Isn’t he, like, 40?


I was reading about the Olympic roster for Slovakia today and saw that, in addition to Marian Gaborik, the injured Marian Hossa, the NHL veteran Pavol Demitra, and your old favorite Marcel Hossa, there is a familiar name listed.

Ziggy Palffy. Remember him? Doesn’t it seem that he played decades ago? Didn’t he wear the actual Fishsticks jersey?

Well, I read the next line and it turns out old Ziggy scored 52 goals in 53 games for  Skalica HK 36 over there last year. And he’s only 37.

Boy, this officially said we’ve got nothing to talk about, doesn’t it?

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  1. Michabenjamin on

    Hey Carp,

    Great as always. I’d love to hear stories or about the day to day operations of the team such as what happens when they travel to what the heck glen does daily. that would be good stuff to discuss

  2. Carp, even though there is nothing going on, remember these 3 words: Cherish the cabin.

  3. Just A Thought… Would Duby To Edmonton and a pick or a prospect for Osullivan and Smid Help us.

    It’s taking to long to sign duby. or duby +Rozi and a pick +prospect for souray and a center…cogs or osullivan?? any of that help??

  4. Didn’t Neil have a deal in place for Ziggy way back when, and the Isles decided at the last minute they couldn’t trade him to the Rangers?

  5. Doodie Machetto on

    Just to add to the significance of Palffy’s numbers, he was the leading goal scorer by 21 goals.

    He also tied for second in assists with 47. The leader in assists was his teammate, who I assume was his center.

    He led the league in points with 99. His assist-leading teammate is second with 90. The third place guy? 72.

    He is just DOMINATING that league.

  6. I saw Ziggy play a bunch in LA and he was pretty good on a team with no one helping him. Only 37, eh?

  7. He is way too young for us to sign him. We need to wait until he is 39 and we will sign him to a 3 year deal with a no-movement clause at 9 million per year.

  8. Lol, didn’t Ziggy play like 15 games for the Pens in 05-06, and once Mario retired, he did.

    They did have a really sucky team that year, he just couldn’t handle taking orders from Crybaby. Poor guy.

    We should sign Ziggy for 4th line duty. Im thinking, 3 years, 20 million !!!!!

  9. Has anyone seen this?

    UPDATE: Though no announcement has been officially made, it appears that the Rangers have signed physical defenseman Francis Bouillon, formerly of the Montreal Canadiens, to a one-year $1 million deal. Not a bad signing if it is true. Reports are coming out of various Montreal media outlets. Awaiting official confirmation…

  10. That loser Dubi is just taking a gamble by saying Bouillon signed with Nyr, just so if it actually does happen, everyone will think he has some major inside sources, and he’ll try to get the fans to pay for his ridiculous site.

    Hi-larious !

    I really hope they didn’t sign the guy though. Im sick of taking teams 6th, 7th d-men and hoping they can be a top 4 d-man.

    Let the kids play !

  11. Didn’t he play for the Islanders? I think he did. Let him go there. How far apart are they with Dubinsky? Can they sign him already.

  12. What’s the big deal about the name Ziggy? That used to be a common knickname for the German kids that we knew who were named Sigmund and Siegfried.

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  15. Olga Folkyerself
    What againn did you do to yourself?
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  16. I thought Palfy had serious knee problems which led to his retirement in 05-06. I remember every game he played he was in constant pain. Good for him for getting on the Olympic roster.

    Boullion is interesting; his parents are French Canadian and Haitian and he was born in NY. He’d be fine as a 7th just so the 3rd of Gilroy/Potter/Sauer/Sangs/Heikennen or even Del Z/Kundratek doesn’t rot in the press box.

  17. ZzZz 17 ZzZz " DUBBIE DOES DALLAS!!??? " ... says Greg L. on

    Alrightt!!!(Grabachev) Mike in ia , ya ate yer words about dubinsky….I win!!!! I knew it!!!

