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So word got out last week that I am going to be leaving the paper, and Carp was generous enough to let me say goodbye to you guys, so here goes.

When The Great Sam Weinman left last year, the Jets beat was winding down and I asked if I could do some Rangers games. I hate being cold, and I’m not going to pretend I was a full-blown expert on hockey, but I thought it would be fun.

Sam took me to my first practice and said if I could just blog about line changes, many of you would be happy. That’s when I thought about what it meant to be part of this blog. Sam had played hockey in utero, I never did, and roller derby is played on a totally different kind of skate — one with wheels.

I had a lot to learn.

I remember when Aaron Voros was waived and a few days later he was in the locker room. I was a little puzzled, since in the NFL if they waive you, 10 minutes earlier you’d been hustled out a back door by armed guards.

I asked him and he explained to me that it was different in the NHL, why he thought the Rangers did it, and that he expected to stay on the roster.

Darn human of him. And that’s what it was like for the most part, people wanting to talk about a sport they really love.

This blog is such a terrific community. I love the way you guys stick around and talk hockey, bust on Josh and make progressively obscure Seinfeld references.

And reading your comments helped me in the job as well. If I knew you guys were looking for an answer on something, I’d try to find out and throw some audio in there so you’d get a sense of how it was said. I consider myself the straight man to Carp, with his 79 years on the beat. (Sorry, Carp…)

I certainly expect to be back covering sports, and I hope that means more playoff hockey at Madison Square Garden. In the meantime, please follow me on and I’ll still be following Tortorella and his antics, and probably starting a roller derby blog. (See above pic, that’s the sneer I’ve been working on!) It’s been fun reading you guys there as well, like Sally, Nasty and @LadyBlueICU.

And now I must return to my first job, as an architect (OSR).

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  1. All the best Jane! You will be missed, but I’m sure you will be back in no time. The live chats will definitely not be the same without you.

  2. your boy Malik on

    Hey Jane – sorry to see you go. I wish you the best, and look forward to hearing from you from time to time!

  3. Jane,
    Thanks for your honest work and Best of Luck.”Even the bad time is good…” means sometimes it turns for best for you , which I wish to you wholeheartedly.

  4. It was a ton of fun. I’m really going to miss the give and take with you guys. And 22, I think the bruises I got in that mosh pit at 15 may have eventually led to the derby!

  5. Good luck Jane. You’ll be missed. Did you elbow that chick in the mouth? She looks like she’s bleeding.

  6. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    I hate to see you go Jane…Best of luck.

    Ah, I remember going to see Suicidal with Megadeth, great show, those were the days :)

  7. Good luck in your new career path, Jane, it was nice having you around.

    I’d check you out on Twitter but I don’t “tweet”. Twitter is for old people and celebrities IMO. Get Facebook!


  8. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Jane can’t let you go with out a shout out to you. It sounds like you are multi talented writer, skater, and probably plenty more. Even with all that I still can’t understand why you would want to leave us boneheads behind. We are the best thing that ever happen to you. LOL GOOD LUCK.

  9. Best of everything to you Jane and for one last time (for now) just for you…hope everyone has a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day (especially Jane).


    Good luck Jane. Before you go, ask Josh his secret of staying 26. Maybe you can say here with us.

    As a going away present, Carp should at least arrange a ride, for you, in the Clutchmobile.

    The Boneheads and I hope you’ll chime in on the blog now and again. Cheers.

  11. Best of luck to you Jane. You did a wonderful job here, and you really summed up why it is we all love this sport so much.

  12. Jane that look in your roller derby picture is hot. I would be happy if you got angry at me : )

    good luck and best wishes!

  13. Thanks Jane!!!
    for all you’ve done for us.

    Good luck in the future.
    and i have to agree with flippedturtle about your “sneer.”
    (watch out for the Hot Topic shopping girl behind you!)

    hey Jane,
    are you going to see the new Drew Barrymore movie that has something to do with roller derby? is that what you’re really doing, going professional roller derby and you just don’t want to tell us?

  14. Repost:
    Good morning, Carp!

    “Where’s Dubi?” eh? Would that be him hiding out in a crowd of blueshirts? He’d be the one picking his nose in front of a camera. That might be a fun project for me tomorrow while I’m at grad school orientation!

  15. Hey Jane!

    I am not much into hockey…I’m more into “free swinging” if you know what I mean!

    But I know you did a great job here at the blog, and many RR bloggers will miss you.

    But I’m happy, because now, we will get to spend more time together up on my tree! Hope on my back and grab the vine…I’ll take you home!

    Ah-ah-AHHHH, ah AHH, ahahahahahhhhh!!!!!!

  16. If anyone would like a chance to speak with Mike Hartman, a member of the 94 Cup team, he’s doing a free conference call on how to set and keep short term goals. He’s a good friend of mine and this is a great topic for these difficult times. You can sign up for it for free and the call is free at The event is Monday night the 31st at 9pm…if anyone’s interested…

  17. Doodie Machetto on

    Jane, I don’t know if the architecture thing is just a Seinfeld reference, but if not, if you ever get sued for architectural malpractice or need to sue some deadbeat, give me a call.

    Here’s hoping that you never have to call me. Good luck to you.

  18. The Other Tony In Arizona on

    Although I seldom comment here I read this blog pretty regular and appreciate the time and effort you’ve put into it.You have always gone the extra mile to follow up on things and you were a pleasure to watch on the video blog! I thought that the Gannett grim reaper was through-at least he was done down here in Phoenix. Good luck in the future Jane!!

