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Nothing says that the season is getting closer than previews, and today does its thing with the Rangers. The league’s site has been doing 30 team previews in 30 days, and today’s team is the Rangers. So there is a preview story, and also a feature on John Tortorella looking forward to running his first camp as Rangers coach.

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AFTERNOON UPDATE, 12 NOON: Ryan Callahan was the winner of our last poll, about who should be the Rangers’ alternate captains this season. Brandon Dubinsky was second, Marc Staal third and Marian Gaborik fourth.

We have a new poll up about the No. 1 center position. Vote on the right side of this page.


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  1. I can’t wait for camp,all this guessing is getting out of hand due to boredom. I don’t like cigar puss but he has made a couple good moves but he also has made a boat load of bad ones. I sense another big one comming either before camp opens or early on.

  2. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Soft? very, they have been for years.
    Average D , very average, nobody to be scared of in front of the ranger net.
    Scoring by committee ,there is no leader.
    The has it right, the rangers are the 20 th team out of 30.
    I don’t think they’ll be worse than last year, if they are something is very wrong.

  3. being tough in front of ones net is a thing of the past. The officiating took care of that. Physical D-men are now neutered like defensive backs in football have been for years all in the great name of more offense.

    Murder At Tax Time : Don Murdoch Interview April 15th 1978 + Fotiu vs Schoenfeld !

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  5. “I don’t think one guy in here had a problem with it, or is going to have a problem with it,” Drury told the New York Daily News of Brashear’s signing. “And if anyone does, they can come see me. … He’s one of us now, and he’s going to play just as hard for us as he did against us.”

    Geez, i hate Dreary so much.

  6. johnny lost his walker on

    “And if anyone does they can come see me”

    I can’t think of anything funnier than Chris freakin Drury trying to sound tough.

  7. Yesterday’s trivia made me think that this blog should be renamed the Super Terrific Happy Blog.

  8. Johnny, that’s what made me laugh the most. A newborn babies cries are tougher than his voice. You cant take him serious.

    He needs to stop with the interviews, and pull a Slats. Avoid the media !!! Every time he speaks, he just pisses me off.

  9. At Summer this blog is “Rangers Comedy Central”, starts in Fall – “We Know Drama” for fans and, I’m very afraid, comes April it turns to “Shakespearean Tragedies”, optimisticaly speaking.

  10. One of the good things about Mess being brought into the management fold, is the increased chance that Leetch and Richter will be brought into the organization as well. I would much rather have these 2, with Mess and Graves running the franchise, then $ather and his band of cronies.

    It doesnt bother me, that Mess, Graves, Leetch & Richter (hopefully) wouldnt have much NHL management experience, I know they all bleed NYR blue and that is all that matters now.

    I just hope that $ather hangs it up soon!

  11. more saved by the bell trivia:

    Who did Kelly want to take to the George Michael concert and why ?

    What hotel did the gang stay at in Las Vegas in the wedding episode ?

    What happened to Jessi and Slater on the night of the prom?

    Where did Mrs. Belding have her baby ?

  12. Nice article.
    Anisimov is getting a LOT of love from all over.
    I’d like to see how he does in camp before I anoint him anything.

    i just started using that twitter thing – Hash tags?

  13. i guess i should explain what it is. it is something like sake bomb only with real vodka!

    12 oz Beer
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    Pour cold beer into a large glass, and drop whole shot glass full of vodka into beer. Guzzle as fast as you can, and let out a roar, a REAL man!

  14. rob e

    when you “hashtag” it looks something like this

    ex.- the #NHL in a press conference stated that the #winterclassic this year will be the #bruins vs the #flyers

    and then another great thing to use is hootsuite if you are a serious blogger

    also w/ proper “key word” and hashtag use on your twitter profile it can help drive traffic to your site cause of how well it indexes into google.

  15. Who did Kelly want to take to the George Michael concert and why ?
    What hotel did the gang stay at in Las Vegas in the wedding episode ?
    What happened to Jessi and Slater on the night of the prom?
    Where did Mrs. Belding have her baby ?

    Kelly takes Screech cause he helped her out in science class.

    The gang stayed at the Stardust Hotel in Vegas

    Jessi and Slater got locked in the boiler room in school on Prom Night.

    Mrs. Belding gave birth in an elevator with Zack and that annoying loser Tori during an Earthquake.