    If Zigmund Palffy scores that many goals and lead the league by alot of goals then it shows you how pathetic that league is. Palffy is used to scoring on NHL goalies so playing against weak goaltenders in that league can’t be all that hard. Jagr is hands down better than Palffy so if Jagr can’t cut it..ziggy sure can’t. I like markus Chzekawaski( too hard too spell) too. All thre are quite creative players. The league used to be pritty cool back then…

  18. wicky

    if you saw how Orr got treated over @ that blog youd understand. if you werent in with the “family” your opinion either didnt matter or was wrong.

    dubi is not Kottke or Cuban. he shouldnt have a “paid” site for content that is available anywhere. if he treated everyone fairly the “feelings” people have for him wouldnt be that strong. orr was actually taking it easy, lol.

  19. ZzZz 17 ZzZz " DUBBIE DOES DALLAS!!??? " ... says Greg L. on

    Wicky , Orr is right on this one. Dubi at BB is now charging people to get news and information. He is a walking informercial and it’s hard to sift through the Rangers news and all the plugs for his magazine. I do believe Dubi is scrambling to “break the news” so his paid followers don’t feel dupped. The fact is that magazine is probally an awsome read but the way things all went down , bloggers had to choose to pay or to move on. Bloggers were not even alowed to comment at times if they didnt pay for a magazine subscription. Many Ranger fans flooded the blog and dubi continued to drop the hammer. Bloggers were put in 2 catagories. Payers and non payers. Paid fans felt “better” than non payers and ulimatly the payer got thier own blog. Personally I do not dislike Dubi or Jess over there but the way they delt with things was way outta line. This blog is different and it’s suporting cast is not arrogant. This blogs has editors who aren’t in it for the money and people here do not feel cheated. This blog is the by far …the best.

  20. ZzZz 17 ZzZz " DUBBIE DOES DALLAS!!??? " ... says Greg L. on

    umm this blog is the by far? ERROR!!!

    This blog is by far …the best. ahhh I got it right this time!!!

  21. if the SJO fits on

    i havent posted here in such a long time, but i remember getting so excited about finding a ziggy palffy rookie card in a pack, then he ummm……….disappeared

  22. I’m a Kings fan and Ziggy was my first favorite player. He is absolutely incredible and a joy to watch. He also single-handedly kept the Kings in playoff races when LA really had no reason to be in them, especially with the insane number of man-games lost to injury the Kings had in ’03 and ’04. For some reason, he just couldn’t handle being in the NHL but he still lights it up in Slovakia. I wish I could still watch him play on a regular basis, he is extremely talented.

  23. i remember the first time i started frequenting the ranger blogs and went to bb and id see orr, oleo, and few others get ragged on all day by duby and jess. i never commented there but followed orr and co. to this site and started chatting soon aftyer. this and ble notes are much better places for talkin and news and to have fun bs’in with fans. oh and greg. its marius czerkawski or soethin like that. lol i cant even spell it. greg, i had always thought duby and aves wouldnt be good on the top line with gabby especially since jagr is a one man show and gabby needs the help of his teammates more than jagr did. but watchin clips reminded me that both aves and duby, and now that duby is more experienced, would be a solid choice for top line this year. anyway, time will tell if they truly have chemistry but it could end up being artu deetoo who works best with gabby. although hes only a rookie. so it will be baptism by fire in that case. who knows. lets just get this tortellini party started already and we’ll find out soon enough

  24. ZzZz 17 ZzZz " DUBBIE DOES DALLAS!!??? " ... says Greg L. on

    Get the partay started!!!!

    Yeah Orr was at BB when I was and now that the subject is up ….I bet him a body part and won!!! He was perty sure about something and I called him out on it and I delivered. Orr was a good sport and paid up so all is good!!

  25. Jess has posted on this site from time to time under the name Prospect Park. Very interesting that he avails himself of a free blogging site.

  26. The first time i got banned was after i was bashing Jess after he tried calling me out aboot something after a Panthers game, and i bashed him so badly, he couldn’t come up with some halfway decent comebacks that he had to call up Dubi, and tell him to ban me, and the second time when Dubi permanently banned me, it was after i called him out when he had that stupid Cherepanov post last summer. He was basically saying that the kid is a weak Russian that’s afraid of the NHL and felt that fear when he got hit by Brandon Sutter, which he that idiot Dubi didn’t realize was a cheap shot. I lost all respect for the douche after that. And the reason why he went on this whole rant was cause he read a Russian interview with Cherry telling the reporter something aboot BB being the only place that thinks he’s coming this season, or something like that, and that loser Dubi took it as a sarcastic smart ass remark, and then he would bash the kid left and right, using the dumbest material that made no sense.