  19. Can someone tell me what up with all the fighters that the team Sather/Mess signed to play in Hartford please. All of these kids are all fighters/goons .yesterday they signed a 6’7 250 lb D Brent Healy before they signed Mike Berbue and others

  20. Matt R

    Great link man! thnx for sharing! ill definitely check out that place.

    Have to disagree with the writer about “Olivier” salad as he calls it…

    “At the original restaurant, the Olivier potato salad feels more like mayonnaise with a little bit of vegetables. Here, the salad has only a gentle coat of sage mayo and includes chopped snow peas.”

    I don’t know how they make it in St. Petersburg, but here in Odessa, Ukraine (where the Oliv’e salad is a traditional dish) it has many vegetables, boiled eggs (cut in small pieces) and even meat…from bologna to cooked tongue, which btw goes great with mayo and sometimes even certain sorts of hard salami! (depends on how perverted you are)

    sorry, I grew up on that salad and had to stand up for it!

  21. Jane, I don’t often post either. But, I read this blog and all the comments multiple times a day. Thank you for all of your hard work and I wish you the best of luck in the future. Don’t be a stranger here!!!!

  22. I om this blog every day, but don’t post at all. My first. Jane, we all will miss you. You input was timely, thoughtful and honest. And thank you for helping Carp cleaning this place up. At some point it was pretty awfull to read.

    CCCP- I’m with you on “Olivier”, bud. Totally. You forgot the pickles.

  23. Sillenger retired? wow…what is that mean for the Islanders? are they no longer a contender? lol

    If you’d told us that Tavares wants to be traded or something…that would make a better topic for conversation. :)

  24. Sorry to see you go Jane…They sometimes play roller derby at the rink in Morristown where I play roller hockey. Some of those girls are crazy. Good luck and keep your head up.

  25. ilb2001

    Shame on me!!! The pickles, the pickles!! man…

    “ogurchiki s privoza” … i just had a the smell of “privoz” in my face!

    (privoz in Odessa, was a huge market where you can buy anything from potatoes, corn and fresh milk… to important jeans, dollars (currency) and even new set of parents!)

  26. CCCP- that was some smell, man. But that is a pretty reasonable assessment on what you could get there. Miss the privoz. Oh boy, do we really need hockey, ASAP. If we start discussing privoz…

  27. Doodie Machetto on

    There were some interviews with some NYR scouting people that discussed Sanguinetti and Anisimov. Anyone have a link to those?

  28. Ilb2001

    nice! where in Odessa you used to live? I was born and raised na Maldovanke! (Sholom Aleihema 9) school #60 then we moved to Tairova, Vil’yamsa 59 (school 55, and 86)

    have you gone back to visit? i was there 2 years ago and it was such a shock to see Odessa after 15 years! I loved it tho…

    btw, you should come post here more often…this place is the best!

  29. best of luck Jane – Reading a wonderful book on Bio-Architecture that makes me a bit jealous of your return to the field!


  30. btw,
    didn’t get to mention last time.
    if the move to architecture is true
    then, i guess, you want to move on to some
    real money.

    good luck again.

  31. I think you guys have been looking at Jane’s hottie roller derby pic and not reading the post:

    And now I must return to my first job, as an architect (OSR)

    OSR = obscure Seinfeld reference

    Best of luck with whatever you do Ms. McManus

  32. CCCP- I’m not from Odessa, but I’ve been there many times. I went back to Russia 3 years ago( St.- Petersburg, Moscow). Different world. I studied in St. Petersburg for 6 years ages ago. Got to say, I prefer it the old way. I’ll be posting more often now, great place to be since it’s been “clean”

  33. “CCCP- I’m not from Odessa”

    That’s ok, nobody is perfect!

    Yeah, the old way was definitely special. It was interesting and sad at the same time to see how much everything changed since I left. But you know how they fix things in good old CCCP, if the business or whatever on the first floor of the building, they just do that floor, and everything else above stays the same… old and grimy :)

    Check this link out… you can see old Odessa being overtaken by high rising new buildings! I love this link…great quality photos of Odessa! everyone should check it out.

  34. Bummer that you’re leaving, Jane! You did a great job and the audio was always a nice touch.

    Best of luck, and dang, ain’t messing with you!! That’s some kick ass sneer you’ve got working there!

    Take care!

  35. Staal Wart

    I dont understand it either. Buttman is running wild trying to screw NHL even deeper! Im sorry to say this but hockey does not belong in Phoenix!

  36. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Bye Jane! You were great and no offense to Carp, much easier on the eyes to watch on the live blog!!

    And again, dont know why I torture myself by even goign to his ass backwards blgo, but this just gets my blood boiling

    August 26, 2009, 3:05 PM ET [
    Heatley to the Rangers May be the ONLY Option
    this according to sources today. there is a definite shift in the Heatley world right now towards getting this done. No one wants Heatley in Ottawa camp.

    Unless Ottowa will take Rosi and Voros and Rissmiller, and WITHOUT Dubi being included. OTher than that I tell Ottowa and Heately to go F themselves


  37. flippedturtle on

    I would not take Heatly and all the baggage that comes with him for a bag of pucks. We have already had our share of headcases I for one like the direction of using players in our system.

  38. jane- you were the perfect sidekick for carp and the blog will not be the same without you. what are we boneheads supposed to do now without your audio clips? or your line changes?? i for one, am pissed off, and will miss you alot. please come back and let us know how youre doing. i dont do twiter like noonan , so when u can, post once in awhile ok. all the best to you. i love that pic too, you look awesome and mad too!! take care jane.

