Zubov is off the board


Back to Russia and the KHL. Here’s the story from TSN.


Rangers Report Bonehead trivia: Zubov is not the last player listed alphabetically in NHL history. Do you know who is? I’ll answer later if nobody gets it.

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  1. Darn, so now we only have 416 players the Rangers don’t need, shouldn’t want, won’t get, or can’t afford for us to discuss.

  2. correct on Zyuzin. Poor Ron Smith had no chance … he was brought in after the Neilson Mutiny, and everybody knew Keenan was coming next, and then Leetch broke his ankle.

    Then the poor guy gets a job as assistant in Vancouver and has to watch Messier, Keenan and Leetch win the Cup from the bench.

  3. Rob M

    I didn’t write Redden off completely YET! Last year we all knew Redden was on downhill of his career, but we thought…ok…change of scene…new team… that’s what he needs. End result? We all know it.

    Torts came…and suddenly everyone thought Reddens play improved under Torts…I say, Rangers fans are in denial…they force themselves to believe that reddens play improved under Torts so they won’t feel so bad about it anymore!

    and even if his play did improve, it was still crap by any standard. New scene, new coach, new year… I just don’t believe this bull anymore. Ill root for him… sure…but for how long I wonder.

  4. Just had an odd thought: I wonder what the most expensive NHL team would look like. ie. take the 4 highest-paid centers, LWs, RWs, top 7 D, and top 2 goalies. Wonder what that would cost and what the team would look like… This is based on 09/10 cap hits from NHLnumbers.com:

    Ovechkin (9.538) – Crosby (8.7) – Iginla (7)
    Heatley (7.5) – Malkin (8.7) – Alfredsson (5.4)
    Gaborik (7.5) – E.Staal (8.25) – C.Perry (5.325)
    Vanek (7.143) – Richards (7.8) – Pominville (5.3)

    Chara (7.5) – Lidstrom (7.45)
    B.Campbell (7.14) – S.Niedermayer (6.75)
    JayBo (6.68) – Boyle (6.667)
    Redden (6.5)

    Hank (6.875)
    Luongo (6.75)

    -Total cap hit = $150.468M (about triple the cap).
    -3 Rangers on the list (Gabby, Redden, and Hank is the highest-paid goalie).
    -Wow, RW is underpaid compared to the other positions.
    -Vanek, Richards, Perry, Pominville? Really?
    -No Hossa, St Louis, Vinny LeCav, Kovalchuk, Zetterberg, Phaneuf…
    -Fatso is only the 11th highest-paid goalie. Say what you want, but NJ is getting a huge bargain.
    -Gomez & Drury are #6 and 8 on the Centers list, Rozi is 19 on D, Redden is #7 on D. I think Wade is the worst of our “4 bad contracts,” but Rozi isn’t all that bad.
    -Only 1 Red Wing (Lidstrom), 2 Pens (Cindy, Malkin), 1 Cap (OV) on the list. What does that tell you? Hmm, Mr. Sather? Elite teams only need to pay elite money to 1, maybe 2, truly elite players.

  5. “onecupin69yearsand counting July 30th, 2009 at 4:34 pm

    The Rangers didn’t need him”


    Im tired of these people who want every veteran on the board and then come January are crying because the team sucks and there arent enough kids.

    Jesus you cant have it both ways.

  6. SCX,

    Gaborik is a RW (regardless of how they list him on NHLNumbers) so he would balance things out a little bit in your lineup. Pominville would drop off and Kovalchuk would be added in making it a much stronger lineup.

  7. how come so many people want staal to be an alternate? he seems more quiet than drury. i dont know. id rather give the A’s to gabby and rozy. gabby for obvious reasons and rozy cuz hes the longest tenured ranger right now and is one of 2 vets on d and i dont think redden needs any added pressure. all i know is rozy deserves the A just as much as anyone. he came back from major surgery, and hung in there while playing damn good in the playoffs (except for that miscue with drury in game 5 lol).i think he got hit in the face with ovies high stick and was cut bad and got right back up and was there next shift. he wasnt great last year but after few months he started playing better later on in the season and playofs. staal has plenty of time to work on his game first before you slap a letter on him. not sayin rozy is better. just sayin he is a better choice right now.

