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One intriguing subplot of this year’s Rangers training camp is who John Tortorella will choose to serve as the team’s alternate captains to Chris Drury.  Now, this may seem like a trivial matter, but I do think it’s worth discussing who will comprise the all-important “leadership group” on the Rangers this year.  We all know that in hockey, strong leadership, among other things, can take you a long way (see: Messier, 1994).
   With a bevy of new players joining the roster, it is imperative that the Rangers form a strong core quickly.  This starts with Tortorella distinguishing two players from the rest of the squad and deeming them worthy of an “A” on the left shoulder of their sweaters.
   That said, I’m going to nominate a player for the alternate captaincy that will surely stir some debate among our loyal and knowledgeable contingent of Boneheads: Sean Avery.
   Those of you who post here often know that I’m an ardent Avery supporter.  But I also know that this is a player who’s not without his shortcomings.  Last year, John Tortorella benched Avery in the playoffs for taking two inexcusable penalties in the third period of Game 4 vs. the Washington Capitals.  I didn’t think it was the right thing to do, but I saw Tortorella’s reasons for doing it.  Avery has a penchant for crossing that invisible line that superpests like him must constantly walk.  Sometimes he gets selfish and it costs his team.
   Sounds like a pretty silly choice to be a leader of your hockey club, right?  But let’s not forget some of John Tortorella’s criticisms of this hockey team when he took over in late February last year.  He said that his players were not well-conditioned.  He said they were soft.  He said they lacked identity.  Sean Avery serves as a response to all of these criticisms.  
   When Avery came to the MSG Training Center a few weeks back to run some youth clinics, I was excited to watch the interview that he gave; I always look forward to Sean’s interviews for their entertainment value, but this one caught me off guard.  I saw a focused and energetic Avery speak candidly and critically about his team’s upcoming season.  I thought to myself: “He sounds like a leader.”
   There is no doubt that Tortorella would be taking a huge risk by giving Avery an “A”  to start the season.  If he acts up,  stripping him of it would cause a great controversy and provide the type of distraction that can derail a team.  But Tortorella has repeatedly stated his desire for the Rangers to have a discernible identity.  They were about as vanilla as an NHL team can be last year (reflective of their standard-bearers: Drury, Scott Gomez and Markus Naslund).  If Avery can focus, as he did for 95% of his Rangers stint last year, I think he could play an important leadership role on a team with a plethora of new faces and help shape the identity of the 2009-10 New York Rangers.

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  1. Happy Birthday TR-88!

    Avery should give you the bar keys already!

    Not sure if its a good idea to hand an “A” to Sean. It could get into his head and then…oi vei!

  2. oh no i should have worded that differently. its someone elses birthday here. im on my phone its always harder to write stuff out.

  3. disagree with avery getting an “A”. Your right that torts was wrong to bench avery, but that action alone is enough to deprive him of it.

    He’d be foolish to not reward the most hardworking, consistent effort player we have, which is #24 Ryan Callahan

    Just my humble opinion.


  4. First week of guest blogging is coming to an end! Great stuff from everyone! i still have no clue what ill write aboot… but i know for sure, it wont be about hockey! lol

  5. good post rob. i had wrote out a huge post but hit refresh instead of send. anyway, i’ll just say i disagree with ya. i just think it would be another distraction for him and the team. refs will not take him seriously. i like him as a player, but i dont know if his teammates respect him enough,or if torts thinks hes the leadership qualities for a pretty young team. i think aves will be more effective if you just leave him be and let him do what he does best. and by putting teh extra responsibility on him could affect his game, and like you said, he could really do somethin stupid and torts strips him of his A and its just a circus waiting to happen.

  6. me neither cccp! im waiting until every post is done before mine because doodie and mike g already did posts on something similar to what i had. i have a few ideas but i am not committing to anything yet.

  7. kels- are u first time poster? havent seen you here yet. anyway, good idea. i think cally is young, but is a solid candidate for an A. as is gaborik, who will be counted on to score and get this team wins, and will be a good choice imo.

  8. i know alot of people dont just wanna give gagorik an A and wanna see him play a full season first before we just give him any leadership role, but i just think if hes gonna be our best player, he should be given that responsibility. if he gets injured, give it to duby

  9. Everyone is all over Callahan for getting one of the A’s. I wholeheartedly disagree with this. Not because i dont think he’s a great player who plays his heart out on the ice 110%, he is one of my more favorite players. The reason is because he is still young and i don’t think you deserve an ‘A’ just for leading by playing example. I agree with Rob that Avery, while having a short fuse, has shown not only hard work and grit, but he is very vocal and seemingly not afraid to be critical of his team.

  10. I know I’m going to be in the minority here, but with all the criticism that drury receives (warranted or not) avery with an “A” would be a counter balance and one worth taking IMHO. Avery likes being a ranger and might just stay the course a bit better with the added responsibility (MIGHT). The one major issue I see with it is the officials and their past relationship with avery. On one hand it may help him get a little more respect from the officials. On the other hand it may just compound it further.

    Great post btw Rob C.

    Just got a twitter update that Avery was changing the name of warren77 to TR-808 (i kid, i kid).

