Messier denies Edmonton report


The Captain disputes the part of the New York Post report that said he interviewed for the Edmonton Oilers’ coaching position with his good buddy and Oilers boss Kevin Lowe.

Here’s the link to the story on

Meanwhile, do you guys think, like me, that Jim Schoenfeld ought to start looking for a new career path? I think Schoenfeld has done a good job, and probably deserves to be the next Rangers GM at some point. But I also don’t think Messier came back to be a scout, or to get Glen Sather’s donuts.

And I know that Jim Dolan thinks extremely highly of Messier (it was under Dolan that Sather was, reportedly, ordered to re-sign Messier from Vancouver in 2000).

So do you think Messier will eventually sit in Sather’s chair? Or do you think he’s more likely to be John Tortorella’s eventual replacement behind the bench? Or what?


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I’m going to cover the hockey portion of the Maccabi games today. The Westchester hockey team is playing twice, against teams from Montreal and Philadelphia. I was pretty cool with that assignment, thinking it would be nice to be indoors, in a cold hockey rink. Then last night I found out it’s inline skating, not ice, and that it’s outdoors. Bringing the sunscreen. See yas later.

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  1. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    St.Messier (patron saint of the rangers)will get first crack at anything Ranger.It wouldn’t surprise me if he were Gm/coach .

  2. (THE REAL) MikeyNJ on

    I Doubt that Mess will even be ready to be GM once Sather retires. He has no idea how to be a GM, YET.

    I’d say Shoeny replaces SAther as GM when he’s done

    Mess will replace Torts when he’s done as Coach

    Then Mess will replace Shoney as GM and hire his own choice for coach

  3. No Country For Old Rangers on

    morning grabachev and company…

    not sure what to make of the whole mess situation but i think having him aboard in any capacity will only help this team. we are inching closer to training camp folks.

    i cant believe i havent been to a NYR game since the 2007 NYR/ATL series. game 3 i think it was. the 7-0 laugher with Cally netting his first 2 career playoff goals. i think nylander had a hat trick too. good times. there are like 3 players from that roster left on this squad.

  4. Agree that Messier won’t have the experience needed when Sather gives it up.
    Schoenfeld is the right choice, and has been in the organization, in a GM role for Hartford – he has the right experience to take over from Sather. Messier should replace Schoenfeld in his existing position at Hartford.

    Whether that actually happens – c’mon – we’re talking about the Dolan’s here….

  5. Dolans by far; at least the Wilpons pay attention to the state of their team. They’re kinda in a little “S” right now because of the money they had “invested” with Madoff.

  6. I like having Mess with the organization, but I don’t think anything should be given to him just because of who he is.

  7. I’d take Messier with zero experience over the “experienced” Sather at this point.

    You could also replace Messier with “an old corndog” or “a paperclip” and the above statement is still true.

  8. I think Mess needs to put in his dues on the business side for a while before he can ever take over the reigns. I will forever be indebted to him for what he did in 94…but let’s face it. The business side of hockey is completely different.

  9. Messier’s greatest asset is his leadership ability. It’s a no-brainer that he should eventually end up as a coach where his leadership skills can be utilized.

  10. Can we PLEASE stop with these “is Messier going to be Torts replacement” questions! What was the point in bringing him in, giving him a 3 year contract IF you are just going to replace him already.

    The guy has coached this team, which in his words were horribly conditioned for only 3 months and while didn’t get the most out of them that he perhaps could have, weeded out the players that he believes should be here and shouldn’t be here.

    Let’s see him have a full training camp, a full season of his system before we think of replacing him.

    These rumors are rediculous and it’s a result of the press having nothing better to do than pass time between now and Sept.

  11. (it was under Dolan that Sather was, reportedly, ordered to re-sign Messier from Vancouver in 2000).

    Great…how’d that work out for us…

  12. Jason, nobody is trying to run Torts out of town. It’s just a debate on a blog. That’s what blogs are for.

  13. Jason I doubt anyone is expecting Mess to be the coach anytime soon but it makes sense that people are going to wonder where he will be used in the future.

