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Give me back my coat, man!

Just want to start by saying that this has been such a great ride since I joined the blog the last off-season. The guess blogging week has been nothing but fun; everyone did such a great job filling in and truly represented the Rangers’ community. Now… that’s where the fun stopped for me! It’s one thing to make obnoxious comments from the “peanut gallery,” and it’s another to sit here and try to fill in for Carp.
   It’s like this…Often, when someone is telling me a story all I can think about is that I can’t wait for them to finish so that I can tell my own story, that’s not only better, but also more directly involves me.  (I kid, I kid …. Or not lol) As some of you might have noticed, I have good stories to tell, but when you actually have the pressure of having your post be the actual FIRST post– I’ll tell you,  it’s just not easy!  At some point, I even thought about retiring from the blog, and having all of you tell me how I’d be missed! No-no, don’t worry, I am not going anywhere! I actually thought of something to talk about! FIGHTS! No, not hockey fights (although feel free to discuss them as well). I am talking about Bar brawls or Restaurant fights!  There is no better place to talk about fighting than at the testosterone filled hockey blog!
   So here it goes:
   Couple of years ago, on a rainy autumn day, a few of my friends and I went to a Brighton Beach restaurant for a birthday party. It is on Brighton 6th right by the boardwalk. When we got there, we checked our coats, got the check coat numbers and went inside with an anticipation to have a good night. Good friends, hot broads all around, lots of good food… Russian vodka… the night was going great! But every good night eventually comes to an end. It was getting late and it was time to go home. In fact, it was so late that the place was already almost empty –it was about 6 am.
   So, we went to the coat check to claim our jackets. I got mine back, and so did most of my friends, but my genius cousin Ruslan lost his coat check number! The coat checking hanger had like 5 jackets left. My cousin wanted to get his jacket so we could leave, but the coat check attendant turned out to be a real pain in “Gaborik’s groin!” He refused to just give my cousin his coat back without the tag. I mean, we were nice at first (as nice as bunch of drunk Russians can be at 6 in the morning) and tried to reason with the guy, but he just wouldn’t listen. My cousin got really pissed and just dove over the guy, right inside the coat check room, and grabbed his jacket! Picture this — a 6 foot 1, 150 lbs human projectile shooting over everyone’s head. Everything happened in a split second. He surely got in, but he didn’t think of an exit plan.
   The coat check guy started to yell, “GRABYAT’!!” (which translates ”We are being robbed!!!”) and grabbed on to my cousin/the jacket with all his might. The screeching was so damn loud, I bet everyone on Brighton heard it. In a flash, all restaurant employees (i.e. the security guard, manager, waiters and a female barman) were running towards us and the coat check. Next thing I know, there are fists, feet, people, chairs and bottles flying all about.  This was Quentin Tarantino-esque/UFC that you cannot get on demand, LOL.
   The feisty lady barman jumped on the back of one of the biggest guys and tried to scratch his eyes out. He just shrugged his shoulders and she flew off into the main dining room.  At one point, the body guard was almost crying for us to stop fighting because we literally trashed the place. So we thought it wasn’t a bad idea to ditch the place before anyone called the cops. Tired, pumped with adrenalin, we made it outside. As we were walking away, Ruslan, the cause of it all, reached into his back pants pocket and pulled out the coat check ticket! HE HAD THE DAMN TAG IN THE POCKET THE WHOLE TIME!! WHAT A MORON!
   When we saw the tag, all of us went sober right away! We all broke out in a hysterical laugh and couldn’t stop laughing all the way home.
   And the most important thing to learn from this story is ________________. You, the reader, fill in the blank, LOL.
   Carp, thank you for letting me do this. If you don’t let me guest blog again, I will go Russian-coat-check on you!


