Jane and Avery later


Some good news. Or some news. Or some potential news.

Sean Avery is at the practice facility doing something with kids today, and Jane McManus is headed over there. So hopefully she will have some actual hockey to report. Or some quasi hockey. Or something.



PS, I was watching some of the 1978 Buffalo-Rangers playoff game on the Vault yesterday. I’ll present the same question I’ve been asking for 31 years: What the hell were the Rangers thinking with those Winnipeg Jets uniforms?

Although I did like the lack of helmets, the lack of ads on the boards, the lack of arena noise other than a stoked crowd, and the understated and timely PA announcements of Carl Martin. Not to mention Jim Gordon and the Big Whistle.

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  1. Nice.

    Now get Ottawa on the phone, slip them a roofie, and trade Redden and Zherdev for Heatley

  2. Speaking of uniforms, Carp is there any chance the NHL ever drops these horrendous Reebok uniforms with the ridiculous curved hem. I’m really sick of the Rangers looking like they are wearing diapers during home games.

  3. Carp …

    You always have a new post right after i have a comment on the last post post …. its messed up man !!!

    I hate being the guy to “repost” as if my comments are so important i gotta share them twice, so i guess its more my problem then yours, huh ??

  4. somerset-

    Sorry pal – that was a troll – not me – no idea what the idiots talking about

  5. Redden and Zherdev to Ottawa may be a bit much, we would need to offer up a draft pick and/or a prospect to make that one happen. However, Rozsival could work without giving up the farm. Either way, Sather is going to have to be crafty because dumping salary from the defensive end is dangerous because our D corps is thin as it is. We would need Heatley and a servicable defenseman in exchange for a package of ours. Going into the season with 2 rookies on the back end is risky enough, going in with 3 is suicide. We all saw how well the all offense, no defense strategy worked for TB last year. We’re super deep at the wing, and getting Heatley doesn’t solve the issue of not having a number 1 center, nor would it alleviate the cap hit of Redden or Rozsival and Zherdev since Heatley makes 7.5/per. The best bet would be to try to trade for Heatley, by dumping Redden or Rozy, Zherdev, and a prospect, then trading Heatley to a team with a little cap space in exchange for a number 1 center. Ottawa is in a tough way with Heatley, he wants to go. We want to dump salary, it could work for both teams. But it would take some serious number crunching.

    I also don’t like the depth at wing as it prevents young forward prospects from being able to crack the roster. Unless, instead of a 4th line being an energy/checking line with size (Byers, Boyle, Brashear), you have a 4th scoring/energy line with Anisimov, Grachev and a grinder a la Detroit

  6. In ’07-’08, the first year for the Reebok jerseys, both sets of Rangers jerseys were hemmed to stem the diaper effect. Last year, the home blues continued that trend, but the road whites went back to the diaper effect. Not sure why, hope they fix it.

    Carp, do you know if the Lady Liberty jerseys are staying on the shelf again this year?

  7. Somerset-that was my rap on Saturday.

    August 1st, 2009 at 10:29 am
    Dam Carp, twice this week I hit enter only to see your “new post” above my reply. My timing stinks!

    Those jerseys were all John Ferguson.

  8. Rick,

    I did a story on Blueshirt Banter the other day about Rangers jerseys, after an article on Puck Daddy came out calling them “dated”, and I confessed to actually liking those 70’s “pajama” jerseys. When I first started watching the Rangers with my Dad, those were the jerseys they were wearing at the time, so its a nostalgia thing for me.

  9. Carp –

    Those awful Ranger uniforms were from the John Ferguson era. If he wasn’t here for the purpose of sabotaging the team, for the benefit of Montreal, I will eat my cowboy hat. He cut Rod Gilbert out of spite when Gilbert could still skate and score, gave Rick Middleton to Boston for a skeleton share of Ken Hodge’s career, and crapped up the uniform, something awful.

    Wayne Dillon retired in his prime just to escape the “aura” of John Ferguson, who always had the expression of being the world’s unhappiest human being, on his face. I bumped into Ferguson in the lobby at the L.A. Forum following a game in 1978, and he had the persona of a beast from a bad Hollywood “B” movie. Don’t get me started on the subject of John Ferguson, one of the lowest of all-time Ranger history lows to even contemplate. May he rest in Hell.
    I really didn’t like him that much.)

