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With training camp just slightly more than 2 weeks away, I figured it would be appropriate to list the five key things I, The Esteemed Doodie Machetto, will be watching for both in camp and throughout the preseason.
   1) Third defensive pair– with the departures of Paul Mara (Montreal) and Derek Morris (Boston), there are two clear vacancies on our blueline. Now, I don’t think Torts will pair two inexperienced defensemen together, but for the sake of convenience, I will just call them the third pair. The candidates, as I see them, are Matt Gilroy, Corey Potter, Michael Del Zotto, Bobby Sanguinetti, and Mike Sauer. The X-factor candidates are Ilkka Heikkinen and Ryan McDonagh. There are also persistent Denis Seidenberg rumors, but I don’t think he will be signed.
   To start, I don’t think Sauer will be one. They gave him a shot last season and he floundered. With the stiff competition for the two spots, barring an OUTSTANDING camp and preseason, I think he’s out. Gilroy has a one-way contract for $3.5 million over two years. I don’t know if they want to bury that in Hartford. Plus he is a puck moving defenseman. Based on those two factors, I think the first spot is his to lose. Potter is a known quantity and they like him, but not enough to keep them from giving Sauer a shot last season. So right there, I think he is guaranteed nothing. I think he makes the team only if everyone else fails to impress. McDonagh will likely stay at Wisconsin and graduate, so he won’t be on the team for the next two years. Heikkinen will probably left in Hartford for a year to get used to North American play.
   The real battle, as I see it, is between Del Zotto and Sanguinetti. There were rumblings a while back that Del Zotto was moving ahead of Sanguinetti on the prospect depth chart. But Ranger Director, Player Personnel, Gordie Clark recently stated that Sanguinetti was the best defenseman for Hartford during the playoffs. However, his defensive woes are well-documented. I’ve been outspoken about Sanguinetti being a bust in the comments before but I think Torts might give him a shot because of the “safe is dead” up-tempo mentality he has. Del Zotto might end up back in the OHL because other Rangers defensive prospects have spent played out their entire junior careers (Staal, Sanguinetti), but those were under Tom Renney. That could change with Torts at the helm.
   Bottom line: The competition will be stiff, and the team will add at least one puck moving defenseman, if not two.
   2) Special teams– speaking of puck moving defensemen, the team will need to address the anemic powerplay if it expects to be competitive next season. I expect there to be a lot of experimentation on the powerplay to come up with a unit that can produce at a decent clip. I also expect there to be a CLEAR top unit that will see the majority of PP time. I think that’s how Torts rolls.
The penalty killing unit will have to be addressed also. One of the league’s top units last year, a lot of the players who were featured last season (notably Blair Betts and Fred Sjostrom) are now gone. I think Torts will actually put more offensively capable players on the PK and make it more of a threat short-handed. Indeed, he is on record saying that he plans to use superstar Marion Gaborik in all situations, including the penalty kill. But whether the penalty kill can approach the success of last season remains to be seen.
   3) Artem Anisimov– a stud in the AHL last season. Gordie Clark was recently quoted on Anisimov “I would say that he’s got a position on the team that’s his to lose…He’s not coming in to try out … we have our top three centers — (Chris) Drury, (Brandon) Dubinsky, and Anisimov.” The question is, which position? Logic dictates he will be the third line center behind Dubinsky and Drury, but with the recent Vaclav Prospal signing, it seems that the team could be hedging its bets in the event that Anisimov struggles. It’s hard to imagine him as the fourth line center due to how sparingly Torts uses his fourth line. Would he be transitioned into a winger? Could he be so impressive that they make him the second line center and Drury the third? Where Anisimov ends up could dictate the look of a large portion of the roster.
   4) John Tortorella– It’s the first training camp for Torts and it’ll be interesting to watch how he handles the team now that it is entirely his as opposed to a group inherited from a completely different coach. He has preached accountability and that no roster spot is safe, other than Lundqvist. Well, I’m interested to see if that is truly the case. In other words, if 3 or even 4 of the above named defensemen are REALLY impressive, does he dress those guys and scratch Rozsival or Redden? I doubt it, but hopefully he will hold accountability during the season through the amount of ice time given. He has also preached conditioning, so it will be interesting to see if they really are better conditioned. Tom Renney said last year that the team was extremely well-conditioned, only for Torts to come in and bash them for having a poor level of conditioning. The multiple games where the team faded down the stretch only served to illustrate Tortorella’s point.
   5) Glen Sather– Tortorella is on record saying he wants a #1 center. Brandon Dubinsky isn’t signed. The Rangers seem to be tied to every free agent rumor on the market. There are persistent rumors of Brad Richards and Denis Seidenberg. Dany Heatley still wants out of Ottawa. I expect less out of Sather now that the rain has stopped because he will be able to get out of the office and onto the golf course. Why talk Dubinsky and Richards when you can talk Kohiba and Titleist? But I would not be surprised if the players that are under the umbrella of the New York Rangers organization today are not the same as the players under that umbrella by opening night. Who gets added or subtracted is anyone’s guess when it comes to Sather, the man without a plan.
   Honorable mentions: Evgeny Grachev– I think the Prospal signing leaves him in Hartford next season, at least for the start of the year. P.A. Parenteau– Time to crap or get off the pot. I think he solidifies his position as the Rangers’ Jason Krog and is sent off to the Pack again. Donald Brashear– will he be welcomed by his teammates and the fans? Wade Redden and Michael Rozsival– will we see the tolerable pair that we saw in the playoffs, or the pair we suffered through all season?

My thanks to Carp for maintaining this blog and for providing me with this opportunity to write as a guest. My thanks to all of you boneheads for actually making it through this post. And to the future guest bloggers, Mike G was right, thinking of something to write about is by far the hardest part.


Editor’s note: This is Carp. I am still waiting for Spiderpig and Pavel to confirm that they will do the posts scheduled. No problem if you guys don’t want to do it, but please let me know. We have plenty of guests who want to do this. Please email me at

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  1. Great post!! U forgot to mention Francis Bouillion as a possiblity. I agree with alot of what u said however I do believe they will bring in another veteren defenseman!!

  2. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Nice Post DM,
    I don’t give rookies much of a chance with Sather, I think he feels he can’t develop them in the NHL and put up with their mistakes ,while sather will go with the overpaid vets and their on ice mistakes.
    Brashear will be fine.. once he drops the gloves on msg ice all will be forgiven.
    I think the power will be better than last years but the PK may be a bit soft. Torts and sather won’t really care as long as goals are scored at even stregnth and on the PP.

    So, its comes down to the new guys making a difference(higgings, gaborik and others),the old guys stepping up(Drury, reddon , rosival, callahan) and the insertion of rookies to show their stuff and to prove to the fans that the Rangers can draft or just waste picks.

    And I still say Dubi will be traded..and Heatley will be added. Why not? If Sather can squeeze the cap.

  3. Ecxellent analyses, Doodie
    I still believe we didn’t see last piece of the puzzle and it could change situation dramaticaly…but so far agree with you.

  4. Nice post DM, i went on record earlier in the off season after the gomez trade and the kotalik signing and said no way was sather done with turning over this roster and that somehow someway heatley, st louis, richards, or marleau would end up in the blue sweater but i do believe at this point it is not happening and i was wrong….tks to the devils hibernating during the offseason the division is not brutal but even with the up tempo offense i still think this team is going to struggle a great deal with scoring-only time will tell but here are some estimates on goals for our top “7” forwards this year….one last side note i do believe Roszival will thrive under Torts system and I do believe a year removed from the hip surgery will help roszival a great deal- i do think he has a big offensive year and that turns into a more confident player on the defensive side of the ice (FROM MY LIPS TO GODS EARS LETS GO RANGERS)

    1) Gaborik 33
    2) Higgins 14
    3) Dubi 22
    4) Callahan 24
    5) Drury 19
    6) Kotalik 21
    7) Prospal 17

  5. ZzZz 11 ZzZz " I'm First today !!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Interesting read Doodie , good going . These story lines are why fans come in to watch the Rangers and yes this year will be no exeption. Nice to see that you got the “thursday” time slot , where Mike G got “sloppy seconds” on tuesday after the Nasty1 was first on Monday.

  6. Doodie, your post is appropriate for this time of year, a few weeks until training camp opens, so it’s a great topic to debate and think about. All during this off-season, outside of Gaborik, we are an “interchangebale flock of mid-level” players. It, of course, remains to be seen what kinda’ O-fence we have in these group of players. No real game breaker, other than Gabby, who has to prove he can stay healthy. And Seth, Rozi will not thrive under Torts system because HE DOESN’T SHOOT THE PUCK!!! You can tell him a thousand times, and there were spurts early last season, but you can’t teach an old dog HOW TO SHOOT THE PUCK!!!

