Zherdev goes to KHL


According to RDS’s brief report, Zherdev is going to play in the KHL, which we all kind of figured since nobody was willing to pay him what he wanted to stay in the NHL.

The story is poorly translated into English, so maybe we’re reading it wrong. Maybe not.


Meanwhile, TSN has this story with Theo Fleury about his comeback bid. Theoren sounds convincing.

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  1. Laurel Babcock on

    Wow, that’s only the second time that ever happened to me…what are you all sleeping?
    To those who were sweetly asking after me yesterday (I’ll ignore your boooo Greg) I’m still here, just been busy. Always keeping watch over you knuckleheads though (much better term of endearment than bonheads)

  2. Wow its so funny how a player says how much he wants to play in the NHL and runs for the money. Good Luck Z!! Playing in a BS league that no one cares about that will probably fold in a year or two.

  3. Z = no heart.

    Enough with those types of players…let’s keep our homegrown kids and let them bleed blue…this kid bleeds green.

    I am not against a player getting as much as you can,unless you are Redden, of course…but he showed nothing and felt like he deserved more…worst kind of players and it cost us Toots…a guy we could have had on the blue line for 10-12 years.

  4. If the Rangers invite Theo Fleury to camp, then they’re really desperate. I know some people are going to point to Claude Lemieux’s comeback in San Jose, but that seems more like a failed experiment than a success. He played fourth line minutes on a team that got knocked out in the first round. Not exactly what the Rangers need. Plus Fleury comes with a ton of baggage.

    Zherdev is going to clean up in the KHL. The league is more suited to his “enigmatic” game.

  5. Quite a cadre of former Rangers on Salavat Yulaev – Kalinin, Vorobiev (remember him) and now Zherdev….

  6. The Fleury thing is a joke, right? I’m sorry but there is not one reason to sign him. This deserves media play about as much as anything Sarah Palin says — not at all.

  7. Good Morning everyone!
    So Carp…What your saying is Mr. Zherdev “the softie” is taking his “theoretical elite talent” over to the KHL?
    Wow…so happy he’s gone!

  8. I don’t blame Fleury for wanting to rewrite his exit, wouldn’t we all like to be able to do that?

  9. Cross Check Charlie on

    Fleury is kidding himself, but I can see a desperate team signing him just in case he has anything left.

    As for Zherdev? Who’s he? He’s dead to me.

  10. I can’t see how we would consider Fleury over any of the kids coming up and if so what message does that send to them? I guess no harm inviting him to camp for a look but what message does that send to the kids?

  11. I don’t doubt Fleury’s ability to come back to the NHL one second. We’ve seen over and over again as Ranger fans how much a difference work ethic means when it comes to the productivity of players. Fleury outworked everyone on the ice when he was on the sauce, and even in his bad years, was still a productive player. You gotta figure that even at 41, he’s in comparable physical condition healthy and sober to the way he was 5 years ago drunk. He’ll play for any team, anywhere, for any salary. With his personal vendetta, I doubt there will be a player in the league who will work harder.

    Not saying the Rangers should sign him, but somebody should at least give the guy a chance

  12. Ya know, the scary thing is that if Fleury would play for the league minimum a real cap choked team could sign him because he’d make 300K less than most rookies.

  13. Fleury and Avery on the same team, could Barnaby and Domi come out of retirement and sign too!

  14. has anyone seen fleury play w/ the giants?
    i for one doubt it

    he is still extremely fast
    and i think he deserves a shot anywhere

    500,000/1yr – 2way
    dont sound bad to me
    he will play anywhere doesnt mean hell be a ranger but he deserves an invite somewhere.

  15. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, I speak French, and will translate the article to what it would sound like in English (not the literal translation). For some reason, they used kept using a conditional verb form so that everytime you see the word “will” it would be “would.” Sometimes it might make sense, but on the whole it didn’t, so I took some license.


    Nikolai Zherdev will cross the Atlantic. The former Rangers player will accept a contract with the team Salavat Yulaev Ufa in the KHL.

    The announcement will be made official by the end of the week.

    Zherdev would play in particular with Perezhogin and Radulov.

  16. KingLundqvist30 on

    At least he won’t be burning us this year like Kovalev once did…and just where was the arbitrators heads in this case? $3.9 million based on what? Potential? Something is very wrong with this system and needs to be fixed as the KHL will continue to prey upon NHL caliber talent….good riddance Nikolai…

  17. I would give Fleury an invite to camp – what is the harm?

    He did not play bad for this team, but unfortunately his personal demons got the better of him.

