Since you brought it up … (updated)


… and I’m sure some of it was sparked by this MSG/Rangers Web site video shot yesterday when Aaron Voros did a kids clinic at the MSG Training Center …

What do you think are the chances this guy is a regular and a contributor this year?

I actually think it’s a distinct possibility provided they have the cap room. If they need to cut $1 million by opening night, he’d be an easy one to cut, as of now.

But what if he has a good camp? It sure looked like John Tortorella liked him when Voros, after sitting and sitting, got a shot in the playoffs against Washington. We’ve heard he has a relationship with Marian Gaborik, his one-time linemate in Minnesota. And he really seems to be a decent guy. Plus, it can’t hurt that he was willing to fight even against opponents who wiped him out last season. That takes a level of courage (some might call it stupidity).

Voros had a good start last season, and maybe too much was expected as “the poor man’s Sean Avery.” But on a fourth line with Donald Brashear? Maybe it could happen.



While we’re on the topic, Ryan Callahan and Matt Gilroy are at the kids camp, too, and expected to be made available to the media, so check the Rangers’ site for interviews with them today and tomorrow.

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  1. he’s got as good a shot as anyone, I’m not a big fan but if torts is to believed and the merit system is in place, then if Voros has a good camp he deserves a spot

    he played over his head when he first came here and I think expectations were too high, if he can just maintain a consistent effort and forecheck well, stir up some trouble in the crease like he did on many occassions – particularly vs TB – he can be an effective player

  2. 4th line and 4th line ONLY!!!! I don’t understand why the team hasn’t shown the desire to re-sign someone like Betts. One of the best PKers in the league. Does anyone have an answer to this?

  3. PLs No Voros On Roster! Send Him To Hartford…I’d Rather a Kid! Duby Not Being Signed by now Looks Like He Is A Chip To Be Traded…If There Is A trade Out There That Makes sense.. His Loss Would Be Rangers Gain Next Yr….Ie Grabechev,Steppan-who has a shot to be #1 center…What we could get For Duby would have to make alot of sense for this yr…

  4. Voros? That is the best we can friekin do? If that is the case, we will have 3 so-so lines and one dogsh*t of a 4th line that can do nothing but muck it up and fight people. A team with speed will eat up our 4th line. What a joke.!

  5. Voros will be and should be a non-factor on this team. He lacks the skating ability, offensive skills, and defensive skills it takes to be an NHL player. Other than that I think he’s a great player.

    I’d much rather see Byers make the opening night lineup.

  6. Voros offers nothing.

    He can’t skate, can’t fight, can’t score.

    That spot belongs to Byers or someone else…but not him.

  7. I can’t see the harm of checking him out at camp. If he worked hard this summer and comes to camp in good shape you never know. At 28 he has to know that his time to be an nhl player is closing that might motivate him. Still my hope is that a young player like Byers is ready to play and fill that role at a cheaper price.

  8. (THE REAL) MikeyNJ on

    Like I said in the previos post, I’ve been anit Voros since game 14 of last year.

    But Torts is gonna do whatever the hell Torts wants and we’ll have to accept it.

    I’mjsut hoping on eof our HArtford guys will really impress in camp and steal his spot.

    MUCH rahter have Byers or Grachev in the line up instead of Voros

  9. I’ll take a pass on Voros. Between him and Brashear, that would be a lot of money spent on a 4th line that will play 2 minutes per game. Better to fill those spots with $500k-type guys.

    Even better, fill those spots with Betts, Sjo, and Orr. But that ship has unfortunately sailed. :-(

  10. Whatever happened to the non-coming of Mark Bell? Is he still in HFD or is he demoted to full time rehab now?

    I thought he would be a good “sleeper” pickup that could one day become a #1/#2 LW.

  11. Carp, the relationship could mean something. Look at Santana and Castillio of the Mets. I am sure Gabby and Voros are not as tight as those two but it might be a behind the scenes need that Voros be at least in the lineup in the beginning of the season.

    Just a thought.

  12. Where's Pavelich? on

    …I liked the signing last year (really) – but, he didnt pan out.. maybe the combo of Torts and Gaborik can elevate his game (wishful thinking??).. as currently constructed the roster is pretty soft: Byers isn’t a good fighter (nor is Voros), Boyle is soft (and maybe not making the team), heck Braschear is 37 yrs old… Higgins grinds but not that tough, no big presence on defense …

    btw, has there EVER been a Rangers player who was a Devil that ever panned out? (Voros was in the Devils system at the beg of his career).. Verbeek??

  13. Hockeyman Rangers on

    CONGRATULATIONS TO ME, CONGRATULATIONS TO ME CONGRATULATIONS CONGRATULATION CONGRATULATIONS TO MEEEE. Hey crew just back from vacation with a brand new grand daughter, me second I have a grand son already. Unbelieveable what a miracle life is, I have been blessed again.
    Ok back to hockey WHEN IS DUBINSKY GOING TO BE SIGNED, I thought I would have heard something when got back here, but nothing. I really hope Sather is not holding him for a bargaining chip. PLEASE NO. I guess Voros won’t work as a bargainging chip. IS IT SEPTEMEBER YET.