  7. greg- i see this post was done before laurels, but she said something about waiting for him to post, and she posted good luck.?? and the posts here are more recent than laurels. is it backwards or is it my pc? oh and btw- excellent post doodie. i was going to use your basis for one of my potential posts. its gonna be hard being the last guest poster because all of the good ideas will be gone. i’ll really have to get creative

  8. ZzZz 1 ZzZz " I'm First today !!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Mike ,If your worried about them taking all your idea’s then your already gonna be screwed!!!!hahahahaha!!sorry , just thought it was alittle bit amusing. If your a creative writer then guest blogging is a piece of cake.

  9. seth- those goal totals are pretty low. gaborik only 33?? no way man. if hes healthy and in the uptempo style he should have at least 4o. 14 goals for higgins? unless he plays 3rd line and no pp, i cant see him getting such low numbers. hes at least a 20 goal scorer. duby i think u right, and cally. dru needs to score more than 19. he had a bad season last year and still scored 22.

  10. ZzZz 1 ZzZz " I'm First today !!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Mike in ia:

    Well , it’s a piece of cake so ya better start baking !!!

    btw others are writing in the new post from Laurel…I think I said something to you?

  11. Doodie!!!!
    Good Stuff! As I was reading through, I felt myself getting more pumped for the season.

  12. McDonagh is not in the mix, he’s in college and staying. I think the conclusion re Sauer is premature, with coaching thru camp, and consideration being for the 3d pair or #7 role, its a different case than last year’s callup during ‘playoff chase soon after Torts arrived’ situation. He’s got more pro NA pro experience than all but Potter, he’s more physical. I expect sangs to start the year top pair in Hartford and DelZotto back in OHL… imho D-spots 5-7 are realistically between Gilroy (his to lose) Potter, Heikkenen and Sauer, along with the unknown experienced NHL’er(s?) to-be-named…

  13. Mike IN IA, yeah i went low as i mentioned i still think we are going to be towards the bottom of the league with regards to scoring….trust me i want more than anything for gaborik to score 50 and higgins to score 30,,,,i admit i have not seen higgins play that much but i seen him being more of a responsible two way forward who will hopefully thrive with gaborik or prospal or whoever…i could see a guy like kotalik having a big year offensively as he has a great shot but even in the up style tempo i still see this team winning relatively low scoring games….and artie torts is going to demand rozsival to shoot the puck to keep the PP honest-if he doesnt release his weapon and yes his slapshot and one time shot are a weapon and very underrated because they are hard and accurate well than rozsival might as wellget used to sitting next to me in the blueseats!

  14. excellent post Doodie! It is going to be interesting to see how the pp fares under a full year of Torts. It can’t be any worse that it’s been the past few years now, can it??

  15. Great post ! +1

    Like ‘frenchie’ said, I think you may be counting out Sauer too early. If you figure that Torts will want one ‘offensive’ d-man on each pair, and the stated desire for Staal to get involved in the flow of play more, then of the current four you’ve got Redden and Staal as the ‘o’ and Rozsival and Girardi as the ‘stay at home’. If that’s the case, then barring FA acquisitions or trades, you’d likely see either Sauer or Potter kept, and either Gilroy or Sanguinetti.

    Given the compressed schedule with the Olympics, it may even make sense to keep 8 d-men in a rotation if it can be squeezed under the cap.

  16. I like not hearing that we have to trade for a defenseman.
    We have alot of them…just waiting to see who steps up…if all the competition doesn’t motivate at least 1 or 2 to step up, nothing will and IMO they are busts.

  17. Doodie (haha I love saying that) AWESOME post. This got me so excited for training camp to start.

    I would definitely agree with you about the defenseman thing. I think realistically it will come down to Gilroy for sure, with the second spot battle between DZ and Potter. I dont think Sangs will come out strong in camp. As you mentioned, he has been somewhat weak on the blueline and I think Torts will want to have him get more time to improve before throwing him to the wolves in the NHL. I think to have two speedy puck moving D-men in Gilroy and DZ could play very well to Tort’s style, especially his safe is dead style haha.

    Sign Dubie already!!! We need to get a campaign/protest going outside MSG.

  18. Well thought out doodie. Here’s my take on your blog.

    1-Sangs and Gilroy
    2-pp will be around 20 % mostly due to Torts and PK will still be top 5 mostly because of Hank.
    3-Anisimov-makes team but has rookie strugglesearly on, then turns into a decent 3rd center. 12-15 goals.
    4-Really looking forward to seeing a Torts team in blueshirts. We saw up tempo, aggressive forecheck in Prague, mostly due to the fact that TB was the opponent. After the first few games back, that disappeared.I think Torts will give us that for a whole season. Our roster doesn’t scare anyone but Torts should be able to get the most out of what he has. I’d love to see an aggressive team that has a nasty side.
    5-Sather-?????????????????????????????????????????Who knows what to expect??????????????????????????????????

    I expect Redden to improve, he has to right? I really don’t see Roszival doing anything better. I think he is shot. I expect another poor start from him followed by an injury that will nag all season long. Good job Doodie.

  19. Great job Doodie! It’s a lot harder to write that up, and have it make sense, than people realize. I hope Sangs and/or DZ make this team.

  20. This is what a blog is for; to get the back-n-forth debate on players, goal scoring, d-men, etc., etc., etc!! Gets us Ranger fanatics pumped for the season to start. Now, the fun part about “our” defense is that we have options for the 3rd pair & they’re not named Malik or Poti!!! I’m hoping Rozi can become a shooter but you will all remember the countless number of times he NEVER shot the puck from the point on the PP when Jags was here. And when Jags left, he was still passing up the shot so if Torts can “influence” him to shoot more, he does have a great shoot, low from the point.

    I’d love to see Sanguenetti get a good look because he may turn out to be (not this year) the PP quarterback we’ve been looking for. We all read about prospects and their upside & potential, but it’s all about showing it at the NHL level so, Torts, let’s see what we got!!!

    I’ve been a regular reader of this blog for a few seasons but hardly ever comment so I guess Doodie’s blog was a great idea. Not because I’m such a great commentator, but it gets the juices flowing. So, I hope you didn’t agonize too long on what to write.

  21. Laurel Babcock on

    Doodie….how the hell did I know you’d post before 6 a.m.!!!! Thanks to all for your good mornings and amusing comments, but in deference to our guest blogger I’ve removed my post and the poster sized pic of Mr. Pink Tie…..carry on…

  22. Well done Doodie! Cant wait to see what the team looks like when the puck drops on opening night! I just hope Torts is as good as everyone says he is and really takes this organization to the next level.

    We have two posts… how did that happen? where do i go from here? lol

  23. ZzZz 1 ZzZz ” I’m First today !!!!” …says Greg L.

    more like…you WERE first today!! in yer face Greg!

    better luck next time buddy!


  24. Awesome Doodie! Way to go man. Nicely written and excellent post with camp just around the corner.

  25. nice job!

    though, i think anyone has got to admit that
    going over all that is possible is getting a bit
    boring and driving everyone nuts
    because we want to see some scenes of reality
    beginning on Sept. 14 when camp opens.

    hope some of your opinions come true (i.e. young ones get a chance, accountability….)

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Thanks to all who have posted positive reactions.

    Some are saying that I have written Sauer off too quickly. What I saw last season was him getting a shot, and then getting benched in his second game and being replaced by Potter thereafter.

    That’s why I think that, barring an outstanding camp and preseason, he won’t be given another shot ahead of the long list of guys that I also discussed.

  27. Good Job Doodie !

    Don’t ever back down ! Sauer is not even gonna sniff the Rangers roster , WRITE HIM OFF , you can even use my pen

    It’s a hockey fight Bonanza night as we talk to IHL AHL WHA and NHL infamous enforcer and ex NYR Frank “Seldom” Beaton

    Tomorrow night on Ranger Crisis Radio 9-11 PM EST

  28. I don’t see either Sanguinetti or DelZotto being ready yet. Stall seemed to be a noteworthy exception, when he made the Rangers so quickly. But there certainly were quite a few very young D making NHL rosters last season, so maybe I’m too old-school.

  29. Wow these guest posts have greatly exceeded my expectations I’m so excited for camp to start.

    Doodie I agree with you about Anisimov I went to 6 wolf pack games and he was very impressive. If he has a great camp and plays with confidence he will surprise a lot of fans. I also like the way Potter played, he was to me the most noticeable d-man at the games I went to. He plays with a nice edge and sticks up for his teammates and goalie. Could be the type of player we need to fill in Mara’s role last year.

  30. Good work, Doodie. Anisimov is a lock, I agree. But that makes our 2nd line center situation very interesting. Essentially, we have 3 2nd line centers. Good thing to have, but only if you have a true #1. I have a feeling they are looking for for veteran #7 d-man, in case one of the young guns faulters.

  31. Doodie Machetto on

    Thanks Mouth.

    Elsie, It’s not like Sanguinetti hasn’t had any experience playing professionally. He spent the entire year in Hartford last season, as well as spending the end of the regular season and playoffs there after his junior seasons ended in 07 and 08. Now is the time for him to make the jump. If he doesn’t this year, it will be much harder next year once other players have held the spots for a year.