  39. if Dubi is traded for Heatley… i can almost guarantee that most of the fans wont even remember Dubis first name after Dany puts on a mean season.

  40. Quick question what is the name of the steakhouse Ranger players are given a gift certificate to after their post-game interview?

  41. flippedturtle on

    I know he has a boat load of talent but if it were to cost us a young player like Dubi, Cally or Staal is it worth it? Does his single talent and enormous ego bring the cup? Did it work with Heatly, Spezza and Alfredson arguably one of the best lines in recent NHL? I know that is not a complete comparison since Ottawa did not have a goalie of Hanks caliber but my point is Heatly has had a pretty great cast around him and has no cup, how are the Rangers that much better than Ottawa?

    If it did work I agree it would be because of Torts but say it didn’t work out and Heatly wants a trade I think we would be stuck with him.

  42. CCCP
    Thank you for Odessa. Who took this pictures and made captions? Exellent and a little bit sad…Dont know why.

  43. Jane you are terrific at what you do and I definitely will be following your roller derby exploits as well as your updates on twitter.

    Best Of Luck To You !

    The Mouth

    It’s a hockey fight Bonanza night as we talk to IHL AHL WHA and NHL infamous enforcer and ex NYR Frank “Seldom” Beaton

    Tomorrow night on Ranger Crisis Radio 9- 11 PM EST

  44. Dubi is a great player with excellent team first qualities. But very similar to Callahan’s. With less scoring touch. He will help this team tremendously. Or any other team. But he is hardly a cornerstone of this team. Hence, if he can bring back a true first line center, it should be done. Heatley- not so much. He wants to be traded because of his diminished ice time. Hmmm… Guess what? Do you think Torts will give him all the ice time he wants? Especially if his work ethic is questionable. I think Dubi will play out his QO and get his contract extension in January- based on his first half performance.

  45. I take Heater in a heartbeat.”Secretely” hoping for that all time, – this game, granted being very emotional, still is and always be strictly business, with one merit and goal on the end of the day – PRODUCTION. Having this year so many new and different faces is gambling anyway,but at least you starting with a bigger chips and the rest is just creating the chemestry, witch IS coaches and management job.I would be extremely optimistic for change in this case.
    Go Rangers!

  46. Rick (No, not that one) on

    Well, now Jane came become a “Bonehead” too.
    Now there’s a positive!
    Best of luck.

  47. 4everanger

    no problem

    I found that link online a while back… every time i feel nostalgic, i open it and go through every picture rereading every caption over and over again!

    r u from Odessa?

  48. the sens made it to the stanley cup finals 2 years ago. they lost to a big mean ass kickin ducks team. heatley was a big reason why they got that far. i would take heatley in a heartbeat over dubinsky and rozsival. but thats it. if they dont like that deal, then screw ’em. i wouldnt be happy if we got rid of anisimov, staal, grachev, kreider, del zotto, etc… duby and rozy i could live with easily

  49. dont get me wrong im all for the youth movement here, but if u have a chance to get a guy like him, and put your team in contention with the top teams in the league, you do it. especially when you have one of the best goalies and one of the top young d men pairing in staal-girardi.

  50. THE REAL MikeyNJ on

    Yeah but thats the catch with HEately, noy this year but
    NEXT year!!

    Staal HAS TO BE RESIGNED, Period

    Plus Gabby if he can stay healthy the whole year will get us lots of goals

    And if Dubi weren’t such a unpolished gem, why woudl Ottowa want him so badly to be included in the trade.

    Sorry but for me, with my GM hat on, I stick with what I got, let the kids develop even more, see if Dubi has a break out year, and roll with the punches

    we cant keep givening all these 7 million dollar contract out and expect to be able to re-sign or bring up and sign our own homegrown talent and youth

    Sorry Heater, Murray screwed the pooch before we signed Gabby, thanks but no thanks

  51. CCCP
    No, I’m from Riga (I think so),but visited O many times and use to have a lot of friends(girlfriend included)overthere, so as you easily can imagine love this unique city very much

  52. flippedturtle on

    Sorry Mike I respectfully disagree Heatly’s contract and ego should have no place on this current team. The Rangers are already close to the cap as it is and unless Ottawa or some other team took redden or drury off our hands it means we lose one or even two of the better young players we have on our team or in the system.

    This type of trade seems very similar to what got us into trouble after 94, take the best player on paper and forget about team chemistry and we all know how that worked out.

  53. bull dog line on

    trading Dubi for Heatley again? I thought the rangers were saving Dubi to trade him for Richards.

  54. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Why does everyone think Dubinsky doesn’t have the tools to become a #1 centre? 40 and 41 points for your first two seasons in professional hockey- one playing (not for a whole season) on a line with Jagr, who absolutely helped his progression. Another, where he had 4 goals in the first month of play, then from October 25th to January 9th scored only one goal (GWG against Phoenix, Nov 24th). I just think that people are ridiculously hard on him, simply because he had some down spots.

    A little-known guy named Joe Thornton had some of the most serious build-ups when it comes to drafting. ‘The Next Gretzky’ I even remember some people calling him. His stats his first 3 seasons in Bean Town were anything but stellar, or Gretzky-like.

    97-98 he recorded 3g/4a/7 in 55 games played.
    98-99 he recorded 16/25a/41 in 81 games played.
    99-00 he recorded 23g/37a/60 in 81 games played.
    00-01 he recorded 37g/34a/71 in 72 games played.

