Gaborik’s one up on Hossa


Well, at least Marian Gaborik is healthy at the moment … we think.

How’d you like to be Chicago, which had that nightmare glitch by GM Dale Tallon, who didn’t tender his qualifying offers to restricted free agents on time then had to scramble to over-pay them before they became unrestricted, then got himself kicked upstairs?

How’d you like to be Chicago, which now has learned that its 12-year, $62.8 million deal for Marian Hossa is off to this start: He will miss the beginning of the season after shoulder surgery?

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  1. Good morning to you aand everyone else. I am so happy to be here in my old neck of the woods. I will check out Avery’s bar this weekend.

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  3. Wow thats brutal out til early November if not early December. I hope Gabby just swallows some crazy glue and holds up for his time here.

  4. When something like that happens along with the ridiculous Tallon axing with that goofy President behind it, it makes me wonder if that franchise is hexed.

    How could they not have known?

  5. I wouldn’t be too happy about this, anything can happen with Gaborik too…especially seeing that it’s Gaborik

  6. gamemisconduct17 on

    the poor guy can’t win anywhere he goes. The hired gun with a little black cloud over him. He always gets top dollar!! On a side note. I think we all realize that Glen is waiting to see the results from the Zherdev arbitration hearing to either accept and include him in a deal for Marleau or Richards or walk away completely.

  7. Doodie Machetto on

    Chicago says that they did know about the injury before they signed him.

  8. So the Hawks will be starting the season with the same team that brought them to the Western Conference finals a year ago…and then in mid-fall they’ll be getting a completely healthy Marian Hossa. Um, I’d say it’s still pretty exciting to be a Blackhawks fan at the moment.

  9. I don’t blame Hossa for being a “hired gun” at this point. I think once Ottawa locked him up long term and then quickly traded him away for Heatley, his attitude probably changed. You have to wonder though, how long he knew he was going to need this surgery? Chicago still has a wonderful future, but wow, this has been a dreadful offseason for them.

  10. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam, same team without Khabibulin. With how bad Huet was for them and how good Khabibulin was last year, that’s definitely not the same team.

  11. Mister Delaware on

    “When something like that happens along with *the ridiculous Tallon axing* with that goofy President behind it, it makes me wonder if that franchise is hexed.”

    Why ridiculous? Isn’t holding people accountable for multi-million dollar mistakes (be it of commission or omission) the right thing to do? What if Sather had done that?

  12. Sure, Doodie…but with Huet looking for redemption and all their young guys with another year’s worth of experience under their belts, I maintain it’s quite fun to be a Blackhawks fan these days.

  13. I thought the ‘Hawks knew about the injury when they signed him. Though that makes the size of his contract all the more mind-boggling.

  14. Doodie Machetto on

    kph, yes, the Hawks have already said that they knew about the injury when they signed him. They signed him for what, 12 years? 2 months of the first season isn’t exactly a loss on their investment.

  15. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Re: Hossa,
    I always thought the players went through a rigorous physical exam prior to signing? Someone dropped the ball.

    Look what happened to jagr after his shoulder surgery, his shot was a bit slower.

    I still think the longer the dubinski saga drags on the less likely he’ll be a ranger.
    Sather is a stubborn ,old school GM.
    Management is always right, fight management and win and they’ll show you the door.
    Chances are Dubi will win the arbitration award and then he’ll traded in a package for a #1 center.

  16. OneCup – I thought Dubi could not go to arbitration, only be made offers by other clubs that the rangers might have to match?

  17. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Blueblood,My mistake , you’re right.
    But the longer he battles sather , the worse it is, Sather won’t be shown up, give in to Dubi , the other players will follow.

  18. BlueBlood,

    If they sign him to an offer sheet where the compensation is the 1st round pick for the NYI next year which is potentially the 1st overall aka Taylor Hall, do you let him walk?

  19. Doodie Machetto on

    Let’s be clear everyone: Chicago knew Hossa had a shoulder injury and that surgery might be a possibility.

