Prosecutors to reopen Cherepanov investigation


Here’s the latest, from the Associated Press: 

MOSCOW (AP) — Prosecutors will reopen the investigation into the death of New York Rangers draft pick Alexia Cherepanov, who collapsed during a Continental Hockey League game last year in Russia.
    The federal prosecutor’s Investigative Committee ruled last month that team doctors were not to blame for Cherepanov’s death and would face no criminal charges. Investigators said doctors with Siberian team Avangard Omsk had no reason to suspect the 19-year-old suffered from a chronic heart problem and therefore did not prescribe the medicine he was taking.
    But the committee on Monday reopened the case and ordered that new medical tests be carried out in a federal center for forensic medicine.
    Cherepanov, a first-round pick in 2007, died after collapsing on the bench during an Oct. 13 game in Chekhov, a town outside Moscow. Authorities say an autopsy showed he suffered from myocarditis, a condition that obstructs blood flow to the heart and other organs.
    The investigators’ initial conclusion seemed to lay more blame on Cherepanov than anyone else. They said Cherepanov most likely felt unwell but hid his condition from team doctors for fear of being pulled from games.
    Cherepanov’s mother, Margarita, rejected the conclusions, and insisted that her son was healthy.
    In December, the Investigative Committee said medical experts had concluded from analysis of blood and urine samples that Cherepanov ”engaged in doping” for several months before his death.
But in their July ruling investigators said he had been taking cordiaminum, which apparently stimulates circulation and breathing as well as the central nervous system, suggesting he may have been taking it to treat his condition.
    Avangard’s president, general manager and a team doctor were suspended indefinitely from positions in the league, and another Avangard doctor was suspended for two years.
    The president of the host club, Vityaz, also was suspended indefinitely amid complaints about medical services at the arena.

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  1. With the Russians, there is never going to be a straight story. This is merely to reassign blame. I tuned them out a long time ago.

  2. Those freaking Russkis! This is so embarrassing…There is no reason to reopen the case because the truth will never come out anyway. So let the kid rest in peace already.

  3. “I just saw Joe Dimaggio in dinky donuts”

    It’s really sad that Cherepanov’s family still doesn’t have closure with regards to his death. I don’t think they will ever get it either.

  4. The guy that Kane attacked may be the only English-speaking cabbie in the Western hemisphere.

  5. Such a sad story. I hope soon the truth comes out and the family gets some closure to their tragedy. RIP Alexie.

  6. “The guy that Kane attacked may be the only English-speaking cabbie in the Western hemisphere.”

    yea but there are no minorities in buffalo.

  7. Why is it ever funny when a ‘star’ attacks somebody just trying to do his job? Patrick Kane is grade A scum. Worse than Avery ever did, worse than Mcsorely ever did swinging his stick- Chris Simon included. How dare a ‘star’ attack somebody on the job for mere chump change. This guy should be EXPELLED from school, but the NHL would be better.

  8. I was thinkin’ this morning…

    A lot of the Rangers’ “success” last year was a result of their outstanding job in shootouts. Now, obviously, the biggest part of that is King Henrik. However, we had some pretty good shooters too. Now, Gomez is gone, Sjostrom is gone, Zherdev is gone. Naslund is gone.

    Who are going to be the three shooters this year?
    You have to assume Kotalik will be one. He was 8 for 13 last year. Who else? I don’t think Gaborik was used much in the shootouts last year.

  9. i saw kurt russel at dinner on sat night. i couldnt stop saying again again to my date. shes like y do u keep saying again. im like its from miracle.

  10. dividing dan

    he actually looked kind of homeless. he was with goldie hawn kate hudson and arod.

  11. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    I would have yelled out…..I am the Duke of New York…I am a number one!

  12. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Let us see if Kane gets suspended and forced to go to anger management.

  13. ORR

    I did not. I actually like kate hudson. Im a fan, she looks like shes fun to be around.


    the standard grill

    my date was like go to the bathroom. so i did. arod was there. he goes to dry his hands and it wouldnt work. he looked at me and i go ill show u how to use it. i show him, hes like thank u.

    i debated saying how clutch am i. i am a met fan by the way.

