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I was just reading that all of the major sports leagues and the NCAA are attempting block the state of Delaware from legalizing betting on sports.

Does anybody else find this somewhat hypocritical, since so many of these sports have ties to Las Vegas and are now putting many of their showcase events right in Sin City (NBA all-star game, NHL awards show, for examples)?


I’ve been meaning to promo Christopher Higgins’ scheduled appearance at “12 Angry Mascots,” July 30 at 7:30 pm at Comix comedy club, which I believe is at 353 W. 14th in NYC (you might want to check that). Also appearing is “Mets Weekly” host Julie Alexandria.

It’s a sports-comedy variety-talk show, featuring stand-up comedians and sketch actors performing sports material – spoofing current events, creating original characters, etc.  The show culminates in two interviews with sports personalities or athletes.  This month, Higgins will be interviewed, along with Mets Weekly host Julie Alexandria.

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  1. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Gambling is as American as apple pie, throw in cheating on your taxes and adultery.

    legalized team sports betting is the boogeyman in the closet, someone will always say the fix is in.
    But what happened to the NBA a few years ago with the referee scandal? isolated incident? I’m sure it may have happened in the past and I’m sure the NBA isn’t the only sport in which cheating has occurred and was swept under the rug.

    The illegal betting will continue and the money will stay in the hands of the bookies.
    Delaware has right to legalize betting to increase the states income. What are these sports going to do?

    Isn’t sports betting legal in Vegas?
    Instead of taxing people who don’t gamble , doesn’t it make sense to tax those who do?

    I think the league’s are just trying to pretend that they are sacred.,it’s all BS.

  2. I dont know what the issue is with sports betting…you can go down the road to the corner in England and place a bet and noone complains about the “fix.” We Americans are too puritanical sometimes… If the government doesn’t legalize it, people will just go to their book maker.

  3. There’s already a ton of sports betting sites online.

    I can even go to the corner store and buy a $25 proline ticket (which requires you bet on a minimum of two games, you can’t just place a bet).

    If people want to gamble they are going to find a way.

  4. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    TR-808, It’s hard to imagine outliving your friends and family. He lived in 3 centuries 1800’s, 1900’s, 2000′.
    And if were a ranger fan (4 cups in 111years)not too good

  5. How much money would New York State take in with a casino in Manhattan? I’d go check it out. I haven’t been to Atlantic City since the 80’s and went once to Mohegan. I work too much to travel all day for that but a quick train ride into NYC for a couple of hours would be easy. Politicians are dumb. Same thing goes for legalizing marijuana, even though I’m well past that phase in my life. There is so much tax money that can be had but the law makers are all too self righteous to make anything happen.

  6. Betting on Sports – I have done it in Los Vegas. It is fun for a 4 day visit or so. To allow this type activity to spread and be a part of everyday life in other states is not a good idea. It is like a spreading cancer. Eventually if left unrestricted (like insider trading) it will kill the game and the participant.

  7. Insider trading – by that what I meant a noted economist now deceased wanted no limits on insider trading. By doing so eventually, we would come out with a better result. However I believe restrictions are needed.

  8. in that case carp, onecup must be at least 70 years old. i doubt it. either way, theres a good and a bad with waiting long between cups. the bad is waiting so long, the good, is that when we do win, it makes it that much more sweeter just like 94. how awesome was that? but yea, i didnt go through 54 yrs of waiting, so i cant really speak on others behalf.

  9. Most people who enjoy betting on sports are already betting, either on-line or with a local bookmaker. Why shouldn’t the state get in on the action & help with the huge budget deficits they are all facing? The pro & college sports leagues demonstrate the highest levels of hypocritical behavior when they announce their opposition to such plans, knowing full well that much of their popularity comes from people with a stake on the outcome of their games.

  10. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Carp, “69 is divine” what movie?
    thanks Mike in IA for AARP membership,If I ever have an extra Ranger ticket to game 7 Cup final game , you won’t get it!

  11. Beth …

    Good call on the Rangers/Devils game 4 on NHL Network.

    Man, Jagr was a dominating force. Although i did agree with not resigning him for the 7.5 million he wanted, I really do kind of miss him as a Ranger.

    We really had some good depth at forward that year but our Defensive Corps was pretty bad and we didnt even have Redden yet !!!

    As of right now that is the same problem i have with this years team. We seem to have pretty good depth at forward but i dont like the idea of having 3 rookies start on the blueline (if we dress 7 D-men all year).

