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I was watching the highlights from the 1997 Stanley Cup finals the other night, and though the Philly Flyers — who handily beat up the beaten-up Rangers in the Eastern final — were swept by Detroit, man, that was a good team.

It was old, yeah, and about to break down. But it had Lindros, LeClair, Brind’Amour, Renberg, Desjardins, Niinimaa, Podein, Therien, an old Kjell Samuelsson and a young Vinny Prospal. And it had brought in players like Paul Coffey, Joel Otto, Dale Hawerchuk, Petr Svoboda.

Of course, it also had Garth Snow and Ron Hextall in goal. So, you know …


Today’s Seinfeld trivia: There are multiple instances in the show where Kramer vomits. How many can you name … with details?


Busy day today. Be back late this afternoon if any news. I’ll count on you Boneheads to update the comments if anything happens before then.

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  1. hey did anyone go to the Seinfeld Trivia night last night???
    I went and my team tied for first but lost on the tie breaker question which was
    how many episodes…

  2. I’ve seen every Seinfeld episode multiple times and I cant remember which episode you are talking about!

  3. UESBlueshirt on

    It’s funny how everyone talks about how the Lindros ruling stocked the Nordiques, which is certainly indisputable, but when you consider how quickly the Flyers were rebuilt after Lindros joined the team it’s pretty incredible.

    The cornerstone acquisition other than Lindros was the Recchi for Leclair/Desjardins/Dionne deal. At the time I thought they were getting one of the more underrated D in the game (Desjardins), a good role player that had a huge Stanley Cup finals in ’93 (Leclair) and a throw-in (Dionne). Not once did I ever consider that Leclair would become one of the prototypical power forwards of the late 90’s.

    Still, what plagued the Flyers then was pedestrian goaltending. Particularly when it came to the playoffs and it’s amusing to see that with their current goaltending tandmen being Emery/Boucher that they still haven’t quite learned their lesson.

  4. I wish you guys watched some other TV programmes.
    How many days till training camp starts?

  5. Remember that episode where Glen Sather throws up on Nik Zherdev?

    It re-airs Friday if you missed it.

  6. TB Lightning are going to buy out the last 3 years of Vinny Prospal’s contract, which he can accept or go through waivers. He makes 3.5/per, so if he went through waivers, he’d make 1.75. He can play center or wing. I’m pretty sure he played for Torts in TB. God forbid Dubinsky leaves, you think Vinny could step in? Discuss

  7. True enough SCX, but you’re also not getting the right Vinny for less than 2 mil per

  8. Speaking of the Rangers/Flyers series in ’97… anyone else notice the abnormally HUGE chest protector that Garth Snow was wearing? He looked like a transformer or something.

  9. Joe, i heard TB are passing him through waivers to see if anyone wants him and if not they will buy him out – someone else can only claim him for half salary on re-entry waivers, there are no plans for that. Having said that if he is getting a buy-out he would be available for less as a UFA in theory.

  10. Honestly, i’d rather have Prospal at 2-3 million for 1 year then Brad Richards at 7.8 for 2 years.

    Prospal still can play (IF ON A GOOD TEAM). In 2007-2008 he had 14 points in 18 games and a +7 after being traded to the Flyers, then scored another 13 points in 17 games in the playoffs — all while playing on Philly’s TOP LINE.

    Plus, he has a history with Torts … since that seems to matter to so many people in Rangerland

  11. Prospal would be a very solid addition as a LW. 1 year 2 mil would be perfect although I would think the Rangers would pass…

  12. On NHL Network, they showed Classic Series Canadiens-Pens 1998 1st round. That was a good series. Lot of interesting names including Andy Moog getting his final win via a shutout to clinch the series. The Habs were swept by Buffalo next round.

    You had a young Koivu, Brunet, Rucinsky and Kovalenko who came over from the Nords/Avs in the Roy deal. A decent Malakhov before us. Turner Stevenson who nailed Jagr with a clean hit. And on the other side, Jagr, Lang, Morozov, Straka, Slegr, Barrasso.

    And yes. That Flyer team was loaded. Amazing they never won with Lindros.

  13. I’ll pass on Prospal bc he’d just take up another spot and that would likely hurt Anisimov’s development. That’s what this team is known for. Pushing kids down the depth chart. Let’s just re-sign Dubi and go from there.

    Prospal is a nice player but he’s 34 and won’t exactly help our cap. I’d much rather find a PP QB on the cheap like MA Bergeron or maybe deal for Babchuk.

  14. BroadwayBlue on

    Because not much is currently happening on the Rangers front, I offer the following prediction, prefaced by the following: I am of sound mind when I predict Wade Redden will have a bounce back year this season. That’s right, Mr. Mistake of 2008- ’09 will have a revival year. After the 1st two games in Europe last year, Redden’s play was dreadful, but his performance did pick up when Tortorella became coach. I am also aware that Redden’s less than stellar play had been on going, prior to his signing with NYR. While respondents will claim I’m off my rocker, I’ll gladly accept all apologies after the season.

