Future Rangers vs. Future Devils


Or, in some cases, maybe past/demoted Rangers vs. past/demoted Devils.

Here’s the AP story:

    NEWARK, N.J. (AP) — The New York Rangers and New Jersey Devils are taking their rivalry to another level.
    The Devils announced Thursday that the top minor league teams of the franchises will play two games at the Prudential Center this season.
    The Lowell Devils will host their AHL Atlantic Division rival, the Hartford Wolf Pack, the Rangers’ top affiliate, on Jan. 6 and Feb. 3. Both games are scheduled for 7 p.m.
    Lowell season ticket holders will receive information on both games with their season ticket packages, the Devils said. Individual ticket information for both games will be available at the start of the 2009-10 AHL season.

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  1. Michael Vick just signed two year deal with Eagles!

    Gives me one more reason not to watch National Felony League!

  2. nice two extra bonus games at the rock… I LOVE CHANTING LETS GO RANGERS in the rockkkkkkkkkkkkkkk….on a serious note anyone who hasnt been to the prudential center for a game should get out there-its a very nice arena and the view from the restaurant is fantastic!

  3. cccp

    murder someone and get 28 days in jail and you cant play football for a year

    run a financial scam w/ money that is printed up out of thin air get 150 years in jail. lol.

  4. Our legal system is a joke. Maybe Jackie Chiles was Stallworths attorney and that’s why he only got 28 days.

  5. I’m just wonder, consider Vick,s interest in a dogfights, who you will put your bet for in Brash-Vick fight. Any thoughts?

  6. What amazes me about the Vick situation is that people are going to treat him worse than they would had he murdered someone.

  7. Vick went to jail for 1 1/2 years for killing dogs. Stallworth gets a month for killing a HUMAN BEING!!!

    The Philadelphia Beagles is the funniest thing I will hear all day. . . I am sure of it. LOL!!!

  8. The parallels between the fall of Ancient Rome, and what is happening in the USA are frightening.

  9. Ya know, back then, the Roman Empire was considered too big to fail. . .

    Why the hell am I talking about this?

  10. gatti- i thought richards was supposedto be traded here? not that i think he will come here at all though. i wonder why tangauy and sundin arent signed yet. there both good players.sundin especially could be good for our top line but hed be too expensive.

  11. CW…Agreed on the fall of…well this country!
    Thankfully the “sleeping giant” has been awakened.
    One of the highlights of this past week…since there was no announcement of Dubi getting signed, was watching all the a-hole politicians commit political suicide, in front of constituents more informed than the politicians!

  12. What the HECK on


    Maybe you can answer this one. If a teAm scores a goal that is waved off and play continues and a penalty is committed. But the goal is reviewed and announced as a goal, does the penalty still count? Does it have to do with how severe the penalty was (aka brawl or chris Simon slash to the face)?

  13. (THE REAL) MikeyNJ on

    This is why I love all of you guys and gals!!

    Only on a Ranger blog site will you get to read posts about Politics, the fall of the Roman EMpire and the paralles in which it mirrors our own country.

    Couldnt agree more Staal Wart, they thought middle america would jsut eat up there rhetoric. Nice to see them getting poo thrown in there faces on NAtional TV and having no where to run.

    Either were gonna completely fail like Rome did, or there’s going to be a new system of Government that gets installed.
    One way or the other this is the absolute worst our Poor Miss Liberty has been in a looong time.

    And where’s Dubi? Is he signed yet? hehe


  14. hey Enough is Enough…I guess your too afraid to ID yourself, hence the name change, so I guess its your first comment then?
    and what else is there to talk about?
    OH wait, lets discuss the lines again…
    no no…
    lets discuss…why Dubi isn’t sign yet.

  15. Good morning all you politicos, hope you all have a crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day! Could we talk religion next please (just kidding)!!!!

  16. oh and…

    Good morning, Carp, Staal Wart, Mike(I’m going through identity crisis) in “LA”, and the rest of the good people!

    The German asparagus are fabulous!

  17. CWGATTI –

    Stallworth did not intend to kill anyone, though he must be held accountable for the horror he perpetrated. Vick INTENDED to have dogs savage other dogs, with betting involved, I understand. As a lifelong Eagles fan I feel ashamed and almost numbed that my team would stoop so low as to compensate this fiend for his talent on the football field. This also wreaks havoc upon the team unity in the clubhouse, and, presumably on the field. One of the most short-sighted, expedient, ill-advised player personnel decisions any sports franchise has ever made.