  20. UESBlueshirt on

    Maybe that’s why Hossa was signed for 12 years, just to make sure they got some production out of him at some point.

    Once the outrage waned on Tallon’s coup d’etat a lot of writers pointed out that Tallon was quickly running into Sather territory in terms of cap mismanagement. While conspiracy theories abound that the powers above Tallon purposely forced the delay of the RFA offer sheets (since the GM himself isn’t personally responsible for sending/faxing them), the guy was a dead man walking even before that. The only stink to be made was that the Hawks had a successful year both at the box office and on the ice.

    As for Dubi, I think it’s been pretty well spelt out that the Rangers are in no rush to sign him since there’s no imminent deadline to do so. They’re waiting to see what type of reward Zherdev gets and then figure out if they’re going to try to fit him under the cap or try to swing a sign and trade.

  21. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    And if Dubi is traded, it will show what a farce the rangers are, they draft players , give up on them,sign the old timers to big, long term contracts, sign more free agents, fail in the playoffs, trade, resign more, draft , give up on them. Its a losing merry go round.

  22. I wouldn’t – not like he’s clearing a ton of cap space for a number 1 center or D-man, and I still think that if you put him with Gaborik he will continue to improve – as he did when playing with Jagr. Hell, he could barely stay on his skates when he first got here – look at the improvement. I think he’ll work well under Torts, and will improve if he doesn’t have third line minutes and Vorros on his wing. Like OneCup said though, piss off Sather and he might be gone anyway…

  23. 1st overall pick next year = kirill kabanov

    taylor hall will cry his eyes out when hes picked second.

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    Any discounts on 2009/2010 tickets?

  25. Jason thats a fans blog and its always spouting rubbish. Believe what Carp said – Dubi will be signed, its just when. He doesn’t have much leverage in negotiations as he was 1 year from arbitration so Slats will probably squeeze a cheaper contract out of him than he did with Cally.

    Anyone think we should have gone after Hossa? I prefer hearing stories about how the new star forward is in incredible physical shape and ready for the challenge, rather than how he is out for 6 months with a bum shoulder.

  26. Rozsival must be dealt for a less expensive option. The cap situation has left us no choice. But if Z loses his arb hearing and we decide to keep him, we’re ridiculously deep on the wing and now we have a surplus. Even tho Z is kind of a head case, he did play real well for parts of last year and put up a good number of points. If we can get a 60 point scorer for a strong value, it’s hard to pass up, especially when value is something we lack on the team as a whole. Either way, Dubinsky must be brought back.

  27. NYRanger4Life on

    I have to say — we should give some credit to cigarpuss. All of us were pining for Sather to re-sign Dubi during the year… but b/c he didnt have a banner yr, his value definitely dropped slightly.

    I certainly would rather have Dubi than ANY number of draft picks…given our awesome performance of drafting over the last 9 yrs.

  28. I want to hear stories about Redden in the gym everyday, busting his ass to get stronger and faster. If he can do that, and show me that he’s putting forth an honest effort to redeem himself after last season, you won’t hear a bit of booing from me.

  29. Doodie Machetto on

    nyranger, we have had some good picks recently, but some bad luck also. In 2005, we moved up to get Staal, which was a really good move. In ’06 we got Sanguinetti, which is looking like a bust more and more every year. In ’07 we got Cherepanov, which at the time was a steal, until the whole dying thing. Last year we got MDZ, which is looking like it will turn out to be a solid pick, not to mention Grachev.

    So, it’s looking OK recently. But I still wouldn’t give up Dubinsky for anything right now. Before we dumped Gomez, I would’ve traded him for Heatley since we had Anisimov in the pipeline. But after Gomez was gone, Dubinsky became virtually untouchable.

  30. Joe in DE – Sad to say, but I think we might actually need Rozi – agree with you that it might be worth keeping Z if he is not awarded much, but not at the cost of Dubi – get it done some other way…

  31. Funny that you posted this today, Carp. I went to bed last night thinking the exact same thing.


  32. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Dubi definitely doesn’t have bargaining power at this point in his career.
    If he settles for less than what he thinks he’s worth I don’t know how he’ll be.
    If he signs a 1 year deal and has a great year then I think he can name his price.
    Maybe he should sign a 1 year deal.