  15. I’d rather we go into camp with AA, Dubi and Drury as top 3 centers and say to them it up to one of them to claim the spot and if they don’t we’ll go and trade for someone who will. In fact that should be our outlook in all positions.


    Maybe we should just do this lets see what the Ansimov’s and the Grachev’s can do, give them a chnace. If it looks like they can not get the job done then move on a someone over the coarse of the season??? What say you???

  17. Broadway – i too think Redden will be better this year, i doubt he will ever be worth the $6.5m per year but i think he will prove to be a solid top 4 d-man this year. I really hope he finds his PP mojo too then we don’t have to experiment with forwards and can give someone like Gilroy a chance on the 2nd unit.

  18. I still say they pick up Bergeron on the cheap. even with his questionable defense, this powerplay needs his shot from the point….

  19. I think we should just re-sign Dubi, and be done with it. My only other potential move would be if we get something worthwhile for some combo of Redden, Rozi, and/or Z (assuming we do a sign-and-trade after arbitration). And by “worthwhile” I don’t mean anyone with a big cap hit for many years.

  20. roc – why not give them the chance? Otherwise we’ll be spending money on free agents for years to come.

  21. bull dog line on

    you do not know if somebody is a number 1 center until you give them the chance to be a number 1 center. The Rangers have to stop going outside the organization for help, and start giving there own guys a chance to succeed, or fail.

  22. Wow, Janis Foligno, mother of Sens’ Nick Foligno, past away of cancer at 47. Sad. I’m 25 and can’t imagine losing my parents, poor kid is only 21. Janis is also the niece of Eddie Giacomin. Condolences to the family

  23. Joe – i was 19 when my dad died of cancer age 43, kind of gives you a big wake-up call. 17 years later i still think about him all the time, especially now when i have 2 boys of my own – he would have made the best Grandpa in the world.

  24. NYRanger4Life on

    Broadway Blue – I wish more Rangers fans shared your sentiments. My question is what constitutes a bounce back season? Showing some physicality in the corners? Not shying away from checks? Leading the team in + / -? Scoring 40-50 points?

    He’ll never play up to his contract….and thats the unfortunate bottom line. Unless he has an absolutely OUTSTANDING (beyond bounce back!) season, expect him to be waived or bought out after the season.

  25. Which Lightning guy was the one that threw Torts under the bus and basically called Torts an A**hole?

  26. Wow. That sucks Joe. Poor Foligno. :( He had a nice finish to last year for the Sens. Hope it doesn’t take a toll.

  27. Isn’t Prospal a center ? This is perfect, sign him to a one or two year deal, move Dubi to the wing, and have Artie center to 3rd line, until eventually he succeeds Dreary, and takes his spot as the 2nd line center.

    Trade Rozi to make it happen. Once again signing Kotalik proves to be a waste. Could have had Antro instead, could have brought back Z instead, or could have signed Prospal, but to be fair this happened out of the blue, so there’s nothing Slats could have done aboot it.

    I think it could be a good fit. The only difference between Richards, and Prospal is we have a better shot at getting rid of Rozi in that deal.

    Get it done Slats !

  28. Hey just figured I’d let everyone on here know that I met Sean Avery at this one bar across the street from MSG on Monday prior to the Greenday show. He’s freakin huge! Plus the guys face has some serious scars. Really, really nice guy though and I held the door for him when he left and the guy took the extra second to shake my hand goodbye and say that it was very nice to meet me. Fookin awesomeness! Now to meet Sather… wouldn’t be so nice. For him.

  29. Third attempt! Sorry of the post repeats.

    Strange, the first two posts didn’t get through. Hockey must be a real male dominated sport! Female comments don’t get through even on a hockey blog! I will try again.

    Hey guys! I have a question. Why isn’t there a female head coach in the NHL? Do you think it is something that could happen? How do you think it might change the game, if at all? Thank you.

  30. Those who think that Wade will “bounce back” aren’t nuts… as you guys have stated, he won’t live up to his INSANE contract but I think he’ll have a better year (Ccould it get worse?)

    As far as Kotalik, I think that was a two pronged signing… on one level I don’t think Torts wants to take on “PROJECT Z(herdev)” and on the other I honestly think he’ll be reuinited with Drury to try and spark him.

    It may not work, but Slats was at least thinking on that one. The powerplay probably had something to do with it also.

  31. I have to say that I don’t want to add another veteran defenseman. Unless Rozi or Redden are unloaded then just say no and keep some cap room for in season moves. Hank is supposed to be good enough to make up for any deficiencies. The offense has improved. So let’s not get a Zubov please. Maybe Dubi is waiting to be that last piece. Whatever is left in the kitty when the dust settles. He has always been a team first kind of guy and I expect that he will be the last member signed just because he can be flexible. I expect a one year deal that gets an extension after January 1st which will not count against this years cap. Similar to Hank several years ago but in much smaller scale.