  8. Cross Check Charlie on

    No Zubov? Why was he too young? Won’t fit in? Yeah, get Chelios. He’s only 100 years old. He’ll fit right in.

  9. ill flip out if we sign Chelios… highly doubt it happening though so I dont think I have to worry

  10. I am all for giving the A to Rozsival… I just dont see why everyone thinks Gaborik should get one being a brand new player on the team, just because hes the best player doesnt warrant a letter.. And last year I didnt think Naslund should have got it in his first year but for his case in his defense he is a long-time leader and class act so it wasnt like I had a problem with it, just thought that Rozi should have got it last year. I just think that the A’s this year should go to guys that have been apart of this organization for a little while, not that Ill kick and scream if Gaborik gets one just dont understand why people think it should be automatic because of how skilled he is

  11. As great as Zubov was on the most glorious 1994 championship team, I’m not disappointed they didn’t end up signing him this time around. Too old, make room for the kids.

  12. wanted one A as forward and one A as defenseman

    so on d staal wins out over rozy
    on forward callahan easily wins with gaborik a distant 2nd and dubinsky 3rd

  13. Zubov and Nedved for Ulfie and Lazy-butt Luc Robitaille surely backfired. Bad trade for us. Robitaille was a great sniper in Pit and in LA, but took time off here, don’t really know why.

  14. vote, how does cally beat out gaborik but dubi doesnt? dubi and cally both are the heart and soul forwards and it is purely preference when asking a ranger fan who they like better, but they are both ideally the same type of guys when it comes to getting an A, i said same type of guys not same type of PLAYERS.. just to clarify

  15. “Robitaille was a great sniper in Pit and in LA, but took time off here, don’t really know why.”

    Because that’s what players do when they come here. We were the retirement center of the NHL.

  16. flippedturtle on

    I agree Rob M it should go to cally or dubi they are our future. As for on D I like the idea of Staal getting the A I think it would only rais his game even more IMO.

  17. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 2 days... says Greg L. on

    Redden knows he had a bad year ,he is paid ALOT of cash ,he had a horiblle year with the Senators the year before ,he sucked last year with the Rangers ,he could be burried in Hartford and Lets just say he knows he has to have a great year . Alot of pressure on this guy!! The fans….will destroy him too!! Redden might wanna play his very best and hope to hell Slats trades him while hes worth something cuz the Ranger fans wont cut him anymore slack. Like it or don’t Its a losing battle .When Ranger fan are on ya …ya mays well trade the guy. If Redden is still with the team come xmas..give him Player of the year award right then and there!! GooooRedden!!!!! I like Rob M ‘s attitude about Redden but CCCP represents almost the majority of Ranger fans.

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    Carp, any idea on my question about the ownership of MSG that I posed for you earlier?

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    BTW, if NHL people were angry at the infamous Kevin Lowe offer sheets, what do you think they think of Ballislie? He’s basically doing an offer sheet for an entire franchise. The Coyotes are RFA.

  20. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 2 days... says Greg L. on

    Yeah Pavel I see it now …Grezty : yawnnnn ,it’s been a great carreer .I think ill go relax and wind down ,where’s Glens Number!?

  21. Speaking of ‘C and A’…
    what do you guys think of who should be making the decision for who’s captain and assistants, the coach or the players?

  22. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 2 days... says Greg L. on

    Ballisie is a moron. Leagues have rules and to “buy” yer way in is desperate and pathetic. Hamilton doesn’t need squat for a hockey team. If those pathetic coyotes go anywhere it should n’t be in eastern Canada. Slap ’em right in the middle of Canada in Saskatchewan baby!!

  23. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 2 days... says Greg L. on

    Players should do a silent vote on who they want as assistants.

  24. So the captain should be assigned by the coach? Is it more important for the captain to get along with the coach or the players?

