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I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but a few of the buffoons who have run around impersonating our loyal Boneheads have now been banned.

This is now the law: Impersonate another reader’s screen name, and you are out like Zherdev. Also, make repeated inappropriate remarks, and you are out like Gomez. And from now on, I will not simply edit out profanities or racist remarks, I will delete the entire post. Then you will be warned and, if repeated, you will be out like Derek Morris.

I hate to do this, and I wish it hadn’t come to this, but, jeez, how much can we take? It had become really horrible here, not only with the imposters but also with the inappropriate discussion.

For you loyal Boneheads, if you notice something going on, feel free to drop me an email at, or post a note in the comments. I hope I don’t have to spend too many hours a week doing this garbage.

Special thanks to those who play nice, which is the great majority. We always appreciate you guys and ladies for your passion, knowledge and wit.

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  1. Repost-

    The notion that Sather should have signed Zherdev and traded him is kind of silly in my opinion. I truly believe that the GMs attempt, although not explicitly or through overt collusion, to keep salaries reasonable.

    I expect that most GMs would have balked at paying a restricted free agent like Zherdev $3.9mn when equivalent unrestricted free agents were on the market for the same price. The GMs want to keep the system intact, ie where restricted free agents don’t make as much as unrestricted free agents (one of the tenets of the lockout). In my view, this made Zherdev unsignable and untradeable.

    Also contributing where the 1 year deal and the fact that most GMs probably guessed that Sather would walk away anyway. If you thought Zherdev was good and he put up numbers, you’d be hamstrung in a year negotiating with him. Letting him get to free agency enables GMs to negotiate a lower salary and more years.

  2. wow interesting to see whats gone on since ive been gone, but good job Carp on finally starting to crack down on some of the shenanigans.

    Sorry I havent been around a lot of you know i was getting sick at the end of the Rangers playoff run I ended up getting really really sick I couldn’t eat for over 3 months and lost too much weight fast. When they had finally figured out that it was my gallbladder was the problem the damage had already been done. On the morning of my surgery my legs gave out and i lost them ever since. I was bed ridden at the hospital for over a month. I’m at Burke rehab now and slowly but surely some progress is being made.

    I cant wait for the season to start again I hope to be back to myself by then cause i’m getting the partial season ticket plan and i want to be able to go.

    lets go rangers!

  3. bull dog line on

    a couple of things from the previous post.
    Sather had everything to do with building the Oilers dynasty. He drafted, traded for, and coached that team.
    Ferguson built the Ranger team that went to the finals in 79. He drafted Duguay, Mc ewen, Murdoch, and many others. He just wasn’t there to see it all fall into place.

    I ain’t afraid of no trolls (3X)

    [Run] Something strange goin on

    Something’s wrong

    [DMC] Gloom on the blog

    Outside is the storm

    All alone in the crib

    Watchin the tube

    [Run] Yo-o-o-o is that what I think?

    Did I see a troll?

    [DMC] Chill down your spine

    Your heart fills with fright

    Not filled by the things


    They walk through the walls

    With no time to stall

    [Run] You call the TROLLBUSTER!

    Well that’s who you call!

  5. CARP IS the law

    Will anyone be out like Avery only to come back in when the other blog gives him back for half price?

  6. Damn Deja, hope you recover from that, good luck! Never like seeing a fellow NYR fan down

  7. Such a shame to think the imposters are grown people.

    I still think Slats is gonna make one more move and was just waiting for the hearing to be done with. Just my thought

  8. DEJA,

    best of luck buddy- get well


    Thanks for cracking down, lately i’ve been getting “trolled” and its freekin annoying. The other bloggers dont know its not you and i get 5 guys telling me how dumb i am for what im posting when im not even posting it in the first place.


  9. Thanks Rick it really is the best place to be they said if i recover fully it would probably take 2-3 months but between their overwhelming workouts and my will to walk i stood at the end of one week. It was only for a minute but hey I was standing for a minute longer than I had all month.
    Id recommend anyone who needs rehab to try to get in at Burke.

  10. So now that Z is gone what will be Slats next move? We still need power play point help as well as a #1 type center. This is a roster right now that will not contend for a Cup now or in the near future. Slats must go!

