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“Hey, Mean Joe”

   Hello all,
   I hope you all have had a great summer, and are as excited as I am for the upcoming season.  All I know is that even the Little Rangers would be good enough for me right now.  It has gotten so bad, that I have even been watching memorable games from last season that the MSG Network has been airing of the Devils and Islanders.  Yup, it’s that bad.  Anyway, I have to say I am excited for the opportunity to be a guest blogger and help out Carp and the blog in any way that I can. 

   I must say though, that sitting here and trying to think about something to write has not been easy. I was laughing to my wife earlier because I usually think nothing of making a post during the season, and many times they end up going on and on, but now that I have the opportunity to sit here and and start off the Monday blog, I have a severe case of writers block.  I was playing hockey with my daughter Sunday morning in the driveway, and she asked me if I was going to take her to another Ranger game this year, and it got me to thinking, so here it goes.

   When I was in 5th grade I went to Ranger games all the time with a guy who was my stepfather, though he only was my stepfather for a few years.  I will also add, that the only good memories, or good that came from his relationship with my family, was his love of Rangers hockey.  Other than that, the only other memories I have of the time period of when he was a part of my family, would be filled with words that Carp would not appreciate, so I will just stop right there.  Anyway, he asked me early one morning before school, to ask one of my best friends if they would like to go to a Ranger game with me that night.  I was so excited, and for one of the few times of my elementary school years, I could not wait to go to school.  I asked my friend Joe, who of course said yes, and the two of us just watched the clock for the rest of the day.

    We came home, played a few games of running bases in the back yard, a few games of “Blades of Steel” on the old Nintendo, had a snack, and got in the car.  Now, it is my brother, my buddy Joe, Stepdork, and me driving to to the city to see my favorite hockey team.  I was a bit disappointed though, because my favorite player at the time, who’s jersey I was wearing, would not be in the lineup.  That player, Pierre “Lucky” Larouche.  Still excited to be going to the game, we arrived at the parking garage, parked the car, remembered where were parked after the game, (Seinfeld reference), put our jerseys on, and walked to MSG. 

   When I was a kid, and we would go to the games, we would ALWAYS go to warm ups.  Something about being a kid at warm ups, and having the chance to catch a puck, was one of the coolest things in the world.  Back then, you could even go right up to the glass, and stick your hand in the camera hole, to be handed a puck by a player. We got on the escalator to head up to warm ups, and I started to get that excited feeling to watch all of the players skate, with their helmets off, so I could get a really good look and they would seem more human.  We were on the second escalator on our way to ice level, when I heard a voice yell to me, “Hey kid, hey little Larouche.” At this point I was half way up the escalator, and I looked to an open door, and standing there in a suit, and on crutches, was none other than Pierre Larouche.  I could not even believe it.  I immediately jumped from half way up the escalator, down to the bottom and right over to him.  He was the nicest guy in the world.  We stood there and talked with him for the whole warm up.  He took pictures with us, signed my jersey, and completely made my year.  It was my, “Hey, Mean Joe” moment of my life.  The Rangers won that night, but it wouldn’t have mattered if they had been blown out of the building. Come to think of it, I probably could have left right after that, and been perfectly fine with it.

   Nasty 1, why did you tell us this story?  Well, I guess because I can already tell that my daughter is going to be a HUGE Ranger fan, and I wonder when she will have her, “Hey kid, hey little Lundqvist” moment.  Hank is her favorite player.  So, to all of you, or maybe even your kids, what is your, “Hey, Mean Joe” moment?  I guess it doesn’t even have to be Ranger related.  It could be any sport, or any hero, but I am sure that many, if not all of you have one.

   Thank you to Carp for this opportunity, and I hope you all enjoyed this, and that I started off the Guest Blogger Week on the right foot.

Nasty 1

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  1. I misspelled something. Larouche was standing in a suit and on crutches, not standing in a suite. Grrrrr.

  2. Nasty 1, great post, i have read this blog everyday for the past few years (ever since my friend and former classmate callahan was drafted by the rangers) but have only posted comments once or twice. I just wanted to say that I really enjoyed your story and I hope that your daughter gets to experience something just as memorable.

  3. 1. Great post.

    2. Not that it’s on the same scale, but my girlfriend and I were standing in the Starbucks on 31st and 7th waiting for coffee before a game a few years ago and in walked Colton Orr. He got on line and my gf went up behind him and whispered “Hi Colton.” He slowly turned around and smiled at her. He then proceeded to sign a program and my jersey for us before we left him alone. When we went outside, we saw Thomas Pock go in and decided to wait for him to come out and get his autograph as well. While waiting, Colton exited and started heading towards MSG. He saw us, smiled and said “See you later guys.” Being the huge dorks we are, we thought it was awesome. We’ll miss Colton on the ice and off as he was always very nice when we saw him.

  4. Great post Nasty!

    Not exactly the same, but standing in the line with my daughter on a freezing day to get an autograph from Hank – when we got up there she was too speechless to say anything except her name. He was very nice though. Just to see your kids get to meet a Ranger great, seeing the look on their face is priceless. Can’t wait until your daughter gets her moment.

    Also walking on the Boardwalk one summer vacation long ago and (not hockey related) meeting Haystacks Calhoun, Billy Whitewolf and Superstar Billy Graham – I was awestruck. Of course I didn’t believe it was all fixed back then – lol,

  5. I wanted to write First!!!!!! But Im I second grade level reader…. :( But at least I didn’t cheat!! :)

  6. Great post, Nasty!!!

    I was actually considering drawing out my own “Hey kid, hey little Lundqvist” but I haven’t made up my mind yet.

    This week is gonna be fun at the bog!

  7. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Nasty, Great post.