  14. in my opinion, just like no roster spot is gaurenteed for any of the big names on this team, equally so there are no spots gaurenteed on the “bench” for any of the lesser names on this team. every position (except henrik) is up for grabs to anyone willing to step up and earn that spot. So is there a place on this team for Voros? absolutely, as long as he shows up and earns it and proves he deserves it more than the others. this is, in my opinion, the way it should be at least for this team this year. it should be a try-out for every position with no regard to contract sizes and years in the league.

  15. I am a fan of any player that sticks up for his teammats and or himself. Voros is a gamer. And I think the guy got a little bit of a bad rep here in NY last season, but I appreciate the guys game. I think he beats out Byers for the 4th line position, but finds himself traded at some point during the season.

    Onto Brashear, I know everyone here keeps saying 4th line…But I will still put money on it that he makes his way onto the 3rd line.

  16. i dont know if he has a god camp then sure, if he’s going to be a better player than a younger player, there’s no reason to put a worse player on the roster. but hes too soft for the 4th line.

  17. Voros deserves a chance to show what he got in camp. No one is saying he will be in the line up if he chokes. If he does well why not give him a spot?

  18. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Congrats, “Hockeyman Rangers”!!!

    I posted this earlier and it never appeared!!!

  19. In my opinion, an efforts are definetely there,probably big heart,, etc., but all this is hardly substitute for lack of talant. And being a nice guy is not a profession.Absolutely disposable, no hard feeling.

  20. Hockeyman Rangers
    Hey, Granpa. Full heart Congrats.I know the feelings – have 2 granddaughters and grandson and I’m a sucker for them.Enjoy it and start prepearing them to be a Rangers fans – it’s never too early.

  21. Where's Pavelich? on

    The # of ex-Devils that have come to the Rangers and stunk seem outweigh the good (esp when considering salary): Driver, Cirella, Gomez, Holik .. and Mike Mottau is an effective everyday Dman for the Devs…

  22. Voros had one good week last year – and it was early October. Becomes a very expensive spot on the roster all year long if that’s the return.

  23. Rick,

    it’s been several months of summer that’s passed by in a blur of activity and work
    i don’t think Tortorella put Voros in the game because
    he was so confident in him. i think it was as much a
    throwing something against the wall and seeing if it would stick.
    if he felt better about Voros, he would have played him much earlier.

    yes, it’s only a million but i’d rather he be in another uniform. maybe keep around for camp and see what he brings, but from clicking with Dubinsky at the beginning of the season to totally flatlining for nearly 75% of it….just doesn’t seem worth it.

    hell, a younger/cheaper player could be just as productive, possibly more so as far as scoring, checking, penalty killing, and even fighting.

  24. cirella wasn’t bad, i wouldn’t put him in the gomez/holik/driver category

    carp, maclean to a degree? which degree? 450 farenheit? another bad deal neil move from the mid-late 90s

  25. My take… Voros was put in during the play-offs as a hail mary. Torts had nothin workin and tried every tool he had in the box.

    I’m sure he’s a wonderful guy… he’s just not a good hockey player.

    IF he is Gaborik’s other winger we’re in serious trouble.

  26. Cirella wasn’t bad? I’d say he was awful!

    The Rangers traded Aaron Miller for that clown, that was a terrible deal both short and long term.

    There have been a few ex-Rangers to stink it up in NJ too. Just off the top of my head

    Vadnais (oh wait, he stunk in NY too)

    and I think Langdon was Devils property for a short time

  27. I see no harm in giving Voros a shot in training camp. Maybe he could regain his confidence and start scoring again. After his good start last season Renney never had him on a set line(no one else for that matter). I’m hoping Tortorella has some lines set for the start of the season.

  28. Tikkanen only played 9 games as a Devil.

    Do you think Bouillon will make the opening night roster.

  29. Voros was never the same after he took those VICIOUS slashes from Mike Smith in that Tampa game last year. You could see how flagrant that was. I wanna see Avery run that jerk. Does anyone else remember that game? I think that Voros may have been injured by those slashes. . . . .

    Bouilion for $1 mil? Not bad. They need a guy to make that 1 yr bridge to the NYR D prospects.

  30. Bruce Driver was the worst ex-Devil to play for the NYR. He was so soft. I hope he still has nightmares about Lindros blowing around him in the semifinals that year – I do. Bobby Carpenter was a guy who played well for the Devils, granted in a defensive role, and barely played for the Rangers, yet cost the team Ridley and Miller.

    Kevin Weekes was horrible for both teams :)

  31. NorthCountryRanger on

    Gee I sure hope Voros wasn’t running a skating clinic fot the impressionable young kiddies….