Hey, it’s Carp. Great job, CCCP. Sorry I couldn’t figure out how to post the accompanying photo. If I figure it out at a more humane hour (it’s 1:50 a.m.) I’ll put it up.
Meanwhile, got this from the Rangers:

 New York, August 31, 2009 – New York Rangers season subscribers will have the chance to get up close and personal with the 2009-2010 New York Rangers as they prepare for the upcoming season.  On Wednesday, September 2nd from 7 to 9p.m. at the Madison Square Garden Theater Lobby, Rangers Captain Chris Drury will introduce fans to some of the exciting additions to the Rangers’ roster including Marian Gaborik, Christopher Higgins, Donald Brashear and Ales Kotalik.  Emceed by former Ranger and MSG Network radio analyst Dave Maloney, the event will feature an opportunity for fans to hear from the players about the upcoming season and gain a glimpse into their lives on and off the ice. 

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  1. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    First is the worst..
    Second is the best…
    Third is the one with the hairy chest..

  2. Wow, that’s quite the rediculous story. A humorous interlude that would have been best served on hump day, but still good for a Tuesday, haha.

  3. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Fight ,Fight ,Fight!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Too much Drama hanging out with you CCCP !!! (haha)

    CCCP , I bet all you had to do that night …was stare ’em down ? huh? They took one good look at you and your mean azz drunk mug and said…” um…guys.. this one here is perty innocent!!I think we should just leave him alone!”

    Good old fashion modern day saloon brawl..I love it.

    I can’t wait untill the grades are given out to the geust bloggers when this is all done.

    Dubinsky at practice is great.

  4. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    For the most part, the guest bloggers were OK.
    CCCP…boring stupid personal story that somehow does not relate to The Rangers, The NHL or Ice Hockey in any way.

    You don’t like my comment? Well, I’m standing here. You ain’t so bad. I’m standing here…

  5. Do you think the players have come back early to relieve our boredom?

    Dubi’s words sound pretty confident, but the fact that he states he wants to be Ranger and the lack of arbitration rights do not put him in a good negotiating position. Slats can sit back, suck on his cigar and keep the offers low until Dubi’s Mr 10% dangles an offer sheet in his face.
    I’ll bet that Slats is trying for 2 years for $1.5m per and Dubi is looking for a Callahan-type contract.

  6. CCCP…
    histerical! never fight with a drunk Russian!

    Hey ZzZz…Greg L. I’m still wondering…
    Was that an imposter the other day?

  7. CCCP
    Congrats, bro.Today is your native city 215 Birthday!
    Odessa rules! Isn’t it simbolic – you have your First Guest Blog as a B.-Day gift. So,Happy Birhtday as Odessit and rookie writer. Many happy returns from fellow blogers and much less from browls opponents.(Regret not having Orr with you? For him and russian restaurant goers it’s just everynight routine)

  8. lol i thought you were posting about a hcokey fightnot youre own fight!! its still good though. i love fights. they settle everything so much better than talking. then after youre done, you get drunk together!! and laugh about it. actually, that only happened once. and it was my friend too. cccp- no vodka man, drink gin instead!!

  9. ccccp- after this story you get another “c” added to your name lol. nice anecdote but what made you guys go crazy? was it rennys trap? drury and gomez cap hit? reddens 3 goals and 2 pp goals in 82 games?? or was it because you are just a bunch of wild n crazy guys like steve martin and dan akroyd? oh and the extra “c” stands for crazy

  10. Carp,

    Where did you find out info on this Ranger meet and greet tomorrow at the theatre-I have no info from my ranger rep!

  11. Oh, man. Congrats, CCCP. Good stuff. Russian stories from Brighton Beach. The funny thing is, I can totally see this happen on Brighton. But I can also see CCCP totally making the whole story up. Or maybe he made up about 80% of the story. And the other 20% happen to someone else. We’ll never know and it doesn’t matter. What matters is that it’s a great way to start a new month. September! Training camp, preseason.
    Fellows, if you haven’t been to Brighton Beach, go. You don’t have to be Russian to appreciate the place. There is truly nothing like it anywhere in the world. Just try to be realistic on how much you can drink. And, please hold on to your damn coat check tag!
    CCCP- wasn’t Odessa-mama born on September 2nd?