    I have two moments. One good, the other not so much. The first was about 18 years ago at a Rangers Rye-rink practice. Kris King and Darren Turcotte came out afterwards to take pictures and sign autographs, i was a huge Turcotte fan. I got Turcotte to sign a rookie card that I had and I got a picture with Kris King and my uncle… sometime later, my little brother and I got into a fight and I notice that the picture goes missing. It would soon turn up, but in two pieces. One picture was of me, the other of my uncle with Kris King! Little punk cut me right out!

    The other memory is only from 2.5 years ago and some of you may not think it’s a huge deal, but for a then 24 year old it was… I go to Nassau Colliseum with a buddy who was comp’d nice tickets in a low row. No big deal, it’s nassau colliseum right? Walking into the arena I notice that Elisha Cuthbert is also walking around the outer concourse area. I am a big Avery fan and I’m wearing my #16 jersey so I spare no time and shoot a bunch of friends text messages telling them Avery’s girl is in the building and made a joke that I’d approach her… whatever. It was just fun and games and my friend and I go to our seats. The seats are really good seats, even for the Colliseum. During the first intermission I get up to stretch and turn around to look 2 rows back, directly behind me, to see Elisha Cuthbert sitting right there. I pretend it’s no big deal and turn around just in time to say “oh sh#…, it’s really her.” After a couple of deep breaths, texting about 15 more people, telling everyone in my row who was behind us, and a dare from my buddy, I turn back around and figure I have to talk to her. I know, i’m a huge dork but it seemed huge at the time and I was really nervous. I introduce myself, tell her I’m a huge Avery fan which she nicely joked about, given that she sat 2 rows behind me and couldn’t help but notice my #16 jersey. We talked about some of his on-ice antics… most of it is a blur because I was a little in shock, but she was nice and funny while joking about Avery. We chatted on/off through the rest of the game. My buddy dared me to ask for her number, but I wasn’t going to mess with that… the embarrasment of getting shot down AND a Sean Avery beating was too much for me to bear. But I settled for a pic of her and a kiss she blew me when I was leaving. Ok, maybe that kiss part was just my imagination, but she waived and threw up a peace sign. Ahhh, now i just have to wait for Avery’s next celebrity girlfriend…

  8. Nice post dude! Meeting Cally two years ago while he was out with that injury was cool as it’s the first time I’ve ever got to meet my favorite player. He was a really nice guy. I’m glad he’s progressed and hope he can build on it, and make the Olympic team.

    I went to an autograph signing in the summer of 94 and ran into Eddie Olcyzk who didn’t care that I didn’t have a ticket or pay for his auto, but signed my puck, told me to go over to the next table and keep Zubov’s sharpie which I still have to this day, and that if any of the security guards gave me a problem that I was his cousin. If I ever run into him again I have to thank him for being such a nice guy.

  9. I love this! The only reason I read this blog is because of Sean Avery (I’m a Kings fan) and one of the main reasons I am such a big fan of him, besides the obvious, is because of a few stories like the one you posted. They are a little too long to write out in a comment but I have four years worth of memories and memorabilia involving Avery. He’s been so gracious in a variety of situations, going far out of his way multiple times. I’m 18 so these situations meant, and still mean, the world to me. It’s hard to think that people hate this guy when he actually is one of the nicest people I’ve come across, especially in a fan-athlete situation.

  10. Nasty 1

    There is nothing like childhood memory that sticks with you for the rest of the life! Good job man! Great way to start off the guest blog week!

    Few years ago I took one of my nephews to a Rangers game for his birthday…it was also his first ever Rangers game! (the kid was 8 then and is 14 now)
    We got in the Garden early and as we were about to get to our sits, some guy approached us and asked if my nephew wanted to be part of a special event in between the periods. (it was a Saturday and some sort of a kids day at the garden) That guy obviously was working for the Rangers. He said he’ll come back for us after the second period. So, he came back as promised, after the second period and took us to another section where we were greeted by New York Rangers Cheerleader Girls! I guess that’s what you call them. They were all good looking girls wearing tight Rangers tops and very mini Rangers skirts! So I was very excited!! Oh yeah, the kid… so, the girls called my nephew over (there was another kid there too) and started blowing up Rangers team color balloons!! Those long ones, the ones you twist together to make different figures! (they made my nephew a hat out of those balloons)

    The camera man was there, my nephew and that other kid were shown on the garden screen… the Cheerleader girls dancing with the kids… people at the garden clapping their hands… the kids are on cloud nine at this point! We took bunch of pictures with the girls…it was the coolest thing! My kid was so excited he forgot he was at the hockey game! Before we went back to our sits, my kid was handed a Rangers book bag full of rangers stuff! I mean, the bag was packed with goodies!

    Rangers watch, a team poster, two mouse pads, big rangers cup, two hats, bunch of rangers cool stickers, rangers pucks, t-shirts! It was amazing! The kid was speechless and actually thought that the Rangers knew that it was his birthday and that’s why they gave him so much presents! I didn’t want to ruin his experience and just went along with it. He still thinks that all of it was for his birthday! The kid is a diehard Rangers fan! Rangers as an organization have always been great with the kids. That’s what makes this team so classy and so beloved by many! I love this team! Let’s go Rangers!

  11. Nasty-
    Good job! I enjoyed your story and I really enjoy when the posters relate their personal stories of meeting former and current Rangers. Especially since I don’t have any stories of my own. I think you got the guest-blogging off to a flying start!

  12. Great story Nasty.

    We need some interesting stories like that to keep us all going till camp starts and we can all start making predictions about rookies and line combinations!!

  13. seeing redden on

    Really awesome post, nasty! You’re daughter is for sure going to meet hank; he’s super nice and ALL OVER TOWN. I’ve run into him twice and he’s been a prince. I can’t wait until a child I rear has the same type of moment.!

    More Ranger’s stories while there are no Rangers on TV please!

