Scout Herb Hammond dies


Just heard some sad news, and it may not mean much to you, but Herb Hammond passed away after a battle with cancer. Herb was a Rangers scout for a long time, beginning in 1989 with the hiring of Neil Smith.

It’s impossible to quantify his contributions, but obviously he was part of the regime that began the quick franchise turnaround from laughingstock to Stanley Cup championship in 1994. Hammond was the Rangers New England scout at that point, having worked at Brown University the previous seven years as hockey coach and assistant athletic director. He coached at Plattsburgh and Oswego state colleges prior to that, and was a high school hockey coach starting in 1958.

And, like so many of those who were associated with the ’94 team, Herb was just a real good, high-character, quality person. We will miss him.

You can read his obit here.

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  1. Well I was going to state we are back as a laughing stock now, but I said RIP first. How is that classless No Country?

  2. Can you guys/gals stop bickering like kindergartners?

    And, as far as that Dubinsky rumor (an Islanders offer sheet) PLEASE! How much would the Isles have to offer for the Rangers to not match? And if it’s that much, then good riddance, take the draft picks (which will be lottery picks) and move on.

    It’s not happening.

  3. Rick,

    I think 3.5 is a good number to work with. Would Dubis agent allow him not to sign a 4 year 3.5 per offer sheet from the Islanders? How could the Rangers possibly match that? And the compensation is next to nothing. I think its one or two second round picks. This guy is our “number one center” and our future captain!

  4. One more thing about Herb: He’s the first person whose name is on the Cup from ’94 to pass on.

    One thing about Rozsival: For all the shortcomings everybody seems to think he has (and he was bad last year, like everybody else), if his salary was $2.5 million every team in the league would want him.

  5. No Country,

    I didn’t mean it to sound classless by writing first. I notice people write first here on every new post so I was just following the fellow fans. I thought you were calling me classess for calling him Herb, but that was his name. RIP Mr. Hammond.

  6. Rick,

    But is salary is 5 million a year unfortunatly, and no team in the NHL wants him at that salary. Would teams want Wade Redden at 2.5 per? I don’t think so either, but we have him for 6.5!!! What is Sather doing to us??

  7. Wade-ing for my paycheck on

    Are you saying that Beezer, Sandstrom & Granato where laughing-stocks??

    I kid, I kid…

  8. Speed Ranger on

    I remember Herb Hammond. Best to his family, sorry for their loss. Thanks for posting the news Carp, sad as it is I hadn’t heard it elsewhere.

  9. Rick,

    As of now Dubi is our number one center (maybe future captain was a stretch) but he is a core guy who could be a leader on this team for years to come. I know nobody wants to talk about it but please explain to me how dubi’s agent wouldnt make him sign a 4 year 3.5 million dollar contract offer from another team when the rangers could probably only pay 2 million per for 2 years? This is the only thing I want answered. Oh and by the way number one top centers make 3.5 million a year, I mean Sather signed gomez for 7.5 million to be a top center correct?

  10. that’s the point. 5mm for a below average defensemen is outrageous..i’d rather lose with a rookie than an old overpaid old defenseman..

    dubi will be a ranger at the beginning of the can book it local fan

  11. on Group 2 offer sheets:

    salary of $3M to $4M, compensation is a first, a second and a third-round pick.
    salary of $4M to $5M, compensation is two firsts, a second and a third.
    salary of more than $5M, compensation is four first-rounders.

  12. Carp, Rozi could be making $1.00, I don’t care, he is done. If he is too gun shy to battle in the corners he isn’t worth a penny. I saw the 3rd and OT of game 3 vs NJ in 08 playoffs on NHL and I immediately noticed Rozi losing all of the battles along the boards. This was with JJ on the team. Last year he got worse. I don’t see him coming back to being the player that he was in 06-07. Maybe Gainey wants him too?

  13. Rick,

    Thank you. Although that might rule out the Islanders, it does not rule out alot of other teams. The rangers would probably find a way to match a 2,999,999.00 contract.

  14. Not worried about Dubinsky nobody would give up 3 picks for him and we can match anything up to 3 mil. I think they want him to play on his tender till Jan 1 and then lock him up long term so it doesnt hit the cap this year.

  15. 3.25 seems like an awful lot for Dubi but If he was offered that no agent would turn it down clearly…

  16. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Fans have to remember its business and to root for the team , not the players, I don’t care who stays and who goes as long as the team wins.
    free agency makes the player loyal to the dollar not the team or the fans.
    Fans would quickly get over losing Dubi, if the rangers got some good players and went to the 3rd round or the finals.

