Messier’s back, Prospal’s in


In case you missed these two stories from Larry Brooks in the Post today, Mark Messier has returned to the Rangers organization as an assistant to Glen Sather.

The story says that Messier isn’t necessarily Sather’s heir apparent, but, c’mon.

Brooks also had the Rangers signing free agent Vinny Prospal for one year and $1.1 million, We all know that Prospal played for John Tortorella in Tampa Bay, but we also have seen the YouTube clip where Prospal ripped Tortorella after a game.

More thoughts on all of this later.

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  1. I agree, definitely a smart and cheap signing.

    It’s awesome to see Mess back in the organization (we all knew this was going to happen eventually).

  2. Interesting signing. Bad season last year but this guy consistantly has good year, bad year, good year, bad year… He’s due for a good year, hope he has a good one, a very good one.

  3. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    As far as messier replacing Sather, I don’t doubt it.
    But please, don’t give him the job because of who he is or what he was as a player.

    Sather can’t get the job done, but does Messier know talent?
    I like to see the ranger improve their scouting.

  4. HockeymanRangers on

    Wow apparently the Prospal signing just happened, I do not see it any other place, in fact I can’t find where larry brooks has it listed??? Prospal is a good player hopefully he can gel with someone, this ups our weapon list.
    The Messier thing we all saw this coming I think, it was just a matter of when. But it looks like they are doing it right slowly bringing him in and breaking him in. I think some people can’t see him as GM but I think he will be great for us. Messy will do everything in HIS power to win us THE cup.

  5. Thanks,Rick for saving me, but suicidal repost:
    I know,I’ll be in minority,but I do believe that Dubi IS disposable material for trade.You can’t really not to like the guy for his tremendous efforts every shift,big heart, but it only emphasize lack of talent(one can’t buy it)and vision(still very young – can develop in future), bottom line – slightly above average but not very strong upside.Made too many terrible mistakes,too many clueless “square eyes” fast skating last season(very annoying to watch) which was forgiven only because of “total public love”(absolutely deserved).Just my opinion.
    I hope you not gona’ eat me alive and make me enemy of the Ranger State.
    Very fasinated by Mess news and like Prospal signing, have a feeling it will help team chemestry, besides other things.

  6. sure messier has an eye for talent. he only needs to learn how to sign a check n smoke cigars and already he’ll be as good as sather. but i dont think he will be replacing sather anytime soon. shoney might first with mess being assistant gm or neither do and somebody else does. all depends if mess wants to leave his legacy as it is, or potentially screw it up. who knows if he does become gm, if he can handle making decisions that important and if hes ready to accept thepressure of fans and press scrutinizing everything he does like glen. yea, for awhile he’ll be given free pass, but he might just wanna stay behind the scenes like gravey. although mess would always have the rangers best interest at heart, and we all know he can handle alot of pressure. even if its a different kind of pressure than playing a game.

  7. mess would be great as coach i think. i never saw him as a gm type. i think hes pretty emotional so hed be great behind the bench, i always saw him as a head coach one day.he knows hockey and how to win.

  8. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    first off, I wonder if Sather is planning to retire after this season. I doubt it, but I just wonder.

    Secondly, I can’t stand when people (in general, not here) think that just because you were a great player, you will automatically be great in management. It is two different fields and requires two different talents. We have the great one in Phoenix and we see what kind of team they have.

    I hope Jim Schoenfeld gets a chance before Messier.

  9. mess is hired. he’ll be getting general managing 101 from the master himself!! how cool is that?? lets hope all this change sather is making, from the coaching staff to the playrs is all setting mess up for the job. hope he does better than slats and wouldnt it be great if we win a cup with as gm?? both times we won he wouldve been the architect behind it one way or another. just hope hes cut out for it. i still think he should start as a coach first. now that we have torts its out of the question, but i guess he’ll do fine. as long as he doesnt cry at every press conference.

  10. gravey- agree 100%. like i said, its alot of pressure and yes, he can handle it, but as a gm of a team, its much different. lets hope he is up for the job. cuz it seems like he will be replacing him soon. slats is gettin old. maybe shoney replaces him, then mess replaces shoney. thats how i see it

  11. Sorry Grachev and Lisin. Maybe you’ll get some ice time next season. Of course, I’m sure there is another mid 30s 15 goal scorer that can be brought in instead of you guys next season too.

  12. Have not posted in a while. Yet again signing a washed up vet who will
    Be in the way of a kid. No matter who comes in here it always winds up
    As the same old.

  13. i love how people on this board have set a roster spot for Grachev even though he has yet to play a game in the NHL, ya he has great junior hockey numbers, so did pavel brendl.
    You already know what you will get with prospal, plus it gives us extra depth at centre, something we are lacking… now we dont need to put all our faith in dubi and have him pointless for another 18 games straight like last year…

  14. Great (or not so great) players turned manager/coach who completely failed at their new jobs?

    Bryan Trottier. Bob Clarke. Wayne Gretzky. Glen Sather… anyone else?

  15. crazy- i see what youre sayin. prospal is a good player who will help at center. i just dont get why sather wouldnt get duby signed first. then fill out the roster. duby is still very young. he is priority over guys like 34 yr old prospal who might score 20. yea its good to have insurance like that. and i agree grachev is not ready yet for the nhl. he is off to a great start to his pro career, but i already knew he was hartford bound. theres just too many guys here with much more experience. let him develop the right way. hes only 19

  16. this signing ruined my good feelings i had about Sather’s off season.
    Another aging vet, who will be in the way of a younger player making the Team.
    Anisimov, Boyle, and Lisin will all be hurt by this.

  17. With sather signing Prospal, it gives him leverage on dubi, i’m sure dubi’s agent would be trying to argue that dubi is going to be the rangers #1 centre so he deserves #1 centre money, now sather can say there is more competition and that dubi might be a 2nd or 3rd centre and get him at a more reasonable rate

  18. Dubi has no leverage. The only chance he has is to sign an offer sheet. Otherwise he is going to have to come in at close to Sather’s number. The rangers control him for at least 2 more seasons, maybe 3.

  19. duby will have to play this season at his qualifying offer if he cant come to an agreement. which is something like 600 or 700k.
    NEW YORK POST: Larry Brooks reports the Rangers have signed veteran Vaclav Prospal to a one-year, $1.1 million contract.

    SPECTOR’S NOTE: Analysis later today on my blog. It’s interesting to note Prospal can also play center as well as wing, which could prove invaluable should Brandon Dubinsky be unable to handle the first line center job. This should also bring to an end the speculation of Brad Richards or Dany Heatley being dealt to the Rangers.
    on now.

  20. It looked like cigar puss is right back signing old washed up guys. I mean Tampa bought him out,Tampa so if they think it’s better to eat cap space with a buy out then why would sather sign him…. oOoooo I know sather sucks!!!!!!

  21. Prospal is not a center let alone a number 1 center. If they were looking to just put a guy there that can play center why not put Cally or Higgins. Both can play center. This move doesn’t make sense. Plus its strange when Larry Brooks likes something the Rangers do. I still think there are a few more moves to be made and I think Buillion is a Ranger also by Monday.

  22. Brooks is stating that Dubinsky will almost have to play for the 700k Q.O. this season in lieu of a Offer-sheet from another club.

    Its crazy to think that we could have Prospal AND Dubinsky for the price i thought it would cost us for JUST Dubinsky.