  14. Great story, Nasty1, and great job telling it.

    I have a bunch of stories like this, my favorite one being the time 3 years ago when my son and I met Brian Leeetch. I ended up writing a story for Blueshirt Bulletin about that – it ran during the month Leetch’s number was retired.

    Outside of that story, after about 5 years of trying I caught a puck that Nicky Fotiu tossed into the stands after practice one day – I still have it somehwhere. And on the flip side of Hey Joe, I used to write for Sports Illustrated for Kids and was working on a story for SI one weekend when I was about 21. So I got my jacket and tie on, and this was about 20 years ago so I was in great shape, and I put all of my writing stuff into a small duffel bag and, walking into the Garden at about 5:30 on a game night, encountered a bunch of autograph seekers. As I walked by, several of them started looking at me quizzically and started raising their paper and pens – it then occurred to me that they thought I was one of the Rangers, they just didn’t know which one. One side of me wanted to wave them over and say “allright, come on” and sign some illegible name but the professional side of me won out and I just looked ahead and kept walking. I did get to go into the Ranger and Bruin locker rooms after that game and I met everyone. Which is a whole ‘nother story unto itself.

  15. And This One Will Last a Lifetime on

    Nasty…nice story.

    NHL players are so much fan friendlier than the other major professsional athletes.

  16. Great job with the post, Nasty. My bad with the editing. But here’s a tip from a writer with experience: When you misspell something like that you say, “It was a typo” even if it wasn’t. Makes you look like you knew how to spell it, but your fingers messed up and your editor failed to catch it. Hah.

  17. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    Good bang up job Nasty1 ,sorry I’m half asleep …zzzzz I just got in late and im going to bed now , Ill reread it again when I get up and have my afternoon coffee .

    Goodmorning Carp ,mikeA sally , Mike B ,Mike C ,Mike D,Mike in ia ,PCCC and wicky ,Laurel and you true fans , nice post as well fella.

  18. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Great post Nasty, I think there is quite a few of us that HAVE NOT had a experiance like that. So any one that has should feel fortunate. I bet if something like that did happen to me at my age (old fart), I would turn completely into a kid again and probably start mumbling. Messier or Leetch would be my wish to meet. Carp said 20 days yesterday so we must be at 19 today, 19 days until camp. wooohooo.

  19. Nasty great post.

    My moment: Was on January 24th 2008. I was 22 at the time and got to meet my all time favoritve Ranger. As soon as Leetch night was anounced, I knew that it would be a game that come hell or high water, I would have to attend. As the event neared the prices for tickets continued to increase and I was worried I might not be able to get a ticket. On January 10th for my 22nd birthday my parents surprised me with a special gift. Skybox tickets to Leetch night. As I read the letter that came with the tickets I realized these were no ordinary tickets (I am getting the chills just telling the story). I was informed that during the 1st intermission Adam Graves and Mike Richter would visit my box and hang out, take pics, sign things. Mike Richter was always my favorite Ranger, I played goalie because of him and really became a passionate Ranger fan because of the effort the Mike put on the ice every night.

    Not only did I get to discuss Graves’ number being retired with him on the night he found out, but I got my “Hey, mean Joe” moment. The first words I could muster were, “I have waited 22 years for this day.”

  20. Great story Nasty….. and glad to see that your little girl is a hockey fan. I bring my daughter to 3 or 4 games a year and she always wants more !! It started out as a fascination of getting on the train and going for daddy/daughter day into the city… but she started getting really into the games, so it’s a blast to be out there with her.
    And True Fans…… you should have made your move. If you would have went for it, Avery may never have gotten suspended because YOU would have been the sloppy seconds guy instead of Phaneuf !!!!

  21. Nasty

    Excellent post and thank you for sharing!! (and thanks to the rest of you for sharing as well).

    Greg L

    Good morning to you (i certainly know the zzzz feeling this morning as well) and everyone else. Hope you all have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day!

  22. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    LoL, Zherdev that’s a good point.

    However, if Avery doesn’t drop that “sloppy seconds” line then he may have never become a Ranger.

  23. Laurel Babcock on

    Good morning Staal and all! Nasty1, kudos on the opening post. He shoots, he scores! I’ve shared my moments before so won’t repeat. And even though I was adult for all of them, I still felt like a little kid. I can’t wait to take Lula to her first game!

  24. Thank you to all. It was fun to relive that and write it out for all of you.


    I have learned a lot right here, from two of the best around, so thank you!

  25. i’ve been reading the blog for a long time but here is my first post, thanks nasty.

    I go to boarding school in NJ and so it can be hard to see ranger games but this year I got tickets for the Flyers Rangers game in Philly. It was our 4th game (3-0 of course) and the Flyers first. I went wearing my 94 Stanley Cup champions shirt and had an awesome time. We scored 4 goals in the first period, probably the only time we did so all year, and admittedly i only stood up for the first two because after that i was a little scared of the fans. Eventually the flyers would come back and the rangers would hang on to win 4-3 in a game that had a playoff atmosphere to it. I was supposed to be back at school with my friend around 11 so we ran out of the stadium and got a cab to the train station only to miss our train by 1 minute, the next train was in an hour. I went up to a cop to ask where a bathroom was and noticing my shirt, he told me the entire rangers team would arrive soon as they were taking a private train car back to the city. I was 17 but jumping up and down for joy nevertheless. Eventually they came and my friend and I were the only fans there and we were waiting in the perfect spot thanks to the guard. I shook Renney’s hand and congratulated him on a great start to the season and then I said hi to all the other players as they walked by. The pictures I took were terrible because my hands were shaking but finally Hank, Drury, and Gomez walked by at the end. I asked Hank for a photo which my friend took and he was great about. Seeing the team after that great game was definetly my ranger experience. Here’s to hoping we do well this year!

  26. I grew up playing hockey in Playland before they opened the Ice Hutch in Mt. Vernon, WSA, and the New Roc City rink, so we had plenty of early morning practices in the casino overlooking the rink the Rangers practiced on. Met a bunch of players…my favorite at the time was Ulf and he signed a puck for me once which was awesome.

