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As expected:

The Rangers have walked away from the arbitration decision and allowed Nik Zherdev to become an unrestricted free agent.


Here is the story on the Rangers site.

Rangers Walk Away from Zherdev Award
Winger becomes an unrestricted free agent
 New York Rangers
Aug 4, 2009, 11:52 AM EDT
New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has exercised its right to walk away from the arbitrator’s award to Nikolai Zherdev, thereby allowing him to become an unrestricted free agent.
“With the additions we’ve been able to make this summer, we feel we’ve been able to add scoring and offense from the wing position,” stated Sather.  “Following the arbitration process and subsequent award given, we feel it is in our best interest to walk away and continue to explore all available options to improve our roster.”
Zherdev, 24, appeared in 82 games with the Rangers last season, registering 23 goals and 35 assists for 58 points, along with 39 penalty minutes.  He was held scoreless in seven playoff contests.
The 6-2, 203-pounder has skated in 365 regular season contests with the Rangers and Columbus Blue Jackets, recording 99 goals and 140 assists for 239 points, along with 203 penalty minutes.  The Kiev, Ukraine native was originally Columbus’ first round choice, fourth overall, in the 2003 NHL Entry Draft.

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  1. In the bizarre world that is the nhl, is it possible even after the rangers decided to pass on Z that he could be re-signed by them at a lower cost than the arbitration award now that he is a UFA? Anyone know the answer?

  2. 2 thoughts:

    1) I’m surprised that Sather couldn’t make a deal to sign him and then trade him for the 3.9 mill salary…I don’t care what anyone says, he was one of our top 3 players last year, regardless of the disappearance in the playoffs (EVERYONE DISAPPEARED IN THE PLAYOFFS)…I thought a year under Tortorella might have worked out

    2) Who is going to fill the 60 point void we have now?…don’t say Tanguay.

  3. This just in…. Eklund is reporting that Ranger’s trainer Jim Ramsey has asked the Team to spend money on a ‘Gaborik recovery room’ to be added to their facility!
    The reported cost…. $3.82 million per season against the cap…. sorry Zherdev…. Gabby needs the hot tub!

  4. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    What a shame. Just like always, we pillage our youth so we can take Hail Mary chances with clowns like Z. I’m not pissed that we lost Z, I’m pissed that we lost Tyutin for NOTHING. Think about how still having him would change our blue line. Staal and Girardi are maturing nicely and are a solid pair, Rozy still won’t shoot. But if that God-forsaken deal with CBJ never happened and we kept Tyutin, we probably wouldn’t have had the space to sign Redden, ANOTHER epic failure. Instead we go into this season with 1 good, young defensive pair, Redden, who’s game is in a free-fall, Rozy, who still can’t QB the PP, and 2 guys who have never stepped foot on NHL ice.

    This is a fuggin disgrace. FIRE SATHER

  5. Buh Bye! Hopefully, he’ll rot in the KHL. Slats took a chance on the enigmatic one and it didn’t work out. Better for him to walk away than be frustrated nightly in October.

  6. Rob F

    Kotalik will fill 45 of those points.

    Higgins gives you more than Dawes/Prucha
    Lisin gives you more than Korpedo
    Gaborik gives you more than Gomez

    we’re still better than last year…

  7. I’m sorry did callahan/Duby/lundqvist disappear in the playoffs? The effort was at least there…this guy does not give the effort game in and game out…Also, do you really want a guy who says that he wants to sign with a division rival while still under “control” of the Rangers?? I don’t…goodbye Z thanks for wasting our time…

  8. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Z’s stint’s in the dog house under tort’s were a smack in the face, his feeling’s were hurt, so , so long!!
    There are a few more who should be walking too, Drury, Rozival , Redden in particular.
    They were average at best, and because of the money and contracts , they don’t deserve a second chance.

    I would still trade Dubi, he reminds of a mutt puppy , too dumb to learn and will always chase cars and squirrels, he’ll never be show dog.

  9. smart move by the rangers on many levels. hes not worth that cash and couldnt even put any effort in during a contract season. most athletes work their tails off to cash in. zherdev was either too dumb (i doubt it) or too uninterested (i would bet on it) to do just that. rangers dodged a bullet here by walking away.