    After that, myself, along with many others bashed him endlessly, and then the very next day he started banning a couple of people, starting with me, and then the next day i think he dumped the comments section and started BB+. Lol, what a loser.

    It’s not just that though, i never liked the guy. He’s just so classless, and when ever Nyr lost, he would come up with all of these BS excuses. He’s just a horrible reporter. When Weiner was here, and now Carp, they both tell it like it is, no BS. That’s why i come here. This is a real Ranger blog, for real fans, minus the trolls that come by every summer, but now they’re getting banned so all is well.

    To hell with Dubi, and Jess !!

  27. Signing a “physical defenseman” means signing a D who cannot score. Also, the big bonus, here, is of course, one more KID D will get to waste another year in Hartford, so that Slats can add a bona fide 33-year old journeyman with zero upside to the mix. How we love the annual ritual of at least one washed-up D coming here every summer, to kick a kid out of Broadway. Oh the joy Slats must feel as he lights up a big fat Panatella after lunch. Take that, Sangs, Sauer, Del Z, et al, you dreamers, you. Come back when you are 27 so we can give you the “Pock” treatment.

  28. Olga Folkyerself on

    Celsius 451

    You’re spot on, friend. Homegrown Ranger prospects never get the playing time or opportunities that Sather gives to washed up rejects that he picks up at the annual scratch and dent sales. Ranger prospects never get close to the money that Stogypuss throws around to get those washed up cripples to sign with NY. Thus the Pock & Prucha’s on the team get to sit in the pressbox and shoot dagger eyes at Sather when he falls asleep during games. Is it a wonder that Dubinsky wants a bigger taste of the pie after watching the salaries of the mercenaries that sign with NY?

    Rebuild my Azz! Fire Sather.

  29. CELS

    Exactly, why the fugg do we have to have a garbage d-man every year ? Not counting Redden, it was a gamble last season, and we were not in favor of it, but he had potential, but Kalinin was terrible, we knew it, the Sabs and their fans knew it, yet Slats was the only one who didn’t.

    Every year it’s someone new. Bouillon will be that guy this year.

    There’s no harm in going with kids for the whole year. If Sangs, or Del Z isn’t ready, go with a guy who proved he was ready, like Potter. And i expect Gilroy to be on the team either way.

    Slats reminds me of Carmine Lupertazzi from the Sopranos. We need Jim Schoenfeld to pull a Johnny Sack, and go over to the rival family in New Jersey, and tell Lou Lamorello to pull a Tony Soprano, and get one of his top guys like John MacLean to pull a Christopher Moltisanti, and get some guys to whack Slats. Hopefully Schoeny doesn’t back down at the last second like T.S. did. Dooo it !

  30. Just saw “District 9”

    What a great film! Highly recommend it! This is not one of those “leave your brain outside” Transformers or GI.Joe bullsh*t films…this film actually forces you to think! Imagine that!

    Btw colin, I was by the “W77” today around 6pm… the place was empty… didn’t really look like much from the outside… I was expecting something different…maybe next Saturday ill stop by for a bruski!

  31. ZzZz 17 ZzZz " DUBBIE DOES DALLAS!!??? " ... says Greg L. on

    Yeah ORR , I can’t remeber what we bet on either. I looked it up on BB and gave up. I did come across a few tidbits from the blueshirt buletin comments and you seem to change yer name alot and it’s kinda like mine. Maybe I got my idea’s from you and didn’t know it..tanks.