    After the T.O. experience, you would think the organization would have learned to avoid divisive “head cases” like the plague they are.

    Taking this football season off, I am. This is devastating. No Super Bowl championship will compensate this fan for this mis-directed decision. Not that the most distraught, internally torn team in the NFL will even get close to winning it all. At least those of you who hate Philadelphia fans can side with those who tear into this guy, as they will. No mercy for him from the sidelines is the only good that will come of this. I hope they run him out of town by mid-season.

  18. (THE REAL) MikeyNJ on

    ENough is enough:
    You get us some bona fide Ranger news and we’ll stop talking about other topics

    Until then lighten up!

    Staal lets talk about whose gonna be first line center again! hehe

  19. This game should probably be called the Future NHL All Stars That Will Be Traded In The Next 5 Years vs Future Stanley Cup Winners of the Devils Who The Rangers Passed Over In The Draft……sounds like such a better marquee display…and a lot closer to the truth.

  20. “How’s that hope and change workin’ out for ya?”


    Let me start off by saying that in 2000 I said, ‘Vote for me. I’m an agent of change.’ In 2004, I said, ‘I’m not interested in change –I want to continue as president.’ Every candidate has got to say ‘change.’ That’s what the American people expect

  21. There is no way, NO WAY, I’m participating in any political talk here. Not a chance. You guys can talk about whatever you want, but I’m experienced enough to know that politics is a topic that can bring no good to any conversation.

    You cannot convince people on either side of the aisle that the other side has ever done, or will ever do, anything good or just.

    But I do agree that the Apocalypse is coming.

  22. Amen Carp! and wouldn’t be good morning Mr. President George W.? HAHAHA Can something please happen today I am already bored!

  23. I would like to know what the attendance would be for these minor league games. It would not surprise me is more people attended that then a regular non division game for the Devils.

  24. I don’t like Vick as much as the next person, but he did his time, said his apologies, and is trying to move on. If this was any old shmo who committed a crime and served jail time for it, he should be able to get back in the work force and support himself.

    That being said, it’s almost too fitting that he’s going to Philly. They probably torture animals during their tailgates.

  25. I sort of love politics. I agree its hard to change opinions, but I’ve had many civil conversations on politics that did not get out of hand…the problem is when people take things personally.

    I consider it a privilege that my favorite president after Ronald Reagan graces us with his presence…everyone give a hardy hello to George W. apparently another newcomer!

    Donte Stallworth didn’t intend to kill a PERSON…I can agree with that, but he did little to no time in prison and should be banned for life from the national football league. Their are consequences to stupid choices and I hope he is never allowed to set foot on a NFL field again.
    Vick…served time for what he did to DOGS!!! Its not right what he did to them, I have 2 dogs…but they are dogs, not people, there is a huge difference.
    And Celsius, Vick will not bring a Super Bowl Championship…

  26. Spector says the Rangers are having a hard time signing Dubi apparently.
    Either Dubi thinks he’s worth more than he actually is worth or Sather is trying to screw him over so Dubi no longer wants to be a Ranger

  27. Does anyone here know details about Tortorella’s system? We all know it’ll be forecheck and aggressive etc. but I’d be interested to know more. Since Torts wasn’t able to really play the system he wanted last year, what can we expect? Any Lightning fans here that can shed some light?

  28. Daniel J
    I think if I remember correctly Torts, during that Stanley Cup run, had a high pressure puck pursuit type of game with a heavy fast forecheck. If I remember that playoffs right it is/was almost like a trap but in the offensive zone…if that makes sense…trap is probably the wrong word because in my opinion the trap is a “passive” system and a forecheck or the system Torts uses is active pressure. We did see it or saw a version of it the first few games that Torts was behind the bench but it was modified a little because of the defensive system that was in place.

  29. Enough is Enough
    “Why’s everyone so tense today?”
    Because you try to play Coward Censor our Big Bro, that’s why. And that is exactly what we are talking about.

  30. Laurel Babcock on

    Good afternoon Staal. If you all want something to talk about, check out Stanley at my blog, pets.lohudblogs.com, and have a smile. Now everyone breathe….