    BOOM ! What do i win ?

  16. 4everanger

    ershik! we used to get messed up on this all the time!!

    drinking it on “lestnica v poradnyh” lol

  17. if the SJO fits – Maybe take the name of someone that replaced Sjostrom on that line; I’m thinking Brashear Madness. OR if you don’t like him, Liberty Voros All, Boyle on Your Ass, or Lisin to Torts Or Else.

  18. Sally, that is such a coincidence. I was actually thinking of proposing to allow some of you guys to guest post here next week while I’m on vacation. Pete Abraham does that with his Yankees blog in the offseason. Maybe we can start it next week and do it during whatever other weeks of vacation I might be taking between now and the season.

    My only problem: How to choose who gets to guest post? Any suggestions?

    I’ll get into this more later or tomorrow.

  19. Thanks TR-808
    Great info.
    So clueless, just started it for updates from my site.

    mush obliged for the sites and info.

  20. rick

    base it on who has the most twitter followers…
    i win
    jk jk

    a better example may be whoever has a hockey blog and then have them post. at least they have an interest and desire to write.

    not a problem
    ive seen a 7% increase in visits to my site since i signed up for twitter. its a great free tool if you have the time and patience. there are some great articles by kevin rose and on as well about twitter and getting followers as well.

  21. did i say as well enough?
    heres that kevin rose link

    you may want to change the “pictures” one to find funny or comical hockey news via twitter, post it, and get people to talk about it thru twitter.

    the more real you “seem” on twitter the better.

    if you couldnt tell i love twitter.
    send me your url rob ill follow you now and ill Follow Friday all of you tomorrow.

  22. 7% is quite impressive!
    Thanks so much TR-
    lots of great stuff here, I’ll pore over it later on and implement it going forward.
    Tis all about eyeballs – otherwise the content never gets seen.

    I’m @ twitter/bucketofpucks
    (blog name – as in “I’ll trade you a bucket of pucks for Nik Zherdev”)

  23. interesting to see Player personnel director Gordie Clark saying that AA is basically a lock as 3rd center, that Gilroy may be in the opening night lineup, that Sangs is in the mix for PP point man, and that Grachev will be tough to keep out. he also likes Del Z for the future

  24. Dolan-
    Great Article.

    I’m glad Balsillie bought that up.

    i was thinking the same thing when they started throwing around “moral character’ as a reason he shouldn’t be an owner.
    There are a lot of shady character who are already NHL owners – this is the NHL trying to keep a hockey version of Marc Cuban out of their good old boy ranks.

  25. Torts says he is not afraid of youth, and that only Henrik has a spot sewed up, so we will see if that is true or just an attempt to light a fire under the vets.

  26. its obviously just tough talk. i mean yea, he hypothetically can replace any vets with rookies but it wont happen. maybe lisin and boyle or arnason and voros are on that fine line but cmon, none of these guys that were signed are probably gonna lose their spots. i see anisimov, gilroy, sangs, byers and heikenen as the closest to get spots, and probably 2 of them will make it. maybe 3

  27. which is good. 2 or 3 rookies every year make the team and before ya know it, weve got homegrown team in a few years. kids we will see grow up as rangers. unless slatipuss trades them.

  28. I think that AA makes it for sure. either Gilroy or Sangs, not both, will get one spot on D. and I think that Grachev will get plenty of ice later in the season if injuries open a spot or 2 up front.

  29. if the SJO fits on

    Spiderpig….GREAT ideas for names. Lisin can be used for alot of combos. I’ll figure out something before the first puck drops.

  30. If I say good morning on a thread and then I get “carped” and a new thread activates, do I need to say…..Oh never mind. Good morning/afternoon to everyone and have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to all!!!!


    You should select the guest hosts by distance, those living the fartherest away should get first crack at it. I guess my pay grade wasn’t high enough for the chelios morsel (per last thread).

    I like what drury said, but I agree he does have a very “soft” tone in his voice!!

  31. okkkkk sooooo with the given that Gabs is on the first line and Drury and Kotalik are gunna buddy up this is what i think the lines should be.

