Not Z-day


No, we won’t know today about Nik Zherdev’s arbitration hearing, which will almost certainly provide his ride out of town.

The arbitrator has 48 hours — which might be stretched to 72 because it falls on a weekend — to make his decision. Then the Rangers have 48 hours to reach their decision on whether to accept the award or walk away and make Zherdev an unrestricted free agent.

We’ve been told the numbers in print elsewhere today aren’t completely accurate. But they are probably close.

Anyway, you’d assume Glen Sather has contacted every team in creation to see if they’d be interested in Zherdev, depending on the size of the new contract. You’d also assume that Sather will also have his decision made the moment the arbitration award is announced.

But he doesn’t have to make it right away. He can use those 48 hours to further shop Zherdev, whose pricetag will then be known. 

Very, very unlikely, though, that Zherdev will be a Ranger 49 hours after the decision, one way or another.

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  1. Once Slats deals Z is there any doubt the first line Sather’s press release will read “We felt the signing of Ales Kotalik gave us the ability to make this move.”

  2. I wonder if Detroit would be interested in Z if they wind up losing Hudler to the KHL. Or maybe they’d just replace him with some of their young guys. If Z comes cheap we could sign him and deal him. Would be awesome to have Abdelkader on the Rangers. I’d buy that jersey

  3. At the time, it looked like a great deal, but now they will have nothing to show for it and they lost a good defenseman in Tyutin (9 goals and 25 assists) in 82 games – 5 PP goals and +1.

  4. Rick…”Very, very unlikely, though, that Zherdev will be a Ranger 49 hours after the decision, one way or another.”….it will be a BIG mistake not to resign him, rather than letting him walk for zero return. And the media is giving Sather & Tortorella a pass on this. Z was their leading scorer & would be right behind Gabby in scoring if kept. It’s an absurdly stupid move if Sather lets him walk. It would be just an emotional decision, certainly not an intellectual one.

  5. NYRinPHX- Even though I hate Seinfeld, I absolutely love Curb. I think everybody fron Seinfeld has been on already except fot Kramer. Can’t wait for Sept for new Curb.

  6. If you’re Zherdev, don’t you look at Hudler’s KHL contract of $5mn per as a good proxy of your value even though you know they are overpaying.

    Hudler put up 23 goals/34 assists last year with goals in the teens the prior two years. Zherdev had 23 goals/35 assists last year and 26 goals/35 assists they year prior.

    You could argue Zherdev has shown more consistency and with 5 years of experience relative to Hudler’s 3 years he’s got that in his favor too.

    If I were the GM I wouldn’t pay him more than $4mn but I totally can see why Zherdev wants that amount in light of Hudler and Antropov.

  7. bklynblue…
    Could not disagree more. He was the leading scorer on a team that had trouble scoring all season long, so that’s not saying much. The only way this guy has any value to the Reangers is if they sign and trade him. Otherwise, while I’m not happy about giving up Tyutin (a real asset) for this ‘should have been more’ player, let’s spend the money freed up by not signing him on a player that will WORK in Tort’s system. This is not an emotional decision at all, it’s the right business decision.

  8. I don’t see how Zherdev would survive under Torts anyway. Seems like the writing has been on the wall for a while. Even if the Rangers win the arbitration, Zherdev isn’t worth the $$$, let alone does he have any serious trade velue.

    Zherdev is the one to blame here. He is the guy that has to look in the mirror today. Slats is doing the right thing by waiving good bye.

  9. If Z just walks and we get nothing for him… who do u bring to fill in the spot? I sure hope people don’t count on Grachev or AA to score at least 60 points to compensate for Z’s departure.

    And I wonder who will that player be that will work in Torts system? If we get nothing in return for Nik, there is no one on FA list that comes even close to Z… and if Z is gone for nothing, who do we trade to bring the player that will work in Torts system?

  10. Captaincy…

    Last year, in Chris Drury’s first as Ranger’s Captain, he was flanked by Alternate Captains Scott Gomez and Markus Naslund.

    This year, with Gomez jettisoned to Montreal and Naslund deciding to retire, coach John Tortorella has a big decision ahead of him. No, picking two players to wear an “A” on their jersey won’t be the difference maker in going to the Stanley Cup Finals or blowing a 3-1 series lead in the 1st round, but it could signal a changing of the guard at Madison Square Garden.

    Ever since the lockout, veterans have worn the A. Jaromir Jagr, Steve Rucchin, Darius Kasparaitis were the 3 Alternates in the Captain-less 2005-06 season. Since then, Brendan Shanahan, Marty Straka, Gomez, and Naslund have worn it. All older players, all on Broadway for a short time (although Gomez’s wasn’t planned that way).