  32. Carp – Just emailed you about the guest blog. Couldn’t get on much yesterday to check the blog because I’m back at school and don’t have my wireless connection set up yet. I’m happy to do it! If I can’t think of anything else, I will probably talk about the national hockey coverage on TV like I did on my own blog, with a more local slant.

    Doodie – The way it sounds with Torts right now is that he says he will coach the team kind of like being a fan, in that he will hold players accountable no matter what age they are. Hopefully, that holds up throughout the season. About writing a blog, once you have an idea, it seems like the words flow pretty easily.

  33. Off the topic. The situation with Coyotes is a bit perplexing. I have very little knowledge of any legal ramifications of the issue, but isn’t it strange that the highest(by far!) bidder can not get the team? Free country?

  34. Reeshay (or Riche') on


    The great cigar is spelled Cohiba… not with a K. Some respect please! lol

    Great post.

    Agreed on all points except you left out line combos which is something I can’t wait to see.

  35. Ohh yeahh….what was Voros doing in the airport? You don’t need an airport to get to Hartford.

    and I saw Avery at the Yankee game last night!!

  36. Doodie Machetto on

    ilb, it’s not quite that simple since the matter is in bankruptcy court. It’s about finding the plan that best serves the creditors of the debtor.

  37. CCCP- good morning. Late posting from you today for your standards. Low batteries this am?
    And some other news: Patrick Kane pleaded guilty to a non-criminal charge of disorderly conduct. Hmmm… Really? I’m sure the situation was blown out of proportions and I’m sure this cab driver wanted some money. But there is definitely a smoke to that fire. Stay in Chicago! Do you think anything like that would ever be associated with the name like Adam Graves?

  38. paulieplatypus on

    Rozsival is not going to shoot more, so please stop crying about it everyone! He is what he is and Rozsival is clearly more affraid (rightly so IMO) that his shot will be blocked and quickly carried out by the blockee for a breakaway, then to unwisely try and force a shot through a heavy crowd of defenders.

    The game has changed with every NHLer being so very well trained in blocking shots now days. I would not be surprised if the shot from the point eventually becomes a thing of the past. Unless the point shot is completely wide open, but if a D-men at the point is that wide open he’ll most likely skate in towards the goalie instead of shooting right away.

  39. Doodie, I realize that. But how does NHL bidding at $75 million less serve the creditor of the debtor?

  40. paulieplatypus on

    Just to clarify… I fee shots from the point maybe a thing of the past during even strength play, but not on the power play.

  41. flippedturtle on

    Paulieplatypus the reason the shot from the point is taken in most cases is not to score off the shot it’s to create a scoring chance or get a deflection.

    The reason Rozsival’s shot is so good is he keeps it low and hard which is the best chance of it hitting the net or getting deflected on the way in. I agree it is much harder to get shots through in today’s NHL but it is still one of the best percentage plays.

    I’m not sure if anyone else noticed this but I have seen a lot of d-men take the point shot and purposely miss to have it bank off the boards and towards a player near the side of the net. If nothing else this agrees with your statement that it is very hard to get shots through from the point but the play is still a good one.

  42. Doodie Machetto on

    Ilb, the NHL plans to keep the team in Glendale, which I believe is likely the largest creditor.

    Ballsillie’s plan gives the most to Jerry Moyes, who is not really a creditor, just a guy that lost a ton on a bad investment. The other deals give Moyes very little, which is why he is so opposed to them.

  43. OHH YEAH

    Maybe Hank was filling on Guitar and Vocals for the Free Credit Report Gang ? What a cool guy. Great teammate. I mean you have to be a great teammate to put up with the likes of Rozi, Dredden, Blomez, Malik, Ozo, Rachunek, Dreary, etc.

  44. balsillies plan is the best option for EVERYONE
    the nhl makes more money off of an “expansion”
    balsillie wants to move a team (not expansion)
    hes already been denied 2x (penguins, predators)
    he can easily just start a league in canada, the guy is loaded
    email on a phone, who would have thought…

    move the team back where it belongs, save doan! should have never moved the teams to begin with.
    bettman was sent here in 94/95 to ruin hockey. he was sent by the nba to RUIN HOCKEY. and slowly but surely he has.

    im so friggen mad just put the damn team back in canada.

    18 minutes total of your time. watch this video and the 2nd one and tell me this guy shouldnt own a team.

  45. Thanks, Doodie. The city of Glendale is unlikely to be able to tell a hockey puck from a raccoon. That could be a real issue that NHL doesn’t want to accept. Football-yes, hockey-not so much. So whatever they are trying to salvage is a bandaid.

  46. Rangers roster odds: top 4

    C#1- Drury 3:1, Dubinsky 4:1, Anisimov 5:1, Prospal 8:1
    C#2- Dubinsky 2:1, Drury 4:1, Anisimov 4:1, Prospal 14:1
    C#3- Anisimov 3:1, Dubinsky 4:1, Drury 7:1, Prospal 21:1
    C#4- Boyle 3:1, Arnason 5:1, Anisimov 28:1 Prospal 30:1
    LW#1- Prospal 4:1, Higgins 4:1, Avery 5:1, Lisin 12:1
    LW#2- Higgins 4:1, Prospal 4:1, Avery 6:1, Lisin 8:1
    LW#3- Avery 4:1, Higgins 6:1, Lisin 8:1, Prospal 18:1
    LW#4- Lisin 4:1, Voros 6:1, Byers 12:1, Prospal 22:1
    RW#1- Gaborik 2:1, Kotalik 21:1, Callahan 22:1, Grachev 30:1
    RW#2- Callahan 4:1, Kotalik 4:1, Lisin 6:1, Gaborik 21:1, Grachev 30:1
    RW#3- Kotalik 3:1, Callahan 3:1, Lisin 8:1, Gaborik 28:1, Prospal 30:1
    RW#4- Brashear 2:1, Byers 4:1, Voros, 8:1, Ambuhl 18:1
    D#1- Staal 6:1, Girardi 6:1, Redden, 8:1, Rozsival 10:1
    D#2- Redden 6:1, Girardi 6:1, Staal 8:1, Rozsival 8:1
    D#3- Gilroy 10:1, Sanguinetti 12:1, Potter, 12:1, Heikkinen 12:1, Del Zotto 14:1, Sauer 14:1

  47. ohh yeahh…August 27th, 2009 at 12:06 pm

    I met Lundqvist and Voros in the airport yesterday.

    Was Voros carrying Hanks bags?

  48. TR

    For what ever reason, Doan said “I hope with the NHL’s bid, the team stays in Phoenix”

    I don’t blame him, he has a couple of kids, and a family that has already settled in and probably enjoys their time there. Same with Jovo, the team sucks but he likes it there.

    Maybe Phoenix has good Donuts, who knows. Something is keeping them there. Or maybe they have secret affairs they don’t want to get rid of. Hmm….

  49. Doodie – great job!
    Well written and sparks discussion.

    Your defensive breakdown is spot on.
    I, too, doubt we sign Seidenberg. Especially when the Rangers (or anyone else) could get Babchuk from the ‘Canes for a late round pick (according to Carolina’s GM). Let the kids fight it out for the third pair slot.

    I definitely think the PP will be better – everyone who hates Kotalik must remember he has potted 20+ PP points in 3 of the last 4 seasons – only Drury topped 20 for the Blueshirts last year.

    A healthy Gaborik scores 40. I hope we keep him off of the PK to make sure he stays healthy. Higgins should top 20 – he’s woefully underrated.

    As for Heatley, I thought the Rangers would have snagged him by now – cap be damned. Perhaps I’m just pavloved into thinking the Blueshirts will get any high-priced star that no one else can afford, except we cannot afford him either. Bruce Garrioch of the Ottawa Sun (Canada’s Larry Brooks) reported today he thinks Heatley will be a Shark by training camp.

    As for the NHL bidding on the Coyotes – this is really interesting – AND troubling.
    The NHL By-laws say the league CANNOT own a team…so i wonder if during the last meeting where the board of Governors voted down Balsillie 26-0 if there was a change to leagues’ by-laws to facilitate this. Anything to keep Blackberry Jim out of the league and keep this Mark Cuban-style maverick far away it seems.

  50. man, what a day i am having! My father in-law is visiting from Maryland…so, i had to close my business and attend to his needs… which are pretty simple… Johnnie Walker, Johnnie Walker and more Johnnie Walker! lol so if i don’t post here for a while, i just want you guys to know that i did my best to stay alive!

  51. orr

    canada has good donuts
    tim hortons ftw!

    i cant get into
    my feelings for the situation are extremely strong
    that and clients just walked in for me….

  52. Orr – the league has a conduct rule that says you cannot speak out against anything that would be detrimental to the league.

    So, Players (AND coaches ie: Gretzky) cannot say anything positive about any move UNTIL it was to happen, since the NHL wants the team to stay put.

