Anybody up for a guest blog?


Pete Abraham, the Blogfather of all blogs (his Yankees blog is through the roof) gave me this idea, and I should have gone to it earlier.

But I will now. Next week I’m on vacation, and though I could chime in here and there, I figured this would be the perfect time to try some guest blogging. Sam Weinman’s too busy to ask, and I hate to dump on Laurel and Jane all the time, and Josh is only 26.

So I’m asking the Boneheads. Are any of you interested in taking a day next week (or in subsequent weeks) to do a post? You can talk pretty much anything, as long as you keep it within an arm’s length of the Rangers.

I am not sure how I will choose if there are more than six or seven responses, so I’m up for your suggestions on that as well.

What say you?


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  1. I would 100% be up to do a guest blog, and of course I’d love to read posts by the other fans on here!

    My idea would be that maybe we e-mail you samples of things we’ve written in the past, Rangers-related or not, then you could choose based upon that. You willing to sift through some awful writing like a 6th grade English teacher, Carp? :-)

  2. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    I would love too….But, I am not sure if i am considered part of the bonehead crew?

  3. Hi Carp-
    I’d be interested in helping out.

    I’ve written Fantasy Hockey related articles at various sites
    as well as regular NHL analysis and opinion pieces over the years and now host my own blog @

    I scour the web daily for NHL news, so highlighting Rangers stuff would be all in a day’s work.

  4. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Also, I was going to suggest you nominate a couple of people as moderators (if possible). This way if someone post something not appropriate and you are away, that person can remove it or queue it for your (Jane, Laurel, even Josh) approval.

  5. Patrick Hoffman on


    Hey there Carp. You know who I am and I sent you an e-mail about this already but I would like to do a guest blog for you while you are on vacation.

  6. Carp:

    I would not only LOVE to give it a shot but I would be honored as well. Let me know if I can chime in! ( my tryout haha.

    Also, congrats on your award! Much deserved!

    Mike G

  7. (THE REAL) MikeyNJ on

    Carp great idea

    Just as long as it’s not one of the negative nancies who are already complaining our team is soft, or cant score without training camp having started.

    I guess what Im trying to say is no SUPER boneheads please

  8. Our offense is terrible. We haven’t scored a goal in a couple of months now. Fire Torts! Fire Sather! Fire Dolan! Fire the zamboni guy!

  9. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Carp, just pick a name or names who give both point of views:
    A) they’re a cup contender
    B) Its hopeless until Sather is gone.
    Just close your eyes and scroll down to a name (s)

  10. oh man, it doesn´t looke like that someone have missed me in my absence (:

    Not even Uncle Rick :)

  11. Just came across this in Abraham’s Yankee blog.

    “Congrats to Sam and Journal News columnist Rick Carpiniello. They were among the winners in the New York State Associated Press Association writing contest. Sam finished third in sports writing and Carp won the honors for columns. It’s great to work with two talented guys like that.”

    Congrats Carp!

  12. Game 7 of the series was a symbol what went wrong with the Rangers last season..

    Simply were not able to put the puck in the net, after dominating the whole first period by a wide margin of 8-2 shots and now as guys like Gomez, Naslund and Antropov are gone ,I have not too much faith in people like Higgins, and Kotalik and Tyler Arnason with the exception of Gaborik of course…

    It doesn´t like a major attack on the Cup this season :)

  13. i’d be up for a guest blog! i already know what my topic will be…

    “What would you do for a Klondike bar?”

    Carp, big congrats on the award! It is great to know that the big bonehead is the best in the business!

  14. Among the free agents still available:

    Alex Tanguay, Mike Comrie, Radek Bonk, Mike Peca, Robert Lang, Dominic Moore, Rob Niedermayer, Martin Skoula and Mathieu Schneider, plus Maxim Afinogenov, Manny Malhotra, Taylor Pyatt, Francis Bouillon and Dennis Seidenberg.

    From that list, Schneider and Comrie and Tanguay are the surprises, although word is Tanguay is deciding between the Wild and the Lightning and Comrie is stuck waiting to see if Ottawa cannot move Heatley – which they probably can’t.

    Heatley speaks to the press today for the first time since the trade request. Ought to be interesting.

  15. carp id love to. i obviously dont post as much as the others do, but ive been here for a long time.