    This year, Tortorella can do the easy thing and give Wade Redden (please no) or Marian Gaborik the “A”s to wear, but I hope he doesn’t. Logic says your best player should always get to be a Captain or Alternate (or, in Tom Renney’s case, your highest paid players), but it doesn’t always have to be. For example, can you guess who Washington’s Captain is? No, not Alex Ovechkin. Chris Clark is the Captain. Chris Clark, who scored 1 goal and added 5 assists in 32 games last year.

    Who makes a good choice? People who’ve paid their dues, who are probably going to be Rangers for a while, and who give 100% effort every shift.

    Scratch Redden off the list. Has less heart than Barry Bonds.
    Scratch Gaborik off the list. First season in NY.
    Scratch Michal Rozsival off the list. Probably won’t be a Ranger for the entire 3 years left on his contract (it is heavily front-loaded so any team that takes him will take a big Cap hit but won’t have to actually pay much money).

    Blair Betts would’ve been a great choice. However, since he probably isn’t returning, he can’t put the “A” on his sweater. (He did last year for a few games, though.)

    Brandon Dubinsky, Sean Avery, and Marc Staal would all make good choices. Avery, maybe not so great, but if he gets it, I’ll be the first to say it’s a good move. He plays hard every game, he loves being a Ranger, and we know he’s here to stay this time.

    However, the 2 I think should get it are Ryan Callahan and Dan Girardi. You can’t argue with Callahan getting it, can you? He defines what a Ranger should be. Plays hard not just every game, but every shift. Scores goals. Happy to be in New York. Loves playing at MSG. Doesn’t complain. Hits everyone in sight. Doesn’t take bad penalties.

    And Girardi? Well, the main reason is because he’s one of my 3 in NHL ’09. (I’m the Captain, and Girardi and Joe Thornton are my “A”s.) But I love Girardi. I love his poise, his hitting, his passing. I love how he was undrafted and then just came out of nowhere to join the team. I remember how he was picked to the AHL All-Star Game, then got called up in late-January ’07 and had to miss the game. He was happy to be called up, but upset his family and friends wouldn’t get to watch him in the All-Star Game. Plus, I think his talent, as of right now, is better than Staal’s. You can debate me on that, and you might be right, but I think he is a better defender right now, and if every player on the blueline played like him, this team would be a lot better than it was last year.

    Just my 2 cents. Would love to hear your choices.

  11. This guy’s done in NY, barring the arbitrator giving him only what the Rangers first offered — which won’t happen.

    I like his flash, but his ethic sucks. Rather watch some young guy bust his ass and struggle than this guy coast until he disappears in the spring.

  12. C-Drury
    A-Redden (he needs a sense of purpose)
    A-Ludqvuist (not sure it is legal, but the best choice)

  13. I don’t really like Curb that much, but ill check out that episode, i like it when people from Seinfeld are on. I just hope Kramer doesn’t drop any N-Bombs, or else his career is officially over, if not already.

    Go Z !!!

    Back to Russia that is !

  14. goalies cant wear the “A” because it’s a 2 minute minor if they cross the blueline. (remember when patrick roy stickhandled past the blueline at msg a few years ago? i think it was a sunday game. ridiculous)

    since one of the primary functions of the alternates is to talk business with the refs. it’s not feasible. i agree that hank would be a good choice though.

  15. Send the Tin Man to Russia Without Love. (Tin Man…remember the Wizard of Oz….NO HEART). Would be nice to try and salvage something for him.

    Callahan a great choice for an A. What about Gaborik? Clearly injury prone but sounds like someone who can lead by example in the O zone. Staal still seems a little young and quiet to be the A.

  16. Doodie Machetto on

    Whatever they do, I know Avery won’t end up with a letter. Imagine how any conversation he has with an official will end: 2 minutes in the box for Avery for unsportsmanlike conduct.

  17. Avery is gonna have a career year, with Torts there I am not worried about Avery being anything other than Awesome. Is it Hockey Season yet. NHL 09 is not cutting it.

  18. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga is nearing the end... says Greg L. on

    If Z is the Tin man then Tort’s has to be the wizard …who give the tin man a heart.

  19. Does anyone know what time the hearing is actually held? Are we expecting statements from either side afterwards?

  20. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga is nearing the end... says Greg L. on

    MunDoNYC13 , thats quite the Man cave!!! Just wondering with that slippery floor and it being all white , guys wearing thier socks being “drunk” would slip and bang thier heads on the hockey game!!God forbid smoking anything in there. with all yer hockey stuff in there smokin prob wouldnt be allowed. Place looks so nice , how could the owner relax with his buddies breaking stuff and marking up the floor, hahaha!!Those soft cushie seats look so nice I wouldn’t let anyone sit in ’em.