  11. Avery receiving an “A” is a gamble. It’s not just about what he does on the ice. It’s also about where he sits in the locker room with his teammates. He MUST have have the respect of his peers or you waisting the “A”.

  12. I wouldn’t discount Torts taking his chances on Avery. Sean loves being a Ranger, he’ll protect his teammates and he can speak well if, of course he thinks before talking. If anything, he will think twice before “surprising ” everyone with some of his antics. The question is, will he still be effective.

  13. Guess there are Rangers fans who know nothing. Avery with an A. What a joke. He’s hated by most players and you never start there for a leader, he will be in Torts doghouse shortly (again or hurt or suspended by the league for something, some leader), as for Dubi, he and Redden almost cost us the playoffs and he couldn’t lead himself. It’s important to have at least one young home grown player with a A to show the the other players the leaders are not always older vets that come from other teams and this player should be one who has the who teams respect and plays well to earn the A. That’s Cally by far. The other A should come out of camp because with so many new guys we really don’t have one yet. And it should not be Gaborek unless he is a born leader all his life and was one in Minny. Skip

  14. onecupin69yearsandcounting on

    It’s sad state of affairs when Avery is a dynamo for the rangers.He adds color and offensive skills to the team but always finds a way to undue things and self destruct.
    Avery as a leader? Avery is for Avery.. just look at his antics on and off the ice. He isn’t respected on the the ice by the players and by the officials.
    If he wears an A its for A hole.

  15. Can I say for starters there needs to be a rule amongst the MSG network and ranger fans that for a good year there should be no mention of the 1994 team. We need to move on.

    As far as assistant C’s…looking up and down the roster it’s hard to pick one now without seeing how the new guys interact…but if Gabarick has even a slight capability of leadership give him an A. And then I’d saw Rosival. Not that he’s my favorite player but he is the longest tenured Ranger and a veteran player. I just love Avery but he’s too unpredictable to be considered a role model to the new and young rangers.

    Dubinksy is still too young and his contributions on the ice have been a surprise, and not yet an expectation, until then I don’t think he gets an A.

    If wade redden gets it, unless he’s wearing the C or the A for the Wolfpack, I’ll just vomit.

  16. One thing to be a clown, another to be a circus director assistant – restrict your ability to be funny, (so to speak), besides, not everyone, who you depend upon with you business will take you seriously. Jokes aside not such a good idea mostly b/c it will dramatically change his behavior pattern and Avery we love will not be the same.

  17. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    August 30th, 2009 at 1:14 am
    i think Gabby is gonna get one of the A’s…
    And then after the first 11 minutes, when Gabby is carried off on a stretcher, the alternate for the rest of the year will be? LoL

    Rozsival with an A? Shoot me now.

    BTW, some people posted “assistant” captain and maybe that’s what it is in other sports. However, in hockey, it means “Alternate” captain.

    I would love to see Avery with an A but I also think he’s too unpredictable, game 4 of the playoffs showed that last season. However, I can’t believe how many Rangers fans are on here bashing him! You guys bash him and then you criticize me for bashing Chris Drury! haha, it’s kinda funny.

    *And while we’re on that topic, you don’t need alternate Captains when you have Captain Clutch!*

  18. Nice post Rob!
    I agree with you in some respects, but realize that if Avery “gets distracted” the entire season can be a disaster…however, giving him an “A” could certainly be a motivator and keep him from becoming a distraction.

  19. Why is Drury the Captain in the first place? Why would you want to have an overpaid, underachieving, lifeless guy as your leader. Callahan is what you want. Other teams i.e., Pens, Hawks have young captains and Callahan’s older than they are.

  20. yeah i am not buying the “too young theme”….you have crosby in pittsburgh toews in chicgao… be honest i think torts has an idea that callahan, duby, staal could get the A but he also might make the decision based on what he sees in camp… maybe gaborik slides right in and since he is our goal scores he gets the A, maybe dubi/staal/callahan show torts how harded they worked again during the offseason….maybe torts gives Kotalik the A if he has good chemistry with Drury during camp-you never know with Torts-i am not saying Avery is totally ruled out but i dont think drury and avery are best buds in the locker room-i could be totally way off base here but ever since the infamous avery/brodeur stick incident lets just say i dont think you will find drury hanging at warren 77 anytime soon!

  21. Lowell: I agree. The fact that Drury has the “C” and has never done anything (as a Ranger) to deserve it boggles my mind.

    Last season Mara probably deserved it 10x more. This season the options really are: Gaborik, Drury, Callahan, Avery, Dubinsky, Redden, Rozsival, Girardi and Stall.

    Realistically, that’s not a great bunch for the letters. They’ve all got down sides.

    My take is that Drury really is probably still the only player we have that’s Captain material in any way, unfortunately. Avery is a good suggestion for an A if Torts wants to take a risk and see how it plays out. The responsibility may have a way of controlling Avery and it may show other Rangers how to play with intensity, since the Captain won’t do that. I would give the final “A” to Stall, because of his development and his potential. He needs to take a leadership role and not sit back anymore.