  14. I was in a bar with Carter and another flyer whom I did not recognize a couple weeks ago on the jersey shore. they were kind of being assholes

  15. If this was the NFL, Kane would definitely be suspended for a game or two if they figure he actually was involved, which it looks pretty clear to be. Knowing the NHL and their wide-ranging, wacky suspensions, he will probably only get fined since he is a marquee player and this is a first offense, so to speak. Remember Crosby punching Valabik in the man region last season and Malkin earning a game misconduct for fighting in the playoffs when neither were suspended for the next game.

  16. Speaking of Philly, do you guys think, as a Giant fan, that I should visit Eagles training camp since it is at my college and I am living there this summer? I only have one more day to have a chance to visit. Despite the fact that I hate them, I think I would be missing out if I neglected an easy chance to visit a pro football camp. It would probably be a good idea to leave my Super Bowl XLII champions cap at home. :)

  17. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    RIP. When a kid dies from a heart malfunction…why is it necessary to find someone to blame? Just a real tradgedy.

    6th Defenseman: OK so Gilroy will make the squad ($3.5 million reasons why) That leaves Heineken, Del Z, Sanguinetti, Sauer and Potter , 5 guys to battle for one spot. Which of these guys has the best chance ?

  18. Grabachev in IA on

    wow thats funny. brash and cote hangin out? i hope brash destroys him this season. orr beat the crap out of him too dint he? few times. cote sucked when i saw him fight orr. maybe one time it was even but the rest that i saw he looked goofy. maybe it was someone else. why couldnt we keep orr too? we could counter the flyers with a line of avery,brash,gabby and orr with redden on d!! hes that good!!
    id also like to see kane get punched for not scoring a goal when his team needs one next season. remind him afterwards that its his job and if he cant do it right, he should get punched. no, j/k, i have done that before especially drunk and with stupid friends. hes only 19 right? im sure weve all done stupid stuff when we were young.

  19. Grabachev in IA on

    is it really monday and dubys not signed yet? what is goin on here?? its almost middle of august slats!!!

  20. And This One: In theory, we should look for someone to blame to prevent this sort of thing from happening again. Whether it’s a matter of properly equipping arenas, including a certain test in atheletes’ routine exams, or whatever. Will such a thing actually happen? who knows. But that’s the theory and hope.

  21. Typical Russian political nonsense. Obviously someone is trying to make a name for himself over this tragedy.


    Anyway, did you see Brash beat the hell out of Cote in that clip? Scary. I can’t wait til every loser on this blog starts fawning over Brash after his first fight.

    I know Carp posted re: Richards while I was away on vacation.
    How did he know? Sorry I missed that one!!!!

  22. Grabachev in IA on

    im with rob l. sauer and ptter both got looks last year and looked to be more nhl ready. doesnt mean del z or sangs wont make the team soon. just cant have too many offensive d men. and as much as we hate to say it, we have rozy and redden who are suposed to be that. sauer should have a good chance(heres your crease clearer wicky) or as close to one as were gonna get as of right now. actually, he was so so last season in his few games. they went with potter more whos maybe more serviceable in other areas, but not that physical. ya know what though, like torts said its wide open and whoever can show enough in all areas of their game will be on the team. if i had to guess id pick gilroy and potter with heikenen as a 7th. sauer could be called up alot though. expect to see alot of different guys getting more chances this year than in years past. del z and grachev will most likely take another year in the minors. thats why higgins was signed for a year. grachev could replace him if he isnt worth resigning. kotalik, idk?? too many years. paranteau came to mind when torts said”guys who have been wallowing in the minors for awhile wil get a good chance to make the team”. or somethin like that. id think guys like voros and arnason could very well be in hartford if dupont, owens and paranteau impress torts enough.

  23. And This One Will Last A Lifetime on

    Rob L : I agree. We have seen a bit of Potter and Sauer. Like to see Del Z or Heikenin.
    SCX: All athletic venues should have defibrilators. But who knows if that would have saved him. He was playing with a bad heart. (i.e. Hank Gathers)

  24. What Sather will do: Make a convoluted trade for Richards.

    What Sather SHOULD do: Trade picks for Babchuck.
    Sign Comrie.
    Put the change ($$$) in the bank!!!

  25. Grabachev in IA on

    wheres colin? tr-808, colin who used to post here loves warren 77 too!!! maybe you guys should meet up and have some molson!! lol

  26. Grabachev in IA on

    isnt comrie a midget? we need big bastardos like boyle!! he is kinda feisty though isnt he? idk about him though. what he make last year 4 mill?