    This is a good signing, and now gives the Rangers all next season to work out a better deal with Dubinksy.

    I DONT THINK THIS MEANS DUBINSKY GETS TRADED NOW – i think Prospal is insurance if Dubinsky cant handle number 1 duties

  23. This isn’t a bad move; Prospal is going to be another support winger to help Gabby. Also, suppose Gabby tweaks his groin and is out for 10-15 games, the Rangers need some guys to cover, draw the oppositions top D and score some goals besides Cally/Higgins.

    I don’t think this will impact Anisimov or Lissin that much. Maybe Voros or Byers.

    I’m not thrilled about Mess being back after all the politics he played in NY with the Kurri/McSorely trade as an example, but it’s cool as long as he doesn’t become the puppet master or mess with Schoenfeld and Gordie Clark.

  24. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    john Sch-muckler wasn’t a great player,neither was ron lowe but they still sucked big time

  25. According to if the Rangers use Gilroy, Sauer (with a $165K signing bonus) give Dubi $1.9, and have Anisimov, Lisin, Boyle, and even Voros on the roster, they’d still have 1.3 million of cap room left…..not too shabby.

  26. If the last 2 Rumors are true we have some great depth next season, and are still 1.6 million under the cap while fielding a 22 man roster ……. Amazing !!!

    Marian Gaborik — $7,500,000
    Chris Drury — $7,050,000
    Ales Kotalik — $3,000,000
    Ryan Callahan — $2,300,000
    Chris Higgins — $2,250,000
    Sean Avery — $1,937,500
    Donald Brashear — $1,400,000
    Vinny Prospal — $1,100,000
    Aaron Voros — $1,000,000
    Artem Anisimov — $821,666
    Enver Lisin — $790,000
    Brandon Dubinsky— $700,000
    Brian Boyle — $525,000
    Wade Redden — $6,500,000
    Michal Rozsival — $5,000,000
    Matt Gilroy — $1,750,000
    Daniel Girardi — $1,550,000
    Framcis Bouillon — $1,000,000
    Marc Staal — $826,666
    Corey Potter — $550,000
    Henrik Lundqvist — $6,875,000
    Steve Valiquette — $725,000

    SALARY CAP $56,800,000
    PAYROLL $55,150,832
    BONUSES $0
    CAP SPACE $1,649,168

  27. If he plays center, it affects Anisimov.
    your centers would be.
    Drury, Dubi, Prospal, and 4th line center. That won’t be Anisimov.
    If he plays wing, there is again a trickle down affect, that would hurt Lisin. Unless you want him on the 4th line.

  28. It’s a good signing for the simple fact is, if he doesnt play well….we waive him at a min. cost to us.

    Let the young guys continue developing & if prospal sucks, we waive him and bring up whomever is ready.

    I think there is something going on with Dubi, that is not being written about. Dont know what it is…..

  29. I think Torts is going to give Anisimov every chance to either be the 3rd line center or even play with Gaborik, it’s all up to him.

    Also this is Torts so if Lisin starts the season on the 4th line, he can work his way up if he has a hot hand or if the PP stinks again he’ll be finding himself with some PP chances. Lisin has over 50 games of NHL experience so he’s subject to waivers and is going nowhere.

    Prospal’s not a natural center so it will most likely hurt Byers/Owens/Weisse which stinks but I’m sure there will be callups and maybe one of these kids can beat out Voros or Arnason.

  30. can’t say i like the prospal signing at all. having him and kotalik as wingers on this team is not a great thing for the team as a whole or the young kids who were hoping to play on the 3rd line, etc.

    dubinsky is a questionable 1st line center, prospal is not even a 2nd line center so really the thought of him actually taking ice time away from dubinsky isn’t too likely but now there is less money to sign dubinsky for this year so he’s a threat in that sense

  31. The Rangers have more than enough money to sign Dubinsky unless a team is stupid enough to sign him to a deal for more than 3 mil a year which the Rangers would gladly accept the 1st and 3rd round picks as compensation…

  32. Anytime u or any of the other rangers beat writers feel like working and breaking your own stories, let us know because right now it seems Larry is the only one doing his job.

  33. He might be 34 but when Straka and Nylander came to NY they were 33. Here’s to hoping he has a season like those two did in 05-06.

    So now there is the Czech posse 3.0 which is cool. Does anyone know if our good buddy Rozi is playing in the Olympics this year?

  34. Once again, the Kotalik signing proves to be a waste. Ugh. I don’t mind this signing at all, who knows, maybe he can have a Nylander type season playing with a guy like Gabby, like Nyls did with Jags.

    Unfortunately, Lisin, or Anisimov, or both have to be get hurt cause of the signing.

    Stupid Kotalik !

    Although, im pretty sure sooner or later, Dreary, and Kotalik will be playing so bad, that they’ll get replaced, and lose ice time, and the younger guys who actually care more, will get more ice time.

  35. Where's Pavelich? on

    CCCP – Denis Savard

    The team is still soft.. although he cant fight Dubs does give us some some size, grit and seems to care (all intangibles that put him above the $700k qualifier)..

    ..Prospal is another aging vet that will have to have a roster spot , who used to be good, but just seems like a typical Ranger pick up..having said that, $1MM aint too bad… PS- I am having really bad feelings about the Kotalik signing

  36. i dont see why Prospal is guaranteed to make the team…1.1 mil (if its true) is not much at all. If Prospal has a bad training camp, he wont make the team or if he does will be playing on the 3rd or 4th lines…

  37. PAV

    It’s gonna take something amazing by Kotalik to change my opinion of him. It’s pathetic. I wouldn’t give a crap if it was a one year deal, but three fuggin years ?

    I still cant tell how this team will be. I just don’t have a great feeling.

    I hope this signing means Slats is passing on Bouillon.

  38. This just shows how bad the Kotalik signing was- three years and a no trade??????

    Btw, I got murdered on here for saying dubi had no leverage and would be coming back on the cheap- now you guys are just accepting uncle larrys take? What has changed?

  39. Olga Folkyerself on

    Signing another 34 year old bought out by Tampa Bay. Another scratch and dent sale, Glen? Welcome to the “Glen Sather Reality Tour! Draft picks to the back of the bus to Hartford! Muffin stumps anyone?

    I hope to God Messier doesn’t learn to be a GM by watching Sather! I really wanted a GM that knew how to run a team. Instead, we still have Stogypuss and the bald-headed fart standing in the wings. Will Sather leave or is he going to be Presidente-For-Life with an added layer of his cronies underneath?

    The more I look at this year’s team, the queasy-er my stomach feels. It looks like a bunch of pieces gathered from various cars at the Pick-A-Part. Once put together, it just might roll down the hill and coast into 8th place.

    Another season of “Wait ’til next Year!”

    Fire Sather!
    Leave a Mess!

  40. Maybe this is going to be like a tryout and they will waive Prospal if Boyle and Anisimov beat him for spots. However, Boyle can probably still pass through waivers freely. Another scenario could be Prospal being a healthy scratch, but given his history with Tortorella, I would be wary of that. Hopefully, this doesn’t mean anything for Dubinsky, except that Prospal will be competing alongside him to play on the Gaborik line.

  41. Two thoughts:

    First, isnt it crazy to think we are paying $1.1 million to a 25 goal scorer (Prospal) and $1.0 million to a 5 goal scorer in VOROS?? What an AWFUL signing that was last yr.