    So any league employee that supports the Balsillie bid is subject to League sanctions. I expect no one will speak out in support of the possible move.

  53. damn – that was a horribly constructed first sentence.

    how about “cannot say anything that would be detrimental to the league or it’s interests.”

  54. Great job Doodie!

    Got to think the D jobs are going to Potter and Gilroy. Just hope AA will do as he did in the minors.

    Also think Torts is insane if he uses Gabby on the PK. I understand that your top guys should be able to be used in all situations, but he’s too valuable, too injury prone, and with the compressed schedule and the minutes he will already get under Torts using him for PK duty sounds like a disaster in the making.

  55. Rob E

    That sounds like total dictatorship! Can’t speak out, and if you do you will be prosecuted! So, how can the people who work in the office can possibly know what’s good for the league? It’s the coaches, and players who can improve the league…it’s their opinion that should count above all. I had no idea that the league is so messed up in that sense.

  56. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I’ve just about heard enough of this ‘injury prone’ crap with Gaborik.

    Going through plenty of physical ups and downs myself, I can personally attest to the fact a ONCE injury prone person is not an ALWAYS injury prone person.

    Gaborik is healthy and ready to go, and I only say that with confidence because he had last summer, the entire hockey season other than 17 games, and this summer to rehab a crotchity hip.

    If this guy is injury prone he should have been breaking bones his entire career. If you’ve looked at his injury report (on TSN) you’ll see that MOST of his injuries stem from the same exact thing.

    Problems BEFORE the lockout with Groin/Hip Flexor.

    Great post DM, you kept it on the Posi-track, I like that.

  57. Im going to go ahead and disagree with you on the Sauer floundering part. I think we shouldn’t prematurely rule out any of our defensive prospects just because we have so many. Sauer is young and a second round pick, this isnt Corey Potter we are talking about, this kid has a much better upside.

  58. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Im gonna disagree with you right there, Fitzy. Dont you think this team is kind of sideways, or even upside-down with the way it deals with prospects?

    Like DM said, these guys may not even be under the proverbial umbrella come opening night, Glen Sather picks and chooses all he wants. He signed V20 (which I dont mind at ALL) but prematurely pulled the gun on Ales Kotalik for triple the price and triple the length, thus nixing a spot for ANOTHER prospect.

    I wouldnt rule out a stupid move by Cohiba Glen, although signing Dennis Seidenberg would not be stupid at all, it just wouldnt be fruitful for our young guys.

  59. 4 gens-
    Good call on Gabby.
    Remember, his groin problems were misdiagnosed it turned out.
    His hips were the problem all along.

    Same guy who fixed Gaborik’s hip did A-Rod’s this past off-season and he is playing pretty well with no side effects. Apples and oranges (baseball/Hockey) but still encouraging.

    I’m covering Gaborik in a “Risk/Reward” article for my Fantasy Hockey Blog this weekend – I think he’s healthy and will be a good risk.

  60. Ever since we signed Brash*t, ive been Voros’ number 1 fan, cause it doesn’t get any worse than Brash*t. Im not gonna bash the guy until he makes a mistake.

    I just hate Brash*t too much to hate on anyone else. Along with Alasshole Kotalik. Bunch of useless douches !

  61. Orr…
    so you hate B-hole more than, Redden, Malik, and the others on that “list”?
    I’m cool with that…

  62. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    Kudos all around . Fine Job

    My own take:

    Defense: One of the two established pairs, probably Redden-Rosie will be slit up. Cannot put two kid rookies together.
    Also. Heikenen is a dark horse to beat out Del Z and/or Sanguinetti for the spot. My pick is Sangunietti because Del Z has played against lower competition, no real pros.

    Forwards: AA will center 3rd line. Prospal will ply wing, perhaps also on third line.
    Dubie will center Gaborik and Callahan
    Drury will center Higgins and Kotalik
    AA will center Avery and Prospal and Boyle will center Brashear and Lisin although of course the 4th line does not play as a unit under Torts
    Voros and Rissmiller get shipped out to Long Island

  63. Orr, I agree with you there, i will be clapping at the garden if orr and hollweg double team brashear! the good thing though is if hollweg and orr are on the ice the leafs have ZERO SHOT at scoring a goal during that shift

  64. Rumors Around Again….Bollion Looking for schools and apt in NYC and HEATLEY to NYR…

  65. 4-Gen
    Hope you are right, but until the guy shows he can go the season without aggravating that hip/groin/leg/back whatever – he’s not a guy I would deliberately send out to block shots. We have other defensive guys that can do that, nobody else who is gonna put up his offensive numbers.

  66. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Orr, I honestly have a challenge for you.

    Take back all the acquisitions made this summer, and tell us what you would do with this team during the offseason, because you seem to have such a problem with the current signings.

    Who would you have gone out and gotten to rebuild a crappy Rangers offense?

    The amount you criticize players like Brashear, Rozsival and Drury are kind of confusing. Michal Rozsival is the only guy I think we have remaining from out 05-06 opening night roster. He’s a guy we brought up, that was a nobody in the Pens organization and he’s one of our guys.

    He scored on the penalty shot that he was given in Anaheim last year, so he does have pretty good hands. He also has been training this entire summer, and is ready to come to a Tortorella camp.

    Drury, I dont think, was ever expected to lead the team in scoring. He’s a good leader, look at how far they made it in Buffalo (Game 7 loss to a cup champ).

    Brashear, is a scumbag. He’s our scumbag though and we deal with it from there.

  67. loved your blog dude, i mean doodie

    just one thing, in terms of our 6th D-man im gonna say del zotto wins the spot based on the fact he was not playing too well last season, got traded and his new team was more talented and because of it he upped his game, if you watched him in preseason last year he was our best D-man by far, i think hes ready, whats the worst that happens? we send him back after 10 games to his junior squad and we bring up sangs or whoever else is playin their tush off down in hartford

    your post got me so pumped for the season doodie, section 409 what what!!

  68. Hey Orr-
    Just an Off topic FYI-
    Don’t believe the Megan Fox as “Catwoman” rumors.

    The British website/Tabloid that reported it was also the one who claimed that Eddie Murphy was gonna be the Riddler. Crazy lie. Same place claimed last year that Fox was to be Wonder Woman – which she herself debunked.

    Also, David Goyer and Jonathan Nolan (Dark Knight’s Screenwriters) have already gone on record as saying they are reluctant to include Catwoman or the Penguin in the next film.

    Sorry about that, dude.
    But hey, one can daydream!

  69. and this one will last a lifetime, just so you know, rissmiller is already off our squad, hes a unrestricted free agent

  70. bull dog line on

    Rob M,
    pretty sure Rissmiller signed a3 yr deal, and is still in the organization.
    doodie, well done. I think the rangers will keep 7 dmen. The last three will be Gilroy, Sanguenetti, and Potter. No point in sending Potter back again, I believe he is going to be 25. If he does not make it now it will be all but over for him. Sanguenetti will make the team and be given a chance to run the power play, that is why they drafted him. I think we are all in agreement that Gilroy will be on the team.

  71. ROB E

    Lol, i was just aboot to post that. I hope it does happen though, she would make a super hot Catwoman.


    Yeah that game against the Kings was Rozi’s best game. A sweet penalty shot goal, and a game winner in OT. So what, the guy doesn’t know when to shoot the puck, he’s terrible on the PP, no confidence, and for a guy who’s supposed to be a QB on the PP, or at the very least help out just a tiny bit, he doesn’t show it, actually he’s already said that he doesn’t like playing the point on a 5 on 3. Are you kidding me ? It’s like some people here say, without Jagr playing with, Harry, Rozi, Prucha, Straka, and Nylander, they are all average. He was good for the money he was making, but now he’s overpaid, just like Dredden, and Dreary, but there’s nothing you can do aboot it, since they have NTC, but you can still dump Rozi, which we’re gonna have to do since we have to deal with a couple of FA’s next summer like Staal, Danny G, etc.

    Anyway, what i would have done in the off-season is.

    1) Sign Gabby, which i said i wanted to do, but i wanted him for one year so he can prove himself
    2) Trade Blowmez, like Slats did.
    3) I know Orr wanted a raise, so if we couldn’t afford him, get ANYBODY, other than Brash*t, or don’t get anyone.
    4) Re-sign Dubi, Cally, and all the players that we need for the future.
    5) Re-sign Z, or Antro, cause they’re both way better than Kotalik, who is useless.
    6) The Lisin trade i didn’t mind, cause it’s basically a wash, that may go in our favor.
    7) Go with youth on D. Save money, let the kids get their taste of NHL hockey, if they’re not ready, bring somebody in who can help out, at a good price !
    8) Force Sean Avery to beat up Brian Austin Green, and steal Megan Fox, so i can see her at the Garden every now and then.
    9) Trade Rozi.

    It’s not that different from what we have now. Just taking away Kotalik, and replacing him with one of Antro or Z., and either re-signing Orr, or getting a new Goon, or none at all, and trading Rozi. As for Prospal, i don’t really care, since he came cheap, and may have a decent year, cant complain much aboot him.

