Morris is gone to B-town


The Boston Bruins are about to sign Derek Morris, according to this report. He’ll do well there. Hard to believe he’s only 30. I don’t know if the Rangers could have afforded him, or if he fit the plans, but he was pretty solid, if unspectacular, in the short time he played in New York.

Thanks to blogster TR-808 for the tip.

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  1. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 8 days... says Greg L. on

    Bean town …looks like that trade was a bust for us .

    Yo Mouth , ya made it to first!!!

  2. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 8 days... says Greg L. on

    I love it when people are too cool to say “first” hahahahahaaa wtg !! Btw Mouth , Gaborik will be fine this year. He will do soooo good , you’ll have at least 10 shows in which he will be the focal point!!

  3. Aaron Ward to Carolina. That’s funny. I hope the 5-9 Scott Walker doesn’t cold cock him in practice the way he did during last year’s playoffs.

  4. Now that Morris is off the market, It looks like if the Blueshirts are gonna upgrade their power play points it’s gonna be Zubov or Marc Andre Bergeron.

  5. bull dog line on

    the Rangers drafted 2 players to run the power play( Del Zotto, and Sanguenetti).
    it is time to let them do that. no more free agent, or traded for Dmen.

  6. I don’t know if the blog that this report is from is too reliable, the last posting on it before today is from February.

  7. He’ll score against us for sure, that’s just how it goes.

    Good move by Slats to not sign him. Go with youth, trade Rozi, and bring in Zubov. If Zubs gets injured, who cares, more youth to prove themselves.

    Lol, Carp, is it hard to believe he’s 30 cause he looks 50 ? Nothing personal against Mo-Cheeks but he looks like a very old pig. I like the guy though, but i was a huge Pruchs fan, and can never get over him getting traded. I wish instead of getting Shoes, and Morris, we could have gotten Michalek, and Carcillo. But no, Slats got garbage. Although Lisin may be a good trade, who knows. Dawes was expendable, but i hope he doesn’t turn out to be as good as he is in NHL 09. He’s tearing it up in my season.

  8. i really cant stand the fact that both redden and rozy are still on the team.

    honestly, if there is truth to the rumor that we are trading for patrick sharp, i would have no problem trading dubi as a “sweetener” with rozy to toronto for kaberle.

    1. sharp for a prospect/pick (since they cant take money back)


    2. dubi and rozy for kaberle and white

  9. When I was the teams assistant massage therapist for two months this year, Mr Morris always like me to cream him in his estrogeneous zones.

  10. bull dog line on

    it would foolish to trade Dubinski, young, skilled, tough, and has not hit his prime yet.
    trading him is one that the Rangers, and Ranger fans would regret for a long time.

  11. somerset, dubi and Rosi for Kaberle and white? unless you know for a fact ur signing Savard next offseason I would hate to see that trade. If your trading Dubi, its for a playmaking center which is what the Rangers need. We have plenty of Defensmen for the next decade.

    and where in the hell is Boston getting this money from? They had like 4 million left to spare and still need to sign Kessel. I think this is a bad sign if its true…

  12. dubi and rozy for kaberle and white is such a dumb trade, kaberle is over 30, as good as he is its not worth giving up all that age with dubinsky, and like someone stated we have plenty of young D-men to come up and run the PP soon, brutal trade

  13. fed up w/ fakes on

    Hey fake lou vega, what is an estrogeneous zone? Did you mean erogenous zone? If you’re going to try and be funny (which you’re not), please at least try to be grammatically correct.

  14. Would it make any sense to you guys, for the rangers to forget about dubi and Z, although it is a little dissapointing, sign RFA phil kessel for 3.5-3.75 mil for two years– then let grachev step up and play third line wing?? The lines could be

    Kotalik- Anisimov- Grachev

    The bruins only have 2.5 mil left in cap space so they would not be able to match….

  15. I dont know about two kids playing on the same pair though, thats why i think staal and girardi may get broken up, as much as i love watching them play together it may be the smart thing to do, we’ll see

  16. f that, i rather have dubi than kessel, kessel is sick but injury prone and i wouldnot give up dubi for anything right now he has played 2 full seasons can we see what he progresses into instead of trying to tailor make our team every year

  17. fed up w/ fakes on

    Dumb moron flaker, until that slip up, you were turning me on. Since my baby left me at Heartbreak Motel.

  18. too many weirdos lately and weird posts, i dont understand it, talk rangers or hockey or be out

  19. zzz 13 zzz

    I hope you’re right about Gaborik , Im worried already and it’s frigging July. I gotta get some more REAL problems I shouldn’t be worrying about this nonsense. So how many is Gabby gonna get 35-40? I need some positive reinforcement

  20. I’m not worried about Gaborik. He is entering his prime and he rested almost the entire season last year. He came back and tore it up.