    I’m not sure if some of you follow, but talent doesnt happen overnight especially when you’re expected of a lot. Thornton was thrust into the spotlight just as Dubinsky has been. I know it’s kind of unfair to compare the two, but to see somebody thats a point machine-gun like Thornton have the same trend as a guy I personally look to be as our #1, it’s not such a disconcerting thing that he only registered 40, 41 points.

    Rangers fans cant just push the youth out the door for scoring. If you think we’ll win the cup this year with a line of Heatley-Drury-Gaborik and nobody else on the team i’d say you were wrong.

    This year he can prove a lot. Even if he doesnt, even if it’s next year, we can’t be taking these risks of pushing great talent out the door. We did that with far too many players in the past and even if Dubi becomes a reliable 3rd line center for us, he’s still ours and he’s still drafted by us and we can work on a #1 from there.

    This kid is good. That’s why everyone wanted him in a trade. That’s why we didnt trade him last year. Stop with the Heatley nonsense because that’s just what it is.

  55. Real Mikey NJ…
    agreed! The last thing we need is to go from 4 outrageous contracts in Rozi, Redden, Gomer and Drury to 5 outrageous contracts in Gaborik, Heatley, Rozi, Redden and Drury!

  56. It’s like everyone bitches about the history of trading Rangers youth…and not one time has it NOT come back to bite us…KEEP DUBI!!!

  57. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Thank you very much bull dog line. Ive been trying to get noticed on this blog for a while, people just pass my posts up. Ive been reading this for a WHILE now. Dubinsky is somebody who should be regarded as our core. A tough team first guy with HANDS (yes he has them) and anyone would be hard pressed to argue with that upon watching the videos of his goals.

  58. to each his own. i would trade duby and rozy for heatley. id rather a team that wins than a team that gets along. if you mean on ice chemistry, idk i think you pass heatley the puck and he then proceeds to shoot the puck into the net. i think his “ego” or whatever is that people dont like about him is meaningless to me. look at avery. nobody likes him and his antics but he helps us win and thats why we all love him. but yea, in a salary cap world, its smart to bring up your own guys through drafting. im just sayin, that a guy of heatleys talent is very hard to come by unless you draft 1st overall like the pens. so i would take heatley, and id miss duby for about a minute.

  59. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    PS: Thanks a lot Jane for all your time spent here. I’ve read all your posts since day one where you had your press pass up and I thought to myself, “What’s this lady know about hockey?” You sure have learned a lot, and have brought myself and other Ranger fans a lot of good information in the form of audio, or your personal accounts. Good luck with your other endeavors.

  60. 4 generations…
    I am looking forward to see what Dubi blossoms into under Torts…he has a way of turning small p players into Large P Players…lol

  61. 13 goals last year and hes a number 1 center??? ok. i can see likin the kid because he came up through the ranger system and hes a fan fave.but its a business. you play to win. its not a popularity contest

  62. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Mike, do you think that Tortorella has been listening to what anybody says when it comes to people getting along in the locker room? I’m just kind of confused as to why you think that this team is, yet again, built around friendship.

    Torts brought in role playing guys that honestly, most of us can say we didn’t expect. I expected a big name forward, like Gaborik. Kotalik? Prospal? Higgins? These guys are great players. Theres nothing to say there wont be chemistry with those guys.

    I dont understand what getting Heatley gets us, other than more lack of depth down the middle like we were crying about before getting Drury and Gomez. Now we have an opportunity to grow our own #1, why wouldnt you even take a season to chance it?

  63. This is the 3rd year in a row where Sather has retooled the team and I have no idea what to expect. As far as Dubi going for Heatley, while I’d love to have 2 goal monsters, I really don’t think that’s going to bring the cup here. I think the smart play is to keep Dubi and keep the door open for the young guys. I’m willing to wait another 1-2 years to have a powerful team with a strong base that moves up the ladder. Of course I said the smart move and we are at the mercy of old man Sather and moron Dolan.

  64. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Mike, how many centres do you know of that are scoring even 30 goals a season? Let’s look back to the guy I referenced- Joe Thornton.

    20. 22. 29. 25. Thats the last 4 seasons’ goal totals. Is he not a #1?

    28. 22. 15. 25. That’s the last 4 seasons’ goal totals for MARC SAVARD. Is he not a #1 centre?

    Im just basing this upon last years BEST regular season teams, and this is the assets they bring to the table. You live in a warped world if you think Dubi is a 30, 40 goal guy, especially since centres in general are playmaking guys.

  65. 4 generations- very good points about thornton. i agree with what youre saying. its just that heatley isnt a 35 yr old vet thats in the decline in his career. hes a few years older than duby and is a guy you can bank on to getting your team wins and with anisimov comin up, grachev, cally etc.. we have plenty of young good prospects for the future. i do have conflicting thoughts when it comes to this, but in the end, i just think wed be a better team with him over duby. i like dub. i wouldnt trade him for alot of guys. not richards thats for sure.

  66. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I mean I cant disagree with you for even a moment saying that id LOVE two scoring giants on our front line. BUT! I’d really be lying if I were to say that if we traded a guy with a lot of potential and a future. I’d rather move defensive prospects that we’re overloaded with and trade somebody else, but we had nobody else worth expending. Dubinsky is simply an opinion.

    Also, keep in mind, that playing in New York is different than playing in Ottawa or Atlanta, and I dont give a crap how much pressure they give you in Canada. Playing for New York is a big deal, Dubinsky can handle it and embrace it.