    Do i think this team can win the Cup ? Not really. But who knows, the good thing is we’re saving money, and letting the kids play.

  72. Orr, I love your enthusiasm and you are usually right on the ball but I’ll take kotalik with one leg over zherdev….this guy is going to help the PP a bunch and he has a very underrated shot-you are going to like this guy once you see him on a nightly basis….and well if he helps DREARY out maybe Chris can show up eventually and represent the team the way a captain should!

  73. Nice work doodie and I hope everyone has a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day (especially ORR, who apparently needs a hug and according to him brashear is the perfect guy to give him one)!!

  74. hey all –
    if you go to and click on the “trade machine’ tab,
    you can actually “make trades” and see if the cap will work for either squad.

    just check the boxes next to the names and click on “Do the Deal!” and the site will automatically update both team’s possible payrolls.

    Only caveat is that it’s only got a certain # of players: (the Rangers roster is 21 guys and the list of D only includes Redden, Rozi, Gilroy, Girardi and Staal).
    I thought maybe it was guys on 1 way deals, but Rissmiller is listed in the Forwards.

  75. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    A couple of ideas for the guys to blog in the coming days:
    1) Sweet Caroline! Where the heck is Jagr?
    2) The # of games Rozsival gets boo’d or the # of games Gaborik plays, what’s greater?
    3) This season, How much Shi! Could a Sean Avery Start if a Sean Avery Could Start Shi! (without being suspended)? [sorry for the language but i had to alliterate]
    4) Can the Clutchmobile (#23) find a way to score like an automatic?
    5) And my favorite/most feared… If the Rangers don’t make the playoffs: Who’s Fired? Who’s Traded? And would that give the Islanders a chance to pass them in the standings?

    Unfortunately, I think #5 is a very distinct possibility although i’d hate to see the Islanders mature before our eyes while grooming a team that will be good for the next 2-5 years.

  76. SETH

    He barely hits the net, he misses wide open nets all the time. Im hoping he’ll be a good signing, even though he’s shouldn’t have been signed to a 3 year deal with a NTC which is what people are saying he has. Believe me, you’re gonna look at him, after all of his missed opportunities, you will hate him, and wish you had Z back, since at least he had some creativity, and could possible gel with a guy like Gabby.

  77. seriously what happened to sweet caroline after home wins-i was in such a great mood when i was walking out with 2 points humming Neil Diamond-they got rid of it after kaspar left?


  78. I agree about taking kotalik over Z, I would have liked to see antro come back, but he didn’t, so moving on!! As far as brashear goes, the only endorsement I need is mess loved him when they were in vancouver together, so give the guy a break. Let’s face facts, Orr was a very one dimensional player (who I like a lot btw), but couldn’t skate and forecheck well enough for torts’ system. Brashear is more of a 1.5 dimensional player and the day he was signed torts said that they wanted an enforcer who could fight and contribute on the forecheck, sounds like brashear fits the bill to him and slats. For the $400k difference in the contracts of the two enforcers in question, I guess you get a better skater, better hitter, more baggage, and roughly the same fighting skill. Oh, you do get one other thing. Orr probably scared the hell out of most of the other enforcers during the games, I’ll bet you that brashear scales the hell out of EVERY PLAYER on the other team during the games, I’ll take that for an extra $400k (I will miss orr, but he is gone and brashear is here so GO BRASHEAR and LET’S GO RANGERS!!!)

  79. we will agree to diagree for now COLTON! I hated Zherdev -he would not go into the trenches if his life depended on it (well ok half the team wont do that so why pick on him….he just did not show any urgency out there on the ice-i think he thought he was ice dancing instead of playing in the Atlantic Division…i was watching the game last night and he just like he was sleep walking through the game-nikolai enjoy EUROPE MY FRIEND CYA LATER

  80. Just for clarification purposes, one-way / two-way deals have no bearing on waivers.

    The definition of a two-way deal is that the player gets two different salaries, depending on the league they play in. The NHL minimum is roughly $500k, so a player on a two-way deal likely will not earn that much if he plays in the AHL.

    There are also such things as three-way deals which include the ECHL.

  81. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Brashear can’t skate, Brashear can’t forecheck, Brashear can’t really do anything more than Orr. In fact, the only thing Brashear does better is fight so I’m not sure I like this signing and I sure as hell don’t like it for $2.8 million.

    If the Rangers really wanted a forechecking, skating, hitting, fighter they could have signed Chris Neil. Now that would fit the bill… Brashear is the same as Orr plus a few inches in height, lbs, and different ethnicity.

    I also laugh at the notion that Kotalik improves the Rangers at the expense of Zherdev. Zherdev scored more points with no one, in a defensive system, than Kotalik scored with the Sabres and the wide-open Oilers. Zherdev, obviously, lost sommething at the end of the season but he’s still a more skilled player… especially when he has a guy dishing to him (which the Rangers didn’t have when IDIOT Renney took Dubi off his line) and when he can dish to someone who can finish (like he was to Naslund at the beginning of last year, but then Naz fizzled too).

  82. The only good thing aboot Renney was Sweet Caroline. I think when he got fired they stopped playing it.

    Im not a Neil Diamond fan, but that song did get me all happy, after each win. Especially in the playoffs. Although when i found out the Mets played it, and some other teams in sports, i kind of lost interest in it, that, and the fact that i wanted Renney fired for two years.

  83. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Dave, I think the point of Doodie’s was that Gilroy is on a one-way contract. He can play 9 games in the NHL. By then, if he hasn’t made it clear that he can make it, he will be in Hartford the rest of the season. Fact. I agree with Doodie, I don’t think they sign him to a $3.5million contract to leave him in Hartford for 73 games. Sather and/or Torts wants him to help move the puck for the Torts offensive game.

  84. orr-lol!!!!!!!!! no they stopped it all off last season so the last time sweet caroline was played was game 4 against the pens!!!!, the best sweet caroline was the 1st year after the lockout i remember a rout against the leafs on a rare friday night game in december and the whole crowd was basically doing the song karaoke style for a few verses it was great-BRING IT BACK BRING IT BACK

    true some of you are yankee fans and it is a red sox song-lucky for me i am one few to be on cloud nine when baseball ends!

  85. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Thank goodness Renney and his posse’ is fired! Now if only we could get rid of everything that represents the Renney era; Redden, Drury, Rozsival, and the Trap!

    Remember when Renney was the “Director of Player Development?!” How did that work out for Prucha, Dawes, Anisimov, Del Zotto (who looked fantastic in camp and preseason), and every other Ranger who played 3 minutes or less if their paycheck didn’t have 7 digits to it?!

    Geez, i’m remembering how much I hate that guy. Smart man who lacked hockey instinct.

  86. TFBRWB (I love acronyms),

    I understood his point, and I agree with him. There’s no way he doesn’t make the team.

    Just saying that they will not bury him in Hartford because they will still need to pay him the full $1.75 million (whereas if he signed a two-way contract, he would be making less in the AHL).

    He would not have to pass through waiver though. He signed his contract at 24, thus he can play 60 games before his waiver eligibility runs out. At least this is my understanding of it.

  87. Yeah sally trust me they did not play it once last year at MSG after a WIN…who wants to take a trip to the ROCK 5oct!

  88. The Rangers do need a victory song, similar to Sweet Caroline. A good feel good song. And maybe when Aves scores a goal, the Garden can play that Madonna song, Vogue, i think it’s called. Maybe that will get him fired up, so he will play at his best.

    Id prefer Brash*t or Dredden to have that song, this way we only hear it at least once or twice a year.

  89. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I think a one-way contract takes effect on the 10th game in the NHL (full cap hit once he plays game 10) so Gilroy has about 9 chances to NOT mess it up. Someone correct me if i’m wrong on that.

  90. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    True Fans- I’m not sure what “If the Rangers really wanted a forechecking, skating, hitting, fighter they could have signed Chris Neil. Now that would fit the bill… Brashear is the same as Orr plus a few inches in height, lbs, and different ethnicity.” means quite at all.

    Brashear has had a few goals in most seasons he’s played in the NHL- whereas Orr has not. Brashear is a better fighter than Orr and skates faster.

    Now when we’re talking Chris Neil, the Rangers pitched him a better offer than the Senators did, and right before signing the contract with us, the Sens gave Neil the deal he wanted originally, bringing him back.

    I understand that it was somewhat of a backwards move but every time I’m on here I see you saying “Brash*t.” Come on dude, this guy is on our team. He hasnt played a single game for us and you’ve got a condescending nickname for him. Dreary and Blowmez and Dredden? I understand your points behind that but at least give OUR new enforcer a chance to make his point heard.

    Kotalik is kind of an opinion thing- considering I personally sunk when this deal was struck, I truly dont know how to react to him being a fixture in our lineup. Personally I think he’s lazy and invisible half the time, but for the money we pay him at least he produces on the PP.

