It’s official: Prospal’s a Ranger


Here’s the announcement:


            New York, August 17, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with unrestricted free agent forward Vinny Prospal.
     “Vinny is a highly-skilled player with good offensive instincts and the ability to play on the wing or at the center position,” stated Sather.  “We think he will give us added flexibility and brings a veteran presence to our lineup.”
            Prospal has eclipsed the 20-goal mark four times, including a career-high 33 goals in 2007-08, and has recorded two career hat tricks.  He has also surpassed the 70-point plateau three times, and is one point shy of 600 career NHL points and two goals from reaching 200 career goals.
     The 6-2, 198 pounder has skated in 874 regular season contests with the Philadelphia Flyers, Ottawa Senators, Florida Panthers, Tampa Bay Lightning, and Anaheim Ducks, recording 198 goals and 401 assists for 599 points, along with 473 penalty minutes.  Prospal has skated in 80 or more games in each of the last seven seasons.  In 2007-08, he established career-highs in goals (33) and game-winning goals (five), and tied his career-highs in games played (82) and power play goals (10).  He led Philadelphia in goals, and ranked second on the team in shots (215), and third in points (71) and assists (38).  He also tied for third on the club in power play goals and game-winning goals.
            His most productive season was in 2005-06, when he registered a career-best 80 points (25 goals and 55 points) with Tampa Bay.  He also established career-highs in shots (236), power play goals (10) and multi-point games (24).  Prospal tied the Lightning record for longest point streak, recording a point in 13 consecutive games from October 26 to November 20 (eight goals and 13 assists).
            Prospal appeared in 82 games with Tampa Bay last season, registering 19 goals and 26 assists for 45 points, along with 52 penalty minutes.  He ranked fourth on the team in assists, tied for fourth in points and finished fifth in goals.  He also ranked third on the Lightning in scoring during the month of January (six goals and eight assists), and was one of only two players on Tampa Bay to appear in all 82 games.  Prospal recorded a season-high, seven-game scoring streak from December 30 against Montreal to January 12 at Los Angeles, collecting nine points (three goals and six assists) over the span.  In addition, Prospal recorded his 400th NHL assist on March 7 against Carolina.
     Prospal also captured a bronze medal with the Czech Republic at the 2006 Winter Olympics in Torino, Italy, tying for the team-lead with four goals and finishing third on the club with six points. The Ceske Budejovice, Czech Republic native was originally Philadelphia’s third round choice, 71st overall, in the 1993 NHL Entry Draft.


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  1. Not bad. This will improve them. Where will Lisin play? He looks like he is headed for the fourth line.

  2. Another piece thrown in that makes the question mark bigger. Like trying to put a puzzle together without any idea what the final result looks like.
    Forget possible trades or other FA signings. Who do you guys think are absolute locks to be on the opening day roster?

  3. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Carp, is there a link to either your work or Brooksy on the reason for the Dubinsky contract stall? Why, exactly? Thanks.

  4. Dubi has no arbitration rights, so Slats can sign him to the $700k offer at any time. If he does that, then Dubi becomes RFA next year and can take an offer sheet.

    His agent probably wants a big pay day now. I hate agents!

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  6. ZZZzzzZZZzzzZZZ….. wake me up in October…. I have to retire my Zherdev and Voros jerseys….note to self, don’t get a jersey after a player has a good week! I’m scared to get a Gaborik jersey…. maybe i’ll settle on Higgins since we’re both from Smithtown!

  7. Poor Artie, and Lisin. A guy like Lisin who has great potential has to share the wing with a big doofus like Don Brash*t. It would be better if the 4th line was Boyle, Lisin, and a prospect, but nooo, we need the aging ugly reject.

    And with this signing, i hate Slats, Dreary, and Kotalik even more. Such a shame we couldn’t just bring back Z, or Antro. Damn shame.

    Anyway, anybody know when training camp starts, and the first pre season game ? Should be coming soon.

  8. orr,

    i agree about brash, but tors really only uses 3 lines.

    first preseason i believe is sept 15

  9. What are the lines looking like as of now, assuming Dubi signed and is not traded?


    am i forgetting anyone?

    this roster is starting to get pretty packed. i want lisin in but where does he fit? if torts is rolling 3 lines you have to assume the 4th line will be an enforcer line most of the time.

  10. if the SJO fits on

    Question off the subject…Would anybody know if Jagr will be participating in the Olympics this coming year?