  32. What does Voros knowing Gaborik in Minny have to do with anything? Those two will never even sniff the same line together….

    Voros is a poor excuse for a hockey player. Slow, ineffective, can’t handle the puck, can’t hit well, gets pounded on in fights.

    This guy belongs in the minors.

    Brad Isbister #2… Big body and THAT’S IT.

  33. bull dog line on

    Blair Betts is overrated. That is why the Rangers, and every other team in the NHL has not signed him yet.

  34. Carol Vadnais did not stink in New York! As for the others on your list I don’t remember if they stunk in New Jersey
    because once a player is or was a Devil there invisible to me.

  35. two word for a great ranger /devil guy

    Steve Richmond

    Ex-NYR Chris Kotstopoulos on Ranger Crisis Radio

    Tommorow Live 9-11PM EST The phone lines will be open all night for you disciples of Carp and Seinfeld to chat with 10yr NHL veteran and EX – Ranger Chris Kotstopoulos about anything you’d like.

  36. Where's Pavelich? on

    Steve Richmond….memory is vague… was he kinda a long lanky, tough dman..#41 or 47???

  37. rangerfan, cirella wasn’t that terrible

    aaron miller decided to go to school, hence the deal…losing miller AND bill lindsay (the draft pick in that deal) hurts

    also on former devils/rangers: alexander karpovstev was a devils draft pick in 1990, he was dealt to quebec in their joe cirella trade also involving walt poddubny…circle of life?

    Joe Cirella: Transferred to New Jersey after Colorado franchise relocated, June 30, 1982. Traded to Quebec by New Jersey with Claude Loiselle and New Jersey’s 8th round choice (Alexander Karpovtsev) in 1990 Entry Draft for Walt Poddubny and Quebec’s 4th round choice (Mike Bodnarchuk) in 1990 Entry Draft, June 17, 1989. Traded to NY Rangers by Quebec for Aaron Miller and NY Rangers’ 5th round choice (Bill Lindsay) in 1991 Entry Draft, January 17, 1991.

  38. Where's Pavelich? on

    whew! thought I was losing it.. but, to quote another famous “Mouth”…”I still got it!”

  39. nothing on boullion yet. lots of people claiming there’s reports out of canada that he’s been locked up but there’s nothing on the web yet.

  40. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    it has been confirmed Francis Bouillon is a Ranger. I just read it on Wikipedia :)

  41. someone brought up the idea of a fleury/brashear/avery line.

    that would be worth the price of admission alone.

  42. I would not mind a 4th line of Brashear Boyle Voros.

    A buddy of mine said that as soon as the season ended, that Voros started a very strict workout plan to get himself conditioned to be conditioned for Tort’s camp. The guy had a lot of supporters to start last season when he had chemistry with Z and Dubi, and the only player that had what you could deem a “good” season was Z, even though he was hot and cold. If the guy comes back in good shape, and takes less penalties, then I am willing to see him on the fourth line on the cheap. He definitely sticks up for his teammates. I would much rather see Voros on the fourth line than see any of our young guys that we want to see make the big club there.

  43. (THE REAL) MikeyNJ on

    A 5’8 defensmen for a million dollars?

    How gritty can he be if other teams forwards are going to be able to push him around?

    Stupid signing and IF this is true Im already irritated.

    What the hell is the point of 15 prospects, plus signing Gilroy, plus Heikkinen if were only giving ONE of our own homegrown d men a chance?

    And Oilers interested in Dubi? Are you kidding me? For what in return? Tell Tol R to go f himself and sign betts.

    I dont beleive that anyway, as the Oilers are so strapped for Cash Tommy boy cant even afford to sign Betts, let alone two other players that I read of the article on SNY rangers

    And why wouldnt we want to see Grachev on the fourth line this year? Get a taste for the NHl with minimal minutes, and if all goes well, add some scoring to Big Bad Braseaher and whoever the hell else is gonna be on that line

  44. “Blair Betts is overrated. That is why the Rangers, and every other team in the NHL has not signed him yet”

    THANK YOU !!

    Everyone makes a big deal aboot him, but anybody can block a shot, and play 4th line center. Some NYR fans make it seem like he’s so important. Gimme a break. He’s probably looking for a big raise, and nobody is willing to give it to him cause they know a prospect can fill that role.

    The more i think of it, i wonder if Arnason really does have more of a shot to make this team than we realize. I hope not. To tell you the truth id rather have Voros, or Theo Fleury over that guy, i don’t know why.

    And i wouldn’t trust Wikipedia for hockey news. One time it said Kovalev is a Canadien by day, and Batman by night. Which would explain why he takes so many shifts off, got to fight crime.

  45. MIKEY

    I disagree, we shouldn’t bring Grach up to play unless he’s at least playing 3rd line. Same with Artie.