    We take a chance both ways- IF Heatley is good in the locker room. IF Heatley can produce like he did before. IF Heatley has work ethic. I’d rather stick with what I know to be quite honest but your point is equally as just as mine is. So we can eat our words all we want, it’s up in the air totally.

  67. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    The trade-away mentality is just one that is going to have to go away in NY if you’re a fan. I never really see mercenaries win cups for people. As much as people would like to suggest that we bought our cup, and that they were all Edmonton guys, they werent.

    Mike Richter- we drafted.
    Alex Kovalev- we drafted.
    Sergei Zubov- we drafted.
    Mattias Norstrom – we drafted.

    We did get our guys from EDM in MacT, Lowe, Graves, Messier, Tikkanen, Beukeboom, but still, personal draft picks played a huge role in our cup win.

  68. hey, when youre right youre right. the duby for heatley thing doesnt make sense anyway. hes a center and heatleys a winger. im basing my opinion just on whos the better player. but yea, for the team it would be stupid to trade one of our top centers for another winger. any other circumstances, yea, id do it. but youre right when you say it would be better to deal d-men. we have plenty of them anyway. hehe, havent had a decent debate here for awhile. too much of a lovefest here! we are definitely getting closer to hockey now!!

  69. Mike(Grabachev)in IA
    Agree absolutely, exactly what I’m saying, but in a much better English. Thanks, man

  70. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    If I stay around here people won’t be too friendly, I’m usually the first person to speak my mind, but yeah Mike, you definitely made me re-look my point.


    If we had Steve Stamkos, NOT Dubi, would everyone be calling “TRADE! TRADE!”

    Stamkos only got 46 points last season and showed really no signs of being good in his first months.

    I think that’s just my point.

  71. Jane, best of luck, you will be missed :(

    And to whoever thinks Meghan Fox is gonna be in the next Batman, not happening. It’s a lot like the Rangers fans who want names; she’s only a name, she can’t act. This is Christopher Nolan we’re talking about, he values substance over style which is why he canned Katie Holmes and brought in Maggie Gylenthal. And they really don’t need Catwoman; do a more unique villain like Black Mask, Bane, or Mr. Zsasz.

    And sign Dubi already!

  72. i hear ya 4gen. after all i just said, i’ll be goin crazy when duby scores his first of the season. its just talk here man. dont worry me and most other guys here speak their minds and alot of times we disagree. but i understand youre point of view. i agree with alot of what you said. and for all intents and purposes, your view made more sense when it came to the team itself. i was doin a player comparison mostly, and i think we understand each other now

  73. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Onto another topic i’ve been thinking about:

    Does else anybody think Marc Staal has the tools to become a guy that can hit, shoot, defend and play all-around?

    I think at 22, he really needs to have had a serious summer when it comes to putting some weight on. I really think he could be a guy like Shea Weber, although Staal doesnt have that much of a snarl.

    I cant wait to see what he molds into.

  74. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Oh- haha. I think as of RIGHT! now i’d rather have Heater on my team sure! I love Heatley, i love playing with the Senators on NHL09 and double shifting the first line and just bombing the puck with Heater, its unfair. But in a team sense, absolutely I think its a more logical thing to keep Dubi around.

  75. mikeA- yea thats what i was saying before. she is a horrible actress. shes hot, but i cant see her in the new batman movies with the realism and substance that are attributed to them,. it would definitely cheapen it

  76. ZzZz 11 ZzZz " Don't mess with the roller derby chick !!!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    4generations ,I have enjoyed your references towards Dubinsky. You have excellent points . Your not Dubies agent are you?

    Jane , you brought charisma and quality professionalism to this blog. When you lose a member to any familly ,it’s a sad day …very sad.

  77. 4gen- staal was definitely getting better in the offensive side of his game. he was carryin the puck end to end a few times i recall. he doesnt have the offensive instincts like chara or green, but i think he has potential to be 30-40 point d man and he already has the defense to shut down top players and has gotten better with his hitting. im expecting him to score at least 6-7 goals instead of 2 or 3 like he has previous 2 seasons. and if he gets pp time, expect him to at least get lots of assists with gabby to pass to.

  78. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Nah I’m just an avid hockey fan who is extraordinarily attentive when it comes to statistics of players and their comparisons.

    I enjoy watching Dubi play. He’s a good guy who I’ve actually had a chance to watch attentively and also hear what he has to say. A lot of people that are Ranger fans (admittedly myself too) are way too much into the trade mentality. I just think it’s intriguing to us to always get better, cause that’s basically what NY is.

    I love the trades. But as I’ve come to realize it’s just enough, last year I said, in this same blog, that we should straight up sign nobody and tank. We had NOTHING! to gain from signing somebody as old as Naslund.

    I’m also just, getting sick of management as we all are. The one thing we can do is keep guys like Dubi, Cally, Girardi and Staal. We traded Korpedo after one year for no reason. I hated that trade. Not because I dislike Enver Lisin because I personally am a fan of Lisin and the Yotes, but because it’s trading a Rangers-drafted player away too soon. After one season.

    No more trades.

  79. Jane – thanks and best of luck to you! I love the Roller Derby – tried out in ’05 – missed it by a hair!

  80. ZzZz 11 ZzZz " Don't mess with the roller derby gal !!!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Marc Staal has snarl . He has poise. Thinking all the time…yes he is very smart. He continues to pump weights and work on his shot. Marc Staal will be a force again this year with a little more Bang in his game. He is working on a line with Scott neidamayer in the Team Canada orientation camp right now , so he already preparing for the up comming season. If I was to name the most promising and most important player we have ,it would have to be Marc.