    We really need to ship out a 2 for 1 deal with Rozy going and 2 cheap, vet, d-men coming back (to dress 7). This way we have a vet replacing Rozys spot and a vet D-man as the 7th d-man to back up the 2 rookies

  12. oh, and off-topic but i watched a bootleg of “The Hangover” last night.

    Man is Heather Graham still really, really, hott !!!

    Sorry Orr, im starting a new Hottie thread on here …

  13. Who gambles on sports unless you’re a football fan? That’s really the only sport that attracts so many fans who are more interested in the point spread, over and under. Then there’s the Super Bowl where you can bet on how long the national anthem takes.

  14. I win most of my proline money betting on hockey. If you bet on a game you wouldnt normally be interested in it makes it fun to watch.

  15. Stop impersonating me, that smoking pot comment is absurd, babies die because young mothers are addicted to drugs.

  16. So can I just get caught up, hate to bother you guys.

    Is there any substance to trading Dubi? it seems very likely considering they havent signed him yet.

    Also- If Z gets more than 3.5 and walks, we can trad Rosi and have 8.5 off the book potentially right?

  17. Now that Morris got signed for 3.3 Mil in Boston, Aren’t they right against the cap?…I think if they are and they are planning on Kessel then Savard is gonna be the one to be dealt. I would love to see Savard between Gaborik and Kotalik. If they really need the cap space for Kessel then maybe we could get Savard for Anisimov and prospect/pick.

  18. Anyone see Insider Hockey.com review of each teams off season, we got a grade just above the Lowlanders.

  19. Hockey.com = Canada lovers !

    Bringing in Savard would be pretty cool, great option to center Gabby.

    I cant believe how baldy the B’s overpaid for Morris. What a waste of money, he’s decent but not worthy of that cash. I would have kept Ward to be honest. He was pretty good for the B’s.

    I cant wait to see what Slats’ next move will be. Hopefully he does something soon, it’s been quiet around here.

  20. NYRanger4Life on

    Morris’ agent did a pretty good job…. $3.3 million for decent skating, 20 point scorer?

    I’d rather give Zherdev $3.3M than this guy….and let Potter fill his role.

  21. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 7 days... says Greg L. on

    Morris for 3 million is a waste of money. Morris was also a waste of prospects (Prucha and Dawes). Morris was signed to only 1 year because Boston was desperate. No ones gonna want him more than 1 year at his pathetic salary.

  22. I agree Greg, we should have gotten something a little better than Morris.

    It would have been better if somehow we could have gotten Jovo, but we’d probably have to sweeten the deal a bit, and Jovo would have to accept the trade obviously.

  23. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 7 days... says Greg L. on

    For sure Jovo. Morris? why would management trade away 2 young players for a guy who doesnt even come back? Thats a waist. Picking Cherry was a waist ( no one to blame).Hiring Pern was a waist, having Gomez was a waist. Sather going behind the bench was a waist(everyone was calling for his head).Having a pair (Betts & shoey) play PK all year and lead the league then not to have them back is a waist. Renney teaching pk to Betts ,Orr and Shoey was a waist cuz they are all gone and if they happen to resuface with EDM and the renneygades , maybe it wasnt a complete waist but for the Rangers…a definate waist!!!

    In fact this post I just wrote is a waist cuz none will read it , what a waist..infact im going to go lay on the couch and waist the day away.

  24. James Murphy on

    Aaron, glad to see you read my site, Insider Hockey.com, However, I only wrote material based on the Rangers current off season, there are a couple of months left, buddy. Somerset was the poster who actually gave me much of my material from sites such as this, Blue Shirt Bulletin, etc. Here’s wishing the best to your team in the up coming season.

  25. Prediction. Or maybe just a hopeful dream…

    Lisin/Zherdev/Rozi/Sangs for Heater and some other salary that can be put in Hartford.

    Am I dreaming or what.

    Summertime blues. Just waiting for the season. At least the Giants will be in camp soon.

  26. Saw the junior team called the Windsor Spitfires signed a defenseman named Steven Trojanovic, they are calling him a two way defenseman with size and speed. Hope he isnt a Bust.

  27. Prucha and Dawes were not part of the long term plans of the Rangers (and rightly so). I mean honestly is Dawes or Prucha better than any of our current top 9 forwards??? of course not so we wont miss them at all.

    im still curious as to what the Rangers do next as resigning both Zherdev and Dubinsky is pretty much impossible at this point

  28. OLEO

    I know they cant fit into the lineup compared to everyone else, but it would have been better if we could have gotten something else for them. A better prospect, or draft picks.