  10. Steve Schwartz on

    Listening to Jim Gordon and Bill Chadwick on those games on MSG Vault makes me appreicate Sam, JD and Michelleti…and even Espo. It is nice to watch a game and be told something that I cannot see for myself!

  11. I don’t like the lady liberty jerseys – they remind of the post-cup, pre-lockout dark ages.

  12. for those who want to keep Zherdev in the lineup i put this together — really, all we have to do is trade Rozy for a Cheaper D-man and keep Voros in the Minors

    Marian Gaborik — $7,500,000
    Chris Drury — $7,050,000
    Nikolai Zherdev — $3,900,000
    Ales Kotalik — $3,000,000
    Ryan Callahan — $2,300,000
    Chris Higgins — $2,250,000
    Sean Avery — $1,937,500
    Brandon Dubinsky — $1,750,000 — estimate
    Donald Brashear — $1,400,000
    Artem Anisimov — $821,666
    Enver Lisin — $790,000
    Tyler Arnason — $700,000
    Brian Boyle — $525,000
    Wade Redden — $6,500,000
    Matt Gilroy — $1,750,000
    Daniel Girardi — $1,550,000
    Stephane Robidas — $1,500,000 — traded for Rozy
    Ilkka Heikkinen — $875,000
    Bobby Sanguinetti — $855,000
    Marc Staal — $826,666
    Henrik Lundqvist — $6,875,000
    Steve Valiquette — $725,000

    SALARY CAP $56,800,000
    PAYROLL $55,380,832
    BONUSES $0
    CAP SPACE $1,419,168

  13. carp …

    its cool, i was just kidding anyways. it happens like once a week though, its freeking weird

  14. Celsius, this is a blog. You don’t have to hide your feelings. Say what you think.

    I hate the Lady Libertys, too. They debuted in ’97, and you know Rangers history after that year, don’t you?

  15. I don’t think it will happen, but I think the Rangers should just sign Zherdev and turn their attention to Dubinsky. Keep Rozi & Redden. That’s your team going into camp. They will be over the cap this summer, but the inevitable injuries around the NHL will probably open up an opportunity to make a trade later.

    Everyone know what I THINK will happen. It’s not necessarily what I WANT to happen.

    Does Richards keep #91 or go back to #19 now?

  16. Remember the white lady liberty jerseys, from the ’98-’99 season? I liked those better than the blue ones.

  17. i liked the Liberty jerseys — i got a Leetch with a “c” on it

    Its probably my favorite Jersey next to my Richter

    I were my Leetch liberty to every Ranger/Flyer game i go to (i live in South Jersey) and im like 7 – 0 while wearing it to the games — it really pisses my buddy off, whos a Flyers fan when we go to the games

  18. I like the Liberty jerseys too, the white ones were awesome. I just didn’t like the way they played when they wore them.

  19. About trolls…

    Does anyone remember Alexei Kovalev’s good luck charm in the 1994 Playoffs was a troll? Discuss…

  20. I have a Pat LaFontaine lady liberty jersey. I was living in Florida at the time, and stumbled upon it in a Sports Authority for like $60 (or some such ridiculous price for a jersey with real sewn-on name & number). I liked Pat, and couldn’t pass up such a deal. Aside from Rangers history at the time, I always liked that jersey design.

  21. (I should add to my post that it was shortly after we got Pat, so it wasn’t like a post-retirement clearance sale or anything).

  22. Malik scored that shootout winner wearing a Libery jersey didnt he???

    You got to admit … that was pretty awesome

    Carp …

    Why are the Rangers letting Avery do anything with kids?? I know he’s a nice guy, but i always like to imagine the Rangers have Avery cagged up and feed him nothing but raw meat and gun powder until the season starts

  23. Speaking of discounted jerseys,
    I was in Detroit at a Hockeytown gift shop. I was going thru a bin of Red Wings jerseys that were in the discount rack. They were playing ESPN2 on the TVs throughout the store, when the ticker at the bottom of the screen read,” Liranov back to the Red Wings from Florida yadda, yadda, yadda. . . ” I ripped 3 Lirianov jerseys out of the bin. and bought them. I think they were $50 each from $200+. They have the fighting straps, oversized logo, etc. The real deal. I still wear it when I play pickup.

  24. Another discounted jersey I have is an official #9. . . . . . BURE!!!!!

    I am afraid to wear it out of the house.