    C- Drury
    A- Avery
    A- Stall

    We’ll have to see how the new players pan out before handing them letters.

  22. Lowell- I think we need to give Drury a break. He is a captain. The guy comes out and blocks the puck with his hand. And he is not your typical PK specialist who makes just above the league average to earn a bigger pay for the next year. He is making more than 7 mil for years. What does it tell you? He cares. He wants this team to win. Overpaid, yes. But it isn’t his fault. It was a function of the market then. So, dont call him lifeless. He deserves a C

  23. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Chris Drury is lifeless.

    I have watched many million dollar players go out and block shots, actually, the few that won’t are usually the ones that stand out (Jagr, Kovalev, etc…) becuase there are so many who will block that shot.

    That said, blocking shots doesn’t make you a captain. If that were the case then Blair Betts should be re-signed and made captain immediately.

  24. I’d love to give Avery a letter if nothing but in SPITE of that sham officials we have running the league from buyyman to colon to walcom right down to that pric van massenhoven. If avery had a letter then they are forced to converse with him and explain to him why he and a hamful of guys (Hollweg, Niel) have to play and abide by a different set of rules just because the league doesnt like their personalities. I really believe the league lost a tremendous amount credibility over the last couple of years becouase of this issue ( along with the contant coddling of the sun belt/ poor market team both on and off the ice). Now this whole thing about Balsille? Why? Because peewee doesnt like him? Because moving that god-forsakewn team out of the desert my finally mean that skippy was wrong? So the NHL finally reaches the magnitude of ineptitude of wall street and the also ‘bail teams out’ and goes one further and leaves it in the same ‘climate’. Ugh

  25. Doodie Machetto on

    Avery with an A? Never. Those guys talk to the refs. Think about how many calls go against us if Avery is the guy arguing our case, not to mention how many unsportsmanlike conducts he would get talk to them.

  26. What about Lundqvist? I know goalie captains are rare, but he’s respected, level-headed, and our best player. Also, his smile can charm your pants off.

  27. If Tortorella shows that type of commitment and faith in Avery, the head coach runs the risk of alienating a portion of his roster. Just put yourself in the shoes of a teammate of Sean’s – Bustin’ your butt day in and day out, staying disciplined, scoring goals, killing penalties and leading by example. Then, I see my head coach reward an undisciplined, 3rd liner who sold out his NYR teammates a year ago for some Texas money. Not only would this upset me, but I would lose respect for my head coach…

  28. Some are saying give Stall the A because he needs to mature and take on a leadership role, but I really don’t think it ever makes sense to give someone the captaincy so they become a leader, rather you’re given the captaincy because you are a leader.

    Callahan obviously deserves consideration but is he a bigger voice in the lockeroom than the older players? I’m not sure.

    Toews and Crosby are captains because they’re the best players on the team, are counted on when the game is on the line, and have leadership abilities. We don’t have young players like that.

    It’s frustrating because we don’t have supertalented young players, our veterans are actually the least favorite amongst ranger fans, the most talented player is a question mark with being new and injury prone, and so on. Ranger favorites are Lundquist, who can’t be captain, Avery, who shouldn’t, Callahan, who is borderline (would you really want him wearing the C for the next few years- if Callahan was our captain ,would we have a stanley cup team?) and Tortarella who is the coach.

  29. True fans- all Betts can do to keep him in NHL is block shots. The difference is that Drury can do much more and he still blocks shots. He doesn’t have to prove much anymore. But he still does that. He did what was the best for the team at that moment. He paid later, of course, but that is what you want from your players. If Redden didn’t think too much before each play instead of just reacting and hoping that his skills take over, he’d be much more effective. He had skills, but every time he makes a play he thinks what is it that he used to do in this situation back in Ottawa that made him so good. He was pretty effective during that game vs Caps when he dropped his gloves and floored Clark ( was he not their captain?).

  30. the players should be deciding along with the coach. They know who’s leading on and off the ice. It’s not a popularity contest.

  31. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    August 30th, 2009 at 10:32 am
    If Tortorella shows that type of commitment and faith in Avery, the head coach runs the risk of alienating a portion of his roster. Just put yourself in the shoes of a teammate of Sean’s – Bustin’ your butt day in and day out, staying disciplined, scoring goals, killing penalties and leading by example. Then, I see my head coach reward an undisciplined, 3rd liner who sold out his NYR teammates a year ago for some Texas money. Not only would this upset me, but I would lose respect for my head coach…

    I think that’s how the old NHL was. Today, they all work hard. I don’t know a Ranger in the last 10 years that worked harder than Avery (and Prucha). Those two were few of the players who have been able to back-pressure and create turnovers from behind the puck. Nonetheless, leaving for “texas money” is part of the business. You tell me you’d stay on the Rangers for $6 million when someone’s offering you $16million? Avery’s telling himself ‘why should i stay if NY doesn’t want me as much as these other guys?!’ and that’s the truth of it. This isn’t the 60’s and 70’s anymore.

    “If I see my head coach reward an ungrateful, 3rd liner who sold out his BUF teammates 3 years ago for some Broadway money” … i’m not going to let it ruin my 2009 Christmas.