    Instead of sharing my favorite Ranger moment, I thought it’d be better to share the funniest one. One of my dad’s business partners is very involved in Tomorrows Children’s Fund and is good friends with Mess, who is also very active in the charity. So on Mess Night he was able to get us all great tickets and passes to the green room. After the first period we all pile into the green room in MSG which isn’t terribly large. It holds roughly 30-40 people, with very little room to move at that capacity. Everyone is crowded around Mess and the other ’94 Rangers and rather then wait around to get a few words in I figure I’ll hit the bathroom, maybe grab a drink and wait for the crowd to die down a bit.

    I walk into the bathroom and I’m the only one in there. A few seconds later I turn around and one of the goofiest Rangers of the 2006 team walks in – Dale Purinton. He was out at the time with a broken wrist and had a cast on his arm (though its not like he’d be playing even if he was healthy). He comes up to the urinal next to me and tries to get his fly down but is really struggling because of the cast. He turns to me and says, “Hey buddy, mind giving me a hand here?”

    I figured he was kidding, but Dale Purinton is a really creepy dude, so I gave a little laugh and then got the hell out of there.

  27. During the ’07 – ’08 season…my brother, nephew and I went to Montreal on Feb 3, 2008 for an afternoon game. On the morning of….one of the staff at the hotel we were staying told me which hotel the Rangers were at. I grabbed my nephew and brother…told them to take a walk. We ended up at The Loews Hotel and just in time for the team departures to the arena. I managed to get my little nephew a bunch of pictures…but the one he REALLY wanted was Jagr. Jagr was the last player out, and obviously was the one everyone else wanted to get a pic and autograph from. The crowd (mostly adults) descended on Jagr, and it didn’t look good for my nephew in getting a picture with him. Just as Jagr started to board the bus…he noticed my little nephew sitting there off to the side with a disappointed look and wearing a Jagr jersey. He came off the bus for one last picture….with my nephew. I thought that was really kool for him to do. It certainly made my nephew’s day.

    Avery (with Orr) was the only player who blew right by everyone. He wasn’t very nice…even though there were some kids there calling his name wanting an autograph. As he was walking down the street towards the arena…some snow fell off an awning and landed right on him.

  28. Back in the late 80’s…a bunch of us would go to the open practices at Rye. One time we formed a plan. The previous time…there were autograph hounds there that wouldn’t let us have any time with the players. There were two exits for teh players. So we sent two guys up to the one exit that was rarely used at the other end of the parking lot. One friend posed as a player giving an autograph to our other friend. When the crowd at the other end saw this….they ALL bolted to that end of the parking lot. We snuck back to main exit and had all the time in the world with Turcotte, Leetch and Richter. We told Turcotte we had just done….he thought it was funny.

    We also went to a NYR rookies vs Islander rookies game. It was the first time seeing Tie Domi. He had at least 6 fights in the game. He even fought the goaltender. He was nuts. After the game we were walking back to the car and Domi was driving out in his car. we all started cheering like mad, yelling his name. He pulled over and started to chat a little…He was loving every minute of it. He had 4 sticks in the car….he gave us all of the sticks.

  29. Laurel Babcock on

    here’s a memory for ya….long story short, my brother once got to see Mess naked in the locker room during an away game in Minnesota. I remain envious of that to this day.

  30. I went with my wife and little sister to a players dinner a while back (just before they traded Matias Norstrom)and all the players were cool, but Richter was the best! They were only supposed to sign 2 items for each person, but my sister (after almost diving over the table to hug him) gave him at least 10 things to sign and he signed every one of them. Great experience.

  31. Nasty 1…awesome post bro!
    Ranger memories are so sweet to think about from time to time esp. when you were a kid.
    …anyway, I’m freakin stuck at home today…had a terrible allergic reaction to something this weekend, hives head to toe and lets just say its a Nasty 1.

  32. hey nasty- great job man. i loved your story and all the other storys too. i wish i had some good ones but i dont. only met a few players over the years and al trautwig and sam. ohand truefans is right. if he wouldve asked her out and gotten a date, aves might not be a ranger right now. it seems so weird that we got him back and how we thought voros and jamtim were gonna replace him. well, i didnt think they would really replace him, but thats what people were sayin.

  33. here’s an off-topic. My friend used to be the bass player in Buckcherry. I got to party all weekend at The Hard Rock in Las Vegas with Guns N Roses drummer Matt Sorum, Steve Jones of The Sex Pistols and Simon LeBon (lead singer Duran Duran). Duran Duran were performing at The Hard Rock that weekend. I even got to watch Duran being interviewed on camera by Mark McGrath of Sugar Ray when he was a host for the tv show Extra. Simon LeBon is a nutty dude. He brought at least 3 – 4 girls up to his room in in one night. and the dude has a super-model wife at home.He was so wasted…he took this gay dude by the hand and went skipping through the casino at 6 am in the morning. Literally skipping. Funny as hell.

  34. Nasty, thanks for the great story. It was a great idea! I got chills when I read all the other accounts. Pierre Larouche was one of my favorites. The personal stories are heartwarming and reinforce the fact that hockey players are some our finest people.

  35. Nice one Nasty.

    I’ll ad my story which I’ve told before. My father was an oil salesman in the 70’s and used the corp seats to take me to games, seats were 10 rows behind the net. My dad wasn’t a sports fan at all but knew I was. He even got into trouble in 1973 when he took me to a world series game at Shea and we ended up sitting next to his bosses daughter.I guess it’s around 1975 and we’re at a game. My dad used to meet a client and they’d have some beers and I’d watch the game. My dad comes back with a beer and a puck. I asked if the puck was for me but he said it was for my little brother. When I asked why I wasn’t getting one, he told me that I’m at the game and my brother wasn’t so that was my gift. I remember wanting a puck so badly that I said a little prayer asking for a puck. Later on in the game Larry Sacharuk takes a slapper from the point that is deflected in front, then over the glass, I think Espo touched it last. Anyway the puck comes flying over my head and lands about 7 rows behind me. I turn around to see a bunch of hands reaching for the puck. Someone deflects the puck back and it lands in my lap. I remember how cold the puck was and everybody saying how lucky I was to get it. It came from heaven.