  12. i think brash is an exciting addition. hes gonna fight and kick ass. kotalik will at least help the pp and shootout. there not the stars on the team, but they will have their moments. and you know even if theyre not exciting, theyre new and im sure wanna meet fans and know the city better. but yea, exciting is going overboard lol!

  13. CCCP you are pizdyn!
    “Hot broads all around”… Where in “Tatyana”? You are dreaming… or drinking too much.
    Was this a hockey story? Sober up… pizdyn.

  14. “Ivan the Terrible”, would be glad to know that his gene’s have past on to the present.

    C’mon CCCP, next time tell us a story more in the lineage of “Peter The Great”.

  15. Arkady, Solidus, taries and Co. Lighten up!. Give him some credit. Or write one on your own. I bet you it would take Carp all night to edit it. Besides, how long can we talk about Brashear being a candidate for a Lady Bing in the upcoming season? Don’t pay attention, CCCP. Like we say- poshly ony na huy!( Don’t even think about translating it!)

  16. I should’ve known better and kept my “Russian-ism” to myself… I forgot…we dealing with American people here… if it wasn’t invented by them it is automatically crap…

    Arkady – tvoei mami sin pizdun… where I hang out…there are always hot broads all around. I guess its hard for you to understand living in your mom’s basement.

    And This One Will Last A Lifetime… pretty boring story, right…is it as boring as the one of 94? I’d say right about now it is…


    its all good… I am an easy going person…most of the time… things like that don’t get to me… let the “know it all” hockey experts vent a little… lets chew this offseason topic on…

    is Dubinsky signed yet?

  17. I have ESPN insider and I have two articles worth reading really quick:

    1. Heatley almost went to NY?
    Dany Heatley | Senators

    Turns out Dany Heatley was almost traded to the Rangers.

    But, Newsday reports, the Rangers refused to deal Brandon Dubinsky for the disgruntled winger.

    At this point, the Senators will be lucky to find a suitor for Heatley. Several teams, including the teams, say they don’t want the baggage he’ll bring.

    “Do I want to bring in a Dany Heatley with all that baggage? It might work,” Kings GM Dean Lombardi told the L.A. Times. “But I don’t think we’re in a position where we can afford that. … Maybe a change of environment and he grows up. But my point is, do we need to take that risk right now? It scares me.”

    In fact, the Senators also don’t want Heatley. They want him to stay away from camp so they can avoid the distraction.

    And 2. Dubinsky signing soon, shooting more

    Brandon Dubinsky | Rangers

    Brandon Dubinsky expects to sign with the Rangers soon and, despite training camp being less than two week away, he isn’t losing any sleep over it.

    The restricted free agent turned down a qualifying offer of $698,000 earlier this summer, but he didn’t rule out playing a season under the qualifier. “Leave that to the businessmen; that’s why we pay those guys,” he told Newsday.

    As for the upcoming season, expect Dubinsky to shoot more. “I passed on too many opportunities last season,” he said.

    This should make you Duby fans happy.

  18. Arkady
    Easy, you ignorant moron. Check your “russian” spelling, your brains and (lack of) sence of humor – quintessential Brighton “bro”.What is your hockey story? Brain damage after first fall on ice? What a pathethic shmok.Shame..
    BTW it is not an expert site, rather entertaining so kudos to CCCP (and anyone else for this matter)for and with entertainment value.

  19. Carp- gotya, im hoping my rep. from the garden contacts me soon about it, you think they would give the dedicated season ticket holders more than 24 hr notice!!!!!

    how did you hit the titliest the last couple of days!!!?

  20. im going to have to agree with arkady because i think its pretty ballsy of cccp to think that anyone gives a crap about he and his friends escapades in brighton beach.

    at the same time, all of the other guest blogs, save for maybe the first one, were pretty much the same crap that ive been reading people post about on message boards since june.