  32. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    *bull dog line
    August 30th, 2009 at 11:17 am
    does it really matter who gets the A’s?*

    Yes! Because when the Rangers are called for about 9 penalties and Chris Drury skates over to the bench with his stick slung over his shoulder while chewing on his mouthpiece *SOMEONE* still needs to go talk to the ref. That was Naslund’s job last year, simply because Chris Drury really is a heartless, lifeless, Captain… but someone will have to do it (for him). Fact.

    But he’s got the intangibles! One clutch goal as a Ranger against Chicago in January… man, he’s good.

  33. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I agree, especially on this team becuase Drury (bashing aside) really isn’t the most outspoken captain. When he is/was he doesn’t seem to have the right words either. That’s fine. Jagr had Shanny (who did his talking off and on [fisticuffs] the ice). Messier, he didn’t need anybody. Drury, well, he needs someone…

  34. . drury is a dud. avery is an ahole. avery will not be a good leader. i dont want him in a leadership role. i want him behind the scenes causing chaos for opponents and playing his a$$ off. he doesnt need to talk to the refs and get in trouble any more than he already does. drury imo hasnt done much of anything to show me hes captain besides that preseason game where he got all mad and scored 2 straight goals to tie it. yet, the whole season he scores 1 real good goal to win in chicago. i think hes a decent player, but not a captain. especially for an original 6 franchise with so much history and great leaders who played here. after jagr left, renny wasnt gonna give gomer the clown the C, dru got it by default. until he really sucks it up, or contract runs out, he will probably still be captain.

  35. it doesnt mean i dislike avery. i think hes one of the most effective players when hes focused, and one of the reasons we have some life on the team. he has done alot for this team. yea, he made mistakes and all. but hes got emotion and sometimes misguided, has alot to offer this team. were a better team with him than without him. but hes good as he is now. i dont wanna mess with anything.

  36. stan fischler has a new post up at msgdotcom and he mentions 5 key players who need to be better. they are
    5-gabby(not improve himself, prove himself)

    no drury???

  37. cccp- you know we got a new player right? its grachevs other brother grachez. so now theres grachev, grabachev, and now grachez!! at least thats what somebody said the other day. i dunno if you caught that, but i did!!

  38. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Mike(Grabachev)in IA
    August 30th, 2009 at 12:07 pm
    stan fischler has a new post up at msgdotcom and he mentions 5 key players who need to be better. they are
    5-gabby(not improve himself, prove himself)
    Starting the season with 0 goals in like 13 or 15 games! Needs improvement? Heck no, he’s Chris Freakin’ Drury. He defines hockey and everything that is perfection.

  39. Well at least if Cally doesn’t get the ‘A’ I dont have to change my jersey of his for the 3rd time in 3 years!

    Got a good laugh looking in my closet of old blueshirts jerseys (15)this morning. Kaminsky, Verbeek, Fleury stood out as great purchases!


  40. him and duby both. holy crap, they both sucked last year. what was duby, 20 games w/out a point? no he had like 5 assists no goals or somethin like that. but at least he was present and accounted for. i swear, sometimes i forgot drury was even on the team. i thought he got entangled in maras beard and was stuck there for awhile, while mara played captain for him.

  41. kels- hey, at least you never had to wear an islander jersey to school because you lost a bet. i bet on the rangers beating the isles back in 90’s when we owned them alot. turgeon scored like a madman and even czerkawski and flatley scored on richter. it was pretty ugly. or couldve been beezer. and then another game when the sabres destroyed us on new years eve i recall(its all kinda fuzzy), but we had beezer pulled after 5 goals or whatever, then richter(who was backup at that point), got bent over for like another 4 or 5 goals. some real horrible ones too. i wont mention what happened after that. my bookie was a senior. and i owed him lunch money for a month. so i was the cafeteria bum panhandlin for change!

  42. I wouldnt agree withn it but you may see Redden get an A, lets just hope he settles in and has a rebound year

  43. yeah mike… i saw the new player…it was actually staal wart who said it in his guest blog…

    and then someone made fun of it…saying that Grachez is half human half machine lol

    Grachez… now its three of them… three brothers and all three play for us! Staal family got nothing on them!

  44. the bummin for change for lunch was only the begginning of the torture, but i got em all back come 94!!! anybody remember a game in 92 when we beat the kings 8-3 in la? we had corey hirsch in net. whatever happened to him? somebody should do a “where are they now, rangers style post”

  45. Ouch Mike that hurts!

    Vinny Propspal might be a darkhorse for the A. Reasons: he’s one of the older guys on a fairly young team, he has the respect of Torts despite that youtube video, Torts knows he has something to prove after the buyout, and he has the respect of the older European players like Kotalik, Rozi, and he’ll most likeley be playing top line minutes.

    I’d rather give it to 2 outta 3 of Dubi, Cally, Staal but realism says it’s gonna be Gaborik and one other veteran.