    Its kinda sad but ya wrote this :
    “The only russian i want on this team in the next year or two is Cherepanov, and hopefully he’s ready once he comes here.
    I get that NYR fans are all about bringing up every single kid in hartford. But cmon, the last thing we need is another centermen. I still think NYR should give Korp, or Bourret a shot. Dawes should be sent down, give someone else a shot.”
    Posted by: Whachoo Gonna Do When ORRRR Knocks Out Yooou!!! | October 22, 2007 at 03:05 PM

    This one by you is kinda like mine now ( ORR Says “Trade to get Tootoo & Cheechoo” !! | January 30, 2008 at 05:45 PM )


    Here’s one I wrote about Colton Orr :

    BLACKED – OUT !! it figures …hope you guys are enjoying the game . I know this game means nothing , but we can’t let these goofs win this game !! Colton orr is awsome , nice to hear what he did , hard to believe Boston gave up on him . I remeber seeing his broken nose from Puriton in a game against the Rangers. We break his nose and then he comes play for us , helping puriton lose his job .
    Posted by: Greg L. | September 24, 2007 at 09:45 PM

  32. ZzZz 17 ZzZz " DUBBIE DOES DALLAS!!??? " ... says Greg L. on

    It is so ironic , that Brashear beats Orr (hurts Betts too)and he now replaces ORR. The circle of life.

  33. cccp

    yeah lunch and night time are usually busy. that evening “dinner time” is dead from what a lot of people were telling me. between 4 and 5 they switch up the menu.

    im going again tonight. as usual, lol. cant not end my work week w/ a molson.

  34. Oh man, a d man discussion. Look, I do not agree with a lot of the “older” d man signings recently either, but I think some are confusing “physical d man” and “free agent signings” as one in the same and they are NOT! Please someone tell me a true physical d man on our roster or in our system like a buekeboom or a komisarek, or an intimidating hitter like gauthier. You can’t right, because there isn’t one. Someone said physical d man, signing a d who can’t score, like we do not have any d men that are technically scoring/pp specialist d men on the roster or in the system. SERIUOSLY?????? That is ALL we have (whether they actually DO score and help on the powerplay is debateable), come on!!!

    I respectfully disagree with the “not signing” of a physical d man, we need one badly and if he is taking the spot of yet another puck moving powerplay specialist/scoring d man that is young, oh well, tough sh*t!! If we had a young big banger in the system fine, I’m all for playing him, but we need a physical guy. Let’s look at the current offencive d men :redden, rozy, DZ, gilroy, sangs, potter (not sure the style of heikkenen). So staal and girardi can be physical, but certainly not what they are known for and do not instill fear in the opposing forwards. the jury is still out to me on sauer if he can play nasty at the nhl level, and williams is big but an unknown commodity. So who then, name me a stanley cup champion in the past 10 years that did not have a big hitter or tough nasty guy on d (i honestly can’t think of one, but maybe someone can).

    I understand having a free agent d man signing with the same style of play as one of our young guys is stupid ( puck movers like malik, rozy, redden, ozo, backman, poti to name a few were silly signings and I agree 100% that we did not and should not have signed them as we had plenty of young guys in our system that played the same style) and I agree. But we are not talking about that, signing a gauthier or someone like that is smart because we do not have a young guy to fill that role. Using the logic some of you seem to be using, if kovi from atlanta (not sure of kovi’s age just using him and his style as an example) is a free agent, we should not sign him because he is older than byers (again not sure of age, just using a prospect and his playing style as an example). Even though we need proven scorers on this roster, guys that can bury the puck in the net, he is a free agent and “older” than one of our younger forward prospects and they play two different styles, we still do not sign kovi because he is older than a prospect. That is piss poor logic folks. Fill a team need, if it has to come from a 30 year old outside the organization, then so be it. If it can come from a 20 year old within the organization, great, let’s do it. But if the cupboard is bare (like it is with goal scorers and physical d men in the organization) go to the store and buy what you need. No one here (myself included) wants 6 physical d men as our starters, but one or two is a MUST!!!

    Seems to me the problem with this team is the organization is heavy on offencive d men and 3rd and 4th line forwards, severely lacking in scoring and size in the forwards and physical d men. the problem is then magnified by the fact that all we seem to add via free agency is more offencive d men and 3rd and 4th line forwards. The idea of adding a physical d man or two via free agency seems pretty smart to me!!