  21. CCCP
    Good job. As for the all critics (and critique), remember almost all stories are trivial (even in literature) and Arkadies of the world are coming and going away. What always left in a dry residue is our undying love for our team and good stories. (Too philosophical?…)

  22. CCCP,

    Great story. Hey man, it was your day, and you wrote about what you wanted to write about. Simple as that. Good job. I always enjoy a good story.

  23. 4everanger

    For most of the crowd here… it is too philosophical.

    Again… majority of the people on here cannot relate to the story… next time ill try to keep it strictly sticks, pucks and helmets…

    Yes, pretty ballsy of me isn’t it… i’ve been given time and space to write what i want…and that is what i did…

    now… time to move on and talk about HOCKEY!

  24. Carp we had an imposter ZzzzZZZZZ Greg on Saturday…a stupid rant about how ‘terrible’ all us guest bloggers were…
    BTW…Hope your enjoying you vacation!

  25. CCCP- Funny Story.
    Every time I’ve hung out in Brighton past 2AM, there were fisticuffs. So, I started bailing around 1:30 tp miss teh regular fireworks. Love those Russian ladies.

    RE: Dubinsky playing under the qualifier – is anyone else reading this differently:

    “Asked if he is ready to play under the qualifier, Dubinsky hedged. “We’ll see,” he said. “I don’t want to talk about numbers and figures and terms. I’m ready to play. Leave that to the businessmen; that’s why we pay those guys.””

  26. to steve and the haters…
    their are apparently 4-5 ‘other’ blogs you can go to…and the few of you can ‘talk amongst yourselves’ we won’t miss you…really we won’t

  27. i’d like to see one of the guest bloggers break down the division team by team, covering their key additions/subtractions and where they think the teams will wind up in the standings

  28. CCCP – good story, and a bit different, but like you said now back to Hockey.

    Now that most of the players are going to be on the ice at the training center i presume we will be able to get some daily snippets from the beat writers (Zipper seems to be on it like a fat kid in a sweet(candy) shop today and he’s doing a live chat at 12noon your time).

  29. JEEZ TOUGH CROWD, CCCP-good job my man, tks for the lil anecdote-i think we should perform a maneuver like that in the rock or coliseum this year…..cant we RANGER fans all just get along and take our aggression out on those folks from LI!

  30. beth

    i don’t know if i could talk about it! Don’t want to create even more controversy!

    but… Stolichnaya Gold or Blue label… really good vodka.

  31. Hockey? What’s that? Isn’t it on Vs? Now no one can watch it since it’s not a DirecTV channel anymore.

  32. CCCP- what’s hockey?

    Beth- there is no bad vodka! I’d add Kremlyevskaya an Imperial to that list. Tough to come by, though

  33. Nice post CCCP. I have a question for ya. I’m looking to get an old Soviet #17 Hockey sweater. Is it spelt Kharlamov, or as in that movie “Miracle” Charlamov? Also do you know a good place to buy it?

  34. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Ok lets talk Hockey already!!

    out of all the players on the roster on the Rangers site, who do you think is fighting for a job and who is destined for Hartford?

    I lisated the names below

    Na di didnt realize it, but when you look at all the forwards we have who are all but assured of being on the opening night roser, there’s only one or two spots that I see as open.

    Andres Ambuhl
    Tyler Arnason
    Brian Boyle
    Chris Chappell
    Paul Crowder
    Devin Didiomente
    Enver Lisin
    Corey Locke
    Jordan Owens
    Dale Weise
    Aaron Voros
    Pat Rissmiller

    D Men:
    Bobby Sangs
    Del Zotto
    Tysen Dowzak
    Sam Klassen

    Who gets the open 2-4 spots and who goes to Hartford or elswhere?

  35. I don’t mean to be pernickety, but I find the term “hot broads” a tad disrespectful towards our lady readers and posters.

  36. I think voros, lisin, arnason and boyle make the team with voros and boyle probably end up being the guys that are scratched on a nightly basis….however i do have a strange feeling that tortorella likes voros

  37. I hope Voros stays in Hartford. We can be 30th overall in April, but I’ll be happy, as long as Voros never plays for the Rangers again!