  46. hammerhead- not out of the question, but i dont think torts wants him to worry about anything except getting at least to regain some of his form from ottawa.

    kels- yea, its funny now to reminisce about the “good ole days”. definitely miss school. ten years since i graduated. went by quick

    cccp- thats right, staalwart said it. i think carp didnt edit it to give us a laugh

  47. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Dubinsky did have a somewhat clutch season though… besides having his chemistry demolished by Renney (why he took Zherdev off Dubi’s line, i’ll never figure out) but Dubinsky somehow scored 7 GWGs last year!

    Sounds like the second coming of Chris Drury to me.

  48. Umm…nice thought. But to be honest, no way in hell. Most of us here like Avery, and we appreciate the role he plays on the team. I happen to think he treads the line between “annoying” and “useful” quite well and uses both to his advantage, while never being a dangerous jerk like, say, Jarkko Ruutu. That being said, it’s important to remember; Our biggest motivator is Hank and we all know why he isn’t (and depening on who argues it, “can’t be”) our Captain. Conversing, and sometimes arguing, with the ref’s and linesman is a major part of the “C” and “A” jobs. And if there’s one hockey player those guys hate more than anyone else, it’s Sean Avery. And at times, deservingly so. But we’ve all seen instances where they seemingly spite him. I don’t want to insinuate that they’d purposely make a bad call to punish him or because they don’t trust him…but they sure do seem to do just that. You said yourself, he’d have to be stripped if he acts up. Who would want to risk that? Why give an “A” to someone you half EXPECT to screw it up? What we need is someone who not only motivates the team, but treats players and officials with the respect they (usually) deserve, not risking a bad call or penalty because they can’t control their emotions. THIS is why I would never in a million years expect Avery to be Captain or Alternate (least not until he changes some major “character flaws”, which he DOES seem to be getting a hold of). THIS is why we are all in unified support of Cally being an “A”, and would even prefer he take the Captaincy from Drury. He’s not only a great, cordial and motivating guy, but he actually practices what he preaches. IMO, no skater does more for our team. He’s the Hank of offense. So until or unless we decide to give Lundy a letter, I say Cally, all the way.

    P.S. I’m not biased, I named my dog for the man. But it is what it is, even my dog is a bit of a pest.

  49. yes mike. it sucked!! oh, and i think when the drury era is over, thats when uby, cally, staal will take the team over and it will be a great day for us when that happens. i can see staal getting the C, with the other 2 A’s goin to duby and cally

  50. That chick in the add is hot, but i liked the dirty blonde better. Every time i thought of that pic of her, id think of getting those mini skateboards, and use her gonzagas like ramps. Would have been fun.

    Oh yeah, and go Rangers !

  51. “the hank of offense”???? wow girl, settle down now. 22 goals is great for a grinder, but it does not even begin to compare to what hank does for this team. he is a solid 2 way player with the heart of a lion. he does his job very well. but when you think callahan, you dont think, goal scorer extraordinaire.

  52. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I think it’s time to play dodgeball……….

    This season needs to get rolling, or Grabachev is gonna go stir crazy.

  53. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    If Heatley comes to NY, I think it would be great. He’s an awesome player, a franchise player (moreso than Gaborik and Drury).

    However, it has been raining alot in Westchester… I don’t know about this.

  54. Corey Hirsch (born July 1, 1972 in Medicine Hat, Alberta) is a retired Canadian ice hockey goaltender. He spent the majority of his National Hockey League career with the Vancouver Canucks. He is currently the goaltending coach of the Toronto Maple Leafs.

  55. An A is going to Gaborik – we just signed him to a 5 year deal and will be the co-face of the franchise along with Hank

    And I think Redden gets an A, because of his salary and Torts has already gone public that he is going to lean on him more this season

    The Ottawa Sun was reporting that we are still in the Heatley race and Sather scoffed at sending Staal and Dubinsky in a trade at the Draft. Sather also more recently is reluctant to trade Captain Drury in a package for Heatley.

    THAT IS CRAZY TO ME – Why wouldnt Sather unload Drury for Heatley?? I know we are low on Centers but if i could get out of Drury’s contract i’d do it in a heartbeat??

  56. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Sather also more recently is reluctant to trade Captain Drury in a package for Heatley.

    I will puke in that man’s briefcase the next time I see him if this is true.

  57. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Drury is a team player and would do anything to make the Rangers better!

    …except leave.

  58. i was reading spector and hes sayin that heatley really wants to come here and the sens want staal and duby. so, unless sather wants to get fired heaters goin to san jose and marleau is likely headed back plus picks. they wanbt thornton, but its not happening

  59. oops. somer beat me to it. i never read the comments until im done posting. anyway, i cant figure why slats wouldnt trade drury. i think he would trade him in a heartbeat, but dru wont go. thats the problem. dru’s ntc is holding this trade back. thanks slatipuss maximus!!!! u really needed to give him that ntc and kotalik too???

  60. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hahaha slatipuss maximus. Could you imagine if they work a deal out and Drew says no? I’d punch him in the baby maker after I barf in Slats bag.

  61. Yeah, there’s no way Heatley comes here. It’s one thing to give them Dubi, but throw in Staal ? Fugg em !

    No trades, no signings, no nothing. Just go in the season with what we have, this season wont be pretty, but all i can do i hope for the best.