  21. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga is nearing the end... says Greg L. on

    Anisimov should Get an “A” or better yet two A A ‘s
    btw good post vibz.

  22. Brian Boyle was on the site. They took him off but added Ales Kotalik. I wouldn’t get to crazy that site always in unoriganized in the summer. As far as the roster goes.

  23. “Is it Hockey Season yet. NHL 09 is not cutting it”

    Damn right it’s not cutting it. Im getting tired of that fuggin game.

    Give me 2010 season, and NHL 10, and a Megan Fox sex tape with Mila Kunis. BOOM !

    A Cup too, but I wont get to greedy.

  24. If you define a captain as the guy that will rise to the occasion, and lead the troops into battle. Sacrificing thier bodies, and giving 100% every single shift, I think there are only two choices for the A’s. That would be Callahan and Dubinsky.

  25. Here’s how I define a captain:

    ??/?kæpt?n, -t?n/ Show Spelled Pronunciation [kap-tuhn, -tin] Show IPA
    Use captain in a Sentence
    1. a person who is at the head of or in authority over others; chief; leader.
    2. an officer ranking in most armies above a first lieutenant and below a major.
    3. an officer in the U.S. Navy ranking above a commander and below a rear admiral or a commodore.
    4. a military leader.
    5. an officer in the police department, ranking above a lieutenant and usually below an inspector.
    6. an officer of the fire department, usually in command of a company, ranking above a lieutenant and below a chief or assistant chief.
    7. the commander of a merchant vessel. Compare staff captain.
    8. the pilot of an airplane.
    9. a local official in a political party responsible for organizing votes on a ward or precinct level.
    10. Sports. the field leader of a team: The captain of the home team elected to receive on the kickoff.
    11. a person of great power and influence, esp. based on economic wealth.
    12. headwaiter.
    13. bell captain.
    14. South Midland and Southern U.S. an unofficial title of respect for a man (sometimes used humorously or ironically).

  26. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I think Z will win his case what ever it is.

    Avery is all about himself, he wants to be the center of attention, yet he’s got good hockey skills.
    I think he is a distraction and doesn’t have a place on a championship team.The only reason why he is here because of the lack of scoring talent.

  27. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga is nearing the end... says Greg L. on

    Dan-nial J , You making bread or bull? You say Z laid on the ice bla bla , Zherdev didn’t do that. He didn’t show up for the playoffs is the issue here. Guy thinks like alotta euro’s (Jagr saving it for playoffs ,Z did the opposite haha) Every loaf of bread need yeast but its those special ingrediets that make it sooo good!!! Tort’s tosses in some yeast and we have PRESTO euro bread!!

    Easy on Bklynblue ,he is just stating a fact.

  28. I agree with what Carp says here. Sather definitely has everything planned out, and will have his decision made immediately after the salary is awarded to Zherdev. It is even possible thath there is a deal on the table between the Rangers and another team based on what Zherdev is awarded.

  29. dubi will be signed no later than tuesday.
    zherdev will be traded by the end of next week. i don’t expect much coming back in return outside of maybe a draft pick.

    the new blue notes site sucks and the ranger related articles on bleacher report are also absolutely terrible. nothing against carp because he does a great job but this site lost some serious spunk when sam left us for the golf course. there’s a void in my ranger related reading now and its a total bummer.

  30. what i don’t understand is why they would let him walk away for nothing. if the rangers can trade him for a 6th round draft pick, it would be superior to getting nothing in return. and frankly, he’s still a valuable commodity. or, i should say, he must have some value even at a high price.

  31. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga is nearing the end... says Greg L. on

    nyrcc , Staal uses positioning and stick work, just because he doesn’t throw his body around like Dion P. Ask OVechkin if Staal is soft. Sorry but the only thing soft around here is your brain.

  32. Haha, my fake trades/signings are much more believable.

    But i agree, i does kill time, and it’s funny as long as it’s done every now and then, and not every hour, of every day.

    Lol, and i feel bad for the Hawks fans. They are in deep sh*t with that stupid contract. Along with Campbell, and the possibility of losing one of Toews, or Kane, and having to trade a 40 goal scorer like Sharp. Oh boy, glad we don’t have problems like that.