  38. Beth- it’s a good one too. It’s got a lot of advertising hype, but for some reason it isn’t very popular among Russians.
    If you like flavored vodka, go to Russian Samovar( 52nd bt 7th and 8th ), they have a pretty good collection of that(house made). And if you’re lucky, you may meet a few Russian hockey players who play in the area. I’ve met a few over the years. They tend to hang out there. Just don’t check your coat!!!!

  39. This is the last time i’m coming to this blog. I don’t know why people come here there are so many better ones that follow the team better and post more than once a day.

  40. cip
    please provide me with these places to go.
    i would love to know all this great hockey news i am missing out on.
    also i would love to provide you with that list you will give me as places you can go.

    love these busy days!

  41. you honestly like this blog? I’m not saying they dont do there job I just think there’s better places. I don’t understand loyalty to a blog i’m always looking for better places to get more news.

  42. One of the best run blogs i think is They do such a good job posting throughout the day and consistently throughout the off season with videos and segments. I have yet to find a great rangers blog but this can certainly not be it

  43. jets blog??? Cip…you cannot be serious… of course you can get constant news on NFL blogs… someone always getting shot, mugged, busted for drugs or rape or sent to prison for animal cruelty!!

    Now that I am thinking about it does sound like fun!

  44. Doodie Machetto
    September 1st, 2009 at 1:47 pm

    Russians at Brighton Beach? NEVER!


    can you actually believe that? most of the people on here dont! Crazy stuff, man.

  45. You are taking this is offesivly. You did a great job writing today. I just thing this blog gives to many options not enough news with it.
    that’s the other blog i was thinking of. There first few post are news i have yet to hear of. Listen i’m just posting for people who agree with me and i know they are out there and i’m posting to let people know how they can make this blog better. It’s a bloggers job to find stuff out about the team you can’t tell me the whole roster isn’t doing anything these days. That there has been 0 interviews with rangers players.

  46. Cip Cip Cip

    see… whatever the link you just posted…with the news you have yet to hear of… we already forgot about those news two days ago… so, maybe you should look for better places where you get your info from. Try this blog for example… you can learn a lot by paying attention.

  47. Alright then sorry for trying to help this blog out. Enjoy your one post a day during the season and lack of news and links to relevant ranger articles and interviews.

  48. Cip…you are just trying to start trouble, if you don’t like the blog then just leave and leave your dumb comments to yourself.

  49. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    To be honset I agree with Cip

    I’ve been on this blog 3= YEars an dhtis summer so far has been the worst with news and posts

    Not that I havent enjoyed the Seinfeld, etc comments and jokes and stories, just getting a little redundant and way off track lately

    But I put a HOCKEY question several posts up and only one person even responded.

  50. funny story cccp. i like stoly with my mixed drinks or Grey Goose on the rocks.

    you still play nhl09? going to wait for nhl10 to come out and trade 09 in.

  51. cip

    you provided me with a “blogspot” blog?
    you cant be serious

    if the person cant buy the domain i wount go on the site
    whats it cost 125 a year to host a website? i mean seriously.
    when you can show me a link to a site that has a better alexa rating than this site i will gladly check it out.

  52. Sheesh, I had to give a lecture to my students and I missed sooo much. Who is this schmuk sip? And what news is he talking about? The ones that we are already bored talking about since last night?

  53. whats goin on here? i leave for few hours and all these new names popping up and posting crap. theres no damn news around. what should cccp do, post about line changes again, or prospects which we all know who they are and who is most likely gonna make the team. theres no new signings, no trade talks goin on, just a dubinsky interview that we saw yesterday. this isnt our job people. were not making money by posting a guest blog. who gives a crap whast he writes about. most of the guest posts were just an extended version of a regular coment on here and our thoughts about certain topics. nothin sderious. as one of the last remaining guest bloggers, there isnt much cccp can talk about without going over the same stuff weve been talking about for 2 straight months. lighten up people.