    Fast forward to 2003 and my little brother had passed away. I wanted to put something in his pocket before he was buried but couldn’t think of anything. Then I remembered the puck. We were both huge NYR fans. In 1994 we got a 1/4 keg for each clinching game of the finals,needless to say it turned into 3 kegs. I took the puck and put it in his jacket and he took it back to the place where it came from originally.

  36. During the mid 90’s my mom would pass along corporate tickets she got from one of her clients (or more that she was a client of someone) that had seats right along the tunnel from the locker room to the ice. So I got a fair share of sticks and pucks from players.

    – Eddie O gave me a puck when he was coming off the ice after the pre-game skate during the 93-94 season. The next year he was a healthy scratch and I asked for his autograph and he went into the locker room and got my two friends and I one of his sticks for each of us.

    – During the 93-94 playoffs Glenn Healy broke his stick during warm ups before game versus the Caps and without saying anything he handed me the stick as he walked back to the locker room.

    – Last game of the season in 93-94 they played the Flyers. Lindros had an injury and sat out the game. The game went into OT and at some point I turned to my side and saw him standing in the walkway. I got his autograph on a ticketstub.

    – Can’t remember the year or the game but Kerry Fraser was coming off the ice after the period ended and a bunch of fans rushed up to the tunnel area to get a puck or something. One middle aged guy shouted to him “Hey Kerry can I get a puck for my kid”…Fraser looked up and seeing that he didn’t have a kid with him replied “Where’s your kid?” and kept on walking.

  37. Thanks carp I’ll post from time to time now. I’m pumped for the season to start though as I wanted Gaborik the whole time and thing he will tear it up this year. Also the prospal deal is great except it might hurt grachev and losing and I feel like Kotalik will do a lot to get Drury going.

  38. Great post and a great way to start of teh week!
    Nice job, Nasty 1.

    Brings back many a memory…
    perhaps I’ll scribble one up later on.

    And 22figure8-
    Thanks for sharing.

  39. laurel- im working on my post so i’ll send it to your email either tonight ot tommorow. it wont be long. i have a few things i wanted to talk about. but will keep it to 1-2 paragraphs. if thats ok.

  40. Long time reader, not much of a poster here.
    Great post Nasty, hope to experience something like this one day with my kids.

    Before my kids, my wife and I were at MSG in 95, in warmups for a game against Pitt. There we were, at ice level watching warmups, holding our beers. My wife is in all her glory watching them and its her birthday to boot. the guard warns us that pucks do fly over in and, “O look here comes one now”. Kovalev takes a slapper, misses and careems off the top of the glass, falls over and hits my wife gently in the head.

    Still have that puck AND, she never spilled a drop of her beer lol.

  41. What a great story! Great post.

    I once caught a puck off the stick of Manon Rheaume in Nashville TN. That’s about it for me ;)

  42. Great Idea!

    Mine happened a couple of years ago when i took my son to his first Ranger game. Got all the pictures outside, standing in front of MSG, in front of the banners, bla blah blah. We walk in the building and we come across Pete Stemkowski and Glenn Anderson, my son gets 2 autographs, we then proceed into the garden to watch the warm ups and we get down to the first row by the glass and within 2 minutes of standing there Scott Gomez (sorry) looks over at my son and tosses us a puck. So literally within a 10 minute span my son gets 2 autographs and one puck at his first game! The sad part is the Rangers played like cr@p and lost but it was still one heck of a first game for my son and his old man!!!

  43. This is exactly what I wanted to happen! I am loving hearing everyone’s stories. Thanks you for all the kind words as well.

    I am not ready to go back to work (teacher) but, with that means that hockey season is near, so I will have to just take it in stride and look forward to that.

    I know I am a big pusher of foods and drinks, so here is one that has been my daytime drink of choice this summer. Arnold Palmer Half and Half Iced Tea and Lemonade. Arizona makes it. Ice cold, on a hot summer day, IMO, it can’t be beat!

  44. NASTY

    Are you gonna stay in front of the computer all day, just encase something happens ? If i were you id pull a Hacklund, and refresh TSN every 3-5 minutes until something is announced, this way you might be able to get the news before any other Rangers blogs. And you can take the credit !!!

    But Slats is probably still sleeping, so nothing would happen anytime soon.

  45. AWESOME POST NASTY!!! Your daughter is a lucky lil lady to have you for a dad, and we’ll ALL be looking forward to hearing about her moment!! I’ve already told you guys of my daughter’s moments, I’ll tell you of mine later, when I’m on the super computer.

    LMAO @ Sally…you just rule!

  46. Excellent Post – I have two quick stories:

    (1) When I was about 9 or 10, my favorite player was Don Maloney. I had a Maloney jersey and went to warm-ups. I was talking to my dad with my back against the glass so Maloney could see my jersey. He banged on the glass and tossed a puck to me. Years later I met him when he was with the Islanders and shared this story with him, thanking him for being so gracious. He said to remind him later in the season and he would give me one of his sticks – too bad I did not follow-up.

    (2) Growing up in Long Island, I would go to the Coliseum and/or Marriott to get autographs. My friend Jon and I cut school (we were in 12th grade) and went to watch the Winnipeg Jets practice. I asked Dale Hawerchuk for a stick and he said “no problem, I’ll be right back.” He came back a few minutes later, with not one, but two sticks, one for me and one for my friend. He then signed each of the sticks for us.