    Avery – Vinny – Gabby (you got the small scrapper who i think will have a hell of an offensive year with torts, a supreme passer with some speed and socring ability, and finally someone who can finish a play on the rangers. Plus avery and vinny should be decent body guards for mr. glass)

    Lisin – Drury – Kotalik (Enver with that blazzing speed can get the puck in the zone and either get shots on goal or pass pretty well plus i would love to see two veteran guys like drury and kotalik help this kid along. i have a great feeling about this kid lisin. and maybe kotalik can get drury going as well)

    Higgins – Dubs – Callahan (could easily be the greatest 3rd line in the east…all american…all around the same age…three smash mouth players with scoring ability and some fire in them, plus if they all do real well, i could see them sticking together for a long long time)

    i really dont care about the 4th line along with torts. i wouldnt mind seeing boyle finally meeting the expectations they had for him in LA. ive always been a fan of this kid and it would help our team in so many ways if this kid steps up.

    one last thing…first camp with torts???? these guys are in for a serious overhaul. they were sooooo outta shape last year under renney it was unreal. get out the sweat bands veterans…

  32. 12 steps AA, Maidenform Brashear, Gilroy was here, harry Potter, Sauer kraut, cheeks Redden, Rosi o’donnell, Dubi brothers,

  33. rjam- just switch the 2nd aqn 3rd lines and it looks good. dru is more suited for 3rd line. kotalik too. cally will score more than kotalik i think. dubs will prob have more impact than dru offensively maybe not as well rounded but def a 2nd line center. dru can either be moved to wing on 2nd line and AA can slot in the 3rd spot. who knows, its gonna be good no matter what. i donjt care if brash plays opposite gabby as long as we score and win alot. i wanna see us leading in games and not clawing from behind all the time. last year we playede very good 3rd periods. we should be able to have a constant attack so we dont have to hold back or feel the oppenent out anymore. 3 fast paced attacking periods with torts yellin and bitching the whole way
    wicky- me too. i love the name slatipuss. hes a cigar chompin platypuss!!

  34. i just wanna take this oppurtunity to thank the slatipuss maximus for doin a spot on, bang on , kick ass job this summer. just sign dubs and call it a day. get staalsy signed mid year and trade wade the blade and then we can have a parade!!

  35. nanoon- sure pal. we know. its gonna be ok buddy. ur just suffering from ranger mid offseason crisis. everybody come on now, duby will center first line right guys? guys?? cmon hes gonna lose it!!!! noonan, u stay right there. dont jump!! noonan!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! damnit, we lost him guys

  36. ok since we are doing lines here are mine. feel free to yell and such, lol

    gabby – prospal – higgins
    drury – dubinsky – kotalik
    avery – anisimov – callahan
    brash – byers – lisin

    lisin gets rotated when someone else on the top 3 stinks (like sjostrom).

  37. No Country For Old Rangers on

    great post Rjam. i love the line combos and I love “mr. glass”

    so Sather is done? Sign Dubi and lets play hockey?

  38. Carp – I started a blog recently and have posted a couple times about hockey, so I would love to guest host the Boneheads blog.

    TR-808 – What’s your Twitter name, and are you interesting to follow? Mine is bmitchelf if anybody cares, but I only post a couple times per day.

    I think Prospal said something about not playing center, that he will most likely be used on the wing.

  39. Also, people need to join the blog fantasy football league before Sunday’s draft time! On Yahoo, league ID 453917, password carp


  40. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    ALASKA!!!!????? Alaska??? Gazoooooooooooooooo!!! Yohoooo Gazoooo where are youu?? Tell these guys where I live , tell ’em how Green it is and how populated we are here. Alaska???? I’m not even American!!!

  41. And Senator’s owner Eugene Melnyk has released a statement ripping Jim Balsillie for his latest filing that suggest many NHL owner, including Melnyk, have questionable actions in their background (as a rebuttal to the NHL claiming Balsillie lacks the “moral character” to be an NHL owner).

    Melnyk apparrently ends the statement with this gem:

    “You should look around at the friends you are losing and the damage you are causing to yourself, the NHL and all Canadians.”

