Zherdev’s final 48?


The aribtrator today awarded Nik Zherdev $3.9 million salary for 2009-10.

The Rangers have until noon Tuesday to decide to accept the award or walk away and make Zherdev an unrestricted free agent.

They could theoretically accept the award and trade him.

Either way, it is not likely Zherdev will be a Ranger when the season begins.

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  1. Z is worth $900,000 more than Kotalik. But the GM is vindictive. And his moves and results in NY warrant a termination.

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  3. SpiritChaser on

    Well, $3.9 isn’t that bad…i mean it will be stupid just to walk away without getting anything in return. Sign him and then trade him.

  4. 3.9 isnt a lot but they awarded him a bit much, Antropov got 4 mill a year on the open market and hes much further along than Zherdev

  5. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga ends by noon tuesday ... says Greg L. on

    Antosloth is not way futher along than Zherdev , thats plain silly talk. Mays well knife Zherdev in the back as hes going out the door.

  6. i think 3.9 is fair. i mean he was tied with gomez for the team lead in points and got most of his points in the first half. thats still 3 million less than gomez makes. and if he could be more consistent, he could be an 80 point, 35 or 40 goal scorer. i just hate letting a guy of his talent go for nothing. glen should at least try to trade him.

  7. I can’t understand how an arbitrator can justify this award. At $3.9 million Zherdev would make virtually as much as Antropov’s new unrestricted free agent contract pays him. I thought the whole point of the RFA system was to allow teams to keep their young players at a reasonable fair market price, which does not include free agent contracts as precedent. I thought we lost a year of hockey to the lock-out so that player salaries would remain reasonable.

    It’s obvious Zherdev is a goner. I can only hope Sather can work the phones and get a return of nearly equal value in a sign and trade deal. A team below the salary cap floor would be a good target, if there are still any. Perhaps the LA Kings would be interested having failed to acquire a top 6 forward.

  8. TSN Has A Crosboner on

    Sign him for that, only if they can fit in Dubi under the cap and Z submits to Tort’s system.

  9. MW-

    The problem with his salary is that columbus gave him the last contract at a high salary.

    I think he will be signed and traded!! Sather does not like losing guys for nothing!!

  10. bull dog line on

    can’t have enough offense. keep Zherdev, never know when injuries may occur.
    Rangers could not score last year, can’t let one guy who did score leave.

  11. no, antro is not better than zherdev. but he was more consistent. if zherdev wouldve played the way he did in the first half of the season he would probably still be here and wouldve been signed before his hearing. i guess torts doesnt think hes worth the frustration and waiting forever for this kid to play with the effort of his less skilled teammates. hes blessed with talent and if only would put the extra effort forth each time hes on the ice like cally or staal or duby, then hed be a star not just for the rangers but in the league. too bad i was really excited when we got him last summer. i still think 3.9 isnt that bad of a price. id rather have him at that price than kotalik. hopefully kotaliks shot can get our pp goin and his buddy dru

  12. the kings got ryan smith from the avs. i think they have a zherdev type player already with frolov.

  13. Just makes the Kotalik signing look really bad- Zherdev at 1 year 3.9 million is a much better deal for Z

  14. I guess Sather can buy draft pick with him. sign him and trade him for a prospect and a pick.

    That’s the best that could come out of this sorry mess I am afraid. I would be OK with that.

  15. TSC.ca is reporting a three team deal, with Zherdev and Redden going to the LA Kings, we are picking up Jack Johnson and Schenn, their first rounder. plus some money is changing hands.

  16. Why (aside from cap issues) do we assume they want to get rid of him and don’t like him. They took Avery back after calling him a detriment to the team, etc. I wouldn’t be surprised by anything Sather does, keep him and trade someone else away, sign & trade him, package him up with a few others for a trade, or just let him walk. I just don’t see why everyone has assumed they actively want to get rid of him since they made their qualifying offer.

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  20. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga ends by noon tuesday ... says Greg L. on

    Alrightt bklynblue , amen. I agree bulldogline as well.