  32. Ranger moves i’d like to see:

    1. At all costs keep Dubinsky

    2. I have No Problem taking Prospal at 2-3 million for 1 YEAR and moving AA or Dubi to the wing

    3. The trading of Rozsival (Redden is not going anywhere and i also think he will have good season this year)

    4. The signing of 2 more Vet D-Men (1 to replace Rozy and 1 to be 7th D-man and back up the 2 rookies this year) I like MA Bergeron or Seidenberg and the 7th d-man being Chelios or Ian White from Toronto

  33. Hey Rick- Being thast it is sooooo slow in the hockeyworld, wouldn’t you think it the perfect time for the NHL Network to expand it’s programming? I appreciate what they have done with it so far. Adding the World Jrs, and Memorial cup was a great start…But why stop there? There is so much more they can do than just air classic series, and playoff runs from the past three or 4 seasons. I mean, 30 teams in the league. How about 30 different off-season game plans? Or at least maybe 6 different shows breaking it down by divisions? Or, maybe a show on each clubs prospect pool? It just seems like this channell is just sitting there, and while in season it is used properly, during the offseason there is only so much Sidney Crosby that one person can watch! But why stop there. So much coming up in the hockey world. How about a show specifically on the olympics? Vancouver is right around the corner. There are going to besome real competitive teams this season. How about a show on Team USA, Team Canada, Swerden, Russia etc. Lots to do, and the channell is there 24/7. Might as well use it to the NHL’s full advantage and better the programming they choose to air.

  34. Somerset, I’d love to see Seidenberg come on board after unloading Rozy. He’s a helluva player. Prospal would be a good pick up if we lost Dubi. However, Vinny would come as a strong bargain off of waivers, since he puts up good numbers every year and would come cheap. Strong value and return on the investment. Just signing him would cause a glut at wing, he’d need to be utilized as a center. Dubi seems to have his best game on when playing center, I’d prob be best to leave the roster alone. Sucks that Kotalik is here since Vinny would have been better option at less expense. Vinny has historically higher scoring. Maybe we could trade Kotalik

  35. Colonel Flagg on

    Kramer threw up after eatin and old ass hotdog from the movie house.And remember….I was never here.

  36. I think it would take a GM with a deliberately progressive attitude to hire a woman for a coaching position, and I don’t know that any of the current GMs would fit that description. On the other hand, a job offer might come on the heels of some specific event, such as a particularly successful women’s olympic appearance or some other amateur tournament. A female coach makes a splash in that context and an assistant spot opens up in the NHL and everything just kind of aligns.

    Nevertheless, I suspect given the cheers we hear at the Garden for supermodels who don’t know which direction to look on the rink, the NHL and it’s fans are pretty content keeping women behind the glass for the time being.

  37. If I watched Seinfeld, I would throw up.

    Joan-are there many female coaches in minors/junior/college/high school? Until there is, don’t hold your breath for a female NHL coach.

    2 days till Zherdev.

  38. Cross Check Charlie on

    Joan, what in the world would a woman know about coaching men’s hockey? The woman’s game is not the same as the men’s. It’ll never happen, thank goodness.

    Somerset, “) I like MA Bergeron or Seidenberg and the 7th d-man being Chelios or Ian White from Toronto”

    Please don’t even mention Chelios. He’s way past done. Seidenberg is decent or Babchuck would be a decent pickup.

  39. i bet i would do much better job than half the NHL coaches and GM’s! I could’ve done a much better job than Renney and i could definitely do a better job than Sather!

    Take that!

  40. BroadwayBlue on

    Since I’m on a roll, how about this one- I also think Rozsival will have a much better season than last. If I’m not mistaken, wasn’t he coming off hip surgery? Seems serious lower body hockey injuries & their surgeries effect the player for at least his 1st season back. I remember in the early/mid ’80s, Don Maloney broke his leg & did return to a semblence of effectiveness until the 2nd year. With regard to Rozsival, I was never a fan of his, but he did develop into (at least) a dependable blue-liner until hit by injuries. I realize I’m in the minority again, but I can take the heat with this prediction. But, I wouldn’t mind him being dealt as he’s overpaid at $5 million/year.

  41. I’ve said for a long time that the Rangers should trade Drury to Buffalo for Derek Roy…a deal that would benefit both teams.

  42. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 3 days... says Greg L. on

    Well Joan , a woman being a coach….it worked in a Mighty Ducks movie and in Slapshot2!!! A woman coaching a mens tean is a tense situation ,thats why they did it in the movies cuz it’s an aukward situation.