  81. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I think he has the offensive talent that Chara and Green do. He just has had to be very responsible in his own zone and SURELY has done such. His time inside the zone isn’t much at all as he is usually the guy stepping back in the forecheck, unless its the PP (which he got no time on).

    If you’ve seen his FIRST goal you can see he has the touch. Mike Green never had many goals…on any level (maxing out at 14 twice).

  82. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I honestly think he can become a guy like Chara or Weber, because in my opinion they’re the best two defenseman in the league at this time. All around I mean. He has all the tools, and he’s a Staal. He will by far be the most valuable Staal if he actually turns into that. Nobody can buy a guy like Chara, unless he hits free agency! And when he did, 2 summers ago? 3 summers ago? All I did was pray every day that the Rangers did everything possible to sign him. Staal could be our saving grace.

  83. 4gen- i didnt really agree with trading korpedo either. he was good defensively, and we now have plenty of offensive guys. we didnt need to trade him. lisin is a better offensive player and thats what it came down to. if anything, i wouldve liked to see him become a good 2 way center for the 3rd line. i just hate that both first round picks from ’04 are both gone now. we gave him 1 year. that was it? he was decent. under rennys style i wasnt expecting 20 goals out of him anyway.

  84. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on


    I enjoyed you.
    All the best of luck and success. If architect doesn’t work out, you can become a marine biologist.

    By the way, my two brothers and I had some rockem sockem roller derby battles back in the early/mid sixties. Brutal.

  85. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    yeah Mike, its really gettin’ bad. I just dont know what to do anymore, because I know Brian Boyle is gonna get a spot on our 4th line, really no matter what (instead of a depth player) and ANOTHER one lost in the pick that we spent on him. What the hell is up with the 4th line acquisitions?

    I think signing Brash was a GREAT idea considering CO was leaving for TO. Boyle? Why? We have enough prospects and knowing Sather because we paid to get him he has to be on the roster opening night. I really hope the camp is as fair as Torts says its gonna be….

  86. Staal has some moves in his own zone that I haven’t seen. His reach with the stick and reverse moves are awesome. He has the offensive moves, I think he lacks the confidence to make more moves into the offensive zone. I think that’ll come and I’m sure Torts will encourage him to rush it more. I expect a breakout year from him.

  87. ok ok staal. but grachev , gabby, anisimov, will be one of the best lines in the future. i can see them being our top line in a few years .we have potential for lots of offense. but yea, not quite there yet. 1 40 goal scorer and a bunch of 20 goal scorers. lol

  88. 4Generations-There was a lot more to the Korpi trade then met the eye; he was trying to get $1.5 million from the Rangers or threatening to jump to the KHL. Lissin did the same in Phoenix which is why the swap was made. Korpi is a good player but he was drafted too high. Maloney was not a good drafter. He’s gonna maybe become a 20 goal scorer in the Jerri Lethonnen or John Madden checking line mold but he was not a “home run” like Maloney said.

    They did trade a 3rd rounder for Boyle but they also got a 3rd rounder for Matt Cullen that turned into Grachev. There is really no one in the organization who can play 4th line center at this point without Betts. Anisimov needs to be at least on the 3rd line or his talents are not being used.

    When they first drafted Staal, I thought he was gonna be like Jay McKee or Kevin Lowe, and I think he’s already better than McKee so any offense is a plus.

  89. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I do know the details of the reasons behind the fact that he wanted more money- but why not give it to him? We paid Prucha to sit on the bench for 1.6m, is it really THAT big of a deal if he doesn’t turn out great? And if you think that a guy like John Madden or Jere Lehtinen isnt worth that especially with a little scoring touch and much more speed than you’d be wrong. Especially a guy from the System!

    I dont care WHERE he was drafted MikeA, I care that he was drafted and traded.

    I hate seeing our team walk from our own product. I liked Korpedo. He was worth the 1.5 to me, but I do understand the ground of trading him on the grounds of his defection- that’s just so bad.

  90. I hear what you’re saying 4Generations about trading homegrown guys. It’s annoying. I believe more homegrown guys are coming with Anisimov/Grachev/Del Z/Sangs/etc. so that should be good and I’m not paying to go to games if draftees aren’t in the lineup anymore. Gordie Clark took over the drafting in 06 so hopefully this year, we can start seeing some results.

    I think guys like Madden and Lethonnen are great. The Rangers have some guys like that in their system right now like Carl Hagelin and even Ryan Borque, the later who could turn out to be a real gem if he works hard enough.

  91. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I’m just hoping that Grachev makes the team in some way- and not playing 4th line minutes for more than a few games.

  92. ZzZz 11 ZzZz " Booooooooo !!!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Here’s the upcoming schedule:
    Mon Nasty1
    Tue Mike G
    Thursday—Doodie Machetto.
    Friday—Staal Wart.
    Saturday—Patrick Hoffman.
    Sunday—Rob C.
    Monday (8/31)—Spiderpig.
    Tuesday (9/1)—CCCP.
    Wednesday (9/2)—Pavel.
    Thursday (9/3)—Mike (Grabachev) from IA.

    Carp , I didn’t even make the top 10!!?? After all my loyalty all summer. I’m insulted. First my bad beard now this :(

  93. Jane, best of luck in all your future endeavors, and, of course, with your roller derby! You’re going to be missed hugely!! Please visit often! May happiness and love follow you forever!

  94. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Yeah Greg, that’s what you get for having the un-legitimate beard!

    hahahaha kidding.