  27. Grabachev in IA on

    all i know about cherry is he wouldnt have made the team anyway. our doctors over here wouldve id’ed his heart problem and he wouldve had to retire. it sucks that it had to come to this but maybe it will prevent other tragedies from happening. lets hope that it never happens again.

  28. Where's Pavelich? on

    ..from what I have seen and heard Boyle is big, but soft.. in fact, he was the second worse “power” forward to come out of the 2003 draft

  29. I know I’m in the extreme minority but I’d take a chance on Chelios as a 6th/7th defenseman. He would be great in the locker room and he makes a great bowl of chile.

  30. IF these reports are true, this Kane kid is a pretty despicable young man. When I was 20, I already knew I had no right to strike another human being, unless it was in self-defence. To assault a poor guy trying to earn a living over $0.20 is the lowest of lows. I wish the NHL would ban his arse, but we all know it probably won’t. Bettman and the Kane camp will treat this cab driver to a game in their luxury suites and all charges will be dropped. Now, if it were Avery, that would be a different matter altogether.

  31. Where's Pavelich? on

    …I am pretty surprised no one has come in and offered Dubie $2.5 for 3 years – although I think that would cost them a first and third rounder…

  32. Where’s Pavelich?
    August 10th, 2009 at 2:05 pm
    ..from what I have seen and heard Boyle is big, but soft.. in fact, he was the second worse “power” forward to come out of the 2003 draft


    second worst power forward outta 2003 draft?? That is exactly what Sather likes! too bad we couldn’t get the first worst power forward from that same year!

  33. Sign Comrie as the 3rd Center. He is obviously not getting any offers, the rangers need an NHL capable center. This way, we can sign Dubi. If Comrie is still dangling out there, he can be offered 3rd line $$$. With some talent coming up in the next couple years, the Rangers could offer him a 1-2 yr deal. I am not completely sold on Comrie, but he is available, will probably come cheap, be TRADEABLE later, and is insurance for the future promotions of AA, and others.

    Again, I am trying to think about alternatives to the inevitable trade for Brad Richards.

  34. Stupid Eklund is reporting that we are back into the Heatley mess.
    That guy is so lame!

  35. First of all, the Rangers doctors did examine Cherepanov, and either they didn’t see his heart condition, or they knew he had it. (Remember Jiri Fischer collapsing at the Red Wings game a few years ago? They allowed him to play with his heart condition, but they were prepared for medical emergencies at the game.) What did the Rangers know, and when did they know it?
    And, it seems to be sports policy all around the world to always blame the players for problems and for clubs to never take responsibility for anything except success. If a player is successful, it is always due to management, but if a player fails, it is their own fault. Listen to Sather speak — it’s not just the Russians!

  36. Staal Wart
    August 10th, 2009 at 2:57 pm
    Who is Eklund?
    .An ass***e
    .A liar
    .A jackass
    .A baseless rumorer
    .A graffoman
    .A public toilet writer
    .A hockey writer wannabe
    .Plain nobody

  37. He is 5’8 but plays much bigger than he is. Probably one of the tougher guys pound for pound and enjoys dishing it out. He will fight and stick up for his teammates(he even faught Orr 2 years ago) and is a bottom-pairing d-man.

  38. Bouillon would be perfect for us. He averages around 120-130 hits and plays about 50-60 games a season (leaving space open for some of the young guys)

    Perfect, Tough 6th/7th D-man

  39. I’ve been pushing for a trade for Robidas from Dallas … this is pretty much the same thing (Boullion being a little older)

    But, i think its good to have a smaller, more mobile guy that can hit and fight, then to have a big “Hall Gill parking cone” out there on Defense.

    This could be a good move if he did indeed sign for 1.2 million

  40. Honestly, we dont know the whole story with Dubinsky. He may be trying to hardball Slats into giving him as much (or more) as Cally, although i dont think he’s earned that much just yet.

    I dont think Slats should trade him – but i dont think anyone here would be prepared to give Dubinskly 2 – 2.5 million dollars just yet. And then it may come down that we have to trade him

  41. Wouldn’t Dubi be just as tradeable (or even more so) if he were signed already? I think he is getting traded as well, but why not sign him? If he is locked in for a couple years, would he not be more appealing? He has no real leverage in his next deal, so I imagine it would be cheap.