    Just gotta hope, and gotta let things roll. I’ll stand up for them before they suck.

  91. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Whoops! After the Chris Neil talks were directed at ‘Orr’, not yourself True Fans.

  92. 4 GEN

    I gave Dreary a chance after he raped our best chance at going to the conference finals when we versed the Sabs, when we had our best team in my opinion, as far as the playoffs went. I honestly thought that team could have gone all the way. But i loved the signing. Dredden, i knew was a chance, and thought he might have a decent year with a change of scenery, but that didn’t happen.

    I give players chances, but i wont give anyone else a chance. Brash*t is a bum, a lowlife, a waste of a roster spot, and has already proved it to us, which the garbage he’s pulled to past Rangers. Kotalik, maybe i should give a chance, but i refuse to, cause he took away the spot of A) Antro who could have put up 30 goals for us, and B) Z who is turning 27 i think, and yeah he may not show up every now and then, but look who he had to play with, and he put up decent numbers, but didn’t show up for the playoffs, which sucked, but he is way more worth it than Kotalik who is 30, and will never score more than 20 goals.

    Kotalik, Brash*t = Losers, and waste of money.

  93. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    4Generations and only 4Cups
    August 27th, 2009 at 5:26 pm
    True Fans- I’m not sure what “If the Rangers really wanted a forechecking, skating, hitting, fighter they could have signed Chris Neil. Now that would fit the bill… Brashear is the same as Orr plus a few inches in height, lbs, and different ethnicity.” means quite at all.

    Brashear has had a few goals in most seasons he’s played in the NHL- whereas Orr has not. Brashear is a better fighter than Orr and skates faster.

    It means what it says… they’re the same type of player.

    As far as Brashear being a faster skater… haha. You’d need an olympic speed skating tech crew to measure how much ‘faster’ Brashear is. If you’re happy with $1.4million on your 4th line, i’m happy for you.

    As far as your assumption that Brashear is better offensively, that’s simply a figment of your imagination. Orr had a point more than Brashear and Brashear averaged almost 2 minutes more a game on ice than Orr. Orr did play more games but the ‘point’ is… we’re talking 4 and 5 points! Both scored 1 goal all year!

  94. Doodie and everyone else down on Sauer he did not flounder. He played great in his first game against Minny, so great that Torts put him out at the end of the game. In game 2 he was one of the better Rangers against ATL (+1) and Torts even gave him some PP time.

    You can’t fault him for one bad road period against the eventual Stanley Cup Champions who were hot and where his defense partner Mara turned into Popeye and couldn’t see.

    He was +29 in Hartford last year too. He has a good story about overcoming the injuries and working his tail off. He’s a likable guy and has some grit to his game. He’s one of the 5 guys along with Anisimov, Gilroy, Byers, and Owens I’ll be rooting for to make a big impace and impress in traning camp.

  95. TFBRWB,

    That’s what I’ve been trying to say. It doesn’t matter what type of contract the player has. A player can have a two-way contract and still have to pass through waivers. The only thing a two-way contract dictates is salary.

    Waivers is based on age when first contract is signed, and tenure in the NHL.

  96. ZzZz 1 ZzZz " I'm First today !!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    WOW , just like that ,the Laurel post is POOF vanished and with all my glory!!!!?? wtf….?

    lame. Im outta here.

  97. Orr-
    the Rangers never had a chance to resign Antropov.
    Kovalchuk had told Atlanta GM Don Waddell at the end of the season that The Trashers needed a big body like Antro. Waddell is no dummy – make Kovalchuk happy and maybe he’ll stay. Kovalchuk and Antropov played together during the lockout, so Waddell went hard after him.

    Rangers wouldn’t have come close to matching the $4M+ he got from Atlanta – never mind for 4 seasons. I remember Larry Brooks reporting Antro wanted $5M from the Rangers when they told him to go take a long walk. (Actually, Slats called the $5M he was seeking “ridiculous”).

    Shame – Antro is inconsistent, but had back to back 25 goal seasons. However, he has only played more than 70 games 3 times in his career.

  98. bull dog line u r right about rissmiller, he is definitely a non-issue with this team though, a wolfpacker for sure

  99. A lot of guys try to get the most money out of the Rangers and end up going to other teams for less. It’s a shame Antro did that. He was great in his short time but wasn’t worth anything over 3 million.

  100. Still should have brought back Z over Kotalik though. And you’re right, Slats had no chance with Waddell. That guy needs to play his cards right if he wants to keep the face of that franchise. Soon enough, that will be team Russia. He already has his buddy Kubina there, if im not mistaken.

  101. Gaborik replaced Zherdev.
    Kotalik replaced Naslund.

    I’d take both upgrades – even though I’ve been a fan of Zherdev before we traded for him. Shame to both lose him AND Tyutin in the end result.

    You are right about Atlanta – plus they have Slava Kozlov too.
    Brassai!(is that how you say it CCCP??)

  102. Speaking of Russia – did anyone see that the IIHF actually BLOCKED Jiri Hudler from getting his transfer card?

    That means he technically cannot practice or play for Dynamo the KHL (despite having played in a few pre-season games).

    if he plays anyway, he will not be allowed to rep Russia in the Olympics. Big Choice – Money or Country?
    Red Wings will be screwed cap-wise if he returns, but I have 5 Rubles that says he plays in the KHL this year.

  103. ha! I thought Brasai was “SHOOT” – as in “Brasai Kovalev!”
    Bamboozled again by those cute Ukraine babes.

  104. lol oh yeah, you can use “brasai” as shoot

    i haven’t seen any hockey game with Russian commentary in ages! so, “brasai” would be the proper word for shoot…

    shoot as in shoot the gun would be “strtelyai”


  105. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    True Blue- You misunderstood. I just simply didn’t understand the need to throw in Neil’s name, it was never in the picture because he wanted back in with the Sens and he got it. Just like Orpik, Rangers pitched him a better deal than Pitt and then look what happened. So its not just that you can pick and choose your players, and dont kid yourself, Korpikoski who added just a few goals for playing some good minutes. 6 goals in 68 games? Really? For a million dollars? What about Voros? Rissmiller? Would you rather have them in his spot?

    and you SERIOUSLY have a problem spending 400,000 more on a guy who can pretty much protect our entire group? We’ve had guys like Prucha sit on the bench for half a season getting paid 1.6 a year.

    I think that’s a little ridiculous.

  106. A actually remember JD commenting on Kovalev’s reluctance to shoot some years ago, saying:”Brosai nyzom!- shoot low!

  107. anyone just catch the 30 min clip of the Rangers biggest Rivalries-nice lil job by sam rosen there-sh–i cannot wait anymore i need hockey season now


  108. Talking Brashear again? It’s getting old. He is a part of a team now, that should do it. In fact, I suspect he’ll become a team favorite by game #3 at MSG. Right after he floors the first punk who attempts to run Gaborik through the boards. And do you think this little crap Carcillo will be allowed to do to Dubi what he did last year after the fight?

  109. # Sally August 27th, 2009 at 5:24 pm

    I have no clue why they don’t play The Misfit’s “I Wanna Be a New York Ranger.”

    They don’t play it because The Garden brass don’t like the “I wanna live a life of danger” line.

  110. Good post, I think Sanguinetti and Gilroy will be the 3rd pair, Sanguinetti is older than Del Zotto and has more experience having already played in the AHL.

    As for Redden and Rozsival, I think they will almost definitely play better than last year, Redden especially since i’m sure the ranger brass is giving him stern warnings that if he doesn’t shape up he will not be a Ranger for long.

  111. Wow, someone told me that the Eagles fans cheered Vick when he was introduced.

    That goes to show you how pathetic, and stupid Philadelphia sports fan are. They don’t even wait for the criminal to prove he’s worthy of their respect, they just give it to him like a bunch of cheap hookers.

    I hate Philthy sports ! And i hate Vick. I hope he gets attacked by a pitbull, and a gang of dogs that are mean as fugg ! And they end his career, and attack him so badly that they have to amputate his hands and legs.

    That’s what he deserves ! Go dogs ! Make it happen !

  112. I have 2 dogs. Sitting right next to me. So if I post a comment about Vick it surely will be deleted by Carp. Could never understand football anyway. Vick and Co. just cemented my feeling about football.

  113. IIB

    I know, im not a Football fan either. I was always on and off, cause i like physical sports. Hockey completely turned me off to the game, so hockey, and woman’s tennis, and volleyball are my sports.

    Football is full of criminals, Baseball is full of cheaters, Basketball is full of arrogant douche bags.

  114. I realize what Vick did is reprehensible but everyone deserves a second chance to get their life back on track. The NFL is full of thugs who have done far worse things.

  115. Here’s a new poll; who gets booed louder on opening night? Redden or Brashear?

    This is the year we find out if Redden’s skills really have deteriorated or he was just out of shape last year. He’s been working hard in the offseason or so they say.