    Not that I want to make this team into the Rangers “blasts from the past,” but why not let Nedved come to camp again. I thought he looked good last year and we could use the depth at C. I guarantee you he would had more points than Drury last year with his ice time.

  18. Fleury cleaned himself up and wants a shot.. why not, if he can provide somewhat of a spark… but at the same time, Byers/Owens are due for a serious consideration for the big club.

  19. I read this article(Zherdev) in Russian. It said it is not finalized yet, but chance is more than 90%. He will be with his mentor and national team coach V.Bykov. Amount of contract is not released, but one can expect it to be at 4M. In commentaries they are seriously disscuss that he left NHL and Rangers JUST because of everybodies cap problem in conjunction of all American crisis. (which russians do experience for KHL in full gear.)

  20. BTW,it’s such a fun to read russians hockey blogs.about NHL. Believe it or not there are a Rangers fans (very rare animals)Most- very hostile toward NHL (can expect that)),however I have to addmit most are very informed.

  21. Cross Check Charlie on

    Ranger Steve – NO! NO! NO!

    No to Fleury – been there done that
    No to Nedved – been there done that

    They had nothing to contribute years ago. Experience is fine, if you’ve got game. They haven’t had it in a loooooong time.

  22. Well that was no surprise.
    Except, I figured Zherdev was Magnitorsk Metallurg bound.

    At least he didn’t cut out on a contract like Radulov or Hudler. (Hudler was still technically under contract with Detroit since they qualified him).

    If he gets his head on straight and learns to backcheck, he’ll be back in the NHL in two years. If not, maybe he’ll pull a Morozov and stay there.

  23. Can’t blame Russian fans for hating the NHL – we’ve poached their stars for years.

    While the KHL’s CBA has a specific “poach clause” (that enables any team to sign any NHL player already under contract and not have it count against the KHL team’s cap), the NHL had no such clause yet still stole players like Federov, Bure, Fetizov, etc. who were under contracts back in the day.

    In their eyes, turnabout is fair play, i guess.

  24. I’m glad Zherdev is going to the KHL.

    As for Fleury, it can’t hurt to have him at camp, if nothing more than to make AA and the rest earn their spots.

  25. Rob(the first) on

    the problem with camps, is that a)you are playing against mostly minor leaguers and b) even if your not, the pros are not going all out…IMHO thats why its hard for these former guys to make the teams.

  26. Once Zherdev was not going to be a Ranger he could have gone to the WHA for all I care. I know the Michigan Stags were in a bidding war with the Kontinental Hockey league. You know the League is bad when they can’t spell it’s own name right.

    How Low Can You Go ? Hire Ron Low ! Rangers vs Flames OT Thriller 11/18/00 NYR Ends 13 game winless straek In Calgary


  27. Mouth, Kontinental is the English translation of the Russian spelling. Culture thing.

    Rob (the First)- Good call re: Nedved/Camp performance. He sparkled against the b level talent that was present in camp. Big difference from regular season squads.
    I do remember Nedved saying it was the Rangers or the Czech league, no where else was a consideration.

  28. so, i was reading the Russian hockey blog just now (thnx for the idea 4everanger) and lots of those Russian fans are very angry with Salavat team for signing “all star players” (I guess Maxim Kondratiev, remember him? and Viktor Kozlov are the stars)…

    I guess it’s great to sign whoever you want when there is no salary ceiling. Reading all of those comments reminded me of a certain team… ahem ahem. Big contracts, all star names and so on. Also, many of those Russian fans say that zherdev will be put on the fourth line since there is room for him anywhere else because of the “star” roster of the team. Funny, i guess his potential worth nothing to them. Well, have fun Nik on the fourth line in KHL. Dont forget to dress warm, winter in Sebiria can be a real b*tch.

    Its 50 °F in August!!! Yikes.

  29. CCCP –
    my understanding of the KHL cap is that there IS a cap, but it doesn’t apply to “poached” players – ie: Radulov’s contract doesn’t count against the cap and neither would Hudler’s. If a player is under contact to another league, every dollar the player signs for to play in the KHL is exempt from the KHL team’s cap.

    Pretty nifty way around the Cap ceiling, eh? That is WRITTEN INTO the KHL CBA. Crazy.
    There is also specific roster requirements regarding non-russian players as well.

    Zherdev’s $4M (rumoured) will count, but that $4M in Russia is non-taxed, so Zherdev is making more over there than he would have if the Rangers accepted the $3.9M qualifier, by far.

