See you in September


A lot of you are probably too young to even know that song.

Anyway, after today I’m on vacation for two weeks. Got a lot to do around Blog Headquarters, and some meetings with Mr. Titleist planned, but I will pretty much be around and stopping in at Rangers Report. But the posting, as you know, will be done by Boneheads and Jane (her sad farewell) and Laurel.

So I’ll just be in the background unless something major happens.

I want to leave you with two thoughts. One has nothing to do with hockey: Jim Rice is a jackass. He was a nasty piece-of-you-know-what when he was a player, and he has proven that he is an uninformed idiot as a Hall of Famer.

The other thought: 20 days until training camp.

See yas.

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  1. “Mr. Titleist”

    Muahahaha !!! What a great way to wake up, seeing that name. Mr. Tit !

    I had a great dream last night, on one arm i had Fox, and on the other i had Mila Kunis, then Kunis stole my jacket and ran away, but i didn’t care. Great dream.

  2. Thanks Rick, I hope it wasn’t too long. Once I got started I got all Bill Cosby on it, and started to include every little detail, ha. But I thought it was a cool way to start off the week.

  3. I tell you what, I have definitely had a few dreams about Fox, and man oh man. I will even go as far and say that Fox is so hot that even my wife has had a dream or two about her, ha ha. I told her she needs to somehow transport me in to that dream next time.

  4. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Dubinsky has been “closing” Warren 77 with Aves and TR nightly.

    He was last seen drunk and out of shape. we don’t want him.

  5. Rick,

    as someone who works what sometimes is
    and often feels like 24/7
    i say
    Have a Safe and Fantastic Vacation. ENJOY!!!

    what’s up with Jane? “her said farewell”????

  6. Laurel Babcock on

    Carp, forget the song, some folks here don’t know who Jum Rice is!! I do, and that’s not even my sport. Well, I feel good about me today…

    Thanks for the kind congrats all. I’m not just an aunt, but an idiot. Her middle name is Caroline. Just had to correct the record.

    And no fears friends, she will be a Rangers fan. Her Daddy (my brother) will see to that! He traded in the Mets for the Sox when he moved to Maine, but remains true blue.

  7. Doodie machetto on

    I can’t wait until Thursday. I’ve got a couple of ideas, but I want to see what other people write about before I get started.

    Jane, good luck to you.

  8. lmao @ carnies and their little hands…

    Have a great vacation Rick, you deserve it!

    Holy crap, Passenger 34 on twitter??? I just might have to resurrect mine!!!

  9. crap, i just annihilated about 1000 brain cells reading the drek that is Voros’ twitter!!

    Jim Rice, next time, keep your mouth shut!!! What a freakin grump!! I’m not even a Yankee fan, but ya just don’t say crap about Jeter, a professionals professional.

  10. Thanks, all.

    jpg, Jane is leaving the paper, and thus the blog(s). She’s going to check in and tell you all about it Wednesday. She wanted to save the news, but somebody wrote about it, so it’s out.

    Craig, camp opens Sept. 12.

    Orr, I told you who Jim Rice is. He’s a jackass.

  11. since this is huge news i am breaking my nonposting briefly

    Jane – I really hope this move is the best thing for you going forward – both professionally and personally. Thought you did a great job on the videos and in your writing. And you were very nice when i met you in person at the playoff game.

    I too am in transition having recently started a consulting gig in accounting and finance that i have regrets over. So always try to do what you like and love and with people who treat you the right way

    Regards, LI Joe

    Speed Ranger – thanks for thinking of me and the email. but with this disaster of consulting assignment looming over me hockey especially during the work day is on back burner

    CARP – hopefully your job turns out however you want it for your professional and personal happiness

  12. Avery is on twitter, voros (as you know), and I believe hank is as well!!!


    Sorry i’ve been awol, only day off and my wife sequestered me into a wii biathlon challenge (and yes, I lost. I kicked her butt in the shooting, but she out skied me). Carnies are the odd people that work at carnivals and such, I can’t remember the movie/show that it was on but, somewhere I saw a part where someone said “carnies scare me, they hae such tiny hands”. It seemed funny to say to you at the time.

    Did we sign bouillon yet???


    Have a nice vacation!!!

  13. Last chance to join the blog fantasy football league on Yahoo that No County set up. ID: 453917 password: carp

    I will be getting the fantasy hockey league set up as soon as possible!

  14. Jim Rice was a good outfielder for the Red Sox. How did his personal side shot enter the fray. Why can’t people do the same to you and your guests ? Not so fair I think !

  15. I KNEW IT !!!!

    I told you it was an E4 !!! IM THE MAN !!!

    Sundins coming !! Screw the kids, Artie can rot in Hartford !!!

    Yaaaay !!!

    Bye everyone, im gonna go out and assassinate Slats ! And maybe this Rice guy too, just for kicks.

    Ohh, and is anyone watching the Sharapova vs Dementieva match ? I never heard something so hot in my life, all the screams those two have unleashed has made my day. Lol, and Max Afinagenov is in the crowd, he’s dating Demetieva. She’s feisty, no wonder why he’s always injured.

    Id rather have Afin over Kotalik, at least with him, he could bring her around the Garden. What does Kotalik have to offer ? NOTHING !