    It seems to me if Zherdev raised hell at the end of the season and lead the team in scoring in the playoffs …His Arb hearing would have awarded him Gomez cash!!!!Redden type money!!!6.5 million for sure. Zherdev playing half the season is better than Drury,Gomez and Naslunds FULL season. Mike I agree about your Zherdev comments except for the Lazy stuff. He is not Alex Kovalev, But Kovalev is in higher standards cuz he a vet but wait for Z to play again. guys worth like 4 million , he can play hockey. He was disgruntled and maybe outta shape. Torts had him in his dog house very quik and Z had HITCHCOCK flashbacks and froze up and played like a jellyfish. Hate him for it , sure but the kid can play hockey and pritty dam good. We had 3 -4 players making more than Zherdev last year and he topped ’em all in points!! Zherdev had NO ONE who could play with him ( as in $7million teamates to help out). Alot of Rangers including hank sucked in the playoffs. We know Zherdev let us down and shouldn’t be asking for more cash . I agree with that BUT this is hockey and we have the rights to this guy , so lets keep him and if he does suck (which he wont) throw ’em in the minors or what ever.

    We were all fusterated and upset at not scoring and it was very easy to point the fingers at the guy “sitting on the bench in tort’s doghouse” (Zherdev)Over half bloggers on here have said the Rangers wont win the cup or go anywhere with Dolan and Sather and most of the players they aquired. So to make the playoffs should have been a winning season for most of you all. So why hang out one of your top scorers when we were lucky to just make the playoffs? To me it was ultimate pain and let down. It makes me sick thinking how we lost being up 3 – 1 against washington..when half you guys say we were beat by the better team, F’ that!! Rangers were outta sink and we still almost snuffed out Wash! I wanted Zherdev to rule like he did in the eary season! I expected more outta the Rangers and Sather. It seemed we were a super team that wound down after xmas and a new coach took over and our leading scorer went AWOL. Sounds like a mess to me. You cant blame Zherdev for all that . He didn’t do squat at the end … but was he really our savior?? Jagr went to russia and Zherdev did his best to make us forget with his fancy passes and crazy skating. Fail experment , new project now? Since when is a 4th overall pick a project unless it’s Nedved!! sick!!!

  21. if they did accept Zherdev at this amount what do the yhave left under the cap?

    what is Dubi going to get, any clues???

  22. I forgot to add. watch Malik try to stickhandle in front of his goalie, watch Callahan score a clutch goal, watch captain clutch score a goal.

  23. They are over the cap a little if they sign him even before Dubinsky. they would have to do something before the season starts.

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  25. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga ends by noon tuesday ... says Greg L. on

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  27. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga ends by noon tuesday ... says Greg L. on

    Seriously now , come on guys . Zherdev is almost out the door and yer watching sitcoms??? Waaaaaaaaaa Waaaaaaaaaaa have some sensitivity for a fan here. I may seriously have to do a name change soon . Im screwed!! What am I gonna do??
    Blog life as I know it is …in limbo. I’d love to laugh at Jerry’s funny stuff but I can’t see the light. I feel like boooing Malik or something!!!

  28. And last but not least the pigeons George killed, and the Squirrel he ran over !

    Im done for now.

    Anyway, im fuggin disappointed we cant bring Z back. It’s sickening, id rather have one of Z or Antro over Kotalik. What a waste. 3 summers in a row we dip into Buffalo’s garbage, George Constanza style. He’ll be traded by next season, or maybe even at the deadline.

  29. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga ends by noon tuesday ... says Greg L. on

    True. maybe .I dunno. thanks. I aint no partay pooper so senfield it up !! I could learn something here .

  30. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    sather should waste no time and sign Zherdev long term.
    Where else can sather tie up cap money, find another underachieving , faux star for such a bargain price ?

  31. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Z loves NY, he’s got Brightton beach where all the russians live ,he got one of the best seats in msg. He gets to wear a ranger uniform and watch the game and he gets paid for it.. sign me the eff up.

