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I’ve been asked by one of our loyal blogsters here to join him tonight.

The Mouth, as you know him, hosts a blog talk radio show — the topic being hockey — at Ranger Crisis. He asked me to be his guest tonight around 9:30 p.m. I believe we will be taking some questions. So join us by clicking here, or by going to this address:

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  1. First and a half, next some will be posting on Crayola. Dubinsky is a figment of some fans first line imagination.

  2. Hey, I am leaving for the airport and heading to NY for 5 days :)

    I miss NY so much and I love going back to visit all my friends and family.

    I am not sure what I will be doing this weekend, but if any of you have suggestions, shoot them by me?

    I prefer the City over any other area.

  3. I’ve heard that Redden is really working extremely hard this offseason, knows what Torts wants out of him and the Rangers are honestly expecting him to have a big season.

    Any truth to this?

  4. Rob(the first) on

    Aaron, maybe he is working his nose muscules hard every snort/… but dont think there is any truth to that. Does he even know how to work hard?

  5. Dreddens biggest problem was, he got married. It’s all over for him, his drug sessions will be monitored, so he wont get the right amount to give him the coke strength, but lucky for him he wont OD or get coke d*ck.

    As far as having a big season, muahaha, that will be the day.

    But obviously im pulling for him. Everyone loves a comeback.

  6. Repost:
    Yeah, I remember that from the last time I watched games from 1994, that everyone was being hooked and held, especially around the goal line.

    Carp – It might be just about time to go with registered usernames here. I believe Inside the Kings has done it with some success (

  7. Repost: Spider, we’re starting to take steps in that direction.

    Note to all: I think that’s enough with the coke references. It’s libelous and defamatory and I may have to start deleting those comments. Please don’t make extra work for me.

  8. Michabenjamin on

    I don’t know of anyone who has an addiction that wishes they didn’t start in the first place in some way.

  9. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    I’d love to know what these guys are up to in the offseason. Anyone sticking around the NY area, working out, skating at any of the local rinks? Would be cool to find out who’s getting ready for the season and who’s too busy scheming on high class tramps

  10. Registered names will just be sad for when responsible posters want to joke around and make posts as say Redden or Renney or Pearn or fill in the blank…

    but it is starting to look necessary all because some arses can’t get their heads out…

  11. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    BTW, I’m totally stoked for the new pair of skates I bought yesterday. I scored a set of Bauer Vapor XXVs off of for $99! I was gonna splurge on the Vapor XXXXs, but honestly I don’t deserve skates that good and the XXVs are real similar for 1/3 the price. The XXVs are on clearance with a few sizes left, if yours is one of them, you should defintely buy a pair. These skates were selling for $250 just a couple months ago

  12. BTW looks like Rick the D*ck is out of commision for another year with the signing of Biron. LMFAO 13 more years to go

  13. Doodie machetto on

    I don’t know. I think DP might be facing retirement a la Blackburn. If he does, that ridiculous contract disappears from the cap.

  14. Wade-ing for my paycheck on

    I’ve been saying that DP was going to retire for a while now.

    BUT…let’s NEVER EVER read too far into the dealings of the NY Fishsticks. Sure, it’s no longer Milbury, and not TOO much offense to folks from LI…but there’s just something in the water or air out there that makes them … different.

  15. Yeah, i want to know more aboot this DP stuff. Is he done for the year, is he getting traded, if at all possible.

    13 years left, what a fuggin waste. I honestly don’t remember if this guy is good, or overrated, cause it’s been so damn long since he’s played a full season without injury.

  16. Laurel Babcock on

    Mr. Pink Tie!

    “New Line Cinema is said to be developing a film about Avery’s experiences as a Vogue intern, with the working title “Puckface.”

  17. Carp – Agree with Spiderpig on the user names — looks like the number of posts on your blog and Zip’s have been reversed in the last few weeks. Think you are getting a lot of defectors because of the few knucklehead….people are getting tired of having to sort through to have or even read a real discussion. Don’t post much but am a loyal reader – you guys do a great job and a few idiots are ruining it…

  18. Carp, thanks for the remark about coke references.
    I don’t find humor it it & it brings back bad memories.
    Hockey & Rangers is what we’re about !

  19. ORR
    he is good but sometimes unfocused. And WAY too cocky. when he plays he actually reminds me of Richter in style

  20. Eklund is at it again, and this time Yahoo Sports is saying the Sharks have a trade coming with Patrick Marleau headed East.