  31. All you people wanted change well you got it, this new health care plan is gonna make the Canadians who come here for surgery leave! It’s supposed to be the other way around! We want the Mexicans to leave. *Face palm*

  32. excuse me? but the post above at 1:36 was not me! that was total BUSH-LEAGUE!

    There’s an old saying in Tennessee — I know it’s in Texas, probably in Tennessee — that says, fool me once, shame on — shame on you. Fool me — you can’t get fooled again!

  33. Sather, like Bernie Madoff and the Wizard of Oz, doesn’t like it when people question his power and brilliance. That doesn’t bode well for Dubinsky.

  34. Staal Wart

    Thank you for the Dubinsky link. The kid is a keeper. I was on this guy before Jess knew who he was. Of course it helps that we’re both from the same hockey-playing state.

    Not even Sather is stupid enough to mess this one up. He will be a Ranger this season. No doubt about it.

  35. I have a question…

    What’s worse, betting on you team to win, get caught and get banned from baseball forever?

    Or, breed dogs into fighting, then torture them, break their psyche completely and then kill them when you no longer need that dog. Then go to jail not even for a year, get released early and in less than two years get reinstated and awarded a two year contract?

    What’s worse?

  36. So I keep seeing Brad Richards for Dubi as a rumor. I do not like this. Why does this keep coming up? Richards sorta sucks.

  37. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Wow way to long in between post’s, I relize there is nothing going on. I keep hoping for something to happen, don’t know why. I guess I just have to get Hockey out of my head and maybe see if anyhting interesting happens with my NY Jets. Doubtful they will be a disappointment just like they are every year. Even with the new coach hype and what people are saying I just don’t see anything happening again this year. How many days before hockey camp starts?? Rick can you set up a count down on this blog, how many days until camp???

  38. the people who keep bringing up these Richards rumors are just fan bloggers who have no idea that it is completely unrealistic and makes no sense for either side.

    every single beat writer has shot it down…thats enough for me…

  39. Has anyone thought maybe Dubinsky is the one playing hard ball. Maybe he is asking for number center money 5 years or 3-4 million we don’t know anything. Nothing has come out of either camps side. I don’t agree paying 21 or 22 year old guys alot of money. Pay your dues produce and then u will get your pay day. I think Cally got to much money also. They both should have gotten two are 1.6 million per period.

  40. Enough is Enough
    “I’m going to be the first to say it:
    Politics has no place in this blog”
    Rigth, like we realy need your permission Big Bro.
    BTW, who are you anyway? Do you know the difference between skies and skates,left and right,Bush and Clinton anything?
    Have a bad feeling, despite Carp’s assurance, Dubi is a part of some diabolic Slats trade plan.

  41. Enough is Enough on


    My apologies. When I made my comment, I hadn’t considered how sensitive some people might be on a hockey blog.

    As for clicking away — I won’t be doing that. I check this site multiple times a day and usually look forward to everyone’s comments most. Your comments, specifically, about the Rangers and hockey in general are usually great. Take a deep breath.

  42. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Sather is reluctant to give dubi a payday, if they resign dubi and he has a poor year his salary and performance won’t bring much in return, Dubi’s value is at its highest now.
    I don’t know if sather wants to tie up cap money and and more than a 2 year contract on this kid, who really is average.

  43. Inside Pittsburgh Sports is not a rumor starter. They were the first to break the news that the Rangers were going to sign Marcus Naslund. They don’t print BS!!

  44. alright Enough is Enough already!

    I agree that Dubi may be playing hardball…which is frankly pretty retarded. If he is asking too much Sather does have every right to also play hardball…BUT when in the past has Sather not dished out too much…He has no problem paying washed players like Redden etc. I’m actually surprised he didn’t sign Callahan for more.
    Callahan “Mr. Sather, I want 1.5million a year”
    Sather ” Ok how does 2.5 mil sound?”

  45. i refuse to talk politics and Kudos to that poster who said he was looking forward to seeing Vick playing for Cleveland in the dog pound. That’s a great quip and I’m gonna steal it.

    If you wanna talk/listen Hockey myself and Chris Kotsopoulos talked 2 hours of it last night on Ranger Crisis radio. Including his chat with Scott Gomez and how he felt about the trade to Montreal.


  46. The Fast and The Furious and Curious.

    Darren Langdon vs. Bob Probert 11/16/05

    The Most memorable Ranger fight of the 1995-1996 season and the best quality video footage of it on the internet to my knowledge.