  16. Carp Id like to too, but since I am in Israel till the 6th, the time difference may be a problem, but I go to sleep 2 AM israel time so 7 pm EST.

  17. Rick,

    I would be excited and happy to guest blog for you. I’m sure there are a good amount of people who would love to as well. Here is my website as credential, it is a mix of Rangers, sports and entertainment.

    Thanks for the potential opportunity.


  18. Any season ticket holder on here that is feeling nice, do you mind emailing me at when you get a free moment? I have some questions regarding season subscriptions.



  19. I’m in..

    and i have the perfect question which would bring upon much debate!

    “Under torts, which players do you think will fit in, which ones wont? and out of those who wont.. who should replace them under the cap?

  20. Damn !! I would love to guest blog but im going on vacation for a week too. Ocean City, NJ – Best Beach on the East.

    IMO, I’d be a good candidate since im in the “Slats really isnt all that bad” minority of Ranger Fan thinking.

    I could start a lot of heated, August Debates – which could be good and/or bad, i guess??

  21. Staal Wart
    August 21st, 2009 at 10:23 am
    What kind of Klondike bar?


    it depends on what you’d be willing to do for it.

  22. Congratulations Carp!!!

    Why not nominate a few posters you think would be up for it and let the rest of us do a quick vote for them based on our experience/enjoyment in reading their posts?

  23. Laurel Babcock on

    You have not discussed this with me….I am not pleased. In fact, I may even cry.

    oh yeah, congrats.

  24. Matt, I’m staying in Givat Zeev, exactly 10 km from Jerusalem, a Jewish settlement. Im staying with dad who lives here as well as my grandmother, and dads girlfriend who’s due next week, so I’m having a half brother soon :)

  25. My bad, Ottawa Citizen is live blogging the Heatley Conference, not broadcasting.

    I’ll look around and see what I can find live…

  26. Carp –

    Would like a guest spot if possible – I want to hammer home some questions I have on the D this year –

  27. This whole work thing can really get in the way of participating in the Ranger Report !!!!
    Glad I didn’t miss anything substantial !!
    and for the record CCCP….. For a Klondike bar….I would be willing to do my best Jeff Gilooly impression and take out Redden’s knee like he was Nancy Kerrigan !!!!!

  28. Thanks all, for all the congrats! Yes, it was Sam Borden who also won an award.

    Koala, welcome back! I don’t have enough nephews.

    I think I will pick five or six of you arbitrarily for next week. I have more time off coming, so we’ll do it again (assuming this goes well) later on and I’ll let others try it then. OK, Somerset?

    Sorry about the tech thing earlier. I didn’t see it. Glad it’s fixed.

    I think Jane is going to pop in one day next week, too. And Laurel will probably chime in but I have to run it by her. Sorry, Laurel.

    More details to follow.

  29. Laurel Babcock on

    Carp, it seems you can go on vacation for quite a while with all the volunteers here. Fortunately for everyone, I don’t have to ask permission….are we ready to have some fun??!! I gotta go look for more Avery pics.

  30. Well staal… then i guess you are missing out on a chance to do something for it! Something that counts! Something you one day could have told to your grandkids aboot!

    Troj… poor Nancy “why me?? whyyy!?” Kerrigan…

    Klondike bar could be yours…let’s hope Redden puts on his best Nancy Kerrigan impression!

  31. TR-
    Ain’t that just the way?
    I had a conference call that popped up today as well.
    ended like 20 minutes prior.

    As for the call:
    Heater was frank, made it clear his side did not leak anything and were quite surprised when it did. Whenever the reporters who asked questions intimated anything about the ruckus “he’s caused” Heatley just deferred to the fact that they did not leak this private request that was initially made back in May.
    Dany also said it wasn’t about not picking Edmonton, it was about choices. Seemed like he meant with the Edmonton offer becoming public, he was being presented with one offer when he knows there are other interested teams. He said a few times “it’s about choices” and said twice i think that he knows there are other interested teams.

    I thought he came across well.

  32. Rick,
    If you get an ‘extended’ vacation, I will as pissed as I would be if Dubi, doesn’t get resigned…
    I’ll be throwin sticks over the bench.

  33. rob

    thanks for the run down
    i did hear one guy say “do you have anything to say to edmonton.” thats when i was like damnit im missin all the good stuff, lol.

  34. Carp,

    congrats and I would give it a go as well (hmmm, I wonder what I would talk about!?!?!?).