  95. Jane

    Sorry, got in here late but thanks for all the hard work throughout the season and also in the off season, especially the audio. Wish you all the best with the roller derby and remember SMASH AND DASH

  96. Jane you will be missed would you be interested in some old roller derby memrobilia ( probably spelled that wrong) my sister was cleaning her basement and found some from when she use to go with our mom to the 14th st. armory in brooklyn back in the ’60s if so let me know and its yours best of luck in your next venture

  97. Heatley-Anisimov-Gaborik, mmm-m delisious. AA with much more talant, will flourish more than Dubi his rookie year with Jagr.

  98. Funny fact: W REDDEN if read in russian as a one word litteraly means “DAMAGING”. I’m not kidding.

  99. 4 Cups……you make some excellent points.
    I love Dubi and love to see us draft well and promote from within and I hope we will see him signed, but I just don’t see him being a true #1 guy. He has put up good numbers in his first 2 seasons, but you really need to watch his play and you can see that he is more suited as a 3rd line guy. Cullen is a great center that was a 3rd line guy that we tried to force into a 2nd line spot. Everyone hated him until he was moved back to the 3rd line and played his game. Dubi often looks lost and tends to be in the wrong place too much. He spends no time in front of the net where a center should be and altogether too much time in the corners with the wingers. They get the puck out of the corner and never have anyone in the lane as a passing option. This could be Renney’s fault though too, so maybe he will perform differently under Torts. My opinion though is that Anisimov is going to take the #1 spot. He is bigger, stronger, softer hands, just as fast and a much better shot than Dubi.
    That being said, I wouldn’t put Dubi in a trade for Heatly unless Redden went back. It would be well worth it to dump that bear of a contract…. and hope that Grachev will be ready to take the Garden by force next season !!!!!
    Best of luck Jane !!!!

  100. I’m also on the heatley wagon with CCCP and Grabachev. Take him in a heartbeat especially if they take sorry D rozy in the deal!!!!

  101. Jane-
    As a long time reader (who only started posting in the last year and a half), I must say you will be greatly missed.

    Besides the awesome audio clips and running to practices to get scoops for us, there just are too few quality female sports reporters – in hockey or anywhere else. You have great skill and I’m sure you’ll land somewhere that will utilize your talent. (um… i don’t mean the talent you have of running down gals on skates!)

    Keep on keeping on and know you will be missed if you stay away. Best of luck in the future.

    *(taps stick against boards for Jane)*

  102. troj- i think redden will have a bear of a season!! lol. i keep telling myself he will be better, but i know damn well he is burnt. if he scores 5 goals i’ll consider it a good season. no in all honesty, i think he had a rough time last year. between playing for a different team than hes played on his whole career basically, to his marriage to hot wife(which probably wore him out), then having to play a total different way than hes used to(going from attack hockey to scared sh!#less hockey back to attack hockey with torts). i think he’ll be pretty good this year. he’ll at least have some accountability with torts and will play a style more suited for him.

  103. wick- lol. i would take heats . i love doobs though and really would kill our depth at center. if anisimov was already a proven nhl’er and could handle top center position id do it. idk we have boyle, arnason, hiigins can play center, prospal can too. drury. but i think we take him out and then we have 2 elite wingers and no real good center besides dru who is comin off bad seasons here. plus, sally and all the girlies here love doobs. we cant trade him now. wed lose all our female boneheads!

  104. Laurel Babcock on

    “Staal has snarl. He has poise. Thinking all the time…yes he is very smart. He continues to pump weights and work on his shot.”

    Greg, I think you have a thing for Staal :)

    wicky, mike/grab, what say you?

    Staal, what say you!

  105. hey all
    i usually like to post once or twice a day but last few weeks since getting married in july and honeymoon i was tied up. now i get the news yesterday that I got laid off from my job after 5 years of doing sales. my company downsized 30% and I was one out of 25 reps in new york to be let go.

    why i am writing this is that as some of you know I post often and think of you as my extended family and also to let anyone who needs tix i have a pair in the 300 level for all home games. I would like to sell them to you loyal fans.

    tony from az let me know when you come to ny

  106. alright its last call for grabachev. gotta get up and hit the road early for work. doodie- good luck tommorow and dont steal any of my ideas. its bad enough that im last and have to wait until all the good ideas are taken!! j/k man, have fun and i’ll try to make it online tommorow. gonna be a long day. peace all my boneheads and bonehead(ettes) and of course, king bonehead”(carp), princess bonehead(laurel), and last but not least, the queen of the boneheads forever, JANE”sweet lips”MCMANUS!!! jane, dont know if you remember but one day long time ago, i made a mistake on a post and wanted to say sweet lady mcmanus, but typed sweet lips. you laughed so i felt better that you werent offended or mad. anyway, come back soon and often and post cuz all of us boneheads will miss you alot.

  107. I’m watching the Yankees game on TV, and I just heard a familiar whistle and Potvin chant from the crowd in the background. Excellent.

  108. ZzZz 18 ZzZz "Marc Staal is the best of them aall !!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    #1 My favorite Ranger is Gaborik for seeing on the scoresheet.

    #2 Marc Staal , He is so slick . He develops his d game and then works on his offensive game…smart. He will play longer than all of his brothers and will win more cups then them.Retrieving and carrying the puck out of our zone …I’d take Marc over anyone.

    #3 Dubinsky , He has a heart like Messier did when mess was young. Look out !! We may have something here …our new leader?

    Alltime fav far Mark Messier.

    Honorable mentions to Jagr ,Gretzky ,Lindros,Bure ,Gartner ,Leetch and Fluery.