  11. We may not contend for the Cup this year but the future is pretty bright …

    Now thru the next 2 years or so we should see all of these high draft picks/undrafted players in Ranger Blue

    Gaborik – 1st round 2000
    AA – 2nd rd 2006
    Dubi – 2nd rd 2004
    Higgins – 1st rd 2002
    Lisin – 2nd rd 2004
    Byers – 2nd rd 2004
    Stephan – 2nd rd 2008
    Kreider – 1st rd 2009
    Werek – 2nd rd 2009
    Ambuhl – undrafted

    Sangs – 1st rd 2006
    Williams – 2nd rd 2006
    Sauer – 2nd rd 2005
    Staal – 1st rd 2005
    McDonaugh – 1st rd 2007
    MDZ 1st rd 2008
    Girardi – undrafted
    Gilroy – undrafted
    Heikkinen – undrafted

    Slats may not be able to draft well but he knows how to make up for it by going back later and trading for it – most of these guys cost us nothing to sign to our Organization.

    It cost us Gomez, Fahey, and Kopikoski, and the rest were drafted or signed UFA

  12. orr

    the same thing happened to me but my problem was i upgraded firefox just now and didnt restart.
    i restarted and now its fine.

  13. Good moves, Carp. This comments section had become a real bummer to wade through. Not as much of a bummer as Wade Redden, but still.

  14. Michabenjamin on


    I don’t know if I’d want to be in rehab with Brian Burke like you. He’s a little too hard ass for me.

    Best wishes

  15. bull dog line:
    “Sather had everything to do with building the Oilers dynasty. He drafted, traded for, and coached that team.”

    Sather was the coach, but did not become GM of the Oilers until 1980. Larry Gordon was GM until 1980. The man who most people credit with building that team is chief scout Barry Fraser. Gretzky and Messier were both obtained BEFORE Sather became GM. He may have had some influence, but he was not responsible for obtaining his 2 biggest stars.

    Ferguson built the Ranger team that went to the finals in 79. He drafted Duguay, Mc ewen, Murdoch, and many others. He just wasn’t there to see it all fall into place.

    He did draft those players, but he hated the Ranger traditions, and hated the Ranger players from his days as a Canadien. The first thing he did as GM was to create a horrible new uniform design, and get rid of the traditional Ranger jerseys. Then he forced Hall of Famer Rod Gilbert into retirement when he was still a good player. He created nothing but bad will during his short tenure. Similar to Sather… except Sather is still here after 9 years.

  16. What I think is funny is that you start mentioning different ways and things that people could be gone like Derek Morris, like Z, etc., and the reality is that you could have gone on and on since like 10 of the guys who played in the Caps series are now gone.

    Talk about a facelift for the NYR and now this blog. Let’s hope they both take to the Botox cleansing well….

  17. Do you guys realize that On June 1st Sather became the third longest serving GM in franchise history?? Nine years and counting!

    He is right behind Emile Francis (1964–65 – January 6, 1976) and Lester Patrick (1926–27 to 1945–46). WOW. I hope Sather isn’t gunning on catching Lester Patrick! Scary!

  18. And if you make bad trade proposals you will be out like Cherepanov. Sorry couldn’t resist.

  19. Carp Do U Think…..Duby and a first and a Prospect for Bergeron from Bruins.. Or Smid and osullivan for Duby..
    or duby and a pick and prospect for sharp???
    any possible???

  20. I also was going to mention the Brook’s article today. he ripped the team apart and pointed out the obvious holes that we now have. Powerplay not addressed, pkill was great, now weakened. Now true #1 center………… is sather done? Is this really our lineup (plus a couple being brought up)??

  21. bull dog line on

    Just a few Sather picks with the Oilers I can think of.
    Jari Kurri, Paul Coffey, Grant Fuhr, and Steve Smith.
    I understand your hatred, but he had a lot to do with That Oiler team no matter how you look at it. And if i recall there was an awful lot of turnover on that team as well.

  22. And This One Will Last a Lifetime on

    deja: hope all goes well

    Carp: I guess it is safe to join in the fun again. I stayed away during the past couple of bad weeks because of all the things you have now cracked down on.

    That interview of Torts by Stan was short and SWEET

    Key points:
    -Staal needs to get more of an edge to his game
    -2 young D will get their chance
    -scoring expected from Gabby, Higgins and Kotalik
    -“a priviledge to coach the NYR”
    -Avery is good cannot be participate when he goes over the line

    All straight forward great things. We have a great coach for the first time since Keenan. (probably even better, becuase Keenan would have said the NYR would be honored and priviledged to have him as the coach)

    I disagree with the preseason estimate of 7th place for us. I think we should be 5th going into the season.(Pitt/Wash/Boston/Bad Southeast division winner, Carolina?)

    Philly has no goaltending, Montreal is rebuilding.

  23. And This One Will Last a Lifetime on

    All this talk about no first line center…

    correct me if I am wrong, but two years ago Dubie worked his way up the depth chart and became Jagr’s center. Anyone who is the preferred center for Jagr, is by definition a first line center.