    Second, this is a good signing IMHO… This gives us another year to give Grachev some experience in North America and gives us additional depth on the wings with Higgins, Avery, Lisin, Cally etc…

  42. dubi still has leverage but like i said before he is overplaying what leverage he does have, ie he wanted more money per year in a long term contract than the rangers were willing to give at this time. so yes he may have outmaneuvered himself (seemingly at the behest of his agent) but that doesn’t mean he didn’t turn down a significant long-term offer

  43. Afternoon all,
    Good signing,
    I hope Sather is not going to teach Messier the ropes, we don’t need Sather Jr.

  44. Where's Pavelich? on

    ..the $3 Mil/yr for Kotalik pretty much makes it (another) untradable contract .. the funny thing is that the general feeling was that the Kotalik signing was made to help Drury justify his $7 mil+/yr

    ..remind, again, how “Slats” still has this gig??

  45. I like the move… Prospol is a low-risk, decent-reward type of player at this point. Whatever blemishes in the past between he and Torts is in the past, and I doubt very much that he would have been signed if Torts didn’t want him here!

    I do get the feeling however that there will be a ‘major’ trade to hit this organization down the road. I’m not saying it happens now (probably won’t), or even before this season’s trade deadline necessarily either. I do think that one or a few of our top young players will be dealt for another top-flight NHL star.

    Because of salary cap structure and the pending long-term contract negotiations with Marc Staal… the Rangers will have some big decisions to make and there will be players left out of the fold. Of course time and the days to come will mold what kind of moves will have to be made. But I really see trouble down the road for those who feel that all of these young players are going to fit nicely together under the bankroll.


  46. Where's Pavelich? on

    one thing, $1 mil 1 yr for Prospal is sooo much better than Kotalik at 3mil for 3 yrs..

  47. Great signing.

    I gotta agree with Roc – all this talk of Prospal as a center is silly.
    After all, Higgins has played a more games at center than Prospal, He’d make far more sense than Prospal at Pivot – nevermind as a #1 guy.
    However, Prospal won 53% of the draws he took last year.

    I think Vaclav’s a bargain and I’m shocked Nashville didn’t sign him.
    If his pattern holds true, he is due a big bounce in points – we could see 25+ goals out of him. I think he’s 2nd line bound, but If he ends up flanking Dubi and Gabby, that’s a sweet 1st line. Plus, he is said to be great in the locker room.

    Plus, he has banked cash from the buyout and gets to prove himself on a cheap 1 year deal.

    And those bashing Kotalik – remember he is a Power Play AND shootout demon. He has scored 20+ PP goals in 3 of the last 4 seasons. The ONLY guy to top 20 PP points on the Rangers last year?

    Chris Drury.

  48. Signing Kotalik makes me hate Drury even more.

    It’s crazy how things changed. I used to love Drury, then he scored that goal with 7 secs left, and raped us the entire series, scoring a couple of goals in game 6, finishing the job. Then we sign him, and im back to loving him, and he has a semi bad year, but a decent 1st round, then a crappy 2nd round, then a garbage 2nd year, taking the Captaincy which he clearly couldn’t handle, and made stupid comments aboot blowing a 4 goal lead, and losing in OT, saying it wouldn’t ruin his X-mas.

    We sign Kalinin to bring him a friend to make him feel more comfy, that didn’t work out, so we overpay for another one of his garbage Buffalo buddies, and that WONT WORK OUT !!!


    Why cant we get one of his buddies that are actually worth it ? Roy, Pomminville, Vanek, someone who’s actually GOOD !

    Watch next year, or this year we’ll be trading to get pig-man Tim Connolly.

    I wish we could have traded Dreary, instead of Blowmez. I wanted them both gone, but I would prefer Blowmez over that pathetic wannabe leader.

  49. i can assure you that if Dubi is centering the 1st line, Avery will not.

    you cant have two 15-20 (at most) goal scorers on your top line and expect to win many games…

  50. Prospal will be 35 in mid-season. Can we just bring back every downside vet who needs a job and get it over with? Too many kids would spoil the Rangers version of Sunset Nursing Home. Sather has gone completely nuts!

  51. I think Bettman would make a better GM than Sather, at this point. Can they just trade jobs?

    Is Sather plastered on a three-martini lunch when he makes these ridiculous signings?

  52. ORR –



    As far as I’m concerned, Kotalik can do a Kovalev impression and shoot wide 80% of the time this season, as long as he puts up 25 PP points and scores 5 -7 shootout goals along the way.

    We need to do the jedi mind trick on Sather:
    *waves hand*
    “These are not the wingers you are looking for.”

  53. You know something – I am bypassing the football season, thanks to the Eagles signing “Mad Dog Vick,” and I have just decided to bypass this coming hockey season, as well. It is too much to suffer, being an Eagles fan and a Rangers fan, at this time.

    Good luck to everyone and maybe check in with you all a year down the road. NOT WATCHING A SINGLE GAME, this year, I swear.

    OUTTA HERE! Too many good books to read.

  54. Celcius –
    Pick up some stuff by Michael Connolly – His “Harry Bosch” series (about an L.A. Homicide detective) is amazing – I’m 4 novels in, and his stuff is great!

    As for abandoning football – I decided the same when the National Felons League gave Vick a slap on the wrist. My sundays will be far more productive.

    But Boycotting the NHL?
    The Rangers have nowhere to go but up – Especially with Messier coming back it means we are THAT much closer to a Sather exit.

  55. Where does the Messier return leave Jim Schoenfeld? He’s been a loyal soldier down the years; would think he’d be ticketed for a bigger job somewhere.

  56. How many times have we heard somebody say that picking up that over-the-hill vet will give the kids time to develop at Hartford?

    When do the kids actually get a chance to see if they can play at the NHL level? How many more non-impact players is Sather going to sign? Already, he’s picked up Arnason, Brashear, Higgins, Kotalik, now Prospal. Big Deal. Picking up a bunch of mediocre or worse players will not make your team good.

  57. Rangers and Eagles fan? Wow, that’s pretty crazy.

    Everyone needs to remember with Torts that lines change on the fly depending on who has the hot hand or who is forchecking the best so whatever starts the season will not be the same as soon as the next night perhaps. We could see a line of Higgins-Drury-Lisin or even Brashear-Anisimov-Callahan for all we know.

  58. Why is everyone assuming that Messier is going to eat some Garden food and crap out the GM position?

    He was hired as a ‘Special’ assistant. Not Assistant General Manager. It’s a huge difference. He’s basically a glorified intern. Don’t get me wrong, I love bringin him in officially. However, Jim Schoenfeld would be the next man to fill in the GM role… if he would still want it when the time came.

    I personally don’t see Glen retiring any time in the next few years… I can see him being here for at least 3 or so seasons.


  59. Messier has been handed this assistant position.
    I agree Slats is probably 2 years away from announcing an exit, and Shoenfeld is likely next in line. Could Mess be in line to be an assistant when that happens? maybe. But Messier being bought back into the organization in this way indicates there are definite plans for him.

    It takes a LONG time to groom someone. Look how long Maloney hung around.

  60. Olga Folkyerself on

    “I personally don’t see Glen retiring any time in the next few years… I can see him being here for at least 3 or so seasons.”

    Noooooooo! I’m not listening! (fingers in ears) La, la, la, la, la, la, la,….