  17. bull dog line on

    completely disagree.
    fans enjoy there teams more with homegrown players on it, more than not.
    the most popular local teams were popular because they had a lot of homegrown players on them. we take ownership, and become more attached to them when they come up through the system. when they win it more it is more enjoyable, because we saw them when they first came up.

  18. Rick: As I found out on another website those numbers had % based increases in them every year since the CBA went into effect . Here are the current numbers from

    $994,433 or below None
    Over $994,433 to $1,506,716 Third-round choice
    Over $1,506,716 to $3,013,434 Second-round choice
    Over $3,013,434 to $4,520,150 First-seond and third round choice
    Over $4,520,150 to $6,026,867 First-round, second-round and third-round choice
    Over $6,026,867 to $7,533,584 Two first-round choices, one second- and one third-round choice
    Over $7,533,584 Four first-round choices

  19. Bull dog I could not agree more, well said.

    Also, its July 24th, the season begins in roughly 70 days (give or take a few I didn’t actually count). That is in no way enough time to move a franchise. If it happens, it could happen next year.

  20. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 9 days... says Greg L. on

    Rip Herb,you were one of those uncover guys. Guys like you help make this place work.

  21. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 9 days... says Greg L. on

    Local fan , You wanna know the reason why? Ya should have just came out and asked me right away!!! I know stuff …yeah and It seems you like the Devils more than the Rangers. Sad to say .No Gomez,No Stevens,No neidamyer,no Gionta ,no Madden = NO CHANCE!!!! HAHA I don’t BLAME YOU for comming here. This is the “place “to be…

    Oh yeah I’ll now tell you why Dubi’s agent wont do it. Cuz the Rangers will match it and Dubi will be looking pritty greedy in the dressing room and I know Dubinsky wont sign squat. Dubinsky knows , Glen Knows and we know nothing yet…

  22. I don’t agree with the assessment that Rozsival isn’t worth his contract. The top two d-men on all 30 teams average $4.6mn/year.

    Obviously there are some guys in the league who are overpaid relative to their production like Jovanovski at $6.5mn or underpaid like Mark Streit at $4.1mn but it’s hard to make that call since everyone signs contracts in different situations.

    I’m not giving Rozsival a pass, he needs to play better since he’s getting paid top pairing money. If he does, I think he’s worth his contract.

    Rozsival had 30pts on a team with an abysmal powerplay that scored the third least goals in the league. He was a contributor to that scoring malaise for sure but I can’t help think that if he was playing with players who actually score that he wouldn’t have 40pts, which would put him in the top 25 in league for points by a d-man.

  23. Joey Irvine #27 on

    Wasn’t Herbie the guy on that Ranger draft show I think in 2004, who was preaching “Billy Ryan, Billy Ryan, Billy Ryan” from Cushing? I was all for it Herb…more North Americans the better, even though Billy and guys like Kenny Roche etc didnt make it. Rest in peace Herbie and thanks Carp for always being on top of all Rangers- all the time. Man did we all miss you when you were off the beat!! SIGN DUBI NOW!!!!

  24. few days ago i was playing the NHL 09 on my PS3, and Bill Clement, one of the in game announcers said something like this about Rozi

    “Michal Rozsival, he was never a top two defenseman in his career, but he became one once he joined the New York Rangers”

    I wasn’t sure on how to understand that statement. It is either he became a better aka top d man once he joined the team OR that our D core when he joined the rangers automatically made him top d on the roster??

  25. If we can make the cap work I’m cool with Rozy wearing a Rangers jersey.
    I’ll admit i was glad when we resigned him. If he had a little more confidence and made his decisions a little quicker he could be a solid offensive d-man.

    He is never going to be a crease clearing, body throwing d-man, thats not why we signed him anyways.

  26. Rozi has one real flaw to his game: He defers too much.

    Otherwise, he is on par with every other Dman in the league with his across the board skills. He passes well, he plays D well, he is an above average defender in every area of the rink. If he was more selfish, he would really shine. When he shoots, good things happen.

    Could you find out what Rozi gets paid the rest of the contract?
    I know the cap hit is $5 mil per, but the actual ($) salary is substantially less (I believe). The reason why people are speculating Rozi being traded, is that his actual salary would be appealing to a team that is not up against the cap. Like Columbus or DALLAS. This is why I believe he will be moved this season. I thought he was already Dallas bound, but I bet he goes at the deadline AT THE LATEST next season. Torts will get his man Richards, and Rozi will be the salary going the other way. . . . . with Dubinsky.

