Avery arrived


Sean Avery showed today to talk to the kids at the Rangers hockey camp in Greenburgh at the Rangers practice facility.

I’m including a few audio clips. He talked about how his relationship with coach John Tortorella is coming along and address Colton Orr’s replacement. Here’s what he had to say about Donald Brashear.


And this is about the benching during the playoffs being the best thing to happen and what’s happened with the coach in the offseason.


As for the Rangers offense, “I think it’ll be dictated by how we do in camp,” Avery said. “There are lots of lines that don’t have the most skill guys in there and they score goals.”

And now you can return to your previously schedule discussion of Nik Zherdev and the offense.

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  3. Interesting to hear these clips…Avery actually sounds like a leader. Ya know, he could be named an alternate captain if he keeps this attitude up.

  4. So whats the cap space after Zherdev is gone and prior to a Dubinsky extension?

    I’m just trying to figure out how much money they have to spend after a would-be Dubinsky extension.

  5. BANJ August 4th, 2009 at 2:09 pm
    CCCP, feel free to correct my spelling if it’s wrong…..?? svidaniya Z, ????? ????? ????!



    *Do Svidaniya* comrade! Thanks for stopping by… make sure you don’t leave anything behind.

    Now, the real question is… what will ZzZz 13 ZzZz Greg L. say now? Arb. saga is over… poor guy probably ate all the sugar in the house from being stressed!

  6. Talked to a knowledgeable, diehard Habs fan recently, he’s distraught over the Gomez for Higgins AND McDonough trade. Says Higgins could be our capatain in 2 years, is a strong 2 way player with 40 goal potential. And McDonald was top prospect in their organization, wouldn’t have traded either one for Gomez straight up.

    Higgins- ? -Gaborik

    A one year deal with Sundin is the obvious play.

  7. I’m disappointed that we could not sign Zherdev and take the rest of the offseason to try to trade him. The worst that would happen is that we waive him and it would have been the same result, except other teams may not like this salary either. It would not be a given to other teams that we would have to waive or trade him either because we have other players making less that we could waive to get under the salary cap. Strange work by Sather here.

  8. Let me help you out Matteau. Its gonna be more like this. You might even find Avery and Higgins switching lines.


  9. i gotta be honest…i really like our team this year already

    we could use 1 more defensive d man, but i’m not expecting it

    i kind of want to see grachev in the lineup day 1 as well, i just dont know where he would fit in…he’s not a 4th line player that should get 5 mins a game under torts

  10. Joe B.- I think I read somewhere we have around $5 million in cap space.

    matteau- You REALLY think Higgins has the potential for 40 goals?

    Spiderpig- I agree. Not ONE team had space (or would make space via trade) for a 60 point scorer for 1 year @ under $4 million? I guess thats why I am sitting here behind a computer all day and not running a hockey team!

  11. i like the way our team is shaping up for this year so far. we added some grit, size and guys who like to play the game hard. i dont mind zherdev being let go, but i think the most disappointing thing is that when we finally think we are going with the youth and giving them a real chance, we dont. dawes, prucha, tyutin…all traded for players that we do not bring back after 1 year. i know some of these trades were high risk and could be worth the shot, but isnt it the GMs job to asses the players we bring in and determine that they will be worth what we are giving up not only for this year but for years to come?

  12. Agravaine
    August 4th, 2009 at 2:40 pm
    The question really is what will Greg’s name be now?


    Lets help Greg come up with new name. I have a few:

    1. Z, what’s your address in Siberia says Greg L.
    2. Niki, we can still be friends says Greg L.
    3. You hide, I seek says Greg L. to Z

  13. Kevin

    You are asking way too much from our GM. If he would ever think all of those things through, that would actually make him a good GM, god forbid.

  14. Cap space
    King Henrik/Valiquette
    = 48.67mm 8.14mm left

    Talk for Dubi is ~1.8 Using that number plus

    Not terrible – still 2.2mm under cap w/21 man roster
    Saves a few MM in case of some sort of injury disaster, and trade deadline day if there’s anything worth pursuing.

    @iceplaya – that’s what my lineup looks like – or very similar, based on what we know now. But remember that if some of the prospects impress, it could be quite a bit different.

  15. Use Anisimov on the top line. He’s a more skilled passer than Dubinsky, which is important on a line with a sniper like Gaborik. Also, it’s a situation conducive to success for a rookie, much moreso than on the 3rd line with Lisin and Kotalik. Remember how moving a rookie center (Dubinsky) up to the top line helped turn the season around two years ago?

    Avery – Anisimov – Gaborik
    Lisin – Dubinsky – Callahan
    Higgins – Drury – Kotalik
    Byers – Boyle – Brashear

    (though I’d prefer to go with 7 defensemen)

    Lisin’s position is obviously dependent upon how he looks. His up-tempo style would be a nice fit with Dubinsky and Callahan, IMO.

  16. I have a feeling,BANJ you know Russian spelling better than I do.
    Despite of a right move with Z,strangely enough,I somehow feel sad for his departure. It is a shame: such a big talant,such a small heart, so right hockey vision,so wrong attitude,so good hands, such a bad ass… list goes on. Just hope and pray he will move to KHL, will hate to see him aganst us big time. “Bon voyage”

  17. Thx Noonan. You should know I sang “Maybe” for the 6th grade talent contest. Although I think “loud” was a more appropriate adjective for the performance.