  47. the thing is if Dubi gets a big time raise so does every good RFA to follow. Sather doesnt want to set a precedant with Dubi…

  48. Langer was awesome Mouth. Kotsy was right when he said he was definately one of the best Rangers fighters all time. True Warrior! Good show last night.

  49. very good point oleo, and not just that, but he(sather) wants to show what happens when you have a good season like callahan did. he produced and exceeded expectations so he deserved his pay. duby still hasnt yet. this should be incentive for him to put some points up and evenm though he does good in other areas of the game, hes gonna be expected o produce. so sathers tryn to get him to do that firtst, then you get paid. sather may have thrown too much mopney at dru and wade and gomer, but they were all established already. even though they still didnt deserve but maybe half of what they signed for, they were once good players. duby hasnt proved anything yet. look at prucha, he scored 30 and 22 in his first 2 seasons. what did he make 1.6m? so duby should realize hes gotta earn it first.

  50. You’d think if Dubi were going to take a hard stance, it wouldn’t necessarily be to stay on a team that is a longshot for an appearance deep in the finals. So I’m not convinced he’s the hold-out. But thanks for presenting that opinion.

  51. carp- but dallas said they dont want rozy or redden in the deal. they want prospects and duby. it wont work because we cant afford him unless redden or rozy are goin too. unless slats throws in a high pick and top prospect like del z or sangs. but imo thats a horrible move. his best season was 23g 63a. we couldve kept zherdev for those numbers

  52. Dallas — under Marc Crawford, and this is just IMO based on watching him coach, he could care less about defencemen – let alone pricey ones.

  53. I don’t disagree with you Mike and Speed and everybody else … but I haven’t seen or heard anybody other than the writer in Dallas say that about Rozsival. Obviously nobody wants Redden.

    And on Dubinsky, I’m sure it’s both sides. Dubinsky’s too high, Sather’s lowballing. Otherwise it would be done. It will be done. They just need the impetus of a deadline (training camp?), or for somebody to cave.

    roc, nobody knows that the plan is.

  54. what is going on with Dubinsky? not on top of everything but why can’t they get this done?

    Hopefully Grachev gets a chance this year….

  55. Carp

    We need a new poll. When will Dubinsky be signed type of poll…

    its getting really annoying…

    at this point “Fire Sather” doesn’t seem so worn-out after all.

  56. I still think the key to any kind of cap space is the unloading of rozy!! Whether it is in a bigger deal (ie richards) or not.

  57. If there are any Jets or Giants fans on here. When you go see those teams play against the Eagles, you should bark, and howl. That would be hilarious !!

    Id watch a whole football game just to hear that, and see the look on Vick’s face.

    Id also like to see the look on Mrs. Vicks face when the little Vick kids ask daddy for a dog. Muahaha, now that would be a great reality show.

    Sign Dubi !

  58. I agree with sather on this if its true. He already overpaid for Cally. Make Dubi earn his pay.

  59. ZzZz Greg L. ZzZz on

    Du-bi or not Du-bi , what happens …only god knows ( Sather too) with Dubinsky.

  60. ZzZz Greg L. ZzZz on

    Well they traded me ,then the new team signed me to less cash so I retired. They had to move players so they waived them . I was so upset I retired that I punched the wall and at the same time I found ou my wife was pregnant. Is that more exciting CCCP?

  61. ZzZz Greg L. ZzZz
    Great language exercise.LMAO.Kudos.What this boredom does to people…

  62. ZzZz Greg L. ZzZz on

    In good ‘ol Saskat\-kat-chew-won ..yeah we can watch our dog run away for miles!!! We like it here , our city has the highest crime rate in Canada per capita. No one carries guns around here ..they carry knives. Mostly the young cap backwards native indians who may aproach you for a smoke and if you refuse they call you a racist. Last night some idiots went through my car again , finding nothing to steal but left my glove compartment open and my door slightly ajar. I’d like to ajar them young punks..one day…one day.

  63. ZzZz Greg L. ZzZz on

    Thank you 4everanger , yeah CCCP is a tough one to have over. Ya have to entertain the guy or he wants to go home!!
    Hahahaa …um yeah it’s perty boring.

  64. Somebody told the Philadelphia Eagles the NFC East was going to be a dog fight this year. So they went out and picked up an expert. HAHAHAHA. I just had to.