  10. I liked Tyutin as much as the next person, but seriously, was he really that much better than the guys that may crack the D this season? I dunno. Great guy, but average defenseman.

  11. Glen Sather is a dumb jackass for trading for him and even dumber not tradimg him. I can’t believe they got nothing in return for Tyutin. The worst move by him since drafting Montoya and trading him for nothing.

  12. Everyone is bitching about losing Toots for nothing- It was a gamble yes, but we have alot of young GOOD defensive prospects that could be better than Toots- We actually have a glutton of good Defensive prospects. This deal could have just as easily been a great one. Glen took a chance on the kid. It did’nt work. Move on!

  13. My Thoughts On Ranger Needs!Stay at home D-man
    Dudy Trade For A Legimate Center. rozy should Be Gone!play THE KIDS!Any Thoughts?

  14. Z was never coming back under Torts-this is the exact type of player that would be sitting upstairs and watching-he does not hussle at all-torts does not stand for that….sign dubi TODAY

  15. callahan never disappears

    dubinsky made one or two of the games, and lundqvist made about 5 of them (the 5 he did play he was insane)

    3 players showing up to playoff games isn’t good enough

    i just don’t understand how people single out zherdev among the pack? is it just because we have a chance to get rid of him, unlike the others?

  16. How the hell do YOU PEOPLE manage to post on the new post so damn quick. I see new post from carp and get here and there are 17 posts already!!!

  17. It’s not the nature of a Rangers fan to “move on” – who’s not still pissed they traded Leetch?

  18. NYRLEE, tuts was an average defenseman but still an asset…too many times the Rangers give up assets for nothing…successful teams rarely do…

  19. Harvey – you gotta give to get. I’m no Slats apologist that’s for sure, but it was a chance worth taking especially since we were deep in D prospects. If Z would have panned out he could have been a monster, not a train wreck :)

  20. i cant imagine why anyone would be upset by this news…the only downside to this is giving up Tyutin for nothing….so who is our 1st line center?

  21. I don’t remember every singing Fedor Tyutin’s praises when he was traded. He was good, seemed like a solid locker room guy, but not any better than what we have now.

  22. Tyuts was good, but he was progressively worsening under Renney. He had an amazing hear in Columbus, and good for him. I wish him the best, but that franchise is still a joke. I feel bad for Nash.

  23. Z Not A Loss….I Still Think We Get A Center And A Stay at Home Tougher D-Man! Then We Can Compete!We R Fine With Wingers!

  24. IMO, save for bringing in Jaromir Jagr (only to let him go), this is Sather’s best move as GM in his decade of incompetence.

    Finally, we walk away from a “talent” that clearly doesn’t fit into our system and who’s identity does not match our personality.

    I saw all I neded to see from this guy in 7 playoff games (0 pts, -3).

    He’s not Alexei Kovalev and never will be.

    His best move is the KHL.

  25. Bah. Zherdev was soft, became a floater and a perimeter player. Yes he clicked early but then fell off. When he did decide to play he was exciting. But most of the time he was just horrible.

    I see claims that we gave up Toots for him. The fact was we moved Toots and Backman for Fritche and Z. Hoping both would pan out while moving some hefty contracts. In the meantime we picked up better players in the draft. And have players banging on the door to come up to the bigs.

    Comparing our Roster from Then till today without Z….we are better off. Stop living in the past or grading moves on the past and start grading them on how the future will shape up. You people will stop whining once Gabby scores his first goal.

  26. Giving up Tyutin in a gamble for Zherdev, even though it proved to be a failure, was worth the risk in my opinion. Yes, it was dissapointing to lose Tyutin, but for someone as young and talented as Z, it was a gamble Sather couldn’t turn down. Considering the amount of D prospects we have waiting in the system, losing Tyutin doesn’t hurt quite so badly, and don’t forget, that deal made getting rid of Christian Backman a reality we all prayed for. So even though I believe it was the smart decision in letting Z walk today, I also believe it was the “smart” decision to gamble on him in the first place. In hindsight, things didn’t work out as planned and the gamble failed. But it was a risk worth losing Tyutin for in my honest opinion.