  32. Haha, yeah id settle for A job. This guys sitting on easy street, get paid to watch guys do what you’re supposed to be doing. I wish i could get paid for that. At least i can skate around during pre game warm ups and convince chicks to flash me. Do it for the Rangers !!! Who do you love !?!?!

  33. The award was pretty expected as it was between what both parties wanted. I don’t see Z being worth it due to inconsistencies. But it is in line with what similar players have gotten. So, why get upset over it?

    I’m more concerned on what Slats does. Does he accept and trade him? Who wants this Russian enigma?

    Dac Vee Daniyah!

  34. Sign Z, and package him with a prospect to bring in a 1st line center. Move Dubi to the wing, and Artie A to center the 3rd line in his place.

    Gaborik-1st Line Center-Callahan

    Eventually Lisin will outplay Kotalik, and he’ll be on the 4th line, and Aves will probably switch spots with Higgins at some point in the season, and they’ll keep switching. And as always Dreary will start either on the 1st spot, or the 2nd spot, but will eventually go down to the 3rd line center spot. Same old, same old.

    Am i missing anyone on the forward list ?

    If we don’t get a 1st line center, then Lisin moves up to the 3rd line, and Voros goes to the 4th line. Haha, i gotta say ever since signing Brash*t, i like Voros a lot more.

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  36. Only way Z signs is if a trade follows in about 24 hours if that. Bye Z, you were ok, but Im not gonna miss ya. I would have rather had antro for that money! Atleast he can score a little in the playoffs!

  37. Orr –


    I love it. I’m actually laughing. That’s after my girl told me she wasn’t coming over so it must be funny.

  38. anyone think we could be the third team involved in the sanjose and sens deal. I know it was reported that it was montreal, but they said it was an east team and montreal may have been it. The report surfaced about a day ago I believe, you think it is us and Z is involved. I honestly am just speculating here and have no idea who would be going where. Anybody have any ideas on this or think it is even a possibility? Thanks.

  39. Sounds good. I read it was Montreal or some other east team too. what is Montral gonna give San Jose? Maybe they are giving Gomez ands getrting Marleau.

    It is kind of unfathomable, but that’s what makes it fun. With the shit Sather has pulled off the last few years, and even the coach saying the coach is not done dealing for a center, its gotta be here or at the trading deadline in midseason

  40. hey, guess what rick?

    zip’s blog has gone to sh*t over at newsday so youre gonna see a lot more of us over here.

    hi guys, im iceycup and i bleed for the rangers.

  41. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga ends by noon tuesday ... says Greg L. on

    well icy ,welcome !! Bleeding is good , yeah I like that!!!

  42. Just to let you know if you see someone named Lucas or Steady on here from Zippay’s site, dont remark antheir comments, ask nothing personal, and if they want to get you involved in a GMHC Roller League, decline. I still walk funny from that experience.

  43. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga ends by noon tuesday...says Greg L. on

    I already singed up, and they gave me a physical. Asleep.

  44. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga ends by noon tuesday...says Greg L. on

    Why does my arse hurt, and I feel totally cheap now. Found $20 bucks in my man purse too.

  45. If I’m Glen, I’m calling every GM in the NHL and inquiring what they will trade for Zherdev or Kotalik. One of them needs to go.

  46. Hey, Iceycup, Just got back from Fire Island conch hunt, saw your last comment at Zips place and decided to follow suit and come here. Hope all fans know I have a really big and comfortable van for hire during Rangers Hockey season, fits a whole lotta burly dudes. BTW, Man purses went out with lip gloss, shoulder bags are back, definite a mundo.

  47. Iceycup, I cant post comments at the other site anymore, do us a service and go there and let the gang know about the Lohud Rangers site, alot of them really should be told about this great site.

  48. Where's Pavelich? on

    …there shld be a big salad somewhere in that pic!

    ..”Slats” will look even worse (if possible) if Kotalik doesnt show up this year

    …really liked Torts comments with Fischler

    …so, excited about Cablevision’s sale of MSG!!!!

  49. Good bye Z…

    don’t let the door hit your ass on the way out… though it probably will with the hustle you show!