  14. Schoenfeld has done a good job with the D-man and in the minors but as far as deserving the GM job no way. Keep Messier away from GM position as well. All the trades he “supposedly” forced as a captain were awful.

    Get the best man for the job. Nick Fotiu

    Tom Laidlaw On Ranger Crisis Radio This Thursday August 20th 9-11PM EST

  15. Am I the only one getting the feeling that, on Opening Night, Torts is going to have to give all of us the Gene Hackman speech from Hoosiers, “THIS IS YOUR TEAM. THEY DESERVE YOUR RESPECT!” while we’re all chanting other names…maybe Jagr will come back in January and say, “I think it’s about time I started playing some puck.”

  16. Local Fan – I, for one, discount it.

    If for no other reason, they rag on Gaborik”s health and then, in the column next to it, say a healthy Havlat will help the wild.

    Umm…Gabby has played more games than Havlat has over the last 4 seasons – and scored 50 more goals while doing it.

  17. Laurel Babcock on

    Mouth, yes, they’re all going to be on the show this year, and I can’t wait!!!

    and good morning staal and all

  18. How many times did Jim Schoenfeld turn down our head coaching position? He probably would turn down GM too. The guy doesn’t seem to want to be in a leadership position.

    As for Messier, it seems that this organisation will continue to pay dearly for 1994. If you’re old enough to read and post on this blog, don’t expect to see another Cup in your lifetime.

  19. Messier is a good addition for one reason only: Legacy.

    If you are gonna give jobs to people in your org, they may as well be to the people who cared the most, battled the most, accomplished the most, and can be held in regard by the org. Mess is no GM. Mess is no coach. Adam Graves got the same benefits. The NYR are supposed to have such a great history, but with the exception of Rod Gilbert hanging aroung, where is the link to this great past? In 8-10 yrs, Mess may be GM. I bet in a few years he may even be the asst. GM. But this is nothing more than a PR move, with the positive motive being trying to establish a heritage at MSG.

    No more Isaiah Thomases in the building would be a great start.

  20. The Hockey News has really become a real joke. 13th are they crazy!!

    Also anyone hear anything news on Boullion?

  21. During a slow August, I thought I’d share some positive news. Yesterday I had the honor and privilege to attend the Mens USA Olympic Hockey Team’s Training Camp, of which two current Rangers, one recently made ex-Ranger and the current head coach of Rangers all participated in. Drury, Gomez and Callahan all participated in the same group which was on the ice for no more than one hour. Out of everyone in the camp, it was Drury who looked very impressive. He looked like he was in mid-season form with good speed and some nice moves. Unfortunately, the same could not be said about Callahan. It looked clear to me that Drury has been practicing and I for one am excited about the upcoming season.

    On a side note, Kane refused to sign my boxing gloves.

  22. I love Mess like any rangers fan does, but would that be the right move. Gretzky’s really not a great coach over in Phoenix. He’s had some pretty decent talent that he could have won with in past years. Just because they were good players doesn’t mean they’ll have a career in coaching or management. I think shoenfeld’s been apart of this team for a while now and he’s far more qualified.

  23. NYR

    Just be glad he didn’t pull his brother out of his side pocket and had him beat you up, along with himself joining in on the fun.

    Lol, but seriously, he thought you were probably making making a joke aboot him. He’s proven he can box, at least against an old man, and a relative on his side, so he should have signed the gloves.

  24. “As for Messier, it seems that this organisation will continue to pay dearly for 1994. If you’re old enough to read and post on this blog, don’t expect to see another Cup in your lifetime.”


    Does this mean that Josh Thomson will never turn 27? Because as he said before, that… the day when the Rangers win the Cup is the day when he turn 27

  25. I think everyone is missing the point here. As long as Dolan owns the team, we will never EVER make any “smart” choices.
    He will go with the biggest name that will attract the most PR and put the most rear-ends in the seats.

  26. The rumor more than a decade ago swirling around the garden was that Mess forced the trade that was one of the worst ever – Kurri, McSorely and Churla for Nordstrom, Laperrier, Lafayette and Ferraro. Can only imagine the moves that he would make now. Yikes…
    Don’t get me wrong – love the guy, he’s Mess after all, but as GM, no thanks.