    And although Jagr has had a better careeer than Gaborik, I believe the Gaborik we are getting is better than the Jagr we had.

  24. (THE REAL) MikeyNJ on


    Finally dropped the Hammer, much appreciated.

    Now back to talk?

    Any mvoes left for Sather or do we go to camp with what we have and try to give the younglings a chance?

    I say go with the younglings!! (Grachev, AA, Gilory, Heikkenin)

  25. CCCP, forgive me (I’m mathematically challenged), but wasn’t Smith four months short of 11 years?

    Orr, give me some details so I can alert the tech people. You can email me if you like (

    Is anybody else having problems commenting?

  26. Doodie Machetto on

    Deja, we’re pulling for you.

    Carp, thanks for controlling the crap.

    BTW, you don’t know how many times I have the typo of Crap when I want to write Carp.

  27. It’s a rumor that Caps have interest for Zherdev serving, but have to clear spase for him.
    Ovy will not let him be invisible for games.

  28. Deja good luck man-

    Repost- is anyone upset about the fact that we gave Ales Kotalik a dam no trade clause? Overpay plus no trade?

  29. LMAO!!! Carp!! i forgive you because apparently my mathematical skills are even worse than yours! Yes! So then it makes Sather 4th all time on that list!

    Lester Patrick (1926–27 to 1945–46)

    Emile Francis (1964–65 – January 6, 1976)

    Neil Smith July 17, 1989 March 28, 2000

    Glen Sather June 1, 2000 and counting.

    I bet Sather will outlive Smith in the GM’s office.

  30. Trip and crack their head on their computer desk causing a concussion???

    What, too soon???

  31. “What does someone have to do to be “out” like Blair Betts?”

    not hit, not score and give private massages to the head coach.

  32. I still think Rosival will be gone before the season starts. Anyone know anything about the Canes Anton Babchuk? That guy is exactly what we need!

  33. no Babchuk. there is a reason why he is still on the market.we are good with what we got. No one expects us to win the cup this year so we should develop our young D

  34. the way you guys bash rozy, i’m afraid to think of how bad it will be when Kundratek , sangs and Del Z get here

  35. if the rangers trade rozsival and dont get a defenseman back who do you go after? do you try to sign someone or make a trade to get someone?

  36. Rick
    sorry you had to clamp down but glad you did.
    (saw my “other self” posting and ignored it…)

    sorry to hear about your troubles. good luck with your rehab.

    as far as Brooks’ column on Sather:
    it amazes me how people have selective memory. Tyutin was considering a rising star on our team but the year prior to his trade he was losing some of the luster. don’t know if it was a matter of being confused to his role — offensive dman or….? but he definitely didn’t look like a top player when we traded him.

    Z was a chance we took in the hope that he would finally have the mental make up to be all that he was touted to be. Bluejackets Coach Hitchcock warned Renney about him and it proved to be spot on. a team could deal with a headcase if, and only if, he produces. sure he was at the top of the Rangers as far as scoring but he was expected to be doing more than 58 points.

    Torts wants players who are going to play hard for 60 minutes and through that he expects that the scoring will happen. Z wasn’t viewed as being that type of player. end of story.

  37. CCCP, thanks for your help yesterday with my russian…I was trying to say..”Goodbye Z, now kill yourself…I googled the “kill yourself’ and tried copy and pasting, but I guess this site doesn’t recognize russian words..Instead I got all question marks. I’ll stick to english.

  38. the Canes PP was awful too. And Babchuk was their main guy. He is not an answer to any Ranger Question

  39. I survived Detroit I thought I was in Charlton Heston’s Omega Man Movie while I was there.

    Ranger Crisis Radio Tomorrow guest will be Jess Rubenstein of The Prospect Park who also is a contributor to Blueshirt Bulletin as their Ranger Prospect guru.

  40. “if the rangers trade rozsival and dont get a defenseman back who do you go after? do you try to sign someone or make a trade to get someone?”

    you get a draft pick and cap space for next few seasons and you play one of many young defensement that we stockpiled

  41. bob

    so how many rookies are on D @ that point? staal girardi and redden are locked in im not going to count gilroy because of his cap hit. i think he gets a spot but for now i feel these are the only 3 sure things if rozsival gets traded.

  42. ThisYearsModel on

    CARP: Good going on the changes. I had stopped visiting due to the baloney being thrown around. As for our favorite team…….a lot of things need to be done before they will be competitive. Right now, they look like a disjointed roster that will have to be molded into a team. Not sure that Torts is the guy to do that.