    Good morning/afternoon and have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to all!

    Dark chocolate klondike bar all the way!!

    Was that nhl 10 demo for the 360??

  35. rob

    not a problem
    us “open source” people love to talk about new tech stuff.

    i saw you did we follow.
    i #FF you today along w/ 2 other people from yesterday so i hope some of you get some followers.

    another tip-
    try twitter using twhirl or tweetdeck. i use tweetdeck for “business” cause im able to see real time searches for key terms i use to make money.

  36. Sweet!
    Thanks TR – for the friday follow and tweetdeck!
    Must check that out.
    What exactly is Friday Follow?
    is it a shout out kinda thing to expose new peeps to your old peeps?
    Did I follow you back?

  37. rob
    dont wanna tell too many people my acct name
    if you go in your @replies youll see my tweet
    follow friday is basically me telling my X amount of followers to follow you. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt, lol.

  38. bull dog line on

    a lot of new people coming out of the woodwork looking to guest host.
    If you are going to do it Carp, have it be somebody who has been around a long time. A regular. I am sure you know who they are.

  39. Carp,

    Why don’t you have a poll and we can vote who we want to guest blog. This way it’s a fair deomocratic system and we get what we want at the same time.

  40. Good afternoon, Carp! Sorry I missed all the fun earlier, my mama was in town. You know I’d be happy to draw something up for the boneheads while you’re away :)

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I would MORE than be interested in doing that.

    Make this my job at the party. Don’t stick me with keeping an eye on the aquarium and making sure no one taps the glass. Leave me in charge of the music. I am ready to get jiggy with it. I can turn this mother out.

  42. would definitely be intersted in doing live blog since i WILL be finding out if I am getting laid off next week.

    love hockey and the blueshirts

  43. Laurel Babcock on

    I’m with you all the way buddy…..

    Brandon, what makes you think this is a democracy :)

  44. Laurel Babcock on

    Sally…you absolutely must. Can you do knuckleheads too?

    Mike/Grab, sure, whatever amuses you….and you can be sure I will be posting.

  45. Carp – I would definitely be interested, as I mentioned on the last thread.

    Doodie – nice Seinfeld reference there!

    TR-808 – I like to use the Tweetie application now that they made it for Mac and not just the iPhone.

  46. I have a few mini comics I’ve been planning for the Zetter Burger, but I’d be willing to donate one to RR. For the cause, you know? I’d be willing to take requests from your or Carp (or Jane or Josh) too…

  47. This is true, CCCP. But did you see how that thing adds a little yelling Dubinsky over your picture?? How can I get one of those in real life???

  48. I’d certainly be interested in guest blogging for you, Carp.

    Don’t comment often but definitely interested.

  49. “Sam Weinman’s too busy to ask, and I hate to dump on Laurel and Jane all the time, and Josh is only 26.”

    LOL. good one, Carp. just Joshin’ around, eh?

    how about making someone like Schony guest blogger? then we can ask direct questions to Ranger mgmt

  50. Laurel Babcock on

    Taking off all. Carp, have a fabulous vacation. Shoot me an e-mail and let me know what the guest blog dealio will be next week.

    And for the rest of you, see you Monday….Babs is back!

  51. Congrats Rick on your very well deserved award! Proud of ya!

    Sally, your site is hilarious! Left ya a lil message there!

    Never really fell in love with the whole twitter thing, damn I can’t even remember what my password is over there. (and yes, I know i can do something about that ;-)

    I agree with bull dog, the guest bloggers should be old school boneheads!

  52. Carp, I’d be down to write something. I promise no references to Jordan Owens, Kristen Bell, more bashing Phil Esposito, or Ghostbusters.

    I wrote for Outside The Garden a few times then got mono and kinda ended that gig.

  53. I wanna write about which Full House character each Ranger really is. Kidding! Kinda!

    Linda, I miss our game night girl talk!

  54. i miss the the girl talk too Sally and Linda!

    Now that Antro is gone… who is going to take on his HUGE role? Lmao

  55. Henrik would be Uncle Jesse!!!!!!!

    Sally, Opening Night not too far away! I see Metallica on the 4th in GA, and then its nothing but RANGERS BABY!!! with the new super computer I will actually be able to watch the games and comment with you guys in REAL time and not a 5 freakin minute delay!!