    Hank’s best years look like they might be wasted away, cause Slats is a fuggin doofus, and he cant surround him with a capable team.

  62. oh yeah – I forgot Drury has that No-Trade Clause – but the article made it seem like Sather said Drury is not available in the first place … which is the crazy part to me

    Obviously Staal is unavailable but would anyone be willing to trade Girardi??

    It seems that he could be the odd-man out on Defense in 2010 anyway when pretty much ALL of D Prospects should be ready.

  63. just turned on nhl 09 and at the start up screen they show a top player from each team and its a different player each time you play, and this time it was gaborik in his wild jersey. on it was the C. so i have no question he could be an alternate here. hes a leader on the scoresheet and hes pretty feisty. i remember him layin some good hits on us whenever we played minny. hes not afraid of sending a mesage to the team other than motivational speaking. we’ll leave that to mr. personality himself. capn clutch

  64. Hank’s prime should be starting pretty much this season and for the next 5 years. I’m not worried about him.

    When they restarted in 05-06 it was viewed as a patient and rebuilding period. Rangers did much better than anyone thought and expectations got a little too high. NOW is when some of the prospects drafted are going to come up and hopefully be the main guys to carry this team to a contender along with what is already there.

  65. Alright, my guest blog for tomorrow is complete, and it’s not about the Rangers. It’s mostly about *shiver* Gary Bettman and his failures, but I hope you will read it anyway!

    Despite the fact that Avery seems like a good “Torts player,” I really don’t think it would serve this team well to have him wear a letter. He should not be in a position of power like he may have thought he was in Dallas last season when they gave him such a large contract.

  66. very true mike. i think being a ranger fan, rebuilding is kinda hard for us to deal with, and we want results but if some of these prospects are as good as they are said to be, we should have a good team wtth a young core of players like the hawks. gaborik is the rangers havlat, with grachev and anisimov possibly being our version of a kane/toews duo(maybe not as good, but similar,) duby and cally being good support guys like byfuglien and versteeg, with staal and girardi being like keith/seabrook. redden is our version of campbell. i see alot of similarities except in goal, where we have them beat. they have more talented offense now, but in a year or 2, you could see us and the hawks in the finals. that would be great. like in 79 right?

  67. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I was with you… until the Redden – Campbell part. LoL.
    A note on their goaltending. Last year the Hawks had the absolute best duo in the league. Khabi had nearly a .920 and Huet almost .910 and they basically split the season in terms of GP down the middle. That’s awesome. I’m not sure if both are signed through this coming season though (or if they’ve already been moved … i missed most of the events of July as I was travelling).

  68. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I could see Torterella walking into the locker room opening night where Valiquette holds up that ‘A’ on the #16 jersey with a look of digust.
    Torts replies: “What’s the problem?! The “A” is just for “Avery!”
    Avery (looks bewildered, but then adds): “Ohhhh, so that’s how Drew got the C? It just stands for CHRIS!!! I get it now.”

  69. Mike(Grabachev)in IA,

    What I was implying, and what I don’t think anyone can argue with, is Cally plays with the same damn heart and love that Hank plays with. He has that same “I’m gonna do nothing less than my best face” that Hank has. His talent level is not on par with someone like an Ovechkin, obviously. But you can’t say he doesn’t lead one hell of an example. As far as I’m concerned, we’re not nominating people for Alternate based on how many goals we score. But if we did, based on last years team, Cally would still be in the running considering the shit show Drury and Gomez put on. He gets everyone else playing with the heart it takes, and for someone who DOESN’T have the physical capabilities as some of the leagues best, he goes out every night and plays like he doesn’t know he’s not the best.

  70. “Speaking of Dubinsky: As I understand it, Dubinsky is under contract for the upcoming season as he accepted the Rangers meager qualifying offer. So no worries about him going elsewhere. However, it is still likely that he signs a larger contract at some point soon.”

  71. i understand what ya mean amanda. i was razzin ya a little. i agree with what youre just didnt convey it the way you wanted to i guess with the “cally is the hank of offense” statement.

    spider- pleasse p[lease pwitty perty please no buttman posts!!! j/k do what ya want bro. but expect alot of negatory feedback!!. at least make sure you call him buttman in your post. and also give us your line combos and alternate captain candidates. no, im kidding. good luck tommorow bud!

    true- well, i think redden and campbell for the most part are in teh same boat regarding salary, high expectations and both pretty much having bad seasons. campbell had what, 3-4 more goals? not exactly worth the money. he got paid even more than redden!! but yea, their goaltending was actually damn good in the playoffs. i didnt watch them in the reg. season, but saw them plenty in postseason. i think huet had himself a hell of a game in the end of the wings series. i still think hank and vally make a better tandem. valley is a backup, and huet was more of a starter. we got a better tandem for the money. what they have 11 mill tied up in both of them??

  72. giving avery the A would be too great of a risk unless torts gave avery the A under certain circumstances. maybe a contional few month period where he would know going into it that if he messed up he would lose the honor of wearing the A.

  73. i think my answer is a little biased here but i think avery deserves the A

    if you listen to him talk now as opposed to a couple seasons ago there is a huge difference. you can tell he thinks before he speaks and can construct a well spoken sentence.