  109. ZzZz 18 ZzZz "Marc Staal is the best of them aall !!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    I was jelous when we lost the rights to him when Quebec botched the handshake with Philly and we inked him first!!
    The guy was a beast and deserves to be in the hall of fame even though he never won a Mike Gartner.

  110. ZZZZZ and TR,

    I too was left off the guest list, but I guess there are only so many ways (in my case) to write our D is too soft, so I do not mind sitting this one out. Just not enough space for everyone!!

  111. ZzZz 18 ZzZz "Marc Staal is the best of them aall !!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Everyday I looked on the roster and saw the name Pavel Bure…I smiled.

  112. Laurel Babcock on

    Greg….really, you challenge me!?

    Great song link for Jane, but my husband can do you better…listen to the whole thing. The second song is a classic B-side that gets played all the time now.

    Old but always good. Jane, the second song is for you.

  113. ZzZz 18 ZzZz "Marc Staal is the best of them aall !!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    My favorite ALL time line :

    The “fly line” Fluery,Lindros and York.

    Messier ,Graves and Kovalev was perty decent.

  114. Laurel Babcock on

    Mike/Grab…I love ya, but you’re 10 and I’m not..Barry White and champagne are not in our future :) still love me?

  115. I like that all you think I have a crush on Dubinsky… but I gotta come clean. I love the guy, but he’s just too young and silly for me. Now that Orr’s gone, I’m only crushing on Lundqvist. Now you know! Make it happen!

  116. Laurel Babcock on

    wicky…you really listen to the link or going all Barry White on me? Don’t do the second :)

  117. I would hate to lose Dubi though, grabachev is right I think we might lose all of our HOTTIES here on the blog as well!

    Speaking of lindros, remember the game he broke big bird’s orbital bone when he still played for boston in that fight. He was awesome when he was healthy!

    All time favorite rangers….gravey/mess/ulfie with honourable mentions to avery, chris simon, verbeek, mattias norstrom, beuke, langdon, theo, pilon, kaspar, neimenen (sp), churla, lappy, larmer, nemchinov, zubov, brad brown

  118. ZzZz 18 ZzZz "Marc Staal is the best of them aall !!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Laurel that song by the boss did get me bounc ‘n around ,haha…nice way to lighten up this sad day .

    The day Jane leaves us . “my bags are packed” headline instantly made me think of this song :

    Does make me feel a little better see you not there wicky.

    Laurel , You darn right that is a challenge!!!! You can do it!!!

  119. ZzZz 18 ZzZz "Marc Staal is the best of them aall !!!!" ...says Greg L. on

    Queen of the boneheads

    #1 Laurel

    Honorable mentions to Sally and Linda , you two could really have a great duel here. Hmmmmmmmm.

  120. Bye Jane. It’s to bad we’re losing our only Rogue of the blog.

    Id cry, but im to happy after seeing these Megan Fox cleavage pics. The sadness is hidden within !

    Anybody watch tonight’s game ? Gotta love that Antro goal, diving to poke the puck past Price. Real shame we couldn’t keep him, i think he would have had a really good year for us. Im sure he’ll make us pay when Kovalchuk is setting his ass up. Ugh !

  121. laurel

    Nope, I would drop some serious serena paton on you and then you would be putty in my hands. I don’t need no stinking alcohol!!!

  122. Laurel Babcock on

    You all, great responses, but I’ve had a non crease clearing d-man day etc. etc. so its time to quit for the day. New post pre-guest blogger at 6 a.m. tomorrow!


    Kinda creepy, but I thought of that song as well!! Also, regarding the guest bloggers, glad my absence made you feel better!

  124. Laurel Babcock on

    wicky, you’re just gonna make mike/grab mad….plus, behave eh? don’t be all Orr. (sorry Orr!)

  125. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Jane, thank you for your hard work and dedication to this blog and LoHud! Your work will be missed.

    As far as the NHL buying the coyotes, there are so many things wrong with this. What if they can’t re-sell them immediately? I mean, I had a problem that the NHL was trying to step in and run the Lightening, but the proposition that the NHL may own a team come the first of October is ridiculous! Conflict of interest? Conflict of interest concerning the pursuit of the new ‘owner’ (who could be hand-picked by the NHL and/or simply be an extension of the NHL themselves).

    Geez, i hate this league. I love the sport, but the league is so “bush” it makes me sick. The avery suspension was proof of that, this is another example. The entire league is a farse, favoritism of NA players (esp. Canadians) was proven when Shanny and Jagr played together… forget about the research studies on the penalty disparity between canadien and the us teams. I want to puke in Buttman’s toupe’ i’m that sick right now.

  126. Laurel

    sorry, thought I was behaving, besides serena paton would turn anyone into putty. My apologies to grabachev, I wasn’t trying to move in on his blog squeeze.

  127. Hey ERIC,

    Sorry to hear that you were laid off. What type of sales do you do? I’m in sales and could probably hook you up with a gig if interested. It’s in-home sales, let me know.

  128. I swear, this has been the greatest day! I highly recommend spending a day reading really wonderful things people write about you! A million thank yous for sweetening this final day. Suburbia’s next bout is this Saturday at 7 at EJ Murrays in Yonkers for those who asked.

    Ria, I’m very interested in roller derby memorabilia. You can email me at

  129. Jane … I’m sure we will speak soon and keep in touch, but I miss you already and I want to tell you that YOU MUST check in here from time to time. THAT’S AN ORDER!! And if you ever want to guest post anything, you know where I am.

    Good luck, kid!

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