  25. Lets give an A to Brashear and Avery…i’d like to hear the convos they have with the refs…nah but seriously i think the players should decided who the captain and the alternates…it only makes sense…i think it means more when you’re teammates think you’re a leader on the team

  26. If Avery came into camp and showed the hustle (think game 7 vs Wash) and ‘team’ first attitude that Torts is looking for, he would make an awesome choice for an ‘A’. The refs would be forced to re-consider the disrespect (no respect?) they showed him last year.

  27. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 2 days... says Greg L. on

    Noway Orr , Right in the middle of Canada -smack dab , where there aint no NHL team at all!! Don’t let eastern Canada warp yer view on Canada Orr , in the west here is all graveyyy and NO french at all. btw sorry french canadians ( ohg gawd I pulled a Avery !)

  28. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 2 days... says Greg L. on

    Captain (Drury)
    Assistant(Gaborik )
    Assistant (Staal ) cuz Redden and Rozi may not be here.

    Dubi has to have an A and so does Gaborik and a defensman.
    Callahan onlt needs to concentrate on attack attack attack. Being an assistant might slow him down.

  29. Either Andrei Zyuzin or Danius Zubrus. I believe Zyuzin is a FA as we speak and with the way things are looking he too could be in Russia. That means Dinosaur Zubrus would be the last name on the official players list.

  30. canada deserves a team
    ballsilie deserves a team

    hes tried 3x and has had the highest bid and the most money and i can go on and on and on.

    he deserves a friggen !team
    just give him a team already!

    if a team gets put in a desert again before it goes back to where it belongs that is absurd and just further proves that bettman is trying to destroying the league.

  31. Don’t give Gaborik an ‘A’. It’s a rare athlete who comes to NY and does really well his first year here (any sport). Goborik is coming from Minnesota which will be a big enough change for him. Not to mention that he’s got to be feeling big pressure to produce big numbers since he getting big bucks in the big city. That’s enough for him to deal with without sticking a big ‘A’ on him.

  32. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I think gaborik ‘s contract states he get’s an A
    .”In Rudsha I always get A”

    And truthfully when did the rangers ever have a great coach?
    They had some good coach’s,lots of stinkers and Torts is the only won that I know of, who was fired by NY and won a cup.
    But his water bottles toss at a fan is bush league.

  33. good point nutz. players should choose. as for gabby not gettin an A. i think if hes gonna be the top scorer and have all that pressure on him anyway, i think he should have an A. i think your best players should have leadership roles on the team. nothing against duby or cally or staal getting the A, im sure all 3 will have letters in the future on this team.

  34. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 1.5 days... says Greg L. on

    Gaborik will be god around here once fans see how this guy can finish!!! Hes no Straka or Gomez or any other slumping shooter. He will get the “a” and in 3 years could scoop up the “c”?

  35. Anyone who doesn’t think Avery is a shoe-in for at least an “A” is out of their minds.

  36. Puck…
    I think Avery’s loose cannon days are behind him. Torts established who’s the boss last year and Sean is a smart cookie who recognizes the opportunity he has on and off the ice. He’ll still be an agitator but we won’t see him going over the line. He’ll be a leader on this team even if he doesn’t get an ‘A’. I predict a career year for him (disclosure: I didn’t want him back when Dallas sent him down). I changed my mind on him and I think many others will too.

  37. Sometimes a coach gives a guy a letter because he thinks it will help him focus. Herb Brooks gave Barry Beck the C, for example, because he thought he would thrive with it.

    That might not be a bad move with Avery … if you want to keep him in line. On the other hand, don’t you want him right on the edge of that line?

    Doodie, sorry, but I don’t really know the ramifications of the business move being made by Cablevision/MSG. Charles Dolan is the bigwig at Cablevision, and son Jim is a lieutenant, I think. Jim runs MSG.

  38. and from the little time I’ve spent around the team from last January through April, I think Callahan has “leader” written on him more than Staal or Dubinsky. Not that they’d be bad choices. I just think Callahan is a natural.

  39. Carp…
    that remark about Callahan being a ‘natural’ leaves me wanting more info…
    Also, after Zherdev’s hearing tomorrow, how much time are the Rangers given to sign him or walk away?