    CCCP, Sally and I will determine the new HUGENESS by the end of the first 10 games. This is not something to take lightly. And have ya seen the new Voros commercials…the guy needs a good hair washing.

  56. Laurel Babcock on

    Duguay’s name begins with an M? :)

    Any and all Saved by the Bell references will result in detention while Carp is off and I can ruin everything…bwaaaaaa

  57. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    Carp , I can’t be a geust blogger!?? Because I live here on this blog!!!

  58. Avery would have to be Kimmie Gibbler…all the hijinx and mischeviousness!!! Redden could be Stephanie, seeing that in real life she just got over a meth addiction.

    I’m tellin ya though, that damned cellphone minutes commercial with the kids in the car and the mom yellin at the son…that kid is Dubinsky and the brother is Drury…although Drury was chubbier when he won the little league world series, as we were all reminded of 2 weeks ago.

    The HUGE thing is gonna be Huge this season!!

  59. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    who ever wins is gonna have a swelled head!!Maybe this is too much POWER Muhhahhahahaaaa , I want it!!! Anyone who won something in the beard contest can’t enter hahahaa!!!

  60. Laurel Babcock on

    Did I mention it’s been a long week?….Sally, I just figured out that I’m not the loooooser in that scenario. Duh. Instead of reading it, I just heard it in my head :) And here I thought you were D….dissing. Silly moi.

    Now I’m really off….later Staal and all (and belated good evening)

  61. weird, just made two posts trying to attach a website and it didnt work out, unless Uncle Rick checks em out to make sure they are not ‘dirrrrrty’ sites lmao

  62. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    Thanks Sally ,hahaha ooopps , Ya won something in the beard contested didn’t you? :|

  63. Anyone here into Coheed and Cambria? I’m debating whether or not to see them play with Heaven and Hell (aka Black Sabbath with Dio minus Ward) at the WAMU on Tuesday. I need some 411 cause they get a lot of buzz. I’ve heard all of 3 songs by them.

  64. Laurel of COURSE you’re not the loser! You’re a winner!!!

    Greg, I came in 6th place! Biggest accomplishment of my life!

  65. crazy you should mention that MikeA, i just got that buy 1 get 1 free email about that show. I know my daughter likes Coheed and Cambria, I think she’s seen them 3 or 4 times. Sorry I couldnt have been more help.

  66. if the rangers sign boullion (dunno how to spell his name) i can see him being michelle…short and spunky…if we were gonna do rangers as saved by the bell members…i would say redden would be slater…both are complete douche bags…

  67. Hey totally unrelated to Full House, but I have a question for you folks with CATS! Dubinsky’s been coughing up hairballs every few days and I don’t think that’s normal. Any of you ever dealt with that? Blech.

  68. luckily we’ve never really had a problem like that with Dixie aka Lil Avery! What kinda food do you give Dubi?

  69. Pizza and hot dogs! She just eats friskies – canned and dry. She seems fine other than the hairballs every couple days. I’m gonna try to get a better brush and see if that helps.

  70. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    Sally , Some cats have a puking problems , and if your Dubinsky is starting too.. maybe change the food or after he eats , make sure he does’t start running around too much. If it’s hairballs then it should subside in a few days.

  71. oh crap, game isn’t for another hour and a half! LMAO @ pizza and hot dogs!!! We’ve always give Dixie ‘royal canin’ cat food and she’s never had a hairball problem.

  72. Gomez seems fine and they’re eating the same thing. They’ve been shedding a lot more since it’s been 400 degrees the past few weeks… that might have something to do with it too. Ahhhhh I am ready for the fall!

    Thanks for the advice guys! Dubinsky says thank you, too.

  73. Grachev the Gamebreaker (JAY G) on

    Has anyone looked at the Flyers roster? How are they not going to lead the league in the PIMs.

  74. Sally

    i have a solution for that… shave dubi bold!

    no but seriously, i got my cat for what… almost 6 years now and i’ve never seen him coughing up a single hairball! very weird!

  75. ok here’s something else waaaaaay off topic. The model who was murdered by her ex husband, her body was disfigured (missing teeth and fingers so she couldnt be identified), well they identified her by the serial number on her breast implants. That is something that SHOULD NOT have been made public, cuz the next psycho that decides to kill his wife/girlfriend is not only gonna get rid of the teeth and the fingers, but now the boobs too. Crazy world we live in!

