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After seeing my favorite baseball team lose yet another player to the insatiable injury bug I turned to the blogosphere to gain some levity on what has become the summer of Flushing Meadows’  discontent.  An irritated yet by no means apathetic commentator quipped that the karmic justice to such a miserable season should be 4 straight championships with crucial victories over the team’s fiercest rivals. Which got me to thinking…

Spanning the entirety of my Rangers fanhood — I am 29 so this does not span quite as long as many of you —  the Rangers have never been considered a dynasty-worthy team. They may have possessed some of the requisite players to create a perpetual contender with Messier, Leetch, Richter and Zubov forming a solid core of talent and leadership; however even the 1994 team had every bit the look of a classic “one and done” team. The late 90’s and the first half of this decade of course seemed to be a cautionary tale of what happens when a team hires mercenaries rather than recruit and train their own soldiers.

The past few seasons have shown that the organization is not completely averse to building with internally developed personnel. Of course there are major and obvious exceptions, however market forces provide some constraints to utter and complete profligacy. As a result the franchise is arguably in a better position to build a team that can achieve sustainable success and perhaps challenge for the ultimate prize.

Now a question to you the most faithful of loyal Blueshirts fans: Within reason (given the current and projected talent on the roster as well as that of the competition) if the Rangers found themselves with a potential dynasty in the not so distant future, what frequency of winning — and just for fun what opponents would you like to see bested in order to offset the frustrations of following a team whose misses far outnumber its hits?

(I admit it’s a tad verbose …  However given that Devils fans love to taunt the Rangers about their success since 1994 and while their argument grows staler by the year, Islander fans will point to the early 80’s, I can only imagine the amount of delight Rangers fans would take in seeing something akin to what Detroit has done in the last dozen years.)

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  1. Olga Folkyerself on

    (Repost from last article.)

    Hey guys- thanks for not jumping all over me for the negative post this morning.(2:41AM) Earlier, I had watched the MSG program on the 1979 Rangers-Montreal finals. THAT was my team! My first chance for a Cup as a Ranger fan. Seeing all those home-grown Rangers (Vickers, Tkachuk, Greshner, Duguay, Hickey, Don and Dave Maloney, Deblois, Johnstone, Murdoch, Farrish, McEwen, Marois) playing for the Cup- That was a Great Rangers TEAM. Not today’s collection of overpaid mercenaries for the most part.
    Seeing the ‘79 team, (and a couple six-packs later) got me thinking about what a miserable excuse for a GM we now have in Sather, and how he can’t find his ass with both hands at the draft table. Not that he’s doing any better picking up old or damaged, (or old AND damaged) scraps from the NHL junkyard over the years. And paying BMW prices for them, to boot.
    Sad as it is to say, I truly believe he’s peaked, if that’s even the right analogy for his miserable performance as GM for 9 years running. (MY GOD! has it been that long now?) Out of the playoffs for 4 years, out in 1st round, out in 2nd round, 2nd round again and last year out in 1st again. Since I believe the Rangers will finish out of the playoffs this year… well, you figure it out, which direction the team is heading.
    Tampa Bay, Anaheim, Carolina and Pittsburg were all bottom feeding teams when Sather became GM, yet they all have risen up to win the Cup, while Sather continually remakes the lineup from any spare parts he finds, as long as we “make the playoffs” that ought to be enough for the fans…
    What happened to the ‘79 Rangers I used to know? Where’s the spirit? Where’s the guts, huh? This could be the greatest season yet, but Sather’s gonna make it the worst. “Ooh, we’re afraid to go along with you Olga, we might get in trouble.” Well just kiss my azz from now on! Not me! I’m not gonna take this. Sather, he’s a dead man! Dolan, dead!
    BTW- guess which movie I watched today…

  2. Olga Folkyerself on

    UES- good post! Good question…

    If the Rangers ever found themselves with a Dynasty (about as much chance as a sheep has in killing the butcher) They would win 6 in a row to take the NHL mark from the hated Montreal Canadiens.

    I would like to see them beat in order, the Canadiens (for ’79), Flyers, Devils, Islanders, Bruins (for ’72) and Montreal again just to rub it in for the sixth Cup in a row to break the record.

    Of course Sather and Dolan would be dead and gone before that would ever happen.

    That makes it even better…

  3. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    This is a good post.

    I think that Kyle McLaren should make the team, I really enjoyed his play in San Jose and im not sure why he hasnt cut the teams, if its conditioning, Torts isnt going to have it one iota, we all know that.

    This guy is an absolute banger though, and would replace the loss of Brooks Orpik who we went after in free agency. We have 2 guys in the top 10 in hitting in Dubinsky and Callahan with todays article in

    “4. Ryan Callahan, New York Rangers, RW, 265 hits — Callahan hit career highs with 22 goals and 40 points and has endeared himself to Rangers’ fan with his unflagging energy and bone-jarring checks. The team signed him to a two-year contract this season and the U.S. Olympic team invited him to their summer evaluation camp.”

    “7. Brandon Dubinsky, New York Rangers, C, 251 hits — He comes from a nice family and had every advantage — why is this 23-year-old so angry? Dubinsky smashes sticks when he loses faceoffs. He transfers that burning desire to win and a quick fuse into an energetic game that is hard to keep up with. Getting better and better and may center the first line this year.”

    These are things not to be taken lightly at all.

    This is my personal Screw You to all the people who told me that Dubinsky, while showing potential, should have been traded away for a POS like Dany Heatley. I’m not the angry kind of guy, but when you see a guy with #1 centre POTENTIAL and putting up as many hits as Dubinsky does that means youre an outstandingly high rated prospect, thus the deal REVOLVING around a player of DUBINSKY’s caliber.

    We have a lot of grit, size, and skill up front. Somebody laughed at me earlier because I said that we have too much scoring depth: Do you realize how different this team will look from a Tortorella summer and training camp? Only the best guys will play and only the people who deserve ice time will be on the surface.

    Dubinsky take a man hard into the boards and he’s down, then turns the other way to find Gaborik jetting up the wing and slamming it in upstairs.

  4. Great post. Very well written.

    I would like to stomp out the Red Wings, the Bruins, the Devils and the Canucks. Don’t ask me why, I just hate those teams.

  5. ZzZz NYR ZzZz " In Carp we Trust !!! "… says Greg L. on

    UESblueshirt :

    I still don’t understand what the hell your asking or even saying for that matter.