  33. We dodge a bullet for now for sure. I LOT of Ranger fans wanted Hossa. Thank god we didn’t get him.

    90 Minutes With Rick Carpiniello and
    I Love The 80’s Rangers : Rangers vs Flyers video March 4th 1982

  34. Doodie Machetto on

    “Are we getting the winter classic next year? new giant stadium?”

    No way can they have the Winter Classic at Giants Stadium because there is a game there every Sunday (Giants or Jets).

    Yankee Stadium is the most likely NY venue for a NY Winter Classic.

  35. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    What Steinbrenner wants , Stenbrenner gets. It will probably be at Yankee stadium, too bad he doesn’t own the rangers

  36. we cant dump rozy. Him and Redden are our only real Vet defensemen and you are not going to get quality at a lower price. Face it Rozy may be overpaid for his services but 5 mill is the market price for his skill. Staal has 2 years of service, Girardi 2+ and we will have 2 rookies on the Blueline with them. If we dump him then the only experienced Dman on the club is redden and we all see haw he plays when under the spotlight. That would not be good.

  37. Dubinsky must sign if for no other reason in that we can’t afford to lose another center. Seriously. If we lost him, we lose 3 of our 4 starting centers last year, and an alternate center in Korpikoski. Every wing position is filled, except for the 4th line, which one can only assume will go to Byers, since even if they can resign Z, they’re not going to put him in a 4th line grinding role. Higgins would have to get shuffled down from 3rd to 4th line, and that would make for tentative Lisin-Anisimov-Zherdev line, which could be pretty exciting. That all but eliminates Grachev from cracking the lineup, which is disappointing if the kid is ready and can play.

    I agree that Rozsival could be necessary, but at the same time, he’s the only player we can move. He’s not a good value, so we should purge the contract for a player who is a stronger value. He’s obviously not a good point man since he rarely uses his great shot. Why not play Kotalik on the point on the PP? Save money and go with a more one dimensional defender, the stay at home type, and use a forward on the point. Girardi and Gilroy can pick up the slack at the other end.

  38. Doodie Machetto on

    “We dodge a bullet for now for sure. I LOT of Ranger fans wanted Hossa. Thank god we didn’t get him.”

    OK, two statements here. I’m going to ignore the the first one over whether you actually want him on the team, healthy or otherwise.

    But how is missing two months of the season with a shoulder injury when the guy signed a 12 year contract so terrible? As Bowman said: he’s a franchise player. Getting the surgery is just putting more into their long term investment instead of having him play hurt and doing some potential long term damage.

    They’ll lose him for 2 months, he’ll come in totally fresh and in good shape (no reason why he won’t be able to ride the bike and start skating long before he is clear for contact). How is this injury that bad?

  39. All contracts are subject to passing a physical. It seems pretty unlikely to me that Chicago didn’t know that Hossa was having shoulder issues when they signed him.

    A four month recovery time puts him back in the lineup by December – which would mean he misses a quarter of the season. Given that he is a pro athlete, I would bet there is a high likelihood that he comes back early. Plus, with a shoulder injury, he can still skate and get his fitness level up.

    Like Adam said, its the same team as last season with an all-star coming in December…..

  40. Tyree, that’s why I’ve been an advocate of signing Chelios. He’ll come for next to nothing, he’s rarely hurt, he’s in great shape, and he can easily slide into the 6th or 7th spot. Best of all, his game is slightly in decline not because he sucks, but because of his age. He still has a lot to give, especially in experience and leadership.

  41. Doodie Machetto on

    Rozsival is not necessary. There are still PLENTY of cheap, veteran defensemen to be had. They don’t have to be in a first (and in some cases second) pairing role. Examples:

    MA Bergeron (would LOVE to sign him), Bouillon, Skoula, Dandenault, Seidenberg, Gauthier, De Vries, Warrener, Schneider, and Chelios.

