Bert’s gone (updated)


You all probably saw yesterday that Detroit signed Todd Bertuzzi for one year. I know some of you guys wanted the Rangers to sign him, others wanted no part of him. He’ll probably do great in Detroit with all that talent around him. Don’t know if he would have fit nearly as well with the Rangers.

Got some important biz to take care of today, so I may not be back here until tomorrow. If something happens, I know you Boneheads will post it up in the comments.

Until later, here’s a few Seinfeld Trivia questions (you asked for it, Staal):

1) Name the the three Japanese businessmen who slept in Kramer’s chest of drawers.

2) Name the three men from the Cuban embassy who played golf with Kramer, in exchange for cigars.

3) Who is Yev Kessem?



Thanks to Rob E for pointing out this story on Vinny Prospal and John Tortorella.


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  1. Good morning laurel, carp, grabachev, and the rest. Have a fabulous crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to all.


    Great work, we love the pics. Thanks!!!!!

    Anyone else think with chelios at the USA camp and torts there as well, that he might be doing some schmoozing (not saying I agree with signing him if we hypothetically did, but I wonder if it is happening)?

  2. I don’t know if they know about it or not, but yup that’s my “art.” I’ve been having a blast working on it so far… it’s making the off-season more bearable!

    Wrap Around Curl is letting me draw something for her blog while she’s away, which is a huge honor. Should be up later today!

  3. Good morning my big dysfunctional Rangers family!

    Rick Babcock, Laurel Carpiniello, Pavel Grabachev, Mike Wart in “LA”, Sally Staal, Nasty Greg, Wicky 808, TR-1, Salty Old Rangers, No Country for ORR, Kaspar Thomson 26… sorry if I forgot anyone

  4. Laurel Babcock on

    Good morning Staal and all…..

    Wicky, glad you liked the post.

    While Carp is gone today I shall be minding the store….hear that Orr! :)

  5. Laurel Babcock on

    Sally, I LOVE your site! Definitely have to bookmark it…..and I’m going to post Gomez :)

  6. Morning all.
    Great drawings sally.
    E for Elbowing F for fans was my fave.
    You got the makings of a kids hockey spelling primer right there.

    Here’s a quick read, blog post in St. Pete Times, Torts talking about Prospal having something to prove thanks to Lightning buying Vinnie P out :

  7. No Sally, Chinese people did! I just distribute them. That’s why it looks like i have no life, spending all day on the blog! One man show over here!

    So yes, that is my site Carp.

  8. I know Yev Kessem is “The Soup Nazi” — not sure on the other 2 questions.

    Does anybody think the hold up with the Dubinsky and rumored Bouillon contracts has to do with the Rangers currently having 48 players under contract of the 50 allowable contracts (Dubinsky, Bouillon, and Ryan Mcdonaugh not counted in the 48)

    Right now we just own the rights to McDonaugh, So there is NO WAY he makes the Ranger or Pack this season unless he has an incredible camp and the Rangers sign him officially. Which would put us at 49 contracts, still not including Dubi or Bouillon

  9. oh my god cccp you have a batter site?
    im not even kidding i need a friggen battery for my business alarm its been “dying” for a year so friggen annoying!!!

    oh and good morning all!

  10. TR-808

    yes, website i have in my name of batteries you click must! Or some crap like that!

    Staal… this is offseason love…just wait, when the puck drops the gloves will go off!!

  11. Mr. Oh was one of the Japanese businessmen. Played by the same actor who is better known for his role as Long Duck Dong in the 80’s hit Sixteen Candles.

    I have no idea what the other 2 names were.

  12. i cant believe people didn’t like the names combos I did!!

    Well, ill repost it again!! (i am looking for all sorts of attention today!)

    Rick Babcock, Laurel Carpiniello, Pavel Grabachev, Mike Wart in “LA”, Sally Staal, Nasty Greg, Wicky 808, TR-1, Salty Old Rangers, No Country for ORR, Kaspar Thomson 26… sorry if I forgot anyone.

