Rangers sign Klassen


Here’s the official word:

            New York, July 27, 2009 – New York Rangers President and General Manager Glen Sather announced today that the club has agreed to terms with free agent defenseman Sam Klassen.
            Klassen, 20, skated in 72 games with the Saskatoon Blades of the Western Hockey League (WHL) last season, registering two goals and 18 assists for 20 points, along with 92 penalty minutes.  He established career-highs in games played, goals and plus-minus rating (plus-27).  Klassen ranked fourth among team defensemen in assists and fifth in points.  He also finished fourth on the club with 92 penalty minutes, while his plus-27 rating ranked seventh on the Blades.  The Watrous, Saskatchewan native recorded a season-high, three-game assist streak from November 22 against Brandon to November 30 at Prince George, collecting six assists over the span.  Klassen tied his career-high for most assists in a game with three assists in the final game of the streak.  In addition, he recorded one assist and 10 penalty minutes in seven postseason contests with Saskatoon.
            The 6-2, 200-pounder has skated in 182 career WHL games with Saskatoon, registering four goals and 47 assists for 51 points, along with 247 penalty minutes.  In 2007-08, Klassen established career-highs in assists (24), points (25) and penalty minutes (103).  He also had a stretch of seven assists in eight games from November 13 against Brandon to November 30 at Lethbridge, and recorded a career-high, four-game assist streak (six assists) from February 20 vs. Prince Albert to February 26 against Lethbridge during the 2007-08 season.  Klassen made his WHL debut with Saskatoon on December 16, 2006 against Swift Current, and collected his first WHL point with an assist on the game-winning goal in the final minutes of regulation on December 30, 2006 vs. Regina.  Prior to joining Saskatoon during the 2006-07 season, Klassen recorded 11 points (two goals and nine assists) and 74 penalty minutes in 32 games with the Humboldt Broncos of the Saskatchewan Junior Hockey League (SJHL).

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  1. for those of you who cant understand why Zherdev and Dubinsky cannot fit under the cap.

    in hockey you carry usually 1-3 extra players called healthy scratches. Last season our healthy scratches to start the season were Fritsche, Rissmiller and Sjostrom. Even though they are not playing they still count towards the cap.
    so regardless if its Arnason, Dupont, Byers, Parenteau, Voros, Rissmiller, Locke etc. you still need to count that towards the cap.

    if you include 2 healthy scratches (i will use Arnason and Byers for arguments sake only) this is a model roster not including Dubi and Z)

    arian Gaborik — $7,500,000
    Chris Drury — $7,050,000
    Ales Kotalik — $3,000,000
    Ryan Callahan — $2,300,000
    Chris Higgins — $2,250,000
    Sean Avery — $1,937,500
    Donald Brashear — $1,400,000
    Artem Anisimov — $821,666
    Enver Lisin — $790,000
    Brian Boyle — $525,000
    Dane Byers — $500,000
    Wade Redden — $6,500,000
    Michal Rozsival — $5,000,000
    Matt Gilroy — $1,750,000
    Daniel Girardi — $1,550,000
    Marc Staal — $826,666
    Corey Potter — $550,000
    Henrik Lundqvist— $6,875,000
    Steve Valiquette— $725,000

    CAP SPACE $4,249,168

    Zherdev is a lock for at least 3.25 million (he cant get less than that) so in the event that Zherdev doesn’t get anything more than that there is 998 K left over for Dubinsky and you need more than that to keep him here…

  2. Unless Dubi WANTS to stay here and money doesnt matter and will still take the 998K. That would be awesome of him.

  3. Gilroy is no bargain at 1.7M… undrafted… fresh from college though (i know the guy is older, it’s still not an easy jump). If they have to leave him in the minors to save space they may until all other possibilities have been exhausted.

  4. Riche’

    they cant leave him in the minors unless he passes through waivers which he obviously wont…Gilroy either makes the team or is waived…


    haha would never happen but would be nice…

  5. Dubi will be signed, everyone needs to stop being couch GM’s and stop worrying!!! It would make no sense to not sign him.


  6. Riche’, good point about Gilroy. What a kick in the junk that is to Girardi who makes less after a couple solid seasons in the league making a name for himself, and this kid has never stepped foot on NHL ice and makes more. No pressure to play well…

  7. I wonder if Klassen is the son of former NHL player Ralph Klassen.

    not to be confused with Ralph Kramden


  8. You can’t have Dubi at 998k and Gilroy at 1.75m- no way that those two things happen + Gilroy is no lock for a roster spot…

  9. Cross Check Charlie on

    Poor little ol’ pizza ain’t good for nothin’. – Norton

    Now that Klassen is in the fold we can start drawing up the defense pairings.

    Assuming that 2 rookies make the squad who would be the favorites between Del Zotto, Sanguinetti (sounds like a nice red wine – care for some Sanguinetti with your meal?), Potter, Sauer, Gilroy and anyone else I might be forgetting?