  27. Hey, let’s call a spade a spade. Fedor Tyutin is a NICE player, but he’s not Brian Leetch.

  28. Brandon I agree with you. Sather = a joke. Period.

    Zherdev, a few times in the final games against the Caps last year at home….I think it was game 6, he had 2 open nets and fanned on both. The guy couldn’t take the heat of NYC or he just wasn’t a reliable player or both. No qualms about getting rid of him. Torts would have wanted him gone by the 10th game if he stayed. He would have found Torts’ doghouse immediately.

    Cut and run. On to the next…that Sather will probably F up anyway.

    Is it opening night yet?

  29. Zherdevs Trousers on

    I say we trade Lundquist for a stay at home D-man and top line center, then sign Sabrina Ladha from NHL 09, shes filthy.

  30. Why is there such a double standard in the NHL between North American and European players? Dubinsky disappeared offensively for most of the season but that is forgotten? I am pissed that the Rangers got nothing for Zherdev. I would much rather have him over Kotalik – he is younger and has some upside. This is two straight years where our leading scorer has walked for nothing in return. Good jub Glen, now back to the Braniff Open!

  31. Zherdevs Trousers
    August 4th, 2009 at 12:58 pm
    I say we trade Lundquist for a stay at home D-man and top line center, then sign Sabrina Ladha from NHL 09, shes filthy.
    hahahaha, she is a very good goalie

  32. Zherdev did not deserve that salary. he is a soft soft player and dissapeared in the playoffs.

    the rangers took a gamble on a talented forward and it failed because he has no desire and heart. put his skill in dubinskeys body and you have a MVP candidate.

    Zherdev is like many modern athletes a lot of sizzle but not much substance… good riddance. how many fools want zherdev back so they can pray at the alter of potential instead of results. he has been in the league for 5 yrs. and is a mental case, how arrogant to think he will change now.no he won’t.

    adios zherdev……

  33. If Z made ANY impact in the playoffs, points or just good hustling, I think we’d feel better.

    I hope he signs in KHL because I have a feeling he’ll be a Ranger kill if playing for a rival.

  34. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    again Sather effs up.
    Tyutin was less of a project than Z,sather got outsmarted by another GM. I wish sather would retire,
    I hope sather goes fishing in Grizzly country and all they find is a grizz smoking a stogie and wearing glasses.

  35. Stop looking in the rear-view mirror! This team’s moving forward.

    Dubi will now be re-signed. Very doubtful that he’ll then be part of a trade unless it’s a deal that’s too good to pass up.

    This team will be better. We have a better coach, who has firmly taken control. He’s going to instill a winning attitude and confidence in his players. The system will be more exciting for the players and consequently individual performance levels will go up. Simply being in better shape will translate into more wins than last year. This young team (among the league’s youngest) will be full of desire and ambitition.

    I can’t wait for training camp to see who makes this team, cause it’s going to be a fight!
    Let’s go Rangers!

  36. Grachev the Gamebreaker (JAY G) on

    I’m glad we didn’t resign Zherdev and let him walk. For any of you who have not seen my boy Evgeny Grachev, He is the real deal. Much bigger than Zherdev and more skilled.

  37. Sather is a moron. He plays every season like a hand of 5 card draw. The press release states that he feels like he brought in enough offensive production to let Zherdev go. Where Glen, where? Moron!!!

    And with everybody else, not that he’s more than a #4 or #5, you let Tyutin go for nothing. Hey Dolan, please do us a favor and put down the guitar and take up flying or rafting or sky diving.

  38. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    My Z moment, getting creamed by the ranger net and getting up verry slowwly to the bench.

  39. Jeff M. makes a good point, in effect that the Z acquisition was a favorable risk-reward investment. Of course having an opening advantage does not always work out, but, as an old horseplayer I know the wisdom inherent in the adage that “An overlay loser is a winner and an underlay winner is a loser.” This was an overlay that lost, but in a hundred such case histories you come out measurably ahead. I am sorry to lose Z but maybe an even better young player will get a chance, step up, and salvage the wreckage.