  21. hey look at that bright side of signing brashear…hes gunna show dubinsky how to knock some heads off…and why is everyone so uncertain of dubi’s ability to play first line center?? i mean really?? the guy was a first line center his rookie year and was for the most part very productive with jagr, and dont say “anyone could have played with jagr and done well” because renney tried other players with jagr and failed to get anything going. Also…watch for voros to make a come back…now that his butt buddy gabby is back by his side.

  22. Where is Avery’s bar located?

    I am looking for jut a cool place for drinks… flight is delayed :(

  23. jor71
    if you take the 1 train to chambers st and walk towards warren its 77 warren st.,+New+York,+New+York,+New+York+10007&sll=37.0625,-95.677068&sspn=32.38984,76.728516&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=FQxDbQIdD7GW-w&split=0&ll=40.718428,-74.009378&spn=0.007562,0.018733&t=h&z=16&iwloc=A

    not a problem

    it should have been a 2 year deal, kids gonna hopefully produce in this system. control the puck, fast legs, work the corners. its another “project” and hopefully this one works, lol.

  24. RJam-

    I like giving the A to Avery. It might make him think twice before he pulls any stupid stuff on the ice.

    Call me crazy but I would give the other A to Wade the blade. Like it or not he is here and he is the veteran leader on the blue line. After last season’s disaster, I think he could really use the vote of confidence from the coaches/players. There is no reason he can’t put together a good season this year.

  25. TR,I thought I thanked you earlier, but maybe I forgot to hit “submit.” So thank you for the wordpress link.
    ps, was that an actual newspaper in your recent post? Do they still exist?

  26. No Country –

    This “A” you wanna put on Redden’s jersey won’t stand for “Assistant”

  27. DETROIT (AP) – Former Detroit Red Wings star Sergei Fedorov says a man entrusted to manage his money during the past 11 years swindled him out of $43 million.

    In a lawsuit filed Thursday in Wayne County Circuit Court, Fedorov says Joseph Zada of Grosse Pointe Shores also broke a promise to repay him $60 million by April 20.
    The suit says Zada “acting in concert with others” and “intentionally lied to Fedorov” whenever he asked about the money.
    There was no answer Thursday at a number listed for Zada in Grosse Pointe Shores.
    Fedorov, the 1994 NHL MVP and three-time Stanley Cup winner with the Red Wings, has signed a two-year contract with a Russian club of the Kontinental Hockey League. He has also played for Anaheim, Columbus and Washington.

  28. Rick

    Glad to hear you will be on with my buddy at Ranger Crisis tonight, should be fun.

    I wonder if the same person making coke references on here is the one doing it on my site

  29. Since this article pertains to questions for tonights blog, Mine is..Jockey briefs or Boxer shorts, which do you prefer your hockey stud muffin in.

  30. rick

    yeah wasnt sure if you got it, lol
    now you know who i am again.
    was plannin on changin the name once i got back from canada anyways.
    eventually the tech people will get sick of your emails from me and hire me, haha. jk jk..

    and yes it was an actual newspaper. i was lining my fake bird cage with it, haha… nah i yanked that pic from someone else on another board.

  31. I know how it is. I was one of the foremost Redden haters on the blog and I said some awful things about him this year. We all know he was terrible and I understand everybody hates him, he was incredibly frustrating to watch in 08-09 but you gotta get over it. I’m sick of killing this guy. Redden can still help this team.

    He’s not the first player to completely suck in NY after a lucrative deal nor would he be the first failure to don the the prestigious “A” (hello fleury, lindros, gomez, holik, kasparaitus, rucchin, the list goes on) Notice a trend there? Veterans. I love callahan and dubinsky as much as the next guy but they are still too green. Think with your head, not with your heart.

    The “Alternate’ goes to veteran players not only because of their experience but because of the respect they command from the referees. It generally doesn’t go to players who have been in the league for 2 years (unless they are cindy, ov, etc) regardless of how much they are adored by the fans. Redden improved under Torts, can we at least hope he continues to improve as opposed to throwing him under the bus before training camp even starts? can we give him the benefit of the doubt?

    “throw your hatred down”
    -neil young

  32. I could see Redden and or Roszival getting the A. I bet Gabby and Redden are the alternates come september

  33. redden should get one if gabby doesnt. hes gonna turn it around next season. watch. i mean, you HEARD it here first

  34. Jeff S. from Delaware on

    I think the C and the A’s all go to veterans, however, remember who our coach is…don’t think he’s too chicken to take the letter away from someone mid-season to someone else more deserving.