    I read the first paragraph and saw words like insatiable ,blogosphere,levity ,Flushing Meadows’ discontent,karmic justice and apathetic commentator quipped . What the Hell are you on about ? This is just the first paragragh!!! I think what you wrote could be quite good if ya didn’t use the dictionary to write your post. We are Ranger fans , not jargin speaking jibberish translators.

    I’m sorry , honestly your a good kid but if anyone else can understand what he is saying or whats going on…please tell me!! No offense buddy but you lost me there.

    Is it , what our record will be if were a dynasty?

  6. Once again thanks Carp for accepting my submission. I’ve enjoyed the guest blogger week as well
    as it allows everyone to provide his/her unique perspective on the team, the league and important lessons in coat checking.

    As to answer my own question, I would love to see back to back Cups with a couple of years of conference finals appearances. I don’t know if I’d be able to stomach seeing them lose in the finals. It would be tough to top 94 where they had a dominating sweep of the Isles and basically the most dramatic win you could have over the Devils. However given the current opposition I’d love to see them beat the Devils, Pens and Caps in the East and the Wings in the finals. Other acceptable triumphs would be over the Flyers and Habs. I don’t have any particular loathing for most other Western teams although I suppose there’d be some degree of irony in a Sather built
    team beating the Oilers.

  7. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Nice Post:
    Aren’t the rangers currently in another Dynasty of No cups?

    That 79 team was full of talent and they broke my heart when they lost.
    In my opinion to qualify as a dynasty is hard today with the cap and Free agency,but it can be done.

    First you need 1 or 2 offensive whiz kids like AO, crosby etc.
    then you need luck in the draft ,great scouting ,sound coaching and a Smart GM (right Sather?) that along with some luck and you may win a cup or two.

    Dynasty = dominance in the league with wins for atleast 2 or more consecutive seasons and at least 2 cups in 4 years would qualify in today’s NHL as a dynasty.

    But first you need the talent.
    I don’t see it happening here,but let’s see what this year brings, they have to win the cup to qualify as a dynasty.
    no finals and lose.
    Just look at the buffalo bills ,they reached the super bowl 4 years in a row and lost each time, is that a dynasty?
    Is that what ranger fans want?

  8. NY Post reporting today that the team is playing hardball with Dubinsky – that his qualifier is only $522,500.

    Yep, Sather has his priorities straight all right. Pay a thug $1.4 million, a mediocre 20-goal scorer $3.0 million and treat one of your team’s best young players like crap.

  9. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Dubinski or his agent have done something to piss off Sather.
    Sather is very old school and doesn’t let the tail wag the dog.
    Again ,Sather may feel that Dubi isn’t being a team player with the negotiating
    or maybe Sather feels Dubi has some flaws and/or intends to deal him in a package hence the low offer.
    I still think dubi will be traded.

  10. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    These days a dynasty would be three in a row, or 3 out of 4. Or even 3 out of 5.

    But can we win one before we start hoping for a dynasty typr run?

    We can’t beat Eastern teams for a cup because of the current playoff system. Of course we always want to beat the KC Islanders and NJ Devils. Of course we want to beat the fan pummeling Bruins and the “crush JD’s dream run” Canadiens along the way. But in the finals, there are no real good rivals at all in the west. Maybe the Oilers because of Sather, maybe the Red Wings because they are kind of a dynasty right now, maybe the Canucks because thats who we beat in ’94 and maybe that would start a rivalry.

    When will Dubie be signed ?

  11. UES BLUESHIRT-nice post I too am 29 years old and I do obviouslyl have my dislikes for the islanders but i hate the flyers and devils much much more (i may even hate pittsburgh more)-i mean dont get me wrong i am always fired up when i pay a visit to the coliseum but besides the one series in 1994 i think the biggest games we had against the islanders were two games towards the end of the 2006-2007 season when we needed to points to help secure a playoff spot….with that being said i would love back2back cups with the rangers beating the penguins then the fylers then the hated devils and then maybe vancouver again-I have had enough pain with the rangers why not beat the canucks again in 7 games to make them feel some more pain-haaaaaaaa!

  12. Dubinsky is gonna get traded. He would be much harder to trade if he has a deal. I personally wouldn’t trade Dubi (even though I keep mentioning it). But knowing this org., and knowing Sather, there is no doubt a deal is gonna happen.

    Let me be the first to admit that Brad Richards is looking like a non-issue right now. But let me tell you that I KNOW the Rangers were (and still are) trying like hell to get him. The Dallas Stars are a financial train wreck right now. The Stars (and Texas Rangers for that matter) are on the brink of financial collapse. It will be interesting to see how the owners of these over-leveraged sports franchises survive the 21st century depression.

  13. hey great post ues. i think the 94 team couldve been a dynasty for sure. i was not around to see the 79 team lose, and so the only team ive seen have the potential for a few cups was the 94 team. and i was only 13 when they won, so i didnt even consider winning another one. i just thought wow this is huge, and lets just win this one and i’ll be a happy ranger fan forever. forever meant a year or 2! lol i wouldve liked to see some of the players like amonte, or zubov, weight, all still with the team. i thought with gretzky we had a great chance to win again. that was our best effort after 94 and we had gretzky!! we couldnt win. i almost stoped watching during those dark years after that. i still hung on thinking they will do better next year. at that point, i wouldve been happy just to make the playoffs. now, after seeing our team get back in the playoffs, i want more. i expect more and rightfully so. we are a proud franchise, with alot of history, great fans and we deserve more. i know we wont win while sather is gm. maybe hes finally done something right this offseason, in getting a coach who fits new york perfectly, and who is much like the last coach we won a cup with, and keeping the core of young players together, and bringin a huge piece of the puzzle in building a winning team, in gaborik to the team, but we have to start fresh from the top in order to give this team a new identity and i think bringinmess in was a good step, and mybe shoney will take over and have mess be his asst. sather has definitely peaked, as you say, if you can call it that, so i think in order to really complete the change for this team, in becoming a winner and no not a dynasty, but at least a winner who has the tools to challenge each year, you have to start over from the top. sather can really do a good thing by going out on a good note after making some good decisions this offseason for the team. he at least can have a good team in place when he does step down.

  14. There’s a lot of artistic liberty taken with making the Rangers a dynasty level team. They’d basically have to hit grand slams with some of their prospects like Anisimov turning into the next Adam Oates, Grachev into the next Kovalchuk, DZ and Sangs into a pair of Zubovs, and having someone like Stepan or Kreider emerge as well all within the next couple of years…but just for argument’s sake say something along those lines does happen.

    As long as Pitt has Crosby/Malkin/Staal/Letang/Fleury and Washington has Ovechkin/Semin/Backstrom/Green the East won’t be easy for anyone, but how great would it be to see a team for 3,4,5,6 years and know that every season could potentially end with a ticker tape parade?