    I don’t care that they got traded, i just wanted a better return. I mean if we can get a 4th or 5th round pick for Hollweg, why couldn’t we get a 3rd or 4th each for Pruchs, and Dawes ?

  29. Ive been impersonated and it wasnt even a derogatory comment

    Aaron July 25th, 2009 at 2:34 pm

    Anyone see Insider Hockey.com review of each teams off season, we got a grade just above the Lowlanders.

    I feel so honored the imposter picked me now.

    I’m cool with the login system whenever.

  30. James Murphy July 25th, 2009 at 5:21 pm

    Aaron, glad to see you read my site, Insider Hockey.com,
    Sorry James that was the troll imposter we have here but I will check out your site right now

  31. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 7 days... says Greg L. on

    exactly Orr , why have Dawes and Prucha soak it up for over 3 years in the Rangers system to just toss ’em away for nothing…what a waist of space. Others could have been doing that , to get nothing in return is just a bad move.

  32. Well, Sather somehow thought that we would make it somewhere in the playoffs and a lot of us had hope, too. It was clear Prucha didn’t have a place here anymore and Dawes and Kalinin both can’t do the job, so whatever. Maybe they would have signed Morris if it wasn’t such a rediculous amount as $3.3 million. Clearly, Morris is not worth that much to us with the defense we have in the pipeline.

  33. Kalinin was terrible and making like 2.something mil, I was happy to use prucha and dawes as leverage to dump kalinin.

    Maybe Dawes will find his spot in Calgary, but I don’t miss him in a Rangers jersey at all.

  34. Orr, and ZZZ and Spider … I think Sather recognized that he was not going to re-sign either player and decided to get something for them … something that would help down the stretch and in the playoffs.

  35. bull dog line on

    still think Dawes may turn into something, but it was not going to happen with the Rangers. Prucha reminded me of a Ranger named Peter Wallin (remember him carp) played hard did not score.

  36. Orr

    obviously the Rangers felt renting Morris and Antropov and trying to make the playoffs was more important than getting a decent prospect or two…

  37. bull dog line on

    the Rangers got Antropov for nothing. they gave a 2nd round pick for him knowing they were going to get the 17 th pick in the 2nd round as compensation for Cherapanov. the 17 spot was actually a higher pick than they would have had if they stayed in there spot. it was a smart trade.

  38. I agree, Slats caught a lot of sh*t for that Antro trade, but it really was a brilliant trade. He did good for us down the stretch, and it’s a shame he wanted so much money, cause we really could have used him. He did alright in the playoffs, he scored a goal in game 7, and that was the only goal, so he did his job. We just didn’t have the talent to put that fuggin team away. Ugh, makes me sick looking back at the playoffs, i successfully avoided thinking aboot it, but it’s a real bi*ch to forget.

  39. orr- antro didnt want too much we couldve had him for 4 mill if slats wouldve bothered to see how good he was for us. i mean he was our leading scorer and had 7-8 goals in the month and half and then 2 more in the playoffs. he was a big dude which helped alot in front. without signing kotalik and lisin, getting duby for 1.75 or 2m we couldve fit him in this year. it would look like this



  40. waists huh?? hmmmm interesting. our imposter has a problem spelling too. wonder if we have a clue to the identity of our imposter.

  41. Thinking about how Sather spent $3 million per year on Kotalik, I think that would have been better served as part of Antropov’s $4 million per year contract, but we’ll see. Then we wouldn’t really have room to play around with Zherdev.

    mike in ia – Sather still probably would have traded Korpikoski for Lisin, though.

  42. yea spider. lisins better i think. good trade. sather still screwed us years ago with giving dru 3 mill too much and redden 5.9 mill too much. without those 2 blunders of many hes committed, wed not only still have antro, but wed still have jagr and probably gabby. wouldnt that make a good 1-2 punch gabby on 1st line, jagr on 2nd. yea hes old but hes still better than anyone on the team right now besides gabby

  43. I agree, should have kept Antro instead of signing Kotalik who will have a waste of 3 years, and will only keep Dreary around knowing he has a friend here in NY. Ugh, fuggin Slats !!

    Im sorry, i wanna believe this guy will be good, but c’mon, he’s not gonna have a huge year for us, especially us of all teams, and of all the years. Waste of money. Antro would have done better.