  27. oh and

    good afternoon my big dysfunctional Rangers family!! how is the day going for you so far?

    Time for lunch? I just had the most delicious cream cheese bagel with lox!

    I’ll be happy with Messier having any influence on this franchise.

  28. We will boo the captain one day.

    He’ll make a stupid deal, sign a player to a bad contract, trade a favorite, and fail to miss the playoffs at least once…

    One day he’s going to get fired. And we’ll wish that he never took the job.

    DON’T DO IT!

  29. Unfortunately , my day is have to a boring start. Of all the sex tapes to be released, it had to be a Rebecca Gayheart 3-some. Why ?!?!

    Bad start to the week. Last was better, with those Hudgens, and Green nudies.

    Anyway, did anyone hear aboot that NFL coach beating up his assistant coach. Ahaha, things like that never happen in the NHL.

  30. I don’t think that Schoeny has anything to worry about. He will have a job with the team as long as he wants to be there. Schoenfeld has mentioned that he likes working with the kids in Hartford anyway. Messier is “learning” under Sather just like Cam Neely is learning under Peter Chirelli in Boston. It is also similar in St. Louis with Al Macinnis. JD is the GM who is assisted by Larry Pleau, and then you have Al there with them. I think it is the same thing with us. Sather with Schoenfeld, Mike Burnett (who I think could eventually be the odd man out), and Messier.

  31. Maybe we’ll get lucky with Mess, he’ll study under Sather and in 2 years when Sather has an unfortunate and untimely bout of mouth cancer, the Captain will step up and do everything in the exact opposite manner of Sather and things will be glorious. Or the heat might just be melting my brain cells, but I boy can dream….

  32. Yeah, what’s up with everyone getting on my case. I understand aboot the last time, but i didn’t do anything wrong now !!! After 3 years here, more or less, i thought you’d all understand me….*slams doors*

    And, muahaha, Bret Farve is back again !

    Does this mean Sundin, and Forsberg rumors will start up ?

  33. Meant to share this with you guys. I was listening to Fordham Radio WFUV 90.7 on the way to the train station and this song came on. For those not from NY or don’t know about FUV, its a great station that plays a great mix of classic rock tunes and new indie artists. Play a lot of Dylan, Dead, Dave Matthews Band, Phish, Neil Young, newer acts like the Black Keys, Ben Harper and the Relentless 7, Phoenix, etc. Unlike Clearchannel stations they play deeper cuts and are member supported.

    Anyway this morning they played one really bad song, but before I could turn it off I heard this line: “You’re The Great One/I’m Marty McSorley.”

    Pretty funny to hear in this crappy new age folk song by a chick. Here’s the link to the full lyrics:

  34. No Country – I think i saw that photo somewhere before – creepy.
    Gotta love the Skoal can on the bedside table.
    Stay Classy Commodore.
    I wish he wore #64

  35. No Country

    looks like no more than 3000 bucks.
    has anyone seen the “i been had” video?

    now thats some serious cheddar.

  36. AFLY = McSorley’s in the video too!
    She’s a canadien singer who plays ina chick league i rememebr hearing.
    (wife is into country)
    Lemme see if it’s youtubed…

  37. Rob E-

    What goes on in the video that she makes this comparison? Is her love interest “scoring” a lot, while she cheap shots large African American men?

  38. No Country For Old Rangers on

    yah orr i agree

    that’s like the exact opposite of what you usually post

    something for the ladies i suppose. laurel? sally? thoughts?

  39. Good mornig/afternoon grabachev, laurel, carp and all the rest and a great crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to all.

    I think schoeny deserves the gm next, then mess.

    Anything new on bouillon/physical guy???

    Is anyone here going to go see the rangers when they play in calgary?

    Apparently big bert has signed with red wings….according to twitter!!!

  40. hhahaha
    funny a f l y.

    It’s actually a cute vid of her and her band playing pickup shinny and the dude (from some another band – i don’t know country bands.) who is choosing sides picks coffey and dalgarno and someone else i don’t remember.
    She picks each guy in her band and also gets Mcsorley – who is the last one on the rink with her last pick.
    Then she sings with I think Ken Hodges and some other broadcaster.
    i could say who wins but i don’t want to spoil all the fun.