  35. I’d have Drury as C (just because I can’t imagine them stripping him of it), with Gabby as a definite A. 3rd A will either go to Rozi (been a Ranger longer than anyone else currently), or a kid (Dubi/Cally, who Torts loves, and even though young, are the heart of the team).

  36. we need some more rumors or deals or something. i cant take these days anymore. married 3 weeks today

  37. I just tried my comment three times before that went through…

    No Country- Dubinsky didnt score for like a month last season and nobody killed him because they recognize that he gave 150% on every shift. When Redden shows that kind of determination every game then he can be in the discussion for an “A”..until then the leadership this team needs comes with hard workers like Dubi and Cally not overpriced busts like Redden.

  38. there is no definite about who will get the A’s this year, one guess is as good as the next, but I think the only possible candidates are, in no particular order:

    Rozsival, Redden, Gaborik, Callahan, Dubinsky, Staal, Girardi & Avery

    I agree with No Country about giving it to Redden for a vote of confidence but if I was Torts and I got to choose my A’s I would go with Dubi & Cally or Staal… wouldnt be opposed to Rozsival getting one also.. I dont think Avery should get an A just because the fans love him, and I dont think he would think as far as “Well I have an A on now so I cant be an ass” Do you think that would really cause him to calm down, would he really think that far ahead? Dont think so, but I see what you were getting at with that No Country.
    I dont think Gaborik should be tossed an A just because he is the most talented either

    Just giving my 2 cents

  39. lets all vote for captain and alternates on the blog. i vote for myself as captain. no really though i agree no country. im willing to give redden another shot. i cant go to games so i didnt really see every aspect of the games from the fans pov, but lets face it, rennys team all under acheived, and when torts took over, redden was one of the most improved players. so with that i think he will be better for us in the future. and giving him an A will only help put confidence in him. he may not be vocal but hes the best choice on D. and we should expect dru to be more of a captain and leader next year.

  40. if rozy is still here scx then ya, i give him an A before redden. just because hes been here the longest of all rangers. and hes our only other vet on D. let duby find his game first before we add pressure by giving him leadership responsibility. maybe in a year or 2, but not now.

  41. lets go rangers!!!! were gonna win again in 2010!!!!!!!!!!!!! yea!! woohooo!!!

  42. yes TR-808.. hopefully in 2012 they will all still be here when drurys contract ends and all three will have the letters as u mentioned.. I dont think it adds a super amoutn of pressure giving an A to cally or dubi or staal now though, they already know that there is alot expected of them this season, putting a letter on their chest isnt going to make a difference because whether they actually get those letters or not they are going to try and help lead this team regardless

  43. Dennis-

    I couldnt agree more but in the history of the rangers, how often does a player who gives “150% on every shift” get the “A”?

    There have been a few, but there have been WAY more guys like Redden or Rozival who get it because of seniority/reputation

    not that it means anything but, torts tampa bay cup squad:

    Captain: Andreychuk, Alternate: Future Ranger Vinny (yah right) Alternate: Modin

  44. Problem with Avery getting an A is the officials have no respect for him, and the letters are really more for dealing with officials than anything else other than the symbolic gesture

  45. My 2 cents….Dru stays with the C (obviously), avery with one A (might just make his game even more chippy and require the team to be tougher as a whole), the last one to dubi, staal, or cally in no particular order although I give the edge to dubi over the other two. If no avery, then staal and one of the other two!

  46. I miss Mara. If he were still Here he would get the A. On my NHL 09 season I got Drury as C and Rozy and Mare with the A.

  47. Doodie Machetto on

    No way does Avery get an A. Guys with As talk to the official. Avery is the last guy they will want to talk to an official.

    Callahan gets one. The other I’m not certain about.

  48. Carp,

    Can I ask my question now because my in-laws are in town and I will not get a chance later (actually I am aking it regardless, but if you could answer it I would appreciate it). What are the chances of tollefsen, vaananen, or gauthier signing as a more of a physical d man for us??

    Thanks Carp!!!!

  49. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 9 days... says Greg L. on

    Ok so far we have the top 4 Ranger scorers of ALL TIME :

    #1 Jaromir Jagr 53 goals

    #2 Adams Graves 52 goals

    #3 Vic Hatfield 50 goals

    #4 Mike Gartner 49 goals


    Only one question to the Mouth …ease up on the on Gaborik talk of him being so injury prone. EVERY beat writer has a field day talking about his past problems.Clean slate here ,ok mouth?

