Amonte a USA Hall of Famer


USA Hockey announced its newest class of inductees into the U.S. Hockey Hall of Fame.

The are:

The 1998 U.S. Olympic Women’s Ice Hockey TeamTony AmonteTom BarrassoJohn LeClair and Frank Zamboni.

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  1. whatever happened to john leclair anyway?

    frank zamboni? who the hell is that? name doesn’t even ring a bell!

  2. Michabenjamin on

    It was Amonte who scored the winning goal for US in the World Cup. A modern day Euronzie.

  3. The 1996 World Cup was great. I remember sitting in the garden for Team USA against Russia. Electric atmosphere. Cheering your country on is special.


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    Also Mila Kunis. I just watched Forgetting Sarah Marshall, and wow, she is super hot !!!

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  5. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 5 days... says Greg L. on

    Amonte to the Hall…dam thing should be the The Rangers hall of shame!!! Shame on us for trading him away soooo young. Carp this is Bad news , boooooooooooooooo!!!!!!

  6. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 5 days... says Greg L. on

    Booooooooooooooo Malik!!! ooops just a habit.

  7. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 5 days... says Greg L. on


    Do Ya really want to trade away players that turn into Hall of famers? Seriously with Amonte being inducted , someone screwed up bad and maybe it was neil smith. Does he get commended for drafting him? NOWAY. cuz trading him away he now became a complete idiot.If your thinking about ditching Dubi for a weathered sniper in Heatley WAKE UP!!!!!! Keep your crew and if the ship goes down…take e’m all with you!!!

  8. let’s not forget that we got matteau and noonan for amonte. obviously, neither of them was nearly as talented as he. but would we have won the cup in 94 without those two?

  9. RobF:
    frank zamboni?

    The name doesnt ring a bell, even a little bit. The LAST name? Think about what cleans the ice between periods…

  10. I have worn #32 on every hockey team I have played on since ’94 – a young Tony Amonte was NOT too much to give up for MATTEAU! MATTEAU! MATTEAU! (Not just once, but twice)

  11. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 5 days... says Greg L. on

    Hey Mike in ia , your points were : why to rid Zherdev

    1) torts doesnt like him.

    I say: Yeah an outta shape leading scorer at the time did furiate Torts but so did Avery,Gomez,Drury ect…plus the COACH does not say who get signed.unless hes has both jobs.

    2)were playin a more north american style which will make it even harder for him to adjust,

    I say :Huh? what did you just say? North american? We just traded our American (Gomez) for a euro (Gaborik) and with Grachev, Anisimov and Lisin in the fold..ummm You got that one backwarcks mt friend.

    3) not enough money and gotta stay under cap for injuries, trade maneuverability, and yea they could just waive redden but
    I say: But nothing , ditch Redden azz and use a guy who actually love to score in there and use some of our prize young d to replace Redden. We can’t afford Redden so he should go.

  12. Everybody knows the whole Miracle on Ice thing was a scam, right. Glastnost was just beginning, and we paid the Sovietskys millions of dollars to lose. Their players were even seen drinking to all hours the night before. Look it up. Months later, that same Russian team was defeating top NHL squads. Theres hundreds of articles about it.

  13. I don’t know if the Rangers win the Cup without Matteau and Noonan. But Matteau didn’t just score the double-OT winner in Game 7, he did it twice in that series. Do they survive back-to-back seven-game series without the grit of those two, and guys like them?

  14. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 5 days... says Greg L. on

    Carp , if Amonte was on the Rangers…those game wern’t going to overtime. Matteau and Noonan were Chicao’s grinders and Keenan refered to them as “his” kinda boys.
    You can’t argue (me) the importance of Matteau Matteau and work horse Noonan BUT young Amonte with Messier (his idol) would have ripped apart those Devils and we would never of been down in games like we were. Kinda like losing Gartner for ..Tikkanen. Tikkanen could never score like Gartner but the neucleous and chemistry with the ’94 Champs can not be matched. I loved those trades for Tikkanen,Anderson,MacTavish and Kevin lowe but in reality it screwed the Rangers for years to come. Question is , Is that 1 cup ( which we all loved) worth losing the high caliber players we traded .1 year ( a few months) of winning the ultimate prize then forever suffering. Our reputation took a beating as well. Labeled as “trying to buy a cup”

  15. Good point carp, never NEVER underestimate the value of glue and grit guys on a roster, too many smallish skill guys is a death sentence in the NHL, not in ballet, but in the NHL a death sentence.