    She’s cute, her stuff is better live supposedly.

  41. Your thoughts are not carefully thought out or in the best interests of the New York Rangers. Messier -the name ,the name , the name – that is it so far. He can’t play hockey anymore. I rather have Granato in there. Come on now!!!

  42. Troj,

    Well, nobody can understand Sather either with that stogie always in his mouth. He meant to sign Redden for 6 yrs and $5 million total, but it came out as “globble, globble, globble, yrs and globble, bloble, slobble, dollars”

    The person that writes up the contracts did their best to decifer.

  43. Alexander DeLarge from A Clockwork Orange would make a better GM than Mess.

    I think it would be pretty fugged up to pass over Shoeny just like that. I liked Maloney, but if he was out GM, then Dawes, Bourett, Montoya, etc would still be here, but then again, we’d know our kids were safe since Maloney has Michael Jackson Syndrome. Well, safe wouldn’t be the right word, but we know they would be going anywhere.

    Go Team Shoeny !

  44. Orr – Really ?
    Or is that in NHL ’09?

    I see Bertuzzi signed with Red Wings 1 yr/$1.5M

    and Holy Moly –
    1 more reason i will not watch football-
    Brett Favre has unretired for the 2nd time, signed a 1 year deal with the Vikings and is practicing with the team as I type.

  45. Laurel Babcock on

    The only discussion involving unclothed people here should be relevant to the blog, like topless Avery…..

    Otherwise let’s keep the sex tapes and all that somewhere else. That’s all I’m saying ORR….last I checked there were no moldy towels on the floor here, so let’s keep the virtual locker room closed. Thanks!….(Carp’s busy today so someone has to watch you bone/knuckleheads).

  46. Troj,

    I’ll give you $100 for the jersey. I’ll put it with my Jagr “C” third jersey….

  47. What if the topic was unclothed female visitors in the Ranger locker room???
    And we could even throw in a token topless Avery for ya Laurel !!!
    And Rasher…. I also have the matching pink Zherdev jersey that my 9 year old daughter thinks I should trade in for a Dubi jersey…… I may want to wait on that one until I get some contract news !!!

  48. marc, they were at the Murray Rink in Yonkers. Tomorrow is the playoffs, medal games Thursday. The local team got mercy-ruled by undefeated Montreal today.

    Good afternoon, Sally!

  49. Slats better pass on Bouillon.

    We already signed all the losers we can possibly sign to fill a spot. Prospal, Kotalik, Brash*t, Arnason.

    It’s time to move on, either make a trade or leave the team alone. And re-sign Dubi !!!

  50. back to bext hockey names…

    Thank God there are no Mongolian hockey players in the NHL. This is their national team roster from a few years ago, and no, I’m not making this up (the last names are first) Even crazier, the average height of this team: 6-3

    AYUSHBAATAR, Baterdene
    BYAMBASUREN, Naidansuren
    ERDENEBAYAR, Luvsandagva
    NYAMBAYAR, Chinbold
    BOLDBAYAR, Bayajih
    TSOLMONBAYAR, Oyuunbaatar
    NASANBOLD, Khangaijalbuu
    ALTANGEREL, Ichinnorov
    ARIUNBOLD, Baasan
    BATTULGA, Enkhee
    BATHUU, Hashhuu
    OYUN-ERDENE, Boldbaatar
    ALDARBAYAR, Dashnyam
    CHIMEDOCHIR, Ochirpurev

  51. No Country For Old Rangers on

    i hope justin tuck severs favres throwing arm this year

    i’m so f*ckin sick of this guy, i cant wait to watch him fail

  52. No Country For Old Rangers on

    A recent headline reads “Rangers to acquire Pudge for 2 minor leaguers”

    For a second there I thought we acquired Brodeur

    not really

  53. I think we’re gonna see them pump a lot of stars in at all levels on both Garden teams now that MSG is being spun off as its own business entity. I’m not sure they even have a plan for Messier yet, just that they have MESSIER! and he has a lot of name/star value among Ranger fans.