  25. The white Liberty jersey was truly awesome. I never bought one for myself for the simple fact that I’m not into wearing jerseys of sports I do not actually play. I almost always wear a football [soccer] jersey to hockey matches. I think I did eventually get one for my then girlfriend, though.

    Zherdev: I like the young man’s skills a lot, but detest his selfish/lazy/greedy attitude. He seems to be the sort of player that only does just enough, not an ounce more. Did he ever speak to the New York press? It is guys like him that give Eastern European players a bad reputation. I certainly won’t miss him. I only wish we could get something for him instead of just letting him walk away for nothing.


  26. flippedturtle on

    Just wanted to post a quick question, out of all the new rangers or possible rookies we will see this year who are you guys most excited to see play and hope they have a great year?

    I’m looking forward to seeing what AA can do even if it is in a third line role. I got to see him play three times last year for the pack and he was very noticable on the ice. Also like to see what Lisin can do from some of the clips on youtube he seems to have some great hands.

  27. Carp. You can go into camp 10 percent heavy right? So we can carry an extra $5.6M in contracts through camp. Therefore they sign Zherdev and shop him. Waivers if necessary. No worse for the wear. Just money which MSG has plenty of.

    I think he will get traded now that his value is set.

  28. Where's Pavelich? on

    The “Winnepeg” unis are better than the Lady Libery ones – although the Isles, “Old Fishermen” sweaters take the cake!)

    The “kids” Avery are teaching are probably a sorority from Pace University.

  29. Accoridng to JD in the Rangers ’94 video, Kovalev’s troll was stolen and then anonymously returned to the Rangers locker room before Game 7 against Vancouver. It was accompanied by a note, which they show, that read:

    “Hail Mary, full of grace, put the puck in the right place.”

  30. I would love to see an updated 70’s style jersey with the liberty Jersey’s colors. That would be awesome. I got a Jagr Liberty jersey for 50 bucks like the day after we signed Naslund.

  31. I prefer the traditional home whites and the horizontal “NEW YORK” blues on the road

  32. Russia invites 38 to Olympic camp
    Mon Aug 03, 2009 By IIHF

    Russia invites 38 to Olympic camp
    Mon Aug 03, 2009 By IIHF

    MOSCOW — The Russian Ice Hockey Federation has named 38 players for their Olympic Summer Camp from Aug. 29 to Sept. 1 in Moscow. The KHL and the NHL contribute with 19 players each.

    After winning two consecutive World Championship titles, Vyacheslav Bykov’s players will kick-off the Olympic camp for Vancouver 2010 while eying their third major title in as many years . The Russian national team will practise in the CSKA Moscow facilities and they will combine it with holding public events in the evenings with contests and government awards for the recent world champions.

    While Bykov’s team won the 2009 World Championship with a team that consisted mostly of players from the Russian KHL, the candidate list is well-balanced with 19 KHL players and as many participants from NHL teams.

    Most Russian NHL players have received invitations even though some names like Nikolai Khabibulin, Vyacheslav Kozlov and Sergei Samsonov are missing.

    The roster also includes almost all Russians who played in the successful 2009 World Championship campaign. The ones missing are Sergei Mozyakin, Nikolai Zherdev, Alexander Perezhogin and Anton Kuryanov. Mozyakin is the most notable absentee as he led the KHL in scoring last season with 34 goals and 42 assists in 56 games.

  33. 22figures8 — yeah I’m ok with blue at home too and I know that’s how it was way back when but growing up with them in white at home and blue on the road, just feels weird still to see them in blue at the garden eventhough it’s been this way for a few years now

  34. I prefer the traditional home whites and the horizontal “NEW YORK” blues on the road


    HELL yes.

    WHITES at home, NEW YORK Represent on the road.

  35. Hello Carp and everyone, how is everyone doing? Man, I need some hockey ASAP.

    I definitely like New York across the chest too.

    How’s everyone’s summer going?

  36. And I think it was you Salty that has a thing for Fox, or maybe it was every guy on this site, but check out www. egotastic. com and look for her man. Sorry for any lude advertising, but just a disclaimer, if you don’t want to see anything like that, don’t go.

  37. I still think they are going to have someone that is not currently in the Ranger organization centering Gaborik either this summer or during the season. In Fischler’s interview with Torts, Torts definitely expressed his thoughts on getting a true number 1 center. I don’t know if that was a motivating thing to say so it gets to the ears of his players and they step it up, or, if he really believes that none of the talent on our team is capable of being a true number 1 center.


