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Good morning gang!
I’m gonna start with a story and see where we end up…
         It was June 1994, I was a senior about to graduate from Boonton High School.  The Rangers had just defeated the Nucks, and my ribs were still sore from the celebratory dive I had taken into the stick shift of my buddies Jeep two days before after game 7… summer was a few days away, I was about to graduate, all I had to do was take one more final exam and…and freedom!!!  Things were looking great! 
        Only problem was there was a “conflict of interest”, the Rangers Stanley Cup parade was scheduled for Thursday morning June 16th and so was my last, final exam.  It was a written gym test!!  I figured I could afford to get a zero and still pass the stupid class… or I could just take the makeup right?  I was convinced high school was a long drawn out form of torture;  just a place I had to visit daily to stay out of trouble… but it wasn’t going to interfere with “priorities” that morning!
        Anyway, a sleepless night led to a sunny Thursday morning, I’d barely slept.  I rolled out of bed, donned my glowing LEETCH jersey and I was out the door… (I swear I was floating that morning).   My buddies and I  were skipping finals and proud of it… This was the Rangers!!! This was THE CUP!!!  This was history, and I was not about to miss it…
        So…we met early and headed to NYC… We parked illegally in Hoboken, since a  parking ticket was less than parking in a lot… and hopped the PATH which was full of Ranger fans..    
         We stepped onto the platform to a sea of blue.  It was Ranger chaos!  The entire city was buzzing, literally…haha!     The parade was crazy, we were standing probably 20 deep, like being smushed into the stage at a concert.   We were all Broadway Blueshirts that morning… the “LETS GO RANGERS!!” chant reverberated up the Canyon of Heroes, pressing against the buildings as the Cup made its way up Broadway.  “LETS GO RANGERS!!” bum, bum, bumbumbum “LETS GO RANGERS!” Still gives me the chills… There was so much energy… it was sweet!  
        We hung out for a bit and hit the train again… back to Hoboken, I was seriously on a  magic carpet ride that day, a ride that crashed and burned as I pulled into my driveway that afternoon…
Both of my parents knew I was going, however the principle, Mr. Hino had called our parents and wanted to know why I was not in school… well I was sick of course, and funny thing was, Sean was sick, and so were Bill and Frank… all my best friends were sick… all on the same day… duh!… My mother came around the corner and her first words were…”I told you not to go!  They are not going to let you guys graduate!”…Mr. Hino was no dummy, and he carried a big stick.  
        Friday morning homeroom the last day of school, the voice of the nice lady was gone, replaced instead by Mr. Hino’s. His voice ripped through the loudspeaker system to every classroom in the building, “Would Drew, Sean, Frank and Bill please report immediately to the front office”.  I couldn’t help the small smile in the corners of my mouth as I got up and headed out the door.  All four of us paraded down the hall past the tall red lockers…our own, much smaller “Canyon”, to the front office.
        Mr. Hino was a character right out of a Charles Dickens novel.  His fat face turned sweaty and red, and his huge belly rolled as he pounded the desk with his fist, demanding a confession… the seams of his suit were fighting to hang on and avoid a blowout.  Wow was he pissed!  He ‘interrogated’ us, trying to get one of us to admit we were all at the parade…he knew we were all die hard hockey fans… we played dumb…but he knew…
So Mr. Hino, if you’re reading… you finally got your confession.

       Anyway I was thinking about our beloved Rangers and I figured I could maybe steer a conversation on this summer’s player additions.  I don’t want to get into salary so much, just whether or not the trades/signings made sense and improved the team.  I got the sense last summer that Sather was unprepared for the loss of Jagr, Straka, Nylander (summer before) etc. and Sather was just trying to fill holes with bodies.  A lot of the signings seemed more like panic moves… not well thought out, almost knee-jerk.  Sather added, Naslund, Zherdev, Fritsche, Voros, and Rissmiller on offense and Redden and Kalinin on defense (is that all of them?)
        But this summer he seems different…(unless of course he makes a boneheaded trade right after this is posted, or doesn’t sign #17).   He signed Gaborik, Higgins, Prospal, Brashear, Boyle, Arnason, Lisin, and  Kotalik…to replace Betts, Orr, Sjo, Gomez, Mara, Andropov and Zherdev…are there more?  
I think the BEST moves were, trading Gomez and landing Gaborik, Higgins and Prospal.  We finally have an elite goal scorer if he stays healthy, and a nice amount of grit and scoring in Higgins and Prospal.  
My biggest issue is the 4th line which under Torts isn’t used much.  Why not keep Betts, Orr, or Sjo?  They were a bargain, and with Hank our PK was fantastic.  Under Renney they played too many minutes but  I think they’d be a great line to throw out 1 or 2 times a period in Torts’ system.
Are the players who will replace these guys better?   Why sign Brashear?  Loosing Orr and signing Brashear in my mind was the worst signing this summer.  No matter which way I look at it, I still can’t wrap my head around that decision.
        I like what I see for the most part, and we’ve kept our youth and added more great prospects…The future seems brighter with Grachez, DZ, Anisimov, McDonagh…
Only time will tell if in the near future, I can once again roll out of bed, don my glowing Leetch jersey and head to the Canyon of Heroes.

Carp, thanks for the privilege, this was fun.
Drew/Staal Wart


EDITOR’S NOTE: Hey, it’s Carp. Great job, Staal Wart. Just wanted to let you know that the Rangers’ Fan Fest scheduled for today has been postponed until tomorrow, in case you were among the subscribers who planned to attend. Check the Rangers’ web site for details.

CORRECTION: Had it wrong, sorry. The Fan Fest was scheduled for this weekend. It’s now scheduled for Sept. 5. That’s what you get for posting after midnight, all blurry-eyed, after Seinfeld of course. Check the Rangers site for details.

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  1. Great story Drew Wart! Pretty funny stuff! I wouldn’t expect anything different from Rangers fans on Cup parade day! F high school!

  2. Staal

    Great blog, thanks for sharing!!


    Jagr played when he felt like it, he was a prima donna. Took shifts and games off, (don’t get me wrong here, the numbers don’t lie and he was a great player and I think he deserves to be in the hall of fame). He was always a better wingman (ie with mario) than a leader. The rangers have won the same number of cups with him as capt. that they have with dru at capt. I would rather have a guy that works his butt off with less talent and less skill than a player that has all the skill in the world but takes shifts off and only plays hard when it feels like it suits him. If you had to choose which guy better exemplifies leadership, who would you choose? I would hope the one that works hard all the time! Of course most of the people in the world today (I am only generalizing here) will pick the player who only plays hard when it suits him thus explaining the sad state of the world today!