  18. For a 23-man roster with Dubinsky getting $1.5 million and Rissmiller, Parenteau, Del Zotto, Gilroy, Potter, and Voros on the roster, there would be less that $400,000 in cap space. Gilroy or Del Zotto could be replaced with a cheaper alternative if necessary, and one of those forwards could easily be waived, so we should not have too much of an issue if Dubinsky wants a little more than that.

  19. No Country For Old Rangers on

    if Z cant get his 3.9, he could always enjoy a career as a figure skater

    and just because zherdev is a lazy russian forward, it doesnt make him the second coming of kovalev.

  20. I’m a huge Zherdev fan so I’m upset that we didn’t keep him, but at the same time he just wasn’t going to fit. He is worth at least 3.9 mil when you look at his statistics compared with other guys in the league, its just we wasted money on guys named Redden, Rozsival and Drury so we had no space for him.

    And for the people saying he disappeared in the playoffs, you could say the same about a bunch of guys on the team. Avery didn’t do much outside of maybe the 1st game, Gomez was terrible the whole series except for the 1st game, and I could go down the list. Sure Z didn’t get a point and def didn’t play well, but he wasn’t the reason we lost and wasn’t the only one. Also I feel under one offseason with Torts and understanding what he expects, he’d be fine and playing with Gabby would help that.

    Also if Dubinsky gets anywhere close to 3 million, I’m going to laugh. I already thought Callahan got too much (I’d only give him 2 million at the max) but I understand he was a heart and soul guy that put up 40 points. Dubinsky was supposed to be a “breakout” player and really didn’t impress much last year. He plays some shifts great then goes into hiding. I like the kid, but he’s looking like he’ll be at best a career 2nd or 3rd line center.

  21. Obviously the previous matteau post is not me.

    Terryble- didn’t say I think 40 for Higgins, I said a Habs fan whose opinion I respect said he could. Meaning there’s upside there.

    Iceplaya- thanks for helping me out. But I think it’s overly optimistic to think your line-up is a bordeline playff team. Avery is good but not a first liner. Dubi may be one day but he could benefit for a year behind a Hall of Fame center who can still play.

  22. see, that’s the problem with Russians…


    Once you give them money, forget it! They (Russians) will not work!


  23. Grachev the Gamebreaker (JAY G) on

    August 4th, 2009 at 3:02 pm
    August 4th, 2009 at 2:40 pm
    The question really is what will Greg’s name be now?
    Lets help Greg come up with new name. I have a few:
    1.Z, what’s your address in Siberia says Greg L.
    2.Niki, we can still be friends says Greg L.
    3.You hide, I seek says Greg L. to Z

    hahahaha. The third one is the best.

  24. Also, in case you guys forgot, we signed Gilroy to a one-way contract. That was another dumb deal because if he doesn’t make the team, we risk losing him to another team off waivers…although nobody was going to give him 1.75 mil per season.

  25. Jeez, people, a one-way contract just means salary not waivers. We can send Gilroy down to the AHL and bring him up with no risk of losing him. He will just be getting paid a hefty salary!!!

  26. Anyone think that this could open up talks for Sharp? Dubi + a prospect or pick?

    Callahan Sharp Gabby
    Kotalik Drury Higgins
    Lisin Anisimov Avery
    Brashear Boyle ????

  27. matteau- i hope he can score 40 goals but he’s been in the league for 4-5 years now and hasn’t really come close. He’s due to be UFA after this season so hopefully he’ll be playing hard to make a nice payday for himself come the summer.

  28. We are the only team to lose their top three scorers from last season in Antropov, Scott Gomez and Zherdev, we are placing our top two lines in the hands of Dubinsky and Dreary, and just how long will it take for Marion Ross. I mean Gaborik to pull something. Sorry, I just dont see us being better. Dont count Paul Maras loss too.

  29. Someone from this site has been traced to posting really sick comments on our Montreal Canadiens site Habs inside.out. We would appreciate the American antagonist to please refrain from showing how low your educational standards have dropped there. Stay off of our site, losers. Or else.

  30. I actually have a decent question

    Is this what our D will look like?


  31. I think we can get away with 12 forwards (since the 4th line doesn’t play much, one of them could easily shift up in the event of injury or something). But we definitely need 7 D this year. We may need to rotate the kids so they don’t get overexposed, and need to keep up competition for those 2 in-game spots. Also, we were DAMN lucky that we had no injuries on D last year.

  32. smart dog

    how could you have “traced” someone from one site to another?
    do you log in to the back end of this site as well to check an address?

    if so please let me know how you did this
    i would LOVE to find out


  33. I’m goin to get lots of comments/laughs about this but Chris Drury is going to have a huge year, everything that could have went wrong for him did go wrong last year, he will score 28 to 30+ goals. And when this happens you naysayers will all be back on his bandwagon and be sayin how great he is… and Anisimov is going to be a big part of offense, we have 3 good lines of forwards and not much to worry about on D or in goal, we will be better than last year

  34. Was there even a site linked here? I know you can trace were a person links from but all I saw was a non click able link.

  35. “noonan
    August 4th, 2009 at 3:27 pm
    We have two pretty lousy centers if you ask me, and its Adam and Steve, not Adam and Eve.

    ^^^ FAKE NOONAN.

  36. I see..

    oh an Ekster rumors ha
    “Leafs no Interest in Zherdev. Dubinsky + to the Sens for Heatley is gaining mo. Kaberle to Jackets looks dead. Hockeybuzz is getting fixed.”