  54. “i havent been in ny for a few years. is 102.3 wbab still on? please tell me somebody blew up the wbli station”

    you don’t like 102.3?

  55. On March 21, 1991, Tugnutt stopped 70 of 73 shots to earn his team a 3-3 tie against the Boston Bruins, the second highest number of saves made in a regular season NHL game. His performance in that game evoked such respect that after it was over, several Bruins skated over to congratulate Tugnutt.

  56. Laurel Babcock on

    If I had to pronounce any of those names on Rangers Report…..oy vey! I’s still working on Gabby’s….

  57. No Country For Old Rangers – LOL. Good one.

    I think this is the second official time Favre un-retired, but he looked like he was going to retire one other time and came back after crying on the field after the last regular season game, I think, the time he came back to the Packers. Best line of the day from SI’s Jon Heyman: “favre is clemens without roids. he never tells truth. 50 lashes with wet noodle for any fool who believed he was retired.” Somebody needs to get the wet noodle for me!

    OK, back to hockey. In-depth article about Brian Boyle competing for a spot with the Rangers. I had forgotten that the Kings tried to convert him to defense in the minors. Maybe that would be an option here if he is a hard hitter despite our abundance of prospects at the position, but I highly doubt they’re going to try it out of the gate. The writer seems to think Dubinsky is a lock to come back, haha.

  58. I forget where I read it, probably Brooks, but Dubi is actually under contract and set to play next season. So isn’t the only potential problem an offer sheet? If Dubi really wanted to play hardball he’d have signed one already.

    I think this’ll end similar to how Sather managed Lundqvist. Dubi will start the year with the QA rate of $700K, but have a long-term extension in place before the deadline mid-season. If it works out that way, it’d be good cap management.

  59. memo to wicky- sather has no more money lol. i think hes all done with the defense. its just on forward that theres a few question marks. i highly doubt were gonna trade for a physical d man. i think heikkenen is pretty physical and can hit, and sauer as well. so i guess thats it bud. girardi n staal will play pretty physical too. but overall were not gonna go into the season with an orpik type. maybe at the deadline ya know? hopefully sauer n heikkenen fill the role

  60. NYrich

    I think I remember reading that also!!! (I’ll take physical d man for $1000)


    were we supposed to send you pics or something??? (sorry 12 concussions, I confuse easily….this is the Flames blog right????)

  61. Tugnutt and Puppa. Very Beavis and Butthead. Uh … uh-huh, huh.

    I remember the Tugnutt game because I think it was ESPN (who else could it have been?) did a reel of all 70 saves in rapid fire.

  62. Laurel Babcock on

    No country…ditto on the lmao, and thanks for the picture of Wynona! You beat Wicky…

    Mike…also lmao

    best goalie name ever….Beezer!

  63. CCCP Special
    Absolutely hilarious,as an idea for names, LMAO.Have doubts about total 6’3″ height thou. For that special REAL name story for you. I played hockey in university and our sport dean was a woman whose name was Elena Banaja.Now, can u imagine hockey jersey with first initial and last name:E Banaja.True story and the best name play by far for me.

  64. i wouldn’t rush to make mess our gm, this is the guy who forced zubov to be traded (and colin “i hate russians” campbell happily agreed) so we could add that imbecile ulf and that pansy lucky luc to our roster….great move there!

    rick, can you confirm dubinsky’s status, i thought the $700K tender offer simply enabled the rangers the right to match an offer sheet if dubinsky received one (which he likely won’t)? Be in the team’s best interest (if we think dubi has room to grow into a good 2nd line/fringe first line center) to lock him up long term for 3+. he has been more productive than cally and should play a larger and more important role moving forward than cally, so he should get more than cally, who i like but is really just a pk guy who will be hard pressed to repeat last year’s performance (of course i’ll be happy if he proves me wrong)

  65. 4everanger-

    I don’t get the name play of E Banaja. How are you supposed to pronounce that so its funny?

  66. MIKE IN IA

    K-Rock came back, but out of nowhere it disappeared. I think it’s officially gone.