    Put it this way…A woman can’t be coach of an NHL team cuz a woman has never made it playing a full NHL carreer. If Manon Realme (spelt wrong) made it as the Tampa Starter and had a winning record and god forbid..wins the Stanley Cup..then yes a woman could coach..until then , it’s a no go. Am I right?

  43. Lol, if there was a chick coach in the NHL, she would have to be butt ugly.

    Imagine Megan Fox, or Bar Rafaeli as coaches in the NHL. They would have to create a different shaped Jockstrap. Also, who would be able to concentrate on the game. Obviously coach / player hook ups is another thing for a GM to worry aboot, along with jealousy it would cause throughout the locker room.

    It just cannot be ! Would be sweet to see a babe in one of those pantsuits with one leg up on the bench and no panties. Ohhhhh baby !!!! Cold shower time !

  44. Ya know, honestly, tension or no tension with Prospal and Torts, both did their job. Vinny had a good season, 25 goals, a bunch of game winners… awesome. looks like torts did his job to motivate his players to succeed, even if that motivation was to stick it up his rear end

  45. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 3 days... says Greg L. on

    CWGATTI , having Prospel would be like having another Zherdev. Torts hates him and booted him on the 4th line and brought him back up. Torts messes with your head and even if you produce and got put up to the top line…Torts will yank ya emotions and toss ya back to the 4th line. Maybe this works , but we KNOW IT DID FAIL when he did it to Avery in the playoffs. We know Avery was wrong but we did win that game and if Torts played Avery that next game… Wash would have been bounced by us out of the playoffs. Torts throwing the water bottle “screw up” again. The TREATMENT of Zherdev was uncalled for and it cost us him too. Z was never the same after Torts showed up. Why was Z so good before Torts? Torts is the biggest headcase sinse Mike Keenan over here and who knows guys like Redden and Drury need this.

    One thing Torts is , is a pp specialist. Him comming here is a dream come true for us Ranger fans.Hers Torts in ’92 as an assistant coach with Buffalo , hes smart ,calm and whoaaa very young!!

  46. orr- in nhl 09, malik is rated an 82!!! redden is rated an 84 or 85. rozy is rated 80. i will laugh when the new nhl comes out and redden is rated 55 or 60. no, it cant be that low. but still ya gotta wonder if the guys at EA sports even care because rating malik 82???? wtf!!

  47. Men have tried to exert exclusive control over every industry they’ve ever touched. And they’ve lost that battle every time. A woman will coach an NHL team before ORR gets the time of day from Megan Fox.

  48. If we give Dubi a million dollar raise from last years salary a 22 man roster looks like this… really not at all bad

    Marian Gaborik — $7,500,000
    Chris Drury — $7,050,000
    Ales Kotalik — $3,000,000
    Ryan Callahan — $2,300,000
    Chris Higgins — $2,250,000
    Sean Avery — $1,937,500
    Brandon Dubinsky— $1,633,000
    Donald Brashear — $1,400,000
    Aaron Voros — $1,000,000
    Artem Anisimov — $821,666
    Enver Lisin — $790,000
    Tyler Arnason — $700,000
    Dane Byers — $500,000
    Wade Redden — $6,500,000
    Michal Rozsival — $5,000,000
    Matt Gilroy — $1,750,000
    Daniel Girardi — $1,550,000
    Ilkka Heikkinen — $875,000
    Bobby Sanguinetti — $855,000
    Marc Staal — $826,666
    Henrik Lundqvist — $6,875,000
    Steve Valiquette — $725,000

    SALARY CAP $56,800,000
    PAYROLL $55,838,832
    BONUSES $0
    CAP SPACE $961,168

  49. orr i think you’ll find this funny too. my boss just hired a real good lookin chick to keep morale up with the guys. her first name is jessiman

  50. Didn’t Kramer once hurl because he fed Rusty the Hansom Cab horse a whole can of beans and was GASSED by the old nag?

  51. My friends dad is the co-owner of the blues, he said that they tried trading the rights of tkachuk for the rights of kessel– he also said they put an offer in for heatley a first and second round draft pick and some of there young guys. He also said they didn’t sign kessel because he is a “bad locker room influence”…. just a couple things

  52. somerset

    yea thats what we’re looking at although if the Rangers are done making moves I would expect Dubinsky to get a bigger raise and get more years.

    something like 2 mil for 2 or 3 years…

  53. would take prospal for 1.75 for 1 year in a second. i think sather should look into it. can we please sign dubi or trade rozi and zherdev for heatley. wishful thinking on last suggestion

  54. Mac, I don’t think he hurled that time. It was Beef-a-reeno, not beans. The three Kramer hurls I came up with were: On Susan’s vest, from the gas at the dentist, and after the old movie theater hot dog. Any others?

  55. Prospal – Dubi – Gaborik
    Kotalik – Drury – Higgins
    Avery – Anisimov – Lisin
    Byers – Boyle – Brashear

    That can be easily done by dumping Zherdev and spending the rest on Dubi (2-3 years) and Prospal (1 year).