  40. Sigh no words… You all know i was a huge Z advecator

    Just found this by googling his name

    “IIRC, Zherdev’s girlfriend was pregnent and her baby died premature at 8 months, and Zherdev had a tough time dealing with it. Since then, she has been flown over to North American to be with Zherdev.”

    Link Source:

  41. I don’t think slats got hosed or out smarted by any other GM. We needed scoring from the wings for this team last year, so slats went and got it and traded a bad contract/player in backman and a player in tyuts that we have a HUGE surplus of in our system, a marginally physical d man with offencive upside. Tyuts, who I liked a lot, was a 3 or 4 d man at best and we have sooooo freaking many of those guys in our system it is disgusting. With renney here, it was a good gamble to try and get Z and then hope the renney intellect coaching style would work with Z. Once renney got canned and torts showed up, the writing was on the wall for Z!!! Tyuts was not the second coming of leetch or beuke, so give me a break people, a gamble well worth taking.

  42. Sign an overrated loser like Kotalik, and get rid of a young guy like Z who has potential, that’s fantastic.

    Kotalik will NEVER score 30 goals, or more than 60 points with this team in the 3 years he’s here. Z has potential to put up 30+ goals 70-80 points playing with a guy like Gabby. It’s stupid to get rid of the guy after one year. He made stupid mistakes, and didn’t show up for the playoffs, who knows maybe he’ll be fired up and have a good year.

    Slats needs to get into Heatley’s car, and forget to put on the seatbelt.

    I wouldn’t be so pissed if we at least signed this loser and traded him for something. Fuggin waste.

  43. Why did Sather even tender him a qualifying offer anyway? Free publicity? If he was good enough to keep for $3.25, why was $3.9 too much? That difference is less than Voros or Rissmillers contract who do nothing for this team. He could have waived Zherdev before the season started if he didn’t find an eventual trade partner. This is all a joke.

  44. Ok so some idiot over at hockeybuzz, Eklund, is saying that the rangers are back in the Heatley hunt now that Zherdev is gone. I don’t see how this is possible. Ottawa would be looking for either staal, dubinsky, or girardi. Considering that our D and centers look thin right now i dont see either or them leaving. Umm and we have a cap problem. Is the rumor real or is this guy just talking bs?

  45. Question, When does the NHLPA get involved when a player wins his arbitration, and then the team either trades or releases that player. Seems to me some of these moves are just getting even with the player. Sather has to go.

  46. Clowns each addtl. $700 k adds up.

    stop the friggin whining, did you watch the games.. zherdev was embarrasing in the playoffs, not bad like naslund but embarrasingly soft and bad..

    the guy has been in the league for SIX YEARS AND HAS NEVER DONE ANYTHING.

    sather is an idiot but zherdev stinks….potential means jack if you do not use it..the rangers will score more then last year because of the uptempo style, better shape, and more skilled forwards….higgins can play, kotalik has a rocket, gaborik is a premium talent and player, dubi and cally yr older. grachev huge upside, anisimov nice upside..

    let it rest whiners zherdev is a anigma softie….

    the rangers are going to do what you clowns always want them to do, use there in house talent and see who is worth it……………………….

  47. NYRich, you tender a qualifying offer so that if somebody else signs him you get compensation. If he accepted the offer, you can still try to trade him or keep him for a year. It’s a low-risk.

  48. sather tendered zherdev to see if any tema was dumb enough to trade for him or to see if the ycould get zherdev at a fair price.

    no team is dumb enough to waste there time on a guy who the word has been potential for 5 + years and the results pedestrian and therefore zherdev and his agent will look for a sucker who thinks they can turn this guy around again.

    after all there are many suckers out there all you need to do is read these posts to see that…

    watch any 2 games in the playoffs this year and watch zherdev closely, it will make any hockey fan cringe.. the inability to battle and compete is sad…zherdev plays like a woosie plain and simple……if he scored like bossy or gaborik that would be OK but he scores like Colton Orr….

  49. Carp…
    This place is getting to stink like one of the bathrooms at the Port Authority.
    What’s the big deal about requiring registration anyway?

  50. (THE REAL) MikeyNJ on

    See Carp now someone us using my handle

    Can we PLEASE get a registration going here?