  50. Three weeks of marriage to this dude, and all we have in the medicine cabinet is Cialis, and Pepto Bismol.

  51. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 9 days... says Greg L. on

    Ahhhh I looked back and it was 54!! Opps sorry Jagr!!

    Zherdev for #5?? …very funny. But ill put that in the catagory of “you heard it here first!!”

  52. i’d like for Z to land on Brighton Beach at one of those Russian cold cuts stores! Z got good hands he can wrap the “kielbasa” nice and pretty! :P

  53. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 9 days... says Greg L. on

    Actually I never thought about that. You see I was on the “rebound” when Jagr was not signed. Zherdev was the most talented and exciting guy on RW sinse Jagr so I imediatly beacame a Z fan. If Zherdev goes ….I honestly don’t care where it is because I’ll be cheering for Gaborik to score 50!!! If Zherdev goes ,I’d like to see him in Edm with Hemsky and Jagr. I hate Edm so maybe this would give me a reason to watch ’em.

  54. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 9 days... says Greg L. on

    alright!!! Thanks downeaster, unlikely guy but if ya say he scored 48…

    We have the top 5 Ranger scorers of ALL TIME :

    #1 Jaromir Jagr 54 goals

    #2 Adams Graves 52 goals

    #3 Vic Hatfield 50 goals

    #4 Mike Gartner 49 goals

    #5 Pierre Larouche 48 goals

  55. one A will go to Rozsival (longest tenured Ranger) and one to a young guy probably Callahan or Staal.

  56. For myself I thought that Mara was the backbone of that defense such as it is.. I too hated to see him go. MOntreal wasn’t it? I could have imagined KOvalev saying to him “thank God I don’t have to get around you any more”, but isn’t Kovalev now with Calgary?

  57. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 9 days... says Greg L. on

    Dawes -Calgary / Kovalev,Gomez and Gionta-Mtl

  58. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 9 days... says Greg L. on

    oooooopsss hahahaha Kovalev is in Ottawa, I knew that..yeashh.

  59. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 9 days... says Greg L. on

    Heatley is out of Ottawa so the Senators had to sign Kovalev. Senators will get Awsome return when they trade Heatley , I just hope it isn’t Dubinsky or Cally that are the sacrificial lambs. Don’t get me wrong , having a scorer like Heatley would be awsome but we just got Gaborik so we can’t be too greedy and nab Heatley can we? We got really greedy and landed Gomez and Drury at the same time and look where that got us…I say we take in the Gaborik show and play all the kids( omg Im sounding like MJ)I wanna watch Young Ranger stars grow and play in the RANGERS ORGANIZATION not in Ottawa’s!! Thats sick!!!!!

  60. unless Heatley plays center cause we have plenty of wingers already. im happy with the team as is. let them get a #1 center next offseason or better yet, maybe Anisimov of Dubinsky becomes our #1 center…

  61. Haha, Dawes made the All Star game in my season in NHL 09. Gabby, and St Louis made it for me, and Hank got snubbed.

    Also i found a new glitch in the game. St Louis scored a goal, and got an assist on it. Lol, free point.

  62. anisimov has better chance of being 1st line center but in reality, both him and the doobster are 2nd liners. i just dont see either becoming that good. just cuz duby played with jagr on the 1st 2 years ago doesnt mean hes a true 1st liner. its because neither dru or blowmer could deal with his selfish puckhog style and duby would defer to him. and ya know what, if both duby and artie were solid 2nd line centers their carers, that be perfectly fine by me. for 2 late 2nd round picks, thats pretty good.

  63. MIKE

    I don’t know, the way Dubi looked in pre-season, and in the 1st month of the season last year, i honestly thought he was gonna be some what of a Vinny Lecavalier / Jarome Iginla kind of player.

    He had an up and down year, but looked good towards the end. I hope he becomes what we hope cause having Heatley could have helped us out. So hopefully Dubi, Cally, and everyone else really do what we all expect them to in years to come, and sooner, that includes Grachev, Artie, Del Z, Sangs, etc.

  64. orr- i know that glitch lol. also, all your draft picshave different play by play names than theyre supposed to. this one guy last name was carter or somethin like that, and gary thorne called him fragglechuk or some russian name lol. then i had a rookie named gagne, and he called him dewey. its so effin retarted.