  11. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Voros’s wife and kids don’t own a Voros jersey.
    I guess prospal’s a good signing only a mil for a year.
    I think sather wants dubi to sign for the 700k so they will have wiggle room this year down the stretch for a trade. Sather can reward dubi with a better contract next year$$$.
    And if Dubi puts up good numbers this year, he can make out well.

  12. Troj has a Zherdev jersey for sale... cheap !! on

    CCCP…. the jersey is going for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and an Ed Hospodar game used sock …… serious inquiries only…… I want a certificate of authenticity with that sock !

  13. (THE REAL) MikeyNJ on

    So Right now the only players that are 100% LOCKED to make the opening night roster are:

    Druy, Dubi, Anisimov, Prospal, Kotalik, Brashear, Cally, Avery, Gaborik, Higgins,

    Anisimov is at 95% probability.

    So there’s really only two forward slots open, and they are both on the fourth line, which we have how many possibilites? (Lisin, Voros, Boyle, Arnason, and others right?)

    And out of last years forwards only 4 are returning

    I honeslty hate when the whole team is refreshed every year, but this is Torts’ design so I have no problem with that.

    But out of all our Rookies (Forwards and D) looks like only Anisimov will be making the squad (Unless Grachev totally blows Torts out of the water in Training camp)and probably two Rookie D men (Gilroy at 85-90% Probability) with Heikenen, Potter, Bobby Sangs, Del Z (Both prob wont break in until next year)

    Guess all our hopes for a totla youth movement aren’t coming to frutition this season.

    BUT 3 possibly four rookies on this years team I thinkis the most we’ll have had in a long time. Longer than I can remember.

    And Prospal: One year at 1 mil, not bad. Im not super crazy about the guy (from his Flyer days) but a definite affordable pickup for 1 year. I still hope Dubi shines next to Gaborik and Prospal can stay on wing.


  14. No Country For Old Rangers on

    the only NYR jersey worth getting these days is a #30

    been tempted to buy a cheap #68 though

  15. Troj has a Zherdev jersey for sale… cheap !!
    August 17th, 2009 at 2:39 pm
    CCCP…. the jersey is going for a Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and an Ed Hospodar game used sock …… serious inquiries only…… I want a certificate of authenticity with that sock !



    Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup is not a problem… the problem is… I got the certificate of authenticity, but I think I lost the sock!

  16. Voros may be one of the few examples where removing the name/number would actually make the jersey worth more. Oh, and I guess last week’s sudden, inexplicable Voros love-fest is over?

    Question: I’m thinking of maybe getting a Suite for a Rangers game for my birthday, with a group of friends. I’ve never done the Suite thing before. What would the price range look like? Is it worth it? Thoughts?

  17. Re:TWITTER

    You do not have to make a tweet to announce a new blog post. That is what the RSS feed does.

  18. Troj has a Zherdev jersey for sale... cheap !! on

    We could use some dirty goals Somerset….. we can’t get anyone to put their body in front of the net on offense to be able to score those dirty 5 footers !!!! We never get rebound goals because all of our forwards are too busy ‘playing catch’ behind the net.

  19. Thanks, Staal for the Rodent piece.

    Interesting to note that he and Torts spoke all last week leading up to the deal.

    kills any rumours of possible discontent between the two right off the bat.

    If anyone here plays Fantasy Hockey, Prospal is a nice sleeper this year.

  20. ORR

    u forgot to include Megan Fox… i assume she’d be somewhere on top… top line i mean :P

    btw, she is coming out with a new movie called “Jennifer’s Body” on sept. 15

    another movie where acting skills are not required! lol

  21. Torts is going to have is hands full…
    Between keeping a leash on Avery,
    Prospal voicing his opinions
    Brashole trying to kill people…
    you couldn’t pay me enough…
    Then on top of all that he has to get Voros’s legs to move, Get mr. clutch to be clutch,
    Get Redden to face the play and move a little…damn!

  22. I don’t think your gonna see Brash in the lineup alot of nights- Only when presence is needed. This opens up alot of games for some youth

  23. CCCP

    Megan Fox will be an assistant coach on this team, and she’ll wear a short skirt, with one leg up on the bench, so we can see the pink zone. That will make this season a lot more better.


    That’s what i played with in NHL 09.

  24. Wait, so Kotalic was brought on probably to play with Drury, since they have played together before…so you put them on difrent lines…AND ORR !! What Is It Good For ?!?!, what positions do you think all these guys play? Did you just put them as lines, or in proper position

    Brash-Boyle-Lisin(other young player)

  25. steve

    rss is so 99
    embrace the future steve! sign up for twitter!

    im jk steve
    its a plug in
    when a blog is posted it sends out a tweet.

    if you could get more people to visit the blog along w/ some followers “re-tweeting”, being in the public timeline, using hash tags, indexing better in google just by sending out 1 twet would you do it?