    Having met many professional athletes from all different sports, hockey players are BY FAR the nicest, most down to earth “don’t forget where you come from” type people. Don’t get me started on Jim Rice or Bill Russell.

  47. I have been following this blog for a couple of years now, but I have never commented once. I think now is the right time to comment. Great work nasty, awesome story. I have never been lucky enough to meet a professional hockey player, but I hpoe one day my children will. Great read.

  48. i met Gomez at NBC studios when i used to work there. It was the summer when he signed that big contract with us! He was there for some NBC Sports special. I was so excited to see Scotty (weren’t we all back then) and he was a good sport… talked to me, took a picture with me and as always cracked couple of jokes… as they say… with fat contracts come some pretty freaking fat expectations… too bad his stay with the rangers was more like an onion diet…leaves a bad breath afterward. Sigh…

  49. Nasty great post buddy.

    This is somewhat off the ranger topic however ive been a die hard Rangers fan since I can remember. I havent missed a game in over 6 years.

    Im a golf professional and even when they were in Prague I had the headphones in while checking everyone in.

    Anyway here is the closest thing i have to a Mean Joe story….

    When I was younger I fell in love with golf. I was a liuttle kid always going out in the back yard practicing my swing. In fact i think in my young career i broke 2 mail boxes and 4 windows at my house. But i could never really play golf due to the fact that i was always playing hockey all the time for the Mavericks etc.

    Anyway when I was a little rugrat my dad took me to a champions tour event somewhere in the Easton PA region for a practice round. And all the big names were there. Lee Travino, Chi Chi Rodriguez, The old king Arnie and all the greats including The Golden Bear Jack Nicklaus.

    Over the course of the day we had seen a bunch of golfers. We also got to see Chi Chi put on a show mainly for the kids doing a whole bunch of trick shots. Anyway, there was a buzz over the crowd later on in the day that Jack was there. So my dad looked at me and said “Lets go find him.” I was very very excited. we finally found him and he was teeing off on a hole.. but there obviously was a tremendous crowd so i couldnt really see.. so my dad recommended we go up the fairway to a little bridge that connected the two fairways together on the hole. Everybody the whole time was screaming and yelling at him.. JACK!! JACK COME HERE!!! JACK SIGN THIS!!! And Jack would have nothing of it. He started to walk down the fairway and everyone was screaming after him. He had a small little entourage with him that day including his son Jackie who was looping for him. So he starts getting closer to me and i begin to get very very nervous. Even though I was a tike at the time i still had some sense of who was coming my way. So everyone is screaming at him and yelling at him and he is trying to concentrate on his practice round. He kills his drive center cut and begins his strole down the fairway towards me and my dad. He begins to cross the bridge and i look up at him and say “Good afternoon Mr. Nicklaus.” And at that moment he stopped dead in his tracks and turned to me and held out his hand and shook mine. He said “How ya doin pal!” and then ran his hand through my hair and continued his journey….

    Now i know its un hockey related but that moment i will remember forever and that was part of the reason why i absolutely fell in love with the game of golf..I was 5 years old at the time and i remember it like it was yesterday. Its amazing to me the hopes and dreams something like can stir up in a boy when an athletic idol takes 15 seconds out of his day just to say hello.

    Thanks all

  50. 2 cool stories

    summer after the rangers won the cup, i was on a camp trip up in boston, i was with my counselor and 2 friends just walkin in quincy market, i start checkin out these 2 hotties walkin in front of us and then a guy joins them, he was none other than brian leetch, so i run up to him and tell him i was very proud of him being the first american born conn smythe winner, turns out the 2 girls were his sister and wife haha, but yeah we shot the breeze for a good 20 minutes and he was signing every single piece of paper we could get our hands on, the only puck we could find was a bruins puck so i had him sign the NHL logo side haha

    i was at a knicks game 3 years back but since i dont have a knicks jersey i decided to sport my rangers blues, i was sitting close to the court so i decided to wander down during warm ups to get a closer look, i hear a voice next me sayin hey blueshirt, i turn around and see mark messier standin there, he asked me why i wore the rangers jersey and im like we can use all the support we can get, he was really cool, signed my jersey and gave me a fist bump and had to be on his way for an interview

  51. ok one more story

    i had my barmitzvah in the summer of 95, the theme was hockey and my beloved rangers of course, i had shirts made up for everybody saying “I scored a goal at Adams Barmitzvah” that had a goalie in rangers colors makin a save, my aunt works for lennox hill hospital which used to be the hospital where the rangers went if they had a serious injury, not sure if they still do, so my aunt takes one of the shirts, brings it to the team doc and he passes it around the lockerroom and pretty much the entire team signed it, i have it framed in my office and id never sell it, its priceless

  52. No Country For Old Rangers on

    a very grumpy and possibly drunk/hungover Rod Gilbert signed a NYR hat for me once at a NHL Breakout at Rye Playland. It was pretty sweet.

  53. Nasty, Pierre Larouche was also my favorite Ranger when he played here. I was in my late teens at the time, and like Pierre, I played right wing on my hockey team.

    Pierre scored 48 goals during his first season in NY, then he was injured during his 2nd season, dropping to 24 goals.

    The coach at that time was Ted Sator, a hard-ass Mike Keenan wannabe without the coaching ability. Apparently he didn’t like Pierre’s easygoing ways, and he thought Larouche needed to be taught a lesson, so he sent him down to the minors… this is a guy who had scored 50 goals with two different franchises (Pittsburgh, Montreal) and 48 with the Rangers!

    As the season went on, it looked as though the Rangers were going to drop out of playoff contention. In a desperate move, Sator brought Larouche back to the team, and he proceeded to score 20 goals in the last 28 games, to spark the team into the playoffs.