  30. Hey Laurel,

    If you were an actual hockey fan you wouldn’t act like that video is something we’ve never seen.

  31. CCCP
    Sorry,I’m at work, didn’t see. The funniest(and vicious) one is when you go thru “Sovietsky Sport” links(comments)www.sovsport.ru/hockey or blogs, some of them you have to be registered(not a big deal). Another good source I use-are
    Sport-Express,SportXX1(St.Petersburg),SportSportSport(Perm). If you need I’ll provide you with direct links when will have a 5 min. of my time(don’t remember by heart, sorry)

  32. Fleury is just about needed money. He must not have any.

    Z’s going home is bothersome in that every time a player of NHL caliber defects, it is like an expansion/weakening of the NHL. The product is watered-down and plenty weak enough, as it is, but Buttman wants Kansas City and Moose Jaw or wherever, in as soon as possible.

  33. ZzZz Greg L. ZzZz on

    Hi Laurel!!!

    Yeah , looks like Zherdev has turned into the biggest bust since Nedved.

  34. I said this last year and I think it applies even more this year with torts, maybe none of the “kids” are not ready for the big club! I mean seriously, I have no problem with three or four “kids” being on the opening night roster if they fill a need the team has and have earned the position. THat being said if theo (at league minimum, not 3.3 mil per season) earns a spot instead of a kid so be it. I want the best team of rangers on the ice regardless of age or what team they were drafted by. If a the bottom 4 forwards on our roster are bert, brash, boyle, and theo and those are the 4 that torts feels gives us the best chance every game, I’m all for it. If the bottom 4 are ambuhl, soryal, chappell, and weise and that what torts thinks fine as well. All this “kid” talk is silly if they are just not good enough to be in the NHL right now (or ever in some cases). Theo as a camp invitee is a no brainer in my opinion, why not?? Obviously nedved was really good in camp last year, but the management felt not quite good enough, so I’m sure if theo doesn’t earn a spot, he will not be given one (if he is even invited).


  35. Damn, forgot….morning laurel, carp, sally, kaspar, and others and a happy “hard hitting crease clearing physical” d man day!!!

  36. Brash’s first regular season fight? I imagine Goddard. . . .it could be Orpik, because Brash has a knack for getting guys that don’t ordinarily fight (Orpik) int o scraps. He shakes them like a leaf, then blasts them into tomorrow. Goddard will be a tough matchup.

  37. Torts was tabbed with babysitting Fleury back in the day. Should be interesting to see where he Theo ends up. . . .

    I hope he stays retired.

  38. . . . . or he will just punch anyone that comes near him for no good reason. Jarko Ruutu hopefully.

  39. Grabachev in IA(BBBP) on

    August 11th, 2009 at 12:03 pm
    I can’t see how we would consider Fleury over any of the kids coming up and if so what message does that send to them? I guess no harm inviting him to camp for a look but what message does that send to the kids?

    it tells the kids to bust their ass or they wont get a spot. if anything, fleury getting a look will only create more competition. it wont hurt anybodys development. btw turtle, i saw a tortoise laying on his back and his belly was baking in the hot sun walking through a desert one day. i didnt stop to help it. i dont know why.

  40. in the Dark Ages, I thought two players that always gave 100% for us every night were Todd Harvey and good ol’ Theo. that first season he was absolutely dreadful, but I’ll give him a pass for that because of the rest of his run here.

  41. What I really have a hard time to comprehend, how after mostly negative reaction toward high calibre old players such Sundin, Chelios, Zubov,who BTW was playing all this time in demanding NHL and so many young kids fighting for place under the sun, someone can seriously even flirting with this Fleury idea.Out of disscussion.

  42. I hope Fleury has some good anti-inflamatory medication, I hope its legal. I wish him well pursuing his dream.

  43. Grabachev in IA(BBBP) on

    i think theo still has somethin left in the tank. hes more a type of player that would fit torts style better than nedved would. but with so many kids ready or almost ready to make the jump to nhl, the camp is gonna be tougher than before, and torts expects them to be in the best shape of their lives. it could be too much for fleury to handle unless hes really in shape and is that serious about returning. i too would like to see him come back but for another team. i miss his crazy personality.