  65. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 9 days... says Greg L. on

    Ya have the Ultimate Jaromir Jagr and ya go out and buy Gomez & Drury and neither of ’em could find a spot on the line with the best Euro of alltime?? Dubinsky did it..this “kid” taken in the late rounds was awsome. Jagr was not selfish , he just knew he was the best.

    Rangers (Mike in ia) never got the high picks like other crappy teams and yet we have Dubie and YOU wanna teat him like Renney teats his young players? Dubinsky is 1 hellava player and to have him included in the “heatley garbage” shows his true worth. Dubi looks so young and he maybe doesn’t fit the “top like center” bill but heck Mike , ive seen stranger things happen and Dubinsky is priceless.

  66. yea, orr. its still too early to tell and he had kinda sophomore slump and this year is really his shot at proving what he can do. im not sayin this is a make or break season, but it will give us a better idea of where he fits on the team and whether he can take a big step in his career or if hes basically a good 40-50 pt guy and good 2 way center. im leaning towards the latter, but hey, he could have an adam graves type career and be that tough, heart n soul player and every team needs a few of those.

  67. Laurel Babcock on

    Carp, would love to hear you and the Mouth, but don’t know if I’ll be able….boy, that’s got to be different sharing the mic with him compared to Jane and I!

    Caught the end of the Vancouver final replay last night and was struck, in hindsight, with how Mess gave so much credit to Keenan in his typically cool way….

    mike in ia, have we not talked before? Guys, Carp has been asking you to play nice, so let’s shall we? Don’t do yourselves in here, eh?

  68. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 9 days... says Greg L. on

    btw Mike in ia..that “puck-hog” style that you called it ..nabbed him 54 goals and 69 assists. Quite the hog. Anisimov has a better chance going to the KHL than being a #1 center. So You say AA and I pick Dubinsky…im gonna copy this post and pull it up when I make you “eat” your words when they center Dubinsky with Gaborik.

  69. ZZZ, if you want to take it one further, Messier had 47 and missed the last part of the 95-96 season with, I think, a shoulder injury. He would have set the NHL record for longest time between 50-goal seasons … he had 50 in the early 80s with Edmonton.

    The next year he had 36 and they got rid of him.

  70. greg, you lost me man. im not sayin duby is garbage and im not sayin hes the all mighty hockey player either. im sayin that based on what ive seen from him up to this point in time, he has been a good 2nd or 3rd line center with some good skills and shows he has a good head on his shoulders and will be a good player for us but hes not an elite player and i would trade him for heatley. if it was a popularity contest, id choose duby, but in hockey, ya want the best player available for your team. it seems sometimes we get too attached to some of these guys cuz we drafted them and its a pride thing, but sometimes you can overvalue players like that too much.

  71. me too tr 808. its getting really annoying. it was funny the first few times, now its just lame and kinda pathetic.

  72. Laurel Babcock on

    Effing…I got scammed…..real mike in ia, so sorry! You know I love ya….see, this is why folks are going to have to get registered.

  73. its ok. u know i sometimes tow the line with my comments but i usually keep it at least pg-13. this guy sayin he wants eric in his tool shed aint me. i hope u know that lol

  74. I would say Rozsival is a lock for “A” if he is still here. I’m guessing the second one will go to Callahan the way this roster is currently comprised.

    Carp – Can the next poll be who we think is the best candidate for alternate captain?

    Chris Botta seems to think that DiPietro will be back this season, but working very slowly so he can come back stronger.

  75. Laurel Babcock on

    real mike in ia….don’t despair. I killed the faker’s gross comments and will keep an eye on him.

  76. commenter’s leave a trail back to them… block em before you make people log in.

    if people have to log in youll likely lose visitors.
    thats just my opinion.

    with wordpress there are plenty of options before you go down the log in to comment road.

  77. Laurel Babcock on

    Thanks TR. I believe Carp and all here are working on the best way to keep all our blogs and their visitors happy to avoid this stuff.

    Oops. Spider, I think your poll idea is a good one.

    Again, my apologies to real mike. And the other one, watch it buddy. You’re not welcome here with that stuff.

  78. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 9 days... says Greg L. on

    Yeah Mike in ia is good guy so getting him in trouble isn’t cool. His comments ’bout Jagr was un-called for and the dissin of Dubi is a blind insite by him but all in all Mike , no offense ( just a little)

  79. Laurel Babcock on

    Greg, agreed, especially about the “dissin of Dubi” :) bye for tonight all. don’t forget to listen to Carp and Mouth…link above in post.