    I was so steamed when Sator demoted Larouche that I was considering going to the Garden, waiting for Sator, and strangling him with my bare hands. Luckily, calmer heads (my buddies) prevailed.

    Before the playoffs started, Pierre appeared on one of the interview shows on WFAN, and they opened the phone lines for callers. I dialed the number, never thinking that I’d get through, and after a few minutes on hold, I was put through and told that I was on the air with Larouche!

    I drew a blank…I made a fool of myself telling him that I modeled my own style of play after him, and he was very gracious. I then told him that I thought Sator should have been the one who was demoted, and that I was glad he “shoved it up Sator’s behind”. He and the host got a laugh out of that one, I could tell they agreed. He thanked me for my support, and that was that.

    I’ll always remember having the chance to speak with one of my heroes. Pierre was a great guy and a great player.

  54. Colorado Mark on

    Nasty1- Way to lead off with a winner. Good subject that brought a little life and stirred some memories.

    When I was a junior in High school on Long Island, I played for the Nassau County Midget travel team. I was one of the only Ranger fans on that team and having already endured the torturous “Drive for Five” years, I was now wearing Islander colors and practicing at Cantiaque Park. After one of my practices, the rink was hosting a pre-season Rookie Game between the Islanders rookies and the Rangers rookies. I was ecstatic. I don’t remember the game at all, except that there were a couple of fights. The cool part was that I noticed this guy about my age (I was 17 at the time) wearing a suit and standing up in the bleachers. I figured he might be a player, so went up and introduced myself. He said his name was Darren Turcotte (Who was exactly five months older than me). He was the nicest guy. A little cocky and sure of himself, but friendly. It was cool because we just stood there watching the game and shooting the breeze. I remember that I was kind of obsessed with the Rangers draft pick named Mike Richter, mainly because I was a goalie. I asked about Richter and Turcotte said that he’d be on the Rangers the same time he made it, in about two years.

    Sure enough, it was pretty close to his prediction. He joined the Rangers a year before Richter, but they were both teammates on the Denver Rangers. Ironically enough, I now live in Denver and another member of that team was Brad Stepan, father of last years second round pick!

  55. Here’s memory for ya, My older sisiter had seats behind the visitors bench at the old long island arena.I don’t remender the year or the team the ducks were playing but nicky fotiu was on the visiting team. The fans where yelling and throwing garbage at there bench. Nicky climbed over the glass and came into the stands skates and all,I remenber my sisiter grabbing me and running away. From that day on i was always a big fan of Nick F otiu

  56. I still am amazed that Directtv is dropping Versus.

    At first I just thought it was a power play to get more cash out of Comcast (who owns versus) but now it just seems like Directtv just isn’t having any part of airing Vs. this season.

  57. Ok, I’ll bite. I think it was 11 months before Walter Payton died. My father was a wholesale tire salesman and he took me to an event where Payton was going to be the keynote speaker. Beforehand I went through all the cards I had to see what I could find for him to autograph. I came across three cards and was very excited. I had attended many conferences of this sort with my father before, but this was the first time I was actually interested. Payton talked about how, due to his celebrity status, he could be brought right to the top of the donor list, but that wasn’t what he wanted. If it was his time, it’d be his time, and if it wasn’t, he’d get to the top of the list in time. We all know how that ended up, sadly. Anyway, after he was done speaking, we got on line for autographs. They were giving out pictures for him to sign, so when I got to the front of the line, I didn’t even want to ask to get my cards signed. The pictures for me and my father were going to be enough, but Payton called me back to the table where he was signing autographs and told me to take the cards out of their protectors so that he could sign them too. He was happy to see a kid there and I was estatic. That day, I learned first hand why he was called “Sweetness”. Great player; Great Man.

  58. is that true Rob E? now hockey will be even less available on TV. So, the Vs games will be blocked out through Center Ice as usual and now if you got DirectTV you basically won’t be able to watch those games either? wow…this isn’t good for the game.

  59. inhankwetrust on

    if you want to take your daughter to meet hank, it can definitely be done. he’s one of the nicest guys when it comes to signing autographs etc…he comes between 3:35 and 3:45 on gameday to MSG in a yellow cab like clockwork to 32nd between 7th and 8th, to go in the side door. He ALWAYS signs and is always very nice…i wished him good luck in swedish once and he asked me to bring a team sweden pic for him to sign. When i brought it back the next time, he remembered me and thanked me for bringing the pic…he’s a rly nice guy and she’d love it…

  60. Laurel Babcock on

    inhank….how long now before the real Hank changes his routine :)

    Nasty, you should be very proud of yourself today. What a great response with all the stories, and everyone played so nice!

    Mike G…..good luck tomorrow!

  61. yeah, it’s true.
    Directtv has been running a crawl at the bottom of their Vs. broadcasts warming they are turning it off at the end of august.

    now there are articles detailing it all over – one in the L.A. times today.

    less hockey. – was only 54 total games this season, but still – it’s all some hockey fans get.

    Screws with some of the pac-10 + big 12 games too (i don’t watch college fb but some here may)

  62. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    Yeah “GOOD LUCK” Mike G tommorow!!! Don’t be nervous. Just because over 2 million blogger goers are watching every letter you have typed…Reading every word and sentence you put. Just relax buddy…just because Nasty1 had writer block and was stumped for hours doesn’t mean you’ll be a wreak. I’m soooo looking forward to tommorows post by you Mike G.

  63. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with the Nasty1!!! " says...Greg L. on

    Im serious , bloggers on here are excellent and Nasty1 shows he can start up conversation and make everyone write huge posts. Well done again my friend. Stay thirsty!!

  64. Ha no pressure at all. I am really excited and I think my post will be a good spark for some up coming discussions.

  65. ESPN really needs to get hockey back!!!! (for all of our sakes)

    Speed Ranger

    She is awesome, we named one of our daughters after her!