  3. True Fans Bleed – Yea because you KNEW that Ryder was gona have such a great bounce back year, 20/20 hindsight is real easy to have.. And by the way we have been talking about one player, I did not say the Rangers are going to win the Cup or be the best team in the league or however good they are gona be, your just hating too hard on Drury like Wicky 229 said in the first place, i dont agree with everything the coaches or Sather does, but I live with it and try to make the best of it, and yea no shit he signed Redden and Rozsival for too much money when Streit was out there, but we havent even mentioned that & when did I say i supported those moves. I have criticisms too but you guys just beat dead horse after dead horse on here, its retarded… and by the way, im not gona sit here and have a kindergarten argument about who knows hockey better, but i watch every single minute of every game so dont be all like “well im gona watch everygame that YOU watch blah blah..” with that bullshit man

  4. No Country For Old Rangers on

    really nice job staal wart

    who is this dubinsky everyone keeps talking about?

  5. not to change subjects (glad to do it though), did someone on the last post say the bouillon thing was gaining steam again!

  6. hahaha – take that Mr. Hino!
    Who’s the guest Blogger?
    Drew Wart is!
    HA HA!

    Nice story – THAT’S a true fan.
    Thanks for that-
    Good job!
    man, Carp did a great job picking guests this week!

    My only worry about Brashear is his age – Fighters age faster than the rest of the population it seems – see McCarty for example (although i hear he’s KHL bound).

    If he can be the same guy who had major pugilists backing down that he’s been for a few years, then the fans will love him first time he drops a punk who threatens Gabby.
    A little intimidation goes a Loooooong way in this league.
    Adding Brash to Avery in the mix and I think we aren’t a soft team any longer.

    In fact, I expect we’ll even see fighting majors out of Cally and Prospal this year as well – although I’d rather Callahan keep those hands clean for scoring. After all, look what happened to Brassard in Columbus last year when he threw down protecting Nash.

    True Fans – in the last thread you said Drury is third on the Rangers’ Center Depth Chart.
    Behind who?
    Anisimov, who’s played all of ONE game in the bigs so far?
    Sloooow down big fella:
    Let’s give the kids a chance to grow and not anoint them before camp even begins.

  7. so its ok to talk crap aboot Jagr…but its not ok to talk crap aboot Drury? i get it…

    Drury as much of a slacker as anybody else… Last year Dru would disappear for games! And he definitely did not show up for the playoffs two years in a row! And don’t give me that broken hand goal BS… it certainly didn’t win us a CUP!
    He works hard…sure… but so does Hollweg , and even Redden!

    Drury is overrated and definitely overpaid!

    I am still waiting for that “clutch” goal that everyone is talking aboot. So far he hasn’t done anything for the Rangers and I am afraid he will be remembered as the guy from Buffalo who scored on us with 7 seconds to go. Lets hope he can prove people wrong.

  8. drury had a hat trick against Tampa Bay
    that is all he’s done so far…..
    i hope this post doesn’t ruin his august 28th

  9. That was a great story Staal Wart and hat’s off to what you did. I was only 13 then and had an Environmental Science final so my friends and I missed the parade in 94 while my neighbor who was a year younger and had no finals went.

    Did you have to go to summer school or did he eventually let you four graduate?

    When the Yankees won in 96 and 98 I had the same English teacher for 10th and 12th grade and she actually called anyone who was a fan and didn’t cut to go to the parade wussies. She was a hardcore Jets fan so it makes sense now.

  10. I had a math final on the day of the Rangers parade. Halfway through the test, the dean of students at my high school walked into the classroom… interrupted the test… walked up to me and shook my hand.

    He was a massive Ranger fan with season tickets, and had sold me games ever since my first days at the HS. And he let me skip out on detention a few times because of my Ranger fandom amidst a sea of basketball fans.

    Quick other story about him: I convinced him to let me try organizing a rebirth of the school’s hockey team that had gone defunct several years prior. One year, we had enough people, but could get neither the ice time nor the insurance. The year after that, we had time and insurance, but not enough interest. I was told I could come back after HS to help coach, but I tore my ACL that summer and spent it on a couch — rewatching my tapes of the 94 championship.

  11. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I’m not even BSing right here, I vividly recall a goal scored at 19:58 against Edmonton on a tip-in that we lost in a shootout.

    I’m quite sure that time of the game is called ‘Clutch’

    CCCP, Be more attentive with your memories instead of biased towards your current feelings, maybe you’ll conjure up the correct thoughts.

    Drury is clutch.

  12. Nice post Staal.

    On the Brash/Orr issue i was thinking that Brash is more of a deterrent because of his previous indiscretions. Orr was a good fighter but a reasonably clean player so sometimes people would take liberties with the knowledge that Orr wasn’t likely to try and take the star players head off his shoulders.
    With Brash there i think any unnecessarily hard or illegal hit on our players could result in more than just Orr going toe to toe with their tough guy…

    I’m not saying I condone dirty play and i liked Colton as a fighter and a passable 4th liner, but if there is the possibility of retribution, the other teams will think twice before trying to go after Gabby et al. Plus Philly have beefed up again this year so why not give them something else to think about?

  13. great post! It is annoying how young you are though.

    I completely agree with you about the 4th line. I suspect it’s largely about the coach’s opinions about the players and I think you have to let that fly. We’ll see …. Right?

  14. Thanks for the smile so early in the morning, Staal!
    It’s been a fun week reading the stories and insights of the Boneheads (and of course, Laurel’s gift of Avery), especially in the dead of the offseason. Can’t wait to read more.

  15. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Nice Story

    but StaalWart…if it doesn’t matter, it doesn’t matter. if you say Torts doesn’t play a 4th line so it doesn’t matter, then why criticize getting a new 4th line? if it does not matter one way, it does not matter the other way. btw, the new 4th line will have a potential scorer in Lisin (unbelievable speed), a true beast in Brashear, and a 6′ 7″ center (Boyle). They will get spotted in here and there and hopefully make a contribution.

    What the F*** is going on with the Dubinsky situation ? Somebody give an update and calm me down!

  16. According to uncle Larry, Dubi could now be on his way to Boston?!
    Assuming Dubi is the only logical player going the other way. . . .

  17. Great blog Wart,
    I just can’t take the Brashear crap. Orr has no business on this Tortarella team. HE CAN’T PLAY HOCKEY. AT ALL. No Brashear is no Cam Neely, but he is LIGHT YEARS ahead of Orr as a player. Which tells you how awful Orr was. If you want to wrap your head around it, wait for the first NYR home game when Brash mops up the ice with some poor bastard.
    Brashear will score more goals than Orr-Shoe-Betts COMBINED!!!

    Pathetic but true.

  18. nice story staal! thanks for bringing back great memories i was finishing up junior high on or around JUNE 16th 1994! and you just help me bring back some of my own memories during the run…. my immediate family and more specifically my mom was honestly scared for me, if the rangers would have lost that game i would have gone into a severe depression…i am not even sure exactly what i did the day of the parade and i do not even know what i did the night the rangers won the cup….my two most vivid memories (one rather UGLY!!!!!!)were the richter save on bure and the Valeri Zelepukin tying goal with the infamous 7.7 seconds to go….i was so excited when Richter made that save and i was jumping up and down like a maniac that all of a sudden i heard a huge noise downstairs-i ran downstairs to see the light in the kitchen dismantled and all over the floor in pieces! my mom was not pleased with me but i slept like a baby that night!!!…well lets just say i cannot “relive”/repeat the zelepukin moment on Carp’s blog……interesting article by Larry today-i do not think we will get kessel and I hope the devils do not!