  65. I was in the pool!! on

    I still can’t get theo out of my mind. Has anyone seen him lately? Any recent vids of him? If he would take 500k he would be one of The Best 4th line/ power play alternatives around (provided he is in great shape)! I understand some would rather have a kid like byers play and I understand that but for the minutes and the money theo could be a big bang for the buck.

  66. i was in the pool- i think the days of old aging vets are over in rangerland. if we were a team that had a crappy farm system and theo was available because he was a better choice then i could see him being a good fit. but hes just too old, too small, and to play on the 4th line why bother? we have too many kids waiting for a spot on the team. i dont think its a bad idea to have him at camp, but weve got plenty of good choices for the 4th line over him. we’ll never know how good any of these kids can become if we never give them a chance

  67. duby better not do dallas. he better do “ok glen, i’ll take that 3 yr. 2 mill deal”. sure glen, im gonna prove myself first before i expect redden money”yes glen, i realize im the number 1 center by default, and until i realize my full potential then i will get paid like a 13 goal scorer”. i hope he does wanna be a ranger and not play head games with slats cuz he will be traded if thats the case

  68. My only question about Brad Richards being a Ranger is:

    Does he wear #91 or #19?

    The biggest obsticle for Dallis is the real $$$ Tom Hicks has to pay. Rozi has a $5 mil cap hit, but his actual $$$ salary is lower. I am telling you right now that the Rangers are trying to pull this off. It may not happen, maybe not til the trade deadline ( by the way, the longer this goes, the MORE likely it will happen) but rest assured, the NYR are ACTIVELY trying to get Brad Richards to Broadway. . . . and he may be the next CAPTAIN!!!!!

  69. Dear Mr Grabachev
    I just wanted to let you know, at exactly 9:13 I absolutely lost it.
    And goodnight!

  70. ZzZz 17 ZzZz " DUBBIE DOES DALLAS!!??? " ... says Greg L. on

    cwgatti , you have got to be kidding me . Brad Richard as our Captain??? He’ll take #19 I garentee , but him being a Ranger…I don’t garentee that. You seriously have an infatuation with him. I see it…we all see it. I honestly think he is over paid and if he ever does comes here …he wont last long. Maybe as long as Gomez and Naslund? I know he’s a Torts guy…but he sucks.

    cccp , very funnyyyy…and just remember Ivan Drago lost at the end…hahahahahaa!!!

  71. ZzZz 17 ZzZz " DUBBIE DOES DALLAS!!??? " ... says Greg L. on

    Oh btw Good morning Laurel ,Carp and Sally. Good night Mike and Im off to bed .zzzzzzzzz

  72. I threw the captain thing in for good measure.

    I really do not LOVE Brad Richards. I am just making a prediction. I am harping on it, yes. But I don’t have anything else to talk about. . . except politics :) Or how great Sather has been this summer.

    From another board:

    Sather made a GREAT move (signing Gabborik). It’s so funny how most of the critics of the Gabby signing are no more than Sather bashers. If you look around the league, EVERY GM has had good moves and bad moves. For every Redden signing, there was a Jagr trade (at 1/2 salary. For every Gomez signing, there was a Gomez trade, for every Drury signing, there was an Avery trade (again at 1/2 the salary), there was a Henke drafted, there was a Gilroy signing, there was a free agent Girardi signing, yadda yadda yadda. . . . .

    Not to mention Brashear who will get every Ranger fanny out of their seats this season with some scary beatdowns, and probably will score more goals than Betts, Shoe, and Orr COMBINED!!! Which isn’t saying much, but probably will happen.

    So, go on ripping Slats for his moves. But look at the big picture and you will see that it certainly isn’t all bad.

  73. cwgatti nice try on the sather circle logic. It’s the results that count. Some are happy just making the playoffs, especially dolan , and sather or he wouldn’t be gm. That would be a happy day for all.He should be fired just for Redden alone, that’s a $39 mil mistake.

  74. the big picture is the roster gets changed by half two years in a row. Tha’t not a GM with a real plan, that seat of your pants changing. And he’s far from done. One day he just might get lucky.

  75. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Does any one know when the rangers training camp opens and the misery begins?
    The other NHL GM’s love Sather and the Rangers, they all know that the rangers will never be a legitimate threat to win it all as long as Sather and Dolan run the program.
    And you can always trade an over-the-hill , over paid vet for young prospects and draft choices.

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