  33. from the last post, i think the C & A’s should be decided by the coach, always. You want the players to vote on who should be captain? Who are all the new players Lisin, Kotalik, Higgins, Gaborik, Boyle, Brashear, Gilroy, Anisimov supposed to vote for, yea they will play with each other at training camp but I mean it ends up becoming a popularity contest, or a favorites game, whos buddy-buddy with who. The coach should always assign the C and A’s in my opinion.
    I like the post about Girardi being a potential A, I dont know why hes not on the poll, I can see why Avery isnt on there but Girardi should at least be given the possibility of being an A, him Staal Dubi and Cally are the heart, soul and future of this team (& henrik obviously), Girardi goes under the radar very often. I dont know if I would agree with Vibz that he is better than Staal, but he is right there with him, not far behind, I just think Staal has more offensive upside for the future, but defensively him and Staal are tremendous.

  34. right on newman. i agree with you on not giving staal an A. hes solid player, but not a leader. at least not yet. i just cant picture him arguin with the refs or him “inspiring his teammates”. i think cally rozy or gabby should get it. gabby is more than capable of handling that responsibility. hes gonna be leading this team by default anyway. i kinda hope dru gets beter and if he doesnt, torts strips his c away. cuz he didnt really “inspire anyone last year. maybe his lone goal in the playoffs was pretty good, but he needs to do more. he needs to get fired up like he did in the victoria cup game. thats the dru i wanna see come next season. i wanna see him smack one timers in and deflect goals in front on the pp like he used to do. he needs to score high 20’s -30 goals at least this eason. anything less will be another disappointing season. no excuses anymore because we all saw how he and others quit on renny last year. and rightfully so. 30 goals drury. at least earn half of what youre gettin paid.

  35. rob- yea ur right about the coach picking the c and a’s. i didnt realize but what you said makes sense. the team has alot of new players and yea, it would be a popularity contest. i didnt see it that way but you right. and yea girardi is a good choice. dont know why i didnt think of him. now that you mention him, i remember him bein pretty vocal last season and becoming more comfortable as a top line d man. he stuck up for zherdev last season too and took on someone bigger and stronger than him. i think hed be a good choice.

  36. Staal doesn’t play soft, but he is very soft spoken and still very young. Can’t expect him to be much of a leader at this point in his career (he can lead our clueless dmen by example anytime he wants, however)

  37. I also think everyone that everyone makes the C/A talk alot more impactful to a player than it actually is. everyone is saying “Oh well if you give it to him that might put too much pressure on him” “Dont give it to gabby just let him concentrate on scoring goals” Do you honestly think that if there is one extra letter on Gaboriks jersey that he may not be focusing on scoring goals as much? Do you think that if Staal or Dubi or Cally look at their jersey before the game and see an A on it they are going to get scared and say to themselves oh man i better play extra good now because I got this A. You dont think that their attitude already is “I’m gona try to play as hard and as good as I can tonight and every night” I really think everyone makes it a bigger deal than it is, even though it is great to be one of the captains for the players, i think the pressure talk is way overdone, and I think Carp is accurate about a coach giving it to a player that he thinks will thrive on it, as opposed to a coach not giving it to a guy that he thinks will “have too much pressure on him” Any of these guys we are talking about could handle an A on their chest, besides possibly Avery, he may not know how to handle it

  38. i never said Girardi was better than Staal…the article i posted was not my writing

  39. Rangers have just traded Zherdev to the Kings with a second round pick for Sullivan, heard it on the WFAN.

  40. Dubi and avery (dubi seems a bit more vocal than cally) or cally and avery would be ok also. Either way, sign a freaking physical d man slats. Bye Z, have fun at jagr’s house.

  41. Did you just call Mike in IA a retard because you don’t know who Sullivan is?

  42. related to the previous posting…thank goodness Zubov is not returning to NY. loved him in the 90’s but do we really need him to take up cap space and a roster spot right now. develop the young guys. while this is a bad year to rely on 4 defenseman primarily, Torts tends to do that. So #5 and 6 and 7 will be for young cap friendly guys.

    also i do come here for news not rumor. so any truth to Zherdev being signed and traded? just want to know.

  43. davymax, your shot, nobody heard anything on the radio.. that post is most likely not even actually Mike in ia, its some idiot pretending to be that user just making something up, like people do every day on this site

  44. Question, I have tried to win a bet with my boy, that there are some American born players past and present that racked up alot of penalty minutes in this league, but I cant get that info. If anyone knows how I can go about separating the American born players from the rest, please advise.

  45. SIGN Z !!!!

    TRADE ROZY !!!

    I’d rather have Z and a bunch of rookies on the blueline then no Z and Rozsival back there hogging up 5 million dollars of cap space.