  43. No Country For Old Rangers on


    sounds good buddy. best wishes and a speedy recovery to you

    i’ll post the league info here sometime in the next week and will try to arrange the draft on a sunday evening or something

  44. Grachev the Gamebreaker (JAY G) on

    Wow, Larry Brooks’rebuttal is impressive. Carp, I think I missed the point of the article. Do we really have a lot of holes in our lineup and no cap room?

    Also is Glen smoking a Hoya de Monterey?

  45. Rocketnyr exactly, good post. Sather is overdone . He is the knick in the NYR. His boss is clueless.

    Mouth good guest with Jess, he’s a true blue fan with good kid insights.

  46. NYR fan in DC on

    Hi No Country,

    I would like in as well!!


    I think Z to the Caps would be a bad idea as I would have to listen to everyone around me in the DC area who follows the Caps complain about how good/bad he is. It’s tough being a Ranger fan down here.

  47. Watch Z end up on the Caps…. he’ll torture us all season with Ovie pushing his buttons.

    The Rangers might be the best team in the NHL… at developing players to succeed on another team!

  48. BANJ
    August 5th, 2009 at 12:54 pm
    CCCP, thanks for your help yesterday with my russian…I was trying to say..”Goodbye Z, now kill yourself…I googled the “kill yourself’ and tried copy and pasting, but I guess this site doesn’t recognize russian words..Instead I got all question marks. I’ll stick to english.


    Hey BANJ

    Any time! That will be 3 thousand dollars, please! Cash, Check or Money order. :P

    ill translate this one for free…

    * Goodbye Z, now kill yourself = Do svidaniya Z, chtob ty sdoh! lol

  49. man, I’m too slow today.. First i can’t count to eleven and now i can’t even spell in my own language!!


    * Goodbye Z, now kill yourself = Do svidaniya Z, chtob ty Zdoh! lol

  50. loyal blog reader…first time commenter…
    brooks column made me think about the PK…does anyone have info on Boyle…is he betts comparable….or lifetime AHL’r.

  51. No Country For Old Rangers on

    hey guys

    i went ahead and created the fantasy football league. here are the instructions to join. i’ll post this again at some point

    In order to join the league, follow the link above or go to game front page, click the “Sign Up Now” or “Get Another Team” button and follow the links to “Join a Custom League”. When prompted, enter the League ID# and password below.

    League ID#: 453917
    Password: carp

    let me know if that doesnt work i can e-mail you the invite

  52. I have a questions. How do GMs know when somebody is put on waivers? Do they log in to some site or get a phone call or what?

  53. Hey Rick, Jane and all you crazy boneheads/knuckleheads yadda yadda yadda

    haven’t been able to post much lately, the super computer IS on the way, but just wanted to say I miss you guys hugely, and Rick, great job on gettin rid of those damned imposters!

  54. CARP

    Never mind, things are back to normal it seems.


    Yeah, a little bit. The Sharks suck for not stepping it up and helping him win a Cup before he retired.


    Tell Jess that i said he’s a pathetic lackey sidekick ! And tell him to tell Dubi i said, BB+ is for fans with no brains for the game. Muahaha ! (Add that laugh)

  55. deja

    been thinking about ya! wishing you a very speedy recovery! stay strong and determined, and know that we’re all pulling for ya!!!

  56. hey Linda, how r u?

    Super computer, eh? Is it the one that types for you, starts by itself, shuts by itself, searches for porn by itself? i gotta get me one of those!! :P

  57. Deja-all the best

    I wonder if Dolan had Sather running Cablevision, losing to the competition but still making money, would he last 10 years? Or even 10 days.

  58. ORR

    Most likely imposter…

    We’ll know its kaspar when we see him! I bet he is here, dying to say something! But its ok, we don’t need him! We didn’t leave him, he left us! La Familia never forgets!

    * Using reversed psychology

  59. Speed Ranger on

    Thanks for the clean sweep, Carp.

    I was only ever impersonated when I said NYR should resign Shanny. Funny what sets some folks off.

  60. Doodie Machetto on

    No Country, I said the same thing about the Manning signing.

    I still hope they kick the tires on Marc Andre Bergeron.

  61. Grabachev in IA on

    kaspar posted yesterday but wasnt him. he never said hey guys, ive been away or anything like that. it was an imposter. ohh, and did kotalik really get a no trade clause on top of 3 mill???? wtf slats?? he gave him the capn clutch special contract. thanks dru!!!

  62. Grabachev in IA on

    hey cccp, i like that post from last thread. “hes the guy that, ya know… grabs things” haha. hey pat r- im gonna thank you fo giving me the inspiration for my new screen name. lol.