    And if you want to spend a little more money, theres Zubov or Morris. But that kinda kills the point of signing dealing Rozsi if you take most of the money back.

    Bottom line, nobody on this team is irreplaceable except maybe Hank. And I do mean that. We don’t have the most valuable player at any poisiton.

  42. UESBlueshirt on

    General question: Where is the MSG Mall? Is it one of the team stores? I’m taking a train out of Penn this evening and wouldn’t mind seeing what they got on sale.


    I know that 2 months in the context of 12 years isn’t a lot, but this is a vital year with the Hawks. If in fact they have to part with one of their core guys (either Kane or Toews) because they ponied up too much $$$ due to the RFA foul up, then they’ll need to have all their big guns going. Not saying the Hawks can’t get by without Hossa, they did just fine without him, but who knows how strong Hossa will bounce back after returning. Could be the difference of winning the division or settling for another middle of the conference seed.

  43. UESBlueshirt, I honestly think if the Hawks don’t win the Cup this year with a lineup as stacked as it is, they’ll never win it. They won’t be able to keep everyone together

  44. Doodie Machetto on

    UES, I understand that this year is important for them, and their division has very quickly gotten very competitive. But Detroit isn’t NEARLY as good as it was last year. And even with the improvements made in Columbus and St. Louis, Chicago still has to feel REALLY good about it’s chances this year, with or without Hossa.

  45. Keep in mind the numbers of pitchers in baseball who come back completely healthy (and, in more than a few cases, stronger) following rotator cuff surgery. Debate the merits of Hossa on the Rangers all you want, but this just isn’t a setback at all.

  46. Doodie Machetto on

    Adam I’m with you on this. And it is strange that we’re agreeing. But maybe because this isn’t something Rangers related.

  47. No Chelios. We dont need all new faces on D Rozy represents a little bit of continuity. I would rather see Sauer and Potter and Golroy stink it up than see Chelios in a ranger uniform. These kids need to sink or swim. Rozy is a puck mover as is redden. Gilroy and whomever else gets promoted are puck movers and need to learn their tricks

  48. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I wouldn’t sign any player for 12 years, there is no way they will ever be productive for 12 years, they will peak and decline , that’s the way it is.
    12 year contract? you might as well make them a partner.

    And with shoulder surgery with a torn or partially torn rotator cuff full recovery isn’t 2 months, it’s more like a year. He may be back before that but I doubt if he will 100%

  49. By saying I think we “need” Rozi I don’t mean he’s untouchable or irreplaceable. Just don’t think you’re going to find anyone better for a lot less money, and really believe 2 newbies on D is enough. There is also the continuity factor. Just think that we need to keep him for the season, with this roster, and then possibly see what’s up at the trade deadline depending on how the youngsters do.

  50. True, Doodie, although we also split on Glenn Anderson in the HOF. But we’ll take the agreement where we can find it.

  51. UESBlueshirt on

    I suppose Detroit losing Hossa helps Chicago (even if he didn’t defect to the Hawks). But the Wings won without Hossa against a team with Hossa so that means the Hawks with Hossa will…nevermind, just chalk it up to you can’t win with Hossa (Marian or Marcel).

    Kidding aside, I know a lot of scouts are going ga-ga over the Blues, but let’s see them keep it up for another season before anyone declares they’ve graduated to a consistent playoff team. Same with the Jackets. What if Mason is like the next Felix Potvin? But yes, the division is definitely better than it was even 3 years ago. The Wings used to fatten up on some dreadful teams, now it looks like they might have to work to stay on top.

  52. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Rozival is another year older, he’ll be slower in the playoffs, he sometimes /often looks indecisive and makes a bad play, he doesn’t take the body often and is often on the losing side of checks.
    You wouldn’t miss him

  53. tyree
    July 24th, 2009 at 11:57 am
    “Rozy is a puck mover ”

    He moves the puck right to the other team. Rozy was better off when this was a Czech team, now he’s a fish out of water. If he can be moved, GET RID OF HIM! I don’t care that he’s a Vet defenseman, anybody can turn the puck over like he does. He’s so gun shy and afraid of contact that he can’t fight the battles in the corners. Besides, now that Gomez is gone, who’s he going to desperately look to give the puck to once he skates into center ice?