  26. Staal Wart

    Imagine if it was up to us to decide who plays for this team and who doesn’t… with all the money in the world to spend, i wonder what this team would look like today.

  27. Higgins-Dubi-Gaborik

    They will switch Boyle with Anisimov to play the next Betts. Hopefully he is better offensively. There is always Arnason. I have a feeling it will be Arnason and Rissmiller as the third and fourth line centers.

  28. Laurel Babcock on

    Good afternoon Staal and all, and mrs. wicky! Just catching up after a busy day…in case those of you from last night’s post care, mike/grab in ia is a cutie pie :)

  29. CCCP, if I was in charge we would only have a handful of players…this would be my keepers list from the current Ranger team…
    Staal…(of course)
    Redden…haha just kiddin!
    Seriously I WAS KIDDING!!!

  30. Troj has a Zherdev jersey for sale... cheap !! on

    Hey if anyone is interested, one of my bands is going to be filmed playing on the roof of a pizza place in some town called Yorktown Heights on Saturday for a TV Pilot. If anyone lives in that area it would be kinda cool to see some blueshirts on a TV pilot !!! Let me know if you want to join in with the mayhem and merriment !!!

  31. Where's Pavelich? on

    WOW! Sather speaks!! Did he make those comments on Prospal from his cave next door to Osama?

  32. The Kotalik signing hurts even more now with Prospal in the fold, unless Dubinsky isn’t getting signed.

    My thought is there is the possibility Anisimov is taking Dubinsky’s spot. Dubi needs to play ball and get signed, he’s not in any position to be asking for more money.

    Callahan took what was offered and has a spot in the lineup. Right now, with Boyle, AA, Drury, Prospal, Dubinsky has no leverage. Especially with the Rangers drafting Kreider.

  33. Troj has a Zherdev jersey for sale... cheap !! on

    Staal….. where were you last week when I needed you??!!!
    Rob, Laurel, Triple C…. the place is called Maria’s Italian Pizza 2041 Saw Mill River Rd. Yorktown Heights
    I don’t know much of the details, but I have to be there from 10:30 am until 3 pm.
    It’s apparently some show about a pizza joint and I believe in this pilot, they try some publicity stunt where they think the Scorpions are going to play on the roof, but it winds up it’s my Scorpions tribute band. Not sure what type of roof, hopefully flat and not slanted !!!!
    It should be fun.
    And if it helps business Staal… I’ll knock a few people off the roof……. accidentally !!!

  34. vogs : I dont think Prospal was brought in to be a center…unless he does really well in camp I think he is a LW.

  35. Troj has a Zherdev jersey for sale... cheap !! on

    I like the way you think Pav !
    Beer is good !!! I am pretty sure that after every season, the Blarney Rock goes on an austerity budget since I am not paying my pre-game visits during the off season !!!

  36. Where's Pavelich? on

    Scorps cover band, cool! My second favorite German band, right after “Fury in the Slaughterhouse”

    Prospal isnt a center, Higgins has mor experience in the middle…

  37. Troj has a Zherdev jersey for sale... cheap !! on

    I never thought I would live to hear anyone say they even knew Fury in the Slaughterhouse !! lol !!
    I bet Uwe Krupp and Olaf Kolzig are big Scorpions fans!!!!

  38. orr- me too. i have the top line of prospal-duby-gabby, then the 2nd is higgins-dru-cally, the 3rd is aves-AA-kotalik, then i have on the 4th line, bets, shoe and orr. i’ll never break them up. there the A team baby!!! screw brashole, butt boyle, and arn anderson!!! i want betts on my team!! lol

  39. Cool Troj,
    Sounds funny.
    Scorpions tribute band?
    Awesome. Are you the lead singer?

    I think i know that Pizza Shop.
    I’m gonna give my buddy a shout and see what he’s doing this weekend.
    Have a good shoot nonetheless!

  40. Troj has a Zherdev jersey for sale... cheap !! on

    Not the singer Rob, I play guitar in this band. Also have a Dio tribute… that one I sing for !
    Staal, you are correct, for some reason Colton Orr is a real badass name !! And although he looked like a pelican on skates… I am gonna miss seeing Orr out there on the ice.
    The coolest name though would have to be Ogie Ogelthorpe !!!

  41. Where the heck is Dubi’s contract?

    Is he going to play hard? Are the Rangers hoping to lock him up long term?