  16. Jason:
    Is the tinfoil hat too tight?

    There are ‘hundreds’ of articles on how the entire Apollo program was staged, or on the number of shooters in the JFK assasination, but that doesn’t mean that they are true.

    1980 was deep in the Brheznev era and the cold war was still quite frigid. Glasnost was still 5 years away. The US and the USSR traded olympic boycotts for the next two summer olympiads. There was no way that the sovs would take US dollars to lose the oppertuity to demonstrate the superiority of communism over capatalism.

  17. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 5 days... says Greg L. on

    Messier laid the foundation down that winning is here and The team now to watch in NY is not the’s the Rangers!! Winning in ’94 proved Messier was right and the Ranger have never looked back. Sather found Messier and signed him to play in Edm and then 10 years later Slats trades him to NY. Sather then joins NY and uses his “mighty purse ” that he NEVER had in Edmonton. He went balistic!
    Can’t blame sather for trying.

    I wrote an article in the paper over here a decade ago and the headline was “Blame Canada’s loss on Sather!” I hated Sather for not using Gretzky with Messier to produce some offense and in the dying minutes of the last game….Sather throws Grez out there flying with Mess . The last part I wrote “Too late Sather ..too late..”

  18. ORR, i guess u are right lol….cuz i would still do nasty things to be able to do nasty things to her

  19. Do they survive back-to-back seven-game series without the grit of those two, and guys like them?

    THANK GOD WE’LL NEVER HAVE TO FIND OUT…TRADING HIM AWAY WAS WORTH SEEING THE ONE (AND MAYBE ONLY??) CUP OF MY LIFETIME lol….he was my favorite at the time (him gartner and leetch all had me), but the end definitely justified the means in my opinion…some people argue and say “imagine if we kept weight and amonte and gartner, we still probly would have won and maybe become a dynasty, blah blah blah”….that will never be known and was never guaranteed…imagine if we didnt trade for those guys and didnt win the cup…my life would not be the same lol…

  20. bull dog line on

    Tikkanen was traded for the year before(Doug Weight). The Rangers do not win the cup with out all those deadline deals. They added much needed size, and grit, as well those trades, balanced the team.

  21. greg- what i meant was, zherdev is a perimeter player and soft too. so to break it down for ya, he wont fit in torts system. maybe when i said north american i was being too cryptic. i meant the crash net style. higgibns was traded for gomez, not gaborik. im not sayin lisin and gaborik are north american. im sayin that z plays euro style. gabby plays more north south so he will fit perfectly. and the main thing that makes all other reasons irrelevant is money. duby or zherdev? duby will make about 2m. z will want double that and like we all know, unless redden or roszival are traded which seems very unlikely at this point, hes not comin back. or if duby is traded which slats wouldnt do for heatley, so i doubt anyone else is out there he would trade for unless theyre willing to take along rozy too. unlikely. yea we all know anything can happen wityh sather, so im not sayin its impossible. but all signs are pointing to what we all have been saying. duby signs after we walk away from zherdevs arb hearing.

  22. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 5 days… says Greg L… many cups did Amonte and Gartner win…thats right a big goose egg…

    sure Smith sacrificed the future for the cup but I could have easily seen Amonte and Gartner getting tossed around in that series vs. the Devils…sure its easy for me to say now…but I think those two would have grown fustrated vs. the trap and would have been really ineffective…they would have had no speed in the neutral zone which was both of their strengths…just a thought…

    If your that close and have a legit shot, you sacrifice the future to get the cup…just like the giants should trade some youth for a experienced, gamebreaking WR….

  23. to talk about what couldve been if we didnt trade amonte, weight, etc.. 15 years later is easy to do after the fact. i wouldnt wanna change anything from that year. maybe after that year, but when ya win a cup after 54 years, and the meaning behind our cup win overshadows all that stuff. i agree harvey. i wouldnt change anything.

  24. I honestly wouldn’t mind trading Dubi for Heatley if it meant winning a Cup this year.

    I want to see Nyr win the Cup now !!! Ill sacrifice one of our top young players for that to happen.