  50. sign Zherdev.. dont care what any of you say sign him and Dubi and lets start the season

  51. Not to change the topic but I was watching sports center just now and they were showing the highlights from the Yankees game…talking about Melky Cabrera hitting for the cycle. They showed after the game interview with him, and he couldn’t speak English! So Robinson Cano had to translate for him, which was even funnier since Cano can’t really speak English either!

    I thought to myself…man, baseball is so annoying! i wonder if this sport is the only sport played in North America where more than half of the players don’t even speak English! Even after playing it here for years! Isn’t baseball one the highest paid sports around? Can’t these fat cats get a tutor and learn the f’ing language?! Bunch of dumb cheaters!

    P.S. let’s drop the puck already!

  52. For all you guys here saying, sign him, trade him for a 1st line center etc…. i got 3 words for you CAP, CAP, CAP..!!

    We don’t have the cap room to sign Z without making a major subtraction of about $3m before the start of the season or by paying Dubi only his qualifying offer and that ain’t going to happen!

    If we sign him, it will be with a view to a trade, $3.9m is a lot for a player who only shows up 50% of the time. If we were the 3rd part in the Heatley trade, presumably SJ would be sending us someone in exchange for Z so they could ship Z to Ottawa? Who though, Setogouchi – i doubt it? Would have to be draft picks or prospects i would think, as the reason we are willing to trade is because we are tight under the cap and can;t take much back in terms of salary?

  53. I am stumped.

    I am ABSOLUTELY convinced that Richards will be a Ranger. Torts wants him (read the Fischler interview), and Tom Hicks is broke. Rozi’s contract and an upside player like Zherdev makes almost TOO much sense. I could see signing Dubi & Zherdev, packaging them with Rozi and trading for Richards.

    But it seems like $3.9 mil for Z might not be such a bad deal. Again I am convinced Richards will be at MSG (perhaps as early as this week), but if I were Sather I would just sign Z, sign Dubi, and wait til the deadline to make any more moves. It seems like that is when the most successful teams make their moves (Pitt).


  54. Remember: Rozi’s CAP HIT is $5 mil per, but his ACTUAL SALARY is less. Very tradeable to a team with a self imposed cap. Or a team that can’t even afford to pay for training camp (like Dallas).

  55. richards contract is worse than gomez’s. and he had what 15 goals?? 50 somethin points? we could get more out of duby this year. i just am happy we got 1 bad contract gone, to add an even worse one would be pointless. shouldve kept gomez then if they needed a 1st line center so bad.

  56. cwgatti, the sooner you get over your richards fixation the happier we all will be. He isnt coming here.

    Sending Richards away saves Hicks money…getting Rozi, Zherdev, and/or Dubi does not save him money. Richards isnt coming, and thank god for that.

  57. you would think the Rangers are going to make another move. Zherdev is obviously gone but even after signing Dubinsky there will be something like 2 mil in cap space left.

    I cant see the Rangers going into the season with that much cap room…

  58. Oleo: Don’t know why people think we can take Richard’s cap hit for the next few years. It would be economic suicide for the Rangers.

    Morrison: Sorry, but your schtick doesn’t belong here. It isn’t very creative or funny, doesn’t rhyme and its meter is awful.

    Did I miss anything?.

  59. Blueshirt in Paris on

    As much as we rag on Sather one has to hope he already knows what trade possibilities are out there for Z and if he can juggle some stuff around with the cap until he is traded.

    I can see letting a assets go (if he is an asset) for mere 600k difference for 1 year.

  60. downeaster,

    economic suicide is giving wade redden 6.5 million for 6 years. it is great move to get richards at 7.8 for just 2 years ONLY IF they trade redden or roszy away to get him. they way it is now they are tied up in bad contracts for 5 more years. that trade allows them to be rid of redden now and richards, like i said, is gone after 2 seasons.