  80. Does anyone remember how outta shape these guys were after torts took over? they were playing their lazy defense game with renney all year long and became slow, backwards skaters because of it. now with torts bringing them into a brand new season i can see players like drury and redden really skating and moving a lot better along with the rest of the team. They physically couldnt play his style of hockey that he wanted. This year will be different. Also look for the D-Men to all step up their o-production. They only had what? a couple of weeks? to ajust from one spectrum to the other?

  81. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    I tried to hear the interview but this paper wants you sign in-fugetaboutit.

  82. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Carp, don’t you have better things to do with your time than to go on the show? It was torture to listen to.

  83. Nice job tonight Rick and Mouth. Had a great listen – Some good stories I had never heard before.

  84. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 9 days... says Greg L. on

    #1 Jagr
    #2 Graves
    #3 Hatfield
    #4 Gartner
    #5 Larouche
    #6 Messier
    #7 Verbeek

    Thanks Laurel , good night.

  85. there is no Zherdev saga. not only can they not fit him under the cap but they dont want him here in the first place. not to mention they have already replaced him with Kotalik and brought in Lisin as the next hit or miss player…

  86. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 9 days... says Greg L. on

    Yo oleo , yeah does n’t look good I have to admit BUT our GM is Glen Sather ,so there is a saga …don’t be fooled.

  87. onecupin69yearsand counting on

    Carp., I didn’t want to beat you up , but I gave up after listening for one minute , after he raved about where the callers came from..

  88. normally if it was just a cap issue I would agree but why would the Rangers trade away players in order to bring back a player who the coach doesnt want here in the first place???

  89. Carp, I really need to hear your thoughts on this Chelios bs I keep hearing about. I’m all about being young at heart but Markus Nadlund just retired this season 12 years Chelly’s junior. And apparently, Chelios wants to be a blueshirt until he retires (he says he’s aiming for 50, but at this point, why stop there?). The way the Rangers themselves keep pushing this story makes me wonder if they really would spring to sign him (or do they just think it’s flattering that he’s mentioned them by name?). Our D already has enough wasted air sucking all our cap space up. I can’t imagine Chelios will be worth both the money and the benched young talent he’d require.

  90. Calad – You are right – says he was having surgery on the rotator cuff yesterday!

  91. its cool laurel. it is anoying trying to have a decent convo when he starts his “dubinsky fetish posts”. its getting old now and it really wasnt funny at first, now its just lame. no big deal though, i dont care if carp has to use a login i will stick around.

    greg- i wasnt “dissin dubinsky” i dont know what you mean. i did say he wasnt as good as some people here make him out to be though. just cuz we signed him and hes a likeable kid, and cuz he played well with jagr doesnt make him a number 1 center. at least not at this point in time. i think he is very talented and has a god future in the league and hopefully with us. if he is a true no.1 center then we will definitely find out this year as he will likely be playing on the 1st or 2nd depending if we get another center to play with gabby. i just dont see him as that good yet and if he was then they wouldnt be searching for another center for the top line. he could turn out to be a 50-60 pt. 2 way center and for a guy picked in late 2nd round thats more than you can ask for really. he still has time to prove me wrong but i really doubt he turns out like vinny or any other star pllayer of that caliber

  92. Just learned that Pat Verbeek had 522 goals and 541 assists in his 1424 game NHL career. The 5’9″ right wing also had 2905 penalty minutes.

    Great numbers. Why not a Hall of Fame member? 500 goals seems to be the magic number.

    If Cam Neely gets in with “only” 724 games played and 395 goals and 299 assists and 1241 PIMs why not Verbeek?

    No, I am not a Verbeek lover. Just looked up his stats and was impressed and why he isn’t in the HOF. He, unlike Ciccarelli, kept his nose clean.

  93. and about jagr. i was a huge jagr fan and was pissed when he left but he was a puckhog. and he earned that right because he took this team on his back for 3 straight years into the playoffs. not sayin it in a bad way, but when him and duby played together, he did well cuz duby would give him the puck and he would make plays as well as dangle with it to draw defenders while his mates got open which gave duby open space to get open and score. dubinsky is a good passer to but jagr really was a 1 man wrecking crew and duby reaped the rewards of that. now a guy like gaborik who doesnt have the strength and size as jagr is more of a guy that looks to get open while his mates create room down low and get him the puck. i think gomez wouldve ben great with gabby because of his speed and passing. i only wish dru was the one traded, it wouldve made the gabby deal so much better to keep gomez and have duby play 2nd line where he belongs.

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