    I didn’t like K-Rock, i prefer 101.9 RXP. It plays classic rock, and new rock. Indie stuff, etc. So i get my daily fix of The Police, The Smiths, The Doors, and some new stuff like Snow Patrol, Death Cab, Gomez (no relation to Blowmez), etc.

    RXP owns all !!!

    Just like Fox owns Transformers !

  67. Guys, please don’t ask – it’s very tempting to explain b/c it’s very funny, but also really dirty (almost ORR.. dirty), not “for family site”,sorry.CCCP will understand.

  68. Mike,
    The Bone has been off the air for a few years, K-roc has been too, wbli still sucks and Wbab still has the exact same playlists as they did in 1981 when I was a junior in high school !!!
    since I got my XM radio I can’t stand even the thought of regular radio !!! plus XM has every hockey game on it which is sweet !!!

  69. OK, Laurel you asked for it.
    The REAL last name with 1st initial(like Sedins twins)would read on jersey like F**KEDUP in English, and this is mild traslation.What make it realy funny person lived all life with that.

  70. MIKE

    CCCP said it was great. I plan on seeing it sometime this week. And yeah, i don’t care aboot the toe thumb, it’s just a tip of the finger, so it’s no big deal, but if i plan on buying any kind of jewelry, i need an actual job first !

    And who’s the bone ? i never heard of him. Or it. The only bone i know of is…..

  71. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    All you old timers, listening to the Radio. Why don’t you subscribe to satellite radio? Buy an iPod? The radio, Television (with exemption of the Rangers and Entourage), and Movies have all gone to absolute crap. There is absolutely nothing good that the media can conjure up for the public that hasn’t been seen a thousand times. I’m such a hockey fanatic just because the game stays fresh and unpredicable, no obviously called plays or waiting to see if the beloved baseball crosses the fence or hits the foul pole after a few seconds of waiting.

    Hockey is the only modern media outlet that provides a constantly fresh input. I know that we’ve taken a lot of heat (hockey fans) for the lockout, but all these other sports, how are they to watch? We closed up shop for a year and reopened to a better, faster game to watch. They’re actively changing the rules and not being ‘old school’ about their approach.

    It’s time for some new blood to run things, and thats simply why hockey is an unbeatable crutch at least for myself. Predictablity, or rather, it’s lack of. Modern media outlets are crap.

    Hockey seems like the only half-honest sport left out there.

  72. Laurel Babcock on

    thanks 4ever! and good job on the subtle translation….no wonder I couldn’t figure it out…i didn’t consider the translated letters! I gotta hit the road…catch you all later.

  73. 4GEN

    I have radio on my Zune, when im trying to get into new stuff i use that station. Sometimes you cant just put on the same music every day, so you need a radio station to choose for you.

    I like all the music i have on my Zune, but somedays i just keep clicking the skip button non stop to find what i want to listen to, and i have aboot 500 songs on there more or less, so i need radio !!

    Did i mention that i have a slideshow of Megan Fox, and other hotties on my background. Followed by Hollweg benching an Islandork, and Orr knocking out Fedork.

  74. ZzZz 11 ZzZz " MESS will replace Dolan " ... says Greg L. on

    The Messiah will be what ever he wants. Sure he is just a name and some of his trades looked bad (Kurri,Luc)But it really wasnt Messier pulling the trigger was it? Messier played hockey and maybe had some influence in achieving the player but he never actually made the trades. As a player Messier may have stated he like a player or whatever but was never the desiding factor in getting the player. He was always a part of the welcome wagon when new players came aboard. Messier is the greatest thing to ever happen to this organization and it will be his ship to sink or sail away …to Ranger glory.

    Thanks for the goodmornings and all have a prosperous day!!!

  75. Forget Justin Tuck, I hope a healthy Fred Robbins or his backup Jay Alford gets Favre good on January 3rd. It’s very rewarding when a 300 pound nose tackle nails a QB.