  19. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Kessel for Dubi , a pick and a body of two from hartford?
    Do the deal!
    Nice job Staal W.

  20. What were there like 20 kids in your high school? The principal calls you by first names only? I remember the day of the parade, I didn’t go, I worked. It was a really HOT day and I listened on WFAN all day wishing I didn’t work for myself that day. Great job Staal, now go fix some spines.

  21. Great post Drew! I, too, graduated from Boonton High School (much later in 2001). Are you from Boonton or Lincoln Park?

  22. naslund wasnt even a bad signing. the guy had 24 goals and scored some key goals for this team. he was also classy enough to retire early when he knew he couldnt do a full season under torts and saved us some money this year that helped us sign some players and give us needed space. naslund was an elite sniper few years ago and for 4 mill wasnt a bad signing for our first line. of course he was also too soft and too old. i know this. its just not that anyone saw ryder and immdediately said, ohh we gotta have that guy! he will save us.

  23. ohh, mornin staalwart!!! great post buddy. my principals in school growin up all knew me very well. i would get into fights alot, so the one principle gave me boxing gloves and had me fight an older kid in the school who was bigger and strongr. i still beat him! and then i would give this guy so much crap for it until i moved up to high school. then i got my fair share of reality when i saw the size of those guys. i didnt grow until 10th grade- 11th grade. lol

  24. Great story! I skipped a final my Junior year of college to watch game 6 VS. Buffalo. Took the zero and barely passed the class. I graduated. All worked out well. Us Ranger’s fans really have our priorities.

  25. Great parade story. I still remember that day. A friend of mine rented a limo that drove about 10 of us down to the City. We got off near the parade route. The funny thing was the reaction of the people as the limo stopped and out stepped a bunch of guys wearing Rangers jerseys. Those cheers turned to derisive boos when they realized we were mere fans and not real Rangers!

  26. dru scored a clutch ot goal in that debacle in chicago. he scored the gamewinner in game 4 with a broken hand. he scored a clutch ot winner against pitts his first season here. and even though i cant remember all of them, i think one of his best was the shootout goal he scored after torts took over. it was a confidence boost and i think that kind of coaching will help dru regain his form from buffalo.(maybe). but, hes always gonna be a problem for this team with his contract and no matter what, unless he puts up huge numbers, people will always be down on him for that. its unfair, but when he signed the contract, he shouldve expected it. the main problem i have with drury isnt so much his lack of production, its his lack of leadership. hes a great team guy anmd all, but hes too damn quiet. it was like when leetch was captain. great player, but not a captain. he also blew me away with his infamous “it wont bother me” comment after a big loss. that was pathetic for a captain to say. and the only time i saw him fired up was at a meaningless game against magnitogork. in which he scored 2 clutch goals to get us back in the game. he definitely had his good and bad moments here, and if hes gonna be captain, hes gotta be expected to do more. i wanna see emotion from this guy. i wanna see a pissed off drury after a huge loss like that caps game. i wanna see him scorfe more. all i can expect is those things and if he tries his hardest, i will start to support him. now jagr was a totally different kinda player. he was the rangers for 3 years. without him we were worse than the islanders. we all owe that guy alot. even if we didnt win a cup, we had some great exciting times with him and he gave us fans a good run at the cup for 2 straight seasons. jagr was better player than dru. no doubt. but as far as leadership and all that. neither could hold a candle to messier. should not even be compared to him

  27. Great post Staal, that story really hits “home” with me, literally, because I like in Montville.

    cw…that article was written by Mark Everson, not Brooks. Trading Dubinsky for Kessel makes some sense for both teams.

  28. Grabachev, I agree on the Naslund signing…he IMO was one of the better signings last summer…but still for too much money…you could tell that his career was definitely on the downturn…

    my point on the 4th line is we had Orr-Betts and Sjo on our 4th line. They did there job and they did it well, for the most part, and they were cheap (I think)probably just over 2 mil for all three.
    Now B-hole makes almost what our entire 4th line made…1.4 mil a year.

  29. Rob L.
    I’d absolutely hate to see Dubi go…I would really be bummed for a few days. I really love what I consider our core of 5 players, Dubinsky, Callahan, Hank, Staal and Girardi, BUT I would definitely get some satisfaction if we got Kessel. It all depends on who goes with Dubinsky…

  30. I think I actually get the Brashear signing, even if I do think the contract sucks. Orr is a great fighter bar none but he didn’t have the attitude to get the other team off their game. He wasn’t going to go out there and mix it up just to piss people off. I hate to say it but the Rangers haven’t had a player like that since Hollweg.

  31. I think everyone understands that Drury is not going to be flashy out there and he is not going to score 40 goals but what bothers me over his first two seasons in NY is the hockey 101 stuff, ie he fans on a lot of slapshots/one times-he is gripping the stick way too tight, he makes some ugly passes on the PP that turn into ugly turnovers and easy clears for the oppostion, i hope he comes out with a big year but he just might be one of those players who just cannot handle the pressure playing everynight in NY

  32. Great post! Love the Ferris Bueller angle :)

    re: Brashear … I’ve decided he was brought on so Avery doesn’t draw 100% of the refs’ attention. Provided Brashear ever sees the ice.

  33. Sorry,
    The Kessel angle caught me by such surprise I had to assume it was Larry Brooks.
    Maybe it is even more credible now!!!!

  34. The Kessel speculation is nonsense. No one wants Rozsival!!

    Boston is OVER the cap.

    So is Ottawa, so no Heatley crap either, please.

  35. Grabachev

    I agree 100% about NO ONE holding a candle to mess’ leadership and captaincy. I also think that comparing leetch and dru as captains is an awesome comparison and spot on!


    Again, great job.

    I hope everyone has a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day!

  36. Laurel Babcock on

    Good morning Staal and all! Staal, fabulous post and story. When I knew (didn’t we all) that the Rangers were gonna take the Cup that year, I warned my boss at work, whenever the parade happens, don’t expect me in….it was SO hot that day!
    A buddy of mine and I went to the parade and followed the walk to City Hall for the ceremony, but we were about to die so watched that part from an air-conditioned bar nearby….full of Rangers fan. It was a great, great, great day.

  37. Sure Drury is clutch… every 15 games or so… for every “clutch” goal that Drury scored (which is not so hard to count on just a single hand) you would need more than two hands to count all the turnovers by Drury that resulted in goals against!

    And in a way…I prefer for him not to speak at all, because when he does say something, the sh*t that comes out of his mouth is disrespectful to the fans.