  13. Jacobs+Bradshaw= Win on

    meh, Bertuzzi is no great loss, considering we now have 10 potential top 9 forwards under contract. If Boullion signs elsewhere I may be a bit dissapointed

  14. Love the concept…Big, physical power forward to the Rangers top 6. Definately sounds good…but the player involved does not! Glad he is elsewhere. At this point of his career gotta wonder what’s more important to the big guy. Getting his buzz on before 1pm, or finishing his career on a good note. You know…showing up on a nightly basis.

  15. Mr. Tanaka and Mr. Yamaguchi were the other two chinese buisnessmen, i’m blanking on the cubans though, keep thinking of the dominicans he got by mistake. The 09/10 Rangers will be great with Betts and Dubinsky but awful without them.

  16. stall i got a question for u

    i slept funny last night and i woke up and now my neck hurts. any ways to fix this?

    thanks and ill send u a check for ur time

  17. Good to know that you think of me as a figure of authority! The Colonel! Or simply, Mr.T (my real name starts with T)

  18. Anyone hear anything new on Bouillion? It went from talking about him everyday for a week to nothing!! They really need to get a depth defensemen with some grit!!

  19. No Country For Old Rangers on

    i’m pretty sure there was a mr. yamaguchi or maybe a mr. takana?

    the cuban’s names i cant remember but they were all #1 dads

  20. I far prefer Prospal at $1.1M than Bertuzzi @ $1.5M
    Bert’s never been the same player since the Moore hit plus he had more knee surgery in March.

    I thought the Wings might make a lowball signing of Zherdev – he’d learn responsibility in that locker room for sure. Too big a project even for the Wings.

  21. Laurel Babcock on

    Colonel, I just saw the name combos….funny, but I have a relative named Rick who I don’t like, so can we change Carp’s please?

  22. The three business men sleeping in Kramer’s chest of drawers were:
    Mr. Yamaguchi

  23. Yelle just signed for 550K, Yelle is better than Betts. Betts is so damn overrated. Good luck getting that 1.5 mil, Blair

  24. Torts from NYT article-“No one’s locked into any positions — people are going to earn their time, they’re always going to have to earn their time. Even if they get some, if they don’t keep on going they may get moved around a little bit. I think that makes it into more of a hard-type situation. This is a hard game. I just think we’re soft mentally, and I think we have to grow in that area.”

    For the 1st time this summer, I’m gettin pumped for hockey!

    CCCP repost- Like a comic who bombs with a joke, then re tells it cause no one got it. Funny.

    Staal Wart- After a really bad “bad back” episode (pinched nerve) this past winter, I finally went to a chiropractor after dealing with it for 26 years. I went for a month and when he told me we were doing “preventive” procedures, I stopped going. If my back kills me again, I’ll go back.

  25. Yev Kessem = Soup Nazi

    One of the Cubans (Dominicans) is Guillermo…or something like that. Kramer says his name as they are rolling the crepes.

  26. Laurel Babcock on

    Bugs, I’ll have to give that some thought….Saved by the Bell? Oh, you goofy kids….I’d rather do Odd Couple.

  27. Do you remember when you were a kid, playing Nintendo and it wouldn’t work? You take the cartridge out, blow in it and that would magically fix the problem. Every kid in America did that, but how did we all know how to fix the problem? There was no internet or message boards or FAQ’s. We just figured it out. Today’s kids are soft.

  28. Laurel Babcock on

    Sally, Gomez is up the Report’s sister blog :) Everyone go visit!

  29. Saved by the Bell quiz:

    In the Christmas episode where Zack fell for a homeless girl named Laura, what is the whole name of the store she worked at?

    In the episode where Jessie was hooked on caffeine pills, what class was she trying to study for?

    In the episode where Zack hurt his knee, what was the line that both Lisa and her mom liked to say?

    These are some easy ones…

  30. 1. Mr. Moody’s Store for Men – Moody thinks Laura steals the sportcoat that Kelly buys for Laura’s father…I hate how they would always allude to characters becoming a part of the show, or moving to town, and then never hear from them again.
    2. I want to say math…I’m so excited and I just can’t fight it…
    3. Am I a ten, or what? Shoot for your hopes and dreams…costs ’em the game…damnit Belding.