    I think unless he has a great camp a little more time in the AHL wouldn’t hurt Sangs so he can continue to work on his D. He’s played all of one full season and will be a “very old” 22 in February.

  116. Rob L. – Agreed. Try Leonard Little and Donte’ Stallworth on for size. Then there’s guys who did much less worse, such as Plaxico Burress. It’s great that the commissioner suspended Stallworth for a year, but he really shouldn’t be put in the position to make that decision, where the court should have done Stallworth worse.

  117. MikeA
    I say B-hole gets booed more, that hit on Betts is still fresh in the minds of the fans…that hit was just wrong

  118. Colorado Mark on

    I think there is some confusion about 1 and 2 way contracts. As the whole point of a 1 way contract is that you are guaranteed money no matter where you play, the 10 game rule doesn’t make sense. If that were the case, you could send any vet down before 10 games and not have to pay the full contract. The 10 game rule is for junior/CHL players. Junior clubs negotiated the deal when they were tired of having their players yanked up and down all season long as if they were farm clubs. GILROY will be on the team for sure because of the money. I don’t think he has to pass through waivers if he is sent down because a player isn’t eligible to be claimed on waivers during the entry level contract (which is usually three years. Not sure how Gilroy’s two year deal and the fact that he is 35 affects that rule).

    RISSMILLER- This is the neverending story. When he first signed it was announced as a one year deal. Then all the beat reporters, including Sam, verified that it was actually a three year deal. Further evidence is that the rangers still have him on the official team roster and has the best salary cap charts around (blows away Hockey Buzz!) There is still a chance he could be waived or traded, but we have him for two more years if not.


    Great stuff. I think the only thing we can be sure of is that McDonough won’t be challenging for a spot this year. He is not allowed as a college player (along with Stepan and Kreider and Hagelin). I still think that SAUER will end up in the lineup as he is the most physical of all the candidates and I can’t believe Torts wants a team full of offensive defensemen. Potter, Sangs and Heikkinen will battle it out for the 7th spot, with Potter making the most sense as I think he would be waiver fodder if sent down (like Pock). It might be tempting for the Rangers to take Del Zotto, but for cap reasons and developmentally, it makes the most sense for him to play junior. I’d like to see him get a few games early on.

    My dark horse for the forwards as an extra or possible fourth liner is AMBUHL. He’s a small scrappy guy. Torts had great success in developing another small scrappy guy with a nose for the net: Martin St Louis. Byers makes more sense as an extra forward over Rissmiller or even Voros because he’s only a 5G hit on the cap.

    I hope GRACHEV gets a legit shot, but I have a feeling he’ll be penciled in for Hartford at the start at least. If Kotalik and company struggle offensively, he could be a mid-season call up.


    I agreed with most of your off-season wish list, but I’m willing to give Kotalik a shot, especially if it jump starts Drury. Especially agree with giving our young D a shot before picking up a vet (Bouillion or Seidenberg for example).

  119. Rob L.
    A second chance? Let’s see. People make mistakes out of stupidity, impulse, lack of control, drug or alcohol addiction etc. They desrve a second chance, yes.
    He didn’t do it because of impulse, drug addiction, he didn’t even do it cause he needed money. He doesn’t. He did it for fun. AT HIS HOUSE. FOR SOME TIME. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was watching dogs kill each other. For fun. Because that what makes him click. He is an animal. His name should not be associated with any sport, or mentioned on TV in front of any child in this country. That is what I feel

  120. Colorado Mark on

    My two cents on why the Korpikoski trade sucks:

    The problem I have with the Lisin trade is that Korpikoski, while not as offensively dynamic as Lisin, is a guy you could plug in at any position, anywhere in the lineup. Lisin is another guy that is worthless on the third or fourth line (like Dawes and even Prucha). Korp also would have given us some carryover from a superior PK unit that has been decimated.

    And a disclaimer on my Ambuhl prediction: I also thought Jamtin would work his way on the big club last year!

  121. Colorado Mark on


    I felt the same way, especially when he only seemed to be talking about remorse for losing his contract and his money. His “I can’t believe I did that with so much to risk.” He doesn’t seem remorseful at all about what he did. I’d feel better about him returning if he acknowledged that his behavior was despicable.

    That said, I think the Humane Society is supporting him because if he is in the public eye and is making promos for animal protection, the treatment of animals is in the news regularly. It’s a deal with the devil, but it keeps an important issue in the news.

  122. Good evening, Sally!

    FYI, if anybody was planning to attend the Fan Fest (for season subscribers) tomorrow, it’s been postponed until Saturday. Check the Rangers’ web site for details.

    Laurel, that was Mr. Carp up at 5 a.m. today, not the Esteemed Mr. Machetto.

  123. Shifting back to hockey, a few things here. First of all, for those of you who think that orr and brashear are of the same skating ability (maybe some of you have timed them on the ice together or something) our coach, OUR COACH said the day the brashear signing was announced they wanted him because of his ability to get in on the forecheck and hit, something orr did not necessarily bring. If the coach seems to think brashear is a better skater, then just maybe he IS a better skater. JHFC!!!!! Get over it people, brashear might actually be an upgrade over orr!

    Next, Drury. Why the hate? Seriously?? I mean how many of drury’s ex teammates or coaches do you hear say horrible teammate, lockerroom cancer, bad work ethic…..NONE!!! Is he overpaid for his statistical output? Yes, he is, but blame slats, not dru! If the NHL allowed players to renegotiate contracts to help with cap space like the NFL did, who do you think the first ranger in line would be to help the club get more cap space??? DRURY!!! The guy has a NTC, big deal, he WANTS to be a ranger. Without a NTC he still gets paid his original contract amount by whatever team he would hypothetically get traded to, so it obviously isn’t about the money, he wants to be a RANGER!!

    Speaking of stats, over his 10 years in the league Drury has averaged 24 goals and 33.8 (yes, using decimals) assists per season. In his two years with the rangers, he’s averaged 23.5 goals and 33.5 assists. WOW, what a dirtbag!!!!! Lazy, enigmatic, questionable work ethic….oh wait that isn’t drury is it. If ryan callahan and drury’s slaries were switched, all the complainers would be going oh ryan chokeahan or calling him sally (no offence sally) or something. Meanwhile drury would be drury or druuu. Get pissed at the guy who gives the contracts not the players who sign them. Drury is class all the way, you ridicule other sports (rightly so), lay off a classy guy in ours!

    Next, the dubi situation. I wonder if sather is playing poker better than we all give him credit for. I mean what if he isn’t signing dubi to anything more than his roughly $650-700k for this season because he knows at some point the sens are going to be so desperate to unload heatley prior to the season and he really wants to come to NY (thus blocking other deals) and with dubi at that low of a salary, he can afford both of them under the cap this season. Just a random thought!

  124. BTW

    Vick doesn’t deserve a second chance in life, let alone football.

    And it’s funny that the NFL gives second chances to dog killers, drunk driving killers, players that shoot themselves, etc, and the NHL gives second chances to players that call a chicks sloppy seconds.

    Goes to show you the huge difference between the players of each league. Sad.

  125. I guess this is why I son’t get to do a guest post, I use up all my material when you wankers get me all fired up!


    Totally off topic here, any idea where a guy can find 71grain rounds for a .223??

  126. ilb2001
    August 27th, 2009 at 9:18 pm
    Rob L.
    A second chance? Let’s see. People make mistakes out of stupidity, impulse, lack of control, drug or alcohol addiction etc. They desrve a second chance, yes.
    He didn’t do it because of impulse, drug addiction, he didn’t even do it cause he needed money. He doesn’t. He did it for fun. AT HIS HOUSE. FOR SOME TIME. He knew exactly what he was doing. He was watching dogs kill each other. For fun. Because that what makes him click. He is an animal. His name should not be associated with any sport, or mentioned on TV in front of any child in this country. That is what I feel

    i agree 100%.

  127. wicky229 couldnt agree more about the Drury situation im sick of reading people writing about “Dreary” etc etc its bogus the guy is a great player great leader and a clutch player in the playoffs, this year he was real hurt and still played but obviously couldnt do half of what he could do if healthy, he is not supposed to be a 70-80 pt guy like people want him to be because of his salary. that just not him, but he has intangibles, and hes great at faceoffs, PK and defensively but people fail to realize this. its pathetic. and everything that could have gone wrong for him last year did go wrong, hes going to bounce back with a great year no questions asked, and hes the captain of our team and like you said he WANTS to be a Ranger, he WANTS to come through for the city and the fans. sick of hearing all the bullshit about him too, finally an intelligent post about Chris Drury thank you Wicky229

  128. the other reason obviously being my typing skills. That should be “don’t” not “son’t”.

  129. Just because Stallworth made a stupid mistake he gets a second chance? Try telling that one to the victims family.

  130. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, thats ridiculous. A dog will never equate to an innocent human. Stallworth killed a person.