  56. in case anyone cares

    Ranger classics on msg from 7-9 tonite

    zherdev scores with 8 sec left vs pens and hank stops crosby in shootout.

    that might have been only meaningful think z has done

    dont let the door hit u on the way out

  57. GREG

    Honestly, we didn’t have a chance to win that series. Aves had to be benched, and if this team really needed a 3rd liner in the lineup to win a single game, then that’s pathetic, and they don’t deserve to win a game.


    Lol, yeah they don’t really care aboot hockey. It’s unbelievable how fake this game is. Im in my 3rd season, and there’s a bunch of great goltenders sitting in free agency, so i signed Luongo and traded him to the Caps for a 1st rounder, and Cam Ward to the Pens for a 1st rounder, along with Kovalchuk, and a prospect for Jordan Staal. Next up, Nabokov !

    And that’s cool that you get a hot chick at your job, everyone needs a little eye candy to get through the day, just don’t think of big Hugh, cause that might ruin your day.


    I disagree, if i was a freak like the imposter on this blog, then i could definitely get at least 20 seconds of her time. But i don’t like leaving NY, so it’s hard to make that happen.


    You don’t like Callahan, huh ?

  58. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 3 days... says Greg L. on

    Orr , Avery was in washingtons head sooo bad and to not play Avery for the next clinching game …Washinton got off , scott free!!! If I was Washington I would have laughed soo hard at the Rangers for punishing Avery. The Moumentum swung to Washington and we lost every game after that.

  59. greg- the avery benching wasnt just for the next game, it was to send a message that his or anyone elses bs wont be tolerated. we werent winning the series either way. hank had to be god like for every game and as good as he was, he got worn out from 40-50 shots a game not including shot attempts and blocked shots. that series was way too decieving and we got outplayed every single game. avery was not in their heads either. hank was. as soon as they broke through him, it was over. but by torts benching him, he did take achance, but lets face it. hank saved aves butt in game 4. he didnt deserve to play and if torts lets that go, then he becomes renny. no respect from his players and he wasnt havin it.

  60. RICK not sure if you have answered this question in the past. Why is Redden still here? He needs to be traded or waived, not given another chance. He will not be any better than last season, and probably worse. Sather was had. The NYR could better use the cap space and the spot. He’s easily replaced for a lot less.

  61. but i do agree that if hes gonna bench avery for his discipline then hes gotta lead by example and his whole blowup in washington really made him look dum and that was a bigger issue than benching avery. i think torts needs to be better than that and it really brought him down a few notches imo.

  62. yea, game 5. and yea aves did play awesome in game 7, but he wasnt winning us the series. and thats how it should be. gomez, zherdev, naslund were awful. dru was too but he was hurt. none of them could provide many goals let alone chances. and thats why all 3 are gone. our 3 top offensive guys not doin their job. aves isnt a 1st line player at all, bu because of how badly everyone else was, torts had no choice but to put him duby and antro together. they were good, but not enough skill for a 1st line.

  63. Bklyn-nobody is trading for Redden and if you waive him and nobody claims him, like Voros, you still pay. The only way to shed his salary is to banish him to Hartford or give him the Naslund talking to and he retires.

  64. bklynblue- lol. redden is here to stay. nobody will take him off waivers let alone give somebody up for him. and sather wont put him on waivers unless he really is that bad next season he has no choice.

  65. Redden WILL get picked up on re-entry waivers. If that ever happened. Redden is worth 1/2 of his salary. That is certain.

  66. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 3 days... says Greg L. on

    I don’t buy that crap , We had Washington down 3-1 in the series and in game #5 Avery did not play . If Avery was there , we would have beat them in 5 and all you guys knew it!!! We were out shot by Ovechkin the puck hog and hes the only one who outplayed us. Ovechkin should have been suspended for his “antics” at our practice . Washington are a bunch of losers and now we have Brashear..were gonna smash those pukes next time!!! Washington got lucky against us last year and I don’t give a ratzz azz what you say mike , I know we had those clowns!!

  67. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 3 days... says Greg L. on

    If this was the Apprentice , Tort’s would have been fired. YOU DONT SEND A MESSAGE BY SCRATCHING YOUR SPARK PLUG IN A playoff game!!!!???? a PLAYOFF CLICHING GAME to be exact. Tort’s screwed up and I forgive him for it. Teach Avery a lesson during a vidal game did what?? Taught him a lesson!!!??? If I were coach I would have played him the next game and kept OUR MOMENTUM going. Then after its all said and done Avery gets delt with but NEVER in the middle of a seried were were up 3 – 1 !!!!???????wtf!!!!!

  68. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 3 days... says Greg L. on

    Win the gawd dam series and scratch him at the start of the next series. It’s winning 1 o 1 for pete sakes.

