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Hey boneheads, I have to first say thanks to Carp for letting me do a guest post. I also wanna say congrats to all the guys who posted so far. you all have done a great job. it’s been a fun 2 weeks and training camp is right around the corner. There has been so much discussed this offseason between the draft, the trades, new players, old players, line changes, megan fox, josh thomson’s eternal youth and so on. I think something that hasn’t been talked about that much is the competition we will be facing in the league and especially our division. With all the new players we have, and having a game breaker in Gaborik, we have that go-to guy that was missed last season. I personally think he will have an outstanding year especially seeing how he did on the Wild in the last few weeks of last season. Now, he has the oppurtunity to play a fast paced forechecking style and he could very well help keep us in contention with the top teams in the east. If he stays healthy.
        The other 4 teams in our division are going to be very tough again this year to play against. The pens still have 2 of the top 3 players in the league, and their goaltender marc andre fleury certainly has become much more consistent and much more focused and experienced especially the way he played to help the pens win the cup. I think the pens will be the top team to beat in the division again. they added jay mckee, a good (big) d man who can add some toughness on the back end. a few changes along with him, but the big part is that they really didnt lose anybody from last years team, and with the confidence of winning the cup, should be very tough (as usual) to play against.
        Now the other 3 teams are another story. We all know Philly got much tougher physically and that scares me. Even if we beat them you know each and every one of us will be praying that our superstar is still in 1 piece after the game. I think they will be tough to play but there goaltending hasn’t gotten better. i think Biron was good, but not good enough, and Emery doesn’t seem to be a good enough replacement especially  his attitude  and could be bad in the lockerroom. Pronger is a good addition but he’s gettin up there in age, pretty damn expensive, and in my opinion, won’t be the guy who can help them past the 2nd round. lappy is tough but he’s an old fart too. i think they got bigger and tougher, but we still have the better goaltending and if boyle can play to his size, along with brash and aves, we should be alright. 
         That leaves our 2 favorite teams besides the Rangers!! Now, we all know the Devs lost some  offense with Gionta and losing Mike Rupp to the Pens and Madden to Chicago, while adding all star goalie Yann Danis and d man Cory Murphy, along with retaining the petrified human fossil  Shannysaurus erectus. With Brodiva another year older, I really think they could miss the playoffs this year. Although you can never discount the Devils and they could still add  a few players by trade. Marleau’s name has come up recently and I’m sure they will add somebody before the season begins or shortly after.
        Finally, the goofiest team in the league, our red headed stepchildren out east. I shall leave them nameless because they could be gone soon anyway. With the loss of Sillinger, they will lose a grizzled vet who’s a good faceoff man and tough customer. I really think Tavares will be great for them, but even without him, that team has always given us trouble. You know they always get heated up for this rivalry, and sometimes we didnt take them seriously enough. With Torts as our coach, I feel this wont be a problem anymore. But they added 2 vet goalies, both pretty good. Roloson is still good, even at his age, and Biron will be too. I think a big problem for us will be Okposo. that guy is good and will be great with Tavares. They will be better than last year, but I dont think they have enough depth to do much this season.
        The division will always be tough and every game is a 4pt game. If I had to predict the final standings I’d have us right in the middle behind the pens and philly, and ahead of the devs and isles. If Gabby stays healthy I can definitely see us in 2nd just behind the pens.
       Ok, i know moves will be made and anything can happen in hockey.  I really think we will see the Rangers not only be more competitive this season, but I think we will see guys like Anisimov, Grachev, his twins Grabachev and Grachez, Del Zotto, Stepan, Kreider, Werek, Gilroy,  really become good, if not great players for this franchise. I’m happy with the direction this team is going for the first time in a while. With good players like Cally, Higgins, Duby, Staal, Gabby, Lisin and Hank, I think we have a great core and as long as Slatipuss Maximus keeps going with youth instead of overpaid mercs,  Torts getting the underacheiving overpaid vets to step up their game, and with some luck along the way, hopefully, this could be the start of a new era in Rangers hockey. Maybe I’m a little too optimistic, I don’t care. I am sure i will be the first one ranting when they lose. I still love this team, as do all of you.
      Here’s to a great upcoming season and I’d like to thank Carp once again for letting me do this, and to all the boneheads for makin’ this blog a great place to come to and talk about the greatest sport on earth (not just on ice)!! I know i didnt get into each team as much as I wanted to, but I figured you guys will,  and correct me if I’m wrong. One last thing. Who do you think will center the first line?? Just kiddin guys!
Hey, it’s Carp here again.
Just wanted to update you, because I forgot to put out the rest of the schedule. But in the next two days we will have posts from UES Blueshirt and from Buster. Just wondering if anybody wants to volunteer to do the final post for Sunday? (if so, e-mail me at; I’ll need your post by Saturday night).
Then I’m back on Monday, but I have at least one or two more weeks of vacation coming, and at least one of those later this month. So if you didn’t get a chance to post these two weeks, more opportunties are coming.
Thanks again, everybody. Great job, Mike.

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  1. Great post Mike! Great insight on all of those moves like McKee and Rupp.

    I hope I’m wrong but I think the Devils are gonna be trap happy and will win a lot of games post-Olympic break when the league is super tired. They always seem to stay competitive and pull playoff appearances out of nowhere.

    First line? LOL. In a perfect world Dubinsky can start it off and Anisimov can get his feet wet in the NHL and take over. After watching that youtube video of Gaborik he needs a great passer and that’s Artie’s game; but he has a long way to go and must prove himself in camp first.

  2. Interesting take on the Division, Mike.

    I don’t know about the Pens. They are a young team who just won the cup. They are ripe for a Stanley Cup hangover. Or one can pray, at least.

    The Flyers make me laugh. The more things change, the more they stay the same. Big, slow, tough and no goaltending. If Brashear does nothing else this year, I hope he cheapshots Pronger before the lug targets Gaborik.

    I’ve predicted the demise of the Devils three years running. If I predict they’ll be good, does that mean they’ll suck? Unfortunately, Brodeur is ageless and Lou Lam could find a bunch of spare parts in a junkyard and build an ugly car that wins the street race to the shock of all.

    The team that shall not be named will be interesting. PT Barnum is moving to the island with the three goalie circus. Stay tuned for another exciting episode of “As Dipietro’s Ankle Turns.” Tavares is the wildcard here, but he doesn’t have the talent of Crosby (or the undying love of Gary Bettman) to make much difference this year. Wait a few years. Nah, it’s the Isles. They’ll find a way to screw things up.

    I wish I could be as optimistic as Mike, but there are a lot of “if’s” involved. But I’ll still watch every freakin’ shift like the rest of you!

  3. Interesting. Most reports on Gabby I’ve read and from what I remember, he seems to create offense on his own. I think he just needs a guy who can keep up. Dubi might fit the bill, with Prospal or Avery.

  4. Grabachev

    Great post bro! I agree, flyers are nasty, I’d start valli every one of those games. Brodiva is so freaking overrated I can’t even stand it, I’d take Roy over him any freaking day any freaking game!!! I missed the part of your post where you talked about our really tough physical d men and how they are……………………..never mind!!!!