  27. bull dog line on

    would not trade Dubi straight up for Richards. Richards has not been a top line player for a few years now, and has been injury prone. it’s not going to happen cw. worst case for Dubi is that all he going to be is what he is now, and now he is a pretty good player.

  28. not to be rude, but who cares if teams would take him if he was making 2.5M. And of course he’d be worth the money if he played well, but the reality is that he is passive and hesitant with the puck and there is no reason to believe that is going to change. He was a decent scrap-pile pickup the first year after the lockout, but he has been disappointing since. there was a reason he the Pens let him go at a time when there D was very mediocre…he isn’t terrible, but he is nothing special and never will be.

    sather was a fool for giving him 5M and an even bigger fool for giving Redden 6.5M, this is beyond dispute

  29. I thought this was about Herb Hammond! Show some respect, all of you who wish to discuss Rosie or Dubinsky, please take it somewhere else out of common courtesy to the memory of a good man. I knew Herb since 1991 and he was nice enough to mentor a young man breaking into the hockey business (not scouting) when others were a little standoff-ish, cold and not too forthcoming with their knowledge of the game. God rest your soul Herb, you were more than just a good guy, you were friend.

  30. Our D in 05-06 was garbage on paper. A couple of youngsters like Tyuts, and Max, along with Kaspar, Harry, Poti, Strudsy, and eventually Ozo.

    Yeah, Rozi was our best D-man.

    Need to dump him NOW !!! He will always suck for this team, and we need to get rid of his stupid contract !

  31. don’t think anyone meant any disrespect, it’s a hockey blog, so i think it’s fine we are talking about hockey

  32. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 9 days... says Greg L. on

    Sorry Charlie (Charles) In respect to Herb the title today is “Scout Herb Hammond dies” many of us have spoke our condoleses but as they say in show biz ..The blog must go on.

  33. Yes, we talk about everything every day here. It doesn’t have to be the topic of the original post. In fact sometimes the original post is pretty much a blank canvas for you guys to use.

    In the coming weeks, because it has gotten so slow news-wise, I may even start the days with some Seinfeld trivia, which you can join or ignore, and of course go completely off-topic and talk aboot anything you want to talk about.

  34. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 8 days... says Greg L. on

    Why do people complain about the blog when they don’t read it? I find it ignorent of some commenters who don’t read the whole blog from the start of the day and then posts stuff when they don’t even know the whole story. People who post links look foolish when they say ..don’t know if ya saw this. If the link poster “read” the blog they would know if it was posted. If ya read the blog then fine ,say what ya want .If ya don’t read it , shut up and start reading it …the chats on here are quite educational.

  35. agree rozi has to be moved if it means fitting dubi in and also bringing in a number 1 center. rozi 5 mill off the books opens up a lot we sign a seidenberg or a zubov for 2 mill and get 3 more to play with

  36. JJP

    The top 2 d men on most teams may avg 4.6 mil each, that is great Where it does not apply to rozy is he makes 5 mil per and on any other team in the league is a 3 or 4 d man. Not trying to start anything, just stat9ing a fact he needs to go and his spot needs to be filled by a vet stay at home physical d man. Hell send him to the island for witt, i’d do that in a heartbeat!

  37. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 8 days... says Greg L. on

    Dam I should have said that too Mr.Carpiniello. It is a little bit of everything. Ive seen maybe 1/2 an eposode of Seinfield so I can’t particapate in that But I can name George ,Kramer and the woman. Part where she was on a date was funny.

  38. RIP Herb,one of unsung, behind the scene heroes,one of so important,often invisible men, we owe with our love and passion for this greatest game

  39. No, I wasn’t being sarcastic — this time. I think in the case of a blog titled “Scout Herb Hammond Dies”, we should stick to respecting the topic. It’s not quite the same as a blog titled “Rangers trade for Enver Lisin”. Of course I may be biased, he was a friend.

  40. Just found out Herb passed last year !….I knew him for a few years, when I was a part-time scout with the Rangers from 92-97 in Atlantic Canada !….He was my mentor & friend during those great years !….A real gentleman & great guy !….My condolances to his family !
    Rest in peace !

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  42. I guess when you Google an old acquaintance, you should be prepared for bad news. I was wondering what Herb Hammond was up to and am now seeing this post. Carpie, thanks for your kind words about Herb. He spent hour after hour with me discussing Rangers prospects for the prospect report in Blueshirt Bulletin. He was a true gentleman. I’m saddened that he isn’t around to do what he loved, finding future Rangers. — Rick Resnick

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