    Like I’ve said, as cathartic as 1994 was…the reality of how many things need to go right in order to win just one championship almost immediately smacked Rangers fans in the face after the whole Keenan fiasco and then the 94/95 lockout shortly thereafter. Then to watch the Devils win the next year and see a team like the Flyers go from dumping half their to team to get Lindros and turn into the force they were in the late 90’s, let alone all the incompetence the Rangers displayed themselves, dashed any hope I had of them reclaiming the throne.

  15. nice post!
    I am a fan of the original six…I like them all, unless we are playing them of course.
    After that I’d like to stomp on all teams in our division.
    I would like it if we were the Hockey version of the Yankees…Sorry UESBlueshirt! My team is doing fine…running over pretty much everyone. Thats what I’d like to see the Rangers do…but thats a dream. The NHL is completely different. Talent is spread thinner and putting together a team of talented stars doesn’t necessarily work in the NHL…see Rangers late 90’s early 2000’s.
    I don’t know about having too much scoring depth, but I will agree that we are certainly deeper now as compared to last season.

    Greg L…Dude is that all you do is complain. Damn I’m getting sick of seeing your posts. If your not complaining about not being first, your complaining that no one is thanking your for a nice comment, or your complaining that you can’t understand what was written, please, you have to stop complaining, or find a dictionary.

  16. Torts doesn’t want Heatley…
    In fact Heatley is exactly what Torts doesn’t want. A guy who cry’s and complains if he looses ice time. Torts goes out of his way to say if you don’t perform, you loose ice time. IMO Dubi and Roze aren’t going anywhere

  17. (THE REAL) MikeyNJ on

    Nice Post UESBlueshirt

    and what ever happened to local fan’s pic of HEatley and Sather? hmmmm

    I smell, i smell, i smell, BULLS#^T!!!

  18. Good morning, everyone!
    Zz- you are a riot, man. I’m a freaking foreigner, but I still understood what he was trying to say. I think.

    It’s tough to create a dynasty in NY. And it is partially our fault. We want them to be competitive first. If they are, we want them to win every game. And the Cup. Every year. I’m exaggerating, but you got the point. And if they don’t, everybody needs to be fired. Now! Including the team masseur.
    My list- Montreal, Pens, Flyers(conferrence finals). And The Wings in the finals a few times- that would define a dynasty!

  19. Staal Wart,

    Yeah the Mets are pretty much as big of a disaster as you can get. Curse of Madoff/Citifield, whatever you want to call it. Maybe the Rangers have the curse of Cablevision and the Dolans? But what the Yankees did in the modern age of free agency was remarkable, 3 straight titles, 4 in 5 years, 6 WS apperances in 8 years. Like Rangers fans pre-94, I’d be happy with just one WS in the next few years.

    So while I think a 90’s Yankees-esque run would be tops for any fan, just to see multiple Cups in a narrow timeframe would do it for me.

  20. Eric, btw, are you still out of work, buddy? What’s your E-mail? I’m around drug reps all the time. You never know.

  21. onecup,
    Sather runs the team, but that still wouldn’t stop Torts from benching Heatley or reducing his ice time. I also think Torts has alot more say than we think.

  22. Peter- I wouldnt make that trade, and either would Boston.
    Boston is looking to deal Kessel b/c his proposed salary ($5m) does not fit into their plans…. I doubt they’d shed money just to take on Rozy..

  23. Staal Wart,
    I don’t have problems with what Georgie does. No salary cap and he demands excellence. Even if the Mets aren’t nearly as wealthy as the Yankees it’s almost impossible to cry poor when you’re a NY based team unless you have owners that rob your team blind (ahem Islanders).

    However most people point to the fact that the reason why the Yankees were successful back then was because the braintrust that ran the team during George’s exile from the game insisted on rebuilding using the farm rather than going the FA route and making smart trades (O’Neill and Tino come to mind). This year I think their FA purchases have worked out, especially Tex but the late 90’s teams were built more the old fashioned way.

  24. great topic! honestly, i dont really care who they beat… as long as they win the cup…or two…I’ll be absolutely fine with it.

    oh and… Redden, Voros and onecupin69yearsand counting coat for Heatler. Just something i heard.

  25. CCCP – lol, i heard they are also throwing in kasper, malik, poti, and hollweg and ottawa is adding in a the deal a player to be named later!

    11 days until preseason opener!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  26. UES Bluehsirt a well written and interesting poat AND topic, I may just use that question in the future if I can get your ok.

    Two hours of ranger fans phone calls talking ranger hockey. what radio station is that ?


  27. UES…great post (Greg, love, have another cup of coffee and settle down :)

    You guys are coming up with such great topics this week…

    I’m mostly with CCCP….as long as we win one I’ll be happy. But stomping on Jersey or Pitt would be heaven.

  28. CCCP
    Did you feel sarcasm..? There wasn,t. Just pure reading pleasure,besides “hockey sense”.

  29. CCCP,ilb2001
    Oh, BTW speaking philologicaly The Local fan is poundf*cker or peckf*cher or simple flickf*ck if you will, – the closest translation I can come with, trying be creative…

  30. To answer your question I would like to see the rangers beat Pitt first round sweep (can’t stand Crosby and his worm lips) then beat the Islanders in 6, sweep the devil’s in the semi then the sharks for the cup in 7.

    Year 2 of my dynasty dream would be Atlanta in 5, Filthy in 6 (pronger injured do to blind side hit from Brash) Boston in the semi 7 beating the Sharks again (I lived in SJ and have a fierce rivalry with my friends there)

    I Like this post nice to dream!

  31. last night i got an opportunity to get some info on dubbie

    dubbie was offered a multi year deal (2 yr/qualifying offer of 110% raise) and didnt take the offer by the deadline (jul 15th). he wants a 1 year deal.

    he was then offered less money (i could be wrong here cause it was kinda loud where this convo takes place) and more years (5yr/dunno price tag)

    he only wants 1 year after that he and his agent will have more leverage and hopefully dubbie will have a bounce back year and cash out.

    with this how do you sign staal, girardi and dubbie next off season especially if the cap is going down (which its not, has anyone seen the canadian dollar these last 4 weeks)?

    and secondly, knowing he only wants a 1 year deal wouldnt you try to sign him at the lowest price point possible which is his QO?

  32. TR…stealth blogger!

    Olga, was this the movie?
    “I got my eye on the three of you. You pull one thing, you’re out of this game. I run a clean game here. I have any trouble here, I’ll suspend ya.”