  37. let me word it a little different

    every blogging platform has a section where you can view the comments. where this is located is different for every platform.

    for wordpress in the “comments” section you can see the “user name”, email address (which is required) and then the IP address.

    everyones ip address is logged

    if the person from the montreal site had a way to log in to this site and check the comments then i would say sure they saw the numbers matched up. but they most certainly can not log into this site so they are just assuming.

  38. Eaves signed with the Red Wings, probably for minimum salary because of his buyout and their disability to afford anymore big contracts.

  39. Can someone clarify if this is Avery’s second year of that contract he signed with Dallas?

    Thanks in advance.

  40. a mod could but the guy from montreal would have to work for both blogs.

    he is claiming that someone from here wrote on his blog. ->

    “Someone from this site has been traced to posting really sick comments on our Montreal Canadiens site Habs inside.out.”

    in order to prove this he would have to have seen the comment on his site as well as here. which would mean he has the info from montreal whatever.com and …

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    and that is not as easy as “sudo make me a sandwich”
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    T: -FART-

  42. 4everanger

    The history of the NHL is littered with the debris of “can’t miss phenoms”. Zherdev is small potatoes compared to some of these fiascos.

  43. ZzZz 13 ZzZz rules the list of Free-agents!!!!... says Greg L. on


    What is going on!!!!?? You got ZERO for Zherdev!!!?? What a waist!!!! (waste) You played hard ball with Jagr and Avery and fluked off getting Avery at half salary. Scoop up Z by ditchin some players then ditching more and scooping more then ditching and scoop and scooping and ditching.Im fricking DIZZY here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Wake up and find a crystal ball cuz yer VISION is certainly cloudy.

    Love the names cccp , hilarious. I’m still in shock , last name about Zherdev today in his memory.

  44. zzzzzzzzzzzzzz

    i think sather took a gamble on zherdev to begin with
    he most likely thought he would get awarded much less
    he played the hand and lost.

    sather didnt spend 4mil on someone who even tho he did have the most points and yadda yadda who would have been in the “dog house” all year again. the “cap space” was more valuable than zherdev at this point in time. we did lose him for “nothing” but we gained cap space. and thats a lot in a post lock out NHL.

  45. All of you people need to stop taking on each others names, and roles. You need to be one with each other, be friends, im talking love thy neighbor, love thy brother, love thy woman.

    Yeah baby, im lonely, im so lonely, i need some attention. I need some lovin’

    It lookin’ good here in sunny New York, it’s time to feast upon the food i grew from my backyard, i shall feast upon thy tomatoes, thy lettuce, thy pickles, thy cucumber, i will be one with the earth man, ya dig ?

  46. At first I was disappointed they didn’t get anything for him. However after hearing Sathers comments about making other moves I felt better about it.

  47. ZzZz 13 ZzZz rules the list of Free-agents!!!!... says Greg L. on

    TR-808 , The gamble was on hiring Tort’s. Slats isn’t best buddies with Tort’s and the two could and can butt heads. Tort’s did have a role in this and maybe a lesson to all the new Euros is to play well , expecially at the end of the season or ya gone!!!( said by another blogger two threads ago)Antro played great at the end ..hes gone.Weird.

    New version Rangers should be more slave driven with Tort’s “cracking the whip” Yeah I see how conditioning would play a huge part. Nothing like healthy super endurance robots to whip for a few goals!!! But I do agree the Rangers are treated too good and a little “kick in the rear” is needed. Tough call on this one , Zherdev could rack up alot of points…sure hope its for those Metallurker guys in russia!!

  48. ZzZz 13 ZzZz rules the list of Free-agents!!!!... says Greg L. on

    Not Sathers fault this time. It was all over the press that Sather wasn’t going to accept the Arb ruling , making Zherdev IMPOSSIBLE to trade. Simply Impossible. Like Carp said..Teams can wait 3 hours and he’ll be a free agent.

    Tort’s is to blame again. But I’m not selfish ,we need Tort’s and I’ll back ’em on this bone head move. Tort’s owns Sather,Press,Avery,Brooksie,Dolan and the whole team. Boy are we in for a ride this year!!!! Whohoooooooooooooo come on , when’s gametime!!!!!!???????????

  49. ZzZz 13 ZzZz is done , Stick a fork in 'em!!!!... says Greg L. on

    Just saw on tsn that Zherdev is a free agent…why do they have to rub it in??? Booooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  50. bklynblue
    August 4th, 2009 at 6:33 pm
    I am all for firing Sather now.

    What took you so long? The rest of us have been here for years.

  51. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

    its going to be a beat your ass in the corners and control the puck type of team
    im very excited so far and i hope there is 1 or 2 more moves
    crease clearing d-man
    sign dubbie

  52. Zherdev is Russian for LAZY on

    I’m glad I watched the Rangers playoffs games this year because apparently no Zherdev supporters happened to.

  53. Greg from Gramercy on

    I never post comments and this is my first. I love reading comments here to see what other Rangers fans think. I’m furious over this all and need to vent.

    The most frustrating thing about the Zherdev fiasco is the fact that we had to give up something to get him last year and now we have nothing for him except some cap space. On July 1 2008, we could have signed Jagr for another year or two instead of signing Redden and we wouldn’t have needed to do the Zherdev deal. Imagine having Jagr in the lineup for the Washington series this past year. And a better than decent defensemen who can score a few and dish the puck on the power play (Tyutin) and also does NOT make $6.5 Mill a year for 6 more years. (Redden)

    Tyuts is an above average, hard hitting, offensive minded defensemen and we are going to wish we never traded him for the headcase, Nikky Zherdev. Unless of course, Zherdev reaches his “potential”. Then, we’ll be even more furious.

