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Remember those awful “Subway” ads MSG virtually placed on the glass and the ice last season? Well, expect more of the same according to the story below, from USA Today.

Hey, maybe we can take up a collection here and put a Rangers Report (or Festivus Blog) logo at center ice during the playoffs.

Here’s the story:

Virtual signs to invade NHL sightlines in upcoming season

By Michael McCarthy/USA Today

As cash-hungry sports teams and TV networks scramble for scarce ad dollars on Madison Avenue, so-called virtual signs are becoming a virtual reality in the sports-TV world. 

Once taboo outside Major League Baseball telecasts, these high-tech ads are digitally inserted inside live game coverage. They’re typically projected on a wall or glass and are only visible to viewers at home, not fans at the arena or ballpark. 

The NHL has discussed how to use virtual ads during the upcoming season with its national TV partners in the USA and Canada. At least four NHL clubs are working with their regional sports networks to sell virtual ads next season — the Colorado Avalanche, New Jersey Devils, New York Islanders and New York Rangers.

With viewers flipping channels, marketers want to stick their messages “inside the games,” rather than around them during commercials, says Tom Philand, senior vice president at Altitude Sports & Entertainment, which airs Avalanche games. 

The Rangers and MSG Networks only got a “handful of complaints” after placing virtual ads for Subway, New York Life and iO TV on the glass behind the goalies in several game telecasts last season, says MSG general manager Dan Ronayne. Tony Pace, Subway’s chief marketing officer, says, “Most of the comments were positive. But some viewers thought it was so visible it detracted from their view of the game.”


LATE MORNING UPDATE, 11:19 A.M.: Don’t know if you’ve seen the Ryan Callahan interview over on the Rangers web site.

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  1. Steve Schwartz on

    It is one more annoying feature of the MSG broadcasts. Aside from Al Trautwig’s fawning interviews and Stan Fischler’s inane pronouncements (is there a better pictorial definition of “over the hill” than Stan?), these virtual ads are easily the biggest factor leading me to listen to the games when possible. Of course, reception for 1050 at my house is terrible, but that is a rant for a different day!

  2. Kovi, if I had any news I woudln’t be talking about Zherdev, Voros and the Subway ads the last few days.

    It’s money. They’ll get it done, probably later than sooner.

    Good morning, Sally! Welcome back Linda.

  3. Mr.Carpiniello, is it true about the signing of Francis Bouillon, formerly of the Montreal Canadiens, for 1M/year?

  4. The 1050 signal is better. I was driving from Saratoga home to Montauk, and I heard 1050 around Saugerties (where my in-laws live). I thought it was a weather quirk or something, but I got 1050am pretty clearly.

  5. the subway ad wouldnt be as annoying if they toned down the saturation maybe even just make it black and white

  6. The European clubs have ads all over the ice as well as on team jerseys,and helmets, so those virtual ads are not that bad. I could care less as long as the Rangers are playing an interesting “brand of hockey” and winning.

  7. Anyone interested in starting a fund so that we, as the Rangers Nation, can advertise a wanted ad virtually: “Wanted: Wade Reddens Heart” or “Captain Clutch: Please waive your NTC”

  8. Even if Clutch waived his NTC, would anyone take him at $7M? Does Sather have a brother who is GM for another team?

  9. SATHER get it DONE, GIVE DUBI the extra 300k or whatever and GIVE HIM THE A for his jersey at the same time….who wants to take a road trip to the ROCK

  10. Damn “carped out” again!!!

    Repost from last thread (thanks carp, ya wanker)!!


    Thanks and a great crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to you as well (and the rest of you). Very true about the sad case of physicality on our blue line. BTW, sorry I missed one of your responses to a post yesterday, the one about voros helps the other teams when fighting sometimes. I agree losing a fight can indeed motivate the other team, but I said the same thing about everytime prucha (sorry didn’t mean to bring him up folks) he got flattened during a game, but like voros prucha was a gamer also!

    Love the bold type grabachev!

  11. Dr. Mike –
    Newsday is reporting it’s not a done deal for Boullion, just a rumour. The NHLPA hasn’t reported anything either.

    However, that’s no reason not to let the cube jokes commence.

  12. i think the dubi negotiations have more to do w/ years than money. 2, 3, 4 year can mean the difference between UFA and RFA.

    i am also on a train right now and can not check to make sure im right before i say this. i am not really too familiar w/ these facts. if i am wrong please correct me.

    good morning all!

  13. Those virtual ads don’t bother me much. I’ve been seeing them for a couple of years now during European football matches.

    The ads that really annoy the hell out of me are the ones spoken by the colour commentators at the beginning/end of every replay.