    I think most of us tend to forget he he is only 24 years old, and still led our team in points and still managed 23 goals on a offensively-challenged club.

  46. fewest career wins to win a stanley cup? or that season? i was guessing basing it on fewest career wins

  47. trivia
    i never saw this years cup so i can not say without a shadow of a doubt it is bylsma (who only coached 18 games)

    so my answer because i never saw who won the cup this year is billy stewart (22 games) chicago blackhawks late 30s

    until i decide to watch the final game of this years playoffs i dont know who won.


  48. crawford and carlyle both won in their second seasons though so if you didnt count 09 they would probably be right i got to think

  49. TR-808 is two for two! lets see if you can make 3 for 3!

    Lets make it a bit harder!

    Worst Regular Season Record by Stanley Cup Champion.

    Team – Year – Pct.

  50. “what was the most lopsided score ever in the finals”

    Detroit’s 15-0 win on Jan. 23 1944 over the Rangers?

  51. .38

    hahaha i think you got mine. i dont know for sure but thats what i thought it was so yes you win a new car!

  52. A quote on from Coach Trots what his wish list is:

    HIS WISH LIST: “I’d like to get a number one center and I know that Glen (Sather) is always looking around. Meanwhile, Dubinsky has the potential to be a really good player as he matures.”

  53. sam (not the great Weinman) on

    do any of you find it possible now that edmonton is out of Dany,

    that the Rangers would send DRedden down to the minors and try to trade for Dany with the cap space.

  54. From what I hear the only other team trying to get Heatley is SJ but they will have to dump Marleau to make it happen.

    IF Edmonton bailed out then we may still have a shot at him.

  55. vibz

    I almost totally disagree with you on Girardi. Not only do I not consider him captain material, I’m not over enthused by the calibre of his play at any time this past season. Perhaps it was the Renney effect, but he exhibited little in the way of leadership, was often guilty of deadly giveaways in his own end, his checks were routine, and his attack from the point was similar to most of the others – limp wrist shots easily intercepted or deflected. Mostly however he was frequently suckered into coughing up the puck while guarding the point, and beaten by the opposition into his own end. I suggest finding another candidate. And I don’t think he’s anywhere near Staal in defensive capacity. Sorry about that.

  56. anyone else think that maybe edmonton is now going to get Z regardless of the award!

  57. If we let Z walk which i can understand… who do we bring in to fill out the team, besides the countless rookies…

  58. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga is nearing the end , thank gawd... says Greg L. on

    Crazy place here. …Mike in ia the retard hahahaaha that was too funny for some reason sorry Mike ,it prob wasnt even you.

  59. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    The Rangers knew he Z was a project when they got him, they gambled and it didn’t work out, so they’ll move on to the next project gaborik.

  60. Walking away from Zherdev, is the cost of hiring Torts. After Torts got behind the bench, Zherdev started to play poorly. Who knows why, but Torts didn’t like him so I guess there’s not much sense keeping him around. I looks bad on Sather though, who traded a very good defenceman for him. I guess we will find out down the road if it’s all worth it.

  61. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I think St.Louis with GM JD, have improved their team.
    I wouldn’t be surprised if the blues go deep into the playoffs, got to give JD credit , he wasn’t sleeping in NY all those years doing the broadcasts.

  62. onecupin69yearsand counting

    the next project is Enver Lisin and if he ever gets it all together could be a 40 goal scorer with his talent although he probably never comes near that…

  63. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    The Rangers are never lucky..the always get the has been’s and what if’s

  64. Orr-always funny with the babe material.

    Guys, can we stop crying over Tyutin and acting like he was the second coming of Leetch? Yes, if Z walks without getting anything back, that’s all on Sather’s shoulders, not that he has to worry about his job. Tyutin was a decent 5th defenseman, maybe a 4 on a weaker team. He had a good year in Columbus but he maxed out on what he could do here. Does anybody remember how awful he was in the Pitt series 2 years ago? Not very fast, no offense and decent in his zone. Oh yeah, he threw an occasional NICE hip check. He is easily replaced so stop crying about it.

  65. thats an inaccurate post about fedor tyutin, hes no brian leetch but hes no 5th defenseman either, much better than that your not giving him any credit
    anyway even if Z walks its not a big deal, with the way the league works with the salary cap, if you dont get anything back for a guy, you still are getting somethin, cap space, and in our situation thats always helpful..
    But if the $ is reasonable and there was a way to fit him and dubi in i would be for giving him another year, still young, i would sign him if they ruled 3.7 mil, dubinsky is first priority though

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