  5. Olga Folkyerself on

    Nice post, Mike. But…

    I love your optimism but the Rangers are looking pretty mediocre to me. What may have been gained on the power play will be lost on the PK. Our #1 hope , Gaborik, is questionable to last a full season. It will be our luck that he goes down about game 75 or so. The first line might as well be called the Donut Line- no center. After Drury, then what? The defense sucks. Redden? Too much money- too little hustle. Rosival? Just gets older, doesn’t get better. Stall and Girardi? Then what? Hank better keep his head up. Sather really scraped the bottom of the barrel this time. Top dollar for bottom feeders. Is this a $56 Million Dollar team? Look around. Look at Pittsburg, Look at Washington, Boston. Detroit. Chicago. The Rangers will be lucky to get to the playoffs. Thanks, Glen- have another stogy!

    Sorry to be pessimistic so early, but you’re getting what Sather is giving you. A load of Crap!

  6. thought this little tidbit about brashear at fan fest was funny:

    In fact, when Brashear was introduced Wednesday night at a Rangers Fan Fest event in the lobby of The Theater at Madison Square Garden by emcee Dave Maloney, he was received by a mix of boos and cheers. Brashear quickly attempted to quell the uprising when he reached the stage.

    “Enough booing,” Brashear said. “I’ll take you all one by one.”

    Pretty freaking hilarious on his part!!!!!!

  7. The Rangers won’t need the PK as much if they don’t take lazy hooking and tripping penalties like they did all of the last two seasons.

    Also, I read that Prospal can in fact PK so now add Prospal to the list of Cally, Dubi, Dury, Higgins, Gabby and hopefully Anisimov with longshots Owens and Byers and the please go to the minors tag team of Rissmiller and Arnason. So the PK may not be #1, but it should be top 10.

  8. The Pens did lose Rob Scuderi to free agency. I personally thought he was one of the main components to The Pens winning The Cup. Scuderi came up huge for them many times through-out the play-offs. His performance in Game 6 alone was HUGE. Scuderi made a HUGE kick save and then a stick save inside the goal crease that kept the Wings from sending the game into over-time with 13 seconds. Had the Wings scored at that could have meant the end of the series for The Pens. They also lost Hal Gill to FA.

    I don’t think I could stomach The Pens going to the finals again. I’m hoping that losing Scuderi hurts them more than they realize.

  9. i really dont see where Olga’s pesimism is coming from. Going purely by statistics we have 6 20+ goal scorers (Gabby, Drury, Higgns, Kotalik, Prospal, Callahan) onthis team (with Gabby’s obvious upside for 40ish) not to mention guys like Dubinsky Avery and the 3rd line who can all chip in 15+ this year. There’s a few goals to come from all that.

    The PP will be much improved (by virtue of its parts) and lets not forget did Betts and Sjoe playe EVERY PK minute? no, so some parts of the good PK is still there. Give him his dues but Drury can PK well. i also think by due to Torts our PK will be more aggressive and we score more too.

    Can Redden get worse? im pretty sure he can’t and if he can he’s sent down. We have a top 3 goalie in the league, a more offense orientated system playing to this rosters strengths and this team should be fitter.

    I also think we’ll be one of the faster teams in the division. Speed creates chances and draws penalties. Jay McKee is slow, Pronger isnt fast, Witt? please…. there’s a lack of speed to be exposed in this division onthe back end.

    My main concern as everyone is health. Health allowing i see this team as a 5/6th seed and on top of that (and the best part for me) is this team has alot of upside

  10. i forgot to mention i think its fair to say we’ll see more offense in this system from Staal, with his continuing development, better consistency (and thus more offense) from Girardi and i genuinely think we can pencil Gilroy in for a spot in the team and 20+ points.

    This team will be better built for production.

  11. Olga,

    the Rangers might not have Cup contenders written all over them but each team is not without their respective flaws. Obviously Pitt has a top flight group of core talent, especially
    down the middle but they are still thin on the wings and remember they weren’t exactly worldbeaters all of last year. They lost a decent amount of depth on D. What exactly did Washington do to improve a defense that wasn’t exactly clamp down to begin with? Varlamov is a wild card for them as well. He looked good in the 1st round vs the Rangers but when he faced a team with some firepower he was exposed as a young goalie. Boston is taking a big hit if they don’t bring back Kessel and it helped that they got big seasons from guys like Wheeler and Kreiji, which may or may not happen again.

    I’m not saying the Rangers are primed to make a deep run but they added the game breaking scorer they lacked, a bit more “sandpaper” type players, continued maturation from their youth and still have a high quality goalie. If Torts can get them to play hard 60 minutes every game (no more blowing 4-0 leads or being satisfied with 2-1 wins) they will be competitive

  12. Flyers v Pens fascinates me.

    The pyschology of it was a huge factor: The Flyers simply attempted to avoid the Bettman Syndrome. Look at Cindy and get 2 minutes in the box. With the Pens Offensive thrust, the power play was a real factor; even when it was not called on…
    just the threat of a penalty call put the Flyers on their heels.

    Last year felt all too scripted. The game needs to be played by the players –not by Bettman pulling the strings on the refs.

  13. UES,

    good point, i really see Boston coming back to the pack so to speak. I think they have a great D but did they really need to add Morris at the expense (cap wise) of young scoring? i also thinking regardless of his year i’d have re-upped the more proven thing first off in Kessel than Kreicji with one great year.

    I see us with a few flaws but other than Philly (in the short term) i see us with the most significant improvements.

    I judge a team like you seem to, by ‘who has addressed their needs the best’ and with Gaborik, improved PP personnel and more grit as well as depth at wing i think we have done just that.

  14. Good morning, everyone!
    Mike, so this is a trimmed down version, huh? Thanks! J/K
    Good work, nice thoughtful predictions. I think that in general most of the Eastern Conference got better. The “easy” points will be more and more difficult to come by. But I believe that the Rangers have improved, and we kept our important young players, if not added a couple more. Cup contenders? Not yet. But as long as we have our goaltender, pretty competitive. And for sure more exciting to watch. Isn’t it what we all want?

  15. Good morning, Carp. When you wake up, take a look at NY Post sports section. There is a headline written by George Willis “Jets may regret not looking at Vick”. Do you believe this? I had a severe bout of nausea when I read the headline so I didn’t read the whole thing. See if you get a kick out of this one. Imagine, people are actually regretting not bringing this piece og you-know-what to NY?

  16. thanks wick. i know brodiva isnt the best anymore, but hes still a damn good goalie and that makes the devs so frustrating to predict. its pointless trying. they have one of the best gm’s and if he thinks his team is heading for an early exit, he will definitely shake things up. but what i think really helped them last year was clemmywinks and even weekes holding the fort until brodiva got back. they did so well, they probably couldve sat him the whole season and still made the playoffs.
    olga- hey thats cool man. i dont think were an all world team or nothing, but i just was happy the way slats stuck to his guns and didnt give up staal, cally and duby for heatley, and that gomez trade was great.if the only thing we gained from it was cap space, it was still good. and aside from a few questionable depth signings, i think hes done fine so far. we obvciously arent going to win the cup with this roster, but the future looks good, or at least better than it did before.
    blaze- thanks. i knew i forgot scuderi. he is a ny’er right? of course hes good. and i do remember his solid play in the finals. also, they lost gill, like you said, and sykora. so they did lose some guys, but they kept most of that cup team together. i would really be surprised if they werent in the final 4 again this year. barring injury from any of their top players.