  42. another day and yet dubi is still not signed. how hard is it for 2 men to agree on a contract.

    when does training camp open.

    i cant take any more seinfield chat. love save by the bell

  43. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    The Winnepeg Jets sucked so they turned into the Phoenix Coyotes and then they sucked even more. Franchises changing countries doesn’t always bring sucess. Places like Atlanta(us) lost thier franchise to Calgary(can) and it was a rough ride for the Flames there too. Eventually beating a Edmonton team and winning thier first cup.
    Quebec got sold to Colorado and instant success was achieved. Thing is Quebec was stacked and where on an up incline when Colorado purchaced them, Talk about buying a loaded franchise!!!
    Kansas City went to NJ eventually and lost all the time.A young Wayne Gretzky played against the Devils and was so discusted in the team , he called them a Mickey Mouse Operation!! My how times of Changed with Brouder leading the franchise to contender every F**king year!!!
    Basilly is using “dirty tatics” to get what he wants . To bring the Coyotes to another french driven Canadian market is what ALL canada wants to do. I say cut the head off the monster and pull the plug on the whole franchise and throw it in the Garbage. If ya wanna expand…make plans in 4 years to expand to 4 more teams , 3 in Canada and 1 more in the New York Area ….Hahahahahahaa Then we’ll see a real battle of New York. Our New York Competition is weak ,Azzlanders will alway suck even with Tavirus!!NJ and Buff …SUCK!!!!! Ranger rule NY …plant the flag on long isle!!!!

  44. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    To have to wear an Azzlander ,Devils or Buffalo jersey to a hockey game is like…. wearing a pink leotard at a Heavy Metal bash. It’s down right wrong!!!

    Tavirus..yeah I said it .

  45. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    yessss you wereeeee!! AND STAY OUTTA MY DREAMS!!! I finnaly got some shut eye while you were gone …sweet.

  46. I think Dubi will be fine with Gaborik and Prospal. Avery’s not a first line player. Plus Prospal is good at passing and Dubi can cycle for Gabby.

    That 3rd line of Avery-Anisimov-Cally is interesting because both wingers have played with Artie before; Cally had a lot of success with him and Byers in Hartford when he got sent back there to find his game two years ago and you have a great passer who will set up Cally who shoots first and asks questions later.

  47. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    MikeA , that line would also give the Rangers a quality 3rd line…helping Artie ajust at the same time ..nice , I like it.

  48. I like prospal with gaborik but i think the top 3 centers should be dubi drury and anisimov, prospal can play wing and i think thats where we should use him

    prospal – dubi – gaborik
    higgins – anisimov – callahan
    avery – drury – kotalik
    lisin – boyle – brashear

    For the 2 middle lines call whichever one you would like to call the 2nd line and the 3rd line, they will probably get similar time either way
    originally i liked avery – dubi – gaborik but i think with prospals playmaking ability he should be with gaborik to start off and i think dubi can benefit from playing between these two
    The next line you have a grinder/scorer in cally, a playmaker in AA, and a scorer in higgins
    I agree wit TR 808 about Lisin getting slotted in when somebody is slacking, but for right now I would have to label him the 10th forward
    Lot of different ways the lines can go, just my take on it

  49. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    Rob M , I like those lines. I sure hope AA can cut it on the 2nd line? Him being a rookie and all.

    7-8 I better not stay up late!!!

  50. Two questions for everyone:

    1. Does Lisin kill penalties? He has speed and that would get him some more ice time. And remember, he’s played in over 50 NHL games so he’s subject to waivers.

    2. Is Artie playing at Traverse City? I know its more for rookies but I remember Dubi played there his second pro season.

    Definite PK: Dubi, Cally, Drury, Higgins
    Probably PK: Gaborik
    Has PK’d in Hartford and good at it: Anisimov, Byers, Owens
    Do these guys PK?: Lisin, Prospal

  51. No Country For Old Rangers on


    feel free to branch out tell some friends about the Fantasy League, we might not get up to 10 managers from the blog alone

  52. I think Torts will do A LOT of line juggling, especially since we dont have a definite #1 Center and have a couple of guys who can play Center and Wing, etc.

    My lines:

    Prospal – Dubi – Gaborik (Dubi and Prospal could swap #1 Center sometimes)

    Higgins – Drury – Kotalik

    Avery – AA – Callahan

    Brashear/Voros – Boyle/Arnason – Lisin

    PK: Drury/Callahan and Dubi/Higgins

  53. That’s right greg is from sask., I knew that!!!! All of the timmy’s references I used to throw out there, he always knew them!