  61. Allan Muir at SI.com tears Zherdev a new one in the mailbag,

    “I’m hearing lots of talk about the likelihood of the Rangers walking away from Nikolai Zherdev if his arbitration award is too high. Where do you think the threshold is and, if he becomes a free agent, where do you think he’ll wind up?”
    — Jeff Giles, Winnipeg

    I couldn’t speculate where the Rangers might draw the line, but for me the over/under would be a buck.

    Look, Zherdev is a natural talent, a guy who could score 20-25 goals in his sleep, which is a good thing since that appears to be his natural state more often than not. Five years into his career, he’s a big bag of fail, so much less than the sum of his parts. I can’t imagine what it’s like for a teammate who relies on hard work to keep his roster spot to dress alongside a guy with so much talent and so little desire to apply it.

    There are plenty of teams, including the Rangers, who would love to pencil that production onto their second line. But Zherdev brings so much less to the table that you have to wonder if he’s worth the bother. It’s well known that he does little to endear himself to his teammates and his prima donna attitude is a distraction. He lost the trust of Ken Hitchcock in Columbus. How much rope do you think he’d have with John Tortorella?

    I don’t doubt that there are a couple teams out there who look at Zherdev as the bad boy who just needs their loving touch to turn his life around. And they may be right. But he’s a lousy fit for a Rangers team that needs to re-shape its identity under Tortorella. Doesn’t matter what the arbitrator rules, they should just say no.

  62. miscellaneous on

    11:06 was not me

    LI Joe

    sorry bacon

    and i plan to stop reading comments entirely once season starts ad it gets to 1,000 comments per thread

  63. li joe, i went to zips new site few days ago but it was kinda screwed up. i dont know why zip doesnt just keep the old format. the sign in thing was annoying cuz i couldnt post a comment. hopefully he cans it or just switched the old one back over or in the same style.

  64. I wouldn’t go as far as Alan Muir but i want to see a team compete hard every night for every puck and Zherdev is not that player. He is Kovalev 1.0.1 and until he gets a bit more mature and realises his duty to play hard every night i don’t want to see him in Ranger blue any more, especially at nearly $4m per.

    cwgatti – we simply don’t have the cap room for Richards, we would have to move a lot more than Roszival and Dallas won’t want to assume more salary than they are sending the other way.

    NO-ONE wants WADE REDDEN so forget using that as an option in any trade proposal, and Slats will not bury him in the minors. He is on the roster and we should all hope he starts playing up to his pricetag.

  65. wow thats pretty harsh words for zherdev but sadly its mostly true. but what i dont understand is, why cant any coach get this kid going? or any of his teammates any where he goes? i dont know what hes like in the lockerroom or if hes emotionally disturbed and withdrawn but he seemed like he was havin fun at the beginning of last season with duby and voros and he looked like he was off to a great career in ny. maybe cuz hes still pretty young and needs to mature but i wouldnt give up on him so fast. we just gotta get him to care and have the kinda fun and attitude when he first started. if torts can work with and deal with a personality like avery, then how is it so hard to motivate zherdev? but still, it doesnt seem like he wants to learn the language and just doesnt seem comfortable playin over here. idk but whatever the reason, its a shame they couldnt turn him into a star for us. id take his 58 points every year if he only put the effort and work in.

  66. uk- you share my ideas about zherdev. i think thats why he doesnt “endear” himself to his teammates because they have to work hard for their jobs and pretty much every job ive had theres been a co-worker who was like that and yea it gets to people and pisses them off. he needs to have a little man to man chat with his fellow countryman cccp. or bacon egg n cheese. lol

  67. i don’t see why we don’t get rid of redden and sign two young bloods for cheap. maybe even still sign z even tho I’m pretty nihilistic about seeing him stay or go. wouldn’t be bad to have his talent just to have, but then again hes a putz and dosen’t play hard.

    just please get rid of redden i hate his face

  68. “I love it. I’m actually laughing. That’s after my girl told me she wasn’t coming over so it must be funny”

    Lol, glad i can help. Don’t get used to it, cause once we all see Brash*t in Ranger blue, our laughter will turn to tears.

