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My longtime friend, John Halligan — who worked for the Rangers for 24 years, including many of those seasons while I was covering the team — along with Adam Raider and Russ Cohen, have a new book coming out, and it looks like one of those must-haves for Rangers fans.

It is called, simply, “100 Ranger Greats” and published by Wiley, to be released in October.

Here’s the promotional info on the book:

“In 1926, hockey fans welcomed the New York Rangers to the NHL. Since then, more than 900 players have worn the colors of the Rangers and won the devotion of fans in New York and beyond. 100 Ranger Greats (Wiley; October 5, 2009; Hardcover; 978-0-470-73619-7) is about the best of the best of these players—the legends of yesteryear and the heroes of today, the men whose accomplishments on the ice have thrilled fans for over eight decades. Through research and personal interviews, and with the addition of over 200 color and black and white photos, 100 Ranger Greats presents personal profiles that combine statistics with personal and funny stories that give fans a real sense of the man behind the player.

“A richly illustrated history and a fascinating and entertaining look at a cast of colorful characters, 100 Ranger Greats is a must for every Ranger fan who wants to know their team and its history better, this is the book.”

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In my “other” job — you know, the one I get paid to do — I wrote a column for The Journal News and today about an inspirational 21-year-old hero who went into a raging fire three times to try to find a missing friend. You can read it here.

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  1. repost

    Orr-always funny with the babe material.

    Guys, can we stop crying over Tyutin and acting like he was the second coming of Leetch? Yes, if Z walks without getting anything back, that’s all on Sather’s shoulders, not that he has to worry about his job. Tyutin was a decent 5th defenseman, maybe a 4 on a weaker team. He had a good year in Columbus but he maxed out on what he could do here. Does anybody remember how awful he was in the Pitt series 2 years ago? Not very fast, no offense and decent in his zone. Oh yeah, he threw an occasional NICE hip check. He is easily replaced so stop crying about it.

  2. 22…
    and it’s a natural!
    Regarding Tyutin, I think you’re selling him short. First, no one has compared him to Leetch. He’s not an offensive D-man by any means. However, during his time here, he became a dependable presence behind the blue line, in the corners and in front of the net. I watched him become one of our more physical and hard-hitting D. He punished opposing players in our zone and he was getting better every year.

  3. HockeymanRangers on

    Not sure how I will make it too mid September till practice starts. And then another month until a real game. Got a long way to go and am seriesly bored already. Other than the Zherdy news what do we have to look forward to next??? Anything???

  4. Quite a story about that fire Carp. That young man certainly did “the opposite” of George Costanza. Too bad Eric the clown wasn’t there to put it out with his big shoe.

  5. anyone get the feeling if we walk from zherdev the islanders might offer him something… he already said he likes this division

  6. Tyutin was “easily” replaced by Redden or Kalinen. That’s like Babe Ruth being easily replaced by “Twinkletoes Selkirk,” which actually happened.

    Not that Tyutin is the hockey version of the second coming of Babe Ruth, but, damn, some of us would like to have the Tyutin / Z trade back just to cut Redden’s sorry little bum from the roster. Redden represents Subtraction through Addition.

  7. I’ll bet we see a deal within the next two weeks. The Rangers will have to announce their decision about Zherdev by mid-week at the latest (not sure how the weekend affects the timing of the arbitrator’s decision). Sather knows what his options are as soon as Z’s signing number is announced. If the Rangers are walking away from Z, that will happen right away. If there’s the possibility of a sign and trade, then the Rangers will delay their decision until those details are agreed by the teams involved. Sather’s not done, the next week or two will be interesting.

  8. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    100 great rangers? Compared to Whom? I wonder what Haligan’s criteria was.
    Even 50 is a stretch.

  9. bye bye Zherdev. have fun playing for Mettalurg Magnitawhatever or some other team…

    gotta have a pair if your gonna play for Torts…

  10. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    The decision where Z will play should take longer than the arbitrator’s.He is either worth the xtra $$ or not, I guess 24 goals will but him in the big money category.
    He is a very soft player, maybe too soft for the NHL.

  11. I think Zherdev is KHL bound myself.
    let’s see –
    Hudler is en route, Radulov staying put.
    Morozov ain’t coming back, Brylin is still over there, along with Jagr and Yashin among many others.