  31. (THE REAL) MikeyNJ on

    Anybody else think Betts goes unsigned inot the season??

    Renney has a man crush on him, but the oilers aint got no cash

    Torts has no use for him so he’s nto coming back to the Rangers

    Kind of funny to think Shoey and Orr both got contracts before Betts did.

    I’m pretty sure there’s at least ONE team in the NHL that needs a quality Penalty Killer who scores 2-5 goals a year

    Watch him go the the Fishsticks right before camp or the Lemaire-Devils

  32. At the end of the christmas/laura episode, how does Zack define a poor person in his neighborhood?

  33. What’s the name of the episode where Screech does a sex tape?

    What’s the name of the episode where Jessie goes to Vegas to be a show girl?

    I’m done.

  34. Laurel, Gomez says thanks!

    Okay, Full House trivia:

    When Comet runs away, what is is that he’s chasing?
    What sport does Uncle Joey play?

  35. u guys are funny…

    arent you supposed to answer previous questions first and then ask more questions? lol

    unless i am totally missing the concept of trivia

  36. CCCP it’s way more fun this way. Were those black and white cats on Laurel’s blog yours?

    Arrested Development trivia anyone?

    What is the name of the Bluth’s boat?

  37. comet chases the hot dog car, and eventually meets another dog, unless i have the 2 episodes mixed up.

    joey plays hockey.

  38. 22Figure8,
    haha…it will come back…you just have to find a chiropractor who does affordable maintenence…like me…lol

    Carp, some tough trivia today.
    Going to break out the episodes to brush up.

  39. my turn,

    When DJ asks her dad, Jesse and Joey to play in a 3 on 3 basketball charity game, who is the ref of the game?

    What state is Rebecca from?

  40. Sally

    no, those cats are not mine… both of those pics were sent to me by my sister… if you would’ve read the story… ahem lol

    my only cat (so far) is Shibby… he equals cool! :P

  41. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!

    And do you mean Aunt Becky? I wanna say Idaho, but I’m not sure. It’s something like Idaho.

    Where does Michelle’s friend, Teddy, move to? And why do I remember that?

    What’s Uncle Joey’s woodchuck’s catch phrase?

  42. she’s actually from nebraska.

    teddy moves to amarillo, texas

    woodchuck says is _____ made of wood?

    who became michelles bestfriend after teddy moved?
    where did danny propose to vicky?

  43. What is the name of the Bluth’s boat?


    lol sally… i meant those two pictures were sent to me by my sis! Pardon the misunderstanding!

  44. This is fun!

    Okay, at the opening of the Smash Club, what is the name of the old lady band that performs and what song do they sing?

  45. Saved by the Bell quiz:

    In the Christmas episode where Zack fell for a homeless girl named Laura, what is the whole name of the store she worked at? i have the name in my head, and im picturing them giving the shout outs during the play (scrooge) and i can not friggin figure it out….ummmmmm damm it i give up

    In the episode where Jessie was hooked on caffeine pills, what class was she trying to study for? Geometry

    In the episode where Zack hurt his knee, what was the line that both Lisa and her mom liked to say? “break a leg”

    These are some easy ones…

    and whoever mentioned the nintendo game cartridges beign blown into, that was an awesome throwback moment lol

  46. This is fun!

    Okay, at the opening of the Smash Club, what is the name of the old lady band that performs and what song do they sing?

    R-E-M “Whip it good”

  47. whats the name of the band they form in saved by the bell? what song do they sing that everyone loves?
    what is screech’s one and only girlfriend in the show’s full name??
    what is the name of screech’s robot?

  48. Bertuzzi and Brashear together? Imagine Bertuzzi losing his game and they have to play on the same line.

  49. Sally – kudos on the site – *and* the Fiestaware! (I design dinnerware for a living ;)

    What a fun site.

  50. Hollweg Sucks on

    Pick you favorite fantasy team name:

    Everybody Loves Redden
    Kanes 20 Cents
    Lube Up My Visnovsky
    Renney Set Go
    Find A Bridge Antropov
    Callahan Brake Pads
    Nice Demitra

  51. Laurel Babcock on

    CCCP, Sally, I shall go back and make the kitties’ ownership is clear to avoid further world confusion.