    “I have no clue why they don’t play The Misfit’s “I Wanna Be a New York Ranger.” ”

    I agree. I’ve been wondering that since I was like 15 or 16

  131. Yeah Orr your wrong on this one.
    A dog or a human? Lets see…an innocent person gets hit by a drunk driver or a dog.
    Vick served his time let it go…damn!
    Stallworth…should be in prison for a long time preferably forever.

  132. wick- not walmart!!! lol. idk man my 2 cousins are both vets of the iraq war and both own several high powered assault rifles, shotguns, a 500 magnum!! , some antique civil war black powder musket guns, and even a few viking war axes and medieval swords from england. i on the other hand, am more into sports, lol. but since movin here they got me into it. i go shootin with them once in awhile, bought a 30 aught 6 last winter and just started goin target shootin recently. its a blast man. im hooked. all i know is my cuz has an AR-15 and he was usin 233’s the other day. 71 grain idk? alls i know is when i go deer huntin this fall, im usin 150 grain. and when i have to kill a grizzly bear i’ll go with 240 grain!!

  133. Doodie, great job with the post.

    I tend to side with Orr on the Vick situation. It’s not a human, but it was intentional and over-the-top cruel torture and murder of innocent, helpless animals. What Stallworth did was criminal and he should have paid for it in prison, but the death was not intended.

  134. sry wick, i had to. no, i really think dru is overpaid and overrated. but he didntr sign himself to that much money. he had a bad season last year and still managed over 20 goals. i also think he’ll hae a bounceback season and im only speakin for myself here, but i want to like every single player that is a ranger. they represent my team and i will always give them a chance. just like redden. i hated him last year, but i do not hold grudges on him. if he starts workin hard and the same with dru, who wasnt lazy last year, he just was overwhelmed with leading a team without jagr or shanny takin the pressure off. if they work hard and give their best for this team, i will like them no matter what. i will curse them out for not scoring or making a good play when they should. i will also give them props when they do well.

  135. “I have no clue why they don’t play The Misfit’s “I Wanna Be a New York Ranger.” ”

    I agree. I’ve been wondering that since I was like 15 or 16

    as Chuck Woolery mentioned earlier, the powers that be at the Garden did not like the line “i wanna live a life of danger”, and yet, here they are in 2009, signing Brashear. Kinda ironic eh?

  136. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, when you get behind the wheel of a car while drunk or high, what exactly are you expecting? You know full well that your abilities are impaired and as such you are putting your life and the lives of others in danger.

    Have to disagree. I love dogs, but there is no way that killing some is worse than killing an innocent human being.

  137. grabachev

    oh, ok. well uncle sam is where i used to get some pretty good rounds, now i’m trying to find them in the “real” world.

    Thanks for always messing with me a being a wanker btw!!!!

  138. RE: vick/stallworth(etc., etc.);

    Even though he was drunk and should NOT have been driving (you’re rich – why not HIRE a damn driver?) Stallworth’s victim crossed the middle of the road and came out from behind a car if i remember correctly.

    Vick hung, drowned, shot and stabbed dogs if they underperformed. repeatedly. for years. And took photos.

    BOTH deserved more than they got in jail time and neither deserves to play football again after disgracing the league.

    if i worked for a law firm and killed someone driving drunk or was guilty of Vick’s animal abuses, there is NO way any law firm would hire me again.
    Why does the NFL let them back in?
    Sad and telling.
    I shall never watch the NFL again.
    if ever there was a league in need of an iron clad morals clause, the NFL is it.


    Doodie, once again, great analysis today and great food for thought. made me wish it was a month later than it is.
    Nice work.

  139. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Wicky and Rob M,
    I want to hear what you guys are saying in about 90 days. I really don’t care the Drury makes 7 million. That would be fine if he was clutch. That would be fine if he made the players around him better (he is a captain afterall). That would be fine if he hadn’t said “i’m happy with one point, it’s not going to ruin my christmas” after blowing a 4 or 5 goal lead. That would be fine if he wasn’t 3rd in our depth chart of centers (as of last year). And that would be fine if Renney/Tortorella didn’t play him 23-27 minutes a game. But they do and the media has led many people, including yourselves, to believe Chris Drury is an unbelievable captin, a clutch scorer, and the consumate hockey player.

    News flash. YOU’VE BEEN PUNKED! Drury is a nice guy who works hard. That’s all. The fact that many of you don’t realize he was the 3rd center on Col when he won the cup, he played on the most offensive team in the NHL for 2 seasons and it racked him up a lot of goals (Buffalo), and that he’s not disliked because he makes a lot of money! He’s disliked because he’s over-rated. Simple.

  140. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I love the comment someone also put up about Brashear and that the Rangers signed him for his speed and forecheck! haha… because a coach has never lied about a player’s skills to boost his ego and/or justify a poor signing?! Ha!

    Only explanation I can come up with the Rangers signing Brashear is to protect their investment in Gaborik. That’s it. They literally can’t afford Gaborik so much as catching the draft of a player skating past him without him getting injured and Brashear is their best insurance plan to make sure that doesn’t happen. Seems pretty obvious to me. Point being, he fights. That’s all.

  141. hey

    have you guys seen ZzZz Greg ZzZz?

    Greg, don’t be upset..ull get to be “first” next time…you have all yer life ahead of you.

    ZzZz Come Back Greg ZzZz… says CCCP

  142. true fans bleed RW&B, you have your opinion and i have mine. i realize that about colorado, i didnt say anything about that, but his whole career he has been a winner, in college before the NHL as well, the goal he scored against US in the playoffs with 7 seconds left. & speaking of Renney, this will be a year he will get to play in an offensive system again and with kotalik who he played well with in Buffalo. The media hasnt lead me to believe anything, i WATCH hockey games. You ARE mad that he is overpaid, but if you were Chris Drury or any player you would try to get whatever you could get money wise, and Glen Sather gave him all that money, when he knew he woudlnt even be his top line center. Hes going to have a great year, and if hes not, i wont care that I said this 90 days from now, I rather have confidence and root for my team and players instead of bitching about them 24/7 like 80% of the people on this blog, thats just me though..

  143. true fans

    Look back at all the posts you want of mine, I will not change (and have not)my tune on dru, he makes too much money for a second line player, but he in no way shape or form deserves this amount of criticism all the time. He is the best captain since messier on broadway, is he perfect……nope, he isn’t the best quote. You can’t argue that he has scored some clutch goals over his career. The fact that he does not score goals left and right is why he is a “clutch” scorer instead of a prolific one at this point, he scores memorable goals that is it. He is a GREAT team guy, again you never ever hear former teammates or coaches say bad things about him. I wish he would score memorable goals for us and maybe he will at some point. Man, for a poster who goes with the name “True Fans Bleed RW&B”, you really do not seem to bleed red white and blue, you sound more like a fair weather fan.

    If it was any other coach besides torts, I might agree with you on the lying about a players skills, but you really think torts pulls his punches so to speak?? I mean he seems like the punch pulling guy and all.

  144. yea Wicky229 i was thinking the same thing about the name of the poster “True Fans Bleed RW&B”

  145. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Fair enough, fella’s. I’m not here to argue with you and you have your opinions. I watch the game’s too and I know that Chris Drury is one of the most over-rated players in the NHL. That’s why he’s hated (not because of his pay-check).

    Jagr was a better captain in my book. Jagr was never happy with mediocre. Jagr was never happy with just 1 point. Fact of the matter is Jagr put this team into the playoffs 3 times, twice to the second round, when that hadn’t been done in 10 years! So your argument that Drury is the best captain this team’s had since Messier is a farse created by the media. I’m surprised you all didn’t reference his Little League World Championship… what a winner! (wish he stuck with baseball)

  146. hes not even hated man, he just get shit from rangers fans bc he didnt produce last year, and if u hate the guy for being overrated thats just ridiculous… guaranteed around the league not many people have bad things to say about him, or fans of other teams he has played for

  147. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    One thing you guys fail to realize is that it’s the people who love their team and the sport so much they realize what’s going well and what’s not. They see who (on their team) and in the league is on the up and who’s on the down. If you just go in gun’s blazin, that’s great. Good for you. I think it’s great you have that enthusiasm.

    But I know this game and I love this team so much I hate when they lose! When I see trouble it kills me! The fact that you guys are always so go-lucky and never question whether the Rangers are on the down side is one of the reasons this team has sucked for so long! Sometimes, you have to realize when the team isn’t good (for whatever reason) and you need to expect they’ll rebuild for 2-3 years in order to give themselves the next chance. It takes a REAL fan to admit that. You surface fans are just content with whatever Glenn Sather puts on the ice and while I will watch every game you watch (if I don’t watch more than you), I will wonder whether that team on the ice is the best team Sather could have put together. Who was out there who could have made the team better? Did you guys know Sather passed on 2 golden UFA opportunities, last off-season, those players being Michael Ryder and Mark Streit? Instead he signed Rozsival, Redden, and Naslund (all for more money). Did that piss you guys off too or did you just buy your foam fingers and get fat on popcorn, beer and hot dogs?

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