  74. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Just a little bitter"… says Greg L. on


    Fine , I lost the beard contest , There was like 6 people who had won something even though half of them cheated ….maybe I did too..but did I win anything?…I watch the Rangers lose because of Torts pulled Avery out of the series clinching game…bunch of idiots on here saying that Tort’s HAD to risk our cup chance to prove/ teach Avery a lesson!!?? Thats a crock. I show my loyalty and came on the blog everyday after we lost in the playoffs and gave support to you fellow bloggers. Half the people picked for the guest blogging werent even there , they retired to the golf course and left a couple old faithfull here on the blog grinding out the after mass!! I was there. The top 10 blog guests were announced and I wasn’t even put in consideration. I wont take anyones sloppy seconds and I don’t want to look like a fool writing the same garbage that others had written. These guest bloggers had no clue what to write and it showed. Carp is a good writer and to hand it off to the boneheads was a disaster. To read all the bloggers say how good the guest was …made me wanna puke. Did any guest blogger single out the people who said thanks?…Nope!! They acted like they deserved the praise and never even bothered to type to the person who said well done a singled out ty? That is not how a Ranger Report blog works. It was so phoney to watch the people who got picked be “so nice” and so responsive because they knew it was thier time coming up. When thier time has come and gone..they will be gone and we wont be any better for it. I have to be honest and say the guest bloggers all *sucked* and they only looked good cuz Carp fixed ’em up. Only Jane and Hoffman wrote proper stuff with Laurel doing her best only to get freaked out on cuz she posted over Doodies precious post. I was “first” on Laurel post and I wrote a few things and others had as well ( it was even surpassing Doodies comments) that got all vanished because of peoples bitterness. Well NOW I’m bitter. I’ll be back when this garbage is done and we can get back to the real editors. I miss Jane but we still have Carp, Laurel and Josh who is still 26 years old running the show , THANK GOODNESS!!! cccp your post comming up could be quite funny and cool . Mike in ia ‘s if ya don’t worry about others post yours could be quite interesting if you just be yerself .Art by Sally would be awsome.

  75. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Drury will be the capt again
    Higgins and Gaborik will wear A’s.
    As far a dubi goes.. he could sit the year out without pay and be a F/A next year.
    If he comes back this year at his present salary he may be pissed off and be a mope on the ice and look to go elsewhere next year.

  76. bull dog line on

    Dubi is under the Rangers control for at least the next 2 seasons. He will eligible for arbitration next season, and unrestricted the season after that. The Rangers may even control him for 1 more season past that, although I am not positive of this.

  77. ZzZz 11 ZzZz “Just a little bitter”… says Greg L. August 30th, 2009 at 5:10 pm


    Was that whole rant serious or someone posting as him?

    I thought the whole part of the guest blogger thing was for each of us to be creative and write about something different, and I think that is what everyone did.

    I certainly didn’t do it for praise. Actually the point of my post on Monday was for each of you to retell a story of your own. So that whole rant above, if serious, leaves me quite confused.

  78. Wow, a hockey story that I saw first on ESPN (ESPNEWS in this case): Tanguay has officially signed with the Lightning. Good move for them to go with a good summer following an awful one last year.

  79. And P.S. I don’t think Carp fixed any of them up, and I know for sure he didn’t touch mine. I actually made one spelling mistake and then had to ask Carp to fix it.

  80. Just because we all can’t put in the time to keep up with everyone’s posts doesn’t mean we’re not qualified to write a post. I’m pretty sure all of the people picked for the guest blogging have been around longer than Greg L. (excluding Jane but she worked here). I did not like every post so far but praised the ones I did like. I know Doodie was attentive to responses.

  81. wow Greg! whats up your Saskatch-a-bun? i think you are over reacting man. are you still pissed that Laurel had to delete her post where you posted ‘first’? come on dude…

  82. Haha, maybe I saw it first on ESPN because I haven’t been paying attention all weekend. I do recall somebody mentioning the Tanguay signing yesterday, now that I think about it more.

  83. ZzZz 11 ZzZz “Just a little bitter”… says Greg L.

    all I have to say is you just made yourself the absolute *LAUGHING STOCK* of this blog! HAHA…what are you 8 years old, you sound like a bratty little a$$!
    After you posted that did you cry?
    Seriously…I hope someone is impostering you because dude, get a grip!
    The people who were chosen to guest blog have been coming to this blog for a long time, long before I ever saw you comment here. I have been here over three years and I have never seen such a sore looser!

  84. No way Higgins gets an A. Maybe if Renney or Slats were coaching.

    Hank should get the C, cause Hank is everything to this team. Leaders don’t need a stupid letter to be leaders. It doesn’t matter who gets what, Hank should be the only Captain on this team, cause without him, this ship goes down like a house of cards, like a sack of potatoes, like Paris Hilton on a first date !!!

    Let the A’s go to the players that play their asses off every game !

    Enough said !

  85. they may not deservr it, but its going to be redden and roszival. guaranteed. cmon. you know it in your hearts.