  76. You’ve certainly received more than your share of volunteers. It’s not that I wouldn’t be honored to put in for it, but frankly I just don;t have the time . But I’ll still be reading when I do get a chance.

  77. Linda! Are you still there? Did you know that the night I met Sam Rosen was the same night I met the “Antro is HUGE” guy??

  78. nutz-It’s funny how when the show first came out, Slater was not likable but by the end he was maybe the coolest one. I like Mario Lopez a lot in real life despite the Dancing stuff. Read some stuff about his fitness in Men’s Health. Remember him on Name Your Adventure?

    Linda-Thanks for that info. Is the buy one get one free available to anyone?

  79. MikeA, if you want, I can forward you the email. I’m an MSG ‘insider” but since in live in AL i cant take advantage of that offer.

  80. Sally, i think you had mentioned that the night you gave the link to the photo of you and Sam.

  81. Hey Carp,

    I actually write a Rangers blog in my spare time, so I would love to put some thoughts up here to get some people to actually read it and see what they think.

    I am a sports journalism major at Penn State right now, so this would be a pretty cool opportunity for me.

    If you would like to read my blog for a sample, please visit (I haven’t posted since July 2nd, but I’ll be updating soon anyway).



  82. yes you Sally. OMG, did you get a strawberry shortcake or a ninja turtle frozen treat?

    Josh Thomsom for GUEST BLOGGER ’09~~

  83. woot woot!!! Ok, NOW gotta get ready for the game..catch ya later. I’ll have a beer in your honor

  84. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    Shave the cat bold? How do ya do that CCCP?

    Heres a good ol Sask Joke:

    A squa (female indian ,feather type not pakistan kind) in western Canada is pritty drunk and needed a Taxi ride home. She shlures to the cabbie..” Liquor store then home , honey”

    Taxi driver says “wow , no one ususally calls me honey , I like that ..thanks sweetie.”

    As they drove for a few miles the cabbie mentioned to her that he like being called honey.

    Squa says..Your P-aachen-at!! Your Pa-ssnen-at!!

    Taxi driver says ..I’m what? Passionate?? Ahh thankss ,I can be very sensitive too…

    Squa yells out ” Noooo shtoppp!! your pass in et…you passing the liquor board store!!!!

  85. Sally, one of our cats pukes all the time. Hairballs sometimes, or just food that she ate too fast. They make treats with hairball control, and also there are drops you can give your cat to ease the hairball situation.

  86. Good evening, Carp! She’s definitely coughing up hairballs, not vomiting… I’ll try to find those treats. Thanks!

  87. Linda, go figure, I JUST received that email like 5 minutes ago! Talk about weird! Thanks for looking out for another Rangers fan! :)

  88. off topic :)

    Hey kids, I am looking for advice

    I know some of you are into photography… and have more experience with different dSLR’s
    (Tony from AZ and Agravaine come to mind…Or maybe other people also have an opinion aboot this)

    I’m trying to buy my first SLR camera and get into photography myself (as a hobby…for now)

    My moms’ both parents were professional photographers all their lives and people for years tell me
    that I have a good eye whenever they see the pictures I take (with point and shoot camera…sadly)

    So, I want to put that good eye into good use…I sort found what I want, I think…it’s between Canon Rebel T1i, Pentax K20D (love Pentax) and Nikon D90 Is worth it to buy the camera with the kit or should I just go for the body alone and buy a lens separate? I’m looking to shoot some sporting events, nature and portraits and some close ups. What would be the ideal lens for a SLR beginner like me?

    any professional or semi-professional or even an educated advice would be greatly appreciated!

  89. By the way, Sally, I don’t want to give you any extra work, but since you offered, if you want to draw up something I can post it with one of our guest bloggers next week. That would be awesome. I have had an overwhelming response for bloggers, but art would be something additional.

    Let me know. Good evening, Sally!

  90. Ooooo!!! Of course I’d be honored, Carp! Thanks! I don’t have anything to do until orientation next Thursday, so this will be a fun little project!

  91. Sally-

    I’m a little disapointted that C wasn’t for captain clutch and the clutch mobile.

  92. I’m so excited N is coming up. It all goes downhill after N!

    Okay, got my helmet and my Hanukkah socks on… I’m ready to go drink beer and kick some butt at bar games.

    Night Carp!