  42. Carp-I don’t want to sound like I’m attacking (polite disagreement) but I read at work today what you said about Prospal being annoying and here’s my take;

    If it was when Todd Harvey was a Ranger that was ten years ago and Prospal was like 24. He’s not the same person anymore so it’s unfair to remember him from that. That’s like when my friends give me crap for something I did in HS or college (I’m 28 now); not the same person.

    And NYRangersFan if Tyler Arnason and Patrick Rissmiller get significant icetime or make the team over Anisimov, Lissin, or even Boyle, then I’m not going to any games besides opening night this year. I was promised by Sather and Torts himself some kids and if it’s these jabroni journeymen then I will not support the product in person.

  43. Where's Pavelich? on

    Joey Kocur, Mike Peluso, Gino “Dang, I’m ugly” Odjick were all pretty good goon names…”Tony Tanti” was not.

    Troj – Im pretty sure Fury “borrowed” several chords from various bands (Scorps, Led Zep, Eagles, others), but I like them anyway… good luck with that thing – I would have tried to make it, if I were in town…play: “Big City Nights”

  44. Where's Pavelich? on

    Mike – His name is “Blair”, as in “Natalie, Jo, Tootie and…”.. even the “effin” in his name dosent make it tough..

  45. Torj-
    I was gonna guess Drums!
    Dio tribute?
    Now THAT’s old skool.

    I wanted to see the Scorps when they toured recently, but the dates didn’t match with my travel.

    What’s yer favorite song to cover?
    As guitarist i’ll guess….Hurricane, but I really dig Still Loving you.
    Do you guys ever play in the city?
    What’s your Band’s moniker?

  46. I can hear Adam Sandlers Opera Man singing “Voros ! No More ohs ! You scare uh da bambino’s.”

    Opera man Bye byeeeeeeeeeeeeee !

    Two Minutes For Habitual Celebration. The Vinny Prospal For Dummies Video :

  47. No Country For Old Rangers on

    favorite scorps song: speedy’s coming. could be gaborik’s theme song

    i’m making the big move from Oakland, CA to Nyack, NY on the first. I hope to see some of you animals at the garden

  48. ZzZz 20 ZzZz " In Prospal we will Prosper " ... says Greg L. on

    Yeah man well when I was at a function ,maybe a banquet…the DJ read out my name and before saying it ,he says ..” here a cool name …Greg L—Z!!! Sweet , I stutted up to collect my trophy!!

    WAY TO GO CCCP!! taking first on the last thread like that!! Not bad…BUT I think you owe Vinny some cudos too. Sametime makes it a tie.

    Laurel ,hope yer days going good but don’t let the fake pic of Mike decieve you…he sent me one when he was mad at me and his pic looked like the Undertaker!!!!

    …just need to stay awake..stay awake!!! 3 -4 i just locked my door!!!

  49. speaking of Tony Twist

    did you know he got awarded i think it was $15 million by jury… for having his name used in the “Spawn” comic book? i think it was a while ago tho

  50. I was gonna say Tony Twist – favorite Goon name…until he sued Todd Mcfarlane for naming a gangster in Spawn “Tony Twistino”.

  51. hahaha Greg

    you better stay awake and lock that door cuz you know Freddy’s coming for you!

    “You are all my children now…”

  52. ZzZz 20 ZzZz " In Prospal we will Prosper " ... says Greg L. on

    Watched some Gaborik highlights. WOW , hes not flashy with his’s just that he is so fast and his hand/eye cordnation is sick. Gaboriks scores alot of in close goals and he is in the spots where he is suspose to be. Gaborik is not human , hes a robotic scoring machine. I haven’t seen anyone on our club already who had his speed and shot.
    Last time I saw a #10 that fast was Bure!!! Its gonna be a wild ride this year ..hang on folks , the Gaborik show is debuting in broadway this fall!!

    Heres his 5 goals vs the Rangers ( Voros on his line , make this even sicker to watch!!!)

  53. ZzZz 20 ZzZz " In Prospal we will Prosper " ... says Greg L. on

    RICKKKKKKKK!!! CCCP is scaring me again….

  54. ZzZz 20 ZzZz " In Prospal we will Prosper " ... says Greg L. on

    Funny cuz, in the comic McFarlane used the name twistelli or something like that and he still got sued!!?? That is lame.

  55. No Country For Old Rangers on

    thanks for the link Greg. how bad does straka look on Gabby’s second goal?

  56. Troj hopes the Garden continues to sell Smithwicks on

    ORR !! What Is It Good For ?!?!
    August 17th, 2009 at 6:47 pm
    Mike Ricci is a scary name. Cause when i think of it, i think of him squeezing my head, and forcing me to stare at his face, and into his eyes.