  54. Can we coin that phrase? “Brashear goes all Russian-coat-check on Crosby” I think it could work :o)

  55. From TSN-“The next head of the NHL Players’ Association must be free to work and make decisions without the fear of being fired at any moment, says former union vice-president Vincent Damphousse.” Hmmmm. Really? How thoughtful of you, Vinnie.
    Jokes aside, the NHLPA has to get their act together in order to go toe to toe with Bettman. With the leadership changes ( 4 in 5 years ), Bettman will eat them up alive during next CBA in a couple of years.

  56. wow lots of animosity today! I read other blogs and this one is by far the most informed. I can appreciate what cip is saying but the people that come here are very informed and willing to share even the smallest rumor.

    The guest blogging is not an all year thing and Carp is kind enough and trusting enough to try this out and I feel it was a great experience.

    Like I said I follow a lot of blogs about the rangers take Steve Zipay and Andrew Grossman for examples if you look at their blogging history they averaged maybe one blog a week this past summer where as this blog had one just about EVERYDAY. This site has a strong following so expect to see it defended as strongly as some have attacked it.

  57. I bet Cip is the troll that posted as Greg.

    You gotta love how every now and then, losers come out of nowhere and say how bad this blog is when it’s their first time posting. It’s pretty pathetic, if searching for the best blog is what you do all week. Go out and get laid.

    “Michal Rozsival skated on his own afterward”

    Haha, i could hear hear the sad music playing in the background as he wondered what Jags, Straks, Malik, and Pruchs were all doing.

  58. Sara
    September 1st, 2009 at 3:17 pm

    Can we coin that phrase? “Brashear goes all Russian-coat-check on Crosby” I think it could work :o)



    feel free to use the phrase at any time. you have my full consent…

  59. Carp-

    Huge fan of the blog, you and Gross (and Zip was until the new redesign) are category “blog” leaders as far as I’m concerned…and I’m not an easy critic. Not sure what people are expecting over the summer – not much going on in Ranger land unfortunately. (what can you expect when Fisherman Sather is your GM???)

    Hope things pick up over the next few weeks when Slats realizes the start of the season is just around the corner.

  60. I apologize if i offended anyone I was really just trying to make a suggestion. Maybe I look for something different in a blog because I usually don’t post comments I usually just like to lean about what’s going on with my team on a daily basis. You can make the argument that hockey’s off season is one of the busiest. I mean you look at our roster this season from 3 seasons ago and I think there might be 2 guys. Everyone on this blog is well informed and has a lot of personality I just was commented that I would like to see more news. It was just an opinion and i thought the people who run the blog would like to hear what people think.

  61. Cip-

    what do you want to hear?

    Dubi is going to hopefully sign soon -his agent is going to be working on the contract negotiation while Dubi plans to shoot more

    It is Artem’s time to step up and shine at the NHL level.

    Kotalik will hopefully help the PP with his point experience and hopefully will rekindle some chemistry with Chris Drury because our captain needs all the help he can get,

    Gaborik has to stay healthy or we will all be depressed in a few weeks.

    Redden/Roszival/Brashear are the fan favorites this summer if you have missed some of Rick’s blogs/comments/polls!

  62. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Cip im pretty sure for a full summer of hockey nuts we’ve went over just about everything, that’s when the Seinfeld jokes started and thats when people just become friendly. This blog has more up-to-date Rangers news than most, and, in my mind has a better following than Steve Zipay on Blue Notes.

    Hockey season needs to start. We’re all going crazy.

  63. I’m looking forward to a strong season from Rozsival. He’s healthy and hopefully stays that way.

  64. Rick (No, not that one) on

    Hell, I laughed reading this post.
    I think that was the point.

    thanks for the chuckle, CCCP.

  65. Good morning, Carp!

    CCCP, gotta admit I’ve been really looking forward to your post and this just cracked me up. You’re awesome!

  66. You’re welcome my children! lol

    im glad some of you liked it! cant wait to guest blog again!