    “I’m listening to the ****ing song! “

  33. Nice work UES Blueshirts.
    Just win baby!
    Then I’ll worry about who we beat the 2nd year and 3rd…

    So Slats offered Dubinsky a two way, one year deal @$522,500 and the Blue Jackets just signed a 4 year / $13M extension with the Blue Jackets.

    Similar players -although I think Brassard will outscore/Outpoint Dubi over their careers.

    Certainly feels more and more like Dubinsky is being dangled. Rememeber when that Ottawa source said in the Canadian papers that Ottawa “couldn’t even get a 13 goals scorer in the deal”? I have a feeling that 13 goal scorer may be available.

    CWgatti – I disagree about Richards coming to NYC or that the Rangers were attempting to get him. Everything i’ve read out of Dallas indicates Richards is staying put. The owwners and upper management like his heart there and look at him as Modano 2.0 .
    Besides, The Rangers would be fools to take on a $7.8M salary (and cap hit) when they could steal Kessel for far less. Richards is not and never was an option, except in the mind of Larry Brooks.

    As for the rumoured deal of Dubi, Rozi plus for Kessel – Boston is RIGHT against the cap. To take back salary they must dump some in addition to Kessel.

    I wish we could swing a deal with San Jose and steal Marleau or, preferably, Joe Pavelski. He’s got wheels and will be better than Marleau ever was. But San Jose isn’t that stupid.

  34. “Yep, Sather has his priorities straight all right. Pay a thug $1.4 million, a mediocre 20-goal scorer $3.0 million and treat one of your team’s best young players like crap”

    Exactly. It makes no sense, 1.4 million for a has been goon/thug, for one or two years ? Dubi has a lot more to offer than that scumbag, yet he’s getting bitched around by Slats. I don’t understand this, it just doesn’t make any sense.

    Slats needs to either retire or bite the dust. I don’t care which comes first, i just want him gone, damn it !

    He’s killing this team every year. It makes me sick that the B’s suck for a few years, and now they’re one of the top teams in the league, and same for other sucky teams that are good. But we sucked for years, picked up busts, a couple of good players here and there, a couple of dumb players, and superstar goalie, yet we’re still one of those 7th, 8th place teams that will get eliminated in the 1st round. Annoys the sh*t out of me.

    Go Sharapova !

  35. Honestly,

    I think that Dubinksky is being the difficult one here. It seems he wants “his cake and eat it too” so to speak. He only wants a 1 year deal so he can be Arbitration eligable next season AND still wants a decent salary this year??

    I really think the Rangers are giving him 2 options:

    1. you can have it your way and sign a 1 year deal but you have to take our QO


    2. We will sign you long term right now but it may/may not be for less/more then you may receive from an Arbitrator next season


  36. Quick Poll:

    I read a rumor that the Caps may put Nylander on Waivers/Re-entry waivers to clear his salary

    WHO WOULD YOU RATHER HAVE (if you HAD to take one)…

    *#1 Center:*
    Nylander @ $2.44/2 years (1/2 salary from re-entry waivers)

    Marleau @ $6.3/ 1 year left

    Richards @ $7.8/ 2 years left

    *Boston Salary dump:*

    Kessel @ 4-5 million rumored to be seeking


    Savard @ $5 mill/ 1 year left

  37. Will people stop comparing what someone like Donald Brashear, an established long-term veteran with a career and contract history, with a youngster like Dubi? They have nothing to with each other.

    Dub has no leverage. Get a deal done, take what you can, and prove yourself on the ice.

  38. Somerset,

    Tough choice. Definitely not Nylander. If there’s been a bullet that Sather has actually managed to dodge in the salary cap era it was him. Richards has a ring and the relationship with Torts so I might be leaning toward him but he has the heftiest cap hit. Marleau is good but he’s a little tainted as far as SJ’s flops the last few years. I guess I’d go with Richards.

  39. I’d take Kessel. Any day. He is a real deal. And isn’t even 22 yet. 4.5 long term. We don’t have anyone in the system at center anywhere near his skills.

  40. Somerset- great question.

    Kessel then Savard then Marleau.

    Savard has one year left, Bruins cannot resign Kessel and Savard (actually Bruins have Savard, Lucic and Wheeler coming up for new contract next year).

    Savard could skate with Gabby and can certainly dish.

    Marleau isn’t worth the $6.8M though I REALLY like him.

    If Nylander ends up on waivers, he’ll end up in Atlanta. He is an upgrade over Todd White, Atlanta’s current #1 Center.

    But, with Kessel expected to be out until possibly December, that is a lonnnng time to wait – although the kid is talented no doubt. Maybe we’ll raid Boston around Thanksgiving.

  41. Olga Folkyerself on

    Laurel- actually the last paragraph from my rant was paraphrased from Animal House.

    The Slapshot lines that come to mind with Sather:

    “Those guys are retards!” “I gotta good deal on those boys. Scout said, ‘they got a lot of promise.'”

    “Jesus, what did the old man trade for these axxholes, a used puck bag?:

    And finally, for the ’09-’10 Ranger season:

    “Jesus Christ, what a friggin’ nightmare…”

  42. People still very pissed off about the Brashear pickup.

    Re: Dubi….I am the first one to bash Sather at all opportunities. But in this case, and I am no lawyer or arbitrator, I think it is pure business and nothing more. If the rules state you can hold Dubi to this then so be it. I think the risk is that he signs a one year deal, plays lights out, and then next year we have to pay up for him.

    But that is a quality problem to have.

  43. You know what really sucks about this WHOLE Dubinsky scenario??

    The whole Arbitration process sucks !!!! Look in the case of Zherdev and Hudler, the Arbitrator just “split the difference” between what the 2 sides were asking for …. SO WHY EVEN HAVE AN ARBITRATION PROCESS?? There’s no scientific formula … The Arbitrator takes 24-48 hours to basically to a little simple math and “split the difference” ???


    And to book this is the Stupid “sticking point” in these negotiations …

    Dubinsky wants to be a Arb-Eligible RFA next year to get an “Honest Dollar Amount” for his playing ability and in reality will just get the averaged amount that both sides propose anyway

  44. Laurel Babcock on

    TOR, definitely!

    Olga, I almost used those quotes :)

    All….this Dubi thing is ticking me off.

  45. Love that question summerset, I take Kessel, Richards, then Marleau and completely pass on Nylander. Not a knock against Nylander but been there done that, he was a great center for Jag’s but I think a speedier younger player is the better option for this years rangers.