  17. Good Job Mike, Nice Topic.

    I might be the only person who feels this way, but Ray Emery could have an excellent year in Philly’s crease. He’ll toe the party line, especially with Pronger prowling their blueline – he is a big locker room general who takes no crap. Emery will have to keep himself in check. Who knows if he can, but if he just plays, I think he could be a major dark horse this year.

    As for Boston, I think they’ll keep Kessel and lose a player like Kobasew, lots of rumors he’s being shopped. No way they lose Kessel for nothing and they have time to make any deal (they have until December 1st to get him under contract and he’s not expected to skate until November).

    Pens will be less of a team as others have noted – the loss of Scuderi hurts and Hal Gill was woefully underrated last year.

    DiPietro isn’t skating yet so obviously Snow knew something when he signed Biron/Roloson. Their (lack of) depth up front like you said is their achilles heel.

    As for the Debbies, LOVE that you pointed out the loss of Rupp as well as Gionta. Rupp will have a good year, and like the scarecrow, the Devils will miss him most of all. Trap is inevitable in Newark, no matter what Lemaire says to the press.

    2nd might be optimistic in the division, but I like Optimism. LOTS of goals on this squad, the Rangers just need to figure out that 1st line pivot and soon. Sign Dubi already Slatipuss!

  18. thanks ilb. i know its long, i actually didnt realize until it was posted. it looked much shorter in my email. glad you liked it.yea and the jets wanted vick huh? well, that goes to show that nfl is used to players like this and is probably numb from it. i dont know if they have any moral code, but we dont want heatley because he requested a trade and might disrupt the lockerroom or chemistry. but the jets dont care about anything huh. its all about winning. doesnt matter if youre a sadist. lol

  19. Mike- great post nice recap of the Atlantic!!! The one thing the rangers have been pretty consistent on since the lockout is the ability to grab points within the division-i think they had like a ten game unbeaten streak in philly and hank obviously had that great run against Marty until we split the season series last year and i know we have struggled in the igloo but for the most part the post lockout rangers have been very good within their own division…..last year we threw points away against teams like the sens and panthers and the year before that we couldnt buy a win against the west…..Mike, I too am optimistic about the season – it just couldnt be any other way because i just love this team so much-i really do bleed blue like a lot of you on this site….here’s to a fun and exciting season-we have not seen a player like gaborik well since forever????? should be fun! whats going on with DUBI-anynews-lol!

  20. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Great Guest Post. Absolutley best one yet. Nice Mike.
    I completely agree that the direction is super, more reason than ever for optimisim.

    I also think same old same old for the Flyers and no goaltending. In addition, the New NHL does not want the Flyers goonery and last year I think thier Coach and GM get a stiff warning and they toned down their act after that.

    Rangers will come out 2nd to Pens in the division. The Conference is interesting because of trying to predict what kind of year the Caps will have. I would think Rangers could achieve 5th or even 4th in the conference behind Pens, Caps, Bruins (3 division winners), and will battle The Hurricanes for the home ice in their 4/5 first round match up.

    Finally a NYR Rangers fan that is sincerely optimistic for this coming season. Me Too !!

    Carp: I will think about whether I want to guest spot.

  21. hey thanks rob. yea i agree the teams in our division either the same or better except for the devs, and they are still good. i wish i couldve talked more about the other teams in the conference. i think the habs, will be better. i really think their top line of gomez and gionta with cammaleri could be a midget line, but they will be fast and score alot for them. i look at the habs and see theyre lineup and they are a fast but small team, but i would think that torts style will be similar to theirs and with a quick transition style we might be able to get away with having a huge banger on D, than in rennys style. i still think we shouldve gotten one anyway, but maybe sauer can kind of fill that void a little. and emery will have a big tough d in front of him and he could definitely be good for them, i just dont see a huge upgrade over biron. ok, thanks guys for the comments, thanks carp, im off to work., lookin forward to uesblueshirt and busters?? blogs. later guys

  22. Rob E,

    I think Emery has the potential to be very good; he had a good yr in Ottawa after all BUT there’s no denying this is the Flyers biggest question mark.

    I’d go as far to say as its a bigger question mark than our biggest ones which are the top line pivot and bottom pair D.

    Anyway i like our centre depth and i’d rather a colelction of good, solid and responsible centres (Dubi, Dru and AA) than one very good centre and nothing after it. Depth is crucial.

    And in terms of centres; i have high hopes (given the ice time) for Boyle. In 36 games on bad LA teams he had 11 pts and he proved in the A that he can contribute offensively. If he could use his size well, he could be a great X factor in front of the net, specifically on the PP….

  23. mike
    great post. i like the fact that we get into other teams. heres my take on the east.
    pens win the division going away. with sid gino and fleury as long as they play hard they have too much talent for rest of div. 2nd i like the flyers reason being carter richards and the additions of lapierrre and pronger for toughness. emery is the wildcard but for the regular season i think he will be fine. playoffs are a diff story so i will worry about that another time. 3rd i like the devils. until i see them falter i have to pick them ahead of our blueshirts. again i think the devils are built for regaular season. i think they need a center to play with elias and rolston. the ny post speculates comrie. if so hes not the answer but with marty in goal i like them 3rd. 4th i have OUR BELOVED RANGERS. gabby needs to stay healthy. i for one hate the fact that betts is gone. the pk will suffer but hopefully the pp is better. i dont like boyle i am think he will be big and soft and not play to his size. the d is missing that toughness in front of hank. valley has to play big this year and more and he scares the hell out of me. 5th. the isles. i think they are much improved in goal with roloson and biron and okposo and taveres will work well. the rest of the div is too tough to see them climb the standings.

    predicted order in east
    1. Pittsburgh
    2. Washington
    3. Boston
    4. Philadelphia
    5. Carolina love cam ward and staal
    6. devils
    7. rangers
    8. toronto sleeper team to get in
    9. montreal just missing out
    10. buffalo
    11. ottawa
    12 tampa
    13 isles
    14 florida
    15 atlanta

    anyone care to tell me what they think of my predictions

  24. Great post! I am also concerned about Philly gooning it up with Ponger (mispelled intentionally). I think that is the reason Slats signed Brashear.

    Oh, and our first line center will be Forsberg!

  25. Pavel i’d love oe to see a healthy Forsberg on this club but he hasnt been healthy for 4 years s give the kids a chance. AA is ready for a regular shift in the NHL.

    Eric, i think you have the top 6 almost right but bias aside, i do see our Blueshirts better than the Devils.

    The one big advantage they have over almost every other team in the conference (Marty) isnt an advantage over us. I think we have more depth than them and how many years can a defence with Mike Mottau (remember him everyone?!) continue to over achieve?!

    i hope Atlanta are that bad because surely Kovalchuk is in play then! lol

  26. I just don’t understand how Philly has missed the boat on getting a top quality goalie for the better part of the past 20 years. Their best teams were backstopped by some good goalies, Parent and then for a few years Lindbergh. And Hextall was one of the few players to earn the Conn Smythe on the losing team. Ever since the Lindros trade they’ve been searching for the one guy that doesn’t crack under the pressure of the playoffs but to no avail. Biron was fairly solid if not elite for them and they let him go to be replaced by a headcase and a guy that’s already failed in that city.

