Good morning Staal and all


Hey all, until Jane pops in, just thought I’d give you a new thread for your vastly intelligent musings. Mike G. blew the roof off yesterday, following a most excellent Nasty. It’s too early even for me to find a new photo of a shirtless Aves, so say your good mornings and let’s begin a new day.

P.S. I have a new idea for a kids’ book..”Where’s Dubi?”


Now it’s Carp here. Just wanted to say the first couple of days of guest blogging have been fabulous. And wanted to get a jump on next week.

I have been going mostly with regular Boneheads, and will continue to do so. I also have a few outsiders and some once-in-a-while commentors who have volunteered to join the fray. I am off all of next week, and there will be another week in September when we need guest blogs. So I just wanted to ask once again if any of you regulars want to do this. If so, please e-mail me at

In the meantime, here’s the schedule through the middle of next week. I need you guys/gals to e-mail me to confirm that you will, indeed, write on those days. Then I will need your post the night before it is scheduled to appear. And I think Sally is going to do some of her VanGoughQvist art one day.

Here’s the upcoming schedule:

Today — Jane.
Thursday — Doodie Machetto.
Friday — Staal Wart.
Saturday — Patrick Hoffman.
Sunday — Rob C.
Monday  (8/31) — Spiderpig.
Tuesday (9/1) — CCCP.
Wednesday (9/2) — Pavel.
Thursday (9/3) — Mike (Grabachev) from IA.

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  1. Is there anything on Dubi? I have been waiting to hear we signed him to long term deal, and time is getting short, so what is Glen waiting for?? Maybe he sent Mess to take him to Friendly’s for a happy ending!

  2. where is everybody? did everyone go on a manhunt for kaspar? anyway, whoever said that megan fox was gonna be the new catwoman in the next batman movie, is that true? its great because shes a babe, but she sucks at acting. i know, i shouldnt care but i like my women smart too. the dark knight really set a high precedent after heath ledger did an awesome job as joker. they better make this next one even better. i just cant see fox as being able to pull it off. but i know christian bale will have to have to have lucius fox build him a utility belt that automatically injects him with viagra and horny goat weed so he can keep up with all the catwoman encounters. and hes gonna need a something on his bat suit to hide his… ahem something that rhymes with direction

  3. Carp, Congratulations on your first place finish in the New York State Associated Press Association contest. Hopefully, the Blueshirts can follow up your victory in 2009-2010!

  4. Good morning, Carp!

    “Where’s Dubi?” eh? Would that be him hiding out in a crowd of blueshirts? He’d be the one picking his nose in front of a camera. That might be a fun project for me tomorrow while I’m at grad school orientation!

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