    And Imposter MkeyNJ GO F yourself and get your own handle

  51. Orr what are you smoking? when has mr zherdev scored 30? he has been on the first 2 lines for years…….

    In love with potential, ryan leafs potential over peyton mannings boring consistency, how did that one work out? go down the list, sizzle over substance, a losers bargain…

    give me dubisnky’s bad hands but good heart and wheels over zherdevs slickness and lack of battle any time. 12 dubinskys can win the cup, 12 zherdevs win a beuty contest… i thought hockey fans were smarter……

  52. Z might have sucked in the playoffs, but it’s not like Kotalik is gonna do any better. Fuggin waste of god damn money. Why cant we just skip this loser, and save the money instead of spending it on useless fuggin tools.

    Kotalik, Brash*t, Dreary, Dredden, & Michael Blowsemall.

    Why do i have to hate so many players on my favorite team ?

  53. Ranger Steve,

    Dubi might have stopped scoring but by no means did he ever “disappear”. In fact, even on his worst nights, he’s still a very noticable player. Reason being, he plays both ends of the ice, is physical and makes the players around him better.

    If Zherdev isn’t scoring, what is he doing? Certainly not playing physical, certainly not bettering the team defensively, and most definitely not making anyone around him better.

    Quite a stretch of a comparison on your part.

  54. . . . . . .that’s a joke. Although we do need a center.
    Brad Richards will be #1, but Sundin at a special low price wouldn’t hurt.

  55. “Why do i have to hate so many players on my favorite team ?”

    That’s what I keep asking. . . .

    The Rangers are a LOT better today then they were in April. I am psyched. And they ain’t finished yet either.

  56. kotalik got $3 mill for 3 years not exactly a redden, drury, gomez contract… brashear was a idiotic signing especailly at $1.4 mill… i fil lthat spot at $800k but there are other moves that were not so bad.. gaborik is a move worth making he is not just potential like zherdev but he is results, when he plays he performs, bottom line.. higgins good pick up…lisin good pickup. gilroy may work out….

    the rangers will be young, uptempo(no trap), fast, and should play real hard if that is true they will be a top 8 team…

  57. STUART

    Learn how to fuggin read, i said he has potential to score 30+ playing on a line with someone like Gaborik. We sign this guy to a big contract, and he has nobody to play with, no first line center, no winger to back him up, besides maybe Cally. At least put Z on his line, he’d have someone who can put up some goals, and help him out. Im not gonna get excited aboot Higgins either, but he’s only 26, so im no willing to throw him under the bus just yet.

    I cant wait to see every Ranger fan whining when Kotalik has a wide open net, and it looks like he’s aiming at a fan instead of the net. Him and his reliable “Rocket”. Gimme a break.

  58. you’re still going with Brad Richards eh mr. gatti

    well i’ll bet you my season tickets, the Rangers dont get him?

  59. Brandon stop with the reality talk…

    dubi and callahan are better then zherdev while scoring less then him for a reason..

    zherdev is a tease …………..

  60. orr again zherdev is there to tease and dissapoint….higgin is a better player then him no question about it…

    gaborik has had no help offensively for years that shows how good he is…

  61. now that the Z topic has run its course i have a question

    what is the difference between Bert and Brash?
    this is not a joke.

    in the last post it seemed people thought it would be a good idea to sign bert to a 1yr/1.1m contract.

    bertuzzi to me is in the same boat as brashear, simon, mcsorley, may, hunter, etc.

  62. truegreen

    fair comparison…kovalev is great for a month but not a 2 way player and not worth it…

  63. Jeez, Did you guys see what Z’s agent said

    “We’ve discussed his options in the past because to be fair, the Rangers couldn’t afford more than the $3.25 million they initially offered, and that was before they made all the other moves,” Hedges said. “The issue now is where he fits in the market at this point. His first priority is to play in the NHL. If not, he’ll look at Russia.” per zipay

    I guess Larry Brooks was right with the whole conspiracy theory

  64. What really gets me going is the fact we prefer to overpay for Vets, but never anyone young. We are willing to throw money at guys like Drury, Gomez, Naslund, Redden, etc., but never to our youngsters.