    They’re still dangerous though and have the deepest scoring team in the conference (Richards, Carter, Gagne, Hartnell and maybe a rebounded Briere). They’ve also been very streaky the last couple of seasons. I think the battle for 2nd in the division will be with them.

    The Devils are too much a one line team up front and I think they lack top talent on their blueline. As a unit they play well but I doubt any team is drawing up plans to crack the walls that are Paul Martin or Johnny Oduya.

  27. Great job Mike. I can never count the Devils out. I would love for Tavares to be a #1 flop, like their last #1 overall. Philly will be tough but did they get any better talent wise? Cindy and the Pens are the team to beat. I feel confident that Torts will field a good team that is capable of beating pittsburgh. Almost time for some hockey!

  28. i think one thing you have to give Philly is that on top of the established forwards you’ve got elite talents like Giroux ready to make a season long impact. Guys like Van Rymsdiek might be ready too and he’s got serious skills.
    I think they have alot of firepower.

    If it comes to goaltending though there’s only one winner – us.
    Devils are shallow for sure, though i do think Paul Martin is very underrated. Having said that, where would he be in our top 4?…..

  29. Very nice writing, Mike I didn’t expect anything less from you.
    Agree with analyses and your mood.I’m cautiously optimistic this year.On one hand the whole team has been remodeled, there are too many new players for a team to click from the start. All will depend on the chemistry and how fast it could be found -it will take some time before all of the lines are put together and synced up. This IS Torts and management real job. They will be judged by quickness, intuitivness and correctness of decisions taken. In our super competative division and conference we have no luxury for too many early mistakes or lost points.On the paper and statisticaly we ARE good, defenitely better than in annoing,mediocre team last season. So, there is not a single Ranger fan without a HOPE (or they are not trully Rangers).My prediction: Division-2, Conference-5. High? Can I have a Dream…please?!

  30. Martin is all-around steady but he’s not a pure shutdown guy like Staal is becoming or a constant threat to score or set up plays like Gonchar/Letang. Him and Staal would make a solid first pair on the Rangers. Again, I just think the Devils D overall is around league average but if there’s one thing the Devils do well is they play 5-man hockey with the best of them.

  31. ilb, what makes you think I was sleeping? Hah. The thing with Vick, sadly, is that if he has a good year with the Eagles all will be forgiven and every team will wish they had him. That’s how it goes. Look at how the Yankees fans have embraced all their steroid cheats. Just produce, baby.

    Good morning, Sally!

  32. Pavel,

    i genuinely expect him to have a 20-25 goal 1st full year.
    He had 27pts and a +10 in 42 games last year and was almost a point/game in the playoffs. The guy can really score. If you assume he’ll have good linemates in Philly – a given when you look at the roster, he’ll turn heads.

    He was drafted quite high and looks a great find.

  33. Good morning to all and have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day.


    I would be interested in Sunday, but I will literally be off the “grid” for the whole day saturday until late (I am in the mountain time zone so even later for the east coast). If you really need someone, I’ll still be happy to do it though and make it work time wise (might submit something to you late friday or early saturday). Let me know!!

  34. Carp, I had no doubts you were up. You don’t sleep much, not at your age. J/K. I wonder if Josh’s sleep pattern changed over the years.
    I spent too much time and energy previous days on this POS Vick, so I’m done. But, sadly I agree with you- it’ll be forgotten.
    I obviously don’t know a thing about this reporter who wrote that story, but I’ve learned my lesson: Only read NY Post on empty stomach. That will assure you’ll never throw up your breakfast.

  35. FYI-tickets can be purchased on the ranger ticket exchange, ticket master will be out with tickets for the regular season beginning september 12th AND


  36. Good morning Staal and all! Mike/Grab….who are you and what have you done with the real Mike/Grab??? Outstanding post my friend! And great idea for a topic….and you said you couldn’t write….

    hate to say it, but I love that quote by Basher. he hit the right tone given the circumstances.

  37. Hockeyman Rangers on

    If Torts were here he would say I don’t give a crap who we are playing. If we play OUR game we can beat them all. LOL Nice post Grabachev, I certianly hope we have a good season with our subtractions and additions. As always it’s a gamble no mater who move in our out, we need 3 good lines with good chemistry, who knows???? Can’t wait.

  38. Morning Gang
    Grabby in IA, excellent post man! I agree with you on your team breakdowns. I don’t know about Pitt finishing first though, but I could be wrong. A Stanley Cup run tends to take alot out of a team, however Pitt still has youth going for it so yeah they will definitely be tough.
    Also thinking about our team, we are sooooo young, its exciting. Sather has kept us full of youth and if any of them step it up during training camp it is going to put tremendous pressure on the likes of Redden, Rozi to perform. I mean if you are Redden (after the disgrace of a season he had last year) and you see guys like Gilroy, Sauer, Potter and Sangs just itching to break the roster (DZ is a definite no) *the heat absolutely on for Rozi and Redden.*

  39. (THE REAL) MikeyNJ on

    Fantastic Post Mike in IA

    You summed up each team pretty well.

    Although you never know what can happen.

    Alot of people are putting Rnagers, Devils and ISles as lower teams this year, barely if at all makign the playoffs

    Im gonna predict Rangers, Isles, Devils all make the playoffs, with Philly and Shittsburhg missing them entirely

    Wouldnt that be so beautiful!!


  40. Mike Grabachev in “LA”

    Nice post man! Not as nice as the one i did…but… maybe with time you’ll get better at this guest blog thing :P
    Pretty good discussion you spark there buddy. Good job.
    I also think our team will have a good/different season from the one we’ve suffered through last season. Not going to make any predictions here…but I am very excited for this team (at this moment)

    Now I gotta get back to work and leave the discussion to the “hockey experts” …you know… if it was bar brawl or whatnot…I’d have more to say…but :P

    Oh and that Brashear comment was really funny… I guess we will find a way to like him.

  41. Agreed nice breakdown, as far as intimidating teams go I think Toronto is going to be a nasty team to play against. They are not being shy about their goal to be very hard to play against especially with adding Komiserek, Exelby, Orr and Mayers that is a nasty group to bad they will not have any decent scoring. I think the Montreal and Toronto rivalry just got tilted heavily in favor of Toronto seeing as Montreal has got to be one of the softest/smallest teams now.

  42. Eric,

    Your rankings are pretty close to spot-on, but here’s the truth:

    1. Washington
    2. Pittsburgh
    3. Boston
    4. Philadelphia
    5. Carolina
    6. Buffalo
    7. New Jersey
    8. Montreal
    9. New York Rangers
    10. Tampa Bay
    11. Toronto
    12 Ottawa
    13 New York Islanders
    14 Florida
    15 Atlanta

    Doing this ranking makes me realize how much of a difference there is between the contenders and the pretenders. Teams in the lower-half of the playoff hunt are light-years ahead of those that are predicted to miss the playoffs. It’s really a pretty big gap in talent between the haves and the have-nots.

  43. the truth? Rangers outta playoffs? and debbies and buffalo with Carolina ahead of us?

    i dont know about that… its funny how sitting by the desk in front of the monitor some people just know the “truth”

  44. im sorry it has taken me this long to say nice post mike


    NICE freakin post mike
    shanny got a little angry when i showed him, i gave him your address and phone number. let me know how that works out, hahahaha

  45. Buffalo is going to have to deal with facing Ryan Miller-killer Gomez 6 times this year. Their season might not even get off the ground.