  44. Grabachev in IA(BBBP) on

    carp- can you call sather and tell him that the boneheads want duby signed ASAP!!!!!! we can sign a petition or something. and ask him if he can give me a tryout at camp this season. i really wanna make alot of money. and i can fight too!! better than brash!! no seriously. i will be the rangers goon for a mere 75k. i am 6’1 228lbs and will fight anybody!! except orr. and i will block shits and clear crease. i have 4 years roller and 2 years ice hockey experience. i have played defense and wing. and i am willing to be benched for entire season if need be. only 75 thousand/ per yr. thanks. ur pal in iowa, mike!!!

  45. 4everanger

    thnx man! Great link(s). i had no idea Russian torrent site had NHL blog!! Awesome! I have a log in for that site but i cant remember it! gotta wait now for 6 hours to re-register! lol

    spasibo bratan. :)

  46. CCCP
    Don’t mention it.any time.Cheshi grud’ pajal’noj lampoj!
    Make sence? Like you bro

  47. 4everanger

    u like me? thats great…but i like girls!! lol I kid I kid… aboot u liking me…not the girl part… I like girls very much! :PP

    and yeah…payal’noi lampoi po grudi eto bol’no!!!

    its great that we can speak a language 99.9% of the ppl on the blog don’t understand!

    we can talk smack aboot any of those ppl and they won’t have a clue!! i love it!

  48. FYI, Zherdev’s agent Rollie Hedges told the Tennessean via email that Zherdev did NOT sign with Salavat of the KHL – YET.

    Here’s the link in the Tennessean – guess the Preds had a bigger eye on him than i thought if this is in their Inside Predators Blog:


  49. Grabachev in IA(BBBP) on

    i can also do charity events and make visits to childrens hospitals. i also have experience in janitorial work and will clean your office if needed. i will use my own shamwows too!!

  50. ORR !! What Is It Good For ?!?!
    I’m not considering 4 line as a humane garbige and truly believe that if you have a talent and work hard it will be noticed and promoted – nobody will keep this type with low playing time, much less Torts.And bad signing last year or this, does not justify new stupidity,right? All I’m just saying is that we rejected in our disscussions old guys,by far better then Theo(whom I personaly liked a lot, if nothing else by entertaiment value.)More expensive, however, that’s true..

  51. Laurel Babcock on

    Good morning CCCP! I’ve been trying to track down a translation of what you told 4everanger and nothing works!

  52. Grabachev in IA(BBBP) on

    rob- preds are starving for offense even worse than we are. they could def. use him on their top 2 lines.

  53. ok Laurel… don’t kill yourself plz..here is what was said (again, it wont make much sense since it doesnt make much sense in Russian either…its sort of a cultural inside joke or something like that)

    he said: “Cheshi grud’ pajal’noj lampoj!” which means

    Scratch your chest with solder! lol

    to which i answered: “payal’noi lampoi po grudi eto bol’no!!!”

    which means: its quite painful to scratch it with solder!!!

    there are plenty of jokes like this one in Russian culture!

    i know i know… don’t judge us! lol

  54. ZzZz 13 ZzZz is gone to Russia with love ...says Greg L. on

    yeah but Grabchev , Xbox hockey doesn’t cut it. I’m a star too in it but when it comes to the big leagues….noway hoosey!! What jersey number were ya thinking of taking?

    Thanks for the good afternoon Laurel .That hockey fighting you linked was fricking crazy. I have never seen it because I never watch Flyer or Senator games. Awsome , can’t believe they kept fighting and even Mark Recchi was in it..I’m surprised fighting wasn’t banned after that game by buttman.

  55. ZzZz 13 ZzZz is gone to Russia with love ...says Greg L. on

    Toowa canplay thwat game CCCP , I’ll phone my mom and scoop up zee German and you’ll be clueless in what I am zee zaying!!!!

  56. Grabachev- Oh I know they need offense, but they are notoriously tight fisted. Poile has said repeatedly they have a self imposed cap, so no way Zherdev gets even $3M from them, nevermind any more than that.

    Plus, having been burned by Radulov, I’d be shocked if Nashville went that road with Nikky Z.

    However, he’d be a great addition to the Legwand/Erat line no doubt.

    preds top Line:
    Sullivan // Arnott / Dumont. Great line when healthy.
    Erat / Legwand / Ward – Ward suprised w/17 goals last year.

    Zherdev might fit, but this is a team chock full of good kids, plus Poile has expressed his desire to build from within AND his fear about next year’s cap. Smarter to keep the kids in the mix – They have high hopes for Ben Eaves, Patric Hornqvist, Ryan Jones, Peter Olvecky, Cal O’Reilly, Mike Santorelli, Nick Spaling and Colin Wilson. Hornqvist is the real deal, I like him alot.