    I am sad to see Z leave and would have to like to see him play a couple of years, before determining he is not worth keeping.

  65. CCCP, feel free to correct my spelling if it’s wrong…..?? svidaniya Z, ????? ????? ????!

  66. Take him or leave him but the thing that doesn’t make sense is if Slats decided to leave him, why not sign him and trade him? You’re telling me that NO team would sign a 60-pt scorer to a 1-year contract less than $4 million? I find that hard to believe.

  67. Jor71 watch a playoff game or 2, take your pick of any of the 7..

    zherdev is as noticeable as colton orr..

    zherdev has a 5 yr track record…….it is not anything to be proud of….

  68. Even if we signed the invisible playoff man he would have been a UFA next season. Better to save that money for Staal and ohers that won’t disappear when the going gets rough.

    I’m with Brandon on this one:Z is a square peg in a round Torts hole.He was bound to be a bench riding casualty of Tort’s system.Z-ya later.

  69. What’s with the cab drivers and B.O.? Just how long are these shifts? It’s like they just get in the cab and drive ’til they are dead. Then they always have that cherry popit on the dashboard. Like that’s suppose to be some kind of an improvement. Now you’ve got the cherry flavored B.O. I can’t even imagine fruit going that long without a shower.

  70. Blueshirt in Paris on

    Gotta say Im a bit shocked… I knew Z didnt have a place on the team and that we could/would not pay him more…but we really could not get anything for him?

    I thought we would sign, then try to trade. If no trades come up before the season, send him to Hartford. Wont hit the cap and I cant see him actually show up at Hartford then we could suspend him without pay..voila.

    Oh well, bye!

  71. Eh. It’s just so disappointing. They traded Toots for nothing. Slats’ gamble failed. And he also has nothing to show for Prucha and Dawes and “only Redden’s left in the cupboard.”

  72. I have no problem adding bert to our roster for somewhere between 1 and 1.5 mil per season for a couple of years.

  73. Stuart, how many playoff games did he play? You are telling me everyone else showed up? He is young and is still developing. I would much rather give someone at 24 another look, before thinking he is not worth signing. Redden who has been declining gets a bloated contract, but a young kid does not perform and we just give up on him.

    My point is that you need to give a young kid a chance before saying he is not worth signing.

  74. I have a feeling,BANJ you know Russian spelling better than me.
    Despite of right move with Z,strangely enough,I somehow feel sad for his departure. It is a shame: such a big talant,such a small heart, so right hockey vision,so wrong attitude,so good hands, such a bad ass…list goes on. Just hope and pray he will move to KHL, will hate to see him aganst us big time. “Bon voyage”

  75. Rick, thanks for replying to my post. I completely understand why a GM would tender a qualifying offer to an RFA (first right/draft pick comp.) I’m just curious why if Sather was willing to pay $3.25, then what’s another $0.65? Meanwhile we have guys like Brashear, Voros, Rissmiller and Arnason all eating up an avg of $1M/each.

    Another option would have been to sign Zherdev and Dubinsky, go over the 10% allowance and then either trade or waive Zherdev by the start of the season to remove his salary from our cap space.

    Or in other words, I miss Tyut’s! :o)


  76. stuart… you gotta be kidding me dude.

    Gaborik missed how many games last year? So he scores a few goals and you’re ready to crown him?

    Zherdev led the team in points and you walk him?

    Redden scored a goal in the opener…. teased all the fans… how’d that work out… AND HE WAS AN ALL-STAR???

    You’re right with one thing… potential doesn’t mean anything until it pans out. But Gaborik is a potential TRAIN WRECK if he gets hurt, and Redden is useless.

  77. All i’m saying is I’m glad Ranger roster decisions aren’t made by alot of the bloggers on here…. we’d be a joke of a team. Oh wait…. Sather makes the moves…. and we are a joke.

    I don’t know Lundqvists religion… but i’m sure he’s somewhere praying for more goals and a little D !!!