  52. Laurel Babcock on

    TR – oh. my. god……a new bookmark for me. he is laugh out loud hysterical! Shame on me for not knowing about it….I wanna be the number 7 cat site on the web!!

  53. ZzZz Greg L. ZzZz on

    1-2 he gonna be comming for you…and he’ll never stop cuz he owns a battery site!!!!!! Like the enegizer bunny , he keeps going and going and going…

    ummm sorry Sally , im the only ZzZz here , no stealsies!!

  54. PJ, Good job on the Seinfeld trivia … the only one who got the three Japanese businessmen. A few got Yev Kessem (Soup Nazi). Nobody has the three Cuban embassadors yet.

    I’m not going near any of that thread of “other” show trivia.

  55. bring back betts screw this kid boyle. truly thinke betts will be missed.

    slow day i see with all the trivia happening.

    save by the bell BEST SHOW

  56. ZzZz Greg L. ZzZz on

    Well Sally , these are all the ZZZZZ’s I ever use…my name is butched because of my bad player choice and I am now limbo :(

  57. ZzZz Greg L. ZzZz on

    I can’t even give Laurel a pic of my Black Manx kitty anymore cuz she’s 11 months old now and huge!!! Spoooks used to be small and cute.

  58. LEV

    I just watched it the other day too. Cant get enough Mila Kunis. She’s such a babe.

    I just seen District 9. Really awesome, i wonder if they’re making a District 10. Would be interesting. Highly recommend this flick to anyone who has yet to see it.

    Got to see the trailer of Jennifers Body before the D-9 started, got me in a great mood. Got my popcorn, got my brisk, got my Fox !

  59. Laurel Babcock on

    Greg…I ZZZZZZZ at that awful excuse…..send me pictures!!!

    heading out all….have a lovely d man whatever the rest is evening…..

  60. eric- boyle is gonna be good!! watch. hes a big dude and hes gonna plant himself infront and deflect goals in. watch. plus, he is awesome in nhl 09. he hits hard and is fast for a big guy. i got 3 goals already and its only 5 games into my dynasty. hes on the 4th line so he only gets 3-4 minutes a game and has 3 goals!! lol ok its x box but still man! hes gonna be good. big guy, fast, crease crasher!!

  61. Good afternoon to everybody who doesn’t wish me a good morning! It’s just as well, since I haven’t woken up before noon too often during the summer. 9:10 a.m. classes start next week!

    TR-808 – I watch SportsNation sometimes during the commercials of the ESPN shows; will be watching the whole second half since it is on late today. Also at midnight eastern.

    Hollweg Sucks – I like Find a Bridge Antropov and Nice Demitra, but I think some dumb people might find the first one offensive or just not get it.

    Valiquette answers questions for a minute:

  62. saved by the bell will never get old…i still watch it today…i only have 2 loves in my life, the rangers and kelly kapowski…(wow im such a loser)…ok got some new questions

    What was the original title of the television series (saved by the bell?

    What “Saved By The Bell” star was once on the daytime soap opera “Days of Our Lives” during the 1990s?

    Who plays Stacey Carosi in the summer episodes?

  63. Does anyone know how a buyout works in the NHL? Do the players get any $ remaining on their contract?

  64. ZzZz Greg L. ZzZz on

    Thanks for the link Sally , i’ll check it out right now. Btw nice cartoon art ,is it free hand or do ya use a tablet?

  65. Nutz…the show was always saved by the bell. You are referring to Good Morning Miss Bliss, a Disney show, which NBC decided to take some of the cast from when developing their show. NBC then aired episodes of said show under the moniker of saved by the bell, even though it did not fit with the timeline (school was in michigan too)

    As for your other questions
    Lea Remini and Lark Voorhes was on daytime soaps

  66. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    Carp , Sorry I can’t / didn’t compete in the seinfeld triva because I just don’t/didn’t watch it .I am kinda selective in my tv viewing and hes a list of alot of stuff , I just dont/never ever bother to watch:

    All soap opera’s -just the one with Bert Campbell.
    hogan heroes
    The news -just sports
    programs about war/army
    Corner gas

  67. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    CCCP, from where I’m standing, that’s a physical impossibilty.