  86. I am a bit shocked at some of what I read here. Clearly, some despise Chris Drury, some even to psychotic depths. I personally am a rational fan of him. though I recognize his limitations, I like what he brings to the table as a hockey player: experience, good two way player, level head, doesn’t wilt under pressure. Whether or not he is worth 7 million is irrelevant to me.

    Drury deserves the “C” not just for what he does or has done as a Ranger but for the career that he has had. He is a quality NHL player who is very experienced, has his name on a cup, has played with and enhanced the ability of great players and has consistenlty scored in the NHL, some of the goals big game winners. Name me one other Ranger that has that resume? And that is what will decide who gets and deserves the “C”. It’s not a popularity contest, or about who works the hardest. It’s about who is the best overall leader through what he brings to the locker room. Sydney Crosby because he is the best and most dynamic player for the PENS and leads by example. Drury because he has been there and knows what it takes. No other Ranger has. Don’t compare him to anyone else in another locker room.

  87. ZzZz 11 ZzZz “Just a little bitter”… says Greg L.
    Wow, Zz, now blaming everyone and everything, you realy sound like 5th grader,a definition of Looser.If that was your goal you did achive it.Too bad,I kinda of liked your posts, some sence of humor (where you lost it with some credability?)C’mon, tell us it was just creative prank..

  88. Rmant
    surprisingly (in minority here),right, deep and quick Dru analyses totaly resonating with my thoughts.Thanks for being opinionate..

  89. Hey guys,

    Thanks for the kind words and criticism as well. All I was trying to do was spark some debate and it looks like it worked.

    For those of you who think Carp or Laurel dramatically changed these posts, they haven’t. That’s exactly what I wrote and how I wrote it.

    Looking forward to the rest of the guest blogs. Great job everyone.

  90. Well if thats an imposter…your an ass!
    if its the real Greg L, then I meant every word

  91. Hello All Havent been around much lately BUT Avery embodies everything that is NEW YORK and those of you that live here and have been Ranger Fans for over 40+ yrs as I have believe its in the ATTITUDE and he has what we need. What better to shove it up Bettmans Ass in a way only NY could do than to have AVES yappin with the refs

  92. idk it sure was worded the way greg says things. the imposter, if it was one, had him down to a tee in terms of his writing. i thnk it was greg. greg, why so upset man? you wanna take my spot on the guest blog? i can do one in a few weeks when carp takes another vacation. seriously though, all the guest posters were very good and its actually a great idea by carp. this blog effin rules greg!!! you haqve a bad day at work? somethins wrong in gregs world thats for sure

  93. 1. Whoever wrote the diatribe should lock himself up in a cabin and start writing his manifesto. All theguest bloggers at least followed an organized and coherant thought, unlike that drivel.
    2. Look, I love Avery, but he doesn’t deserve to wear an “A”. You need to have the respect of your teammates, the coaching staff, the opposition AND the refs. How many of those does Avery have, honestly? The refs would Resent having to listen to him and we don’t need any more resentment.
    3. The ‘A’s will go to Roszival and Gaborik. Staal and Callahan would be my choices, and maybe Dubi if he’s still around.
    4. Rmnt was right on. The abuse of Drury is reminiscent of Leetch’s captaincy. People talk about captains as if they are elected officials or the Steven Macdonald award. See above description of a captain. Drury has them all. His statistics haven’t changed that much over the years, and it’s not his fault his contract is overpriced. All of us would take the money. People talk about him like he is Tom Poti or Val Kamensky. He doesn’t float. He’ll have a better year this year, I’m sure of it.

  94. ohh, no i didnt check yet cccp. i just got back from my buddies house. i’ll check now.

    greg- do u need a hug? cmon big guy, come here and give your old pal mikey a hug!!! lol. cheer up man. my ex wife is tryin to squeeze me for every penny i got!!! shes holdin my kid hostage on me and im in a big court battle with her. on top of that, i will only be able to watch the rangers when theyre on versus, or if im lucky enough, online. things could always be worse man.

  95. c mark- lmao on number 1. and about drury. i like the guy. hes a decent player. i know he gets most resentment because of his salary, and because we had a wrecking machine in jagr who was captain before him and those are some big shoes to fill. hes not a bad guy. its just he doesnt seem cut out for it. maybe for the islanders, he could pass as captain, but for this franchise, we expect more and some guys just arent cut out for it.

  96. I uderstand why I did not get selected, I use all my good (in my own opinion) material here every day in the banter!! (JK folks)

  97. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    “c mark- lmao on number 1. and about drury. i like the guy. hes a decent player. i know he gets most resentment because of his salary, and because we had a wrecking machine in jagr who was captain before him and those are some big shoes to fill. hes not a bad guy. its just he doesnt seem cut out for it. maybe for the islanders, he could pass as captain, but for this franchise, we expect more and some guys just arent cut out for it.”

    Wasn’t Jagr like, the most criticized player ever, “WHY IS HE OUR CAPTAIN!!?!!” It’s really funny how when we put the C on a 2-way centre that scores clutch goals we expect him to be a sniping RW that will surely be in the hall at first call. Get the picture.

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