  38. Reading this actually brought back memories of that glorious morning in June 94!! The only exception is I am a little older and didn’t have to worry about cutting school. Great story, and better for the feeling that it brought back. I agree that we have a more rounded team, due to the fact that we added a little bit of everything this summer, and last year it seemed we signed all fourth liners. I said last year that I had no idea what to expect from the team but this year I am cautiously optimistic. I am looking forward to that day when I can take my kids to experience the Canyon of Heros for themselves, and not just look at the pix of when I went back in 94.

  39. I’m a huge Dubi fan and would be sad to see him traded but if it was for Kessel in return I would be able to stomach it. Seeing how the Rangers have been dragging their feet with signing him and all this seems plausible. I was planning on buying my 17 jersey this week maybe I should hold off…

  40. Awesome story Staal! I remember that day very well too. I was a junior though. Do you by any chance know a metal head kid named Dan Battaglia? Ha.

  41. He had an older brother too. I forget his name though. I think his dad was in construction or something. Anyway, he was my first college room mate and we butted heads something fierce. He was from Boonton.

  42. I cannot imagine what circumstances led to Sjoie and Betts leaving the team…they should have been kept at all costs. They thrived under Renney, and continued with Torts. They were the best PK’s in the league, period. And Gomer shoulda stayed, not Dreary. Gaborik, Higgins, Prospal, Boyle, Arnason, Lisin, and Kotalik-great, another new season and half of it spent working out chemistry. Brashear? Really? He is an offensive player, after all…

  43. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Wicky and whoever the other guy was,
    Go check my posts last year! I said the Rangers should sign Streit and Ryder, it aint’ hindsight, it was foresight. As far as Drury working every night, i also recall a game the Rangers let up 2 SHG and they were both his fault and he was lazy skating back to cover up his screw up and it was the rebound that the opponent scored on. I’d still take Jagr.

    And the question as to who Drury was third to in the depth chart, go read my comment… “(AS OF LAST YEAR)” Gomez, Dubi… ahh, Drury? A, B, C, 1, 2, 3.

    Agreed with Pavel. Drury just sucks and I too am waiting for that “clutch goal,” but I guess it’s not going to ruin my season if we don’t get it! Why would I let it ruin my year if it’s not going to ruin Chris Drury’s anyway?

  44. True Fans,
    Hopefully Anisimov has a fantastic camp…
    That may push Drury to 3rd line center.
    Hopefully the competition forces some players to step up and grab a roster spot

  45. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Staalzy, great post man! I agree with Anisimov too, i hope they give him a chance… idk that absorbing the Kessel contract will be good for the team’s future if Kessel’s just bouncing next season or the following.

    As far as you guys posting about all these Chris Drury game winning goals… I just looked them up and will admit that the game against Chicago, Drury was awesome. I recall him doing a sick job PK’ing and blocking shots… and then the late game or OT winner! I thought to myself ‘maybe he turns it around? maybe i’m wrong.’ Well that thought didn’t last for too long becuase the team lost 13 of the next 17 (i dont’ have time to post which were OTL’s and which were straight losses) but during that time, Mr. Clutch Captain had ZERO goals! He had a total of 7 points in the stretch! That’s when you need a clutch guy! Remember Shanny fighting Brashear 2 or 3 years ago when the Rangers were in a 7 game losing streak?! Yea, that’s clutch. It doesn’t always take goals, but if you’re not scoring (and you’re the captain) you better find a way. In my book, Drury is a failure as a captain for those reasons too.

    Anyway, back to all these other GWGs you’re all clammoring over. The TB game Drury scored a goal to make it 3-1 early in the second period and the team won 5 to 2. He scored a hat trick, but that ain’t clutch. Against Washington he also scored a 2-0 goal with 25 minutes left! Ovie scored in the third to make it 2 to 1 and so again, Drury (in poker terms) “sucked-out” by being lucky and scoring the GWG… but besides that one in Chicago, neither of them were clutch.

    Hey, did you guys know that Zherdev had more GWG’s and he played an average of 4 minutes less a game! And Dubi had 7 GWG! The point being… you have no legs to stand on if you want to talk about his ‘clutch’ goals for the Rangers and don’t start talking about his intangibles… that’s the worst. “But he’s a Little League Worlds Series Winner!” WOOHOO!

  46. i would also love kessel but the boyle trade killed that rumor.
    and also staal im just noticing i didnt say great job on your blog. i read it last night and never commented…. so….

    GREAT JOB! (insert tim & eric screen here)

  47. THE REAL Mikeynj on

    Uncle LArry is such a moron sometimes

    Hwere’s the extra 4.3 million coming from if Sather trades Dubi?
    Boston is already over the cap, and won’t take any salary or players back

    KEssel aint gonna happen

  48. Bring back Prucha on

    Anyone here interested in playing in a fantasy hockey league. I’m trying to get a league going but only have five guys interested in playing. It’d be nice to have a bunch of people who actually follow hockey in the league.

  49. Bring back Prucha

    i’d be interested! i didnt play it last season so i wanna do it this year…where do i sign up?

  50. My memory of 94 is more about the game than the parade (since I was living in FL at the time, no parade for me). June 14 happens to be my mom’s birthday. So my parents and a few of their friends are having a grown-up dinner and conversation, when a little 12-year old me comes running and screaming back and forth through the house, yelling something about a Cup. I was told to settle down, but they just didn’t understand.

    I can’t wait for the Rangers to win one in my adult life so I can really appreciate and understand it all.

  51. Not to churn it up more but I have a much better impression of JJ’s time as a Ranger than I do of Drury. I honestly believed after the lockout the Rangers were going to be the worst team again but JJ had a great year and I was excited to watch games which was pretty rare considering the previous years disappointments.

    The thing with me is I love the Rangers so much I don’t want to see ANY player fail so it my hope that Drury has a great season. I am realistic and know that he will never produce points worth his contract but I want him to do great here and so should all Ranger fans in my opinion. OK will stumble off my soap box now and retreat back to my shell.


  52. we all root for the same team and we all want the same result…so of course we don’t want to see any player fail..

    But some fans want to feed other fans with BS as if we are not watching the same team.

    Now im gonna shut up aboot Drury and keep my fingers crossed and really really hope for him to have a bounce back year…because if he cant pull through again…its wont be easy for him on this blog.

  53. Hey, everyone! So what did I miss? Everything? Great story Staal Wart. I remember the morning. Oh, man.
    Drury will get better this year. Just because of the Tort’s system. But he’ll never be worth more than half of his contract. That, unforunately was the reality of the market when he was signed. But he’ll show up, and he’ll work. Kessel would a great move, to state the obvious. But they’ll want too much youth in return, I’m sure. So it won’t happen and rightfully so. Someone mentioned the cap issue. I don’t think that would be a main problem. The big contract doesn’t have to go back. It can burried in Hartford

  54. Reeshay (or Riche') on

    Great post Staal Wart…

    I think one thing we all have to keep in mind about the Orr-Brashear stuff is…

    Other teams took liberties with some of our players… ESPECIALLY WITH HANK. They would continue to do so with Gaborik.