  68. Sally, you’re making me jealous now that you say good morning and good evening to the others.

    True Green, it works like this: The player gets 2/3 of the remaining money spread over twice the length of the contract (I’m pretty sure, right guys?). So if a player, for simplicity sake, has three years and $9 million left, he gets $6 million spread over six years. And that’s the cap hit. Right guys? It was different when I was on the beat, but that’s how I remember Holik’s buyout being.

  69. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    Don’t beat me up Rick/Gazoo/Carp , she never ever said it to me so i’m innocent!!!! Ive been up for 67 hours , Im trying to stay awake so Freddy doesn’t get me :|

  70. Grabachev,

    fill me in bro, what did I miss today??? Internet problems here in siberia (no offence cccp).

    Can we do “coupling” trivia here??? Wait, has anyone here ever watched “coupling”???

  71. There are these things called intangibles in sports, and Betts has them, Faceoff wins, blocked shots, killing penalties. Everyone on this board thinks every Ranger foreward to score 30-40 goals, you are morons and live in a fantasy world. Besides Callahan, Dubinsky and Higgins this team is full of heartless players. Brashear fights like a bitch, Orr fights with heart. Blair Betts never takes a shift off any team will be lucky to have him. Im always hoping the Rangers will bring me joy and make it deep in the playoffs. But i cant wait to see this board mid season when the Kotaliks, Prosprals, and Gaboriks let you down. And the main Cuban national Kramer gets cigars from is named Luis

  72. Grabachev

    Guess I shouldn’t be lazy and just read all the posts myself…….we didn’t sign a physical d man today did we?!?!?!?!

  73. my internets kinda wacky wicky. im lucky if i can post and not get booted off. idk whats wrong. anyway, u missed me, and the rest of boneheads have tv show trivia and other nonsense. btw, if ya bored watch the show operation repo on trutv or court tv. funny ass show!!

  74. wicky- we didnt no, but like i said, if i quit smokin, and you feel froggy, lets go down to training camp and run out on the ice and just start hittin people. i’ll go for redden, you go for voros. ohh, no touchin gabby!!! dont even skate within 5 feet of him. we dont want the breeze to knock him into the boards and through the plexiglass into another dimension

  75. Grabachev

    nothing worse than a wacky wicky internet!! Never seen the show, but heard it was funny!!!

  76. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    Kyle said:”Everyone on this board thinks every Ranger foreward to score 30-40 goals, you are morons and live in a fantasy world.”

    Everyone includes me you idiot. Not too many Rangers make it to 30-40 goals around here..what team you watching?

    Staal has Heart..forgot him? Ever watch Gaborik play ?

    Brashear is a better goon then orr , heart or no heart.

    Prospel cost us peanuts , who cares if he flounders?

  77. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    Hate to rain on yer parade Grabachev but you have to stop doing this :
    “ohh, no touchin gabby!!! dont even skate within 5 feet of him. we dont want the breeze to knock him into the boards and through the plexiglass into another dimension”

    #1 You will jinx Gaborik
    #2 Jinx us
    #3 act like every other non ranger fan and news media
    #4 Your diss’n our top talent
    #5 Not giving Gaborik a clean slate

  78. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    I had this talk with The Mouth earlier this month so no offense Mike.

  79. Grabachev

    Deal, but quite frankly I’m going straight for rozy (if you are taking redden), then I’m going to warren77 in my equiptment for a very dry grey goose martini!!!!

  80. kyle- nobody knows whats gonna happen this season. i dont expect everybody to score 30-40 goals. betts, as good as he was at his role on the team, isnt in torts plans. he doesnt see him having a role on the team. idk y i think he could help us alot, but obviously torts doesnt. boyle, arnason, all those guys could very well be in hartfords and owens or parenteau, byers, weisse all could make the team. orr sucked except fighting. brash can fight and is more of a factor when it comes to his role on the team.

  81. Carp

    Just a hunch by me, is that hint above my pay grade or can you share!!!

    Wooo Hoooo, just sent out my 50th tweet!!!!