    Let them work on their game down in Hartford where they can play big minutes, and realy help out and be a big part of a team, instead of bringing them up to the NHL so soon, so they can just play limited minutes that are just used to let the important players rest up so they can get back on the ice.

    That’s my opinion. I hope Grach makes the team, but eh, i don’t think it’s likely. And Torts wont throw him on the 4th line, same with Artie.

  46. The cabbie says on tape that the Kanes also stole his $100 plus the fifteen fare money. Then his lawyer says that nothing is gonna happen. Then it comes out that the cabbie didn’t have a valid license.

    I smell a payoff coming.

  47. I really do not understand all the hate on voros. He is not the player makes you a stanley cup contender, but he is the kind of player that helps you win the cup. He plays hard, he may not have a very good skill set, but he stands up for his teammates and will fight anyone (maybe not well, but he will fight) and never NEVER underestimate that type of player in a room with other players. I would think, as ranger fans, we would all embrace a player who does that sort of thing for a fairly low salary after all the “fat cat” over paid perimeter players we have seen come and go!

    In this case, I agree 100% with Runninamok!

  48. boullion sticks up for his teammates, he can clear a crease, he fights, he can throw a hit. and this is all @ 5’8

    for 1 mil im ok w/ it. we needed this type of player and for 1 mil the only person who would come cheaper IMO would have been mclaren and he didnt play for most of the season last year and when he got traded he failed his physical. he is short but he doesnt seem to “play” that short.

  49. Orr,

    It’s not really fair to say that Betts is a scrub and that anyone can block a shot.

    He is a good penalty killer which takes a lot of discipline in terms of skating and stopping short distances, which will wear more on your legs more than any other type of skating, as well as not over reacting to puck movement and not getting out of position.

    As for shot blocking: anyone who hasn’t played the game can not really say that “anyone can block a shot.” There is a fear and a risk every time that a player blocks a shot. You have to know how to do it correctly so that you don’t risk injury than you already are. One bad shot block and a players career and life could be over.

  50. I hated when Vadnais came to the Rangers but I think he scored 19 or 20 goals in a season. How would we have liked that on defense last year?

  51. This guy is a perfect 4th liner. Will play 6 minutes a game and play it hard and be effective.

    You absolutely cannot expect a prospect who has a huge upside to benefit from playing on the 4th line – it only hurts him. Voros is perfect for this role. Grachev playing on the 4th line will benefit him? c’mon.

  52. Matt, my thoughts exactly! Kind of what I said above. Especially because Torts doesn’t really roll 4 lines much. So, Voros is a good guy to throw in occasionally for energy, or to throw on a line if it is stale.

    I have no problem with that at all.

  53. A fourth line of Voros Boyle Brashear is a pretty damn big bodied line too. Just stick two of them in the crease and let the other and the D just fire away. Ha. Seems so simple, doesn’t it?

  54. Boullion at 5’8″, 201 lbs?! Holy crap, that dude must be made of muscle! Good to have guys like that onboard

  55. I agree Voros on the 4th line is perfect for him, what we saw last year with him playing first line minutes with Dubi and Z. That is definitely not the player he is, he should be a guy that we can send out there with Brash to send a message, and crash the net.

  56. Boullion is a beast, he’s knocked out Darcy Tucker and even fought Orr, this is a great signing if true.

  57. Why does everyone love Voros all of a sudden?

    Remember “Virus?” Remember that he can’t score? Can’t win a fight? Remember? Everyone here hated him a couple months ago.

  58. JASON

    He is useful, as well as Freddy Shoes, but most Nyr fans look at him as if he is one of the biggest pieces of the team. I know what you mean aboot the shot blocking, but prospects aren’t dumb, these are the things they get taught when they learn how to play the game, it’s just a matter of having the balls to give up your body to block a shot. Like Ortmeyer, he said that his coach made him and his teammates learn how to block a shot, and he’d fire shots on them.

    Shot blocking is something you learn early on, if you don’t know how to do it while you’re playing in the NHL, that’s like going to College and not knowing how to multiply.

    Point being, Betts is, and always was expendable, and having him or not, wont hurt the team, and wont hurt the PK.

  59. fl1ppedturtle on

    I agree rangersfan32 many of us Ranger fans were force fed Voros on our top lines because Renney liked his size but was short sighted about his talent. The guy is a good 4th line player who you give maybe 5-8 shifts a game and that is it. If he fights and stick up for his teammates even if he loses to me is a player I will stand behind.

    The only thing is, and it has been said many times today and can be applied to the reason we are not resigning Betts is that there are younger cheaper players that may be able to fill that roll with out the 1M cap hit.

  60. I stopped liking Betts after he let Simon skate right by him after he slashed Hollweg in the face. That pissed me off, i mean even a wimp like Rachunek went up to him and got in his face, before Orr got there. I lost respect for him after that, but he’s a nice guy off the ice, but you have to do something when someone does crap like that.