  61. Schoenfield all the way. Come on!! Who does Mess think he is?Sather aint that dumb.You got it wrong. Dead wrong.

  62. Oh man, so my only day off this week and I’m working around the house. My wife walks up to me after putting the girls down for their naps and asks if I have been online yet for any rangers news (she follows the team as much as I do), and I say not yet. Next thing I hear out of the other room is her yelling “we’re going to be effing marshmallows, we signed effing prospal”. Gonna be a long day!!

    I have no problem signing a vet player to fill a need (see last thread, War and Pieces-to the ranger puzzle, by Wicky229, coming to book stores soon) IE a banging d man or a forward like bertuzzi. But this guy I do not like the signing of for three reasons: soft soft soft (see above statement by Ms. Wicky229), his point output and style of play could have been equalled by a younger guy (i say COULD) like lisin, and finally lockerroom chemistry (he and torts just seemed to not get along and that is all we need here, players and coaches not on the same page).

    I do not feel this move will effect AA, I think he has a spot on the big club and it is his to lose. Dubi….hmmm.

    Well, I was hoping everyone would be spared this with the next slats signing, but have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to all!

  63. I don’t want a GM that cries after we lose a game. We need someone with balls !

    Shoney has balls the size of Barry Bonds head. Just take a look at that game against the Avs. I love it, calling out Laperierre, and telling him to get the fugg off the ice, and bad mouthing him. Hilarious. Then when Granato was following into the locker room after the game, he didn’t run scared, he turned around and wanted a piece !

    I with team Shoeny on this, i don’t know if Mess would do that great of a job to be honest. But ill settle for anyone not named Sather.

  64. Messier wanted the job earlier.He is not qualified.They don’t know what to do with him. Perhaps if Torts has a problem during the season he could fill in. How does that sound?

  65. And the Messier hiring is nothing more then a “Glorified Positional Hiring”.

    I mean, what the hell is “Special Assistant GM” ??? It’s not even a real job … It’s the same as Detroit hiring Yzerman, St. Louis hiring MacInnis, etc.

    Its so they can get a taste of Front Office duties to see if they would/could consider a future job there (internship)… nothing more

    Messier is not replacing anybody, anytime soon

  66. I dont think you can call Prospal old and washed up just because Tampa Bay bought out his contract ….. Tampa doesnt know what the hell they are doing over there

    The resign D. Boyle to a ridiculous 6 year deal with a NTC and then trade him months later…. They resign Richards to a ridiculous contract then trade him a year or two later …. they resign Prospal then buy him out months later …. Resign Vinny and give him a NTC and then have been rumored to want to move him ever since.

    This is a good, CHEAP, 1 year depth signing in case Dubi gets traded or cant handle 1st line duties, or if AA, B. Boyle, or Lisin aren’t ready to play a full, 82 game NHL season just yet

  67. I think Torts would not have agreed with bringing Prospal to teh Rangers if they still had problems.

    Does anyone really think Slats signed an ex tampa player WITHOUT talking to tortorella first? Remember when the rumor was “Torts hates Avery so he’ll never come to the Rangers”?

    Lecavalier was very upset when Tampa bought Prospal out and from all reports I’ve read, he is a great veteran presence in the locker room. I don’t see Lisin scoring 20 goals, let alone 25 that Prospal has proven he can put up.

    I prefer both Kotalik and Prospal to Bertuzzi.
    Bertuzzi is a shadow of the player he was and is EXACTLY the kind of guy we don’t need – overpaid, slow and unproductive.

  68. Somerset – Macinnis has a big role in St. Louis.
    he’s now their Vice President of Hockey Operations.

    He was on the draft table and is very involved with their younger players. Much more than a glorified intern – but he is also a few years in.

    Mess hasn’t even gotten his picture taken for his MSG I.D. badge yet.

  69. Rob E…

    Exactly, he is a few years in, and has a big role in Management

    Im sure the Rangers have the same plans for Messier (if Messier likes what he sees in Front Office work), but i keep reading that this hiring means Sather and/or Shoney should start packing their bags and that is ridiculous to me.

    Give it 2 to 3 years before Messier is officially calling some shots, until then i say he’s a glorified intern who can maybe do a little scouting and put his 2 cents in when asked

  70. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    Hey all. Good to be back after a much needed hiatus. Most of you know me, whether you’ve read my comments or supported/disagreed with something i have said. Anyway, I did some travelling and started grad school so it’s a little busy but I’m here for the season (as much as possible).

    I like the Prospal signing, esp for cheap. I wish I could say that was the signing they needed to make them a contender… but it’s not. They will have a rough season I think. Playing the run and gun may help them produce offensively, but it’s going to make it a much harder season for Hank and unless Hank wins the Vezina, I see the Rangers finishing bottom of the Eastern playoff pack, at best. First round knock-out, if they get that far. It’s not an easy prediction, but it’s one I have to make given the losses of Zherdev, Gomez, and Antropov. If Gaborik can play 70+ games he’ll plug up some of the holes (notice his recent career numbers too [when he plays], decent positive player in terms of plus/minus). But i just don’t see a defensive squad like this being able to help against the opposing on-slaught which happens during a wide-open hockey game. Actually, I think Rozsival will be exposed moreso than ever and I think Redden will be a little worse as well. Even so, that neglects the fact that they likely have a college kid playing as their 5th D-man and, it’s looking right now, a farm-boy in the 6th slot… it’s going to be a long season, but i’ll be watching as much as I can.

    Fantastic link to the Prospal youtube hilight, btw. Prospal: “I hope to shove it up someone’s… [rear].” Classic.

  71. From TSN…

    “The move will reunite Prospal with John Tortorella who Prospal coached Prospal in two separate stints with Tampa Bay”

    I wonder if they get paid on the TSN website, i could use a job.

    Lol, and here’s what a Ranger fan wrote aboot the signing.

    “Good signing. At least 40 pts for the season. Now, Please sign Betts!!”

    Lol, i wonder if that was Renney.

  72. it is dumb and demoralizing by Sather to be a penny pincher to his own Ranger players who bleed blue, but he hands out cash freely, and longterm contracts, to mercenaries from other teams who were either bought out, moved out, or injured frequently.

    not a good formula for the kids and prospects of the Rangers. they are treated like 2nd class citizens on the team they care for more than the privileged outsiders being given the golden welcome mat by Sather.

  73. ORR ..

    Ha – i read and thought the same thing !! The people who commented on there were OVERWHELMINGLY positive about the Prospal signing.

    It was really weird to read like 12 positive comments in a row.

    At this point i’d like to see Dubi maybe packaged in a deal as a “sweetener” to get rid of Rozsival. I mean with AA, Grachev, and Stephan looking like really good Centers in the next 1-2 years … Dubinsky is expendable

    Maybe a Dubinsky/Rozy trade to Toronto for Stajan/Exelby would be nice.

  74. Lol, yeah they’re way to positive.

    And if we really trade Dubi now, i would be so pissed. Especially since at one time we could have gotten Heatley, but that ship has sailed with a couple of pointless signings.

    I hope this whole thing gets settled. What’s next, we lose Staal next season ? Ugh, i cant take this much longer, it gets harder and harder each year, to be a fan of this team.