  93. Hey Sally-
    Just wanted to tell you that I checked out your artwork. Excellent job! And don’t sell yourself short. You say you can’t draw people so they look like themselves. Granted, Gretsky didn’t look a lot like Gretsky, but I thought you nailed Don Cherry and I recognized Paul Newman right away. Good job.

  94. I would be glad to do a guest blog. . . .I will type it live from training camp in Greenburg if I have to. . . . I will be there.

  95. CCCP
    First, I would recommend you to go-
    Best semi-pro site I know. Really good in your case.
    Second, I was in the same photo-situation and after very long and deep research bought Nikon D90.Can say nothing but best words about it(I do believe best for the money).If, after your own research you will understand what exactly you want to do with lenses,-buy case and lenses separate,if you trust pros.and want to start immediately buy w/kit-will be less expensive.Good Luck.

  96. CCCP-

    I always go with the Nikon. The kit will end up saving you money in the long road. d90 is pretty easy to learn but still a lot of camera. I have a d50 now, and will be upgrading in a couple of years to that line (whatever the numbering system is there)

  97. Rick and The Puck, I am sad to say it’s true. She’s working through next week. She’s going to come in here and talk to you guys herself on Wednesday. And Ernie, the poor guy just won the toughest battle of his life, for his life. He and I started the same year, 33 years ago. And there are a couple of others, too, whom I shouldn’t name at this point. It breaks my heart. (and, by the way, I am not assured of getting through this crisis.)

  98. Hi Carp – well I’d love to do a spot, pls don’t mistake that to mean I think I am in any way more qualified than anyone else….

    But the one you *REALLY* should ask is LI Joe.

  99. I would love to be a guest blogger. Could call it “Nasty’s Notes.”

    How is everyone doing? Anyone listen to the Heatley interview today? I loved how annoyed he seemed to get towards the end when some of the questions were getting repetitive.

  100. Well, sorry to hear about them, and to be the bringer of bad news.
    I work in the paper business.
    I know what you’re going through.

    Too many damn times.

  101. CARP

    I can’t believe we are losing Jane — and that you’re not safe either. This totally sucks. Would Jane consider doing the guest blogging? She’s been great here.

    I don’t post that often but am an RR addict – sorry all of you are going through this and hope you hang on and make it through ok.

    Also think it sucks that “the other” site published that before she announced….classless

  102. BlueBlood,

    I agree with what you said about another blog announcing something before she did. I don’t think it was done in a mean way, but still, she should have been the one to make the announcement.

    I have not been on much this summer, but I have been reading and following. This blog is sort of like a nice little family or community. We have regulars, newbies, trolls. We get along, agree, differ, bicker. Just like a nice big dysfunctional family :)

    Carp we are all pulling for you man. I really liked and still do like Sam Weinman, but the blog took a totally different life when you and Jane took over. I really, really hope that you will still be here for the long run.

    I am definitely going to miss Jane, and I hope she hops on every so often to say hi and give us her thoughts on things. She is an awesome person, and I wish her nothing but the best. She is definitely a very strong individual and I am positive she is going to land on her feet.

    And I say all of this not only from a selfish standpoint, that being that I want you two here for our personal enjoyment and link to Ranger News. I mean it from a sincere standpoint, because both of you are very classy, stand up individuals, who are to simply put it, good people.

    Thank you for doing what you do,
    All the best in the world,

    Nasty 1

  103. Ha, my post was in two parts. Should have read like this:


    I agree with what you said about another blog announcing something before she did. I don’t think it was done in a mean way, but still, she should have been the one to make the announcement.

    Carp and Jane,

    I have not been on much this summer, but I have been reading and following. This blog is sort of like a nice little family or community. We have regulars, newbies, trolls. We get along, agree, differ, bicker. Just like a nice big dysfunctional family :)

    Carp we are all pulling for you man. I really liked and still do like Sam Weinman, but the blog took a totally different life when you and Jane took over. I really, really hope that you will still be here for the long run.

    I am definitely going to miss Jane, and I hope she hops on every so often to say hi and give us her thoughts on things. She is an awesome person, and I wish her nothing but the best. She is definitely a very strong individual and I am positive she is going to land on her feet.

    And I say all of this not only from a selfish standpoint, that being that I want you two here for our personal enjoyment and link to Ranger News. I mean it from a sincere standpoint, because both of you are very classy, stand up individuals, who are to simply put it, good people.