  46. Where's Pavelich? on

    Mike, great post!

    You alluded (or eluded, Carp?) to my biggest concern: overall team toughness/size – while Dubie isnt a fighter he sticks his nose in there – which is why was so important to keep him (even “Slats”” knew that) – it is great to have top line skill players with size that dont avoid contact, esp in “today’s” NHL…I still view Dubie’s upside as a poor man’s Joe Thronton (i.e. more assists, less goals – we can only hope!)

    The Devs and Pens have surpassed the Isles as teams I hate -truth be told, I look forward to watching some of the young players on the isles this year (Okposo, Tavares).. as long as they lose…

  47. Chuck if that’s the truth, can you give us the lie version?
    I’d put the Rangers ahead of Carolina, Buffalo, NJ and Montreal

  48. Every year, i think the Devs might miss the playoffs, but they always find a way. Im hoping this is the year, but i wont get my hopes up. Parise has another year under his belt, and it was a great year, he’s gonna be better, and more fired up after last seasons disappointment, and Zajackoff as well. They got a decent team, and probably a few prospects that can fill some roles, but they did lose a few guys that were pretty decent.

    The Flowers are gonna be the same exact team. Emery, and Biron are a wash in my opinion. They fixed up their D which they needed. They lost Knuble, but Giroix will fill his role, and more. Im sure we’re gonna regret passing up on him and taking Sanguinetti, which is who we took i think. He’s gonna be really good, along with Carter, Richards, and blah, blah, blah. I don’t know how they’ll be, definitely a playoff team, definitely an annoying team, with Cote, Laperriere, Pronger, Carcillo. It’s not gonna be fun to play against them when all we have is Avery, and old man Brash*t. We might get bullied. But don’t count out Danny G, and Dredden, who are masters of the one punch !

    Pissburgh, will be Pissburgh. They’ll be good again, and we can only hope that Crabass, and Milkman get injured. And somebody bangs Staal’s gf, and he wants a trade, and we get him !

  49. Chuck, as long as Hank is between the pipes, they’ll make the playoffs. In fact, as long as he is between the pipes and everyone is healthy, anything is possible. I think you’re too optimistic on Phily. They haven’t solved their main problem- goalkeeper. Emery isn’t it.

  50. Pavel, I agree with NYRjurgenno88 –

    Giroux is a budding star. If the Phlyers weren’t so Center Heavy, He’d earn the 2nd line pivot job there this year, easily. Instead they’ll shuffle him off to Carter or Richard’s wing – nice work if you can get it.

    I covered him in my Eastern Conference Sleepers i posted on my fantasy blog last week (addy linked in my name). I think Giroux is for real.

  51. I think it was also Hollweg’s penchant for nailing people from behind and taking bad along with wreckless penalties. That and a general lack of skill. I was at the playoff game vs Pitt a couple of years ago where the Rangers stormed backed to tie it after being 3-0 down, have Gomez ring a shot off the post only to see Hollweg take a stupid hitting from behind penalty and have Pitt score on the ensuing PP. I think about 17,999 other people would have been fine with fastening a slipknot around the guy’s neck and hanging him from a lamp post outside the Garden.

  52. Hollweg eh

    remember that game against Phillies i think when he scored two goals to give us 2:0 (i think that’s how it was)… but we lost that game like 5:2 or something

  53. I was at that game too, couldn’t believe it. That was when Reneny was obsessed with starting the 4th during home games. Hank looked terrible and Drury got some penalty for throwing his stick to another player. The only good thing that came out of that game was seeing some Flyers fans get the bejeebus beat out of them toward the end of the game.

  54. NYRjurgenno88 and Rob E- I agree, Giroux is a great player. But the jury is still out on both him and Sanguinetti, D-men take longer to develop.
    Hollweg is a good teammate, but he’s got limited skills. And had to compensate by being overly aggressive. I hate to say it, but he belongs in AHL.

  55. No Country For Old Rangers on

    really nice job mike

    i am stranded in Omaha. we are moving cross-country and our car finally gave out. should be out of here tomorrow. any suggestions from mid-west rangers fans on how to kill time in nebraska? good thing i have a ton of herbal relief.


    The more I read about this, the more I think Murray is the scumbag in this scenario. . . .

    And if the perception is that Heatley is “not as divisive” as Sean Avery, I could live with him at MSG. Bruce Garriooch continues to write that The Rangers and the Sharks are the only two players in the race. With Jason Smith retiring in Ottawa, Maybe Rozi and others will end up being the best deal they get.


  57. No Country For Old Rangers on

    thanks tr

    i think we will just hit up the movies. maybe district-9

    nebraska sucks!

  58. Guys,

    Any truth to the rumor heatley was scene eathing lunch with Sather by the garden today?? My friend from work just told me!

  59. TR,

    You heard that too?
    but how can we fit heatley under the cap? Is dubi gone? I guess rozi is too.. and he is our second best defenseman. I am excited. Every year I get to root for a whole new dismantled team. hahah. Maybe we will get it right this year and not have to butcher our team every off season. Do you think its for jersey sales?

  60. CCCP
    Dono bout C, but besides Dan Fritsche there are Legace, Mark Popovic to Trash. camp.It is believed Fritsche will make it. I really don’t care, but do you think any truth in Zherdev/Atlanta rumors? It would be a real shocker, I’ll be pissed big time. Don’t know why, but it really bothers me.

  61. i heard sather was @ a steak place something like nick and steph and that he was with someone who wasnt on the team but could have been a “someone”.
    but then again all my reliable people are in toronto who are usually correct and i dont want to pull an EKlund

  62. “Look at how the Yankees fans have embraced all their steroid cheats. Just produce, baby.”

    Easy now. You are naive if you don’t think there are players on every team that use PEDs.

  63. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Heatley at msg? I dont know about this.

    A Sather sighting is rare enough but a Sather sighting WITH Heatley?

  64. no country
    i know
    but also take note of the link i provided (twitpic)
    that photo shoot is taking place in the city somewhere on 6th ave i believe.

  65. Guys

    Any truth to the rumor a local fan was seen eating marshmallows outta Brodiva’s behind? :)

    oh and learn how to spell too…since i remember how you wanted to give me a lesson on your native tongue.

    “heatley was scene eathing”

  66. It is confirmed. My friend had his friend take a picture on his camera phone and I just got it. Heatley, his agent Stacy Mcalpine, and Glen Sather were sitting at a table at N+S Steakhouse. I have the picture on my phone!!! I only question who we will be trading and how we are fitting him under our cap…

  67. a local fan

    i know now for a fact that it couldnt have been him there
    that photo shoot was in valencia california

    this is why i hate rushin comments out
    this always happens when i try to rush stuff.

  68. CCCP,

    I’m sorry. I was typing fast as I am super excited to add another personality like Heatley to our ever changing lineup! CCCP what do Kovalev and Zherdev have in common with you? Answer to follow!

  69. I am not lying. I swear on our two cups in the last 69 years. Does anybody want me to send them the picture?

  70. The Real,

    I dislike the Islanders. And that is an inappropriate comment, which I believe Carp warned us about several times.