    As far as Messier, I’m not happy. I don’t trust him. Forever will be indebted for 94, but the man is like Hulk Hogan or HHH in WWF, he has to show me he’s not an ego maniac who will play dirty politics behind the scenes. He was already GM from 95-97 and again in 01 and it killed the franchise for years. I’ll give him a chance because knowing the stupid Garden management they’ll make him GM, but he’s Esposito 2.0 to me until he shows otherwise.

  76. i believe Ken Gernander will be the next head coach of the Rangers whenever that will be…

  77. ZzZz 11 ZzZz " MESS will replace Dolan " ... says Greg L. on

    MikeA , if you choose not to follow the Messiahhh …who , whom do you follow?? Esposito is a big mouth , he played with bobby Orr and was a beast when he played hockey. Him sucking as a GM has NOTHING to do with Messier.

    Bobby Clarke was a beast for Philly and made a great GM for them. His attitude made the Flyers with Lindros go back to the bully days with Bobby Clarke leading the way.

    Messier could do that for us. No Questions about it. Wayne Gretzky was a smart player but he never had Messiers leadership skills.

    Cying….Messier only cries when he is is “off duty” . In the heat of battle and when theres a job to do , his eyes stare down at you , eyebrows in a frown…gametime buddy, let’s go play!!!

  78. Z very good points. I’m just very worried based on Rangers history how two times big names have come become a GM; utter disaster. Prospect Park a small piece on it a few months ago.

    They talked about Ferguson and Esposito.

    I’d prefer they bring in a young and hungry fresh mind to run the organization, like when Neil Smith was brought in or Emile Francis and Craig Patrick before him. Someone who has been a scout and knows how to evaluate talent.

  79. This is one decision that leaves me puzzled and not feeling very comfortable.

    I don’t understand the move here. Who cares if Messier “learns the ropes” in New York or somewhere else, the fact is he can be GM one day of the Rangers if he wants to.
    And I highly doubt Glen Sather does much of anything other than make decisions. he has plenty of staff to do that, so what’s Messier there for? The GM gets the players the coach wants, that’s how the game works. Hopefully Messier will be off scouting players and talking to agents and not around the Rangers until it;s time for him to be in charge.

    As far as how this impacts the team on the ice, it bothers me. Why bring in another voice to be listened to after the game? The voice of the Rangers should be Drury and Torts and only the front office if things really go bad, but as far as the team going the voices should be Torts and Drury.

    To me this cast’s a shadow over the team.

    If Messier is truly a special assistant, we shouldn’t hear from him at all, just like we don’t hear from Sather.

  80. # ORR !! What Is IT Good For ?!?! August 18th, 2009 at 7:10 pm


    Lol, it’s my 3rd fuggin Zune !!! If this one breaks like the last three, then im gonna have to swallow my pride and get an ipod.


    I’ve had my Zune for a while, the 30 Gig that is bulky as all hell… Things great though I only have about 2 Gig left =[

  81. EV

    I started out with the 30 gig, but after almost a year, there was something wrong with it, and none of the songs would play, and it wasn’t the earphones. Then i sold it, and got enough money to get a 4 gig, and after almost a year, it wouldn’t turn on. And i really took care of the two, minus a few small scratches on the screen.

    Now i got a 30 gig, and it’s been good to me thus far, although every now and then it freezes, and i have to turn the hold button on & off, and then it turns on.

    Fuggin Microsoft, it’s always something. That’s why i wont get an X-Box 360.

  82. so i was a little bored, skimming through some blogs trying to read up on any sort of news. obviously there was none. but i came across this peter forsberg tribute video someone made that just blew me away. i kind of forgot how amazing he was, and i thought cuz there’s not much else going on, maybe some others would enjoy it too. just for the sake of conversation, especially after watching the entire tribute video (10minutes), where do u think forsberg (in his prime obviously) ranks amongst the hockey greats. i mean, all around, he was absurd. he was physical but fluid, great hands, everything a power forward should be. i dont know much about a lot of older generational players, but from my hockey knowledge (26 years old), i’d say he’s gotta be at least in the top 20-25, but i could be crazy. anyways, sorry for the long post, just ignore me if u aren’t a forsberg fan. oh, and the link…

  83. Laurel Babcock on

    Wicky, got em…up at 7 a.m. tomorrow, if anyone wants to see wicky and no country’s pets, go to (hey, Carp said I could I could shill, so I am…)

    4generations: “Hockey seems like the only half-honest sport left out there.” I am with you, though I’m sure that can be debated…

    night all…and good morning to Sally and Staal tomorrow!

