and could not put together the awesome photo made by Buster today !!!

    Is the “puffy-shirt Home Jersey made out of Cotton?? Its a natural fiber, it breathes better, just imagine the advantage we would have if our boys were 10 degrees cooler then the competition??

  56. Laurel Babcock on

    Good evening Staal and all….Buster, not only a great post, but outstanding addition of the visual…cracked me up.

    And Rob E…excellent re-use of the dialogue. YOU BAST**D!

    Orr, oy….I would like the Williams sisters to meet you. Crush you like a peanut…:)

    TR, this Thursday no good….maybe next?

    Happy long weekend all!

  57. Hey guys. Just got back from fanfest a little while ago. I have some great quotes, stories, pics and what not. Some things to mention:
    1) Graves mentioned Del Zotto like 3493849 times throughout the day. He seems to think that out of the D prospects Del Zotto is going to be one of the young guys (along with Gilroy) that will make the roster out of camp. I asked him specifically about this and he told me that a lot of people in the organization (himself included) feel that Del Zotto and Gilroy are the best fits. He thinks we could potentially see DZ on the PP too because of his “cool, calm and collected demeanor on the blue line. The guy could be the last guy back but still handles the puck calmly and with his head up, looking around for options.” (Direct quote from Adam Graves”

    2) I asked Messier if when he was offered the job did he at all hesitate to accept it or if he knew right away it was something he wanted: he said that there was not doubt in his mind now was the right time. After he retired he knew it would be 3-5 years before he was back in the game in some capacity. This year being the 5th in his mind.

    Carp: any chance you might want to squeeze me in for a guest, guest post with some pics, vids, quotes and what not from the day?

  58. Laurel Babcock on

    Mike G…excellent stealth blogging. And without the beer TR normally gets at Warren :) Carp, what say you? Good idea.

  59. Mike, if you want to send some stuff along, I’ll do a dual post tomorrow. How’s that? Up probably after midnight tonight, if I get it in time.

    Good evening, Sally!

  60. spider- ive never played fantasy hockey or fantasy anything for that matter. how do u play? i might be interested. but were not betting or anything right? i mean, ive heard of fantasy baseball or football. you pick players from all over the league, kinda like a draft right? and then you get points or whatever for how your players do? is that the main purpose of it?

  61. “and in the red corner, one half of the tag team, LAUREL n GRABBY, standing 6’0″ tall, 220 lbs of twisted steel and sex appeal, GRABBY the masked avenger!!!” “and his opponent in the blue corner, the master of disaster, the dean of mean, the beast from the east, weighing in at 185 lbs, standing 6’1″, the russian coat checker, CCCP!!!!”

    “this match is sponsored by johnson n johnson tear free baby shampoo and dinky donuts”
    Copyright. TM. Carpiniello productions, all rights reserved

  62. Ah, the great Grabachevorik! It’s basically the same as fantasy baseball and basketball. You could learn with us, but we might have to make fun of you. Football is the unique one because there is one game per week. Email me if you want in.

  63. FYI –

    The Maple leafs have re-acquired their 2nd round draft pick that they had previously dealt away.

    As was mentioned earlier this week, When making an offer sheet, an offering team must have all the required draft picks and they must be THAT team’s picks. Toronto now has their 1st, 2nd and 3rd round picks for next year’s draft.

    I don’t know if it’s changed much but the Compensation last season was:
    $2,615,623 – $3,923,434:
    1st and 3rd round pick

    $3,923,434 – $5,231,246:
    1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick

    $5,231,246 – $6,539,061:
    Two 1st’s, one 2nd, one 3rd round pick

    Kessel will obviously get over 4M per, so this could be a precursor deal. Although Burke bitched when Penner was Offer Sheeted from under him in Anaheim, so we’ll see.

    Too bad the Rangers lack their required picks.

  64. laurel
    im off to the bar now!
    ill try not to drink too much molson
    let me know when you are going (i dont normally go on thurs or fri night cause i work early the next day) but thursday night always seems to be really busy there.

  65. Rob E and Spidering- any offer sheet to Kessel will be matched by Bruins right away. Chiarelli isn’t dumb. And the Bruins will still get much more than 1st, 2nd and 3rd if they trade him. But if Burke makes that move, the likelihood of Toronto trading for Kessel will be as high as Sinatra singing duet with Michael Jackson.

  66. Great post! I was away all day, so couldn’t comment. I think Kessel is Toronto-bound. He’ll do fine there, and he’ll probably get 5m.

  67. Thanks Spidey!

    lib2001 – I dunno.
    Bono “sang” with Sinatra…
    Natalie Cole “Sang” with her dad Nat.

    Do you think the re-acquiring of the pick is innocuous?
    Could be, after all.

    Fact is, it could force Boston to waive players they would rather not and maybe work out a deal that would weaken them / or accept a deal that Burke would have liked to swing.
    Kobasew’s been on the block all summer – no bites yet.

    Bruins would have 7 days to match – and clear enough room to match. At the very least – it will be fun to watch if it goes down.

  68. DanL and Buster

    Two of the best written and interesting
    posts I’ve seen in a long time. Seems to bely the notion that most Ranger fans are knuckledraggers.

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