    Next time I’ll talk aboot Russian cold cuts! You’ll all love it! :P

  67. “Brashear goes all Russian-coat-check on Crosby”

    That literally made me snarf on my keyboard.
    I pictured Sam Rosen saying it in my head…

  68. I’m sorry Cip, I don’t necessarily care about the news…I don’t need to here that Dubinsky signed 5 minutes after it happened. I’ll find out sooner or later and its not going to change anything if I find out from Carp on an update, or if someone throws up a link…big deal.
    I come here because this bunch of fans is fun to chat with regardless if we talk Rangers, Seinfeld, tell stories, talk about Russian drunk brawls…its all good!

  69. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Is anybody interested in hearing about the time I went to a retirement party, then we all went to the Jokers on westchester ave in the bronx where I met a gorgeous girl and we went to….

  70. DanTheRangerFan on

    ok Cip apologized for the offense…its ok man just enjoy the site and the great people that come and comment (: btw good change up cccp, brought back some memories and gave me something to chuckle about this morning…

  71. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Fight ,Fight ,Fight!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Cip is going on , post after post when he has NEVER been here before. He has never showed up untill today so I’d say hes a minority and should go take a flying…F…Leap!

    Carp , I emailed you a week before the blogs started. I don’t want to be fed to the wolves so No ty.

    Interesting few days , I’d have to say.

    CCCP , the post was you and as much as others hated it …I wouldn’t worry. We see your 1 line quips and jokes and for you to tell us this story was about you. People on here want to see “inside” the blogger at times. Risky move CCCP , not bad. This sure is a tough American crowd …so Pavel and Mike ..I guess your Next in line.

    Nasty1 ..did you ever read my comment to you when you did yours?..Did you say thanks Greg? Did you see how I said “don’t mess with the Nasty1”?? If you read something GOOD about yourself ,try telling the person who said it..when someone says something mean it seems you have more interest.

    Dubinsky has just gave a hundred more male fans a new man-crush on him!!!

  72. First preseason game vs. Boston is 2 weeks from today! Saw an interview with Torts on Sunday night. He said he wished they didn’t have any preseason games until later in September. Said “team is gonna be a little worn out from camp, we are gonna push them hard”! This guy is another Keenan!

  73. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Fight ,Fight ,Fight!!! "… says Greg L. on

    One thing to worry about is burning out our players BEFORE the season starts. Then playoffs comes….I sure hope Tort’s cuts/benches the guys who can not keep up because they will slow us down. We may see guys like Lisin and other hopefulls from Hartford that whither away and drop from contention. Boot camp 1 0 1 . This is what most fans here want !!! RIGHT!!!!??? HELL YEAH!!!! WE want DRURY to PLAY or PAY!!!!!!!!!! Pay the price . Sit down biatch!! the bench is all yours!!! Captain , Smaptain ..Drury will bow to Torts and play like the Little leaguer he is..

    REDDEN!!!!!???? yoooohooooo where R You!!?????? Torts wants you …you better go up to his office and hear what he has to say about your play today….!!!! LOOKS LIKE YOU BETTER PLAY HARDER!!! WE ARE ALL IN 7th HEAVEN!!!!!

  74. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Fight ,Fight ,Fight!!! "… says Greg L. on

    shhhhhhhh listen!!! Do you hear that!!!??

    The Rangers are comming .

  75. Eric Baumgarten on

    this blog is the only thing that keeps me from losing my mind these days. i got laid off from work a week ago and read this and post resumes all day. i am in pharma sales of anyone has connections.

    sharapova is so damn hot.

    mike in ia
    glad to see you are posting at least 20 times a days

  76. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Fight ,Fight ,Fight!!! "… says Greg L. on

    Eric did you keep your last name or do ya have hers?
    Sharapova is hot but ya better not let your new wifey see ya type that!!!It hasn’t even been a year now and we don’t want to see your divorce!!!!

    Even a blind man could appreciate Sharapova….Hearing her is quite astonishing!!! Sharapova is the best.