  35. TR-808

    You right, dinner at the bar isn’t something people usually go for. i will try my best to make it to w77 next Saturday with few of my friends. Hopefully some Rangers players will be there so I can bother them. :)

  36. Carp,

    there isn’t a character limit here like twitter is there? I am not going to be banned am I??? I have angered CCCP!

  37. Wicky229
    Don’t be sorry.Leo Tolstoy with his patethicaly short “War & Peace” can have a rest. Hats off for people,who can write so much about hockey in that hockeyless time. Envy you,man.

  38. Wicky229

    y r u sorry man? Write as much as u want…i was just kidding… there is no limit here and i am definitely not the one to tell people how much to write.


    is anybody famous there tonight?

  39. There are physical Dmen in the Rangers system: Sauer and according to Jess Rubenstein from his interview with the mouth Tomas Kundratek is guilty of being too in love with physical DMen and fighting.

    I’ve also heard Heikennen isn’t afraid to throw a big hit.

    It’s simple in hockey, you pair a stay at home with a puck mover aka Good Cop/Bad Cop. I’d like to see these pairings:

    Staal (Bad Cop)/Rozi (Good Cop)
    Girardi (Bad Cop)/Gilroy-Sangs-Del Z-Heikennen (Good cop)
    Sauer(Bad cop)/Redden (….sigh….Good cop).

  40. ZzZz 17 ZzZz " DUBBIE DOES DALLAS!!??? " ... says Greg L. on

    Detroit didn’t have a tough bruising Defenceman when they last won the cup o Lord Stanley ‘s mug. BTW Don’t mind CCCP ,he only understands a little english at a time…yer post was too long for him :)

  41. ZzZz 11 ZzZz " MESSIER IS BACK!!!! " ... says Greg L. on

    He’s back!!!! The day we got Lindros , Messier was there clapping and was soooo happy. Messier is NY .

  42. I was in the pool!! on

    I think you meant:
    Staal (Bad Cop)/Rozi (Good Cop)
    Girardi (Bad Cop)/Gilroy-Sangs-Del Z-Heikennen (Good cop)
    Sauer(Bad cop)/Redden (Traffic cone).

  43. Rangers signed Prospal for 1.1 mil 1 year. This either speaks very low of Prospal or very highly of Tortorella. Now it appears either Lisin or Byers or maybe both are screwed out of a spot.

  44. Prospal is a good playmaker, is good on faceoffs and is listed as LW/C. I rather him play center than Drury.

  45. I would have rather have had Bertuzzi. I thought we were trying to get tougher. What happened?

  46. Honestly, (and I know it’s always a case off season)with Prospal signing, team looks not bad at all on a paper for now,but how it going to work is anybody’s guess – all will depend on chemestry and coaching – material is here.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    How did he get Prospal for one year at 1.1 million, but couldn’t get Kotalik for less than 3 years at 3 million with a NTC?

    I’ll never understand Glen Sather.

  48. Don’t try to understand Sather — he has no plan whatsoever. Prospal would have been great a couple of years ago with Jagr. Does this mean that Sather is not happy with Dubinsky for daring to question him?

  49. Doodie Machetto on

    And just to be clear, I like the Prospal signing.

    He couldn’t get Voros for less than 1 million a year for three years, but he got Prospal for 1.1, one year.

  50. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Prospals signing puts the squeeze on dubi’s negotiating .
    I guess Dubi really doesn’t care where he plays ,he is in it for the money, I don’t blame him, never mind a home team discount and his wanting to be ranger phooey.
    If Dubi plays for the minimum, he’ll look to walk next year.
    Sather will continue to look for 1mm players for 1yr ,maybe make a trade.

  51. I know,I’ll be in minority,but I do believe that Dubi IS disposable material for trade.You can’t really not to like the guy for his tremendous efforts every shift,big heart, but it only emphasize lack of talent(one can’t buy it)and vision(still very young – can develop in future), bottom line – slightly above average but not very strong upside.Made too many terrible mistakes,too many clueless “square eyes” fast skating last season(very annoying to watch) which was forgiven only because of “total public love”(absolutely deserved).Just my opinion.
    I hope you not gona’ eat me alive and make me enemy of the Ranger State.

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