  54. LOL 22figure8 – Even though I am advocating keeping Rozi, your description really brought that picture to my mind — he really can get that first pass of fast (the pass to nowhere) when he sees a hard hit coming. I think he got a little better as the year went on though.

  55. Doodie Machetto on

    BlueBlood, there are a lot of guys on the list I put out that are definitely better than Rozsi, and all will be cheaper.

    I’ll say it again, I’d LOVE to have MA Bergeron. He will cost about the same probably, but he is MUCH better.

    UES, the Wings also lost Hudler and Samuelson. Lidstrom, Osgood, and Holmstrom are a year older.

    And there is a reason to go Ga-Ga over the Blues. All of the good work they did last year, it was without Erik Johnson. They’re going to be a REALLY good team next year.

    Columbus, I’ll admit, rides a lot on Mason’s encore performance. But they certainly aren’t the pushovers they once were. And once they get Brassard back, they’ll be a lot better.

  56. On Tyree’s comment that the kids need to sink or swim: I agree. And luckily we have a good handful of kids to try out. If Potter and Sauer stink, then Gilroy and MDZ and try. If they stink, then Sangs and Heineken can try. We have enough potentially-ready D prospects that, just by playing the odds, 2 of the 6 have to at least be decent enough to stick around (and maybe even hopefully be great).

  57. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Imagine if the blues win the Cup with JD, a former MSG employee who the rangers could have had “off the rack” for next to nothing and righted their ship, instead they go for sather and the suit is coming apart at the seams.
    serves dolan right.

  58. The Rangers are playing the current situation w/ Dubi and Zherdev exactly right. Obviously, no team is rushing in to grab Dubi so Sather is not pressed to deal with him. Waiting to see what Z’s salary will be for the next year allows them to talk with teams to determine interest and possibly make a sign and trade arrangement, possibly involving both players. Sather has done pretty well so far and his patience will bear fruit the first or second week of August. Sather isn’t done and his next step will show a carefully calculated plan.

  59. Pavel- Rozi will find him eventually. If he can just pause a liiiiiiittle while longer before passing or shooting…

  60. amen..roscival is so effin bad…if someone anyone wants him get a deal done.. problem is he is the one wants him..just a few facts

    slow as sh*t
    terrible lateral movement
    awful passer
    awful shot
    horrendous decision making skills
    not a leader
    awful contract..

  61. Roenick is right, Cheli probably does want to be a Ranger. I mean, what player doesn’t? You get a huge paycheck no matter if you suck or not.

  62. I think you guys are completely misunderstanding the Hossa signing.

    The reason he signed a 12-year deal was the spread out the cap hit and make it more cap friendly.

    He’ll probably be paid the bulk of the contract in the next three to five years which leaves very little actual salary at the back end of the contract.

    More than likely he’ll retire before the contract finishes and that amount immediate comes off of their cap. Or…they can buy him out and since the cap hit is spread out the damage won’t be that bad (not sure if the buy out is based on the cap value or the actual remaining salary).

    This also makes him a trade possibility somewhere down the line. Reduced cap hit and a minimal amount of actual salary are always attractive.

    I think this is something you can only do with players under 30 (see the Chris Pronger situation in Philly) and to me is looks like a shrewd move.

  63. Welcome to the New York Rangers Sunshine retirement home! Where retirement party couldn’t be any sweeter! We welcome all has-beens, never-beens, cash-ins and even thug-ins!! Our slightly demented and completely senile head-nurse Glen Sather will offer you maximum reward for minimum effort! Don’t you worry about anything, out professional staff (the fans) will pay for your good times on Broadway, where even most absurd deals come true! Just ask our most valuable patients Redden and Drury (Gomez got better, so we had to release him).