    The only way I can see the Bruin’s giving up Kessel would be for pretty much our top 3-4 prospects to stay under the cap, I think there is a better chance that they move savard before giving up on Kessel.

  46. To answer my own question, I’d rank them

    1. Nylander (addresses our lack of a #1 center and is too cheap, and too good of a playmaker to pass up)

    2. Kessel (i think he is more comfortable on the wing instead on being a center so it doesnt address our # 1 Center problems and i think i could get both him AND Nylander, plus he loses some points due to not being able to play until Nov/December.

    3. Savard (one of my favorite players – 5 million/ 1 year deal is just excellent for a 80-90 point player)

    4. Marleau (nothing special- doesnt deserve 6.8 million but only has 1 year left so thats a plus)

    5. Richards (cant understand besides the relationship with Torts, which is just silly anyway, why anyone would want that 2 year contract???)

  47. Olga Folkyerself on

    Sather is going to screw up the Dubi situation for what will probably amount to a few $100 thou in the end. He throws millions around for some reclaim “project”, (Redden, Zherdev, Brashear and a host of others if you go back farther) and turns right around and stiffs the drafted Ranger prospects, only because he can, and wants to throw his weight around to intimidate the RFA’s. Dubi’s a goner if he thinks he can put any pressure on a revengeful and vindictive Sather. Avery found that out the hard way. It doesn’t matter if the team ends up better or worse as long as Sather “wins” and keeps the upcoming rookies under his thumb. He’ll spend millions on an over-the-hill schlep and save thousands by screwing the lowest paid performers. Look at the difference in salaries, 7 mil for Drury and Gomez,- $500K for Dubinsky. They are not THAT far apart in talent.

    Sather reminds me a little of Paul Revere’s ride; a little light in the belfry.

  48. “Will people stop comparing what someone like Donald Brashear, an established long-term veteran with a career and contract history, with a youngster like Dubi? They have nothing to with each other”

    If that’s not sarcasm, that’s just flat out retarded.

    Who in the hell would rather pay Brash*t 1.4 mil over Dubi. Whether Dubi is gonna turn into a superstar, or just an average 20 goal scorer. He brings way more to the table. This convo shouldn’t even be happening.

    I know you’re being sarcastic, there’s just no way you’re serious.

  49. ORR!!, looks like “Chris F” posted what you put in quotes…I never knew Sather’s middle and Confirmation name until now: Glen Christopher Francis Sather…that’s the only explanation for I could think of…

  50. Orr –

    Two VERY different situations when you talk Brashear and Dubi as Brashear has earned the right to negotiate and play where he likes. Dubi is stuck.

    Brashear is a 15 year vet.
    He has definitly earned his ability to get whatever contract he managed – which If I remember, he was offered more to head back to Canada but took less to come here.

    Dubi wants to (as someone said prior) to have his cake and eat it too. He wants to have a short deal so he can get to arbitration next year.

    Rangers have NO reason to accommodate him especially as they don’t have to. If Dubi wants to get that courtesy, he’ll have to do it on the cheap. Otherwise, he will have to sign a longer deal. One way or the other, that’s how it will work.

    Apples and oranges.

  51. I wouldn’t be surprised if Dubi might get a little greedy. Look at the teammates he’s played with so far in his career. Blowmez, Blowzival, Dredden, Dreary, etc. All of those losers don’t deserve what they’re making, so he’s probably thinking he can get away with making a ton of money like them, whether he can put up the numbers or not.

    This is what happens to kids when you surround them with losers like these !!! You don’t let child molesters adopt babies !! You shouldn’t bring in greedy bastards to influence the youngsters !!

    I bet if Jags was still here, he’d talk some sense into these kids, including Z.

  52. Im sorry, i don’t care what any goon in the NHL brings, including Orr. Id rather give that money to a guy who can provide offense, which is something we desperatley need. We don’t need a goon, because fighting isn’t the same.

    Damn it, now i hate Brash*t more.

  53. Olga Folkyerself on

    paul revere proves that history is pop culture
    ichabod thissle (spelling?) was the one who made the ride.

    Yeah, that joke would have really worked if I used “Ichabod Thissle”…

  54. Olga Folkyerself on

    I’m not suggesting that you open the vault for Dubinsky, but how about a little taste of the pie? He had a good season, a little raise would show that he is appreciated. Call it “good faith” money. Instead Stogypuss goes hardball on him and probably still expects him to be the #1 Center. Dubi will swallow the insult, play for arbitration next summer, hold out to become a UFA, and then bolt the Rangers at the first good offer he gets. And if by chance he blossoms into a bonafide #1 Center, well we can always say “we knew him when”…

  55. This is the business side of hockey. It isn’t always pretty, and it’s not always logical, but it is business.

    Cally had arb rights, Dubi doesn’t, Dubi’s in a tough spot. You watched them give 1.4 mil to Brashear, and 2.3 mil to Cally, and you gotta play for 500k. Yea it sucks, but that’s his contract. Play for the QO, and go PLAY FOR A CONTRACT AND EARN A RAISE.

    Sather can’t be stupid here either, you can burn the bridge with Dubi and he can bolt next year and some other dumba$$ GM will pay him 3 mil or so.

  56. Olga Folkyerself on

    Ichabod Thissle sounds like a joke name, like Biggus Dickus, or Sillius Sodus. I think you’re a little confused…

    Bears may eat beets, but doesn’t mean they like them.

  57. IN MY OPINION… after much reading of multiple blogs and sites…. i think Heatley is going to be a Ranger, and the deal is hung up because Dubi isn’t signed yet. If he agrees to play for the QO, that’s a win for Ottawa if they’re going to take Rozy’s salary.

    Think about it… it makes sense. If you are the Senators you don’t want Dubinsky getting a new more lucrative/longer term contract from the Rangers.

  58. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    From Andrew Gross from today:

    “Brandon Dubinsky also wasn’t around the facility for the second straight day. And while both he and the Rangers are publicly confident a deal will get done before training camp, his recent absence makes me wonder whether Dubinsky is feeling a little less so. He told me earlier in the week he probably wouldn’t be on the ice if he wasn’t sure a deal would get done.”

    IF Sather trades Dubi + for Heately I swear to God opening night I’ll find him and choke him to death on that kock looking cigar he loves sucking on.

  59. The real mikeynj,

    That supports what i just posted… and while i don’t really want to see it happen…. i think it’s getting closer. Dubi is a heart and soul player, who hustles and bangs his body around…. yea Heater can put up goals… but is he going to become a me first locker room drain?