    Brashear stops that. I’m not saying I’m all for having him but I understand the thought process. Orr was NOT a deterrent… he just wasn’t.

  55. Orr wasn’t a deterrent becuse he could only be on the ice in certain situations. Or at least our former coach would only allow him to get there in limited situations. Brashear was matched with different lines last year in Washington just to make sure he gets whoever he needed to get. He’d still play a limited amount of minutes but that’s why he is effective. And like I mentioned the other day, he will become a croud favorite by game #3 or so at MSG. Right after he floors the first punk who attepmpts to ride Gaborik through the boards

  56. Brash can play a shift or two on the top lines if needed. Orr could not. Brash brings the physicality to the opponent. Orr could not. I can’t wait til the season starts so Brash can shut up these detractors.

  57. And Orr conformed to the “country club” atmosphere at MSG. Brash is evil/crazy/mean/doesn’t want any friends (or family for that matter).

    Sit back and enjoy boys. Brash will make you forget aboot Orr in no time.

  58. True Fans-
    My apologies.
    I missed the caveat in your post (as of last year).
    I thought you were talking about this season, but you quite clearly were not.
    Again, my bad.

  59. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I agree with the last 10-12 posts or so. I think we all see it the same way… especially the Drury and Brash issues. I agree with Ilb that Brash will absolutely destroy the first person who even gives Gaborik a flu-ridden sneaze! Thats probably enough to end Gabby’s career (which I hope doesn’t happen. I would love to see 100+ points and 75 games from him).

    I also Agree with Fillip above. Great post, i’ll copy and paste it it was that good:

    Not to churn it up more but I have a much better impression of JJ’s time as a Ranger than I do of Drury. I honestly believed after the lockout the Rangers were going to be the worst team again but JJ had a great year and I was excited to watch games which was pretty rare considering the previous years disappointments.

    The thing with me is I love the Rangers so much I don’t want to see ANY player fail so it my hope that Drury has a great season. I am realistic and know that he will never produce points worth his contract but I want him to do great here and so should all Ranger fans in my opinion.

  60. True

    Umm, not sure what you are talking about with this ryder streit thing, I never said anything about them. I also have said jagr is a GREAT player, and of course he will produce more points than Drury…DUH! I did not ever say I hated jagr, he was just a bad captain, not a bad player. I would rather have drury as captain than jagr. I think he has better leader qualities than jagr. It’s just a freaking opinion, same as you have, just an opinion. So I would appreciate it if you would quit dragging me back in this thing and read who posts what before you start naming people. No one is ever going to be messier and he was the perfect example of a true captain (closest to him is iggy now).

  61. true

    so apparently my posts are coming up slower and you cleared some of the things up with your most recent one, so if I rehashed something, sorry!

  62. “Brash can play a shift or two on the top lines if needed. Orr could not. Brash brings the physicality to the opponent. Orr could not. I can’t wait til the season starts so Brash can shut up these detractors”

    My god, that post was the biggest joke of all time. Wow.


    I don’t want to bring this subject up again, but just for one post, one last thing on the Vick thing, i wasn’t comparing dogs to humans, what i was just saying that, one was torture, and the other was an accident. Stallworth didn’t know what he was doing cause he was dumb, and drunk, and Vick knew, and enjoyed it. That’s what i meant. But anyway, it’s over with, and i can care less aboot the both of them, i agree they should both be in jail defending their poop loops from the other sickos.

  63. Orr,
    We will see who is laughing when you change your name to “BRASH”!!!!!


  64. But one thing I will miss about Orr:

    He singlehandedly laid waste to the Flyers everytime they played. Riley Cote and Fedoruk come to mind right away.


    Great story Staal but I am sorry to say I was so far removed from high school back in ’94. Let’s just say I took the day off from work. HA!

    On another note, I have been thinking about last season. The Rangers had an unbelievable, nearly injury-free season. Why is that? Renney would have said it is due to conditioning but clearly Torts and the playoffs proved their conditioning could have been much better. What accounts for such a season? Luck?

  66. I’d take JJ over Drury. Jagr at least had the ability to take over a game and put the team on his back. How many times, especially right after the lockout, was it just “pass to Jagr, and all will be OK.” Drury, regardless of whatever other skills he may have, is not that kind of guy who could just carry the team on his own when things got rough. (See also, Ovechkin, A.).

    As for Brash – Yes, it is nice that he will be able to floor anyone who so much as mispronounces Gaborik’s name, and he has something that he will contribute to the team. But I still don’t like the guy.

  67. PUCK – I think that’s all luck. No one rolled his ankle, no one took a knee-on-knee hit, no one’s head bounced off the ice after falling, etc. No matter how well-conditioned you are, some injuries just happen. But for some reason they just didn’t happen to our guys last year.

  68. Sorry to go semi-off topic, but anyone interested in joing a team for the Brewster Ice Hockey league C level. Season starts in a few weeks. If so post here.

  69. Laurel Babcock on

    Hey Staal and all. I’m outta here for a few days, off to visit the new niece!!! Probably won’t be checking in til I get back, so early congrats on all guest bloggers til Wednesday and I’ll catch up with you then… good!

  70. Im pleading with Nyr fans to not get their hopes up on Brash*t and Kotalik, cause they will be major disappointments. Im not just saying this cause i hold a grudge, i would get a free feed of the Sabres play, so i have seen him play, i know what to expect. I didn’t get to see him play with the Oilers, but from what i heard he wasn’t anything special, and he had to deal with an injury.

    Kotalik is good for the shootout. This isn’t Renney’s team, we wont see the shootout as much as we used to. If you think this guy will help our PP. That’s hilarious, Gomez, and Drury were supposed to help our PP, Redden was supposed to help, Naslund, and Zherdev were supposed to help. Where did that leave us ? Nearly at the bottom of the league in the PP department.

    Brash for the first time in a ages got OWNED ! He literally got knocked out, Orr style, by Wade Belak. After 3-4 years of defeating Orr in fights, just by hugging Orr, this year, Orr finally got the last laugh, and won. You know why, because Brash*t is done ! He isn’t the fighter he was, and you know what, now that he’s a Ranger, the penalties he was able to get away with, he will never get away with, he’ll constantly take bad penalties, and screw us over, the fighting has been downgraded because of the stupid new rules, so he’s gonna be worthless. He’s just taking over the spot of someone who could put it to better use.

    This blog wont be full of last laughs, it’s gonna be full of never ending cries.

  71. As for Everson’s Kessel piece:

    he is right that teams must be cap friendly by Oct 1st.
    However, teams have 7 days to match any offer sheet.
    I just checked the CBA and there is no rule that states a team cannot match an offer after Oct. 1st. It can happen at any time as long as the team does so within 7 days.