  38. Nasty 1

    its the ORR who’s drooling over Fox… his got that site tattooed all over his body …and a link in his name on the blog. :P

    Salty is into women that look more like Carp than Fox! LOL

    Sorry *Salty*…Shpongle on bro! :P

  39. Bacon Eggs & Cheese, I wasn’t sure what I wanted for lunch, and I just ordered a Bacon Egg & Cheese from this really good deli that delivers from around the corner. Ha, so, thank you, in a weird kind of a way.

    I just Direct Messaged Jane on Twitter to ask her to ask Avery where he got the hat he was wearing when he called Marty “Fatso”. I bet it wouldn’t be professional of her to ask him this, but hey, you never know. Ha.

  40. Well, I am going to return the favor or rather the Flavor to EVERYONE! I usually am a big promoter of Dairy Queen, but I just so happen to be running earlier, and I past my local Rita’s, and they have a new flavor italian ice. Swedish Fish Flavor. Wow! I am going to definitely be back over there later and try that. I will let you know how it is, but damn, that just sounded to good to me. It made me think of the community pool when I was like 7 and my dad would always by a billion individually wrapped swedish fish, in that crinkly paper, and how I would eat at least half of them, ha. Anyway, if that sounds good to anyone, you’re welcome.

  41. Thanks Nast… I don’t mind Fox at all but shes not my partcular cup o’ tea… I think you’re thinking ORR…

    in 2009 there are just too many attention starved cuties with digital cameras and phones that I’d take any day over pretty much any “untouchable celeb” like Fox…


  42. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Hi remember John Condon being the voice of MSG.
    “ranger goal scored by…”
    “Last minute of play in the game”

  43. I worked a summer program from June 28th-July 23rd. Now I am just enjoying the benefits of being a teacher, ha. I am weird though. I know the summer is not that long, but I get bored when I take the WHOLE summer off. So a month doing something different than I do during the year, is not a bad thing at all.

  44. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I think those jersey’e were John ferguson’s idea,
    slightly resembling Montreal with the crest, they looked more like P.J.’s.

  45. Can someone get involved here, First, Bacon Eggs and Grease take a shot at my Moms on the other article, and now just because I posted first, again if I may add, he’s calling my queer now. Thank you.

  46. Who’s this “Jane” you speak of ?

    And yes im the Fox guy. I eat bees for a night with her.

    Of course that would be a month or two after the chomping of the bees. I gotta look my best when me meet, i don’t want my puffy bee stung blood red tongue creeping her out, although it would be useful for………..some things. Muaha, kidding, sort of.

    Go Fox, Go Rangers !

  47. And last food or drink comment of the day from me, but why do I HATE regular Heineken but, I can’t live without Heineken Light this summer? Weird? I don’t know, but that is some real talk right there. Sam’s Summer Ale and Heineken are on a very very steady rotation in my fridge.

    Thoughts? Agree? Disagree?

  48. Blueblood,

    Someone did steal the troll but I don’t know when… Maybe in the Devils series or at the start of the Canucks series? I know that he got it back when they were in Vancouver.

    It’s funny how trolls get treated tho… One day they are a good luck charm, the way rabbits feet once were, and single handedly won us the Stanley Cup. Now, we denounce trolls, banning them… hating them.

    I wonder if Kovalev still has his troll?

  49. Dino
    August 3rd, 2009 at 1:31 pm
    Can someone get involved here, First, Bacon Eggs and Grease take a shot at my Moms on the other article, and now just because I posted first, again if I may add, he’s calling my queer now. Thank you.



  50. I Was Duguay on

    Nasty, I am no Heiney drinker, but Summer and its accompanying ales are where it’s at. Sam’s Summer is delicious, but for my money, it gets no better than Sierra Nevada Summerfest — they drink a little too easy, but boy do they hit the spot after work in the summer.

  51. What the HECK on

    Speaking of jerseys,

    My hottest fantasy is to see Megan fox walking up to me after a long night with just a rangers jersey on with my name on the back. (the jersey has the liberty face on the front)

  52. Although the taste is highly subjective and individual…Belgium beers are the best! If any of you get a chance, try Trappist Westvleteren 12! One of the best beers in the world, if not the best! Look for it, you won’t be disappointed.