    Risk vs. Reward…. How do you size up Dubi against Heatley?
    What do you other bloggers think??

  60. Sather is basically negotiating on behalf of Ottawa right now. If Heatley is added….. how screwed are we next season on cap space?

  61. If we were to become a dynasty I’d go for at least 28 cups in about 45 years. That’s frequent enough for me!

  62. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    WHy Why why Why why why why why?

    Lets see 7 million for a prima donna, trade me if i don’t get enough ice time 50 goal scorer


    Homegrown talent, HEart and soul kid, not even fully developed and at his potential, who you only have to pay at most 1 mil for a year to keep or his QO

    This is just freaking absurd if he trades Dubi

    and where’s the money going to come from next year when it’s all tied up in Heately to sign, Staal, Girardi, etc?


    Good riddance, and you can’t retire soon enough

  63. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Vinny V

    I know and agree with your asessment, it was spot on.

    It’s just ludicrous

    Sather’s jsut can’t ever go into a season without royally screwing us for the following year or trading someone we all see should be part of the youth core.

    Unless he see’ Dubi’s spot being filled by Grachev, but again $$$, and the caps goign down, and that kid might not even be ready yet.
    This has just ruined my Friday

  64. I love Dubi as much as the next guy, but I just have this gut feeling that he is going to be dealt. I know these things usually take time, but Sather has not done anything with him yet because I am pretty darn sure that he is exploring all avenues in trying to get Heatley.

    I too would rather have Dubi on this team for the long run, but I have a feeling that he is a gonner.

    Don’t mean to sound like Donnie Downer here, but I just have a gut feeling on this one.

  65. I am the last one to ever give cigar puss any kind of it’s ok for what he’s doing to Dubi. But all he is doing is his job for once. Yea I know he has thrown more good money at bad contracts than any of us would like to remember but by squeezing Dubi a little is what his job is get the best player at the lowest price. Now given it’s wierd that he is finally doing the right thing at Dubi’s expense and I agree why squeeze a guy that obviously cares. But players do it all the time and thats why we have some of these unbelievably bad contracts. So even though sather is an ass this time he is acting like a GM. It’s just ashame he has only acted that way with Dubi for which he is an ass given the bad contracts he has dooled out.If he squeezed everyone I’d say he’s doing his job but this selective squeezing especially with one of the good guys makes him what he really is and thats a lousy gm and a human being.piss off kid.

  66. MikeyNJ,

    I think that is exactly why Sather is hard-balling Dubinsky because HE IS EXPENDABLE

    When you have AA, Grachev, Boyle, and Arnason trying to crack the lineup this year and potentially Stephan and/or Corey Locke cracking the lineup next year.

    and on the flip-side, so could obtain a 50 goal scorer AND get rid of a crappy Rozsival Contract at the same time … in does make sense

    However, i personally dont think we need another winger on this roster regardless of the 50 goal potential

    I just wish Dubinsky would realize he is in no position to negotiate a high salary AND still seek to be a Arb-Elig RFA next year too

  67. Im strongly considering visiting Slats’ house, and either robbing him, so he learns to spend his money wisely, or maybe ill just bring by McSorley stick, and introduce it to his mouth. Smoke on this, buuiiiiitch !!!

    And i know it’s wrong to give a lot of money to players that still have a lot to prove, but still, fighting isn’t gonna be a big part of the league from now on, the rules have changed. It’s a waste to have Brash*t cause he wont be doing much fighting, so why are we paying this guy ? Paying a 4th liner 1.4 mil to do nothing but skate around, and score 1 goal, while we’re gonna let a young player, which a whole lot of potential slip through our fuggin fingers, and pay him jack sh*t. This blows my mind.

    Im telling you, i just don’t have a good feeling aboot this team this season. I cant wait till the season starts, but i just don’t have a great feeling. Although i do feel really good aboot Gabby, and think he will have a good season.

  68. Orr-

    do you see us making the playoffs? or finishing 9-12th?

    if gaborik has a good season who has a brassh— season besides brassh–!

  69. Anisimov only weighs 194 pounds and he is 6-4. I would like to see him up to at least 215. 194 is pretty light for 6-4. I am six feet tall and I weigh 197.

  70. I dont see how we dont make the playoffs????

    I know our season hinges on Gaborik and Lundqvist staying healthy … but really what team cant say that?? Every team needs their #1 goalie and their super star scorer to be healthy so its A MOOT POINT

    1. Gaborik should score 40-50 goals in a offensive system

    2. I like the Kotalik signing because he may “kick-start” Drury’s production AND plays the point on the PP, so that alleviates some pressure off of the young D-core to have to step in and be the PP quaterback

    3. Higgins is a better Ryan Callahan – “anything Cally can do Higgins can do better”, so whatever numbers you’re expecting from Cally expect similar to better from Higgy

    4. We got Prospal for 1 million dollars on the roster and is coming here with a “fire under his butt” after being bought-out, and is playing for a new contract

    5. Cally, Dubi, Staal, and Girardi are 1 year older and all but Cally will be playing for a long-term deal this year


  71. oh and,

    6. Torts is here for his first full season

    7. There is potential for 4-6 rookies to start the season …

    Talk about a youth movement !!! This season should be great !!

  72. Man this is no way to start the long weekend. Dubi for me is more that just a heart and soul player he was the first sign that the rangers actually have players that care. You can’t buy this kids courage he plays with passion and I think he truly prides himself on being a Ranger.

    The way Sather hands out money to all the “recovery” projects as someone said earlier it must feel like a slap in the face of Dubi. I know that there is a business side to this game but let’s face it the Rangers have not been known for their business savvy when talking about contracts why start now with a fan favorite and potential future captain?

  73. Sadly to add to what everyone else is saying it looks like the writing is on the wall and a trade is coming for Heatly…we will rue the day they traded Dubi for an ego drain like him, it will hurt even more in the next couple of years when we can’t sign some of our homegrown players do to salary cap issues.


    dubi shows up every night and plays his guts out every shift, he wins battles, he fights for pucks down low, is not afraid to go into the trenches, he stands up to anyone and everyone (i know not always a good thing)…..


  75. SETH

    I don’t know. I think they can slip into 8th depending on Gabby, and Hank getting half way decent support, but at the same time i don’t feel as confident as i usually am.

    And this isn’t aboot me being a half asses fan, i was one of the very few here last season that really thought Nyr was gonna wrap it up in 5 or 6, and i was almost right.

    But this season, i just don’t have a great feeling.

    As for Heatley. If Dubi is really forcing that retard Slats to give him a lot more money, and a trade has to happen, id really be happy if we can somehow get Dredden over to the Sens as well. At least that way we can dump some major cash.