    Anyone hear the seidenberg rumors?? Just got a tweet about him talking contract with the rangers and/or panthers!

  66. Wicky – just heard the same thing Re: Seidenberg.
    That would be a big old glut on the Rangers Blueline.
    Florida is much thinner on D.

  67. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with the Nasty1!!! " says...Greg L. on

    Positive thinking…I like that!!! Orr was right , BB+ probally would charge you to geust post. If someone busts a “scoop” they may go down in geust blogging Hall OH Fame.

    Do you guys think that Dubinsky is in the dark like us fans or did Glen take his agent aside and say..Look here “We are going to wait til xmas to resign him so don’t worry, just go out and tell him to keep playing hard.”

  68. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Who blogs tomorrow guys?

    Salty, good to see around man. I can’t wait to get this ship off of the shore… geez! I miss hockey!

  69. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with the Nasty1!!! " says...Greg L. on

    Carp put a schedule up for the week TF on yesterdays thread.

  70. cccp- dont worry man, we always have pierre and milbury on nbc!!! looks like im gonna have to watch online again. if doesnt work i have to get the package. which sucks because they didnt show any ranger playoff games. only versus and nbc, so when the playoffs come im screwed. oh wait, i dont have directtv!!! yes!! i love you mediacom!!

  71. ZzZz 11 ZzZz “Don’t mess with the Nasty1!!! ” says…Greg L.

    Wooooooooow! I just noticed the name change. Awesome!

  72. ok im outta here. my ears are ringing and am half deazf after goin shootin targets today. didnt bring ear plugs. cousin decided to scare the crap outta me by blastin his AR-15, 5 feet away from me and now im hearing bells and whistles goin off in my head. got to shoot my new savage model 30-06 and blow up some beer bottles and pics of glen (slatipuss maximus) sather with a bullseye on his nose!! i’ll check back in tommorow. so have a good night all,greg,orr,cccp,staal,pavel,no country,carp,jane,wicky,nasty(spot on job today),linda, sally,mikey nj, mike a, mike b, mike c(me), mike in ia(me again), mike g, and last but not least my fave hockey chick, laurel! oh and sending out an s.o.s. to kaspar and shoryuken. may the hockey gods watch over you and lead you back to the promise land of blogs. peace!

  73. yeah… this will be a fun week! I’m filling in next week…don’t know when yet…I’m glad its next week for me…i still have no clue what I’m gonna write aboot! It’s between “Is there life on Mars?” or a lecture on “The Big Bang” theory! :P

  74. awesome stories everyone. now most of you have seen the one about my daughter and Eric Cairns on her birthday, and I think I told ya the one about me at an Islander/Leafs playoff game, Tiger Williams and Rick Vaive, and I know I told ya about the Nystrom one. So here’s my Favorite Ranger moment:

    I USED TO have an American Express card, it was the NY Rangers one of course. They had special incentives for having the card, and I had actually gotten us in for a practice at the Garden. After the practice, we waited around outside and got some pics and autographs. Now here comes my all time favorite hockey player, Adam Graves. I’m a nervous wreck. We say hello and he comes over and says hi and asks my daughter if she’d like to take a pic with him. We do, and then she whispers to him that he is my favorite player ever, so she comes back to me, takes my camera and he motions to me to come over. I am shaking like a leaf and tell him so. I thank him for not only being a great hockey player, but an amazing person and for taking extra time. He gives me a hug, and we take the picture. For some reason he asked if I wanted to take another one, but I know he’s on his way and tell him it was ok and thank him again. Well, I’m on cloud nine –STILL shaking and with tears in my eyes, my daughters excited cuz she got more autographs AND met JD. We get the pictures developed and I realize why he asked if I wanted another shot. In all her excitement, when my daughter took the picture, she was holding onto a brochure, which JUST SO HAPPENED to block the lens. So I’m blocked out, but I got a nice pic of Adam Graves and a brochure with legs!

  75. Nasty1, absolutely great post. Brings back memories.
    I got into the Rangers back in the early 70’s when a priest in my parish brought myself and 2 or 3 other kids to a game and we met Vic Hadfield after. The priest knew him through some charities both had worked on. That priest moved on and I heard retired only a couple of years ago, spending half the year here in NY and half in FL. I must look him up to thank him… maybe bring him to a game.
    Where this is leading is that now my two daughters are huge Ranger fans as well. Both have had the ‘Larouche/Mean Joe’ moments. The older girl’s moment was with Adam Graves, and she handled it pretty well. The younger one first had a moment with Graves as well, and could barely speak, but she was on cloud 9. Later she had her moment with the player she really loves… Henrik. Regardless of anything else, those moments are priceless.

  76. NASTY ONE – I just reread your post, it was that great! I came back to say THANK YOU.

  77. I had Carol Alt sign my hockey gloves after a game… she was there with her hubby (need I mention the name?)

    That was pretty cool.

  78. Thank you to everyone for making this an amazing Day 1! I think this might be the first time in a long time that there was no in blog bickering, haha. Anyway, thanks for all the shared stories, and I can’t wait for tomorrow’s post!

    See you all tomorrow.

    Goodnight John Boy!

  79. Nasty 1 – Just got a chance to read your story. This was a great blog! I don’t have a moment like that, except for taking a picture on the Shea Stadium field when I was much younger on picture day with the Mets. I don’t specifically remember it too well aside from what my dad tells me. I think Franco allowed me to be in a picture with him that my dad took (I think the picture day was supposed to be just taking pictures of the players sitting by themselves). Many years later, through a connection of my dad’s, Franco autographed the framed picture at an event where my dad got to tell him how appreciative he was that Franco would go out of his way to let me be in a picture with him.

    This guest blogging series is what make this my favorite Rangers blog community!

  80. Hi! I’m at work browsing your blog from my new apple iphone!

    Just wanted to say I love reading through your blog and look forward to all your posts!
    Carry on the great work!

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