  53. What the HECK on


    Come on man. Mikes hard? Really? When I turn 21 my fridge will be filled with dos equiis, fosters, bud light, and probably a whole lot of keystone because I’ll still be in college. As for right now, my fridge is filled with just keystone. (although I can’t drink it because I’m not 21. ;). )

  54. retweeting =)
    Jane’s twitter
    “Reason for Sean Avery’s no-show at Rangers hockey camp today: delayed flight. #NHL #Rangers”

  55. its all about Dos Equis and Yuengling in the summer.

    I also developed a taste for Red Stripe from when i was honeymooning in Jamaica a couple of years ago … really grat to drink in the summer … reminds me of the island mun (man) !!

  56. HECK

    Lol, That’s my fuggin fantasy, Ive had that for like 2 years or more, except i had it with the regular away jersey, with the strings off the jersey so you can see some cleavage. And as for the Mikes stuff, well it’s like the great Charlie Runkle once said, sometimes you need something sweet to make the medicine go down.

    “I wonder if Kovalev still has his troll?”

    Of course he does, that’s his little man.

  57. Nasty, my fridge is stocked with Bud light or Ultra’s only when my wife takes the kids and spends the weekend with her parents. It’s not worth the aggrevation to hear her whine about my beer so it’s out of the fridge. Of course, I was smart enough to get a DETACHED garage with my house and I can hide anything out there.

    Orr-when I turn 21….too funny!

  58. What the HECK on


    When drinking miles hard, you will throw up before you get drunk. And I hope by medicine you mean shots of patron while doing a push up contest with fight club playing in front of you while Megan fox walks over to you in your hockey jersey. Excuse me, I just went off into my fantasy world again.

  59. Steve Schwartz on

    Orr has to be the funniest dude here, calling Wysh aka. Puck Daddy a Polish Prick made my day. Bacon and Eggs, lighten up willya.

  60. beer: Sam Adams (any variety) Blue Moon or Brooklyn lager are usually what we have in our fridge.

    but when I go to bars I order Smithwick’s love that one…

  61. Light beers?? yikes! Why drink beer at all? Get a root beer! :P

    Coors Light, Bud Light, and all other light… worst beverages in the world!

    Bud Light…it has drinkability!! Why does it have to have drinkability? Otherwise you cant drink it??

  62. I’d rather die of thurst than drink Sam Adams… it’s horrible! Sam Adams Light may be the worst beer ever brewed.

  63. Sean Avery over bananas with hot chocolate marshmallows, sprinkled with nuts and flowing with whipped cream and a cheery on top, Slpooy Sundae seconds for me please. PS Anyone remember Win Elliot doing Rangers games on WOR Channel 9. Shhh, Dont give my age away, my boyfriend is coming from Rikers this weekend. Only Tofu for me now.

  64. You young’ns are hilarious. That cheap beer gets old fast. It’s all about sippin on some Rogue porters, some Atwater Block porter (imported by me from Detroit), or some delicious Belgian white beers like a St. Bernardus. Of course the standard blues get their fair share: Blue Moons, Labatt Blues, Pabst Blue Ribbons… maybe even the Silver Bullet when I’m BBQin!

  65. What the HECK on


    The reason for light beers is so skinny people like myself can drink more then 2 without getting full. I want to drink 10, not 2.

  66. Bacon Eggs- I drink light beer cause I’m a fat f**k. As it is I can easily kill an 12 pack in no time, I can only imagine how many calories I’d take in with regular beer.

    Orr- When I was 19, Mario Cuomo raised the drinking age from 19 to 21 and I didn’t get grandfathered in.

  67. Agravaine,

    I’ve heard their seasonals are good… I just can’t give them a chance after tasting Sam Adams Light… UGH!

  68. Agravaine
    August 3rd, 2009 at 2:01 pm
    who needs twitter when you have Yup?

  69. Agravaine

    I just by chance saw your Big Bad John – Paul Mara thing on YouTube – great stuff

  70. Slow day, so,lets do a Top Ten take your pick…1-Gone with the Wind or Citizen Kane…..2-Whiter Shade of Pale or Stairway to Heaven….Gretzky or Messier…..4-Budweiser or Coors….5-Melanie Griffith or Andy Griffith…6-Lohud Rangers or Steve Zippay……7-Divorce Court of Judge Judy…8-Ifs and Butts or Candy and Nuts….9-Al Gore or Michael Moorer….10..Herb Alpert and the Tijuana Brass or Jennifer Lopez and her fat ass..

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