    So come and join our big family and see for yourself what it is like to retire on Broadway! How sweet it is!

    * To qualify you must be: at the end of your career, no younger than 37, completely useless, ability to stay in the line-up so the young prospect never see the ice with the big club, must sign at least 5 years contract. Other rewards may apply.

  64. Guys this is what I was affraid of. What if the Islanders or any other team offer Dubi a 4 year 3.25 mill per contract? He would be crazy not to sign it, the compensation would only be a second rounder I think, and the Rangers couldnt match that unless they get rid of somebody else making our team even more of a minor league team. What are we going to do?

  65. Local fan:

    My fear exactly. And I wouldn’t put it past Garth and those fish stick mofo’s to pull something like that… I am truly nervous… anyone else as nervous as I am?

  66. Why does it smell like horse crap in here?? oh, i know why… a *loco* fan is visiting again! Worrying about what *WE* going to do about Dubi!

    kid, you should be worrying about that smell that follows you nonstop!

  67. CCCP: I thought it was Zherdev, Libsa, Kovalev and you who are notorious for smelling.. catch my drift?
    I don’t know why you have to constantly bash me. I am a Rangers fan. I have been worried about this for months. I love Dubi. I really think Sather messed up here. If the Islanders offer him 3.5 per for 4 years his agent will make him sign it. Rangers cant come close to matching that even though he is worth it. I really see the Islanders doing that. Snow has done a great job this off season. It would be a fantastic job if he pried our future captain away because Sather cant figure the salary cap out. I am really upset guys.

  68. Lou Vega,

    I beg to differ. I know more then most on this blog I can promise you that. Tell me where you think my knowledge is lacking? I do know that We have no cap space and the Islanders have tons. I know they can offer Dubi 4 years at 3.5 per. I know we cant match that. Where does that statement make me “have no knowledge of sports”. Go back to smoking your vega’s..or invite me!

  69. I wouldn’t worry about Dubi signing on the Island. Sather told Dubi that if he signed with the NYI, we will just send Brashear out to blindside him and break his face.

    Seriously, I think Dubi is gonna get traded for a bona fide #1 center (and riding Jagr’s coattails doesn’t make you a #1). I believe that there is a trade pending that included Dubi, and it will be finalized soon.

  70. carp – nice stories on mouths webradio show. especially the ones about sept 11th


  71. HAHAHA !!!

    Tallon really fugged up on this one, but who cares he has another 11 years left.

    Wings doctors seem to think it’s nothing serious, so who knows, when he comes back he’ll probably be back to normal. Which means scoring 40 goals, and not showing up for the playoffs.

    Actually does anyone think the Hawks will make the playoffs this year ? Huet was garbage for them, and not he’s their actual starter.

  72. CW:

    What number one centers are available that would be cheaper and have more potential then Dubi? So nobody here would care if we trade dubi? We have been looking at Dubi and Korpy and Callahan for years to be our future. If thats the case then 2 out of the three are gone. I have hope Dolan gets rid of sather before this happens.. although we all know what happened with Isiah and the Knicks so it looks like we are the ones suffering for a long long time.

  73. Lou Vega,

    Everybody here, Everybody in our organization has been touting Dubi as our Number once Center and our future captain. Number one centers are not worth 3.5 million? And with restricted and unrestricted free agency you have to overpay. So say a team offers 3.5..they maybe overpaying, but unfortunatly with our “situation” we cant match.

  74. a *loco* fan
    “CCCP: I thought it was Zherdev, Libsa, Kovalev and you who are notorious for smelling.. catch my drift?”

    See, that’s the problem kid, I don’t want to catch your drift…but you keep on stinking the place up by coming in here!

    “Snow has done a great job this off season. It would be a fantastic job if he pried our future captain away”

    See, it is statements like these that make you stink and make you less than anyone in here. lol

  75. CCP:

    “LOL”?: what are you a 12 year old Russian school girl? Stop saying I stink. I actually smell pretty good. Do you want to meet for a beer and you can smell me to confirm that? We can talk about Rangers Hockey. The hockey we both love. I just love the Devils a little more.