  69. Hockey Rodent, which was inspired by other posts on Hockey Forums, had a valid point.

    Accept Zherdev’s award, sign Dubinsky as well which will put us over the cap but under the 10% allowance and if Sather can’t trade Zherdev, or someone else (Redden), by October, when the 10% allowance goes away, simply waive Zherdev which will take his cap off the books.

    In other words, if Sather let’s Z walk for zero-return, he’s a fool.

  70. Who is this “cwgatti” character? His stupidity is legendary! He is absolutely convinced that Richards is coming to NY?? Dubi and Zherdev going the other way with Rozi, and that makes TOO much sense to him? Typical douche bag Rangers fan with a man crush for another overpaid underachieving nobody.

  71. Hey Bacon – you can disagree with Cwgatti without being an A$$ about it – lighten up man

  72. There are things known, and there are things unknown, and in-between is Wade Redden.

    Mr. Waade Redden…..Mr. Wade Reddeeen


    Got to keep on bettin’

    Bettin’, bettin’ !

  73. Just my $.02, but I think with Edmonton officially saying no to Heatley I could see us re-engaging with an offer of Zherdev, Rosival, Grachev or one of the top D prospects for Dany plus a bad contract that we eat in hartford-

  74. 4everanger
    August 3rd, 2009 at 10:09 am
    Bacon Eggs & Cheese
    Thats – “dosvIdanja” gramatej.


    Well, you are even more “gramatej” than me! If you want to correct someone on how to say things in their language…look it up first and then make the correction. That is what I just did.

    Goodbye = Do SvidanIya! Two words my friend! lol

  75. Wade Redden has the potential to be better than last season, but never as good as his contract. It’s sad.

  76. We’re all a bunch of SLAVES !!!

    How long are we gonna let Redden control our lives ? What are you gonna do ? What are you gonna do ? What are you gonna do ? What are you gonna do ?

    Ill tell you what man, im gonna get my kicks before the whole shite house goes up in flames, all right, all right !

    Lets sing together friends.

  77. Im sure Sather has been working on a trade this whole time, and will sign him at the “locked in” price of 3.9 million.

    A rebuilding team could use Zherdev at 3.9 — not at 4.75 million which would be their cost if a team were to wait until he’s a UFA. so i think they will play ball with us and make a trade

    Honestly, i think we should keep him (because 3.9 million IS A FAIR PRICE !!!!!!) and trade Rozy to a team that is looking for a puck-moving/top 4 guy.

    Trade Rozy to Dallas for Robidas
    or to Columbus for Klesla —

    Both teams rumored to be looking for a top 4 D-man

  78. Bacon Eggs & Cheese
    You just missed a point, Moron…com. IT WAS A JOKE about silliness of correcting english spelling for non-english words to english speaking people. Got it?

  79. if we were to get rid of reddens contract 6.5 mil, drury at 7 mil, and rozy at 5. i think we could do alot being free of 18.5 mil. i’m just sick of seeing the rangers overpay for nothing, but not only the rangers all NY teams. i want a young tough team that fights, and plays hard to watch sometime soon.

  80. somerset – Zherdev’s price would be fair if he was a UFA, but he was an RFA so why was he paid so much? I think mostly because CBJ rear-loaded his contract which f**ks things up as he now jumps froma $2.5m cap hit to $3.9m.

    I agree that Slats should try and sign him with a view to trade though – can’t let someone walk away for free when there is a means to keep him and get an asset or two in return (even if its only draft picks). I just don’t want to see his half-hearted ass on the ice in Ranger Blue (unless he’s has an attitude transplant during his summer in Russia).

  81. blueblood …

    what do you mean “im always on top of you” ???

    UKRanger ….

    I think Z’s price is just fair for a 24 year old who puts up 55-65 points every year, regardless of FA status

    *We should be more concerned about getting rid of some more over-priced talent on the roster (Rozsival) then trying to “hardball” a guy over 625k – when its at least a honest contract amount

  82. Of course we dont argue, That would be like Einstein arguing with Fred Flintstone. The site should really pick up this month, with Zips refugees coming here. Hear Lucas is friggan gay, now some of us have company.

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