    Im getting the chills just thinking aboot such a horrific nightmare.

    I think I just pissed myself !!!

  57. DeutschRangers on

    Hey Carp,
    Thanks for always keeping us up to date. Totally out of left field… but hasn’t Mr. Josh Thomson been 26 for waaayyyy too long now? :)

  58. Troj hopes the Garden continues to sell Smithwicks on

    Way to go No Country….. thats old school Scorps !!!
    Rob, I totally dig Still Lovin, but my 2 favorites to play are Bad Boys Runnin Wild and The Zoo !!
    The band is called Blackout and as for the city, we will be playing in Staten Island I think in Oct or November and I believe we are going to be in manhattan soon too. Hopefully Bike Week in Daytona in the spring as well.
    Thanks for that Link Greg….. that was a hell of a display of talent. I’s nice to see someone on the Rangers who just really gets it. The guy always knows where he needs to be. And as much of a bumblefooted clown Voros is…. his presence in front of the net was so important. It would be great to see someone spend time in front this year rather than have 3 forwards behind the net all the time !!

  59. HEY TORJ,

    COLTON ORR would be a bad ass name for a metal band.

    In fact, I am gonna make an all star band and call it: COLTON ORR!!!

    Vocals: Henry Rollins
    Guitar: Dr. Know
    Bass: Doug Wimbish
    Drums: TROJ!!!

    You better be able to ROCK!!!!

  60. Mike A, when I say he’s annoying, I mean that as a compliment. I’d want annoying hard-to-play-against guys on my team. No Lady Byngs.

    Deutsch, a little late to the party with the Josh Thomson joke. But it’s still funny. He’ll be 27 in 2014.

    Lafleur (no capital F — rule of thumb, the French-Canadian names are lower case after La) means the flower.

    Great hockey names (for you old-timers) Orland Kurtenbach. Don Saleski. Harold Snepsts. Dino Ciccarelli. Yvon Cournoyer. Stan Mikita.

  61. DeutschRangers
    August 17th, 2009 at 7:55 pm
    Hey Carp,
    Thanks for always keeping us up to date. Totally out of left field… but hasn’t Mr. Josh Thomson been 26 for waaayyyy too long now? :)



    Why did you have to wake me up from my off-season hibernation? It is obvious that you are not a regular Rangers Report bonehead…so I will try to explain this as short as possible.

    The day when the Rangers win the Cup is the day when I turn 27.

  62. how about brian engblom? now that guy is a badass if there ever was one. no but really, blair effin betts. it may not sound threatening, but it has a nice ring to it. its a name kids in school would mess with all day until you snapped and then joined the hockey team to make millions and get even!

  63. Troj hopes the Garden continues to sell Smithwicks on

    One of my favorite badass names is Garth Butcher

  64. players that live up to their names’ meanings:

    fuhr– leader
    roy– king
    lemieux– the best
    lafleur– the flower
    lafontaine– the fountain (of points)
    messier– savior
    holmstrom– doorway

  65. Carp,

    Sorry it took so long to respond (long…LOOOOONGG day at work), but yes we might just need a crease clearing d man in my opinion (actually I really think we need two, but until we dump rozy and his salary I’ll be happy with just one).


    Ms Wicky (and I)say good afternoon/evening to you!

    Le loup = the wolf in French btw.

    All I need to know about brash as a teammate is that Mess loved him in vancouver so I’m glad he is a ranger (that’s the only endorsement I’d need).

  66. oh yea, gotta say goodnight to my buddy laurel. see ya tommorow laurel, staal, ccccp, wick, orr, greg, all bonheads!! have some good dreams. dream of wade redden scoring on the pp!!! haha, yea!!!!

  67. I wish that Fedor Tyutin (Toot-in’) could have been on the same team as Darren Puppa (Poopa)

  68. No Country For Old Rangers on

    not sure if he ever played in the NHL but…

    Corey Pecker

    also Fedor Fedorov is a pretty good name too

  69. Mike Pelluso. i know that guy. he thought I was a stud. eh went out with my ex-wifes best friend.

    He was a thug on the rink though. only way he made it in the NHL

  70. Orland Kurenbach would definitely win he name contest except for the fact that Harold Snepsts wore no helmet, had a receding hairline and a huge bushy (read:porno) mustache, and played for the Canucks when they had those gigantic muticolored V’s on the frfont of their jerseys.

  71. Good morning, Carp, JOSH, Grabachev, CCCP, Laural…etc
    I haven’t read any news yet but, is Dubi signed yet?

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