  69. Love Dubi but he’s not ready for top line. The move is obvious- Sundin for one year.
    Still has another year in him, has the skill to center Gaborik, and as importantly would be a great mentor for Dubi, show him how to become a first line power center. He also wdnt cost players or picks, just cash which would probably be less than last year. Forward lines could be:

    Lisin Sundin Gaborik
    Higgins Drury Kotalik
    Avery Dubinsky Callahan
    Boyle Anisimov Brashear

    I think this line up would be solid and well rounded.

  70. Greg L

    when your sparkplug almost costs your team the game by taking 2 idiotic penalties after the coach specifically told him that if he did any more nonsense he would be benched, he has no choice but to bench him.

    If Tortorella lets that slide then he loses his authority and he loses the players trust and you can never get that back…

  71. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 3 days... says Greg L. on

    Avery was deemed a detriment in the arb hearing and torts himself bashed Aves on Tsn saying he wouldnt want him as a player on his team. Tort’s “teaching him” by scratching him in game 5 (our clincher)who really paid the price here. If Avery is so bad why the hell did we pick him up? To rehab him? We picked him up to play hockey and in game 5 he did not play and us as fans got shafted.We won that game where Avery was an idiot at the end but it infurioated washington being down 3 -1 with Avery laughing at the end of it Mike in ia. We had them , do you see what I mean? Avery needed to play the final game (game5) and by him NOT playing , it gave washington new life.

  72. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 3 days... says Greg L. on

    Avery is Avery , win the series then Scratch him for the rest of the playoffs for all I care. Half the teams gone anyways ,who is left to see the repercutions , Dubi ,Staal and Hank? I don’t think they would mess with Torts if he played Aves for game 5 oleo.

  73. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 3 days... says Greg L. on

    Teaching avery a lesson to a team thats not even together now for a chance to keep momentum and eliminate a beated Washington team , down 3 – 1 Washington were classless (Brash hitting betts,Ov at our practice ,Ov and Semin saluting on out crest)Washinton sucks and to even defend them makes me puke like Kraimer on seifeild, bawww baww bomww waa waa.

  74. re: Prospal

    I have been told that Prospal WILL NOT be happening.

    Nothing to see here.

  75. bull dog line on

    please let us know when dubi will be ready for the top line.
    no to Sundin, no to prospal, and no to richards. lets see this team play the way it is right now.

  76. Cross Check Charlie on

    Greg L…I was at that game 5 in Washington and Avery would not have made a difference. The Rangers stunk up the place. By the middle of the second period you got the feeling that there was no way that they were going to score. They never threatened. They never got any pressure in the offensive zone. It was take a shot from the perimeter and then Washington breaks out of their zone.

    You’re giving too much credit to Avery. He’s not that good.

  77. GREG

    If Redden, Rozsival, Drury, or Gomez took the penalties that Aves did, would you want them not to be benched as well ? Aves did nothing for the team, he wasn’t in anyone’s head, he wasn’t putting up points, Voros actually played a little better than him in the games he played, but that’s my opinion.

    Im a huge Aves supporter, but it had to be done. This isn’t the regular season, it’s the playoffs. We got lucky in that series, we were never in it, it was all Hank, and once Hank lost his mojo, he was just like the rest of the team, pathetic.

    Hopefully he learned his lesson. Game 7 is how he should play every game, then maybe he might be worth the amount of money he’s making.

    I cant wait to see him in a full year as a Ranger once again, hopefully it’s better than his injury riddled year. Three different fuggin injuries he had that year.

    Anyway, that game against the Pens was enjoyable, looking back at it, who knew the Pens would win the Cup. Ugh, i honestly thought they were missing the playoffs.


    That’s what i did in NHL 09. Got him right between Gabby, and St Louis. Beauty-ful chemistry, as Fishler would say.

  78. apparently the Flyers are looking to pick up Petr Sykora ….

    why does that make me nervous???

  79. i would love for Richards to be traded here. Mike Richards is so good but I dont think Philly would ever trade him.

    Now if you mean Brad Richards, well we have a better shot at getting Mike than Brad…

  80. would anybody be into the idea of bringing back Erik Reitz to be our 7th d-man??

    would only cost around the 550-750k mark

  81. somerset

    Tortorella got rid of him the second he showed up. He obviously wasnt too fond of Reitz…

    i wouldnt be suprised if they picked up Frantisek Kaberle and give him a CHANCE to make the team…

  82. Somerset

    Hell yes, never should have let him go, the guy could freaking hit and stood up for teammates. Condidtioning was an issue,but I’d love to see him back.

    Staying on this d theme for everyone here, WHY, WHY WHY WHY, does everyone here that wants to add “more” D or veteran D, want to add more of what we have, puck movers??? We need bangers folks, crease clearers, so if you want more d (i agree we need to trade rozy and use his cap space for later additions and one vet d man) then say no to bergeron, babchuk, seidenberg, and who the hell else doesn’t hit or clear the crease, ad talk about adding the likes of gauthier, vaananen or someone like that.