    Thank you for doing what you do,
    All the best in the world,

    Nasty 1

  104. Two things here. First, Carp, Keep your chin up and keep up the excellent work. No better reason to push on with the mission than those who have been left behind or are no longer with us (you). “de oppresso liber” my friend.

    Second, on a far lighter note, any of you following me or that I am following on twitter, do not be alarmed!!! The avatar of the hot blonde and the “slightly” buzzed looking chubby dude is just my way too awesome wife and yes, me (and yes she lost a bet and had to go out with me..HA freaking HA).

  105. Rick,
    Maybe now you can write another book. You should write a book about Jagr.
    They say that sometimes great opportunities come from great adversity.
    Give it a go.

  106. Thanks for the kind words. I’ll get into it more on Wednesday but I have really loved this blog and Jets Journal. I’m sad to leave, but I think it’s the right time. More later.

    I plan to stay in the business, so follow me at to see what happens next!

  107. You go Jane — good luck in all you do and thanks for your expertise, writing and humor!

    Remember, you can always join up with the boneheads!

  108. wow, thats really sad about Jane, she’s just awesome. I also hope she continues to visit here. Love her insights and commentary. Classy lady! I wish her the best!
    Nasty hit the nail on the head, and I agree with him whole heartedly.

    This really has become my ‘go to’ place for information on the team, and for all the crazy, funny, intelligent people who post here. Never a dull topic, always interesting opinions and personalities.

    We’re all pulling for you Rick! Good thoughts coming your way!

  109. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Jane, I am sorry to hear about you leaving. I just added you to my follow list on twitter. I wish you the best and hope that this becomes a blessing in disguise.

  110. Sorry everyone, I hadn’t seen til after I posted about the departure.

    Best of luck McManus!


  111. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    Holeyyy , whaa huh ..Jane is gone just like that!?? Not cool. Whos in charge over there? If I could say a thing or two ..I would!!

    Gazooo!!?? Yer not going back are youu!!?? First Jane then Carp!??? WTF

    Maybe if you let me be your geust writer I’ll be so bad that they ‘ll see how valuble you are and ya even score a raise!!!!!! I’d do that.

    Sally , you are awsome for drawing something , don’t worry it will be super duper cool eh.

  112. Bad Brains rock.

    Best of luck Jane. Really stinks. Poor Ernie too. He put a lot of effort into his blog.

  113. Good afternoon all from Israel! Just wanted to report some good news. As of 10 minutes ago I have a new baby brother. JUst yesterday docs said we shouldnt expect for at least 2 weeks. :)

  114. Sally

    With your artistic bent you should join the contest to design the wolfpack’s special 3rd jersey….



  115. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    enough with ass kissing already: cats, camera’s, goodbye’s,etc.
    Hockey! Not Hokey!
    where is the hockey news?

  116. That’s an awesome video with Higgins…he’s pretty funny

    About Jane and Ernie leaving, that really sucks. Jane was awesome on this blog, especially during the live Ranger chats.

    Last week on Careerbuilder, I saw about 10 open positions w/ the Journal News

  117. Whoever gets the chance…can we PLEASE discuss everyone’s best idea where the NYR can get a number onr line center!

  118. Between Dubi, Drury, and Artie, someone will be a ok as the #1 center. Nylander wasn’t considered a #1 before he came to NY and he was great.

  119. ..and in case anyone is interested, here’s an article (from a poster from Andrew Gross’s blog) about our former PKing buddy Blair Betts. All the best to him, he was great and will go down as one of the underrated Rangers heroes of all time.

    Interesting how the Oilers are close to being capped out yet it’s always the Rangers who are perceived as the “big money bad guys.”

  120. Jane, So sorry to hear about you leaving.
    Following you on twitter so I can keep up with you and your next venture.

    Hang in there, you rock!


  121. Lev


    onecupin69yearsand counting

    Tough morning? :)

    4everanger and Pux

    Thnx for advise… dpreview is a great website! I will have to get into more research… thnx guys.


    Jane, hate to see you go. Loved your insight and audio clips and willingness to go over to the training center for interviews when hockey isn’t your thing! I’m sure you’ll land on your feet. Will miss you on the live broadcasts. I hope you stop by on the blog now and then. Keep us posted.

    Carp, I work for IBM and I have seen my closest friends forced out. My job is probably going to India one day soon. I feel your pain. It’s a b*tch.

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