  63. What I want to know is, what is up with these arbitrators? Just about every case that I’ve seen they split the high and low down the middle. And almost all of them are for 1 year. I wish I got paid to do remedial math.

  64. Grabachev in IA on

    slats is doin alright cmon guys. i thought he was doin great until i heard he gave kotalik the ultimate clutch contract. why a no trade?? gabby has a limited no trade. but mr 18g 35 pts kotalik gets the clutch special???

  65. This just released,

    “In a shocking move today, the fans of the National Hockey League team New York Rangers have placed their General Manager on waivers. When interviewed, here was what one fan had to say ‘About F’ing Time’.

    Sather has managed the Rangers for X years (don’t have time to research) and since taking over had completely handcuffed the once proud franchise to unreasonable contracts.

    The Ranger Fans have not announced a new GM, but are currently taking applications.”

  66. Carp…
    Thank you. Nice to read the entire blog without cringing once.
    best wishes for a speedy rehab!

    Regarding our favorite team….
    How long before we learn of Dubi’s signing?
    Who thinks Zherdev will be in the NHL next year?

  67. Hey Rick, I think they can option to do a 2 year as well, but I can’t confirm at this very minute.

  68. Grabachev in IA on

    bleedblue- i really think slats will retire soon. hes at least in his mid 60’s by now. i expect shoney takin over within the next 3 or 4 years. nahhhh just kiddin. slats is here 4life baby!!!! argghhh

  69. For the record, I have read the entire CBA from front-to-cover twice. And I’m almost certain they can do either 1 or 2 years, but no more.

  70. Grabachev in IA on

    OHH, and as long as you talk to the media and address the fans once every few years, then youre the man for the job!!

  71. Ok, I can’t find the rule that says it can be a two-year award, so I’ll take that back, but I still don’t see what’s so hard about taking the difference between two numbers, diving that in half and adding it to the lower number.

  72. Just read the Brooks column and can’t disagree with much of what he says.
    I’d be interested to know the process by which players are evaluated. While Sather has the final say, how much input does Torts have? He’s been around the league long enough to know most established players but he’s probably lacking in his opinion of Ranger prospects. So how many of the new guys are here because Torts wanted them?

  73. Ok, I found it, it’s for club-elected arbitration, the club can ask for a 1-year contract or a 2-year. Case closed.

  74. flippedturtle on

    I’m not sure what the opinion is on this board but I don’t like the idea of Dubi still not having a contract and all the talk of Sather looking for a number one center. I would be so pissed to see dubi go, I feel dubi is our future even if he doesn’t put up 40+ goals he is a heart and soul ranger.

    It sucks but I know we would have to give up one of our good home grown players to get someone like VL from tampa but if I had a choice between Cally or Dubi I would keep Dubi. Who do you guys think our untouchables are? I would say the only untouchables right now are Henry and Staal unfortunatly I think Dubi would be traded…

  75. For those following along at home it’s article 12.10 Walk-Away Rights for Player-Elected Salary Arbitration.

  76. No more fake posts this is awesome, sucks that Carp has to deal with stuff like that though..

    I think there should be a poll on whether or not people would be willing to trade dubinsky…

  77. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp: you’ll have to get the application from Dolan:


    2) Wanna come see my band play?


    4) Have a cigar.

    5) Let’s go sailing.


    7) Would you ever criticize me?

    8) Of course you wouldn’t, I’m too awesome!

  78. I didn’t know that. I can’t remember a two-year award. I believe in the previous CBA, or maybe two CBAs ago, the arbitrator could only choose one number or the other, and not in between.

  79. Doodie Machetto on

    Rob M.: Every player is tradeable. It’s just a matter of what the return is.

  80. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp: Hudler’s award was two years.

    And what problem could you possibly have with that application.

  81. Anyone else thinking that the current roster is it?

    I have a bad feeling that it is (adding Dubi & some rookie d-men in there of course).

  82. (THE REAL) MikeyNJ on

    Why is it so bad if this is the roster going into camp?

    You want Sather to spend MORE money on washed up vets or another aging Dman

    Isnt that why we have so many Prospects on D this year trying ot make the team?

    Imagine a year we start the season WITH cap space?

    Then we can add the part or two we need during the season

    I HOPE this roster is at least set with who will be in camp, and that the HArtford guys (Grachev, Del Z, Sangs, Heniken,) really challenge for a spot on the team.

    Torts doesnt care about your name or salary,only cares how you fit as a cog in the team concept.