    Big fat NO to prospal!!!

    Our top six D should be staal, redden, girardi, gilroy, heikenen (sorry for the spelling), and one of vaananen (a finnish pairing) gauthier, tollefsen, reitz, or the kid williams if he actually uses his size physically.

  83. I will take Beukeboom over alot of players, brawny, hairy and muscular. I wouldnt mind being plastered by that stiff thing.

  84. Pavel

    Nope that is what I have been saying we needed since ulfie was dealt, we need it worse now!!!

  85. Islanders Beat sent me, this is the Gay Hockey site, right..I am Cris, 28 years old, 6ft1, 180 lbs, green eyes and wavy brown hair, am srudying for my PHD in Phys Ed, love the Blueshirts and Dubinsky. am looking for a companion and power bottom. male me.

  86. Chris Co and Fishstick Freddy you guys make a great couple!

    You two should get a room! Carp said he’ll pay for it.

  87. Bull Dog

    I’m all for our playing and promoting our youth and I believe Dubi is future captain of this team. That being said, in my view he would benefit from a season playing with a hall of fame number 1 center. As sather and torts suggested Dubi can play no 1 if needed. But going into the season with him as no 1 does not suggest a cup contending team.

  88. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 3 days... says Greg L. on

    Cup contending team? No one hear would ever say that we are or could be..heck were up 3 – 1 in a playoff series and some people think we had no chance bla bla bla…game went to game 7 ..Washington was lucky not us. 3 games to 1 , washington was dog meat.

  89. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in just a couple of days... says Greg L. on

    All I have to say is when a team is down ( washington) 3 games to 1 it means that they got thier azzes handed to ’em ORR .We were up by alot and we choked plain and simple. Washington was so rattled OV was a mess. Hank was great but we did score some goals to help him and then the Avery thing happen and we went to crap . TRUTH IS , Tort fig we had this series and he could afford to sit avery knbowing we were up 3 – 1 and could still win without Avery,, Torts was wrong.

  90. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in just a couple of days... says Greg L. on

    If I have to pull up archives of that day and you will see that everyone knew we handed it to ’em and Washington was dogmeat. Carp was even hesitant and said he had to still go with Washington ONLY cuz he had to stay with his original choice , Jane as well. Maybe Carp was a lil skeptical and thought a miricle comeback from washington could happen. Sad thing , Yeah carp you were right but I didnt know Avery would have been sat . Avery is not that good but his persence was Vidal in that game 5. We were flat without him and our record as you all know is better with aves in the line up. Case closed.

  91. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in just a couple of days... says Greg L. on

    Pay a guy 2 million a season to be a difference maker and you sit him out? I wouldn’t care If Jagr slept with my sister , slapped my mom and stole my car…he ‘d be playing that game 5 , no questions asked. ( kill him later )..ok im done sorry.

  92. Tortorella cost the NYR that Wash series, not Avery or anyone else. The coach let his emotions take over, and he blew it. Not very smart, but look who he works for. Just a vindictive power hungry bunch, looking for ass kissers to play for them. That’s why Deadden is still here. And Z is probably on his way out.The corporate culture needs to change. That maybe happens when sather is gone. But dolan needs to go too.

  93. Matteau, your line-up would be solid and well-rounded and well over the cap!!

    Prospal, Sundin, Zherdev are too pricy, we don’t have the cap space unless they are playing for less than $1m dollars and we all know Z is going to get $3.5m or more and will be off.

    We don’t need a veteran 7th d-man either, we have plenty of good quality youngsters in Potter, Sauer and Sanguinetti who can fill that role for between $500k and $800k.

    In my opinion we have to give the youngsters the chance to excel, not bury them on 3rd and 4th lines and expect them to supplant a pricey veteran when only playing 5-10 minutes a night. If we give them the chance they might not be quite good enough this year but they will learn from the experience and be better players for it the year after. This is the only way to go when we are so tight against the cap.

    As for the Avery and Tortorella thing, neither cost the team the series, the whole team did that by being collectively rubbish, they were slow to the loose puck, lost battles all night, made bad decisions with the puck and looked tired – it was a sign of a team running on empty, something i hope Torts can address in the offseason and during the season by improving the conditioning of the players.