    He’s not gonna jump start Dreary. If he does, then ill never mention Megan Fox on this blog ever again. Even if somehow she has a sex tape that gets released. That’s how confident i am that Kotalik will suck this season, and the last two seasons of his pathetic short stint as a New York Ranger.

    And Brash*t will get the Brash kicked out of him, and he will only be known as Sh*t !

  76. I watched some highlights of Grachev…. that kid can flat out play. I’m excited to see what he can do in the future.

    Sad to admit… but Dubi IS expendable as somerset said.

    We do have alot of young talent, and Dubi is a player i enjoy watching…. we’ll just have to see how it plays out.

    IF…. and i’m saying a big IF here….
    IF Dubi is packaged in a trade for Heatlety
    And IF Heatley then puts up big numbers
    AND IF the Rangers go deep in the playoffs or win it all…
    i would say we’d all be ok with it.

    Winning changes everything. I know personally if Brashear knocks out Chris Pronger, that would change my view of him.

  77. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    There seems to be a thing with the rangers like, Brashear beats betts so lets sign Brashear, Drury beats us in Ot ,lets sign Drury, Gomez KO’s jags, lets sign Gomez, canes win the cup lets sign some of their guys.
    How original.

    I wonder how durable callahan will be? he was often injured the first 2 years.I’m surprised he got 2.3 mil.

  78. Vinny V …

    It is really hard to say Dubinsky is expendable so im glad that someone agrees with me.

    On that same note i also think that us fans shouldnt worry about “How we are gonna resign Higgins, Staal, Dubinsky, and Girardi next year??” because I think Girardi may be expendable as well

    Unless Girardi has a huge season he may be trade bait with Gilroy, Sangs, Sauer, DZ, Potter, McDonaugh, Heikinnen, Kundratek, etc. all climbing the Depth Chart in the next 2 years

  79. Olga Folkyerself on

    wow youre going to twist my balls over this?

    TR- Naw, It’s just a boring day, and there’s no good Ranger news…

  80. An interesting sidelight to the dynasty discussion:

    At the US Open today, Serena Williams was wearing a tee-shirt that said “can’t spell dynasty without nasty”.

    Rangers Management: are you paying attention?

  81. BALC

    Lol, damn, I was gonna mention that.

    “IF…. and i’m saying a big IF here….
    IF Dubi is packaged in a trade for Heatlety
    And IF Heatley then puts up big numbers
    AND IF the Rangers go deep in the playoffs or win it all…
    i would say we’d all be ok with it”

    Totally agree. If he helps out, and has a great season, and plays great in the playoffs, and helps us win a Cup, i really wouldn’t give a fugg aboot the trade, cause in the end, it got us what we all want, and i think giving up a single player is worth it.

  82. im with somer and vinny v on this one. sather did fine this offseason. idk brash shouldve got 1 mill, but getting prospal for a mill was great. as was trading gomez and basically getting gabby, higgins, and mcdonaugh in return. also up until these duby rumours restarting again, hes kept the YOUNG core of the team intact and added some pretty good players at the draft. bourque looks good and werek seems like a solid pick. kreider is very fast and is a good athlete, not sure about his skill set just yet, but seems like a good pick. hey, the more prospects sather stockpiles, the more chance one or more turn out to be great players for this team. im not giving him a pass for all his crap he pulled in the past, but i have really nothing to bitch about this year. i just cant worry about signing brash for 1.4m. i dont really see the problem. yea, hes prob worth a million, but if he helps gabby play his game and not let other teams take liberties with him and let other teams walk all over us, then right there hes earned his money in my book. our team without him would worry the crap outta me. brash is the least of this teams problems.

  83. Sorry if I’m late with this, but has there been any announcement on televised coverage of the preseason games (home and away)?

    Also, Kyle McLaren? Come on Sather, you can do better than that surely?

  84. Orr, did you get your ticket for Jennifer’s Body yet? Ha. I think Fox is going to be on MTV at 7 tonight with some Q and A thing.

  85. September 4th, 2009 at 2:30 pm
    Good morning, Carp!
    This Dubinsky stuff is killing me, guys! COME ON!

    Good Morning? Carp are u In New Zealand?

  86. I am a huge fan of the movie The Boondock Saints. If you haven’t seen it check it out. I am about to watch the trailer for Boondock Saints II and I had no idea they were even making one.

  87. The Boondock Saints II? no way! This movie is absolute classic! I just saw the trailer… no Willem Dafoe?! that sux… im a huge Willem Dafoe fan! That’s how i stumbled on The Boondock Saints movie in the first place!

    Anyway, the trailer didnt look too bad…so ill check out the movie for sure.

    thxn for heads up Nasty 1.

  88. i really hope McKlaren makes team ( but doesn’t he have a high cap hit-and that is why SJ had him in minors)…
    Or is he operating without a contract since he was invited?
    Carp, or someone explain this to me please…
    A defense corps of
    Girardi-Redden (ewww)
    (7th being Potter or rookie)
    looks decent

  89. ZzZz 17 ZzZz "OMG not Dubbie !!! "… says Greg L. on

    Ahhhh coffee is gooood!!! Thanks Laurel this irish coffee is great!!

    Yo Staal Wart , I have complained but I have also said alot of nice stuff. I speak the truth , just because you have your head up UES azz you can’t see what going on ’round here. Do me a favor and change your name because I keep thinking I need compound W when I read your posts. I gave you a good review so don’t make me reread yours again later and give you a worse Report Card at the end of the week …its up to you.

    Not having our Dubinsky signed is a serious matter. This could be the trade we talk about foever!!! We griped about Amonte,Savard,ect… this one could be our worse trade ever!!! If Slats doesn’t trade Dubinsky ..maybe this could go down as the best NON-trade of all time!!??

  90. Is it possible the Rangers haven’t had a true number one center in so long that the fans have actually forgotten what one looks like?

  91. Forgot to answer the question UES posed in his blogpost. I would definitely like to see us outdo the Devils. I grew up and live in North Jersey surrounded by Devils fans (many fair-weather) and would absolutely love it if we can top them.

    I’ll tell you a story that shows what I mean about fair-weather. I was at the Garden State Plaza back in 2006, a few hours after the Devils beat the Hurricanes for their only win of that series. While waiting on line at Orange Julius (don’t judge me) I overheard some guy talking about “falling asleep during the first period” and how he couldn’t wait for the finals so he could see some “real action.” He also mentioned not going to any regular season games because they’re boring. Man I hate Devils fans.