  84. Look at the position Ron Francis has with the Canes. Would you say that he’s “being groomed” for something?Surely not Rutherford’s job.

  85. ZzZz 11 ZzZz " MESS will replace Dolan " ... says Greg L. on

    Vogs , The only shadow thats being casted is in your brain when the sun shines in. Messier is will be in the picture so get use to it. Name any other former Rangers who get more respect?

  86. 4everanger

    Elena Banaja story made me laugh pretty hard! I would kill myself if I had to go through life with the name like this one! I had a kid in my class back in Odessa his last name was Karpuk… (Translation for non-Russian speakers, karpuk sounds even funnier in English “car-fart”) so you know that kid got picked on regular bases! But still… nothing like being called “E-Banaja” for the rest of your life! lol

  87. No :(

    C4C is only for new cars. My old car WAS eligible 3 days after the program started, but on the 4th day (when they ran out of money), the car was no longer eligible.. I was gonna get a Venza.

  88. Pavel

    btw, your MDX qualifies for $4,500 or $3,500 at the Ford dealer!

    you can get $4,500 towards a 2010 Ford Escape Hybrid FWD! It does 32 MPG… not bad…but, its Ford :)

  89. Olga Folkyerself on

    I don’t like those joke names, like E-Banaja,

    or Ava Jina, Betty Humpser, Dixie Normus, Drew Peacock, Gabe Asher, Haywood Jablome, Hugh Jass, Ivan Itchianus, Les B. Enafare, Mike LeTaurus, Noah Effinway, Peter Pantz, Stacy Recht, Tess Tickle, Wilma Fingerdo.

  90. i never heard ofelia butt oleo. ive actually heard of a real name(i think its german) and it sounds just like fugger. replace the g’s with 2 k’s. could be i dont know how its spelled

  91. The UAW is that parasitic union that helped in GM’s downfall. They’re the reason you pay an extra $4-5k per car.

  92. A hard hitting crease clearing defensive good morning Carp, Sally, Laural, 26 Y.O. JOSH!!! CCCP, Grabachev, Pavel, Nasty 1, Wicky, Greg, no country, TR808, and trouble maker always getting yelled at ORR!…and anyone I’ve missed.
    OH Kaspar, if your out there…good morning.

  93. Since your talking vehicles, I’ll take a Diesel or V8 Pickup, that gets less than 20 MPG…I’ll park it next to my John Deere diesel tractor.

  94. saw a post earlier about district 9. just watched it last nigth…and that just might be the worst movie ever made. Computer animation of destruction stripped any decent story line from it. it was so over dramatic, with horrible acting. the guy in the movie was deff murray from flight of the conchords.

    but i cannot wait till october. if i have to watch the detriot anahiem series from the playoff last year one more time i might puke. and i dont care what any of you say we deff spiced up our team from last year. Gaborik, Prospal, Kotalik, Higgins and Lisin will deff score goals, and will push our players to do better dubi and cally could have such good years. compared to last year with Gomez, Naslund, Drury last year with a high of 59 points, And zherdev basically leading with 24 goals. despite giving away some good guys Orr, Betts, Mara, Korpi, Shjostrom, and our pk. lastly i think (well hope)were just holding off on signing dubi to give him a nice contract to keep him from arbitration and just multi year him. we dont mesh yet but we deff got potential to be good and very least an upgrade from lastyear.

  95. ohhayymeng,
    good points on improving our offense, and I definitely agree.
    last season we didn’t have a dynamic game changer like Gabbi.
    Hopefully he can stay healthy. I think Dubi will learn alot from Prospal…

  96. who should be looking for a new job??

    get the story right.

    In a statement, Sather called Messier one of the greatest players in the N.H.L. and said he was “looking forward to him joining the organization and learning a whole new part of the hockey business.”

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