    And that’s to bad aboot Bret Farve, i would have loved to see him in Ranger blue ! He’d do wonders on that PP, between his half dead shoulder, Dreary’s half dead wrists, and Dredden , and Rozi on the point.

  25. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Amonte an EX -Ranger , so what? That’s a long time ago.

    The longer Dubi stays unsigned the tighter the noose around his neck and the likely hood of him being dealt , especially when training camp approaches. If you want the money and don’t care who you play for listen to your agent, if you want to play in NY, listen to your heart.

  26. Tortorella said and I quote “This team was too soft last season”

    Zherdev is one of the most mentally soft players ive ever seen. He crawls into the fetal position every time a coach criticizes him or benches him instead of taking it like a man and trying to improve himself. Zherdev just goes through the motions and doesn’t do the little things to make himself a better player. It has nothing to do with playing physical but its about making the right decisions on the ice and that is where Zherdev has and always will fail…

    Im happy the Rangers arent bringing him back and hopefully Kotalik can be the PP specialist we desperately need…

  27. Amonte played almost the whole season with Messier and Graves and he was fantastic, and maybe they could have won with him. But they traded him and won with the guys he brought. So it’s silly to argue. Keenan did not like Amonte, was brutally tough on the kid the whole year. And for what it’s worth, Neil Smith still calls Amonte the “best player I ever traded (away).”

  28. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    As I remember it ,Amonte was criticized for his junk food diet and his night life and playing out of shape.

    Of course like Sather, Keenan has a man crush on veteran players.

  29. One of my faves. Congrats to Amonte! To the poster who says those games don’t go to OT, how do you even know the end result is the same? Both Noonan and Matteau was vital pieces. In fact, every move Neil made worked out.

    You can’t take it for granted.

  30. This is great. I just realized that I can say absolutely anything that comes into my head on this blog like a babbling idiot, and if everyone points out how crazy I am or what an idiot I sound like, l can just come on later and say “well look who’s back – it’s that crazy imposter again.

    It could easily be a Seinfeld episode called The Imposter.

  31. Lighting buy out prospel – how long till he’s a ranger?
    He’s a Torts guy, is already making $ from the buyout and is a 20g 20 A man

    ?? thoughts ??

  32. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 5 days... says Greg L. on

    I thinnk once we get Zherdev signed we can trade him with hank to pittsburgh for Malkin maybe.

  33. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 5 days... says Greg L. on

    Ahhh nice Messier Jersey!! whaa? he retired!!Gretzy Rangers jesey , yeah hes done too. Look at my fine fine Jagr jers…oh he gone . Prucha,dawes and Korpi Jersey!!! gone man.Avery Jersey!!Avery rules t-shirt!!—-zipp gone , Im so mad im ripping up my Avery jersey and shirt!!! waaaaait , too late Avery back again..oops sorry shirt. Nice Gomez threads ,,,awwww him too kaputeee!?? Leading scorer and enigma highlight reel Zherdev …..glad I never bought one.

  34. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 5 days... says Greg L. on


    ’bout time they impersonated me…”I thinnk once we get Zherdev signed we can trade him with hank to pittsburgh for Malkin maybe.”

    imposter imposter where thou art youuu???

  35. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 5 days... says Greg L. on

    Keep impersonating me cuz ill catch it EVERYTIME like a HAWK , muhahahaha. That 1 done to me.See how many ya can do knucklehead , and ill count everyone till Carp knock yer sorry azz outta here.

  36. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 5 days... says Greg L. on

    Yeah I’d buy one , and one of those dreaded bangers ya all hated . I thought they were perty cool looking.

  37. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 5 days... says Greg L. on

    Bulldogline , I agree. Those deals were vidal. Looked like a Oiler reunion but it worked.

    Harvey : Point well said , I really can’t say if having Amonte would have gotten us there easier. But we did barely win game 7 vs Jersey and had to go 7 game to take our Bure’s Canucks.

    Derak: Its true we dont know if those games would have been won sooner with Amonte . We do know that Tony is better than Noonan Matteau put together . like Carp said its a pointless arguement cuz it never happened.I wont take it for granted cuz im very happy we won.

    Mike in ia : Yeah I ment Gomez for Gaborik in a sense of salary exchange not in the actualy trade. You could be right that Dubi signs when we walk away from tuytin,,i mean Zherdev.