  71. a local fan

    I’m not even gonna get into this with you. you and i are standing on two different roads buddy… and from where i stand i see things pretty clear…

    and btw, there are ways to post pictures online…

    here is one for example…

  72. A local fan
    ‘CCCP what do Kovalev and Zherdev have in common with you?’
    Being the men, unlike you.

  73. (THE REAL) MikeyNJ on

    Take it easy Local fan, i was joking around

    I’ve been on this blog pre carp and know the rules

  74. MikeyNJ,

    I guess you telling me to Go Blow Tavares is appropriate according to Carp’s Rules. Carp please confirm. Thank you.

  75. We are all here for one reason. We bleed Ranger Blue, so who cares if I like other teams as well. I think we will have a real tough year this year, but I will still root for us!

  76. Nice post Mike in IA. Good breakdown.

    I agree with someone earlier who basically implied that if anything, Pitt has regressed. They haven’t gotten better. They’ll easily make the playoffs, but I can’t see them repeating. I think I like Boston in the East, Washington and Varlamov especially got exposed against Pitt last year.

    The good thing though is that the conference is wide open
    and whoever gets hot when the weather does (in May) will probably win it. Who knows, it could be us haha.

  77. look at the Pens playoff games. Scuderi and Gill were used by Bylsma as his shutdown pair. and they did a great job. neither can handle the puck great, but they really clamped down on the top forwards on the other team

    they will be sorely missed in the playoffs. McKee has declined over the last several years, and Goligoski is good with the puck, but just avg. in his own end

    so, I do not expect the Pens to win it again unless they can acquire a shutdown dman at the deadline.

  78. (THE REAL) MikeyNJ on

    Local fan

    NOW you can blow tavare sand yourself

    you put up info trolls in the past have
    (Dubi trade here, etc etc)

    -i have barely seen you on this blog in three + years
    -you say Heately is eating lunch with SAther and his agent with a pic you cant post.

    Put up or shut up

  79. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Why are the Rangers still linked to Kessel AND Heatley? I dont really see us as a team needing too much help in the scoring department, or really anywhere.

    The Sharks should be after a top-notch player, they cant pass the 2nd round with a team that should win cups.

  80. hey guys, i really appreciate the nice comments. thsi blog and all you guys are awesome. thanks.

    orr- i love the nicknames you give to players. especially the newest one- “zajackoff”. lmao.

    local fan- send it to my email if you cant send it here. its

    off to bbq with the friends and fam. see ya guys later on.

  81. “dont really see us as a team needing too much help in the scoring department, or really anywhere.”

    That’s hilarious.

    On another note, how about the DirectTV/Comcast battle over Versus? Another boon for the NHL on television. Good on ya, Betts!

  82. CCCP:

    Since you commented on my spelling error i will comment on this:

    “you like that monkey that learned a single trick and repeats it on and on and on…”

    You like that monkey?

    Repeats it on and on and on is pretty stupid, considering the word repeat takes care of having to type out on and on and on.

    CCCP are you a KHL fan as well?
    I guess you can’t be. How could you like a KHL team and an NHL team at the same time.
    This is all I know. We lost Gomez, Nasland and Zherdev. I think they were our 3 highest point getters last season. We replaced all three with a guy more brittle then Mark Prior and all of our grandmothers. Go figure that one out.

  83. CCCP- I know, I was kidding. I’ve seen his comments before. I’ve been on the blog for almost 3 years. Never posted until Carp cleaned it up. It might be time for another clean up.

    BTW, CCCP and 4everranger- how would you say dolboyeb in his native language?

  84. These guest blogs have been great but it’s a shame that the team is practicing and we get no coverage here. I’m not blaming Carp either, since Sam left Lohud has given the shaft to the Rangers.

  85. I think we’ll still have trouble with scoring. Prospal, and Kotalik wont do much. Dubi still has a lot to prove, and Higgins, and Cally as well. Dreary will be his same ol’ overrated self, not stepping up when we need him to, and who knows what kind of year Aves will have, Brash*t wont do anything, Lisin will be forced to play with him, and maybe Lis, and Boyle can get something going on the 4th line. SO basically our only proven offensive player is Gabby, if he’s healthy.

    Id say we don’t have much help offensively. It’s gonna be up to Cally, Higs, and Dubi to really step their games up. And i can see that happening.

  86. Ilb2001

    eto ne perevodimo! on dolboyeb i delo s koncom!

    a local fan

    at least i spelled it right, plus as long as you know what i meant its all good.

    and to compare liking KHL and NHL teams to being a Rangers fan and the Devils fan at same time… huh, you’re even dumber than i thought.

  87. CCCP- local fan just gets a kick out of our attention to his remarks. The ” windmill rule”- no wind, won’t turn. The least attention he gets, the faster he’ll be where he belongs- outta here!

  88. CCCP. Trust me I am smarter. But I guess nobody could figure out that eathing was meant to be eating in this phrase. “Any truth to the rumor heatley was scene eathing lunch with Sather by the garden today??”
    Please explain “as long as you know what i meant its all good.” Are you to dumb to realize eathing meant eating in my comment? Clearly you are as you are justifying your non-sense post with “as long as you know what i meant its all good.”, but yet could not figure out what I meant. Its ok buddy. Must be tough being the big CCCP!

  89. ORR …

    Honestly, if Gaborik gets hurt in the beginning of the season, we will trade for Heatley.

    Plus, the more and more i think about it now that Jason Smith has retired the Rangers stand a good shot at landing Heatley in a trade because Rozsival could fill that veteran hole of Defense

  90. If you don’t eat yer meat, you can’t have any pudding. How can you
    have any pudding if you don’t eat yer meat?!?

  91. Good morning, Carp!

    Just popping in to say hi and let yall know that my little art project is almost done. Soon children, soon.

  92. SOMER

    Agreed. I can see that happening.

    I wouldn’t mind trading for him, as long as Dubi, Cally, Staal, Artie, and Grach aren’t a part of the deal, which means it wont happen, cause those are the guys a superstar like Heatley would attract in a trade.

  93. TR- i need your addy.

    loco fan- did u send it? lol just kiddin. i had to call u loco simply because ive never met a guy who likes both rangers and devils. honestly though, who do you like better? when we were playin the devs in 94, who did you root for? i am not saying that you cant be a fan of both, its just weird because they are fierce rivals. its almost as uncommon as a ranger fan who loves sather!!, a fat guy who hates EATHING food!!, al sharpton at a clan rally!!, dogs and cats living together!!! whats this world come to?? lol, alright, but seriously, what team did you become a fan of first? most likely that is the team you like Better

  94. TR- mclaren was demoted from the flyers because of his conditioning right? i know it had somethin to do with a knee injury or some problem with an injury. i know hes been good in the past for the sharks, but you think he stands a chance against all our prospects? theres gotta be a trade coming with all these d men. i rather trade some and get some good forwards in return than have them waste away in hartford till they become ufa’s

  95. Guys I lived in SJ for 8 years and got to watch Mclaren play a lot for the sharks and trust me we do not want this guy. If you hated Malik then picture him but with a tendency to take bad penalties and produce even less points. He was never the same after leaving Boston and my friends who are die-hard shark fans HATE his guts. Slow and cough up the puck are the first things that came to my mind just my thoughts.