    Same thing with Mara. Brash*t is out of his league, but when he threw the cheap shot at him, it was Mara who showed balls, and went up to him.

    Cant have guys like that on the team.

  61. fl1ppedturtle on

    SCX I don’t think we are loving him but it would be nice to see if a 1mil a year mistake can be made into a positive.

    I would cringe every time Voros would drop the gloves because I knew a beat down was coming his way but there are worse out there such as that tool that plays for the Oiler Stortini (SP?). At least when Voros fights he swings instead of trying to hump his opponent to death…

  62. So I see that collectively there is something sort of “new” to talk about…Voros.
    How can Voros, who up until today…after Hollwegg, was the most bashed, useless, waste of space we have seen in a long time.
    Suddenly he’d be great in a fourth line role?…haha…whats wrong with you people…
    Give me Seinfeld at this point in August…
    For all you people who now find Voros “acceptable” give me a break…Blair Betts is hands down a better 4th line player that Voros will ever hope to be…Pa-lease!
    Unflippin believable!

  63. so what the hell is going on Dubi? they cant be going this long without something being up

  64. Isn’t it great to have cap space??? This is ONLY players that have officially signed and stand at least a 75 % chance of making the team ….

    We only need 3 more players to add (Dubinsky and probably 2 rookies) and have over 4 million in space

    Marian Gaborik — $7,500,000
    Chris Drury — $7,050,000
    Ales Kotalik — $3,000,000
    Ryan Callahan — $2,300,000
    Chris Higgins — $2,250,000
    Sean Avery — $1,937,500
    Donald Brashear — $1,400,000
    Aaron Voros — $1,000,000
    Artem Anisimov — $821,666
    Enver Lisin — $790,000
    Tyler Arnason — $700,000
    Brian Boyle — $525,000
    Wade Redden — $6,500,000
    Michal Rozsiva — $5,000,000
    Matt Gilroy — $1,750,000
    Daniel Girardi — $1,550,000
    Marc Staal — $826,666
    Henrik Lundqvist— $6,875,000
    Steve Valiquette — $725,000

    SALARY CAP $56,800,000
    PAYROLL $52,500,832

    CAP SPACE $4,299,168

  65. STAAL

    We got our 4th line centers, so Betts is out of the picture. But we don’t have that 4th line winger, and right now it seems like it’s gonna be Voros. Or Arnason, or who knows, maybe Fleury.

    I doubt a prospect gets that spot.

    But who knows, maybe he does. You never know.

  66. NYRanger4Life on

    All- just thinking it would be pretty prudent of Slather to lock Staal up now to a long term extension, before his value completely sky-rockets ?? I’m slightly concerned that he’ll be offered a contract significantly less than Deaddens’, and in turn feel burned by the franchise.


  67. NYRanger,

    If they sign him to an extension now, his new contracts cap hit will become this years cap hit. If they sign him after Jan 1. Then they are in the clear for this year.

    We went through this with Hanke’s contract a few years ago.

  68. fl1ppedturtle on

    Staal Wart I want to be clear I have no love for Voros and it sounds like most of the fans on here agree that he is not going to pan out but he is still under contract and there is 1 in a million chance that he may impress Torts at camp.

    Betts is no doubt a better player but it seems like the Rangers are no interested in seeing if the locker room can handle the awkward situation between Brash and Betts. There is also the hope that neither is needed and our prospects can fill those roles either out of camp or early down the road at least that is my hope : )

  69. Orr,
    Thats fine that Betts is gone, the point is Voros is/was the most hated Ranger on this Blog, until today, when he’s suddenly an acceptable 4th line player?…I don’t think so…
    What is the heat getting to you people?

  70. Any answer this question??

    Is Torts an Anti-Canadian/Europe guy??

    It seems the Rangers have been coveting mostly American players lately

    Bouillon – NY
    Arnason – OK
    Brash – IL
    Higgins – NY
    McDonaugh – Minn
    N. Williams – IL
    Gilroy- NY
    Kreider – Mass
    Bourque – NY

  71. Alright, I’m hooked into this damn 4th line discussion now!
    IMO our 4th line was the best line we had last season…they worked their asses off, played great defensive hockey.
    The only knock against them is they didn’t score much…But that being said…I think the worst move Sather made or rather DID NOT make was keeping that 4th line intact…

  72. I never understood the Voros hate. He was a 4th liner and had a bit of success on the scoring line.

    So he is not a very good fighter, but he crashes the net and hits and can score a few goals.

  73. Voros never played enough to be the most hated person on this blog. million bucks a year, I like the guy.

    I watched those Boullion fights against Tucker and Perry. He didn’t knock anybody out. The ref pushed Tucker down, he didnt even land a punch. Perry didnt get a punch landed on him either. The guy does stick up for himself, but lets not blow it out of proportion.

    Woo hoo! the Rangers bought somebody else’s reject, we are the best. please.