  77. Rick (No, not that one) on

    Good luck with the jersey hunt, Banj.

    CCCP –
    (insert Homer Simpson voice..)
    mmmmmmm cold cuts mmmmmmmm

  78. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Fight ,Fight ,Fight!!! "… says Greg L. on

    btw Mike , sorry to hear about the divorce and your kids. Thats horrible man!!!

    CCCP , dedicating that “first” to me was classy .Thanks.

  79. I just scrolled through the whole list of comments today just to catch-up. If you have a few minutes, just do it fun, gang. We’ve all gone nuts!! Eric, did you used to sell any psychiatric drugs? Cause we all may need your help.

  80. TSN is doing a 30 team preview in reverse order of power rankings and the first team up is phoenix….now is as good as a time as ever before camp starts to make some predictions….Hockey news has the rangers ranked 13th in the east…..where do you think TSN ranks us? i encourage everyone to make their predictions…here are mine

    I think TSN will rank the Rangers 19th….my predictions for the Eastern Conference

    1) Boston
    2) Washington
    3) Pittsburgh
    4) Philadelphia
    5) NY Rangers
    6) Carolina
    7) Montreal
    8) Tampa Bay
    9) Ottawa
    10)New Jersey
    14)NY Islanders

  81. ok im back…i see “russian-coat-check” phrase is catching on! cool…

    Again… thank you Carp for the opportunity and trust. I had fun guest blogging and i hope most of the people did too. Thank you everyone… and thanks to boneheads (you know who you are) for stick up for me!


  82. Hey guys, so sorry for the delay! I had a very long day at the office, but am working on it now. If it’s too late, I can submit it for another day, but up to Carp!

  83. So I’m reading the story this morning and i was like ok so maybe hes getting to the part where they run into one of the Rangers or at least some russian NHl ‘er…..

  84. carp- if you want, you can post mine in place of pavels. give him some more time to get his done. its up to u.

    cccp- russian coat check should be said whenever ovie checks the boards after a goal!

  85. i like ur prediction seth. i agree we’ll be in the middle of the pack again. here is mine. i think if hank doesnt have his mid season slump(which could be taken care of with him starting less games and not being worn out), then we could get as high as 4 or 5. i really think were 6-7 again though.
    8-tampa bay
    9-new jersey

  86. haha. u can have the old one. even though she is hot in real life. the young spectre is superhot though. you know the guy who plays rorshack is the bad kid from the bad news bear movie from the 70’s? the kid with the dirt bike who smoked ciggarettes!

  87. Carla Gugino is a beautiful woman! Malin Akerman ain’t too shabby either.

    For any Watchmen fans, check out this animated spoof on youtube:

    By the way, any players around the NHL who you think will have a breakout year this year? I’m doing fantasy. So far I’m gonna guess Voracek on CLB, Bfuglyin on Chi, Lucic on Bos, and a bunch of JDs kids on STL.

  88. malin akerman is definitely hotter than carla but thats just my opinion. i think JD has a good young team over there. i get to see them alot since i get fsn midwest. they show blues games. so besides the rangers of course, i follow the blues more often than any other team.

  89. hahah that was a great story. Sitting here in my office and the folks surrounding me must think i’m nuts cause i was laughing out loud the whole damn time. CCCP- go do stand-up bro.

  90. AngryWhiteFemale on

    As a fellow Russian Brooklynite, I have to say this: the story was not that funny and I wish I could communicate how SAD it is to have drunken old men running around Brighton Beach, starting fights and pestering girls half their age.

    Carp, I appreciate you taking this blog in a different direction: allowing the fans to truly participate in the conversation and facilitating communication in various ways.
    Yet to take pride in publishing a drunken bar brawl of a grown man who excessively utilizes the word “LOL” and refers to women as “hot broads” on a public forum like this ? I mean… really??

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  92. Hahahahaha! It still works!

    I just wanted to read the Coat Check story again.

    Hmm, I wonder if they had a coat check incident last night and that’s why I couldn’t find CCCP. ;p

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