  75. Orr ..

    Look at it this way, These one year signings/trades are stop-gaps to let the kids develop. I mean Gilroy and AA are definitely making the team, and im sure 1 other rookie will too (Potter, Sangs, or Byers). Thats 3 rookies … thats pretty good. I think its unrealistic to expect the Rangers to field a 5-6 rookie opening night roster.

    The Rangers are a playoff team that expects to make the next step into contention soon — but most posters on here expect a stripped down, “rebuilding team” attitude that is just not warranted.

    Having a blend of Speed and Skill, Veterans and Youth should be expected with 1-2 rookies making the jump every year …. and I think we have that now.

  76. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    I agree with you, but the problem is when Sather goes and throws a bijillion dollars at a guy who only average 30 games a season. And then he throws 2.8million at a guy who can’t skate (Brashear). Since the offseason when they made the signings of Drury and Gomez, this team has taken 1 step forward (making the playoffs and playing decent/if not well) and then 2 steps backwards during the off-season.
    Drury and Gomez signed, Rozsival and Redden signed, Gaborik signed… all paid way too much money!

  77. I think everyone’s being too hard on Tampa this year; they’ve done some whacky stuff but signing Ohlund to mentor Hedman was brilliant and Matt Walker and Nittymaaki were good pickups. Plus they also drafted Carter Ashton which was a solid move and Stamkos will only get better.

    As far as the Rangers and Prospal, remember the only real top forward prospect who is potentially ready is Anisimov and he should center the 3rd line this year if he’s done his homework. Grachev could use another year in Brampton or Hartford no rush there, and Stepan still has much if his college career left so no hurry there.

  78. Mike A …

    I agree with the Rangers analysis (not so much TB) but having Prospal as an insurance policy in case Dubinsky doenst resign or Gabby gets hurt, or Kotalik and Drury dont click again or Boyle, AA and Lisin arent ready for full time NHL duties just makes so much sense and shouldnt be lumped into “Bad Sather F.A. Signings” of the past.

    Prospal signed a 1 year/1 million dollar contract – its not a huge gamble there for a guy who will give us 45-55 points.

  79. True Fans …

    But Gomez fetched us Higgins, McDonaugh, and Valentenko. So we basically got those 3 players and we gave up a guy we signed as a Free Agent anyway.

    Granted, an expensive Free Agent that gave us two crappy years of service but in the real-estate game Sather bought a house (fixed it up over two years) and flipped it into 3 more properties

  80. prospal may not be horrible but his coming here will hurt a young player if prospal plays regularly. maybe lisin isn’t ready to play all the time, but barring trading dubinsky for a defenseman or a winger (which I don’t want to do), prospal isn’t playing center. if he is playing center then that hurts anisimov

  81. I bet hank is sitting at home going Jesus H Christ, can I just get some grit on D please, not another soft forward!

  82. Has anyone buy Larry Brooks confirmed the Prospal thing? doesn’t have it, neither does the official Rangers site, and every other report I have seen is simply quoting Brooks

  83. Sauer will provide grit on D if he makes the team along with Heikennen who throws the hip check after reading up on him, and if the Rangers choose to sign Boullion, he’s another banger despite his small frame.

    I’m not too worried about Anisimov as from that interview that Carp posted he’s doing his homework. If he has a great camp then either him, Drury, Dubi, or Prospal goes to the wing.

    Lisin will be like Prucha in his first year; he started on the 4th line and when he showed he had something he worked his way up and got PP time.

  84. Thank tr…. I just find it funny that the official Ranger site and both mentioned the Messier thing and not Prospal, and the only sources we have are Brooks and a czech site that doesn’t translate well at all

  85. 4everranger said:

    “Thanks,Rick for saving me, but suicidal repost:
    I know,I’ll be in minority,but I do believe that Dubi IS disposable material for trade.You can’t really not to like the guy for his tremendous efforts every shift,big heart, but it only emphasize lack of talent(one can’t buy it)and vision(still very young – can develop in future), bottom line – slightly above average but not very strong upside.Made too many terrible mistakes,too many clueless “square eyes” fast skating last season(very annoying to watch) which was forgiven only because of “total public love”(absolutely deserved).Just my opinion.”

    I agree. I think his lack of vision cannot be made up for by “heart”. Every time he skates in to the offensive zone with his wingers, he crowds one of them against the boards stagnating play and opportunities.
    I think hes overrated plain and simple. It seems like he’s pricing himself out of a job too. This has got to be a hard day for him given the signing of Prospal.

    So did Mess have to get permission from that cold medicine company before he took the A GM job?

  86. to think that if dubinsky doesnt get an offer from another team we may have prospal and dubbie for the cost of dubbie is a steal.

    waiting it out is really smart it seems.

  87. has confirmed the Prospal thing.

    Dubi rocks, he bleeds Ranger blue and will get around 50 points. Remember he’s only 23 and has already played in over 165 NHL games and 17 playoff games. He’ll get better and be a 55-60 point guy. Patience.

  88. prospal signing is good. 1 year. thats all. pretty cheap too for a 40-50 point guy. im more concerned that the signing means duby is being traded. if duby doesnt and he plays this year, it’ll be for his QO of 650 or 700k. then this season he has an oppurtunity to earn the money he wants. i think he isnt a top center yet,and he will prove alot this year to become that and get paid. what i wanna know is how much cap space do we have left after this signing to resign duby. i have a feeling if they cant work out a deal, duby will walk next year. sather should at least gvive him a 1 yr deal for 1.5 and work out a better deal next summer. if he doewsnt like that, then o well, trade him

  89. MikeA

    I agree, but a whole lot of ifs and the way i see it, redden (not going anywhere), staal, girardi, gilroy, rozy (due to salary and need for more physical players like you mentioned above, has to be dealt) have 5 d spots locked up, so IF we sign bouillon, that is 6th spot. Still not quite physical enough in my opinion!

    So now, if we have signed prospal, all the tampa reunion tour rumors will start, here comes richards!!

    On a lighter note, received a tweet with the mid summer hockey power rankings and for the sens ranked at #16 this was the comment “As evidenced in Post-World War I Europe, never underestimate a recently powerful entity that has been mortally humiliated”

  90. wicky- how big are ya? can ya play d and hit? why dont ya show up at camp and show the youngins how to play physical d!! lol, j/k budy but seriously, thats the only way we’ll see a physical hard hitting d man this year. i played d for few years. how bout we show up at camp and tell slats we’ll do the job for half price!! no, i cant i smoke. and i will probably get into a fight with redden. nope, but you can!

  91. ZzZz 11 ZzZz " MESSIER IS BACK!!!! " ... says Greg L. on

    The moose is back and don’t be fooled by his new “title” . It is a real job and now Messier is finaly on the payroll.
    Messier ooozes winning and having him aboard only makes sense. I’d love to see Mess as an assistant coach but his legacy is perty huge and he will start…at the top.

    Prospal very interesting.He wont take any jobs away from anyone. Everyone earns thier spot so all is fair. If AA can’t earn a spot over a guy who gonna be 40 …

  92. I agree with the point that Dubbi overrated for the money he is asking. He has to earn first. Cally earned, may be overpaid a little be, but earned.

    MikeA, prospol signing is not confirmed by NYR officials…
    and when “Dubi rocks”– then he has to be paid. Why upfront? For 2 years did not see anything special.

  93. I hope this isn’t Uncle Larry up to his old tricks again!!!! Reporting things and in 24 hours telling us it hit a snag and the deal falls through.

