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I’m going to skip the Seinfeld trivia today because I was blown away by how many had interest in the Honeymooners.

So here’s a clip you must see.

No idea if we’ll have any hockey action today, tomorrow, this week, next week, or next month (that’s paraphrasing part of a Honeymooners line). If there’s news, we’ll try to get it to you.

‘Til then, enjoy this.


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  1. NYRjurgenno88 on

    not that many Q’s…

    assume a few kids will get chances (the right thing to do) and then there’s not so many spots to fill.

    the top 9 forwards are pretty set if you think Anisimov will make the team, the top 4 D are set and the goalies are set.
    IMO even half the 4th line is set and i assume Gilroy will make the team (why give him a 1 way 1.75m deal otherwise?!)….

    all of a sudden you have maybe 3 spots that are totally up for grabs at the most?

    Unless they upgrade on certain players who are already considered ‘locks’ then the team is mostly done.

    Personally i think there’ll be a bit more movement but im pretty happy with what is there now; its young fast and talented with potential.

  2. NYRjurgenno88 on

    dont forget… SURELY guys like Drury, Roszival cant play worse? they can certainly play better and its fair to assume SOME progress from SOME of the kids no?

    this team has upside.

  3. UESBlueshirt on

    That clip reminds me of Happy Gilmore where Sandler’s character enters his first golf tournament and looked at a guy dressed in a gaudy golf outfit and he told the fake handed pro “if I wore clothes like that I’d kick my own a**”

  4. Fellas,

    Heading up to Saratoga Springs to take the NY bar then heading back here to take NJ. Everyone say a little prayer tonight!

    Hopefully, by the time I return, Roszival will be dealt.

    Bringing Seinfeld Season 8 to calm the nerves tonight.

  5. yo carp can u do me a favor and tell donald brashear to accept me for following him on twitter @mrr14


  6. LOL, sorry Carp, I did not realize you posted a link to a clip…..still recovering from a weekend of partying….one day left and I go back to Fl :(

  7. Marian Gaborik — $7,500,000
    Chris Drury — $7,050,000
    Ales Kotalik — $3,000,000
    Ryan Callahan — $2,300,000
    Chris Higgins — $2,250,000
    Sean Avery — $1,937,500
    Donald Brashear — $1,400,000
    Artem Anisimov — $821,666
    Enver Lisin — $790,000
    Tyler Arnason — $700,000
    Brian Boyle — $525,000
    Dane Byers — $500,000
    Wade Redden — $6,500,000
    Michal Rozsival — $5,000,000
    Matt Gilroy — $1,750,000
    Daniel Girardi — $1,550,000
    Marc Staal — $826,666
    Corey Potter — $550,000
    Henrik Lundqvist — $6,875,000
    Steve Valiquette — $725,000

    SALARY CAP $56,800,000
    PAYROLL $52,550,832
    BONUSES $0
    CAP SPACE $4,249,168

    4.3 mil (max) to sign Dubi and Zherdev although that would mean no Grachev, Heikkinen, Rissmiller, Voros or whoever else could make the team so lets say 3.8 mil to make in possible…

    either way not enough to bring back both Zherdev and Dubinsky

  8. I know many people on the blog want to bring up the kids and let them take a crack at the line-up on D. I am not one who feels that way. I think Sather should look at Marc Andre Bergeron. He is still available and could be on the cheap. I agree he is a bit of a defensive liability but his shot from the point is exactly what this power play needs. With Hank in net I think Bergeron will produce many more goals than give up.

    As for the kids: there will still be one spot left to fill with youth(depending if no others are traded) and there can be a battle for a 7th D-man which will be a revolving door so all of the young guys get NHL experience throughout the year.

  9. “My friend Harvey is even bigger than me.”

    “I have a friend Shirley that’s bigger than you.”

    Great posts all. Looking forward to the Z arbitration so we can finalize the roster.

  10. ESPN Insider has a post up entitled: “Rumors: Why the Rangers are in a lose-lose.” Can someone w/ access post?

  11. Alice: I’ll go fix my lipstick. I won’t be long, Killer. I call you “Killer” because you slay me.

    Ralph: And I’m calling Bellview because you’re nuts !

    Special edition of Ranger Crisis Radio Tonight.

    Stephanie Bagely Of ESPN the Magazine will be joining me to talk about her recent features on Henrik Lundqvist and newly acquired Chris Higgins who talked to her about his feelings on coming to the Rangers. The show runs from 9-11 PM TONIGHT 7/27.

    Show can be heard here :

  12. NEGOTIATIONS: A lose-lose for Zherdev
    Nikolai Zherdev | Rangers
    Nikolai Zherdev wants to stay in the NHL and make $4.5 million — but he’ll only get one of them.
    But with arbitration looming, the Rangers are likely to submit no more than $4.15 million — and if Zherdev wins arbitration, the Rangers will go running from him, the New York Post writes. Since the Rangers signed winger Ales Kotalik, they are willing to part with Zherdev. That may mean Zherdev is off to Russia.

    “I would still like to play in the NHL, but I also haven’t ruled out the option of moving to the KHL,” Zherdev told Sport-Express, a Russian website, via Beyond The Blueshirts. “It’s possible that I’ll remain in the Russian league for one year, then become a free agent and have the opportunity to negotiate with any NHL team.”

  13. the Hucklebuck episode one of my faves

    Ralph: Let’s face it, Alice, we’ve been out of the age range of roller-skating since Alf Landon stopped being presidential timber.

    Tyler Arnason for Dummies Video/Orr vs. Tyson Strachan Fight:

  14. Carp,

    In response to your question yesterday… No. I don’t see anybody signing him (Zherdev) for that much (Slats did sign Redden right?!!! So strangers things have happened).