  76. CCCP,

    What exactly is your case? I love the Rangers. I just think our organization from Top: Dolan and Sather, To bottom: a suspended Sean Avery (for being undisiplined) and Torts (who gets suspended that game for being undiciplined) is in dire trouble. I come here to vent hoping my fellow fans can help me through this.

  77. The only guy on here that seems to be up to speed and sees the big picture is UpperEastBlueshirt. Hello UES!

  78. we should just quit responding to him altogether though, we are talking to a devils fan on a rangers blog, oh my fault, a devils AND a rangers fan hahahaha

  79. lou vega –
    “amen..roscival is so effin bad…if someone anyone wants him get a deal done.. problem is he is the one wants him..just a few facts

    slow as sh*t
    terrible lateral movement
    awful passer
    awful shot
    horrendous decision making skills
    not a leader
    awful contract..

    Yea he definitely made it to the NHL with all these aforementioned attributes you give him. You just dont like the guy, thats fine.. but dont tell me he is bad at every facet of the game, and you should not be talkin about someone else not knowing a thing about sports while making comments like these, because this is a real ignorant comment. He aint a norris trophy type defenseman but he certainly isnt what your making him out to be

  80. When all of us turn on the tv Oct 2 and when most of us are at the garden in our seats on Oct 3, I GUARANTEE that when you look at the lineup, there will be a number 17 with the name Brandon Dubinsky next to it under the New York Rangers side. Guaranteed.

  81. Local fan we all know that the islanders have cap space, OF COURSE they have cap space, they have to stay as close to the minimum because they make NO MONEY, and i dont care if they TRY to sign him and are interested in Dubi, hes not going anywhere, you can bring up all the hypotheticals and how the numbers work but its not happening, and like i said, the islanders are in no position to spend money, or give up draft picks, that is how they are building their team each year, draft picks

  82. Rob,

    Maybe if we heard Glen Sather or Brandon or his agent say that we can feel confident. I don’t know how much it means if Rob M on Rangers @ Lohudblogs GUARANTEE’S, Dubi will be wearing Our sweater next year…

  83. you got that right rob m.. as far as i’m concerned he shouldn’t be in the nhl..tell me what’s he good at omniscient one

    and local fan is a girl i think

  84. Rob,

    Want is a very very rich man. If they can afford to have 3 starting goalies, they can afford to throw 3.5 million at their arch rivals future captain, oh and then give up a second round draft pick.


    Somebody posted about next Year’s Winter Classic. Do you mean Jan 2010? If so, it is going to be held at Fenway between Bruins and Philly.

  86. And of course that is probably a problem here being that everybody is racist and sexist.

  87. saying Rozsival is an awful shooter and awful passer its so false, yea he chooses to pass it way too often, but he is a real good passer, and hes got a real good shot when he uses it once every other game, so yes the poor decision making point comes into play that you said, hes not slow as shit though his lateral movement is not too great i agree, but he can skate and he can also stickhandle tremendously, dont care what you say about that one, just watch the game they played against Edmonton when Mess’ number was retired, he made that whole OT-winner happen carrying it into the zone and feeding Jagr, it also showed on his penalty shot against LA last year, he has moves, he is solid defensively but has his lapses.. he is definitely an NHL caliber player, his contract is not his fault, people have to stop blaming players on the money they make and start looking to Sather on that part, and about him being a leader he is not a prototypical leader, not very vocal but everyone doesnt have to be a leader
    This is my opinion, but the guy definitely takes way too much shit from the fans its bull, he is not a bad player at all

  88. i agree with you rob..i give him too hard a time but i would prefer someone else..

    local fan, i agree with rob..dubi will be in a ranger uni come next season..i’ll bet ya

  89. local –

    don’t say everybody here is racist and sexist

    get out of here with that garbage, find a new blog.

  90. Thank you, this is an outstanding list I’m fresh to all this but require to frame-up my first web log soon so I stand for on impressing this out and imparting it to my boxfile.

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