  94. Mike in IA,

    6′ and 215. I’d def play for the league minimum. I’ve lost enough teeth due to hockey and football in college, I’d fit right in on the team pick, but (always a but) don’t quite think my skating is up to “speed” for the NHL level, hell it’s barely there for beer league any more. Besides, got to spend most of my free time teaching my girls the game! So tell slats I’ll have to pass, but I’d take a few free game tix!!!!

  95. Just got a tweet from gross and this is what it said about prospal: “Still a few small items to work out on Vinnie Prospal contract, no official announcement expected today”

  96. Laurel Babcock on

    Wow, I missed a lot of good chat today, and only skimmed on the comments, but I had to chime in on this:


    Heard the news on the radio driving this morning and literally raised my fist and shouted out loud. Whatever happens, I am thrilled he’s finally back and involved. Mike(Grabachev)in IA said it best..”he knows hockey and how to win.”

    Carp: Aww, you’re right. Poor Espo.

  97. wicky- were about same size. im 6’1″ 225. lost few teeth as well. got the butt end of a stick right in the cheek and didnt knock out, but loosened 2 teeth. thank god they werent the two fronts lol. and in a fight(non hockey related, in a bar) got beer bottle in the face. im in my prime though!! im only 28. but, yea, like you, im not fast enough. thats why i was on d to begin with. but i have good top speed, just not enough acceleration. lets face it, id be like colton orr but on d., lol

  98. oh and yea my daughter is learning the game too. she keeps askin when hockey comes back. she thought it was done i told her no its just for the summer. kids are funny.

  99. Laurel Babcock on

    Oops, forget to say I also agree with Greg on Mess….this can only be good for us and I’m sooo happy he’s with the Rangers!

  100. Laurel Babcock on

    Mike/Grab…I can’t take it anymore…I must put a face to your posts..send me a pic at and I PROMISE I won’t share :) Please? You got to see me after all….

  101. ZzZz 11 ZzZz " MESSIER IS BACK!!!! " ... says Greg L. on

    Why would Sather pay Dubinsky a raise for about 2 million a year when he already has him at a low $800,00 or so?

    We are in a Cap Era folks …this is what a cap situation is like. If there was no Salary Cap then Dubinsky would be signed already. Sather need to juggle payment and Dubinsky is a victum of the league rules not Sather. Sather is trying to build a team here , Pleasing Dubinsky now is not financially the smart thing to do right now.I don’t like it but…blame Bettman or someone else. Sather is the perfect guy for this job as Ranger GM , Who else do you really think can do the job? Sather has respect amoung his peers , Whaaaaa ya want Brian Burke? As Bad as Sather looks , hes was born to be the Rangers GM…cry all ya want. Messier will be the next heard it here first!!!

    Messier get razzed alot on here because he cries. Messier cries because he plays with passion. He cries more than a normal athelete because Messier is not normal. If he can stare in the eyes of any of our Ranger prospects..we will be better for it. Laugh and say what you will about Messier ‘s crying ..I geuss you never won or lost something you felt so strong about …Messier will go down as the greatest captain in all of sports. I want that guy as our next GM!!!

  102. Laurel Babcock on

    Good evening Mike/Grab and all the ships at sea….(who is too young to understand that reference?)

  103. iceycup
    Thanks for your support, don’t feel so lonely.but it’s true and money digging just add to situation.

  104. ZzZz 11 ZzZz " MESSIER IS BACK!!!! " ... says Greg L. on

    Hi Laurel!!! Mike never got into the Beard contest so seeing him could be tough…I was in it!!! Don’t look at me , I’m mean looking hahahaaa

  105. Laurel Babcock on

    Greg, I really like that post, even though I will be sad if Dubi goes. And I’ve never razzed Mess for his tears. In fact, I love it :)

  106. Laurel Babcock on

    Greg, I’ll have to go back and look at the beard pics. I went over them with Carp but that was a while ago. Only ones I remember are Sally and CCCP.

  107. Laurel Babcock on

    Mike/Grab..yay! thanks!

    and wicky, I liked your posts (and obviously like your wife)

  108. Dubi deserves more than $800K. To look at it from a fair standpoint (I hope, feel free to disagree); He’s had two 40 point seasons, played a good amount of special teams, and has often been a #1 or #2 center logging 16-18 minutes a night. He had a down year in goals but played pretty well. He deserves about $1.9 million for two years, a little less than Cally.

    As for the Cap, according to CapGeek; with Prospal, Dubi at $1.9, Anisimov, Lisin, Boyle, and even Voros and with Gilroy and Sauer as the other two DMen, the Rangers have $1.3 million of cap room to work with for callups; not too bad.

  109. Laurel Babcock on

    MikeA….agreed, Dubi deserves more, but jeez, I sure wouldn’t mind earning $800K…Point of discussion if anyone chooses: I’ve had many a bar fight over this topic, but I generally think lots of players in many sports are ridiculously overpaid for what they do, championships and talent be damned. There, I’ve said it….have at me.

  110. MikeA, Do you pay player for his heart or his skills?
    I don’t see skills talent in Dubbi game; sometimes frustration; sometimes disappearances. First year he played with Jags. Did not improve on 2nd year; what “deserve” 1.9ml. What for?

  111. Laurel Babcock on

    I’m out of here all…as I’ve told Carp before, you all are like crack…I just check in for news and can’t stop! ..Mike/Grab, I’ll look for you tomorrow.

    P.S. Sorry, but shameless other blog promotion….CCCP sent me some cool pics which are now on…look for “Random kitties and Caeser” post.

    also, Linda promises me updated Rangers pics of Dixie….everyone, send me yours! (and Carp, you lazy bones, this means you, too)

    enjoy the rest of your regularly scheduled Rangers chat….

  112. TR


    Mike in IA

    Yep, kids rock!!!


    Thanks and she always likes reading your posts!!!


    I agree with greg l about messier’s tears, best leader in sports ever and he knows how to win. Those tears just show his passion and how great of a leader he really is!!

  113. MikeNJ_NYR-I’m basing it on Cally’s deal, Higgins deal and also a player like Filpulla from Detroit who is very similar to Dubi. Dubi has skill,he’s a good skater and two 40 point years is not too shabby.

    Athletes don’t deserve as much as police officers, firefighters, teachers, etc. but that’s a whooooolllle different discussion.

  114. Laurel, what do you expect – Rangers lost at this day the last one…not a serious matter?

  115. ZzZz 11 ZzZz " MESSIER IS BACK!!!! " ... says Greg L. on

    Laurel , Thanks about the mess. (sounds funny) Athletes are paid way too much and fans are really getting upset ( guys like Drury and Redden). Even $800 g is high for a player as a rookie or second year. Who ever sells the tickets , gets the most money is fair. Bringing in the highest revenue should give you a bigger payday. Or everyone get the same and the winning team gets more. Kinda like the UFC and the winner usually gewtting a huge bonus. Ther a number of senarios to think about.

    I don’t blame you Laurel for just remebering Sally (bearded and CCCP , I still have nightmares of him chasing me and trying to kill me in my sleep!!! :o

    Mike yer a big guy at 6’1 225 , Im 6ft 190 lbs. I was being sarcastic when I said Prospel was 40 , He has been around soooo long , It seems like hes 45!!!!