    Gabby will get at least 40, especially if the rest of the team will be as well conditioned as Torts wants them to be.

    Even if Gabby is hurt, it’s not the end of the world..


    That’s four 20 goal scorers… yea it’s not 40 or 50, but it’s still offense. Hell, Avery might even net 18-20.

    Oh yea, we still have Lundqvist… though I fear he’s going to be burnt out with Torts’ style… I love Vally, but he can’t handle a 20-25 game load.

  21. Chris from Buffalo on

    Totally irrelevant but Messier was at the Yankees game today with his kids.

  22. i liked morris is shot however he was another one who would never hit the net with it. i have no problem seeing him leave. i wonder what the terms were when this becomes official. tsn doesnt have it so i cant think for sure its done.

    as for playing 2 kids on d

    i think potter and gilroy get the spots


    i would deal rozi and zherdev for richards and sign zubov

  23. Everyone wants the kids to play so this seems to make that inevitable.

    on another note

    If anyone interested a sim league we have 2 openings. we already have several ranger fans managing teams


  24. they give ward 2.5 bring in morris for 3.3 how does that help them with kessel. i figured dumping ward was cap space for kessel. i cant figure this one out

  25. wow !!!! someone pretended to be me at 9:39


    The trade proposal was me though, but you guys missed the most important part of the Dubi and Rozy for Kaberle and White trade


    then, to me Dubinsky is expendable

    IF NOT, then we dont trade Dubinsky

    Is this roster really that bad???

    Gabo – Sharp – Avery
    Cally – Drury – Kotalik
    Higgins – AA – Lisin
    Brash/ Boyle/ Arnason/ Voros/ Byers

    Kaberle – Redden
    Staal – Girardi
    2 rookies
    White – 7th D man

  26. Yup, Redden and Rozsival are awful. The Rangers have no shot at a Cup with them on the team.

  27. 3.3 million for Morris after a 20 point season …. HOLY CRAP !!!!

    Good luck with that Boston… and we all thought Rozy was overpaid

  28. Morris @ 3.3 is way better then 5 million for Rozi.

    Somerset…your trades are awful…you must be doing this get everyone to acknowledge you.

  29. we should sign bergeron, boucher, or siendeberg for PP. WAIVE/trade Redden. Sign Gauhtier.
    D of
    Staal- Roszival
    Girardi- Gauhtier
    Boucher/Bergeron/or Sidenberg- Potter
    7th- Gilroy, Heinkenen or Del Zotto

    not bad….

  30. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 8 days... says Greg L. on

    Well Mr. Mouth , no need to worry about Gaborik. I’d say he’s hitting at least 50 goals. Hes gonna have plenty of ice time under Torts and his offensive touch is gonna be infectious.

  31. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 7 days... says Greg L. on

    Gaborik is a scoring machine and needs to play all 82 games to get people to stop bugging him about injuries. Eric Lindros was as fragile as they come and he played all 82 for us one year.

  32. Morris for 3.3 a year is a steal. He played very well for us last season, although it was a short time,I liked him and hoped he would resigned.

  33. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Some Gm ‘s have the Midas touch,
    Sather has the “Minus” touch.
    His trades and moves turn to turds.
    We’ll see how many games Gaborik plays and how many goals he scores.
    Just remember the abuse and pounding Jagr got as a ranger, do you actually think Gaborik can take the same abuse?
    He’ll be another Zherdev , great in space but in a crowd he’ll disappear.

  34. Something must be brewing, I though Morris would return.

    Some of you need to clean up your act.

    Great job Carp…….

  35. I just watched top 10 plays for Panthers and Keith Ballard was 3 of them — 3 monster hits.

    Wouldn’t mind if we packaged Zherdev and Rozsival/Redden for Ballard.

  36. Morris is overrated. Absolutely nothing special, I don’t know why he keeps getting high salaries.

  37. Dude ….

    Stop posting as me its getting annoying …. i dont use that many commas when i write something.

  38. After that Morris signing im getting the feeling Savard isn’t going to be in a Boston uniform next season. They HAVE to resign Kessel. 36 goals at 21 years old I mean come on. Savards a decade older then him. Boston has no cap as of now.

  39. gaborik dubinsky avery

    kotalik drury callahan

    higgins anisimov lisin

    brashear betts aranson

    i think they should sign kessel instead of dubi and zherdev

    gabo dubinsky kessel

    callahan drury avery

    lisin anisimov kotalik

    brashear higgins aranson

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