  94. greg- i picked washington in 6 and it shouldve been in 4. thats how bad we were. im not gonna bs and say we had them because im a ranger fan. it was so one sided. the only reason we won any games was because of hank. not avery, not anybody. hank. thats it. if avery was doin his job he wouldve played in game 5. if the caps wouldve scored on his 2 stupid penalties, and won game 4, we wouldnt even be talkin about this. the reason we lost 3 straight games to lose the series(because aves was only out 1 game, and if he was in their heads like you say, we shouldve won game 6 at home)was because nobody could score. not because avery got into AO’s head. he was totaly ineffective up until game 7. i understand that he is an important part of the team, but hes not the kind of player that can win games for you like that. and torts made it even worse when he got suspended. he benches aves for his bs but then doesnt lead by example and does same thing. the whole thing was messed up. but the main thing that lost us the series was no scoring(against a rookie goalie no less) and hank getting lit up in games 5 and 6.

  95. (APW) Cablevision to Spin Off Madison Square Garden


    Article from Bloomberg:

    Cablevision to Spin Off Madison Square Garden 2009-07-30 12:36:56.182 GMT

    BETHPAGE, N.Y. (AP) — Cablevision Systems Corp. says its board has approved a plan to spin off its Madison Square Garden business, owner of the New York Knicks, Rangers and the famed sports arena where they play.
    The Bethpage, N.Y. company plans to spin off the unit to its existing shareholders by the end of the year.
    The company is also reporting an 8 percent drop in second- quarter earnings despite climbing revenue.
    Cablevision earned $87 million, or 29 cents per share, in the most recent quarter, compared with $94.7 million, or 32 cents per share a year ago.
    It says sales were up 9.8 percent to $1.88 billion.
    Results were roughly in line with analysts’ expectations, according to Thomson Reuters.

    -0- Jul/30/2009 12:36 GMT

  96. Cross Check Charlie on

    Ding! Ding! Ding! We have a winner!

    “As for the Avery and Tortorella thing, neither cost the team the series, the whole team did that by being collectively rubbish, they were slow to the loose puck, lost battles all night, made bad decisions with the puck and looked tired – it was a sign of a team running on empty”

    Exactly. They lost game 5 4-0 and it wasn’t as close as the score indicates. The Rangers had no shot of winning that game. None. It doesn’t matter if Avery played or Torts ran naked in the stands. They had nothing.

  97. Cross Check Charlie on


    Don’t get your hopes up. Got this from Gothamist:

    “One analyst said, “Cablevision watchers (and we’d put ourselves in that category) have long pondered possible endgames, and the notion that the Dolans would retain ownership of M.S.G. and the New York sports teams long after the rest of the assets had been divested has always been viewed as among the most likely outcomes.” Cablevision’s chairman is Charles Dolan while his son James is chairman of MSG, running the Knicks and Rangers. A former MSG executive also told the Times, “Jimmy Dolan has said many times he wants to run these assets for the rest of his life.” “

  98. Charlie-we can only hope though we have to have hope-maybe someone comes in with a bid the dolans cannot refuse-we need a change from the top BADLY!

  99. Woke up this morning to my best friend’s text telling me about his good fortunes in Atlantic City last night. Up over 2 grand at the roulette table and at 2 am I got this text last night:

    “Still winning…playing with someone you might know…Marc Staal of the Rangers. Been talking hockey with him while he’s playing…you should have come down, buddy!!”

    So, Marc Staal sighting late last night at The Borgata!

    I know, slow news day. If I wasn’t broke I’d have been down there, too.

    Anybody intersted in a 2 foot by 3 foot picture of the moment the Rangers won the Cup? Autographed by 10 Rangers including Mess, Leetch, Richter, Graves, Lowe, Beuke, Kovy, Zubov, Larmer, and I believe Anderson. Bought from Steiner Sports a couple of years ago for $900…willing to take Best Offer thanks to our wonderful economy. lol

  100. Cindy Crosby on

    Hi Everyone,

    I got my new seat location. 413 Row C, behind net where rangers shoot twice. I am trying to sell half the season so let me know if anyone is interested in anything from a couple to 5 or 10 games. Thanks

  101. NYRanger4Life on

    I have feeling that there are going to be alot of empty seats this year at MSG…. I must have seen 2 dozen offers for 1/4, 1/2 or full season tickets in the past few weeks on Ranger message boards and Craigs List.

    Fricken economy….

  102. Cindy Crosby on

    Yeah and Dolan still has the nerve to raise prices….

    During my upgrade appointment my ticket rep told me so many people were downgrading to the 400’s. Maybe one day Dolan will get his head out of his ass.

  103. 4life-There won’t be any empty seats. Everybody had to pay for their tiks, they looked at the schedule and figured out what games to go to and now is the time to put out feelers for games. My buddy who holds the tiks that I use even went to MSG for 1 game last year and had no problem selling his tiks. Dolan wouldn’t have raised the prices AGAIN if the tiks wouldn’t have been sold.

  104. 22figure8-
    agreed ive been a season ticket holder for 6 years now-have no problem selling my seats, ticket exchange is very very useful for the season ticket holders

  105. Susan Boyle is an immensely talented lady who’s been subjected to considerable criticism in the media. IMHO she deserves every bit of success that she is having.

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