  74. somerset…

    All I have to say is: U-S-A! U-S-A! U-S-A!

    In all seriousness though, look at his big players in Tampa when he won: Lecavalier (Canadian), St. Louis (Canadian), Richards (Canadian), Andreychuk (Canadian), Boyle (Canadian), Khabibulin (Russian).

    Maybe it was just a lack of talent in the free agent market coming from Canada and Russia this year mixed with a lot of the players he kept were Americans.

  75. Jason …

    Thats what im thinking too, but it does seem weird. There has been alot of American signings lately

  76. somerset,

    Could also be that the value and talent of USA players growing which is a great thing.

  77. Stall Wart,
    Voros was miscast as a top line player. He was never “the poor man’s Avery” that people kept labeling him. He was (and is) a 4th line winger. That will pop in more goals than Betts ever would. Just leave him on the 4th line where he belongs. If you want to get involved in something worthwhile, find out if Boullion is a Ranger. I hear it everywhere, but I can’t get it confirmed.

  78. bull dog line on

    Blair Betts is a career minus 22, plus he is minus 11 in he playoffs. He is not, nor has he ever been a good checking center. Good checking centers are plus players. Good checking centers win face offs. Good checking centers and there lines chip in some goals. None of this is Blair Betts.

  79. “If the NYR 4th line is Voros-Boyle-Brashear the Rangers will be fine”

    if it is Byers-Boyle-Voros it won’t be fine? There is no need to play ganpa Brashear every game, he can play when they really need him or when there is an injury.

  80. Laurel Babcock on

    Hockeyman, belated congrats! I’m actually waiting for my first niece to drop any day now :)

    Hmm, Carp, there seems to be some disagreement on Voros….

  81. Betts is absolute garbage that doesn’t know he should be throwing his body if he wants to stay in this league. Good luck in the Swiss league, Blair.

  82. bulldog,

    Yes, Betts is a career minus 22 in parts of 7 seasons and a minus 11 in parts of 4 playoff years but Voros is a career minus 16 in parts of 2 seasons and a minus 3 in parts of 2 playoff years.

    If you put Voros in 7 years, I’d be shocked if his +/- were anywhere near a minus 22.

  83. bull dog line on

    I am not comparing Betts to Voros.
    I am comparing Betts to good checking centers. He does not stack up.

  84. Good Evening Laurel!
    I’m sorry, but I’d take Betts over Voros, Brashear anyday.
    Some of you people make me laugh…now Betts sucks…lol
    funny stuff!

  85. Grabachev in IA(BBBP) on

    August 12th, 2009 at 3:10 pm
    I really do not understand all the hate on voros. He is not the player makes you a stanley cup contender, but he is the kind of player that helps you win the cup. He plays hard, he may not have a very good skill set, but he stands up for his teammates and will fight anyone (maybe not well, but he will fight) and never NEVER underestimate that type of player in a room with other players. I would

    wicky- voros actually helps the other team win when he fights. he gets beat up so bad, that it gives the other team a confidence boost, while simultaneously being an embarrassment to us and bringing his teammates down by getting b slapped around the ice. if he can hit and work on his hitting and skating, he’ll have a chance.

  86. bull dog line on

    I am not comparing Betts and Voros. If Voros plays, I will root for him, if not i will root for Byers. Byers is who I am hoping to win that spot, not Voros.

  87. STAAL

    Im pretty sure everyone on this blog hates Dreary, Dredden, Blowzival, and Blowmez (while he was here) a lot more than Voros.

    The reason most of us don’t care, or at least what im assuming is, Torts isn’t gonna play him as much as Renney played him, so who cares.

    I really don’t care who plays on the 4th line, it’s not like they’re gonna help this team out anyway.

    All i care aboot is if Artie, or Grach will make the team, and what the D will look like. That’s it.

  88. TYREE

    Yeah, it’s pretty much just like having Betts, but he’s a little bigger, probably not as good defensively, although Slats said he was impressive defensively with the Monarchs, and he has more offensive potential than Betts.

    Id much rather have Boyle than Betts, for sure.

  89. I’m just stirring the pot and…
    “I’m lovin every minute of it”

    Sorry Wicky, was not referring to you. I think your a newer poster.

    I was kidding about Malik but he moves as well as Voros, and his one shootout goal showed me more hands than Voros ever has.