    So, that being said, it gives the Bruins a week to match any offer and still make maneuvers to get under the cap.

    And, Everson’s Compensation numbers are a smidge different than i can find. Since the league’s average salary hasn’t moved much from last season (it’s what is used to calibrate compensation) they should be similar to what the comp was last season:

    Amount (Compensation Due)

    $863,156 or less (None)
    $863,156 – $1,307,811 (3rd round pick)
    $1,307,812 – $2,615,625 (2nd round pick)
    $2,615,623 – $3,923,437 (1st and 3rd round pick)
    $3,923,437 – $5,231,249 (1st, 2nd, and 3rd round pick)
    $5,231,249 – $6,539,062 (Two 1st’s, one 2nd, one 3rd round pick)
    $6,539,062 or more (Four 1st round picks)

    The big issue is that teams can only offer picks that are homegrown – ie: the teams OWN picks, not picks acquired via trade.

    So as someone noted previously, the Boyle trade has precluded the Rangers from making an offer sheet to a player of Kessel’s salary requirements as they have no third round pick – unless they make a deal to get it back from the Kings.

    Finally, just 11 days ago at the Olympic Camp, Kessel himself said he didn’t expect to start skating until November.
    Bruins don’t have to rush to sign Kessel and they know it.

    The only deadline is he must be under contract by 5:00 PM EST on December 1st.

    Sorry that was so long.

  72. You don’t have to like the guy. Who the hell would like Sean Avery?!?! I got into this same debate when Avery was signed. “Oh I will never watch the Rangers again.” Yadda, yadda, yadda.

    You learned to luv Avery, you learned to luv #68, you will learn to luv Brash.

  73. Wart,
    You were on a roll today. Great Blog. And I mean it. But the Brash thing is just plain wrong. Every fighter in the NHL has his day. Goddard got the better of Orr how many times? Probert lost fights IN HIS PRIME!!!
    I hate to debate you on this, but I don’t see how you can keep bitching about a guy that is much better than Colton Orr.
    And remember, Orr got a 4yr deal for 1 mil per. He may be washed up as a fighter before his deal is over. 4 yrs?!?! For a guy that can not even play in the new NYR system?!?!

    Let’s revisit this in November.

  74. Orr, I suppose will never know til we know. It’s a new team, a new year, I agree. But I watched a lot of Caps games last year on Center Ice. In fact, any time the Rangers didn’t have a game, I’ll look for Caps. And not because I missed Brashear, but I enjoy watching OV. But what struck me is that he(Brashear) was a better skater and better forechecker than a lot of people gave him credit for. Not endearing, but he is a part of our team now. Kotalik does have a legit heavy shot, something that this team is missing. And that will have to be respected by defenders. So even if he doesnt score, someone else will be open

  75. do you guys really care about fighting that much and who actually wins the fight? i mean ill lose every f– fight of the season to win the atlantic, brashear is going to play 6-7 min a game (he will sit in the box 8-10 min per game!!!!), he is going to go after whoever goes after gaborik, dubi, callahan, higgins, or whoever messes with hank….its 1.4mm for two years-not that big of a deal at all, im sorry but atleast he has the basic skills to play the game, i have said this 100s of times colton orr i dont think can physically lift the puck off the ice, brashear is a much better skate ( i know not saying much but he is better) and has a decent shot compared to ORR….i wasted too much of my time on this already!

  76. I will stand by this prediction:

    Brash himself will score more goals this year than Betts-Orr-Shoe ever did as a line.

  77. Good afternoon, Sally!

    I can’t believe the myth about Leetch not being a good captain still exists. Examine the circumstances surrounding his captaincy. Don’t draw conclusions based on the record. And, FYI, when The Captain returned, the team didn’t do any better.

    I remember the parade very vividly, especially since I was in the truck in the Canyon of Heroes with a group of media, and it was the coolest event ever. But what I also remember is that that was the night O.J. Simpson went for his slow-speed chase. I was at the Garden to write my story during the Knicks game. Holy cow!

  78. GREAT deal by the Canucks.
    They needed Defensive depth and i really like Erhoff.

    I think Vancouver won this trade – unless it’s a setup for the rumoured Heatley deal to San Jose…

    Was that your “Hmmm” was wicky?

  79. CW

    If you’re wrong, then you have to go on record, saying in caps that you “Want to make out with Jay Leno’s chin while holding a Martin Broduer McFarlane”

    And i don’t know if you’re talking aboot another 68, but if you mean Jagr, you’re nuts. I always loved Jags, in fact i got into hockey because of him and Shanny. And i was always a fan of Avery when he was a King, and was excited when he was brought in. They brought something to the team, Brash*t doesn’t.


    It’s not aboot that, at least not for me. I just don’t see the point of wasting money on the guy when he is a scumbag, and fighting isn’t gonna be as much a part of this season as it was. It’s a pointless signing, and is a slap in the face to Ranger fans. The main point is, i hate Brash, and the fact that he gets to be part of this team, sickens me, and makes me wish Slats gets hit by a truck.

  80. LMAO RICK !! i was just going to mention that!

    My boss was a huge Rangers fan, so it was easy for me to get the day off to go to the parade.(i’d also given him a small bottle of champagne the day after the greatest day of my life as a sports fan) We got there about 6 in the morning, leaving nothing to chance. We were right against the ‘barricades’ the police had set up, about 30 feet from where they turned to go to Gracie Mansion. We were with the craziest bunch of people ever, I got some great photos, and right before the boys got within two blocks, Gabe Pressman comes by and is talking to all of us while his crew is running tape. We’re all excited that we’re gonna be on the news on what was the 2nd greatest day of our lives as Rangers fans. The parade was amazing, probably the best event I’d ever been to. I get home, all set to watch the news, and there’s freakinass OJ and that idiot Al, wall to wall on EVERY news broadcast. Not only should he have fried for killing his wife and Ron Goldman, he should have had a few extra volts for messing up the news!! ;-)

  81. Carp, Leetch was a great captain. Not too many words, but if he said something he meant it. And he always showed up and played hard. He was the best player on that team by far. All these dark years. He took all the defeats hard and suffered deep inside. But he never wanted to leave, we all know that. That was HIS team. Tha what added to his greatness.

  82. i agree with you there-fighting is barely part of the game these days,but you still need to dress someone who can send a message to the oppponents so the rest of your team feels protected and atleast when he will be out there he has the min. skills on offensive to maybe be a lil productive….arent you sick of the Orr’s and the hollweg’s etc not producing at all! i dont even getting excited anymore when the gloves are dropped and trust me after the betts hit i am not running out to get a donald jersey but when he comes out on the ice opening night at MSG i will cheering for the guy because i am a diehard ranger fan and he is now wearing the sweater..

    I may have extra tickets to some pre-season games, if anyone wants to attend a game with a raving lunatic lemme know

  83. I have to disagree with the notion that Sather has seemed different this offseason. I will give him credit for getting montreal to not only take gomez but give up mcdonagh and higgins, however his free agent signings are more of the same.