  42. I’d trade Dubinksy in a …

    Dubinsky/Rozsival for Sharp/Seabrook Deal

    We get a center and a tough D-man and they cut some salary for the next couple of years and get another good, young, forward

  43. NYRanger4Life on

    Any truth to the Boullion rumors? Personally, he’s a tough defender, not necessarily a crease clearer, but I think he’s pretty solid in his own zone and would be a welcome veteran addition if this turned out to be true…

  44. rangerfan32:
    >>Stupid Eklund is reporting that we are back into the Heatley mess. That guy is so lame!

    Then why do you continue visiting his site?

  45. I want to choke slam Sather for not signing Dubi yet. All dubi wants to do is be a Ranger for life and slats is playing cranky senile grandpa mind games.

    How Low Can You Go ? Hire Ron Low ! Rangers vs Flames 11/18/00

  46. “With a solid mix of star power and promising youth on the roster, Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather continues to illustrate why he is one of the great architects in the history of hockey management. With 30 years of hockey experience on his Hall of Fame resume, which includes five Stanley Cup Championships, he is the league’s longest tenured general manager, serving the past seven seasons with New York and before that, 21 years in Edmonton.”

    so, have faith in Glen!


  47. Grabachev in IA on

    whats the story with Bouillon im not to familiar with him?

    he comes cheap in a package of cubes, that go good when making soup

  48. Grabachev

    Thanks for the reference, if sauer played with a bit more of an edge, yes I would be good with that (same goes for recently acquired williams).

    Regarding miracle (the movie) and kurt russell, it’s funny but every time I say again at the house my wife says “tweet”! She cracks me up!!

    Morning laurel (well everyone else says it).

  49. Grabachev in IA on

    sather has been alright this year guys. come on. get off his nutz for awhile. he didnt trade cally, stal, hank, artie, del z, sangs, grabachev, not duby(yet). he got us gabby who will kick ass. he got us another good torts type player in higins. lisin is a biger prucha type. hes kept the core of the team together and hasnt screwed up this summer and even brashit is a ok deal. hes good to have to help protect glass joe gaborik. why criticize every friggin thing he does? now, if he trades duby for richards then yea, he should be fired. but lets give slatipuss a clean slat, i mean slate.

  50. Grabachev in IA on

    ok i know 2 words- wade redden. my bad. i was just seeing what it felt like to defend senile slatipuss. but seriously, hes doen a good job this summer. he really has. and i know his past mistakes are still haunting us probably for a few more years, but he has been pretty damn good so far, and if ales kotalik is the worst deal he made this year, then i’ll be more than ok with it. oops, i meant tyler arnason./ kotalik is good for 20 g 40 p. arnason should be canned right from day 1. we have boyle and locke and even jordan owens and dupont who could center 4th line. arnason was a dumb move. hes prob hartford bound. and yea chelly makes good chile. for that alone, he should be signed!! lol

  51. ZzZz Greg L. ZzZz on

    Nice positive attitude Grabber , That’s the way to set ’em straight. I agree and if we all can stop alot of our bitterness we can move on . Let the players be players and the Coaches be coaches and let the GM be the GM …So our team has a chance to kick some Penguin, Washington and azzlander azzes all I want!! No Mercey !!! btw Tort’s will be making an infomercial on fitnness after this is all said and done.

  52. Grabachev in IA on

    wicky- im with ya on the “crease clearing hard nosed d man”. i think sauerkraut could be that guy. he got a few games in last year after his injury. he looked ok. potter looked better but sauer didnt do too bad for his first time up. what worries me is sangs. i just cant understand how all our first round picks turn out to be duds while our later picks are much better. except for staal, we have no 1st round picks on the team and probably not this year either. kreider has at least 3 years. del z is a year away at least. sangs, who knows. i know he was pretty good last year, but he doesnt seem to be in the mix for a spot on the team yet. i think del z was his replacement honestly. i hope he comes through and gets a shot soon. im tired of watching our 1st rnd picks being wasted or traded.