  14. great!

    So let me get this straight… people watching the game on TV will be subjected to double commercial now? One during the game and one during the actual commercial break?? I LOVE IT!


  15. So basically the league and networks are going to completely ignore the fans and continue doing something that everyone hates.

    Sounds about right.


  16. FIOS has Center Ice in HD, but I’m not sure if every game or just 2-3 a night. I will be buying center ice this year anyway.

  17. i swear, i will never, ever eat another subway sandwich! how’s that for commercial effectiveness!


  18. the double commercials are in regular TV shows now so what did we expect. I cant watch the Office without mini commercials at the bottom of the screen (like a group of people fighting for position or two opposite guys back to back ) while it is on air. As long as they don’t do that while the game is in play I can eventually ignore the glass ads

  19. Personally – I dont mind the advertising all that much. I guess you just have to learn to tune it out.

    I worked in the advertising (sales) world for 4 years, and I know that without the advertising revenue these properties generate, we, the fans / consumers, would be hit with massive price increases. Companies like Panasonic, Canon, Subway…etc ultimately help keep cable fee’s to a somewhat palatable level. It’s a necessary evil.

    I’m sure if Sam or JM were saying “This powerplay goal brought to you by Viagra or Enzite” I’d be singing a different tune…. but luckily for us we aren’t much for scoring on the powerplay.

  20. Carp,
    Why is the Dubi situation so protracted? Is it the process or are they both waiting to see who blinks first?

  21. It’s only a matter of time before it’s “This power play is brought to you by SONY.”

    I also feel that the NHL will be the first league to have a sponsor on the jerseys or helmets. I can see all helmets with a big decal on them.

  22. Where's Pavelich? on

    Gatti, this was one rough weekend at Saratoga..although, I think I saw Brad Richards there, hmmmmm.

  23. yeah… it would be funny if Viagra was sponsoring.. we would probably hear something like this

    “It’s a power play goal! And it will *stand* as a game winner” – brought to you by Viagra.


  24. Daniel, I’ve said this 1000 times. That’s the nature of RFA. Dubinsky has no leverage and had a so-so statistical year. He surely wants a lot of money (or his agent does). So it takes while, until somebody caves or they meet in the middle. A lot of times you need a deadline, such as training camp or opening night.

    Just as when there’s a labor conflict, nothing ever gets done before the clock hits midnight.

    Don’t worry about it. It will get done … later.

  25. Hi, I'm Ryan Hollweg and I have asthma on

    I like cliff’s idea of the “fire sather” ad.

    Really, the ads don’t bother me. The only thing that kinda would, but really has a miniscule, if any, impact on me would be if those “revenues” must be shared with the other 29 NHL teams.

    If your organization doesn’t have the capability to run the ads, what entitles you to the revenue that it generates? The CBA? The same way that NY & TOR support the league with their astronomical ticket prices?

    Ok…I’m done.

    Where’s my inhaler?

  26. Pavel, you should be able to get every game on Center Ice, with only local games blacked out on Center Ice. You’d be able to watch locally though if you live in an area that gets MSG

  27. I don’t have a problem with any type of advertising on the boards or the glass. If Subway would paid me thousands of dollars I’d let them paint my house with the Subway logo.

  28. Think about it also. If a network is showing highlights using the MSG/MSG+ feed, then Subway gets more exposure for their ads because it’s likely that they will be seen when goals are scored.

  29. Spiderpig –
    great point.
    Whether or not the virtual ad is in the picture at the time of a great play, MSG could insert one.

    Implications are huge.
    Messier’s 500th – sponsored by Subway.

    Carp – thanks for the heads up on the newsday post, didn’t notice the date.

  30. i think dubinsky and his agent are overplaying their hand, but they do have some leverage, despite his rfa status and numbers from last year (which were still higher than cally’s). he is their number one center at the moment, and will be barring a trade or anisimov having a great camp; he is one of their more talented young players and is already a fan favorite; torts has expressed how much he likes him as a player.

    dubinsky is more valuable to the team this year and going forward then callahan (who i like but is a good 3rd liner), so he is going to want more than he got, and frankly he deserves it based on the above factors. now he may have unrealistic expectations, but if you could lock him up for 3-4 years at 3M i think itd be a good move

  31. Last time i was at Citifield I noticed the 5 dollar footlong subway sign in right field. I went to purchase said foot long at concession stand and it cost me 15 bucks. I wanted to paint a big one in front of the 5.

    I am going back tomorrow only because the tickets are free.

    Tonight I talk to Chris Kotsopoulos or should I say YOU do. The Phone lines will be open all night for you to talk to Chris. There will also be a live chatroom available for us to talk ranger puck.