    Who else was going to sign gaborik for $7.5M for 5 years after he had three injury riddled seasons? Who else was gonna sign the mediocre kotalik to a 3 yr deal at $3M per? They got Prospal on the cheap but he is not a very different player than naslund, rucinsky, etc.

    Kotalik and Prospal also fill up spots on the depth chart that could have been filled with our own youth or newly acquired younger players. Prospal alone would have been tolerable, but both is entirely unnecessary.

    Once again Sather only provides bandaids when the team needed to be allowed to be slowly reconstructed. I am by no means writing the season off, they could be ok, but Sather is still the same spend first/ask questions later punk that he has been since he arrived as GM

  84. I believe there was only one move Sather made this summer, that should worry people and that is the Kotalik deal.

  85. Great job Stall Wart.
    I gotta tell you, i almost fell off my chair when i saw where you went to HS. Thats where i went….graduating 4 years earlier than you.
    Mr. Hino’s description is to the T. What a laugh i had reading your column. I just had to let you know that.

  86. pete- yea, so we basically got a naslund type whops younger and for 3 mill cheaper in prospal. whats to complain about? and kotalik? hes here to be a point shot on the pp, to help get dru goin, and to score some shootout winners. if he does one of the 3 good and scores 20, im happy. slats filled a few holes and the team was better than it was last year. we didnt lose any of our prospects at all. who? tom pyatt? greg moore? thats it. if slats actually did any bad moves this year i dont see it. ok, arnason and boyle, but one of them is hartford bounnd to replace anisimov. depth signings.

  87. 4Generations and only 4Cups

    oh, its the usual stuff

    Drury sux…Brashear blows…Jagr was a crap of a captain… fire sather… Heatley and/or Richards is/are coming!

  88. gatti- why should we wory about kotalik? is he lazy? im not too familiar with him, but i heard dru and him have chemistry and hes got a good hard shot, and hes great in shotouts. and, the last one may seem less relevant, but the shootout is big part of the game if ya get that extra point. so is he lazy? slow? whats his weakness?

  89. so now that the canucks have all these new d men, how long before we start hearing the mitchell to new york rangers rumors????

  90. True Fans Bleed RW&B

    oh ever reliable Eklund!! The world would not be the same w/o him!

    and btw that Rumor Generator is pure genius!

  91. According to sources within the Montreal Canadiens organisation, the Washington Capitals are willing to part with LW Alexander Ovechkin, a rusty zamboni to obtain the services of D Mathieu Schneider. Remember, you heard it here first!

  92. Mike in IA,
    I am not sure you have to worry about him. I was just trying to say that if there was any deal that Sather made this summer, the Kotalik deal is the one that didn’t make as much sense. They were gonna lose Orr. They signed Brash. They had to either trade for Heatley or sign Gaborik to get a bona fide scorer. My opinion is that Gaborik was a no brainer. That much talent as UFA had to be signed. Kotalik gets a lot of PP points which the NYR needed, but he is a bit soft for his size, and has drawn criticism from fans in Buffalo and Edmonton.

  93. this just in!!!! According to sources within the Dallas Stars organisation, the Vancouver Canucks are willing to part with C Henrik Sedin, G Roberto Luongo to obtain the services of RW Jere Lehtinen. Remember, you heard it here first!

  94. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Anybody else read the trade the Sharks made? a la TSN: “The team has acquired defencemen Christian Ehrhoff and Brad Lukowich from the San Jose Sharks in exchange for defenceman Daniel Rahimi and forward Patrick White.”

    This HAS to be a dump for Heatley, no matter what. Ehrhoff and Vlassic played first line minutes together. I’d bank on him going to the Sharks at this point.

    PS: Willie Mitchell would be nice.

  95. I am not sure Drury and Kotalik were consistently line mates in Buffalo. Can someone enlighten me here?

  96. flipppedturtle on

    I really liked Orr, those who like the fighting part of hockey know that he was a really honorable fighter. I respect that he would hold up and stop throwing if the other guy was hurt or couldn’t protect themselves. To me that mentality is not as common in the nhl as it should be.

    I think about that then think about what Brash did to Betts and I remember flying out of my chair in outrage when he laid that hit. I can’t help but feel that by replacing Orr with Brash your trading respect for fear. We will see I hope Brash plays good and I love the analogies you guys have been using in reference to protecting Gaby so here is mine, if anyone so much as skates over Gaby’s spit Brash is going to put on the hit. I know that sucked but it kind of rhymes

  97. Gang, this is a serious stuff. One of my dogs just yapped something that I swear sounded like Brrrrichards! He is very smart. So I think Richards is coming for sure. Can someone consult Eklund whether it qualifies for E4 or E5? He has much more experience on that topic. Thanks.

  98. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    4Generations and only 4Cups
    August 28th, 2009 at 3:56 pm
    Anybody else read the trade the Sharks made? a la TSN: “The team has acquired defencemen Christian Ehrhoff and Brad Lukowich from the San Jose Sharks in exchange for defenceman Daniel Rahimi and forward Patrick White.”

    I read this and thought it was from the rumor generator at first. That would give them about $6million in room for the Heatley contract (minus whoever makes their team from the traded players). Heatley is $7.5million.

    Could you imagine that Heatley has been talking to the Sharks all summer! Heatley said he knew other teams wanted him, he just wanted to wait to see their offers before accepting Edmonton’s. SJ un-captained EVERYONE! It really makes sense that Heatley goes there and gets an A or C. I bet Marleau is heading out soon too for the cap room and because, i believe, he’s a UFA the end of this year (plz correct me if that’s wrong though).

  99. yea san jose is the likely place now that this trade has been done to clear space. marleau will probably be traded to the devils. they havent done anything so far. or maybe he gets traded to the isles since sillinger is gone. in fact. marleau to devs-(G3), marleau to piles(G4)

    note: G = grabachev. im usually bang on, spot on with rumours

  100. TR-808 – Is that you who is supposedly the 100,000th follower of SportsNation on Twitter? Do you think you will actually get a mention in the show today?

  101. long time reader, first time poster here.

    off topic question: not that I’m planning on it, but if I wanted to sell my rangers jersey that has the signatures of the entire 96/97 rangers team (gretzky, messier, leetch, graves, robitaille, kovalev, beukeboom, richter, etc) how much do you think that would net me?

    i was best friends with luc robitaille’s son back in the day

  102. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Lol. It’d be worth whatever the market for it is.

    Luc’s signature is worth 15!
    If you have gretz AND mess its worth 300 dollars and if you have the rest theyre worth 10 apiece (not including big guys, those are 50 apc)

    So figure it out from there.


  103. Good job Staal Wart….

    Agree with most of the post … I definitely agree 4rth line should have stayed, played too much under Renney but a few shifts a period would be great…

    Summer moves were OK… not wild on Prospal … I think Prospal makes it hard for Grabvchev to make it … I would like them to sign Sundin to a one-year contract …

  104. I thought the same when the Erhoff trade was announced –
    in the press release, Sharks GM mentioned teh cap room it created.