  38. I love the World Cup comments, all that National Pride talk, well, when I was a little sprite growing up in Berlin, a loud man with a funny moustache started screaming how we were better than anyone else, and make me join a Boys Youth Club and taught us to walk real funny, with an arm raised..Nationalism, just like war..Hmmm, what is it good for..Absolutely nothing, say it again!!

  39. Difference between Jerseyites and a comb, A comb has teeth…Whats the difference between an Italian grand mother and an elephant,.200 lbs and a black dress..Speaking of Sicilians, my relatives finally made it into a legit business, thru the roof…Wife wants a new watch for her birthday..Be-Yatch..Whats wrong with the clock on your stove.

  40. And here we go again…

    Rangers season tickets! Half season, quarter season…you name it, i got it (almost)! Email me for price.

    Hope the watchman (Carp) don’t mind… this is what i got left.

    Sec 308 Row O Seat 11-12.

    11 Game Pack A – Red
    Thu, Sept 25th – Capitals 7pm
    Sun, Oct 11th – Ducks 5pm
    Sat, Nov 21st – Panthers 7pm
    Mon, Dec 14th – Thrashers 7pm
    Wed, Dec 16th – NY Islanders 7pm
    Mon, Jan 4th – Bruins 7pm
    Sun, Jan17th – Canadiens 7pm
    Thu, Feb 4th – Capitals 7pm
    Wed, Feb 10th – Predators 7pm
    Thu, Mar 18th – Blues
    Wed, Apr 7th – Maple Leafs

    11 Game Pack B – Blue
    Tue, Sept 15th – Bruins 7pm
    Mon, Oct 12th – Maple Leafs 7pm
    Thu, Oct 22nd – Devils 7pm
    Thu, Nov 12th – Thrashers 7pm
    Mon, Nov 23th – Blue Jackets 7pm
    Sat, Dec 12th – Sabres 7pm
    Wed, Dec 23rd – Panthers 7pm
    Wed, Jan 6th – Stars 7pm
    Thu, Jan 14th – Senators 7pm
    Wed, Jan 27th – Hurricanes 7pm
    Tue, Mar 16th – Canadiens 7pm

  41. In 3 years Drury, Rozsival, Kotalik and Avery will be gone if not earlier. That is 17 million cap space.

    Voros is a good friend of Gaborik and might be one of the reasons Gaborik signed here. I have a feeling Voros will come to camp all guns blazing and beat out aging Brashear for the permanent roster spot.

    Boyle also said he will get in great shape. Higgins might be in for a rude awakening because he claims he is always in a good shape.

    Brian Burke said bravery and cowardice are contagious, I agree, now with a 4th line that has meanness, size and toughness the whole team will benefit. I never felt comfortable with stringbeans like Betts and Sjostrom being our “tough line”

    Tampa for some reason bought out Prospal, I hope we do not sign him, but if we didn’t overpay for Kotalik, we could have signed Prospal for 1 year 2 million he is physical and a good playmaker.

  42. Bob – Brashear will not be beaten out for a roster spot, he’s there as a deterrent and will probably only play 50% of the games (a lot of money for a bit part player) and when he does play he’s a <5 minute a night guy. I imagine he was brought in as bodyguard for Gabby and to allow Dubi to stay out of things.

  43. yea bob, brashear wasnt brought on for 1.4 mill to sit. he wasnt brought on as anything else than a litle piece of mind for gaborik so he doesnt get run at and injured again. as much as friends as voros is with gaborik, the only way voros is on the team is if he has nude pics of sather playin stinky cigar. bob- are you the same bob that hated betts? i dont care if you are i just want to know why you dont like him.

  44. I have to say that I don’t want to add another veteran defenseman. Unless Rozi or Redden are unloaded then just say no and keep some cap room for in season moves. Hank is supposed to be good enough to make up for any deficiencies. The offense has improved. So let’s not get a Zubov please.

    Maybe Dubi is waiting to be that last piece. Whatever is left in the kitty when the dust settles. He has always been a team first kind of guy and I expect that he will be the last member signed just because he can be flexible. I expect a one year deal that gets an extension after January 1st which will not count against this years cap. Similar to Hank several years ago but in much smaller scale.

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