    Torts eats metal and spits out gold

    Torts curses at a reporter and that reporter is rendered brain dead

    Torts slaps SAther in the face and makes him NOT blow all the cash before the season starts


  83. ZzZz -- ZzZz Now What!!?...says Greg L. on

    Rocketnyr , Yeah Slats had his greasy fingerprints ALL OVER Messier and Gretzky and literly “made them” I know , I was there. Sather took a young “bull” messier ,(found him)benched him and then played him. Gretzky always refered to Sather as his “other”dad. If it was n’t for Sather ,Messier would never be in the league and hwhen Sather played a small skinny slow kid from Branford …he made him into the greatest player of all time.

    THE GREAT GAZOO – The Carpinator , great job ,you saved me….that last bout I hade with the Imposter was crazyyy!!! I fought back and I think I really made him made at me but whewwwwwww!!! It was getting ugly!!! Thanks!!

    Yo Deja ,Hope ya keep up the good recovery , your gonna have your bad days but you can do it~!!! Were pull’in fer ya over here!!!

    Mouth , Ya may lose fan or 2 with that geust , not saying I don’t like him but I KNOW there are at least 20 people here who …umm..dislike him and his sidekick. Just my 2 centz .

    Doodie, actually I’ll list afew who are NOPT tradeable :

    Zherdev (no one wanted him)

  84. Carp,

    Did I get banned or something?? Everytime I try to post anything with the words “crease clearing” “physical” “hard hitting” “nasty” and “d-man” in it, it will not post! What gives??? Am I under a selective ban??

  85. ZzZz -- ZzZz Now What!!?...says Greg L. on

    NA NA ~ NA NA ~ NA NA ….BAN MAN!!!! BAN man Ban Man!!

    By george – I think -I have – gotten it!!

  86. MikeyNJ…
    Agree. I trust that these players under Torts will at least compete every night. Just that will make the upcoming season more enjoyable.

  87. ZzZz -- ZzZz Now What!!?...says Greg L. on

    Who here thinks or cares if Jeremey Roenick should come outta retiremnt for 1 year and sign with the Chicago Blackhawks? …Win the Cup and retire his #27 along with Larmers #28.

  88. No Country For Old Rangers on

    the ban man is out there jerry and he’s lovin every minute of it!

  89. Well, I for one have a pretty big problem if this is our roster going into the season because it doesn’t sound like there is a plan. If you want to build for the future with kids, thats fine- what is Kotalik doing on this team then- you want to try to go and win it since we have an all-world goalie, then fine, but you need to make some trades to acquire another top offensive talent. There doesn’t seem to be a big picture plan in place to me-

  90. Does Zherdev realize he just shot himself in the foot. No one is going to give him 3 million let alone 3.25 or 3.95 million. I hope he enjoys playing in Russia. He done in the NHL.

  91. Someone is seriously talking about babchuk again, great pick up if we didn’t have a GAGGLE of the same style of d men on the team or in the system already!!!!! Folks, try focusing on the type of D man we (and hank) actually needs on the roster, not on the type we already have too many of!!

    Worse factual stat of the day- type of d man we have too many of rozy-salary-5 mil per
    type of d man we need-tollefsen (flyers)-salary-600k per.

    How sad is that…depressing really…I feel bad for henrik!!

  92. ZzZz Greg L. ZzZz on

    The person who said that Gilroy will be lucky to make the team is slightly confused. Gilroy is making a garenteed 1.7 or sommething like that. At that price , Gilroy will make the team and if he doesn’t …it will be another bust!!

  93. And i agree, there’s no way Gilroy doesn’t make this team. He’s gonna be on the roster on opening night.

    I wish he is as good as he is in NHL 09 for me. 16 goals 58 points and im only in the middle of January !!

  94. Gilroy hit the lottery when he signed that contract. I certainly hope he lives up to the hype. The guy has never played against professionals at any level, he played against college kids 5 years younger than him. I really hope he pans out because signing him for 1.7 isn’t much different than Redden’s contract, except for the length.

  95. Yeah… but unfortunately we are stuck with that clown !
    and by the way Orr….. talk to that website and ask them to remove the stars !

  96. Avery said it was great for the rangers to pick up Gilroy said the kid is gona be real good addition to the team

  97. so, i just went(briefly)through Egotastic magazine. Sigh…well, some nice photos there…but nothing beats a Russian party at the Russian restaurant on Brighton Beach! Nobody can compete with those Russian Jewish girls! No doubt about that! :P

  98. Rick Carpiniello – “i think the standard contract is one-year through arbitration.”

    C’mon Carp, this takes two seconds to look up. Type “NHLPA” in Google and one of the links on their website is the CBA.