    But in my most humble estimation I’m not sure how high/low the award would have to be for the NYR to walk away. At that point, is it out the realm of poss. that… say the Islanders or another team with some space would give him 4m? He’s young and talented (which is why we liked him in the first place). Not a stretch to see him picked up by someone.

  15. This is all arbitrary (pun intented) given the fact that Slats may have teams lined up if the award is under 4m… and another team or two if it’s over 4m… or something along those lines.

    I just don’t want to see him go for nothing… thats the worst case scenario.

  16. I still don’t believe that Sather will let Zherdev walk at 4.5 when he pays Redden and Rozsival. I’ll be pissed if and when it happens.

  17. Nice post Carp. Brings back some of those marathon days they have on Pix 11.

    Your a riot Alice…Har har har de har har.

  18. Oleo: Arnason is pegged for Hartford. Why would you have Drury, Anisimov, Dubinsky, Boyle and Arnason….that is 4 centers. Add Arnason’s 700K to the 4.249 cap space you have listed. The cap space is increased to 4.924.

    Z gets 3.8 and Dubi gets a raise to a million. That is 4.8 million and you are under the 4.924 cap with 13 forwards, 6 defenseman and 2 goaltenders.

    If they can move Rosy there are no problems at all with bringing up a Gratchev or DelZotto or Sanguinetti.

    That is the most logical and practical solution aside from either signing and trading Z or just letting him become an UFA after the hearing. I don’t think they will want to lose a player like Zherdev, especially to a team in their own division, without compensation.

    They would have never qualified him if it was their intention to let him walk, right?

  19. i liked the honeymooners my ma used to watch it when i was a kid. i liked his character ‘buford t. justice’ in smokey n bandit movies. funny dude!!

  20. Cross Check Charlie on

    “Hey, get a load of fatso there.”

    or one of my favorites..

    “Harry Verderci!!!”

    The problem with setting up the roster is you don’t know what Sather is going to do about the center position. Will he trade two or three vets for Heatley? Will he send Voros to Hartford? Will he walk away from Z no matter what the arbitrator rules? We don’t know.

  21. why do people think that another team with space wouldnt want zherdev? hes better than anyone left on the FA list. 4 mill is not that much for a 25 yr old 60 point 25 goal scorer. i would definitely keep him if we had the space. kotalik was a good move but if i had a choice id keep zherdev instead and antro for 1 mill more than kotalik. only because his age and production compared to kotalik. kotalik may help dru, and be a good point shot on the pp. so i understand that. but if slats wouldnt have messed up with overpaying dru 2 years ago and redden last year, we would still have zherdev. or we mightve gotten an even better player with the extra space from not signing redden. but, im givin slats a clean slate(sort of) from here on out because of his dedication to keeping and developing our own prospects. just sayin, the moves he made years ago are affecting us today but if he can continue with his youth movement and trying to build around duby, gabby cally, staal, girardi, grachev, AA etc… then at least it seems he does care about the team(at least more than it looked like before)

  22. jackie gleason – the original GREATEST !
    Joe the bartender, Reggie Van Gleason the 3rd, the poor soul to name a few.
    Does any one remember “the life of riley”? Gleason was the original Riley.
    A classic comic – a classic !!

  23. CARP

    I try not to look on that side ever since that diet add with the guy in the speedo, that may or may have not been there. Im loving the new add though.

    I still think you should put some sort of Megan Fox pic somewhere around this blog. If you need some pics, ill send you the best ones.

  24. What people are forgetting about Z is that he’s playing the game just like Slats is…

    He’s said he wants 4.5M… Slats says “No Way” and offers 3.25 Then they go to arbitration. One is high, one low and the ACTUAL number will be somewhere in the middle.

    My issue is that Brooks has said that the NYR plan on “walking away”

    It doesn’t make sense. Unless that’s just part of “playing the game” which it most certainly is.

    The truth is Sather’s gonna sign him to whatever the ruling is (unless it’s outlandish) and then more than likely trade him… even if it’s just for picks.

  25. Mrs Manicotti doing the Mombo..Was that actor who played the Latin fellow who moved next door someone famous..Always thought he was hot.

  26. The Rangers have announced that they have come to terms with free agent defenseman Sam Klassen.

    Klassen. 20, played in 72 games last season for the Saskatoon Blades of the WHL, scoring two goals and adding 18 assists.

    He is 6-2, 200llbs.

  27. “Sam Klassen signed”

    Whew… (whipes forhead of sweat) Thank god we put that to rest.


  28. Wayne Gretzky just said good bye to his wife and his putter. Now there’s some hockey news

  29. Glen Sather announces Wade Redden contract extension through 2025.

    The contract numbers have not yet been released but are said to be between 8m and 9m per/yr.

  30. Anyone else really reminiscing with all this Honeymooners talk!! How about the only episode when the crew is on skates, Trying to stay young episode when they go to the skating rink and Ralph falls. BTW, There is a great site for getting those really old toys we grew up with in the 1960’s, at Time Warp Toys, remember Rock N Sock Em Robots, Fascination and the Give a Show Projector., They have them all.

  31. downeaster

    in hockey you carry usually 1-3 extra players called healthy scratches. Last season our healthy scratches to start the season were Fritsche, Rissmiller and Sjostrom. Even though they are not playing they still count towards the cap.

    so regardless if its Arnason, Dupont, Byers, Parenteau, Voros, Rissmiller, Locke etc. you still need to count that towards the cap. If i had a guess the Rangers carry 2 healthy scratches. 1 forward and 1 d-man.

  32. yan cant cook on

    Honeymooners is probably the greatest show ever. It is because of this show that so many other great shows followed.
    Noah good luck, that will be me next year. hopefully you have a job lined up.

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