  55. Redden | Brashear | Drury

    Higgins | Dubinsky | Kool-aid Man

    Avery | Plaxico | Madoff

    Gretzky | AA | Favre 13th forward: Hamburgler

  56. if we dont go into the season looking like that im selling my partial ownership of the rangers to Mark Cuban

  57. Somerset-
    LOVE those lines.
    Almost exactly as I was thinking, except maybe gabby on PK with Drury. but when I read yours, I think I like Higgins there better – let’s keep Gaborik on the ice as needed: Even strength and the PP. no need to put him on PK.

  58. guys- check out and watch the voros clip talkin about gabby. at the end he says, playin in ny will be much easier for gabby because you can blend in easy and not be under the microscope like in minny!! wtf is he talkin about?? yea, playin in ny is easy. no mpressure right crisco??

  59. Ok, fine…Because no one else seems to care about defence on this blog, let me help

    1st pair


    2nd pair

    ulfie/vlad konstantinov

    3rd pair

    reagan/teddy roosevelt (sp?)

    7th and 8th D

    a 100 gallon tub of grey goose martinis/13 cases of kokanee beer.

  60. i was gonna have favre quarterback the powerplay but i decided he was more suited to play the fourth line where he will stay off the ice.

  61. Aww man dude, leave poor Vlad Konstantinov alone. Guy was a great player and it was a shame what happened to him.

    Mike-I get what Voros was saying in that Gabby will be able to go to a deli or restaurant and not worry about people mobbing him more often than not. Minny despite having four sports is a lot smaller.

    Let’s sign the Grimmace as our physical dman.

  62. Mike A

    Vlad is one of my all time favorite d men (along with ulfie) so I meant nothing but respect by including him and yes a huge tragedy indeed!

  63. bull dog line on

    what is the infatuation with Owens.He is going to get as close to the NHL as I am.
    Lisin will not play 4th line,top 3, or not at all.

  64. Bobby Sanguinetti isn’t getting a lot of press this busy offseason, but the D-man—the 21st pick in the 2006 draft—has a shot at making the club out of camp. Upper Deck, the card and memorabilia company, rates him highly enough to be one of 14 Top NHL Prospects to be including in an Ontario photo shoot next Wednesday in Ontario, along with John Tavares……lker-1.1383300

  65. Where's Pavelich? on

    Wicky -nice work getting Kokanee on D – that is the best cheap beer EVER!!!!

    Owens is like Gernander, perfect Captain for Hartford, but not enough skil for the NHL (hope to be wrong)

    .. did someone earlier say Propspal will provide “protection” for Gaborik??? huh???

  66. maybe infatuation is to strong of a word, but i have read Owens’s name more than a few times. It is not as bad as the Betts infatuation here, thats for sure.

  67. Hope Vladdy K is doing well Carp. That limo crash was really sad. It was really classy how they brought him out the next year and gave him the Cup.

    Bulldog and Pavelich-I’m an Owens fan. His AHL stats are a lot like Sjostrom. Sjo’s best year in the AHL was 14-24-38 in 04-05.

    Owens last year was 12-25-37. He’s a Sjo clone and is more physical. He’s great on the PK. Is he gonna make the Rangers this year? Most likely not, but I believe in him,and that he’ll improve even more and Torts will love his speed.

    He wouldn’t be the first free agent to make the jump (Orts and Girardi come to mind).

  68. Any season ticket holder on here that is feeling nice, do you mind emailing me at when you get a free moment? I have some questions regarding season subscriptions.



  69. Where's Pavelich? on

    MikeA – I am rooting for the kid (Owens) …maybe the reports I read were biased b/c he was a FA

    Giradi’s fine .. I feel he has a lot of upside on D, esp offensively… I just wish he weighed 220lbs! Hopefully Torts wil get the most out of him..

  70. Olga Folkyerself on

    12 oz Beer
    1 oz Vodka

    Pour cold beer into a large glass, and drop whole shot glass full of vodka into beer. Guzzle as fast as you can

    Back in the 60’s it was called a Depth Charge- If you had enough of them you would even make an explosion noise as you dropped the shot glass in the beer.

  71. Olga Folkyerself

    You’ve had that last name since the 60’s??
    Why don’t you tell us more about yourself. You seem like a pretty *hip* lady (or so you want us to believe :P )

    and yea, that drink is mad hardcore… world class headache afterwards tho!