  78. Vinny V, you are crazy.

    ITs not just the skill its the crappy attitude. Last I checked Hockey is a team sport…and Z is not a team player.
    Its obvious from his statements to the press. Its obvious to his play in the second half of the season and playoffs. Its obvious from his desire to be traded to a team on the east coast within the division. He’s a cancer to the dressing room, a cancer on the ice. The only way to get rid of those types of players is to boot em out the door. He doesn’t deserve another chance. He was offered a chance at 3.25 million , and he balked because he doesn’t want to be a Ranger. Why keep harping about a player that doesn’t want to play for your team? You can say all you want about Gaborik, I would take 60 games from Gabby before I took 7 games in a playoff from the Useless Ukranian. The guy is going to the KHL and will never be heard from again.

  79. the sad thing about losing zherdev for tyutin is that while zherdev has never filled his potential that every always talks about, tyutin is doing exactly that….he had a great season in Columbus, put up 30 something points, played 82 games and came out plus something, zherdev seems to be on the decline while tyutin’s value is rising…..resign dubinsky and sign Anton Babchuk who Carolina said they are “moving on” from

  80. Babchuk, really???? Oh, that makes perfect sense, the big crease clearing physical d man that we need is babchuk. How silly of me!!!! Oh, wait, I’m confused, we already have 4 big physical crease clearing d men on the big club and hank has plenty of protection down low. That’s right babchuk, is the one other puck moving, “power play” point man, great first pass d man we need, because we DO NOT have any of those on our roster right now…..babchuk…..BRILLIANT. Who posted that??? Was it sather trolling as someone else!!!!! Babchuk!!!!! Seriously????

  81. I swear to christ, hank must look like the goalie from slap shot sitting in his stall after periods and games, shell shocked and acting like he is still making saves from all the guys running him and parked in front of the crease without paying a price (even if there has to be a 2 min cross checking or roughing penalty killed off, some penalties are good ones and we need a d man or two delivering those occasionally). The best year hank had was his first in my opinion and he had kaspar there who played with an edge. The 10 SO season was his next best and laugh if you want, struds would fight a guy and keep the other team honest if there were transgressions (no he did not have the EDGE that some D men had, but he kept them honest).

  82. I’ve read this blog for a looooong time now but have never posted. I’m freaking outraged right now beyond believe. So you mean to tell me our leading scorer, 24years of age by the way, from last year IS NOT worth 3.9mil. Are you kidding me. Instead you dumped him for NOTHIIIIIING and sign Kotalik to replace him. LOLOL. Don’t even get me started on Tyutin. Some of you say gambled and lost. Tyutin would only been what our 2nd best defensman right now after Staal. You don’t gamble and loose on that!

    I have always liked and supported most of Glen Sather’s moves (i’m probably one of the few lol). But this move has put me way beyond the edge with him (Redden, Drury’s contract). From now on I will join the crowd with the Sather must go chant at the garden.

    And how all the writers are giving Sather a pass on this is beyond me. While we are at it let’s trade Lundqvist for that stay at home Dman and a center that some lost souls are suggesting we should do.

    P.S And I didn’t even like Zherdev. BUT to loose the guy for nothing and replace him with Kotalik? YOU have got to be kidding me.

  83. Sather is a first class dope. He gets players that are either injury prone,(Gaborik, Lindros) over their prime, (Redden, Naslund,) headcases,(Zherdev, Poti) or ill suited for the position they played in NY (Holik, Cullen). There are a lot of other examples over the years Sather has been screwing up this team. He gets players like he’s shopping at a scratch and dent sale. Trouble is, he’s always paying top dollar for damaged goods.

    It’s way past time for Sather to go! The Rangers will never compete for the Cup with that azzwipe calling the shots.

  84. Mikeyyy….

    Funny that you should mention someone being a cancer on the ice, and a cancer in the locker room. We used to have a guy that alot of people said that about. He demanded his way out of one city, wouldn’t play in another, and ended up with our team… AND A ‘C’ ON HIS CHEST. He also just so happened to not want the ‘C’ for a time, oh and by the way, SET A RANGER RECORD FOR GOALS SCORED. His name was Jagr. Where is he now? Were we sorry to see him go?
    Don’t talk to me about crappy attitudes, the Rangers have been overflowing with those for years.

  85. I don’t understand how we get not even a 5th round draft pick for Zherdev. He deserves more than that but I would have settled rather than diddly squat.

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