    Last year, I wrote an opinion article about the KHL exodus that was roundly scoffed at – I just reposted it at my fantasy hockey blog, BucketofPucks.

    Take a moment and give it a read – the names have changed one year later, but my reasoning sure hasn’t.

    Link is in my name.

  12. Carp,

    On some other websites there has been talk of sending Z in a package (likely Rozi, plus) to EDM for the very players they wanted to send to OTT for Heatley. We would then send those players packing to OTT for Heatley and everyone’s happy (except EDM by my calculations).

    Any possibility of this? At all? Sounds to me like EDM would NEVER do this.

  13. Riche’

    and then we’d be in cap trouble for the next 2 years so no go on Heatley…

  14. Forgetting the money and the cap issues for a sec…
    Can anyone see Heatley playing for Torts? I wonder what the word is on his personality in the locker room?

  15. Oleo,

    I think the thought process is Redden’s salary… with the two possibilities being A) He plays well enough to be traded after this season (High hopes I know) or that B) After proving he’s “lost it” Sather has no problem sending him to the minors admitting that it was a mistake.

    Again, I’m just speculating and reiterating what I’ve “heard”… no truth here but just wanted some other opinions.

    I don’t even know what EDM needs. Would Renney be interested in getting Z given the fact that’s he’s benched him (multiple times) in the past?

  16. On Heatley’s personality:

    What exactly is he holding out for? He doesn’t want OTT, CLEARLEY doesn’t want EDM.

    What exactly DOES he want?

    Again, I’m not saying that it makes it any less a question, but would Torts want a guy who’s acting this way because he WANTS to be a NYR (not knowing if that is indeed true)?

    Again, all specualtion on a slow week

  17. Riche’

    the thing is even if they managed to straight up waive Redden and let Higgins walk that is 8.75 mil off the books. Then you need to subtract the 2.5 mil Heatley makes over Rozsival leaving 6.25 mil to give raises to Staal, Girardi, Lisin and possibly Dubinsky as well. factor in the Rangers are obviously going to want to bring in more players at some point and the cap might be going down there isn’t much room for Heatley.

  18. Staal is an issue for sure, and he’ll get/deserve a nice raise next season… but I see Dubi getting a multi-yr deal in the next week or so and something around or just less than Cally got…

    Lisin took a paycut to sign with us so he has something to prove for sure… what would he have to do (or what do you expect him to do?) this season to warrant anything more than a modest raise to just under/over 1m? Assuming we even want him back.

    Girardi may become expentable with all the young studs-to-be waiting in the wings. I doubt it, but still.

    Again, I’m not advocating any of this, I’m just wondering what the possibilities are.

  19. Im done with the whole Heatley thing, i highly doubt he’s even getting traded. Im sure he’s just doing this to fire up his team, so they can have a better year, and prove they can be a good team.

    Who knows they might actually be half way decent if Leclaire has a good year.

    Anyway, in babe news, i hear Megan Fox may have a topless scene with that chick from Big Love that some of you are crazy aboot. Fox topless, with that chick, making out. Um, that’s enough to pay $15 to sit through that movie.

  20. Riche’

    well Lisin had 13 goals in 48 games last season so thats 22 goals per 82 games. Its very possible that if that trend continues Lisin COULD get 25-30 goals on a better Rangers team…

    obviously he could also not pan out but its very possible he’s a more skilled version of Prucha…

  21. I don’t see how the Flyers will get more punished than they already are – as they signed Prongs to an extension that kicks in after he turns 35 – which means if he retires, they still have to deal with the cap hit. Big error in that deal.

    The Hossa deal on the other hand, so heavily front loaded with just $750,000 in the final seasons seems built for him to retire and circumvent teh cap.

  22. how much of a raise do u guys see staal getting? i think maybe if he improves offensively and nets around 25-30 points without hurting his defense he should get a nice raise but not redden or rozy money. what does everyone think he will get if he improves this year?

  23. Girardi is the guy that I don’t see getting a big raise… I’m not saying that he’s not a good d-man but he doesn’t do anything great… he’s solid and he’s making what 1.5M already? How much more should he get? Bring him up to 2M?

    Staal is making nada right now… he has pedigree, and potential… at some point he’ll be making Rozi/Redden cash but not right away.

    He’s the kinda guy I’d give a long contract to and keep the numbers down for as long as possible. His next contract, whenever it is will be a big pay-day (as long as he progresses).