  72. Olga Folkyerself on

    Well, don’t let the name fool you. Actually, I just use the joke name because I had a laughing fit the first time someone used it on me. I have some other favorites that come in handy when people want me to sign petitions or something. Like Elmer Sklue, Amanda B. Reckonwith, Beau Linball, Carlo Despics… It’s been a pretty boring summer, as far as hockey goes so I’m just trying to keep myself amused until training camp opens.

    I’ve been a Rangers fan since 1973 or so. Actually I liked most of the Original Six teams, except Montreal. I lived up near there in the early 70’s and developed a healthy distaste for them. I also hate Sather and Dolan and what they’ve done to my team. I don’t expect the Rangers to ever win a Cup as long as either of them are involved with the franchise. I’m not too keen on seeing Messier back either, I was hoping for someone that knew what they were doing to be the next GM. Now I live in Western NY so I end up seeing the Rangers sometimes when they play in Buffalo.

    Now you tell me what you know… :)

  73. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    Yeah , Wicky I usually go out and grab a Tims and sit down , puff and type a few Barbs on the pc.

    Was perty funny how Sally made fun of ya Mike!! She did It perty good too!! Yeah Grabchev I do like the way ya defend Dubinsky now and say he can be a Number #1 center. You turn the corner on him a bit and it is great to see.

    Carp , I know the Mouth is a good choice but some day I want it to be me. Yeah , I can see it now…

    Love the line of Ruuttu TooToo and Cheechoo ( say that a few times quik.)

  74. Good morning to everybody and especially uncle Rick and aunt Jane..

    Right now I am watching game 7 Rangers-Caps from last season..It is just unbelievabe. Rangers had two point blank shots by Avery and Antropov and had 8-2 shots after first period..Antropov scored to make it 1-0..

    Semin´s equalizer was ridicolous..double deflected in by Callahan..His original shot would have gone way wide …

    bääh. let the next season begin :)

  75. sally was makin fun of my bad typing skills. my feelings werent hurt. greg,it was a sarcastic post by me. also. i like dubinsky, and you know that i think he has done well with jags and is most likely good enough to play with gabby on the top line. what i also think is that if you had no gabby on the team, duby would slide to 2nd spot with dru centering cally and higgins on top line. gabby is a star so it balances out a little. this season should be dubys breakout year. playin with gabby should help his stats go up from last year even if he doesnt light it up. hes still a good player. just because he had that long scoreless streak really hurt his value for a contract extension. if he comes out with anything less than 18-20 goals i’ll be surprised and kinda sad. im hopin he gets what cally got around 22 or even 25. he has the skill to get that.

  76. koala- i was diggin through vhs tapes last night and found the march 8th game at home vs bruins. the one where antro scored his 1st as a ranger, and gomez, cally scored and in the 3rd tied at 3 with 6 minutes left nikky z got the go ahead goal to win. very good game even if it was nbc. mcguire really is annoying. he rags on milbury all game long!! i dont like milbury but if i was him id beat his little bald head in! it was annoying to hear emrick and his” ohh he got a forarm shiver” or whatever that is. waffleboarded away!! 100 seconds left in the game!! all his quirky but that was one of torts first games and it was the one right after the 6-1 win on the avs. the team looked damn good and controlled the flow for most of the game. zherdev was hustlin, everybody played good except redden. and rozy. redden hadnt started playin better till almost the playoffs. it was fun to watch though. makes me miss antro though. guy scored 7 or 8 plus 2 more in playoffs when he got here. he thrived in torts system. for 4 mill we coldve kept him and not got kotalik and waived voros. o well. heres to hopin kotalik scores 20 on the pp

  77. im still very excited for the new season. we wont have naslund(24g),zherdev(23g),antro(28g),gomer(16g lolol), betts(5g)shoe(8-9g??) orr(-1g) korpi(6g), mara(5g), morris(5g) and replaced with gabby(40-45g??), higgins(22-25g), prospal(20-22g), kotalik(18-20g), lisin(15-18g?) brash(5-7g) boyle(10-12g), arnason( 7-10g if he plays), byers(5-6g if he plays enough), anisimov( 10-15g), gilroy(5-7g?) sangs(5-7g)

    so we more than made up for the goal production and who knows some guys may exceed and some will inevitably not live up to expectations but overall i think we got bmore offense and more speed. gonna be fun. k ointo work see ya boneheads later!

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