  96. flippedturtle- redden sure was pissed when he took out chris clark with the famous 1 punch knockdown!! hes alright. yea, he sucked for the majority of last season, but all i know is, if the fans at the garden support him and dont boo the crap out of him all the time, he will probably play better. not every guy is camera friendly either. but i agree with ya that he needs to show some urgency and grit in his game. hes not a fiery type of guy on the outside so i dont expect him to be all gung ho but your right, if hes not gonna be a vocal type of leader for the d men, i want him to at least show it through his actions on the ice and lead by example. these young d need a guy to learn from, and he was a good player once. he needs to be that again in some fashion. if not, sather needs to waive him or something. i am willing to give him a second chance but his window of oppurtunity to prove that is fading fast.

  97. flipped
    thanks for that
    i dont watch a lot of SJ games and from what ive seen of him its always been those old school traditional hip checks.
    the thing i like besides those checks are the fact that hed be a vet playing @ a league minimum and wouldnt play every game.

    on one side you have mclaren and some money left over and on the other you have people like boullion and the other defenseman but youd be closer to the cap ceiling.

    heres a better link
    the camp list includes mclaren
    this could also be like nedved @ camp
    kids are going to have to play hard to get a spot and kyle is going to have to go above and beyond to earn a spot, even if it is that #7 spot.

  98. damn i didnt know he was that bad turtle. i cant really say anything because i dont really know him except that hes got good size and was rated in the 80’s in the EA nhl video game!!!

  99. The Mclaren trade was voided out by the NHL because he didnt pass the Flyers Physical.

    I dont see any harm in letting him tryout though. We could use a tough 7th D-man like Struds used to be for us

    Can someone explain to me why we even picked Bell up off of waivers?? I think he is a good player, and thought there might be a spot for him on the team this year ifhe resigned a cheaper contract

  100. Mike(Grabachev)in IA, I definitely saw an improvement in Redden’s play when torts took over and I hope that continues. In truth I can’t hate him for signing a huge contract and not being able to live up to it. Sather is the one who offered him that ridiculous deal and let face it we all sting from that. What I do expect though is exactly what you said and lead by example, stay late work with our young d-men ect. I really hope Torts is true to his word and will make everyone accountable because I can’t remember how many nights this guy took off last year.

  101. Tr808 …

    I was curious as to why we claimed him?? I dont think there was ever any intention on playing him last season except maybe in Hartford

    THIS IS A GOOD VIDEO for 2 reasons:

    1. on how we could use a 7th D-man like McLaren AND

    2. how we should be happy Prucha is not around anymore. I got so sick of him getting leveled 2-3 times a shift and creating momentum for the other team

  102. we claimed him because he was called up specifically for that game
    glen took him from toronto so he wouldnt get played against the rangers. it was very close to the trade deadline and im sure glen didnt want any of his trading chips getting hurt.

  103. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Devils suck!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Mike in ia , That can’t be your article…cuz it has all the proper capitals and spelling corrected!!! Ha Ha!!

    Mike , you should run for Mayor. I hate to toot your horn but you make an excellent guest blogger. Your responsive ,optomistic and your responses(comments) are like having another blogg done by you!! You da Man dude , keep up the grabachev fever.

    Sharapova is the best.

    Heatley’s agent should be talking to Glen …then I’d be excited. Local Fan is full of it and is mocking this blog.

    GABORIK WONT BE MISSING GAMES !!! I’ll put a wager on it so I can reassure you guys that he wil be playing all 82 games.
    If Gaborik gets hurt ,,I’ll can’t post while hes hurt. Capeash?

  104. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Local Fan-

    Did you see the pic of Brodeur eathing 2 double bacon cheeseburgers with a large fries and cola?

  105. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Flyers suck!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Hers my take on the division :

    #1 Rangers : what else would you expect to see on a Rangers blog?

    #2 Philthy Philly : These guys are a pain in the azz

    #3 Pissburgh pukes : Lucky to be here because whole team is dizzy from Stanley Cup Hangover.

    #4 Mickey Mouse organization once again…ahhhhh!!

    #5 Asslanders : Won’t be able to score because of an injured retina to Tavares from Cindy Crosbaby scratching him in the eye in a fight!!


    Martin broduer has plastered his head to make a new mold for his Mask. His head got fatter over the summer and he couldn’t fit his last seasons helmit.

  106. Answer these 5 questions and I will be sure to deliver them to our Ranger Crisis Radio audience tonight Thursday9-11 PM

    You can call in (347) 857-2090 Your answer or just leave it here !I will even given your nickname and tell everybody you are a bonehead from Ranger Report ! Represent RR.

    here are the questions !

    1. Why is our team going to be better than they were last season?

    2. What part of our team scares the hell out of you this season?

    3. Every year there are players that break onto the scene as all-stars or even superstars. Sometimes they’re rookies that are expected to be great, sometimes they are rookies that shock the world and sometimes they’re younger players that simply come into their own. Who is someone on the Rangers that we should look to have a breakout season?

    4. We all know that watching a team for 82 games, you start to appreciate things that casual fans won’t necessarily know. Who’s the guy on the Rangers that doesn’t get nearly the respect that he deserves?

    5. If you were throwing down some serious money, how do you think the final standings of the Atlantic Division will shake out? More importantly, which teams do you think are going to make the playoffs from the Atlantic?



  107. Kyle Freaking Mclaren!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    It just never changes with this team. Yet another player that a huy like Potter and Sauer have to fight to get on the ice in a short pre season schedule. THIS GUY IS SLOW AS S…..T!

    By the way, I hope guys all had a great summer! Have not posted since july 3rd.

    Staal Wart– You have gained alot of respect for you since you have linked to the AMERICAN THINKER. This country needs more patriots and common sense people to stop what is being done to the republic. Bravo!!

  108. Awesome post and excellent responses! Great job Mike, and everyone! TR great photo link, got a big laugh out of it.

    The thing with the damned devils is, they lose guys every year, and every freakin year, as someone mentioned earlier, they pick up spare parts, play boringassed hockey, and freakin win. They will always be in the playoffs because of those reasons.

    I have a sneaky feeling the Islanders may be a bit better this season than last. They have a different goalie for every game, as 15 year man with the hips of a 95 year old scurvy victim watches from the box. But Okposo is turning into a nice lil player, and I’m thinking their newest saviour will have a nice rookie season.

    Disappointed at not being able to see any of the preseason games and getting opinions on guys, but I have you guys to keep me up to date on that. I won’t see the team until the season opener, which I’m sure will be on Versus so the whole damned universe can see the orchestrated by Bettman banner go up. All I can say is, cautiously optimistic, and hoping that Drury and Redden have much improved seasons!

  109. Mike in IA – That was some good work, despite all of the lowercase letters! :P

    I feel like the Devils always show up high in the standings when we don’t expect them to and that the Rangers will finish third behind the Penguins and Devils. Islanders still finish last. I think we will be able to take at least five games from them this season since we are going to be playing veterans instead of guys trying to prove themselves (unless of course the signees get injured). With Lundqvist’s dominance against Brodeur, we should be able to take at least 4 out of 6 there. I can’t see the Rangers doing any better than a split of the 12 combined games against our Pennsylvania foes.

    I didn’t see the comments yesterday, so excuse me if this was discussed, but Mark Bell (remember him?) received an invitation to Flyers camp.