  10. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 5 days... says Greg L. on

    Alright!! Sam Klassen a good ‘ol Saskatchewan boy. Sweet to have some of my hometownies on the Rangers!!! Saskatoon Blades around here are do produce some tough ,hardworking players. Klassen is one of those. I never even went to a Blades game last year or I could have told ya all if he was good or what.

  11. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 5 days... says Greg L. on

    HAHAHA gotta love that fighting over “first” cccp saying screw you man was perty funny!!!

  12. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 5 days... says Greg L. on

    oleo dosen’t see past the “big picture” he sees dollar signs and shugs his shoulders and says I give up. Oleo doesn’t realize that a GM job isn’t just looking on a piece of paper looking at figures and saying..nope , no room. If it were that easy then anyone could be a GM. I’m not saying Glen is gonna scoop up both Dubi and Zherdev but CRAZIER things have happened and if you rule it out..your as blindsided as a bat.

  13. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 5 days... says Greg L. on

    Its a cycle:
    NY(Jagr) vs wash(Brash)/NY(shanny)vs wash(Brash)/NY (Betts) vs wash(Brash)/ NY(Brash)vs wash(OV)?

  14. Greg L

    i do realize the “big picture” and it doesnt include Zherdev. They took a risk, it didnt work out and they are going to move on.

    all im pointing out is that Zherdev and Dubinsky cannot both be resigned unless someone else is traded. Thats not my opinion that is fact. Sure they could free up cap space but considering how Tortorella doesnt like him I dont see that happening…

  15. Watch out for Zherdev to Detroit- they need some scoring after losing Hossa- not sure if we would get much more than a pick but I think we could leverage their need with say the Islanders, hope to get some interest and get something back for him-

  16. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 5 days... says Greg L. on

    Exactly flyline ,when Carp ask who would want Z , I said EDM,Tor,or Det. Detroit is interested ,has to be.

    Oleo you said:
    all im pointing out is that Zherdev and Dubinsky cannot both be resigned unless someone else is traded. Thats not my opinion that is fact.

    Traded or sent down to the minors. We have stock piles of players and anyone could be gone and we still could end up with Z and dubi. Redden to the minors clears up space , ya had to think about that? Yeah all im saying is it dont matter what space is left .Its not like were picking Dubi over Zherdev.

  17. The Wings have less than $2Million left under the cap according to capgeek.com… they wouldn’t be able to afford Zherdev without moving existing pieces. They’re looking to add a few cheap players to fill in their gaps.


  18. yes b/c the Rangers are going to pay Redden 31 million over the next 5 years to play in HFD. Thats not even remotely possible.

  19. oleosmurf – You could not be more wrong. Anybody in Gilroy’s situation who has played zero games in the NHL and is under the first year of a contract in the league can be freely sent to the minors. Everybody keeps getting humg up on the one-way deal language, but that just means he will get paid the same amount no matter where he plays. Waivers do not deal with this fact.

    Interesting article about Garth Snow having a plan and being patient, which is much more than we can say for our GM; it also kind of exonerates him from the DP deal, which had more of Wang’s influence. http://www.lighthousehockey.com/2009/7/27/963951/the-merits-of-garth-snow-playing

  20. spiderpig

    thanks for clarifying that. a popular beat writer from another site told me that we would have to pass through waivers but i just looked it up and you are in fact correct.

    altough unless he really struggles you would think he would be virtually lock…

  21. Yeah, there really is no easy way to keep Zherdev, even at $3.5 million. I guess Sather valued Kotalik at $3 million over Zherdev somewhere between $3.5 and $4 million. Unfortunately, øther GMs will know that Sather is dealing from a position of weakness. I would hope that if Sather was trying to trade Zherdev that he would have done it already, so I can’t see it happening after the arbitration hearing, but maybe he will take a lowball offer, whatever he can get at that point.

    Semi-related side-note: under a new coach, especially, Rissmiller will probably have a chance to make the team, mostly as a reserve player, potentially as a fourth-liner replacing Brashear on some nights. He also could serve a valuable penalty-killing role, seeing that our offseason moves have weakened that aspect of the team; he played shorthanded for the Sharks.

  22. spiderpig

    Tortorella has said on many occasions that this training camp will be wide open. Im sure we’ll see at least one darkhorse guy make the team like Rissmiller, Dupont, Ambhul, Locke, Parenteau or a d-man like Heikkinen, Williams or someone else…

  23. My two darkhorses: Jordan Owens ($515K) and Ilkka Heikinenn.

    Zherdev in a package to Detroit for Justin Abdelkader?

  24. btw- where am I off here- did one of those cap-geek things and its seems to work under the cap depending on Z and Dubi’s pricetag, but isn’t it closer than a lot of people are making it cap-wise?