  82. please dont make a big deal out of my twitter.
    i try to stay low key here

    i think mike in ia has my email address along w/ eric the ticket guy and carp.


  83. another reason im always shocked no one comes to warren 77. its the perfect time to meet anyone. beer, food and sports.

  84. No Country For Old Rangers on


    you need to start inventing hockey news for our benefit. to hell with journalistic integrity

  85. No Country For Old Rangers on

    for example a fake “dubinsky signs with islanders” or “glen sather to undergo NHL mandated gender test” or something would be great

  86. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    I don’t talk to the dead , well …maybe my last date.

  87. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    Pssssssst CCCP is gone , lets talk about him!!!

  88. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    OMG The Islanders took Redden off our hands!!!

  89. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    Scott Gomez told reporters that he went from the Stove to the microwave!!!

  90. I’ll always like Nicky Z; nothing personal against him. He was a kid who was rushed in a small town where no one spoke his native tongue and he was expected to lead his team to glory. It messed up his development and he’s still a kid. I hope he matures one day.

    The Rangers have plenty of heart. Dubi/Cally/Avery/Higgins/Staal/Girardi all play their derrieres off. Gaborik’s game against the Rangers last year was full of emotion. And Prospal is hopefully gonna play this year pissed off at being embarrassed by the buyout like Torts said.

    Even the prospects have a lot of heart; Gilroy’s story of being a walk on is full of heart, Anisimov has said he’s gonna fight and claw his way onto the team, Weisse plays with heart, and Byers never takes a shift off.

    If everyone plays to at least what they did last year of the top 9, Rozi and Redden improve slightly, and they can get some offense from Artie and Lisin, this team will improve in goals by at least 20.

  91. ZzZz 11 ZzZz "Don't mess with Mess!!! " says...Greg L. on

    GoodMorning Carp and Sally ,mike,mikeA,MikeB,wicky,maybe cccp,Laurel ,TR,no county and the rest of you knuckleheads!

  92. Eklund Generator:

    “According to sources within the Washington Capitals organisation, the New York Rangers are willing to part with RW Nikolai Zherdev and D Wade Redden to obtain the services of D Tom Poti. Remember, you heard it here first!”

    Would you have done it?

  93. kaspars been gone way too long. maybe hes on summer vacation. come back kaspar!! good morning staal,cccp,greg,orr,mikeA,mikeB,mikeC(thats me!!),sally,laurel,wicky,no county,pavel,nasty,tr808,carp,ron weasley,and jay g!!and everyother bonerhead!!

  94. hey wick- you see the operation repo show i was tellin you about? its freakin hilarious!! and then they got another show after that called black gold, about oil drillers in odessa texas!!cccp should like that. its fun watchin texas rednecks fight all day with each other like idiots. hockey really needs to come back. theres only so many history channel shows i can watch. i do like jurrasic fight club, the universe and those apocalypse shows though. black gold is on tonight at 10. well 10 central, so 11 east if youre out there. you should watch it wick. one of the guys looks like greg l from his beard picture! lol.

  95. Bertuzzi is gone. Damn, the Rangers could have used those potential 12 goals this season. :)

    And, no I wouldn’t have traded anybody to get Tom Poti back. Not even Nicky Z. I wouldn’t even trade Redden for him.

  96. Grabachev

    I’ve seen a couple of those shows, but we don’t watch a lot of TV, my wife loves PTI and Around the Horn on ESPN and usually DVRs those during the day and we watch those in the evening then its all about getting the kids ready for bed and shooting pucks in the goal in the driveway. The last thing we do is hold a small ritual everyight for the rangers to sign a rugged d man (apparently we do not do that very well). Greg in AK, no kidding, always wanted to live there!!

    Good morning to you all and have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day!!! Off to work wankers!!!

  97. Grabachev(mike)
    I am amazed Repo is as popular as it is.
    It’s a re-enactment show based on a Telemundo version.
    The acting is horribly over the top, they do all these things repo men legally can’t do, and it’s a HUGE hit for trutv.

    I cannot believe how many “logging” shows there are on the tube.

    We need hockey back.

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