    Dubinsky deserves more cash,more respect,he deserves a safe feeling ,deserves to be a Ranger and he deserves to be on the top line. Jagr did too and hes gone. Dubinsky is a big deal if your a True Ranger fan …some may not take his leaving lightly.

  116. MikeA,I would trade Filpulla for Dubbi any time. Can’t compare them. Seeing Dubbi as a player, wouldn’t give much credits of his game. If you think it’s only mine opinion, look at other GM who did not give him an offer sheet. I believe he can be a good hockey player but he has to show that first. For now I can’t compare him to the players that you listed above.

  117. I don’t think Dubi’s going anywhere Z, remember back in the day (91-92) when Richter missed all of training camp and Greg Millen was the backup for the first few games before they got Messier? He’ll be back, he has too much potential and is too much of a fan favorite not to be. I’d be very surprised and angry if they mess it up but honestly, I’m more concerned about Voros making the team over a kid like Owens or Byers if they outplay him.

  118. It’s my point. “he has too much potential and is too much of a fan favorite not to be”. He has to show all of that that you think he has. But I can asure you that he has less talent then you think.

  119. ZzZz 11 ZzZz " MESSIER IS BACK!!!! " ... says Greg L. on

    HAAHHAAHAHHAHAAAHHAHAHAHAaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhaahahahahaaaaaaaaaaa” But I can asure you that he has less talent then you think.” Hahaaaahaaaahaaaaa!!!!! He is NO Wayne Gretzky but thats what they said about Gretzky!!! Too slow , not a good enough shot….Dubinsky is AMERICAN not some FLASHY EUROPEAN player. His grit and passion and disire could nab him alot of goals. Say hes not talented , when only he .. not GOMEZ OR DRURY could hold Jagr’s jockstrap and Dubinsky not only held it..he flouredshed in it!!

  120. yea greg. im pretty strong. i am only 6’1″ but i have wide frame like ahhnold lol. i have some viking blood in me!! thats why they liked me on d. i wasnt too fast but could steamroll through other teams forwards. clear crease baby!!

  121. True Fans Bleed RW&B on

    How can a guy who doesn’t get PP ice time be over-rated?! Dubi produced with Jagr. He then started last season and was producing with Zherdev until idiot Renney changed up that line. After that, Dubi road 3rd seat to tweedle-dee and tweedle dumb (captain clutch). Nobody is saying Dubi is going to be gretzky or a malkin, but when the guy has been given a challenge, he has stepped up and done well. Nobody else could play with Jags. And I would say that if Dubi got some PP time and more clutch time (taking offensive zone draws after icings, instead of Drury and Gomez) he’ll get more points as well.

    “Dubi’s over-rated.” Hahaha… that reminds me of a comment that Joe Jerk made on the MSG broadcast of Rangers vs. Pittsburgh once. He said that Gonchar may be the most under rated defensman in the NHL, huh?! I don’t know a hockey fan who hasn’t heard of Gonchar! I feel like your Dubi comment is the exact obvious, I don’t know a non-Rangers fan who has heard of Dubi… yet.

  122. If the last few rumors are true, the Rangers are in good shape this season . . . Plenty of Depth, over 1.5 million in cap space and bringing in at least 3 rookies this year

    Marian Gaborik — $7,500,000
    Chris Drury — $7,050,000
    Ales Kotalik — $3,000,000
    Ryan Callahan — $2,300,000
    Chris Higgins — $2,250,000
    Sean Avery — $1,937,500
    Donald Brashear — $1,400,000
    Vaclav Prospal — $1,100,000 — Rumor
    Aaron Voros — $1,000,000
    Enver Lisin — $790,000
    Brandon Dubinsky — $700,000 — Rumor
    Tyler Arnason — $700,000
    Brian Boyle — $525,000
    Wade Redden — $6,500,000
    Michal Rozsival — $5,000,000
    Matt Gilroy — $1,750,000
    Daniel Girardi — $1,550,000
    Francis Bouillon — $1,000,000 — Rumor
    Marc Staal — $826,666
    Corey Potter — $550,000
    Henrik Lundqvist — $6,875,000
    Steve Valiquette — $725,000

    SALARY CAP $56,800,000
    PAYROLL $55,029,166
    BONUSES $0
    CAP SPACE $1,770,834

  123. something big is about to happen in Ranger land. Its not a coincidence that Prospal and Bouillon deals have not been acknowledged by the rangers

  124. Greg, you see me in your nightmares? I’m like Freddy Krueger… the dream stalker… and I’m sure you know what happens then!

    1, 2 CCCP’s coming for you
    3, 4 Better lock your door
    5, 6 Grab your crucifix
    7, 8 Better stay up late
    9, 10 Never sleep again!

    “Welcome to my world, b*tch. I should warn you, princess. The first time tends to get a little… messy. “


  125. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    I truly think that the Rangers’ moves this summer were the most uncharacteristic of any of Sathers’ moves he’s made during his Rangers tenure. Signing guys to fill roles in certain spots.

    I know you all must hate Ales Kotalik, but somebody brought up a great point that he is a PP producer. We dont need him to put up huge numbers, or hit the net every time with his monsterous slap shot, we need a guy to chip in 20g/20a/40p and have most of them on the PP.

    We gave up guys like Sjostrom and Betts, the PK specialists, for guys that should be much more highly looked upon, the PP specialists. We have plenty of guys that know the Renney system, but how many short handed goals did we give up?

    We have extraordinarily good goaltending in Lundqvist and a great back-up (and solid character guy) in Valiquette. As the color guys say a lot, “Your goaltender has to be your best penalty killer.”

    The guys that have been brought in this year up front meaning Higgins, Gaborik, Prospal and Kotalik are all guys that consistently have put up numbers that are absolutely stellar considering how horrendous our scoring was last season.

    Kotalik had 77 GP, with a respectable 20 goals and 23 assists. (Drury had 22g/34a/56) So bashing this guy may be fun and all, but like it or not his points count.

    Higgins had an injury-filled year last year and played 57 games registering 12g/11a/23, which would have yielded about 17g/15a/32 if he played an entire season. Mind you, the year before he had 27g/25a/52, which is what we’re hoping for, but if we dont get it, 20g/20a/40 would be fine.

    Gaborik doesn’t need evaluation. His injury problems were years back and he’s had an extraordinarily long time to heal from a lot of groin issues. He’ll be incredible.

    I honestly cant believe people think that Prospal could have been, on any level, a bad signing. Last year was the first time he went below 54 points in a season in a decade, when he was with the Senators in 98-99 and put up 36 points. Last season he put up 33g/38a/71, and for a guy that’s considered old, his heart and passion doesn’t seem to have diminished. Playing for a guy like Barry Melrose on a team constructed buy a bunch of guys who think putting a trade on twitter is a good idea.

    Last but very not least, Ryan McDonagh. Acquired in the Gomez trade, he was the Habs’ top defensive prospect. If we hold on to our defenseman and they’re anywhere near how good as theyre touted to be, our blue line will be the best in the league in a few years. Our prospect stable is full, although not with centers, and its obviously time to give them a chance.

    If some of the youngsters make it up this year, like Grachev and Del Zotto, the lines would look something like this if I were in charge-



    Each of those lines has scoring charge, and I only put Kotalik with Drury since they were together in Buffalo, to see if any chemistry came out of it. Every line there has scoring talent. Signing Prospal just gives the guys in the wings more time to grow and get better.