    Marian Gaborik — $7,500,000
    Chris Drury — $7,050,000
    * Nikolai Zherdev — $3,700,000
    Ales Kotalik — $3,000,000
    Ryan Callahan — $2,300,000
    Chris Higgins — $2,250,000
    Sean Avery — $1,937,500
    Donald Brashear — $1,400,000
    * Brandon Dubinsky — $1,200,000
    Artem Anisimov — $821,666
    Enver Lisin — $790,000
    Brian Boyle — $525,000
    Pierre-Alexandre Parenteau — $500,000
    Wade Redden — $6,500,000
    Michal Rozsival — $5,000,000
    Matt Gilroy — $1,750,000
    Daniel Girardi — $1,550,000
    Marc Staal — $826,666
    Corey Potter — $550,000
    Henrik Lundqvist — $6,875,000
    Steve Valiquette — $725,000
    SALARY CAP $56,800,000
    PAYROLL $56,750,832
    BONUSES $0
    CAP SPACE $49,168

  25. I say zherdev to florida for david booth– zherdev, horton, olesz on a like could be a killer line down in florida, while we could use a solid second line winner up north in nyc. both are also valued at the same spot– 3.5-4.0 mil.

  26. Voros Rissmiller in minors- there are 13 forwards and Drury and Gaborik are on top-

  27. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 5 days... says Greg L. on

    Gilroy will be paid $1.7 million no matter where he plays. Ranger scouts are very high on him and paying him 1.7 gareenteed means hes a starter. We will be very young on defense and slackers like Mara and Morris will be replace by gilroy and another rookie.

    Staal Girardi

    If Rozi gets traded then our Defense get even younger. This my friends is looking like a homegrown defenseive corps and with Torts speed and attack , were gonna need youth to keep up physically.Ranger are all about speed and attack so what better way to instill it…bring in young talent to learn. New York Rangers will be a very scary team in the future.

  28. Fly Line

    the problem with that roster is that going into training camp you have made Heikkinen, Grachev, Sanguinetti, Del Zotto, Dupont, Ambuhl, Arnason, Voros, Rissmiller, Sauer all not options for the team as choosing them over Parenteau or Byers wont fit under the cap and that clearly wont happen.

    ignoring the fact Dubi will probably get more than that, what happens if Vally tweaks a hammy during morning skate and they have to call up Zaba or Wiikman from HFD. By using only 21 skaters and not having cap room you force the Rangers to send the only extra skater down to accommodate the goalie.

    its not just about fitting the guys in but having room in case you need an emergency call up. its alot more complicated than that…

  29. Oleo- that was just trying to show you that its much closer than you seem to be suggesting- the quote that there is “no way” that the rangers could possibly fit both under the cap just seems to not be true- I don’t think they are going this way but its an option with a couple of extremely minor moves-

    Also, still don’t rally understand where Dubi’s leverage is here for a big time deal…

  30. Fly Guy

    Dubi doesnt have much leverage but he’s going to be taken care of. If you look at comparable players in the NHL you will see that they received better contracts…

  31. Cally and Dubi don’t deserve big contracts. They both should have gotten Petr Purcha type contracts two years at 1.6 per.

    These guys have to produce more to get a big contract.

  32. roc – the doubt with Prucha was that as soon as Jagr was gone PP was almost powerless, he needed the big distraction – Cally and Dubi proved they can do it when playing with mediocre players, hence they deserve more.

    I would have put the ceiling on Cally at $2m and Dubi at $1.8m both for 2 or 3 years, but Cally(‘s agent) managed to squeeze a few hundred K more out of Slats, Dubi doesn’t have the leverage of arbitration this year so will likely get a bit less than Cally or accept a lower 1 year deal and negotiate a longer deal next year with arbitration eligibility helping his potision (if he has a good season).

    I like the look of this kid Klassen, he’s tough and knows how to throw a hit – presumably this is to bolster the D-corps at Hartford and give them some added toughness.

  33. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Buster that is absolutley fantastic, I laughed so hard I am
    tearing up. The boys should play that before every game. Great Great.

  34. i highly doubt zherdev and duby are both signed. whoever said we need room to make minor moves incase of injury was right. the biggest clue that zherdev wasnt gonna be signed was kotalik. pretty comparable, slightly less money and was signed just for good old dru. just like jagr had guys brought on to accomodate him, same with dru. they play rw too. and duby wouldve been traded already if they were signing zherdev. theyre not holding off on both guys this long for no reason. they already have duby in an agreement and will sign him when z is gone. thats the most likely scenario. but yes hypothetically, they could do something stupid and try to fit zherdev and duby in. but i think its safe to say, sather is not painting himself in a corner again like years past. after the cap goes down next season, zherdev or somebody would have to go anyway to stay under, so why bother signing the guy when 1) torts doesnt like him. he will be benched and frustrate the hell out of us again. 2)were playin a more north american style which will make it even harder for him to adjust, and 3) not enough money and gotta stay under cap for injuries, trade maneuverability, and yea they could just waive redden but i doubt it unless hes got so bad we had no choice. zherdev just doesnt fit. i thought antro had a better chance of gettin signed and slats let him walk too.

  35. Oh joy – fourth on his WHL team in goals, fifth in assists. Just another dumpy FA D for Sather’s ever-growing refuse pile. At least the kid is 20 and won’t be making the parent club until he’s 27 and the second coming of Kalinin/Strudwick.

    I am depressed by this GM’s fetish for procuring mediocrity in bunches.

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