    Election of Term
    The party against whom an arbitration election was filed (i.e. the Club in Player-elected salary arbitration and the Player in Club-elected salary arbitration) shall elect in its brief whether the arbitration award shall be for a one or two-year SPC……

  99. damn, I missed my 6:30 sponge bath :)

    Carp, I am glad you got rid of some of the fake posters.

  100. Wicky –
    Did I get banned or something?? Everytime I try to post anything with the words “crease clearing” “physical” “hard hitting” “nasty” and “d-man” in it, it will not post! What gives??? Am I under a selective ban??”

    Dude, if you were using those terms to refer to any Ranger defenseman, then you should know by now that using those phrases along with “Ranger defenseman” in the same sentence causes the matri8x to wobble, the earth to turn on its axis, and all reality to bend. From Willie Huber to Kevin hatcher to Christina Backman, you should know by now.

  101. Add me to the list of John Ferguson bashers. Trading 23-year old Rick Middleton for 33-year old Ken Hodge, ostensibly to reunite Hodge with Espo, is typical of the myopic vision of expedient, short-term patching GM’s, and there are far too many of them in all professional sports. They destroy the future foundation for a slim chance at immediate glory.

    Prospects are gold, downside veterans are mud, to my thinking. How about the Phillies trading young Ryne Sandburg and young Fergie Jenkins (different trades) to the Cubs for two old garbage pile pitchers, and a mediocre shortstop? Prospects in all sports can turn out to be Hall of Famers, but expedient GM’s care only for today and covering theirown backside by making the playoffs so the owner can raise ticket prices the following season.

    Damn that Ferguson for the Middleton trade. Add Middleton to the Rangers mix in 1979 and who knows what might have happened, given that the Rangers won game one in Montreal, and led 2-0 in game two before becoming unraveled? One more big sniper getting hot at a time like that can make all the difference. Oh yes, Rod Gilbert could have made a power play contribution to that 1979 Ranger team too, but Ferguson made sure he did not have the chance.

    Please don’t tell us Ferguson built the 1979 Rangers. That was Fred Shero’s team. Had Ferguson still been at the helm, we would not have come close to reaching the Cup finals. Ferguson would have made sure of that.

  102. Within next 48 hours: Heatly-to Sharks, Marleau to Habs, Plekanec,Halak (or Harmlik)to Ottawa.

  103. Ferguson left his mark. Sweat suit coach, Jean Guy Talbot. The jerseys and of course the only goalie who had a mental fear of the puck, Gilles Gratton.

  104. JJP, I was answering a question. I know how to find the NHLPA site and the CBA, but I’d really have to care in order to sift through that thing to find the language. I am not a CBA expert, I was not covering hockey when the CBA was hatched after the lockout, and truthfully, I couldn’t care less about the one or two-year arbitration clause.

    That’s why I said, “I think …”

  105. 33 days ’til camp!!!!!!!!

    damn this blog is soooooooooo much AWESOMER (thats for you CCCP) without those damned imposters!! And yes CCCP, the super computer will do all those things, plus remove Redden and Sather from the universe, I upgraded to a special keyboard for that!!

    Grabachev in IA…love the name!!!

    I’m having a hard time deciding who i’d vote for to be our new GM, its either Rick, Doodie, Orr or Shoryuken!

    and please, whoever is using the Bertuzzi name, omg please don’t let Yeti sign that guy! (OK TOO FREAKIN FUNNY, I have History Channel on right now and they are showing sasquatch!!!! it’s a sign!!!)

  106. Wicky, you are kidding, right? Sorry, but there’s been so much technical talk because of all the imposters, and so many glitches, I don’t know what to take seriously at this point.

  107. Anybody watching Ranger Classics ? It’s against the Avs.

    The best part is the end when Orr beats up Stewart, then Tucker gets thrown around by a one armed Mara.

    Ugh, and i just heard that Fox is still dating that has been 90210 loser. This guy is so fuggin lucky. You don’t know how badly i want to give this guy a McSorley chop across the face ! And A Bertuzzi head slam to the ground.

    I hate him !

  108. Pavel
    I know I’m right, you’ll see, but what can I have from you if it’s so important. Adhesive Bulls’eye Target with Slats face?

  109. Celsius

    Man did you hit it right on the nose with that old Middleton Hodge comment. Rangers have made some hideous trades over he years but that one was arguably the worst, from Rangers position. For Boston is was great. What a career Middleton had.

  110. No Country For Old Rangers – Thanks for the football league; the time looks like it works for me for now. I hope I can get some good people for the hockey league in the fall!