  53. NYRanger4Life on

    Grabachev – your absolutely right on two fronts. 1) He’s had a hell of an offseason. Anytime you can turn BLOWMEZ into Higgins + a top prospect, you’ve done a good job in my book. Lets face it, we were going nowhere with BLOWMEZ and his $7million cap hit. The fact Slither recognized his woeful mistake from two summers ago helps make up for some of his past transgressions in my book. However, signing 40 point man Kotalik to a $9m untradeable contract minimizes things slightly….

    2) The reason we will never, EVER, let him off the hook completely: WADE FRICKEN REDDEN. $36 million to a washed-up softee??

  54. Grabachev in IA on

    thanks gregachev!! btw- you come up with any new names yet since zherdev is gone?

  55. Grabachev in IA on

    gregachev- all i needed was a few days off of work, some alone time with new girl, and a few hineys to cure me!!
    4ranger;life- yea, i know redden trumps all the good hes done this summer but hopefully we can see a resurgence from him and maybe he can at least play like he did in the playoffs. thats the wade i wanna see

  56. ZzZz Greg L. ZzZz on

    Well Grabber , Zherdev is gone and it was a waste of time putting him in with my name . Z let me down and i’m a little bitter. I can’t goto another player cuz im not a “bouncer” I’ll think of something !!!

    Laurel is gone , yeah she didnt even say hi back to me , booooooooooooooo!!!

  57. Just watch, Kane is gonna get booted from the Olympic team.

    Kornholer is trying to defend him because the cabbie locked them in. I know from experience that is perfectly legal and acceptable for cabbies to do when they think they are gonna get stiffed. My girlfriend said it happened to her and a friend, the cabbie asksed them if they wanted to call the cops or if they wanted him to.

  58. Hi all. Sorry, but I’ve been really busy. As for Boullion, I have no idea, but if they can get him cheap, fine.

    Re: Dubinsky. He may be traded because any significant trade the Rangers make will require him being in it. But the fact that he’s not signed means nothing. It really means NOTHING.

    And Laurel still loves you knuckleheads. (I prefer the term of endearment Boneheads).

    Good evening, Staal. I say good morning to Sally because she cracked me up one day saying good morning to me really early, with an exclamation point. Plus she was the coolest for participating in the beard contest. Plus she called me “the awesomest.” So don’t take it personally.

  59. Carp

    be careful cuz u’ll end up putting ice cream where your mouth is…

    actually, where our mouths “is”

    …and yes, the blog has been clean and fresh the last week… you are true troll-buster!

  60. carp
    trying to shed some pounds. i will take a frozen yogurt. gained 10 pounds on honeymoon.

    also does anyone think the flames or ducks could win the cup. i bet them in vegas last week

  61. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    I live in Florida, how are you going to get me my ice cream cone?

    I prefer chocolate, with rainbow sprinkles, whip cream and cherry on top. If possible, I would like a double cone.

  62. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    Eric, it is kind of crazy to make a bet on any team. It is way too early and teams are not done retooling.

    I do not think the Flames can win it.

  63. eric, is that a fat free frozen yogurt?
    Gravey, no double cones.
    Thanks, CCCP.
    And Joe DiMaggio couldn’t possibly be a dunker. You should have slapped the table and yelped to get his attention.

  64. Carp,

    Thanks alot, breaking out the seinfeld dvd’s tonight just to watch the dimaggio episode!!!!


    I’d be happy as hell if sauer or williams is the “guy”. Would still love to see gauthier here. The intimidation that guy brings to the ice with his hitting ability is awesome!!!

    Carp (x2)
    Vanilla dipped in chocolate please!!!

  65. Gravey - Formerly known as Jor71 on

    And nothing diverts his attention. Like, I’m uh, you know, like I’m
    sitting in there, you know. And I start banging on the table, you know, to uh,
    look up, you know, Like I’m sitting there you know and uh, You know, He wouldn’t move. So then I start doing these yelping
    noises. Like, yip yip. No reaction because
    the guy is so focused, you see, he can just block out anything that’s going on
    around him. See, that’s how he played baseball. He dunks like he hits.

  66. HAHA! Carp remember went they tested the “fat free” frozen yogurt on Seinfeld?
    Another histerical episode with Cosmo in the lab.

  67. Rick Carpiniello:
    >> it really is freakin’ hot. and now we’ve got really loud thunder and lightning.

    I love the hot weather! I never turn on my AC – not in the car, not at home. At the office, that decision is not left up to me; I freeze my butt all day. I do hate lightening though.