    If guys like Arnason, Voros, or other 1 million dollar screw-ups start getting ice time it’s going to be down hill. This team has the potential to be extremely good in due time, we just need to stick with the plan.

  126. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    That does present a problem. I dont know why we sign so many crappy 4th liners? It really makes no sense to me. Why did we trade anything for Brian Boyle? Why is he probably going to in the lineup opening night?

    I dont understand.

    I suppose I’d scratch him to be quite honest.



    Moving Anisimov around is inevitable, the centers are always swapped around if there isnt good chemistry. We dont really have a natural 4th center, unless you count Prospal, who Rob E said, “However, Prospal won 53% of the draws he took last year.”

    So that’s something to consider as well, moving him to that position. You could put


    Those are some good lines, at least I think so.

  127. 4 gen

    I think that d of yours is lacking a physical nature, if it is a young guy getting that 6th spot (and not a free agent like bouillon), for henrik’s sake it better be sauer or the finn heikkenen!

  128. Dubinsky is a GREAT center. A great 3rd line center. All this talk of him “flourishing” in the role as Jagr’s center are a little ridiculous. I believe this was one of the VERY FEW Sather miscues since the lockout. Nylander’s greed aside, Sather never got the right guy to center #68. If Gomez or Drury would have been Jagr’s center all season, the #’s would have been similar. Look, Dubi and Jagr BOTH had miserable #’s. One could blame the loss of Jagr’s last optional contract year on Dubinsky. I will blame Sather for that one. And I wonder if that was fresh in Sather’s mind as he signed Prospal……

  129. Higgins is better than Dubinsky.

    I really liked the article about Higgin’s family. I play lunch hockey with Higgin’s father. He doesn’t say much, but the guy is a GREAT player. He is the best amateur I have ever played with. Really fun to watch. Mid 50’s and the guy skates circles around player 20 years younger.

  130. 4Generations and only 4Cups on

    Wicky, don’t you think Girardi plays more on the defensive side of the puck? By no means a crease-clearing defenseman but by no means are Sauer and Heikkenen our answers. The only way to get a crease-clearing defenseman was to offer a guy like Komi or Orpik an insane deal that would eventually be criticized for their lack of goal scoring. I think that if assigned, Girardi can be our go-to guy when it comes to protecting the net, but we have no true defensive defenseman in our system and its quite obvious Brooks Orpik made the correct decision on re-signing with the Penguins last summer, since he has a ring now.

    We need to DRAFT a good crease clearer.

  131. From Hockeyrodent’s site:

    “At 29, Richards figures to provide more stamina – hint, hint.”

    Richards may be back in play? Does this Prospal signing mean Dubi is now expendable? Stay tuned. I now Sather has been going all out to bring in #19 (or #91). But that deal should be done already. I am getting more skeptical by the day, but this signing could be a prelude to something bigger.

  132. cwgatti

    i tend to agree. this signing of prospal will lead to a much bigger trade . i see dubi being packaged for richards by mid week

  133. I was sure Richards was/is the target. I know that Sather and Torts pushed hard to make this happen.

    Regardless, this team appears to be at the very least, much more fun to watch than last years version.

  134. richards is NOT comin here!! he sucks!!! why would sather do this? he makes more than duby and rozy would. and wed lose another vet d man leaving redden??? cmon gatti, get off richards richard if you know what i mean :)

  135. Yesterday, I thought Richards was not gonna happen. But I think Prospal was signed in case Dubi can’t/won’t be signed. Dubi is no 1st line center. Neither is Drury. Something is missing. Something has to give. I know they want Richards. Obviously the cap is an issue. But Gomez got traded, and no one thought that was possible.

  136. 4Gen …

    Great post !!! I completely agree with everything you said. Especially the Kotalik signing. He has a bomb from the point and usually puts up about 20 PP points every year, and with all of our Young Defense coming up soon there is NO NEED to go out and get a PP Quaterback D-man. So Sather went out and got his PP guy who happens to be a forward because we lack scoring up front, and all the while getting a guy who could “Jump Start” an already existing member of the team … Chris Drury in the process.

    The only thing I think your off on is MDZ and Grachev making the team. Grachev has “special status” and is allowed to play in Hartford while other players his age cannot, so I really think the Rangers are going to take advantage of that and keep him there at least to start the season. MDZ while being a really good offensive D-man still lacks a defensive game and is lower on the Rangers NHL-Ready Defensive prospects depth chart. Potter, Gilroy, Sangs, Heikkinen all stand a better chance then MDZ does of making the team this year.


  137. Hockeyman Rangers on

    My only complaint about this signing is, how much room do we have now for our young prospects??? It seems like we do this a little too much, why can’t we use our young guys to fill some of these holes?? Gravach, Ansimov, and others, these guys are not going to want to stay in NY if they don’t get a CHANCE to play in the NHL.
    Also can someone give me the date of when camp starts??

  138. yes somerset. grabachev will be in hartford. he had a very good junior year. it doesnt mean hes ready for nhl by any means. sure, he could come up and surprise us all, but i think with all the depth wing signings, theres just no room and he could def. use some more training in hartford which is harder than junors. i think if he keeps up his pace he set last year, then this year in hartford, he will be considered as a first callup during the year and if somebody gets injured will have a chance to get called.

  139. Troj has a Zherdev jersey for sale... cheap !! on

    So much talk about prospects….. if the prospects are good enough to take a spot, it will happen. If you remember, a few years ago Hank was a prospect that nobody knew anything about.
    Has anyone seen guys like Grachev or Heikkinen or Gilroy play? Would you want Grachev to move from the CHL directly to the NHL without a chance to show he can play against superior talent in the AHL??? And Gilroy… I still don’t understand how he gets nearly 2 mil per year when all we know about him is that he can play well against 19 year old college kids who most likely will never be NHLers.
    Everyone needs to come to camp and earn their roster spot. And I still think Anisimov would be a perfect fit as 1st line center and Dubi is best suited in the Blair Betts role on the 4th line and PK.

  140. hehe, hockeyman, ive heard grabachev from one poster, now ive heard “gravach” from u. lol. dont worry about anisimov. he’ll be in the lineup this season. trust me. he’ll most likely be 3rd line center. arnason and boyle arent both making the team. in fact, both could be in hartford if they dont play well enough. just think of it this way, torts said its wide opn and whoever plays the best will get a spot, not whoever has been in the league longer or any other reasons. so anisimov and grachev even though hes prob gonna be in hartford, have equal chance to make the team as every other vet. im sure it doesnt mean dru and redden and guys like that will be in hartfortd iof they dont play good, but besides the obvious few players, most spots on the team are up for grabs. guys like arnason, boyle,lisin,anisimov,byers,voros etc.. are all gonna be fighting for the 3rd and 4th lines. top 2 lines are pretty set and you can count on dru,duby(if hes here), aves,gabby,higgins,prospal,cally,and kotalik are pretty much locks. and brash for at least part of the season, he’ll be in games against rivalst rivals like philthy.

  141. troj- huh? duby on the 4th line??? you made sense with everything you said but how could you think duby is a 4th liner? wow so anisimov whos played what 2 or 3 nhl games is an automatic 1st line center but duby whos centered jagr and put up 2 straight 40 point seasons is a 4th liner? ur joking right? i know he isnt malkin, but holy crap dud thats just crazy talk!! lol

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