  57. cccp

    ahhh slick lol
    im on my phone all day if i was on my pc i prob would have read all the comments.

    hate road days
    not fun at all.

  58. I’m not trying to be an enabler here (orr, I would do whatever the man says), but I see no picture. Am I missing something???

  59. Zherdev will play with even less heart if he goes to Nashville! This guy played his way right out of the NHL.Not one team or GM really wants him. Imagine if July 1 rolled around and Gaborik or Hosssa went unsigned for a week!

  60. CCCP
    I just LMAO, like never before. Didn’t expect such attention to Great and Mighty…
    Kudos to you for this.Fraise was just very polite way to say “good buy”… widely utilized among soviet convicts in 60ties.Interesting cultural phenomenon. Feel free to ask for more.

  61. ZzZz 13 ZzZz what’s your address in Siberia... says Greg L. on

    Orr , Don’t ya know that hot ladies always get a guy in trouble !! Play with the ladies and ya always get burnt.
    Now Gazoo vanished yer posts !!!

  62. seeing redden on

    CCCP and 4everranger

    Thanks dudes! That sight is awesome. Now we gotta roll to those boards and do the one thing Russians do best: be “nagli”.

  63. Grabachev in IA(BBBP) on

    oh yea?? everybodys speakin other languages now huh?? well, thats it ive had it!! im gonna start using sign language!! nobody will ever know what im talkin about!!! muhahaawawa

  64. Grabachev in IA(BBBP) on

    orr- be careful. dont click on any… ahem, barely legal type sites. sometimes theyre undr age and you go bye bye to leavenworth for tres anos mi amigo or more.

  65. ZzZz 13 ZzZz what’s your address in Siberia... says Greg L. on

    If Theo wants to play for the Rangers , Let him try . I sure hope he makes it . Theo’s gonna have to keep up and good cardio is a must . This Ranger team coming up is gonna be all about speed. Plus Attack, Attack Attack!!!! I say keep who can keep up and drop the slackers who can’t. That’s Tortarelli 101

  66. Remember Nedved last year? He didn’t make the team, so it probably can’t hurt to just have Fleury in on a tryout. I would rather he be with a different team, though.

    I would like for Zherdev to end up in Russia so it’s not like we could have got anything for losing him anyway.

  67. Grachev the Gamebreaker (JAY G) on

    Am I the only person who loves Donny Brashear?

    Btw, why not sign Malhotra for cheap and play him on the third line. That way we get an offensive player (he did play on Nash’s line) who has some defensive responsibilities as well.

    Also, For those of you who do or don’t (I believe most of you don’t) The hockey news has been writing about prospects in the weekly hot list articles. Last week they had high praise for Ethan Werek and this week it’s Chris Kreider. Hopefully they are onto something. Hey, Maybe Glen Sather really is building from within….

    Can’t wait for the season, I would go toe to toe with the best of the heavyweights right now.

  68. Nedved was given a tryout last year as a courtesy, for all his great work with the Rangers’ organization. He knew his shot to make the NHL was slim, but they gave him a chance.

  69. No Country For Old Rangers on

    …and i missed out on this ORR link controversy.

    ORR if you’d be so kind as to e-mail me that link, it would be appreciated. I would just like to know what the uproar was all about.



  70. No Country For Old Rangers on

    going for the natural hat trick now…

    “Nedved was given a tryout last year as a courtesy, for all his great work with the Rangers’ organization”

    Pavel, are you talking off ice stuff? Calling what Nedved did as a Ranger “work” is a bit of stretch. Calling what he did “great work” is downright ludicrous

    Nedved reminded me of a wingless fairy on skates. To his credit though that Hlvac/Nedved/Dvorak line had a bit of magic for a few games.

    No offense buddy, just my opinion. good night folks

  71. Grabachev in IA(BBBP) on

    nedved was good. he wasnt great, but he was pretty good player for us. i think he had around the same chance as fleury does to make a comeback. actually, since we are short at center, hed be a good fit on the 3rd line while putting dru on wing and center for faceoffs only. fleurys another winger. we dont need him at all with all the kids fighting over a spot. id love to see what he has left though. he would be good to watch again. the timing of his return coinciding with the youth movement goin on here just doesnt seem like a good fit. but id like to see another team give him a chance. think hed be better than lemieux. 4 years younger at least.

  72. Grabachev in IA(BBBP) on

    good morning staal wart!!, good mornin cccp!!. mornin carp!! mornin laurel!!