  68. I hate heat, and most of the houses and businesses here do not even have them due to the shorter (but hot as hell) summers!!

  69. It’s been a crazy summer. I’ve never seen so much lightning in my life, and it scares the SHIAT OUT OF ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  70. JBytes
    August 10th, 2009 at 11:25 pm

    I love the hot weather! I never turn on my AC – not in the car, not at home. At the office, that decision is not left up to me; I freeze my butt all day. I do hate lightening though.


    r u sure u like the hot weather? or maybe you just cheap? :P

  71. about patrick kane… im not defending his actions, but more often than not, every time ive been in a cab the driver is a dirtbag, a moron, and an asshole. im sure we arent hearing the whole story.

  72. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    steve August 11th, 2009 at 1:19 am

    about patrick kane… im not defending his actions, but more often than not, every time ive been in a cab the driver is a dirtbag, a moron, and an asshole. im sure we arent hearing the whole story.
    I guess that justifies war, fighting and murder.

  73. Grabachev in IA on

    id rather have a blue bunny bomb pop(pink lemonade, rasperry lemonade, and lemonade falvored) wow thats cool. blue bunny bomb pop. bbbp. ok carp.

  74. Grabachev in IA(BBBP) on

    so the cabbie locked him in the car? ive never had that happen to me, and i can see how it would make sense, but if the guy had done it to me, id flip out too, since thats never happened to me. some people are claustrophobic. id tell him to unlock doors or hes gonna have a nice chocalate pineapple surprise left on his backseat!! and if my chocalate pineapple emitter needs refueling, id leave him a nice golden sprinkle instead

  75. Grabachev in IA(BBBP) on

    carp- i know it doesnt mean much that duby isnt signed yet. but everyday he isnt signed means it looks like they are having trouble agreeing to a deal. i mean, why wait so long unless you had him involved in a potential deal. but also, would thant that be easier to sign him first, then trade him? so either way, i know they are gonna sign him, but id like to know why they wouldnt just get it done so they can finish the roster off. if duby has any doubt that he could be traded and the longer it goes, wouldnt that mess him up a little? you think hes got 1st line center on his mind when he isnt even signed yet?

  76. DanTheRangerFan on

    dubieeee dubie duuuuuuuu beware of the penguins.. Classic comercial for the am…

  77. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I get the feeling that Sather doesn’t like to be told what to pay to a young unproven player like Dubi and his agent.
    Once you cross sather you’re history, the longer this goes on , the more animosity by both parties and Dubi will be dealt.

  78. the problem is Dubinsky wants something like 3.5 mil and the Rangers have no reason to give him that much. Obviously no team is going to give up a 1st and 3rd for him the most Dubi can get in an offer sheet is 3 mil (with the comp being a 2nd rounder).

    The longer this drags out the less money Dubinsky is going to receive so its in the Rangers best interest to keep waiting…

  79. oleosmirf

    3.5 mil? dubi told you that? Or the crystal ball? if the crystal ball told you that, then i think you should check it…seems like it short-circuit or something

    he doesn’t deserve 3.5 mil

    i never understood this crap… if you really want to play for a certain team (according to the local psychic bloggers that is what Dubi wants, to stay in NY) then take what you given, prove yourself and earn more. Doesn’t sound too complicated… Is Dubinsky a spoiled brat? Possibly… Is Sather a thickhead… definitely.

    …in other words, I don’t have a good feeling about this.

  80. Nikolai Zherdev will cross the Atlantic in his turn. The former player of Rangers accepted a new contract with the team of Salavat Yulaev Ufa in the KHL.
    Zherdev will evolve/move in particular with Alexander Perezhogin and Alexander Radulov.

  81. I agree with you CCCP, I don.t have a good feeling about this either. I think Sather is shopping around, and Dubi is in the middle. as far as money goes Im sure they could come to an agreement. Maybe Torts is not really big on him, but for what ever reason it does not feel right. maybe like Carp says not being signed yet means nothing, but there has been absoloutly no news about anything conserning Dubi. Despite the bad year he had last year I feel he will be a very good center in the future. He will be a twenty or more goal scorer I predict of course that means nothing, I thought Wade redden was going to have a good year, hopefully this season. Go Rangers!!!

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