    Zherdev is eager and hoping to now to sign with Red Wings (unless he gets an astronomic offer form the KHL) after they lost Hudler and Hossa to FA. He has the potential to be offensively unleashed on a team like that. He would have the supporting cast to take nights off and still score 35+ goals a season and get 70 some odd points. In this case we are going to wish Sather would have just signed the guy to the 1 year qualifier.

    Imagine Zherdev, a NY Ranger, playing for a year with Gabby on his line and scoring 40 goals…thats all you can do now is imagine it…it will never happen!

    This is all boils down to one thing:

    FIRE SATHER!!!!!!

  54. Antro’s gone because he won’t be able to keep up with the speed of the new system and the fact that he’s a big man who plays much smaller. Playing in a different system with players that create room for him he’s a decent player. He simply isn’t a good fit for our team.

  55. Jim Morrison
    August 4th, 2009 at 6:10 pm
    All of you people need to stop taking on each others names, and roles.


    Jim, shouldn’t that go for you as well? I am (almost) sure that you are not who you portray to be. Tell us Jim, who you really are?


  56. Zherdev would do very well in Detroit. unfortunately Detroit doesnt have the cap room!!!!

  57. Dubi or not Dubi (Is tired of Sather) on

    So I don’t chime in much these days but I do read quite a bit… I realize we’ve gotten bigger and were a pretty fast team to begin with, but where is the scoring? I’m sorry, I know Z didn’t show much down the stretch, but he’s still only 24! I’d love to see Gaborik play a full season and score 40-50 goals, but who really thinks that will happen? We now have a star scorer followed by what, a team of guys who MIGHT score 20? Higgins is garbage but OH BOY he’s from LI WOWEE. All these borderline minor league players? Come ON!

    I went to the Bathgate/Howell night last year for that only, not for the game. I do not plan on giving another dime to my favorite team that plays my favorite sport until there is a new GM. You’re hearing it here first – The Islanders will have a better record than the Rangers this year.

  58. ha islanders better record than rangers this year, how much do you want to bet i will give you odds too, please

  59. how can anyone be angry at sather for not overpaying for another underacheiver? i liked z but he just wasnt going to work out here. i can understand that he is a skilled player and we traded for him and gave up a good d man and now we have nothing to show for it. and yea, kotalik will not put up the points zherdev wouldve. but i do like what sather has done for the most part. this isnt a stanley cup contending team at this point in time. we’ll all appreciate this next offseason when rozy can most likely be traded with 1 less year on his contract, the money we saved from zherdev, we’ll be able to retain staal n girardi. if higgins sucks, hes only here 1 year. no biggie. but i think hes good and will be better than we expect. and dont forget, by next year grachev will probably be ready to step up and make the roster. i think he’ll be awesome for us. zherdev wouldve been good to hang on to if we more cap space but like carp said, nobody was trading for him when they could just sign him after noon today.

  60. when i say that im only including the following

    Gaborik — $7,500,000, Drury — $7,050,000, Kotalik — $3,000,000, Callahan — $2,300,000, Higgins — $2,250,000, Avery — $1,937,500, Brashear — $1,400,000, Anisimov — $821,666, Lisin — $790,000, Boyle — $525,000, Byers — $500,000

    Redden — $6,500,000, Rozsival — $5,000,000, Girardi — $1,550,000
    Staal — $826,666

    and then goaltending is pretty much set.

  61. Daniel J, actually Antro is gone because he wanted to play with Kovalchuk. They go back to before the lockout when they used to play together in Russia at Ak Bars I think.

    Also Chris, our defense will most likely include Del Zotto, Sanguinetti, and Gilroy. I personally would love to trade away Sanguinetti as I don’t feel he’s that good and we won’t need him anymore with DZ around. Plus McDonagh and Nigel Williams are pretty much locks to be top 3-4 d-men.

  62. Dubi or not Dubi-the islanders will have more wins-can you name 8 players on the team? take a deep breath-bathgate night was renney’s last night on broadway-that game was brutal ill give you that…can everyone stop with zherdev and how has game just dropped down the stretch-CAN WE STOP JUST LISTENING TO LARRY BROOKS…..zherdev was pretty bad all year-he showed up when he wanted to show up-he was horrific on the backcheck, he wouldnt go into the trenches to win battles, he has great hands and a shot (And we can desparately use a shot if kotalik, higgins do not step up)but at this point it is WASTED TALENT and can you imagine him playing under torts for an entire year-he would be benched every other game with his effort….lets sign dubi and move on

  63. two things, first, can anyone tell me what boyle’s cap hit is?? One site lists him at 1.05 mil this season and the other has him at 525K….HELP!!!!

    Secondly, did someone say we should sign babchuk from Car??
    Babchuk, really???? Oh, that makes perfect sense, the big crease clearing physical d man that we need is babchuk. How silly of me!!!! Oh, wait, I’m confused, we already have 4 big physical crease clearing d men on the big club and hank has plenty of protection down low. That’s right babchuk, is the one other puck moving, “power play” point man, great first pass d man we need, because we DO NOT have any of those on our roster right now…..babchuk…..BRILLIANT. Who posted that??? Was it sather trolling as someone else!!!!! Babchuk!!!!! Seriously????

  64. No on Tanguay…No on any wings..we DO NOT NEED anyone to “replace” Zherdev, who had amazing hands, but no heart….
    zherdev’s spot will be filled with hopefully lisin or grachev

  65. How about we trade Wade Redden ( and pay 2 mil of his salary) to Columbus for Klesla?
    he’d fill need for a crease clearer…what you guys think?