  24. perkins

    this is possibly a huge year for Staal. If he gets some offense and surpasses Rozsival as the #1 d-man and makes Team Canada we will have no choice but to lock him up long-term.

  25. celsius

    redden was signed before the z deal by approx 1 day. so undoing the z deal would not have meant no redden signing. they would have found some other way to move money to fit in redden.

  26. I agree smurf.

    Gotta lock Staal up long term anyway.
    he is a tremendous talent who grew by leaps and bounds last year. If he does it again this year, he’ll be our #1 guy.

    Once we move a defenseman, they’ll lock him in.
    or, at least that is what I hope happens.

    With Slats, who the heck knows.

    hey ORR – I hear Fox will be topless, but not nude.
    Smart girl. Keep ’em guessing.
    the movie is “Jennifer’s Body” i believe.

  27. *It is called, simply, “100 Ranger Greats” and published by Wiley, to be released in October.*


    Carp: Can you please forward the chapter on Captain Clutch to Captain Clutch? Thanks!

    /peels out in Clutchmobile

  28. Riche, why would Edmonton do that? If they want Zherdev, they can just sign him as a UFA next week.

    And who wants Heatley now? I wouldn’t.

    And where do you think Capt. C ranks on the all-time list of Ranger Greats? Right there between Messier and Leetch?

  29. Carp,
    they’d do that if Z gets a lot closer to the rangers offer instead of his own and on the ufa market wouldn’t sign for the money he may have to take do to the ruling.

  30. *chris

    how do i go about getting a ride in this clutchmobile?
    what is the criteria?

    thanks in advance*


    First off, are you clutch??? Are you a winner??? If not, the Clutchmobile isn’t for you! Secondly, can you drive a clutch? You know the Clutchmobile, in addition to being so clutch, has a clutch right? Sometimes my head starts to hurt from chewing on a mouthpiece all day, and Captain Clutch needs someone ready to take over the driving at all times!

    Captain Clutch does make exceptions though! You can also get a ride in the Clutchmobile if you did anything on this list!

    #1) Pitch a complete game vs. Taiwan in the Little League World Series!

    #2) Laugh off blowing a 4 goal lead in a NHL game, enjoy the holidays anyway!

    #3) Make the most clutch dump-in in NHL history! (Carp and Coach Torts STILL talk about mine vs. Philly!)

    #4) Score a CLUTCH playoff goal with a broken hand! If the 1st round series vs. Washington was a Best Of 5, it would’ve been the most clutch goal in Rangers history!

    #5) Sign a better contract than mine! You think you can do better than 5 years, $35 million WITH a full no-movement clause for a 3rd liner??? Fat chance! Ha-Ha!

  31. Carp,

    That was my point all along… I was not saying that I thought it would happen… quite the opposite… just wanted to hear someone tell me I wasn’t nuts I guess.


  32. chris

    i am a winner!
    im pretty darn clutch when it comes to what i do.

    i was able to get one of the toughest clients we had to commit to a multi year deal that makes my company a hell of a lot of money.
    my jobs in itself are dream jobs. i get to travel anywhere and work just like you and i also get paid to do practically next to nothing.
    i make some of the people i work for look better than they are just by doing my job.

    i used to be a rally car driver but after the first crash and not having sponsors that kinda ended that dream. in my defense it was raining and i was on a “brick” portion of the track going into a turn.

    but aside from all of that i unfortunately have never played an nhl game and have never played baseball. i also will never make 7 mil a year. so i guess you have a couple on me.

  33. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga is in it's final stages ... says Greg L. on

    Carp , Sather is probally telling posible suiters that he may just keep Zherdev and he wont be a free agent. Sather is having an Arb rule this and a much as we all say Glen will walk away…don’t be so sure.

  34. i dont think girardi should become expendable, he is solid offensively but doesnt seem to have the offensive upside that sanguinetti and del zotto may have, but hes great defensively. You need guys like this, eventually if they have Del Zotto, Sanguinetti Staal Girardi Gilroy and Potter/Sauer a few years down the line Girardi will be great playing with one of the more rush the puck type defenseman, such as Del Zotto, Girardi will be more of the stay home guy and can excel in that role I think, without having to worry about much offense. Their D Corps is going to be great I think itll be fun watching the gradual turnover in the coming seasons, starting this year with losing Mara and soon enough hopefully getting rid of Redden somehow

  35. Hey Carp

    Great article about that courage kid who could’ve been killed for nothing! He tried to save a girl and dumb broad wasn’t even home! This team needs balls and guts kids like Patrick Massaroni.

    any hockey news, and i mean ANY hockey news at all?
    Any word on what flight race to Russia Niki Z is on? i want to thank him for nothing!