  44. jor –
    you still in nyc?
    ill be @ w77 later on

    if anyone else is interested let me know

    30 more minutes till i can close up for the week!!!

  45. LOL, Rick, “The imposter has been deleted.”

    That one goes right up there with “These pretzels are making me thirsty.”

  46. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 7 days... says Greg L. on

    What a Waste that I spelled Waste wong. Waist is yer waist and I ment a Waste. What a waste of my typing!!! Yo Fake spiderpig or real gut , im not Greg K. haha thats not me.

  47. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 7 days... says Greg L. on

    So basicly Carp, we spent our 2 young players for a weak rental …on a team that Gomez was the top center? We spent players for this guy who now gets 3.3 million for player mediocure defense. The market is totally screwed ( I wanted to say something else).

  48. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 7 days... says Greg L. on

    Yo Josh , Kaspar ‘s a ghost ! didn’t ya know that ? ya can’t see him but hes here. Hes friendly and hangs out with Wendy.

  49. Haha the bear gave the ref a little slash on the skate.

    Id rather have him play on our 4th line then Brash*t, but id fear for Aves life.

    Did anyone see Megan Fox at Comic-Con ? Hooooot !! I wish i could have been there, id kill to meet her in person.

  50. orr-not many players succeed here as compared to other points in their careers or on other teams. i dont know why

  51. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 7 days... says Greg L. on

    Yo Orr , Do you got the 1255 photo’s of Megan Fox file on the net?

  52. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 7 days... says Greg L. on

    Gotta admit she is smokin!! You wish you could met her Orr …if you did , you’d be my hero.

  53. lol hey peter, and the post he deleted was really me. the imposter was the one who said “Stop impersonating me, that smoking pot comment is absurd, babies die because young mothers are addicted to drugs.”

  54. sec308 … I’m a 14.6 … and not playing nearly enough.

    ZzZ, yes, they spent two young players who were not going to be qualified this summer, and who then would have walked away for nothing.

  55. sec308

    from what i heard they had a lot of prucha shirts
    lots of stuff they couldnt sell again
    lots of “dated” stuff (08/09)

  56. is it hockey season yet?
    knowing avery’s reputation with goalies wonder if any sparks will fly between him and emery… i mean if he can under broduer’s skin i dont think it will take much to get a reaction outa emery

  57. Interesting how New Jersey has casino betting but not sports betting. Like sports betting is a curse from which the public needs to be protected, but slot machines and roulette wheels and poker and blackjack are just wonderful, healthy, creative outlets. Of course if you get caught hosting a private poker game in your home, the “public servants” raiding you will destroy you through the court system for their own profit. What hypocrisy.

    All these prohibitions on sports betting by individual states started coming down at the behest of one gruesome, hypocritical NFL Commissioner by the name of Paul Tagliabue, whose darling little NFL would be back in its infancy of the time of Jim Thorpe and Red Grange, were it not for the marriage of television and betting on football.

    Look, EVERYTHING going down in this country is special interest oriented, which is why we can bet on horse racing online, but cannot bet on a football game online, with an offshore venue. If gambling were really seen as “immoral” by our “legislators” it would all be banned. The gambling they allow is related to the industry which pays them off all the more to kill the competition. They will even bust you now for propositioning a sting bitch on the street, so sly are they when it comes to profiting from the normal range of human behavior.

    I say UP DELAWARE and screw those forces trying to shut down this state’s right to exercise free enterprise in its own best interest.

    Other than the above I am neutral re this whole matter.

  58. Only bet on NFL ? How about Gretsky & or wife and Toccket (sorry can’t spell) and the problem with the NBA ref. I know the revenue stream for good causes adds large amounts.. I also am estimating a long team potential fallout just as you had with the stock market if all this goes unchecked.

  59. Rick-

    Just heard this said from a political commentator on Blomberg this morning
    “On the extreme right -there should be no people in government except uniformed people ;
    On the extreme left, there should be all people in government except people in uniforms”

    Based upon your responses you are much more to the right than I am. I consider myself much more in the middle.

    What you are saying I believe is let business work this out on its own. They should be able to come out with the best result on their own.

  60. Rick- Sorry I don’t have time to read your posts or most of the others. But after reading Celsius 451 I believe I have you labelled incorrectly.

    Just add Pete Rose and Baseball on the list of people and sports troubled by sports betting.

    I just what meaningful regulation of some sort -online and all – solutions have to be developed.

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