    Wicky was that your thinking as well?
    You broke it here with a “HMMMM”.

  105. I think you will be pleasantly surprised with Kotalik … He can play the point, is great in shootouts and hopefully will spark Drury … Did they pay too much? Rangers always pay too much …

  106. Eklund Rumour Generator doesnt like the Rangers…i had to click like 30 times to get a single rumor that involves us!

    According to sources within the New York Rangers organisation, the Philadelphia Flyers are willing to part with LW Simon Gagne, a rusty zamboni and a bucket of fried chicken to obtain the services of D Wade Redden. Remember, you heard it here first!

  107. bull dog line on

    did not like the Prospal pick up. he is in the way of Lisin. I’d rather see what he could do, than have prospals 45pts.
    As far as Kotalik goes, he was a good signing. A lot of you are big salary cap guys, so we have Kotalik for 3 years, and 9mill. If they had kept Zherdev, and paid him 3.9mil this year and he scored 25 goals, what would he get next year? 4mil and change. Does the same thing the following year. Now we are nearing 5 mil. Zherdev 3yrs13 mil, or Kotalik, 3years 9mil. I’ll take Kotalik.

  108. Rob E

    Yep, just makes me think heatley because that is quite a bit of cap space cleared in one move. (could be kessel though).

  109. I am not dead against Kotalik. I hope he does well. We need his PP help. But I am not sure that that $$$ could not have been spent elsewhere. . . .

  110. spider

    yes it was me
    and no i didnt get shouted out
    theres always next time

    i figured my name played a part into them changing the end of the show into a follow friday thing.
    that and my pirate joke from the other day was WAY funnier than everyone elses.

  111. spider

    do i follow you on twitter?
    if so give me your name and ill throw it in w/ all the other ranger bloggers i have for follow friday next week.

  112. Summer moves were OK… not wild on Prospal … I think Prospal makes it hard for Grabvchev to make it … I would like them to sign Sundin to a one-year contract …

    haha, looks like my name has confused some people.

  113. Staal Wart: great post! I was actually a junior in high school at the time, and had the same problem: final on parade day. I very stupidly decided that I had to take the final (I don’t think it was gym). I still regret it though . . . I would have seen the parade, and had a great story.

  114. I don’t know a lot about Kotalik so I’m not sure what to expect from him.

    But, I do know I was out on the west coast two weeks ago hanging out at a bar when a dude sat down next to me wearing a Sabres hat (he was in town for work). He said that they are thrilled in Buffalo to unload Kotalik, because he’s soft. Take it for what it’s worth.

  115. “Hartford Whalers”

    who wrote that article? a golf reporter who’s looking for extra cash? beyond stupid…and its on Rangers website!

  116. mike
    we sure will. i hope theres still some molson left, lol.

    ive been holding this in all week about tonight.
    feel like all ive said besides good job on the blog “X” was about balsillie.

  117. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    See what you do is put an *asterisk* at the start AND end of the words *or phrases* that you want in *BOLD*

    Now i knew how to do the summary thing, but i can’t remember now. Oh well.

    -and you can cross out stuff that shouldn’t appear too!-

  118. YES!!! COOL. ok later guys. gotta eat. still thinkin about a good idea for blog post. maybe i’ll do a where are they now blog about former rangers. and former M.I.A. blogmates

  119. GrachezTheGreat(DanTheRangerFan) on

    The future seems brighter with Grachez, DZ, Anisimov, McDonagh…

    Great job enjoyed the post…been enjoying this guest thing alot. Just didnt get the memo about this new player Grachez, hear he is half a machine..some say he can even use his mind to net the puck…ITS TElEKINESIS BABY!!!!

  120. Grachez? Not grabachev? not Grababaitsev? not even Grabenstein? Grachez it is!!

    btw, DJ AM kicked the bucket today… possible drug OD

  121. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Good evening and an ‘I hate Donald Brashear, I hate Chris Drury, I hate Rozi and Redden and the signings this summer sucked!’ to all!

  122. mja_nyr… what time are the games played at Brewster? I’m looking for a team to join, but my work hours might conflict.

  123. Rob E

    yep, got that on rds as well, forgot to post it i was at work! Think they were talking terms of a deal…if i remember correctly.

  124. I hope kaspar didn’t have the problem with aliens that the people did in that movie “dream catcher”….wasn’t that in vermont??

  125. Didn’t hear it from RDS, but see it’s there.
    that’s prob. where my buddy heard it and then texted me.
    I just signed up for their twitter.
    I’m gonna have to bookmark babelfish!
    (don’t speak/read french!)

    Comrie to Oilers is a good fit, actually.
    Was that RDS as well?

  126. no, it was kukla’s korner i think, I get so many freaking tweets on hockey news it borders on just silly!! RDS seems fairly reliable. what is your twitter?

  127. Sweet!
    Thanks TR- babelfish’s translation of the Sharks/Vancouver trade made my head hurt. It was like it was written by Gerard Depardieu…or Clouseau. Iwasn’t sure Erhoff was traded or assaulted.

    and thanks wicky-
    forgot to add KK.
    one of my favorite sites for hockey news.

    This twitter thing is an amazing tool.
    my twitter is /bucketofpucks (for my blog)
    think i am following you…

  128. TR- NOW i get why you were fishing for compadres in teh city tonite!
    9just got yer tweet)

    Wish I were there-
    been on the left coast for 3 days nursing my father in law who took a nasty fall.

    raise one for me!

  129. rob e
    i just realized that as i hit submit and i came over here
    this is also why there is no meetup tomorrow w/ “STH”
    as i said before today. “saturday the party is over”

    i speak in riddles, lol. you have no idea how hard it was to know what was going on tonight for a whole week.

    ill take some pics and post em later.

  130. rob e
    also i hope your father gets better
    totally cut that out of the last one cause it was in the wrong spot and never pasted it back in.

  131. Thanks TR-
    We dodged a bullet and he’s been released from the trauma unit.

    have a blast tonite!
    i look forward to photos and joining ya next time.

  132. Stall Wart –
    your description of him is just how i remember him when me and my friend got caught smoking in the bathroom down by the shop rooms. I swear to this day that the whole school heard him ripping us apart in the hallway lol

  133. just want to say i havent had time to post that much in last 2 weeks but all of you have done excellent work. is anyone else is sales in the new york area that i could pass a resume over to. i lost my job on tuesday. 30% layoffs.

    i heard tanguay on tsn according to rds.

    any chance of dubi and rozi moving for heatley. i doubt it but u never know.


  134. eric,

    # Chuck Woolery August 26th, 2009 at 11:40 pm

    Hey ERIC,

    Sorry to hear that you were laid off. What type of sales do you do? I’m in sales and could probably hook you up with a gig if interested. It’s in-home sales, let me know.

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