  90. bull dog line August 12th, 2009 at 4:38 pm

    “Blair Betts is a career minus 22, plus he is minus 11 in he playoffs. He is not, nor has he ever been a good checking center. Good checking centers are plus players. Good checking centers win face offs. Good checking centers and there lines chip in some goals. None of this is Blair Betts.”

    bull dog line you just about always have good posts but this one is way off man, I dont even mind that we arent taking betts back, wouldnt mind if he would have been brought back either.. Ill go out and say that alot of people overrate blair betts and that 4th line we have, it really was just the connections of him and sjo, Orr would make alot of poor plays in his own zone that would lead to goals, but he was a fan favorite bc of what a great fighter he was so people over look these subtle mistakes… +/- is a great stat, and a terrible misleading stat at times, for some players you can make a case that he is a tremendous player part having to do with his great +/-, but how often do we see an at best average player with a great +/-, maybe having alot to do with who he plays with, it happens all the time, malik a few yrs ago is a prime example… so anyway, the original point im making is that he is a great and just about ideal 4th line center, if he had a little bit of scoring tough he would then be the perfect 4th line center, but u dont really need to hav scoring touch to be that 4th line center, betts is a great faceoff guy and even better defensively in his own end, and at backchecking, you cannot tell me he is not at least a good 4th line checking center, you are way off here

  91. ORR
    Im pretty sure everyone on this blog hates Dreary, Dredden, Blowzival, and Blowmez (while he was here) a lot more than Voros.

    hahaha, The way you name players reminds me of Mutant League Hockey

  92. Voros had a chance. He is not big league materal. What are they thinking? I really can’t see him lasting very long up with the rangers, good camp or not.

  93. Troj has a Zherdev jersey for sale... cheap !! on

    Hey Orr… you mentioned that we have our 4th line centers. I thought we only had Arti and Drury under contract… am I missing someone???

  94. Eklund probably made it up in the first place

    how anybody pays for that dude’s mindless, baseless drivel is beyond me but good for him for finding an angle and playing it

  95. Troj — if I can interject here, Boyle & Arnason are also centers under contract who will likely compete for the 3/4 spots down the middle

    hopefully it is safe to assume Dubinsky will return but the longer he goes unsigned, the less certain I become about that

  96. No way both make the team though. Artie will definitely be the 3rd line center, and if we do find a 1st line center, then Dubi or Artie will move to the wing, most likely it will be Dubi, since that’s where Torts wants him to play.

  97. ok, i believe you ORR i just dont understand it, the kid was 18th in the entire league last year in the regular season in faceoff percentage, he is too good at faceoffs to move him to the wing, faceoffs are too valuable, in my opinion.. torts always says it himself too, that puck possesion and control is the name of the game, faceoff wins obviously lead to this, hes also very defensively responsible, an attribute a center should have

  98. ZzZz Greg L. ZzZz on

    The reason the line of Betts ,Orr and Shoey was so good is because of CHEMISTRY. A good ol heathy dose of Hank doesn’t hurt either. The PK unit that has zero pressure on them to score. Hard to say if a guy like Betts is valuble or a dime a dozen. He was the one Ranger who came here and earned his pay. To bad mouth Betts is not a classy thing to do after he played up to his contract and gave us awsome PK.

    Who is to say who should be on what line and who is a carreer 4th liner or what ever. Voros did play on the top line with Gaborik so if he played some minutes with him , DON’T BE ALL FREAKED OUT. Voros is slow but is a big presence infront of the net so who know what will happen.

    This team is again all mixed up and only the defense (goalie too) is the same. That might be a good thing cuz we didnt lack in the defense last was the scoring.
    The Rangers seem poised to make the playoffs again , so all can’t be that bad…remember years and years of missing the playoffs? Life is good and so is our chances.

  99. If Gaborik needs a companion to ease his transtion into the pressure tank of NYC, I would suggest a puppy dog or, possibly, a goat as opposed to keeping the atrocious Voros in a Ranger uniform. It’s even money which of the 3 potential pets would sh-t up the ice more.

    Moving Dubi to wing? What a joke. And replace him with yet another question mark at center. This site has been turning a blind eye to the fact that the Rangers are woefully underwhelming at center, with only journeyman and prospects to fill in ater the top 2 (an I use that term very loosely) spots. That combined with our lack of toughness up front outside of the new protector and Avery (he may need to fill this role which will cut into his overall performance in other areas – what a shame), this may be a very looooong year despite King Henrik heroics.

    Please let me know what I am missing here. At this point I am praying that chemistry and on the job experience happens at light speed . . . . or else.

  100. ThisYearsModel on

    If Boullion is a Ranger, he is immediately the most physical D-man they have. A good signing, if true.

  101. Grabachev in IA(BBBP)www.boullion has not been signed by new york on

    breaking news- bouillion has just been not signed by the rangers. link in my name

  102. Grabachev in IA(BBBP) on

    hey orr- or tr808 or anybody, how do i make my name black in bold letters with a link in it like you guys?

  103. Hey guys, I didn’t say Voros would be any good on a fourth line (although you could probably do worse), and I didn’t even say he should be on the team. I just said it’s a possibility. And I hear he’s working his tail off this summer.

    Staal, I take that as a compliment. No banning today.

    Steve “The General” Richmond wasn’t lanky. King of stout and squat, actually. One of the toughest SOBs to ever wear the uniform (No. 41). Wasn’t a great fighter, but would take on anybody. Could play a little bit, too, on defense mostly.