  36. jerkins perkins on

    chris i remember that clutch dump in in philly. it was one of the all time greatest plays by a ranger captain just slightly better than messiers game 6 prediction in jersey. you da man!!!! i hope to se many more clutch dump ins, line changes, and last but not least, that huge 1st period game winning goal after going 15 games without a point. just when they think youre all burnt out and mediocre, you surprise all of us with one of those special(i mean clutch) 15 game scoreless streak ending goals that remind all of us just how great and clutch a leader you really are.

  37. Riders On The Storm….

    Into the NHL he’s born, into the Sens he’s thrown
    Like a dog without a bone
    And actor out on loan
    Riders on the storm

    There’s a canadian on the road
    His brain is squirmin’ like a toad
    Take a long holiday
    Let the Senetors pay
    If he drinks and drives
    Sweet passenger will die
    Killer on the road, yeah

    Girl ya gotta love your Dany
    Girl ya gotta love your Heatley
    Take him by the hand
    Make him understand
    The world on you depends
    If he drinks, then our lives will end
    Gotta sober up


    (Keyboard Solo)

  38. Some more interesting words from the coach:

    HIS WISH LIST: “I’d like to get a number one center and I know that Glen (Sather) is always looking around. Meanwhile, Dubinsky has the potential to be a really good player as he matures.”

    HENRIK LUNDQVIST AND STEVE VALIQUETTE: “Hank plays too much and I don’t expect him to play as much as last season. He’s a great goalie, but he has to understand what it takes to win in the playoffs; we have to win in the playoffs. He’s got to be fresher in the playoffs. He has to win rounds. Hank was great at the start of the Washington series when we needed him. Later he was tired. As for Valiquette, he’s a good back-up who understands his role.”

  39. Three team deal,Rangers acquire Patrick Marleau from San Jose, Drury, Del Zoto and first rounder Kreider along with two second rounders go the other way, per Radio 990CKAC.

  40. Just a conversation piece here, but the other day someone brought up the back up goalie position with the rangers and how valli may not be suited for more than a handful of games. I always liked valli, but I would like to see hedberg as hank’s back up!!!

  41. Hallo comrades!

    I stop here to say good bye! I go to Russia, is very very cold! I buy nice lezer jaket in Century 21 so I hope I be ok! I will miss New York and the fans, but I no miss koach Torts because he was mean to me! He no like my figure skating skills!

    And that ozer guy, what he name…Ben Sader? He old and stupid and his big sigar stink bad! Dosvedaniya druz’ya! Good bye friends! I will write soon.

  42. to the tune of “runnin’ blue” from the grossly overlooked soft parade lp

    poor snyder dead and gone
    left dany here to sing his song
    heatley wont put sens sweaters on
    poor snyder dead and gone

    back in atlanta with kovy
    we were the men, remembering when
    not so easy here with the sens
    alright murray, trade me then

    alright drink some booze
    not quite the thrashers blues
    hired a driver, i wont lose
    cant skate, the senators blues

    well heatleys got the senators blues
    trade me away, 4 million you pay
    actually edmonton’s not okay
    maybe new york or L.A?

  43. This truly pains me. I’ve been editing for Wiley for years and I wasn’t assigned this?

  44. just a tidbit, brooks says that he thinks the rangers are going to sign bertuzzi. I am going to be in the minority here and know it, but I’m all for the signing if it happens. An affordable contract of a mil or so for one or two years would be good. Big guy, doesn’t play with quite the edge he did before the moore incident, but still with an edge. Could get us 15 to 20 goals and help on the power play. 3rd line duty (slower skater though, not malik slow, but slow). I do not want him to take the spot of a kid on the big club (especially soryal, really like to see him up here), but maybe none of the kids are ready yet, just maybe. I mean Dubi, cally, staal, girardi, anisimov, gilroy might be it for now (i really believe you can add grachev and DZ in the next couple of years as well) so if it is not going to be a kid, add a big body that might score a few.

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