    Here’s the info Tonight 9-11 EST

  32. Pavelich,
    I am not a gambler. I don’t even like horses. But my buddy is a handicapper, and I asked him which horse was the best bet. He told me the horse, and I went to the track and bet that one horse to win. 5 1/2 to one. And it won!!! So I was psyched.

    If Brad Richards is 5 1/2 to one, and I have an inside tip, maybe I will lay $500 on it!!!!!

  33. The Mouth

    u know what i dont get, i dont think subway at citi has the big chipotle cheesesteak

    go to the tacqueria behind center field and get the sampler. u will then thank me in the morning.

  34. Pavel – no MSG HD where I live if I switch to FIOS, either

    I hate cablevision but that fact right there is the main reason I refuse to switch to FIOS

  35. What the HECK on

    Way Off topic, but what happens if a goal is waved off and play continues and (insert penAlty here) is committed. The play is then later reviewed and it is a goal. Does the penalty still count?

  36. no the penalty does not count, the goal counts and the “Extra minutes played are erased” and the puck is dropped a second after the goal was scored and play continues

  37. What the HECK on


    Even if the penalty is something such as fighting or boarding? Or a slash? Or some sort of hit that causes injury?

  38. Thanks TR-808
    Francis Bouillon is expected to know the identity of his new team soon. And now the race for his services now dispute between three teams.
    Depending on what the Press has learned Thursday, the New York Rangers, the Pittsburgh Penguins and Chicago Blackhawks have all shown an interest in the defender of 33 years.
    Earlier this week, the Rangers appeared to be alone in the portrait, but leaves the clan Bouillon now hear that the training in New York is not necessarily ahead of others in this folder.
    Francis Bouillon is expected to get a new agreement by the end of the week.
    We always expected to accept a contract for one season at a salary of just over one million dollars for the year.

  39. Via twitter the Tampa Bay Lightning are making a trade 1 player for another player and a draft pick. Any idea who’s in on it?

  40. and holy retweet like 1000 people just said it again.
    i tried searching for lightning trade and its 20 new updates every minute cant even read em all.

  41. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    These virtual ads suck.
    Go to a movie and you’re bombarded by 15-20 minutes of coming attractions of movies 6 months or later for release.
    Eat a subway sandwich? never have never will.

  42. Wow.
    Twittered trade announcement.
    *ahem* PENDING twitter trade announcement.

    Jon Jordan’s right – Twitter just changed the game.

  43. Tampa Bay’s Twitter says The Lightning have acquired LW Drew Miller and a 3rd rd pick in 2010 from Anaheim in exchange for Evgeny Artyukhin.

  44. Where can we address complaints about those ads?

    I *HATE* that they cover the part of the crowd that sees a goal first. They’re a part of the game.

    What fool salesman doesn’t know that? J.H.C.

  45. WHAT THE HECK, thats a good point, if a brawl starts or some sort of major penalty im sure misconducts are giving out and suspensions are possible, etc etc, but i know the goal would definitely count and the time of the clock would go back to whenb the goal was scored-as for man power thats a good question

  46. fl1ppedturtle on

    I have not seen much of Artyukin but he seemed a lot like Antropov but with less offense but more hitting?

  47. long off season indeed. artukin is a big dude and will fit in well in the west especially for the ducks

  48. Boy, if I was a newlywed, I would think this was the shortest off season ever. I would be so happy to be married, I would be like “holy crap, the regular season is here already”………oops, nevermind, sorry eric!!

  49. Carp – just saw the headline about the Journal News. I know I speak for everyone here when I say I’m thinking of you and hope for the best. We’d be lost without you.

  50. carp- i love the idea of putting a “ranger report bonehead ” logo virtual ad!! thats funny big guy.

    eric- is the “honeymoon” so to speak over already? i know when i first got married, i went to work and then “hopped in the sack” if ya know what i mean all night long like lionel ritchie baby!!! i was too busy for the first few months to care about anything sports rel;ated. lol j/k, but i know what wicky is saying. enjoy the first few months because it doesnt get any beter than that!! shes still nice at that point. wait a few years. she’ll get on your case for an hour just fopr leaving the bathroom light on, or leaving the kicthen cabinet open!!.

  51. Where’s the best place to get Ranger tickets ?
    I’ll be in NY in Oct with my wife & 2 grand kids & want to see a game.
    Any suggestions for best prices ??

  52. “is stubhub a reliable site ?”

    da! i mean, yes! plus you can buy multiple consecutive tickets… which I guess is what you lookin for

  53. No Country For Old Rangers on


    Any prize for the thousandth comment asking “when will dubi get signed?”