  111. Carp,
    Just my feable attempt at some humor, sorry if I confused the situation!!!!

    I know, i know…..bad wicky!!!

  112. No Country For Old Rangers on


    thanks for joining. yeah i figured that the sunday the 23rd would be a good day. let me know if there are any conflicts and we can try to work around it.

  113. hey all back from vegas bet the flames and ducks to win cup.

    50 to win 1000 20-1 odds for both.

    what u guys think.

    the rangers were 28-1 but we as diehards know they have no shot at cup.

    i wanted to bet some teams with odds that have a chance.

    i couldnt bet anyone in east because i couldnt bear to root for anyone especially a division rival

  114. ZzZz Greg L. ZzZz on

    Eric , you didn’t bet on the Rangers!!!!!????????????

    Im not joking either . Aw come on!!!! Heres your chance to bet me then. I say Either Rangers or Chicago to your Ducks and Flames. Got it.


    Hey, Deja. Rangers fans have staying power (don’t we all know that!). You’re going to be just fine. You CAN do it.

    Thanks, Carp. I wanted to stay in touch on this blog but I was losing interest. Sorry that you have to play ref but cleaning up the site is much appreciated.

  116. Did anyone catch that the official rangers fan page on Twitter and Facebook has a poll or article of some sort up that asks if Ranger Fans want Heatly? I didnt get to read through all of it

    Wonder what that is all about

  117. chris

    yeah i got that tweet and was kinda shocked theyd ask something like that
    its good to see them trying to get their followers involved in conversation.

  118. miscellaneous on


    speedy recovery to a great ranger fan. i think (could be wrong though) that you are one of the ladies of the blog if i remember some of your posts. if not and i’m wrong i apologize.


    looks like this site is headed for 1,000 posts per thread even before the season. no way i’ll be able to even read once it gets that big i’m already missing some sleep tonight.

  119. The Most Interesting Man in the World (formerly MiamiPimp) on

    bye bye Nikolai Bushimus Leaguemus Maximums

  120. Nylander rumors? on

    Any truth to the rumors that the Caps have offered to put Michael Nylander on re-entry waivers if the Rangers told them they wanted him back?

  121. Nylander for two years is a little much. Love the guy and own his jersey t-shirt for working out, but he’s a little long in the tooth.

    I still think they need one more B+ level winger just in case Gabby gets hurt. Prospal or Tanguay for one year anyone?

  122. No Country For Old Rangers on

    I like the new name GREG L, it seems to be getting progressively smaller.

    will SATHER wake up and do something?
    somebody should lace one of those cigars with angel dust or put acid in his metamucil or something just to fugg* with the old man

    *thanks to ORR for making “fugg” part of blog vernacular

  123. Nylander is finished and I don’t mean that’s his native country. I dont wanna see his aging bald headed dome on the roster.

    Straight Dave’s Man Slammin’ Max Out /Colton Orr vs Chris Stewart

  124. for what it is worth, I would rather have bert and his size and considerably lower salary than prospal and what he would want dollar wise.

  125. okay
    changing the subject a bit here….
    why is Voros still with the team
    and what do you see happening with him?

  126. No Country For Old Rangers on

    Bryan Murray insisted power forward Aaron Voros be included in the package for Dany Heatley but Sather wouldn’t budge

  127. jpg – Voros has been working out all summer at the practice facility. Sounds like he’s intent on a roster spot now that his mate Gabby is on the team. If he’s the player from the start of last season, great, he might score a few goals from the 3rd/4th line – if he’s the player we saw in November and onwards then he’ll be helping the kids in Hartford or pouring Slats coffee in the boxes.

  128. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    an Heatley’s resume

  129. Who cares what Sather contributed to the Oiler dynasty. What’s more important to realize is that since the inevitable demise of that particular group of players, Sather GMing has been, at best, mediocre. In a very vocal fashion, he hid behind the small marketness of Edmonton in the 90s then came to NY and proceeded to steer a Ranger plane that was already spiralling out of control (thanks to Smith) right into the ground. It reached the point where the NY Rangers were the laughing stock of not only the NHL, but most of pro sports. He seemed to be on the right track with the purge of 04, but has since shown that he really doesn’t know what he’s doing. That this incompetent man is allowed to keep his job clearly indicates to me that the man above him is equally, if not moreso, incompetent. Being a Ranger fan sure can suck at times.

  130. Hey Carp — you do a GREAT job — appreciate you cleaning this place up a bit too.

    Now would you mind getting rid of everyone who has the annoying urge to write ‘FIRST! FIRST!’ I mean, how old are we?

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