    7th D- Del Zotto? Sauer?

  66. bull dog line on

    Another good move by Sather.
    don’t hold on to your mistakes and try to prove everybody wrong.
    The good GM’S walk away from their mistakes.
    I like Zherdev and would have found away to keep him, but if the GM and coach do not think he is worth it, then it was smart to walk away.

  67. Jonny…
    That may be Antro’s reason for not being here, but the other side of the story is that he’s not here because the organization thought he was slow on his feet, wasn’t physical enough for a guy that’s 6’6″ and they could get more for the astronomical money he was asking for.
    Dubi (or not)…
    Higgins is garbage? That’s why so many Montreal fans were crying when the Gomez deal went down? Garbage? Back up what you’re saying, cause from here your opinion smells real bad.

  68. “with 7 mil now in cap space what should we do with it?”


    Dump Rozsival’s salary and have some cap space for next year when it goes down, so we can re-sign Staal and Girardi.

  69. [B]Oilers not interested in Zherdev[/B]

    “While Zherdev might be intriguing on the wing because the Oilers have pulled out of the Dany Heatley trade with the Ottawa Senators, sources say Edmonton Oilers associate coach Tom Renney hasn’t enthusiastically gone to bat for the enigmatic Ukrainian-born forward.

    Renney is a players’ coach, but his patience was stretched on Zherdev, a 24-year-old former first-round draft pick of the Columbus Blue Jackets, when Renney was the Rangers head coach.”


  70. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Who said ,”not sather’s fault”? who signed the mugs in the first place?
    Sather is clueless,you’ll all see in April’10.

  71. I guarantee you guys Zherdev signs with the Pens.

    Playing with Malkin will be to enticing to pass up

  72. The Pens have $1.6m in cap space, so they’d have to move people around.

    Fortunately for them, just about any player on their roster is tradeable and a manageable cap hit (considering the value you’d get).

  73. Pavel
    August 4th, 2009 at 9:04 pm
    “with 7 mil now in cap space what should we do with it?”

    Dump Rozsival’s salary and have some cap space for next year when it goes down, so we can re-sign Staal and Girardi.

    right on. exactly what ive been saying. save some money for A) resigning staal, girardi, etc..
    B)cap goin down!!!!!!!
    C) of course to sign next huge free agent in ’10!!!!( just kidding, unless its kovalchuk)

  74. We’re now congratulating Sather for walking away from his mistakes? Hmmm. How about not making so many mistakes in the first place? What a concept. By the way, Chris Drury and Wade Redden are still here. So he “walked away” from Holik and Kasparaitis and Gomez, etc. Big deal — why was he the only GM who wanted to sign all of these players to long-term, big contracts? Sather doesn’t have a plan, and just reacts. Then, when the players don’t work out, he dumps them, blames them, and talks about how great the next group will be. The same thing happens every single year!

  75. imagine trading reden, or rozy and whoever for heatley, and then somehow waiving drury and signing kovalchuk next year. holy crap what a fun team that would be!! if we didnt win the cup that year we never wouldve!!! gabby, heatley, kovy, grachecv, anisimov, duby, cally, avery, higgy, lisin and kotlik. noo, scratch that. forget kotalik. he goes with dru. and hank in his prime!! ya know it isnt such a bad idea to get this team as competitive as possible while hank is still young. id hate to see him be wasted because of all the mistakes sather made. but he looks like hes getting the team to go in the right direction so far. cant really complain. he hasnt done anything stupid like last year…. YET!!!

  76. It’s good that he walks away from mistakes. The problem is that there are a LOT of mistakes to walk away from to begin with (Gomez, Drury, Redden, Rozi, Z, Kaspar, Holik, almost all of our draft picks, potentially Gaborik and Brashear, and so on).

  77. I hear ya kc. im still reserving judgement till we get a few months into the season. i wanna see if gabby is ready to play and lead this team. i dont wanna see him get hurt 2 months in. i cant stomach another star player coming here and either come here to retire or get injured for their ranger career.

  78. bull dog line on

    i am going to try and defend every move sather has made. there have been many bad ones.
    but i think he understands being in NY, he tries to have star power on the team, while building a farm system. there are more homegrown players on the team, or on the way, than we have seen in a long time. a lot of you guys like to talk about the salary cap era. well in the salary cap era you must be able to retool every year, and sather is able to do that every year.

  79. ok so here is my (probably bad) math and cap situation for us. I am only including players that I think at this very moment are on the starting roster opening night:
    Forwards-dru, avery, kotalik, cally, higgins, brash, gabby, boyle, and AA. Def-staal, girardi, gilroy, and redden. Goalies-hank and valli (as if i needed to name them). roughly that puts our cap at 45.5 mil, still needing 3 forwards and 2 def plus spares. In my opinion, no way to acquire heatley or richards (due to their cap hits) and keep dubi or rozy. Marleau could be had and still keep dubi, but that leaves one forward and two d men to still sign and no room for scratches (rozy is still gone in this scenario).