  73. … but was more a testament to how light the team was in talent rather than Nedved’s skill.

  74. Grabachev in IA(BBBP) on

    is today the day the doobster gets signed?? it seems like a perfect day to sign a hockey player doesnt it? in fact, today, wednesday august 12th is now officially, sign duby day!

  75. Grabachev in IA(BBBP) on

    yea see nedved had even less competition last year and even though he did good, if its a choice between him or fleury, and a prospect, nedved and fleury would have to really play better to earn that spot. if shanny with his shot cant get on the team, its gonna take alot from fleury to make it. and i just dont see torts going for it either like oleosmurf said

  76. Grabachev in IA(BBBP) on

    wow this place is so much better without the stupid non funny imposters. much better carp. thanks big guy.
    like i said, lets all march down to msg and hold up signs and yell sign duby now!!!! today is the official sign duby day. its a state holiday in ny and iowa too!! greg z- youre in canada right? start a sign duby day where you are!!

  77. Grabachev in IA(BBBP) on

    tr808- you might as well move in with aves at warren 77’s!! lol youre there so much you could be a stool!!

  78. Grachev the Gamebreaker (JAY G) on

    sign dubi and afinogenov or Malhotra. We’re not going to find a #1 center so why not try and find another 20 goal contributor.

    Hey, has anyone heard of Bertuzzi drawing interest from the flyers? Imagine that team if Bertuzzi is signed. A much older and bigger version of their 90’s team which featured the legion of doom.

  79. Grachev the Gamebreaker (JAY G) on

    no i don’t.. I have season tickets. wow am I getting ripped this year. Most teams kept or lowered their prices but Mr. Dolan has to raise the prices. Despicable.

  80. (THE REAL) MikeyNJ on

    So on the rangers main site they now have video of our favorite player to hate Aaron Voros.

    I have to say, I am one of the biggest critics when it comes to Voros; he lit it up for 8 games, then sucked it the rest of the season and didn’t dress for every game as he was riding the pine

    He talked honestly about fighting for a job, which he has to know isn’t secured for him at this point

    I don’t know, with such little ranger news, watching him speak honestly and listening to him say he’s training more than he ever has at LEAST gives me some hope that if he’s on the roster come opening night, it would be becasue Torts thinks he can contribute to the “team concept”

    Last year: Pro’s: Lots of heart. Cons: hands of stone, slow, no real natural talent.

    This year: Lots of heart – the rest I guess we will see by what Torts decides if and when he makes the roster.

    Fleury – NO!! get a tryout somewhere else. NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN!! should be the rangers new slogan!!

    Bouillion – eh, do we really need another D man? Haven’t we all been saying for the last few seasons let the kids play? I rather see rookie mistakes then veteran ones.

    Dubi – Oh dubi dubi doo – COME ON SATHER!! Forget about Heatley and just sign the kid already. you know it and we know it, he’s a part of our team for years to come and will only get better. SIGN HIM!!

    More additions: NO!! How about we go into this season with cap space for once in the last 20 years? go into camp with the players we have, and give Grachev, AA, Gilroy, Heiniken and the others a chance to earn a spot.

    EVERYONE here is saying were noy contending for the cup this year right? So why blow our cash to the cap if the guys/parts we need aren’t out there or are too expensive?
    ( I am never one of these people by the way, no matter how bad our roster looks, there’s always a chance, slim as it is, that the team is stronger than it looks on paper and plays well together) Unlike last year!!


  81. morning all and a have a happy “crease clearing hard hitting physical” d man day!!

    Where does everyone keep seeing these bert to philly rumors???

  82. MikeyNJ – i have to agree with you on most points there. I’d much rather see us go with the youngsters, we have so many on D it would be worthwhile giving 3 of them a chance and rotate them in a 3rd pairing getting 15 mins a night. However, if we could get Fleury for the minimum and flip flop him in and out with Brashear it would provide more spark to the lineup (if he’s in condition).

    Dubi is a no-brainer, he’s proved he can hack it at this level and should be the leading candidate to center Gabby. He deserves a raise to something like Cally’s contract, but the lack of arbitration eligibility this year hurts his negotiating position, he may have to go with a bit less.

    Voros will be an interesting one to watch, according to what i’ve read everywhere he’s been working out hard all summer. If he can be the player from the first 10 games last year he’ll be a useful 3rd/4th liner – if not he might as well go play in Hartford as thats a lot of cap space to us up on a player riding pine most of the season.

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