  110. OK, so an easy “find” shows that we did see the Bell thing. He should be able to come back and make the team. I just wish it wasn’t the Flyers.

  111. he has to be he just got married on the 28th i believe.
    i also heard some stuff about him and LA which i found odd just cause hes old and all that travel, etc.

  112. TR-808 – Selanne can’t do that to me! I need him for my fantasy keeper league. Thank goodness he stayed around extra years. Bell, too. I gained his rights in my league when he joined the Rangers last season.

  113. hey, greg- you da man!! thanks buddy.

    mouth- wow, i should take some notes from you on bloggin. i guess thats why you have your own show!! i cant call in im way out of range, lol. i would otherwise and hope others on the blog do because it adds another dimension to our personalities. anyway- i guess for my answers, question 1 is easy. 3 words. TORTS, HANK, AND GABBY!! but more importantly, duby, cally, staal will all have outstanding years. i think especialluy duby is gonna break out. especially playing with gabby. i think anisimov becomes a great set up man and helps creat some plays, and some creative stuff from him and lisin, and hard work and grit from cally, avery, and higgins, i think we have a great balance in the lineup. prospal should be good for 20+g too. othe thing that scares the hell out of me is drury, redden, the 3rd d pairing, and gabbys health. i really believe he’ll have a great year and wont get injured, but its still very early yet, and until we see him in action and see for ourselves that he is in fact in top shape and his injuries are behind him, i will still have it in the back of my mind. im slowly accepting it and even if he plays 65-70 games its still decent as long as he is healthy for the playoffs if an injury does indeed happen. but im not gonna jinx it anymore. this is the last time i talk about heatleys injury problems. number 3- i think duby will have a breakout year simply because hes due. its that crucial point in his career where this season could very well make or break him. i think he rises to the occasion and has a 55-60 point season. 20-22g. maybe 25. i also think redden has a semi bounceback year. i dont think he will become the player he was in ottawa again, but i see him being involved more in the offense, mainly pp. still see him not being good enough in his own end, but hopefully can play as good as he did in nthe playoffs. 4) i think betts was that player but this years team i think will be rozy. i think he does do alot of good things and has become a good offensive d man since joining the rangers. we had a #3 or #4 d man playing a number 1 d mans role. last season he came back from major surgery and yes, his play suffered alot i the first half but he was a trooper, and he also played damn good in the playoffs. i think his shooting or lack of on the pp had alot to do with his injury. i think we will see abetter rozy this year and doggonit, i like the man!! i just do. hes also been here the longest of any ranger on the team now, and when they give letters out, he should get one of those A’s. just damnit rozy, i wanna see you blast that puck every chance you get. use that good shot man.5) id throw money on the pens winning the division. i really think they are gonna have a dogfight with philly and us and it will be close, but i still see them winning the division. unless cindy or milkman get injured for any long stretch of time. us, philly and pens will make the playoffs. devs might, even if theyre 4tyh in the division, if they get a good center like marleau or make a big splash at the deadline they could beat out some of the weaker teams in the southeast and northeast divisions like buffalo, toronto(although much tougher now), atlanta, even though with antro and possibly zherdev they could be up there and close to makin it, florida, and ottawa.

    ok mouth. make sure you give me a shoutout buddy!! thanks.

  114. mike
    i just felt like an ass cause i let the cat outta the bag before I knew anything..
    jumpin to conclusions and whatnot

  115. TR- speakin of news, i was just reading jan levines ranger blog on dreklunds site, and a bunch of people there were commenting on how they didnt know anything about the meet n greet with gabby, dru, brash,… and i remember yesterday or 2 days ago, couple people sayin that this place is slow for news and all that crap, but yet, carp was the one who updated us about the whole event few days before it happened. these people at jans site were season subscribers and didnt know, yet me, who isnt a season subscriber knew, just because carp took the time out of his vacation to update us on some “NEWS”!! just ironic how things happen huh.

  116. lmao, voros would lose a fight to Twinkie the Kid!!

    Mike, your post was awesome~ I really enjoyed reading your thoughts, and then everyone’s replies! That is why this is the best Rangers blog in the universe!

    I must also give props to Pavel and CCCP. And welcome back Shoryuken!!!

  117. mike
    dont they send out emails and snail mail to their subscribers who are spending a ton of money to go to these events?

    six flags does that how do the rangers NOT do that.

    did we talk about shanny wearing a visor today. i would search but im too lazy to…

  118. Ah thanks Linda, I missed the boneheads and Carp. Can’t wait for some hockey, I need my fix so bad I’ll be watching the opener from the friggin Austrian league next week, Red Bull Salzburg against Klagenfurt. I think my German is good enough that I can understand the announcers.

    And Swedish Elitserien starts in a few weeks too.

  119. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Azzlanders suck!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Marc Staal was paired with Scott Neidamayer at Team Canada’s orientation camp last week.

  120. ZzZz NYR ZzZz "Azzlanders suck!!! "… says Greg L. on

    More news :

    Avery ‘s black nail polish was chipped over the week-end and he had to repaint them black again on tuesday. We don’t know if he did his toes …we have speculation that his toes were done , but that part could be hear say.

  121. Olga Folkyerself on

    Hey guys- thanks for not jumping all over me for the negative post this morning.(2:41AM) Earlier, I had watched the MSG program on the 1979 Rangers-Montreal finals. THAT was my team! My first chance for a Cup as a Ranger fan. Seeing all those home-grown Rangers (Vickers, Tkachuk, Greshner, Duguay, Hickey, Don and Dave Maloney, Deblois, Johnstone, Murdoch, Farrish, McEwen, Marois) playing for the Cup- That was a Great Rangers TEAM. Not today’s collection of overpaid mercenaries for the most part.

    Seeing the ’79 team, (and a couple six-packs later) got me thinking about what a miserable excuse for a GM we now have in Sather, and how he can’t find his ass with both hands at the draft table. Not that he’s doing any better picking up old or damaged, (or old AND damaged) scraps from the NHL junkyard over the years. And paying BMW prices for them, to boot.

    Sad as it is to say, I truly believe he’s peaked, if that’s even the right analogy for his miserable performance as GM for 9 years running. (MY GOD! has it been that long now?) Out of the playoffs for 4 years, out in 1st round, out in 2nd round, 2nd round again and last year out in 1st again. Since I believe the Rangers will finish out of the playoffs this year… well, you figure it out, which direction the team is heading.

    Tampa Bay, Anaheim, Carolina and Pittsburg were all bottom feeding teams when Sather became GM, yet they all have risen up to win the Cup, while Sather continually remakes the lineup from any spare parts he finds, as long as we “make the playoffs” that ought to be enough for the fans…

    What happened to the ’79 Rangers I used to know? Where’s the spirit? Where’s the guts, huh? This could be the greatest season yet, but Sather’s gonna make it the worst. “Ooh, we’re afraid to go along with you Olga, we might get in trouble.” Well just kiss my azz from now on! Not me! I’m not gonna take this. Sather, he’s a dead man! Dolan, dead!

    BTW- guess which movie I watched today…

  122. News Flash

    Confirmed sighting of Joe Dimaggio at Dinky Donuts!!!

    Sorry, had to bring in a little seinfeld at this stage!

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