    Best case scenario to me (i want to keep dubi) is go without acquiring a true #1 centre and resign dubi for cally money 2.3 mil per. That leaves just under 9 mil of cap room and still needing 2 forwards and 2 d men. I would trade rozy and sangs to either the isles for witt or the sens for volchenkov (for taking rozy’s horrible contract, they get sangs in the deal). Rozy’s contract is the white elephant in the room to me, not as bad as redden’s or dru’s but the only tradeable one, he has got to go!!! After the trade, sign a guy like bertuzzi (or another guy with some size for a mil or so for vet depth), that leaves another young d man (to go with staal, girardi, and gilroy), heikkenen or williams are my choices (sorry about the spelling) another young forward like soryal or ambuhl or lisin or chappel for the last forward spot (plus 7th d man and spare forward) all to fit nicely within the 4.6 mil left and giving us about 1.5 mil to spare.

    Last option, we keep rozy, sign dubi to the 2.3 (guessing) mil per season contract leaving us with about 4 mil in cap space to get 2 more forwards, another d man, and spares. Also leaving us very lacking in the physical d man departmen unless they are extremely inexspensive for a UFA or william or heikkenen is the guy!!!

    WOW, that took work!!!

    I hope I didn’t get “Carped” again and a new post has happened while I was typing!!!!

  80. OOPS, meant to put grachev in there as well as a young forward for the opening day roster, sorry!!!

  81. ZzZz -- ZzZz It's one of those days...Greg L. on

    Exactly Kc , If Glen didn’t make the mistakes in the first place… He get’s more praises for his fixes and comends himself as he breaks us.

    Slats is Slats , whatever …let’s deal with what we got and go on from there.

    It’s the army now …no slackers!!! Scoring 30 goals or leading the team in points wont buy you a free pass!!!
    I bet Reddens wife is yelling at Wade to stay on that excersise bike and no more staring at the wedding photos!!

  82. sather is on a marathon walk. He was going to resign the guy at 3.25. That’s admitting a mistake? You don’t qualify if you want walk. He plays cya, and fans fall for his bs just like his boss does.

  83. Yes, brendan witt. I know, why have a character guy on d that will stand up for his teammates and who isn’t afraid to mix it up occasionally. Stupid idea Rob M, I mean mr. sather, let’s keep rozy and redden. Not that if we moved either for a bag of pucks it would be anything short of a miracle (let alone for any other player)!!!! Yep, I could see your objection makes sense!!!!!!!!!!

  84. For the first time in my life that I see so many Rangers fans say so many good things about Slats!

    You guys must really dislike Kolya (short for Nikolai) Z! Sather is a f*** up master…and if what he does every year you call “retooling” …well then, that makes Slats one sh*tty handyman.

  85. ZzZz -- ZzZz It's been one of those weeks...says Greg L. on

    Jane , great job “handling” Avery. Ya really put him in his place and he was on his best behavior.

  86. Sather is such a freaking fossil. His name ought to be Dopasaurus Rex. How does he keep his job? How can you sign Redden for $6.5 mil and let Zherdev go for 650K over his qualifying offer? I don’t care what you say, those points are going to be missed.

    The only way we get Witt for Rozival is if Sather quits and becomes the Isles GM. No one else would be that stupid.

    I thought when they spun off MSG into it’s own company, they just might sell it off. Dolan! If your listening- Sell!!!! You’re killing the Rangers and Knicks. If you love them set them free…

    One more thing, Before you sell- Fire Sather!

  87. Sather was not planning on bringing him back at all. He knew Zherdev wasn’t going to accept so the only reason they qualified him was in hope that some team would trade for him. noone wanted him so they just walked away.

    If Zherdev got 3.26 mil in arbitration, Sather would have still walked…

  88. oleo just where did you get that info that no one wanted Zherdev. Did you read that or hear that, or did you ASSUME that? Do you have inside information or is that just coming from inside your head?

  89. coming from the fact that noone traded for him (not even a 7th round pick).

    you would think teams would love to have him at only 1 year 3.9 mil instead of giving him more years…there has to be a reason why teams aren’t lining up to get this guy…

  90. again how do you know what’s been offered? Could it be they knew they could get him for free since the genius is known for walking? Even Z knew that. It’s real hard to out smart Sather, ask Redden.

  91. would you rather have Zherdev at 3.9 mil for 1 year or let him the open market where he can a) go to Russia b) sign with someone else or c) get a better/longer contract than 3.9 mil for 1 year

    if Zherdev was that much of a commodity some team would have given up a 7th rounder to get his rights…

  92. again you don’t know if even a 7th rounder was offered, you’re assuming nothing was offered. I would have signed him at the 3.9. Deal with him from there. If Sather is such a gambler why not ? It’s not his money. He could waive him at worst. Sather imo didn’t want anything for him or was asking too much, and now got zero.

  93. bklynblue- youre right nobody was trading for him cuz they could get him without even giving up a 7th rounder. i think oleo is tryin to say, that for a guy like zherdev, a 1 yr deal at 3.9 is perfect for a team with enough cap space and once he gets to free agency, he could get offered much more from the khl so to keep him here and ensure you are able to sign him for that price, you would at least, give up a 7th rounder for him. nobody knows what slats got ofered, but you have to think, if anybody had offered anything, he wouldve been dealt.

  94. Oleo if you were a GM and Sather called said “we are thinking of signing Z to that $3.9 million deal….if we do are you interested in trading for him?” You are going to say no because you know that its most likely that Z is going to be a free agent and you can sign him for less. If the deal was $2 million you can be sure some GM wouldve jumped on it but at almost $4 million I have to think that most GM’s would just wait and see if he hits the FA market.

  95. i get what oleo is sayin though because maybe some team would want to secure his rights so they know exactly how much they would be paying and maybe they would rather not bid against other nhl teams or khl and if they really needed a guy like zherdev because they lack scoring, i can definitely see a team trading something like a low 7th rnd pick for him.