  104. Laurel Babcock
    “Hey, at least it wasn’t Russian (dang you CCCP)!”
    Hey,easy Laurel.Here are more of our kind…Besides, I offered you a help.

  105. Yup

    not a fan at all of redden or rozy at all (both a waste), but I like dru (just over paid for a 2nd liner). gomer i was neutral on (over paid also).

  106. have a ton of catchin up to do here…the super computer has arrived!!! THANK GOD!! missed you guys hugely

  107. anyone attending RangerFest this year? how far is the training facility from the train station in tarrytown?

    with regards to voros i do see some upside potential and he is a much better overall hockey player than both hollweg and orr (i know i know thats not saying much) but voros has decent hands compared to those two-he has a decent wrist shot and is ok at deflecting pucks and can be used as a big body to screen the opposing goalie…it sounds like he is trying to get in tip top shape and you know torts likes the guys that work hard…im not saying he is playing with gaborik but do not be shocked if the 4th line in pitts on october 2nd includes AARON!

  108. seth

    skippimg rangers fest. went to the one before we signed drury and gomez and i questioned renney in front of other season tix holders and he was pist.

    its fun if you have kids.

  109. Where's Pavelich? on

    …What do YOU mean “YOU People?!!?!?”

    Carp – yes, lanky was a bad term to describe Richmond – more “long armed” than “lanky”.. he was a decent fighter if memory serves.. Boullion done or not???

  110. Cleanly Trimmed Baby Jesus on

    All i know is i could not stand Blair Betts in NHL 09. He was absolutely pathetic in all aspects of the game and they didnt even credit him on some of the stuff he is decent at. What bugged me the most was on the PK i’d always end up getting a break away with him and hes one of the few people i could not put the puck into the net atleast %75 of the time.

  111. Laurel Babcock on

    Damn, 4ever, it didn’t translate….tried to say I’m sorry in Russian but the web code didn’t cooperate…

  112. Just watched the wings 98 cup winning season on NHL network, man the whole limo accident with vlady was a tragedy, loved the way they rallied around him though. That man knew how to play hard physical defence!!!

    And I’m not even a wings fan!!! We need the season to start!!!!

    Anything new on francois or dubi???

  113. Olga Folkyerself

    Yes, he was pretty shocked to find out that those wires had electricity in them!

    P.S. your name sounds familiar… have we met? :P

  114. Olga Folkyerself on


    I don’t think we’ve met… have you ever been there before?

    BTW- If that guy was a railroad employee, he got fired in the end…

  115. Wow, it’s definitely August. People need to relax. I would imagine he will be in a rotation for the 4th line wingers spots with players like Brashear and Byers. Games that Brashear doesn’t need to play he will play and if someone gets hurt Torts can pull up someone for a game or two instead of always having to move players from Hartford.

  116. Olga Folkyerself

    No, i have never been there before… but i helped someone to get there…if you know what I mean.

    BTW – I believe that guy was a cook… specializing in extra crispiness.

  117. As usual, a heated debate on the blog about who is going to get those precious 5 minutes a night on the ice with Brash and Boyle or Arnason.
    Its nice to see everyone cares to such an extent!!

    Incidentally, i presume this Eklund thing with Franky Stockcubes is his usual level of BS?
    I know we lack a physical element to our d-corps but signing Bouillon creates a bit of logjam for the last couple of D roster spots.
    If you’re a Hartford season ticket holder though you could be looking at a D-corps including Sangs, Heikkinen, DelZ, Sauer/Potter and McDonough, not bad!

  118. Olga
    Again, what did you do to yourself? Need any help to do it?
    Sorry, very tempting… Back to hockey.

  119. Grabachev in IA(BBBP) on

    good morning staalwart!! good morning cccp!!, morning carp, morning laurel!!

  120. Good morning good people of Rangerland.What coming day will bring to us? Dubi signing? Heatley trade? Just another hockeyless, rumorsfilled empty day?

  121. Do we have some sympathetic doctor among us who can perform on me medicaly induced coma till second half of September?Please!

  122. Voros on the fourth line wouldn’t be disastrous. In fact, he should have been there last season. I would rather see a youngster get some minutes there, but how many people will see a rookie getting 5 minutes a night on the fourth line and complain that he doesn’t score enough and is a bust?

  123. Sorry man, typo..We need a new post. Some topic about how we stand on paper against our comp. in Atlantic far.

  124. Grabachev

    Thanks and a great crease clearing hard hitting physical d man day to you as well (and the rest of you). Very true about the sad case of physicality on our blue line. BTW, sorry I missed one of your responses to a post yesterday, the one about voros helps the other teams when fighting sometimes. I agree losing a fight can indeed motivate the other team, but I said the same thing about everytime prucha (sorry didn’t mean to bring him up folks) he got flattened during a game, but like voros prucha was a gamer also!

    Love the bold type grabachev!

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