  16. wicky- ok gotcha. the iowa state fair isnt a carnival but there are some freaks out there. its actually a real nice thing to go to with the family. we had a good time. my kid got to se the worlds biggest pig!! and a bunch of other animals. even saw an ostrich and a new hybrid animal they gentically engineered. they called it a Slatipuss maximus. i think its a cross between a duck billed platypus and an orangutang that smokes cigars. it was funny lookin creature!!. oh, btw theres this movie from the 30’s or 40’s about circus “carnies” called Freaks. its a black and white movie and old as hell, but its pretty weird and funny too. u should watch it. although its so old, it’ll be hard to find.
    laurel- idk if i said this before but thanks to you and carp for letting me post a little something with you. i’ll send you my post soon. it will be short ok. i promise

  17. Grabachev

    Glad you enjoyed the fair. That slatipuss creature sounds interesting (almost like something that should be terminated on the island of dr. moreau). I was stranded in iowa once……..not really sure what that has to do with anything!

  18. Yup, Slats needs to fill all those spots with an oldie. Id still rather have Mats over Kotalik, since obviously it would only be a one year thing, but still, at what point does Slats realize he’s ruining the development of all the important players.

    And if we sign Mats, does that mean Dubi is definitely gone ? Waste !

  19. I gotta say Laurel, Mike IS good looking! Jeans, t shirts and workboots, the ULTIMATE hot guy outfit…good going Grabby!!

  20. Carp, have a great vacation…
    Like Doodie, I have some ideas but want to wait to see what other talk about, I don’t want to kick a dead jack-ass…lol!

  21. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    ORR , why didn’t ya tell me Sharapova was playin !!! I missed it didn’t I? Who won??

  22. ok, gotta ask, where are we seeing pics of other posters at here? Or is this some secret handshake behind closed doors type of thing??

  23. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Sundin will not be a Ranger; we do not have the cap space…….unless Slats pulls a salary dump trade.

  24. Linda

    thanks!! i do ot use either one of those so that explains why i’m out of the photo loop!!

  25. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Hey everybody doing the fantasy football league-

    Draft is starting in about 10 minutes


  26. Still haven’t heard from Rob C about next Sunday. Rob, if you’re out there and willing to do the post that day, email me ( Otherwise we’ll go to the next blogger in line. We have dozens of them.

  27. thanks linda. one day we all gotta meet up for a game. ive come to like yoiu guys and talk to more than most of my own family. my buddies mostly live back in ny so besides the occasional phone call to them, this is the best i can get to new york. but one day, we all have to meet up for a game this season. i know agravaine and nasty and few others did that once. yea, it probably will be awkward since real life we would act different, but after a few brewskis wed be havin a good ole time.

  28. thanks to TR i had a hankerin for molson. havent had it in awhile. its actually the first beer i ever drank. my dad and I were watchin a ranger game back in 96-97 or 97-98 season, gretzky was playin and he said to me, “mike, if gretzky scores in this period i’ll let ya have a brew.” thats the last thing i remembered until the next morning. my dad and me polished off a 12’er and i puked in the cats food bowl in the bathroom. then i fell down and passed out in the bathtub. my dad says to me, see, wasnt that fun? i said no dad, im sick. but the rangers won and me n the old man had some laughs!! ahh molson. thanks CANADA!

  29. just woke up hahahaha
    the other best thing from canada is the asprin.
    222’s right after a night like that and my headache is gone. slept like a rock.
    ive also been trying to think of a way to say what went on w/o getting friggen yelled @ the next time i go there.

  30. the aspirin with the hyrdocodone in it?? lol. yea, thats the good kind. i got a tooth pulled few months ago, and the dentist prescribed some hydrocodone. worked almost as good as beer!! ive had it before but the way people are gettin hooked on these things, i try to take marine junk instead.

  31. rick
    ive been playing since im 3. before games (before they changed the “recipe”) used to drink a bottle of nyquil. i could get hit my a truck and not feel it.
    also a bottle of 222s (250 ct) 13 bucks in canada.
    10 pills here like that 100 bucks
    its the only thing that gets rid of my migraines.
    also i work a lot in canada on occasions so any chance i get to bring home that along with some vex i got to take it. now that they got tims in the city i dont have to worry about coffee, lol.


  32. ok so its codeine. i kn ew about canadian aspirin with “extra stuff” in it. but didnt know what it was called. thanks TR. that was some funny stuff listening to chris berman. thanks for the laugh. du du du’s!!!

  33. i tell ya what, marine junk( ibuprofen 800) is ten times better than codeine for pain killing. for some reason, 1 800 pill is better than 4 of the otc brands like advil. idk y. i used to play sports and hockey of course, got quite a few injuries over the years. if u like a buzz, take hydros or codeine, but neither are as good at killin pain than an 800. or a 6 pack of hineys

  34. lol the next time im in canada is going to be HOF weekend.
    not missin glenns global games this year thats for sure.

    you goin to be comin out here for a hockey game this season mike?

  35. so yea, 2morow im goin target practice with my 2 cousins. were goin to a huge open field out in the country and were packin ak 47’s, ar-15’s, desert eagle, a 12 gauge, and my 30 aught 6!! 150 grain core lokt rounds. were gonna tear iowa a new one baby!! just incase, if you guys dont hear from me anymore, you’ll know why. i just hope they dont start drinkin till after we get back. lol

  36. TR- i will seriously consider takin a week off to come out. i havent taken any time off from work yet, and ive been there just under 2 years. so hopefully they dont give me too much crap about it. ive been saving for a trip to florida to take my kid to disney when shes around 5-6. im sure i have enough inmy account to take a little trip to ny. if/when i do, i’ll at least wanna meet up with some of the regulars(boneheads). and i’ll be sure to hit up aves place too.

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