  96. Looking At Possable Linups ,This Team will not compete for The Cup,However they R 2 players or maybe 3 away.U can’t win without a #1 Center which Duby Is Not nor will be. U cannot win without a tough Stay at Home defenseman.U cannot win with Both Redden & Rozy. One has to go…And Duby For A #1 Center…Then u Have a shot. Redden makes 8 mil this yr so hes not goin anwhere….Rozi…contracts the last 2 yrs r sffordable…4 and 3 mil..this yr makes 6 mil.So the logical choice is duby…Besides we have Grabachev and AA and StePPan will be ready.along with the Czech winger..

  97. After giving it some thought, I guess i’m ok with not re-signing Zherdev. It was really hard to look the other way on some contracts given out on this team and then play hardball with a pretty fair amount/ per talent for Zherdev.

    But, it turns out that no one else in the league wants him either at that price so how can they be wrong and me right??

    Really at this point the Rangers should resign Dubi and 1 free agent D-man. I still dont like the idea of having 3 rookie D-men starting the season. Adding another Vet guy like MA Bergeron or Seidenberg would help round out the blue line, and give us another option on the PP

  98. Gilroy is not a typical Rookie. He Is 25 and comes from a major Program..Played against major competion…He will be top 4 at all star break…If we don’t trade McDonagh He will make Jump to Nhl after next season…Thats Y everbody wants him….Dz shoulkd be ready…We will have 10 core players on next yrs Roster….Calli,AA,Grabechev ,steffan,
    Lison(maybe) Czech winger..Stall,Gilroy,DZ Mcdonagh and Smidif we trade for him…Berion From Boston would be great od O sullivan from Oilers. all young fast and can score

  99. Look, I don’t question the fact that walking away from Z was a bad move. I don’t want him on this team. As I read somewhere else, when teams play hot potato with a 60 point scorer and nobody is clamoring for his services, there has to be more to the story. However, I do think Sather could have tried to mitigate his loss by signing him and trading him for, well, pretty much anything. A couple late round picks? Who knows? Maybe we could get lucky late in the draft like Detroit did grabbing Datsyuk or Zetterberg 5th and 7th round or like we did with Hank. Anything is better than nothing and if worse came to worse, we could bury him in the minors and that J.O. Dolan would have to pick up the tab. I also don’t question that fact that sometimes the GM has to take a risk, make a bold move, or do something brash in order to reap major rewards. But the reality is that good GMs take risks like that and they pay dividends, not blow up in our face time and time again like Sather has done to us. Sure some of his moves have worked. The Jagr deal for Anson Carter is one of the best ever. Getting Avery off waivers was another. But by shear law of averages some of his moves are going to work, there are so many! HALF OF LAST YEARS TEAM IS GONE! Christ, throw enough crap at the wall and some of it is bound to stick. But the bad deals, failed experiments, and overly-generous contracts are what have pervaded Sather’s illogical reign, and is the reason we’re still a pretender and not a contender. We’ll be celebrating 1994 until Sather is gone

  100. Joe …

    although its true we wound up not getting anything in return for Z (and basically gave up Toots for nothing)

    Its also true that we got Higgins, Mcdonaugh, Valentenko, and Pashinin for virtually nothing. Gomez who we signed as a UFA and a couple of players that would have never made the team anyways

    So we win in some areas and lose in others … all in all its been a good off-season for this year and a few years to come with Mcdonaugh and N. Williams in the fold now

  101. SAy what u want….Slats got at least 5 first or second round picks this yr! Gilroy ,mCdonough,Lison,williams Plus u add in Klassen….and our own picks…

  102. Somerset, point taken about getting Higgins cheap. However, considering the insane turnover from last season to the current season, it will be interesting to see how many of these deals pay off. Yes, it was a great move to dump Gomez. It was also a horrendous move signing him to that preposterous contract in the first place. Time will tell whether utilizing that enormous chunk of freed up cap space from Gomez to sign Rick Dipietro 2.0 is a good move or not. Personally, I’d rather suck for a season or two and go after a bona fide goal scoring machine like Ilya Kovalchuk, a horse that can be ridden all season and into the playoffs, than be banished to salary cap Hell with asinine contracts to Redden, Drury and Gaborik (assuming his groin falls out 10 games into the season, like the Rangers luck will inevitably happen).

  103. mike in ia

    exactly. clearly the other teams dont think Zherdev is worth 3.9 mil for 1 season. Zherdev wont take less than that (b/c he’s too full of himself) so he will be off to Russia…

  104. Yeah, thank god Shanny is going to the Devils. Old man had 6-8-14 over 34 games while being relgated to 4th line duty, and a little PP and PK time, which prorated over the course of 82 games would be 15-19-34, which would make him 7th in points and 5th in goals on last years NYR team. All while providing leadership and direction at just above the league minimum. Yeah, that guy really sucks.

    I’m not saying he fits in the new look Rangers, but the guy still deserves respect. 656 goals and counting is no fluke.

  105. mike in ia
    August 5th, 2009 at 8:57 am
    whos grabachev????


    dude, you don’t know grabachev?? it’s that guy, u know… the guy with the thing! you what i mean? dont you rememebr him? its that same guy from last time! Grabachev, the guy that GRABS everyone!


  106. Walking away from a mistake is NOT the same as if you don’t make the mistake in the first place. Why don’t some of you guys get it???