  40. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 1.3 days... says Greg L. on

    Great Observation Carp , you were there and I wasn’t . It’s Callahans size that deters him from being anything special. He has to work for everything he gets and isn’t handed a dime!! I’d pick Dubinsky over him ,Gaborik and staal for assistants but I never lost the fact that Cally is one fierce competitor and has fire in his eyes. Calahan is what a Ranger should be and if he was named captain or an assistant ,i’d sure know why. I favor Staal and Dubi over Cally but who knows it might be Callahan who become the biggest star.

  41. Daniel, I’ll have to check. I doubt that the award will be decided immediately. And then there is a period of 24 or 48 hours, I believe, in which the team must decide to accept the award or walk away.

  42. no A to gabby. let him focus on scoring goals and staying healthy. look what the C did to captain dreadful. please no A to Gabby

  43. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 1.2 1/2 days... says Greg L. on

    Yo Eric , tell the new wifey I said hi!!! yeah no pressure on Gaborik . I like that.

  44. Carp…
    thanks for the follow-up. It’ll be good to finally have some news that leads to decisions (deals) that finalizes the squad that will compete for a spot on the team. I’m really looking forward to the pre-season games for a change. Torts did say the only guy who’s a lock on the team so far is Hank. I’m psyched to see the battles to see who makes this team.

  45. Tonight is the night is the night to know

    Forever and ever to KHL i go

    Tonight is the night is the night to get the dough

    Together forever Sather will blow

  46. well, i hope we find out today whether hes gone or not. wish he wouldve developed into the sniper we needed but he looks like he just cant make the next step to becoming a star in the league. kids still pretty young and i really thought torts could work with him but i guess all these coaches didnt give up on him for no reason.

    you could make a case why every player on the rangers deserves or dont deserve to be captain or alternate. but i dont think you can go wrong with giving cally, duby or stal a letter. i personally think that after struggling last season, duby doesnt need the added pressure, and neither does staal. he seems pretty quiet anyway, and we already have 1 quiet captain. i think avery could get the A but he really isnt gonna win alot of arguments with the refs. and like carp said about cally, he does seem like a good leader and will lead by both example and in the lockerroom. gaborik i think should get one because hes our best player and i think it will help him realize that were gonna be lookin to him alot and when it gets tough, hes gonna have to step up and get us those goals and get us wins. i think you give him an A it helps him realize whats expected of him. but some guys dont like that pressure on them especially new players. so if he doesnt get an A i wont be surprised. in that case, i would like cally and rozy to get them. i also think maybe we should see if gabby is gonna be ready to play a full season and stay healthy. theres alot of pressure on him and if hes not up to it, then i think cally would be perfect choice after him. i think the young d need a leader too. if nothing else, than that rozy has been here the longest and knows the ropes, i think he can help our young d men out and would be a good leader.

  47. i wish bklynblue. i really thought wd give this kid more than 1 season to become a great player for us. he had an ok season and played on a defensive team for most of the year. i think makin the adjustment coupled with getting used to torts abrasive style and personality can be hard for younger players like zherdev. he really isnt askin for that much money for what he produces, but he really messed up by not showin up for the playoffs. i dont care if its his first time. what about varlamov? he barely played any reg. season nhl games and a goalie has much more pressure on him than the rest of the team. i dont buy that excuse. o well, just hope he doesnt turn into 40 goal scorer cuz i will be pissed.

  48. Mike – it could be Tueday before we find out.
    The arbitrator hears the cases tomorrow, then he has up to 48 hours to make his decision, then i think the club has 48 hours to accept his decision or decline and make Z a UFA.
    From what i’ve read it looks like Z is going in at $4.5m and the Rangers possibly lower than the qualifying offer.

    Most arbitration cases hit the approx mid-point so i’d expect an award around $3.75m.

    p.s. Larry Brooks really drops the hammer on Zherdev today, i reckon he’ll be there to personally drive him to the airport and usher him on the plane to Moscow!!