  54. damn, check these tickets out VIP

    Section:VIP Rinkside
    CenterRow:AA36Price:$52,800.00 each
    Quantity: 2 Seller

    comments: vip goal judge box rinkside on the glass directly behind henrik in goal, best seats in house, celeb row, vip cushioned seats, vip services,seperate entrance,44 games incl preseason games

    if i had $52,800.00 to spend just on season tickets i’d probably never say “hello” to anyone!

  55. the ones that you are talking about cccp should be (face value) $1125 and imo they most certainly arent the “best seats in the house”.

    the “premier” seating in between the penalty box for 300 less are the best seats in the house.
    right behind the blue seats right boys? lol

  56. What the heck

    When’s the last time that you’ve seen a “boarding” call made? They have practically been eliminated from the rule book ( apparently). It’s routine to see a guy charge 40 feet across the ice to slam a guy into the boards, and no call at all made.

  57. “This call to the Penalty Box is brought to you by your local Honda Dealer – for the smoothest ride you’ve ever had, get behind the wheel of a Honda, today.”

    “This Icing call is brought to you by Gatorade, frozen or liquid, it’s the taste that refreshes.”

    “This bench-emptying brawl is brought to you by your friends over at For the best in slutty lifestyle come-ons, it’s Craigslist for the wild night of your life.”

    “This Delay of Game Penalty is sponsored by the good folks down at Auto Zone, where one-stop shopping is our stock in trade. For all your parts and accessory needs, remember to “stay in the zone.”

    Don’t see myself putting up with much of this garbage, this season. The commericialism hammering and battering our senses had made most of us mind-numb, anyway. Baseball games now last 3 1/2 hours, hockey games are already 45 minutes longer than in the old days. Maybe time to read a good book and turn off the TV.

  58. tony from az

    the best place to get tickets is ME. i have season tix and will be selling some games. i have a pair for each game. there yours for face value.

  59. section 330

    i have

    oct 26th vs prucha and coyotes available. will be out of town from work. its also day after i get back from montreal to see rangers on the 24th sat night.

  60. Thanks Eric, as soon as I get my plane reservations we’ll talk about those tickets.
    How many do you have ? I’m looking for 4 tickets. But if you only have 2 the girls could go shopping – hahaha

  61. have you noticed the P.C. Richard whistle after every strikeout at Yankee Stadium? It started last year. I will NEVER, NEVER, EVER, EVER shop at P.C. Richard because of that offensive, in your face, crass commercialism.

  62. ZzZz Greg L. ZzZz on

    you deserve a break today …at subwayyyyyyy!!!

    I thought it was pritty silly a few years ago when some euro team had stainless steel helmets !! I geuss they were sponsered by some pot company. Are we a step closer by having virtual ads on the glass!!???

    Maybe The Montreal Canadiens will sell out and put the Mcdonalds golden Arches ” M ” on thier logo replacing the M !!!

  63. Super imposed Subway ads on the boards are terrible. Anyone who says otherwise is out of their mind. As if the Garden wasn’t making enough money already. What a load of carp.

    On another note… What if a goal is waved off and then the other team scores a goal, but the initial goal goes under review and it was a good goal. But the second teams goal was nicer. Hmmm…. and their was a fighting major in between.

  64. thanks rick!!! and yea laurel, how can someone not know sally ;-). Ok, i gotta read all these posts to catch up, but so far i’m in for sending some cash for the Fire Sather and finding wade reddens heart ads on the glass, who do i send the check to?

  65. http://www.Grabachev in IA(BBBP).com
    August 13th, 2009 at 5:24 pm
    carp- i love the idea of putting a “ranger report bonehead ” logo virtual ad!! thats funny big guy.

    eric- is the “honeymoon” so to speak over already? i know when i first got married, i went to work and then “hopped in the sack” if ya know what i mean all night long like lionel ritchie baby!!! i was too busy for the first few months to care about anything sports rel;ated. lol j/k, but i know what wicky is saying. enjoy the first few months because it doesnt get any beter than that!! shes still nice at that point. wait a few years. she’ll get on your case for an hour just fopr leaving the bathroom light on, or leaving the kicthen cabinet open!!.

    lmao @ Lionel Ritchie…great reference Mike. and it should be for leaving the toilet set UP!! omg thats aggravating, especially at 3 in the morning when you’re not exactly checkin the seat!

    in regards to the boarding call….maybe the last one was when Hollweg the hockey calamity was still a Ranger!

  66. I was wondering if anyone has tried this Sports Handicapping Service? I found his video on Youtube and it turns out the service is sold through clickbank which means it comes with a 60 day money back guarantee. Was wondering what peoples thoughts were.

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