    Sather’s Ranger tenure is riddled with terrible personnel moves, after which he “walks away” or gets back pennies on the dollar after his shiny new toys are busts. Any other GM in any other sport would be standing on the unemployment line, because he would have been fired YEARS ago.

    Aside from the fact that Sather had Gretzky, Messier, and the rest of that Oilers team practically dumped in his lap (he had almost nothing to do with drafting those players or building that team), his career (without those Hall of Fame players) has been one failure after another.

    So now we go into another season with more than half of last year’s team gone. Another “re-tooling” by the last guy you want to be at the controls. Great… and if this doesn’t work, we’ll go through the same thing again next season.

    “Let’s give him the benefit of the doubt… I’m withholding judgement until mid-season”. I hear the same comments from writers and fans every single year. Yet the results never change. It’s just a new cast & crew. The only thing that stays the same is the incompetent old geezer who is at the top, the guy who should have been put out to pasture 10 years ago.

    Most of the NY media is still content to shut up and go along with the program. In fact, many of you fans who consider yourselves “Ranger experts” allow yourselves to be fooled by this buffoon who doesn’t give a crap about Ranger tradition or history.

    Donald Brashear as a Ranger??? And talk about bringing Todd Bertuzzi to NY??? WTF is going on here? This is what someone who HATES the Rangers would do. This is as bad as having John Ferguson, a lifelong Ranger hater, as GM. Except Ferguson was fired after a couple of years of his B.S.

    I want to hear the fans SCREAMING for Sather’s head at MSG. I want to hear and read the sports media tearing him a new one. I want him to answer for his incompetence. I want him GONE.

    Rant over.

  107. joe …

    point taken – but you cant pro-rate a 40 year old player. He’s never gonna come close to 80 games ever again. Honestly, i love Shanny but there’s no room for him here and he doesnt scare me by being on a rival team either

    Zherdev on the other hand scares me – If he signs with NJ, PHI, NYI, or Pitt … im gonna be pissed

  108. Doing a little research – The Rangers have a very promising future with a lot of top end talent

    From now thru the next 2 years or so we should see all of these high draft picks/undrafted players in Ranger Blue

    Gaborik – 1st round 2000
    AA – 2nd rd 2006
    Dubi – 2nd rd 2004
    Higgins – 1st rd 2002
    Lisin – 2nd rd 2004
    Byers – 2nd rd 2004
    Stephan – 2nd rd 2008
    Kreider – 1st rd 2009
    Werek – 2nd rd 2009
    Ambuhl – undrafted

    Sangs – 1st rd 2006
    Williams – 2nd rd 2006
    Sauer – 2nd rd 2005
    Staal – 1st rd 2005
    McDonaugh – 1st rd 2007
    MDZ 1st rd 2008
    Girardi – undrafted
    Gilroy – undrafted
    Heikkinen – undrafted

    Slats may not be able to draft well but he knows how to make up for it by going back later and trading for it – most of these guys cost us nothing to sign to our Organization.

    It cost us Gomez and Kopikoski, and the rest were drafted or signed UFA

  109. somerset- if you go by draft status then should have resigned Zherdev, he was the 4th overall pick!

    Also- anyone here a little upset that we had to give friggen Ales Kotalik 3 years, 3 million AND a no trade clause to get him here? are you kidding me?

  110. “It was really hard to look the other way on some contracts given out on this team and then play hardball with a pretty fair amount/ per talent for Zherdev.”

    This is the problem with Sather. He refused to give Nylander 4 mil, who was like bread and butter with Jagr and instead he went out and gave Gomez 7 mil! Then, he refused to give Jagr what was it 6 or 7 mil and instead he went out and gave Redden 8 mil! Now we see the same thing happened.. He refused to give Z 3.9 and instead went out and got Kotalik for 3 mil who is not even half the player the Z is. This isnt over YET! Let’s see who else Sather will overpay for.

  111. Kotalik got a no trade clause? When did that happen? Generally the contracts Glen gives ARE the no-trade clause. As legal counsel myself, it’s good to see Glen is putting things in writing now…


  112. The notion that Sather should have signed Zherdev and traded him is kind of silly in my opinion. I truly believe that the GMs attempt, although not explicitly or through overt collusion, to keep salaries reasonable.

    I expect that most GMs would have balked at paying a restricted free agent like Zherdev $3.9mn when equivalent unrestricted free agents were on the market for the same price. The GMs want to keep the system intact, ie where restricted free agents don’t make as much as unrestricted free agents (one of the tenets of the lockout). In my view, this made Zherdev unsignable and untradeable.

    Also contributing where the 1 year deal and the fact that most GMs probably guessed that Sather would walk away anyway. If you thought Zherdev was good and he put up numbers, you’d be hamstrung in a year negotiating with him. Letting him get to free agency enables GMs to negotiate a lower salary and more years.

  113. I was in the pool!! on

    We have a glut of young defenseman prospects…..look for 1 to be gone in the next few weeks. The trades are not done yet.

  114. When did Dubi become so important to the team? I would be more worried about signing Betts than worrying about Dubi, we still need to kill penalties. And number 1 ???? I can’t see Dubi being a number 1 center EVER, a career 3rd liner really !! I like the guy, but I would lose him and try and get a #2 guy, use Anisimov on 1st line and move Dru to 3rd line. Anisimov will die on the 3rd line. He would be a real nice fit with Gab and either Cally or Avery.
    And what makes everyone think Gilroy is a shoe in? The guy has zero experience…… he excelled against college kids, I see him being lucky to make it to Hartford.
    Just my 2 pennies worth !

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