  49. screw Brooks, he sticks up for Avery, and is siding with Sather on Z. They are both wrong. Z was their leading scorer. He deserves more than the qualifying offer. Just like Avery got what he thought he deserved. Let Sather pay whatever is decided, end of story. If he doesn’t, he’s making another mistake .

  50. To Hell with Zherdev. Sure the kid has talent and can score. But you’re not going to win a Cup with people like him.

    I have a buddy who I just introduced hockey to this year, and now he’s super into it. We watched the entire playoffs together. But not knowing the game, says to me, “It looks like the Rangers don’t care”. Then watching Detroit in the first round, says to me “It looks like those guys REALLY want to win”. Zherdev’s indifference and inability to outwill his opponent will stamp his ticket out. No room for that here

  51. Brooks is absolutely correct (1) for sticking up for Avery and (2) for putting Z on the next plane to Moscow. I hope Z is gone after today, and that we put the money to better use. Does anyone think that guy is going to thrive in Torts’ system? He’s going to be destroyed, and will be viewing games from the press box for $3.25 m + a year, since Torts won’t give a S how much he is making.

  52. To Hell with Chelios

    One thing we don’t need is ANOTHER D man, and especially one whose 47 years old

    YEah yeah teaching, leadership – no thanks.
    That’s what coaches are for and the last thing we need is chelios blocking a youngster from making the squad


    I think Sather is done with the aging vets coming here, FINALLY

    THANK GOD Zubov isn’t an option anymore

    I say go with what we have and try to let a few mor Youngsters(Grachev especially) show what they got to make the team

  53. Zherdev is like a loaf of bread made without yeast.

    He’s got some of the ingredients to be a great player. But, and this is a really big but, he hasn’t shown the heart, grit, or determination it takes to raise his game to the next level. Over and over this past season, ‘Z’ would be hit along the boards and I wouldn’t see any effort to get back in the play. If the guy took an open ice hit, he’d just lie there on the ice watching the play continue around him. I’d be yelling at the screen “GET UP M#$#@* F(#$@*!!” Think of the effort Callahan, Dubi, or ex-Ranger Prucha, put forth shift after shift, night after night. These players are (still) popular because of the energy and effort they play with. This is NY for cryin’ out loud! We don’t have time for half ass efforts and excuses.

    I don’t want a loaf of bread that doesn’t rise, no matter how many other great ingredients it has. The moment Zherdev’s gone this team is better.

  54. “To Hell with Zherdev. Sure the kid has talent and can score. But you’re not going to win a Cup with people like him.”


    Yes, you are so right! F Zherdev! Because of him I only got 8 million per season! Send him outta here…maybe Sather will throw couple extra dollars my way if he doesn’t have to pay Nik! I am the player you win the Cup with! Oh, Yea… Rozi said he also the player you win the Championships with! We rock!

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    “I don’t want a loaf of bread that doesn’t rise, no matter how many other great ingredients it has.”

    I take it you don’t like Matzoh?

  56. Personally i’m a pitta and flatbread guy, but i’m still not a $4M a year Zherdev fan. If he was $2.5m per year make mine a bagel!!

  57. Doodie…
    Actually, I do like matzoh, just not with my hockey.

    it’s right here in my hockey cookbook, “Add at least 2 TB’s of grit to make a great hockey player (more can be added to adjust for flavor)”

  58. BroadwayBlue on

    Good news down the road? I’m sure everyone saw the announcement of Cablevision spinning off a new company of MSG, the teams & Radio City. Not included are the MSG Network & the Beacon Theatre. I don’t think you need to be Stephen Hawking to expect that new entity will eventually (though I hope it’s sooner) up for sale. I’ve maintained since Cablevision made the purchase that it only wanted the MSG Network which was a cash cow at the time having the Yankees contract, but had to take on the other parts (true or not true Carp?). As we all know, the inept Dolans not only managed to lose the Yankees contract & later the Mets, but the Knicks got worse & the Rangers continue running in place on the treadmill of mediocrity, all while being not particularly fan friendly. But, if they do sell MSG & its teams, it means we’ll be emancipated from one Jim Dolan, who remains clearly way over his head.

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