  92. ZzZz 17 ZzZz "OMG not Dubbie !!! "… says Greg L. on

    Eric Lindros maybe , Gretzky and Messier. Nedved? That was a while ago. We paid over 7 Million for 2 centers recently ( Drury and Gomez) They have to be “true” centers for that price!!?? Don’t they? Holik was a center , nawww hes a bust like Nedved. Yeah I have forgotten what It’s like.

  93. I thought the production of Nylander with Jagr coming out of the lockout was pretty good. They would dominate the puck possession for entire shifts, and Nylander did put up 79 points. I’d take that from any center this year.

    Or maybe I’m just a big Nylander fan who thought he was underrated.

  94. Spider,
    So basically Sather is screwing over Dubinsky hardcore.
    Anyone think this causes Dubi to want to leave next summer?

  95. ZzZz 17 ZzZz "OMG not Dubbie !!! "… says Greg L. on

    Hey Wart hog, I never complain about players and management. If people do (ORR does) , it’s thier god given right. Isn’t freedom of speech something thats our right!?? So I said a few things to ues , I did say sorry if I offended him. Being first is all for fun , I don’t care if I win or lose. Your just mad cuz I thought your guest blog sucked. Sorry to you if I offended you .

  96. ZzZz 17 ZzZz "OMG not Dubbie !!! "… says Greg L. on

    Yo , Wartz
    I Actually checked it out again , your guest blog wasn’t that bad at all. I guess I am wrong on that one!

  97. Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depressive disorder or bipolar affective disorder, is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a category of mood disorders defined by the presence of one or more episodes of abnormally elevated mood clinically referred to as mania or, if milder, hypomania. Individuals who experience manic episodes also commonly experience depressive episodes or symptoms, or mixed episodes in which features of both mania and depression are present at the same time. These episodes are usually separated by periods of “normal” mood, but in some individuals, depression and mania may rapidly alternate, known as rapid cycling. Extreme manic episodes can sometimes lead to psychotic symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations. The disorder has been subdivided into bipolar I, bipolar II, cyclothymia, and other types, based on the nature and severity of mood episodes experienced; the range is often described as the bipolar spectrum.

  98. If Dubi is a rfa how can we trade him? and is there a dead line?And does he go to camp if not signed?And if we can trade him how can he be a free agent.

  99. Chuck, that’s a very well scientifically designed confession. Would you like a suggestion for the best specialist in the area?

  100. ZzZz 17 ZzZz "OMG not Dubbie !!! "… says Greg L. on

    onecupin69yearsand counting Said :
    “There seems to be a thing with the rangers like, Brashear beats betts so lets sign Brashear, Drury beats us in Ot ,lets sign Drury, Gomez KO’s jags, lets sign Gomez, canes win the cup lets sign some of their guys. How original.”

    Yeah it is funny how that works . Here’s another one…
    Gaborik scorches us for 5 goals and Glen Sather was calling his agent everyday since then. Now we got him too!!

  101. I was at the Garden State Plaza back in 2006, a few hours after the Devils beat the Hurricanes for their only win of that series. While waiting on line at Orange Julius (don’t judge me)

    hahahahah u funny shory!!! holy crap i havent seen an orange julius since i was a little kid!! i remember they had one in the smithhaven mall in smithtown long island, and probably hasnt been there since the late 80’s. dont remember too well. but they did have some refreshing beverages!!

  102. Orange Julius is awesome! I went to Ramapo College in Mahwah, and Garden State Plaza Mall was so close. I would always grab me some Orange Julius when I was there.

    I also remember going holiday shopping with my girlfriend, who is now my wife, and we had gone to Jose Teja’s for dinner before we went to the mall. I got Orange Julius when I got to the mall, and almost IMMEDIATELY learned that Jose Teja’s fajitas and Orange Julius does NOT mix. At all!

    Ha, ahhh the memories!

  103. Chuck Woolery
    September 4th, 2009 at 9:45 pm
    Bipolar disorder, also known as manic depressive disorder or bipolar affective disorder, is a psychiatric diagnosis that describes a category of mood disorders defined by the presence of one or more episodes of abnormally elevated mood clinically referred to as mania or, if milder, hypomania. Individuals who experience manic episodes also commonly experience depressive episodes or symptoms, or mixed episodes in which features of both mania and depression are present at the same time. These episodes are usually separated by periods of “normal” mood, but in some individuals, depression and mania may rapidly alternate, known as rapid cycling. Extreme manic episodes can sometimes lead to psychotic symptoms such as delusions and hallucinations. The disorder has been subdivided into bipolar I, bipolar II, cyclothymia, and other types, based on the nature and severity of mood episodes experienced; the range is often described as the bipolar spectrum.


  104. First of all I have to ask, who the hell is “sharaovas”???

    Second, I really do not see the big deal of the brashear signing amount. If you look at all of the other upper echelon tough guys in the league they all make between 800k and 1.5 mil per season. Brashear is quite honestly the the best skater in the bunch (except maybe lappy, but lappy isn’t quite the heavyweight brashear is). He IS over priced if you are talking dollar for points produced, but that is NOT why the rangers acquired him, he isn’t supposed to get points. Any scoring he gets should be considered a bonus. If we wanted a helluva fighter that produced goals, we should have kept chris simon (which I feel we should have).

  105. Wicky – I agree, but I’d love to have Carcillo over Brash.
    but, For the price, I like Brash and knowing Ovechkin liked him and was bummed he left says a lot to me.

    When were you at Ramapo? I know more than a few former students there. What was your area of study?

  106. Nasty, did everyone around you also find out immediately haha?

    Also, the mango smoothie= taste of victory. But there are like no Orange Julius’ anymore. That one I mentioned is now a Coldstone Creamery. Meh.

  107. rob e

    I like carcillo as well, and I like lappy too, who can put a few in the net, but brash is fine by me!! I’ve said it before, mess loved the guy when he was a teammate of brashear’s in vancouver, so that is more than enough for me as far as endorsements go!!

  108. Great post UES-

    Gotta be Cindy’s girls, Philly, Devils, Washington – Gordon’s Fishsticks go without saying of course!!

  109. ZzZz 17 ZzZz "OMG not Dubbie !!! "… says Greg L. on

    Good one Ilb2001, Good ‘ol Chuck will be back…In 2 and 2!!

  110. ZzZz 11 ZzZz " another episode of the Grapevine !!! "… says Greg L. on

    The guy who poses as Chuck is oviously another blogger on here …duh. Too bad he hides under woolery, thats perty sad.

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