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Here’s what’s left on the NHL free-agent market, from I am not sure how up-to-date this list is, since Dane Byers is still listed as a free agent and the Rangers announced that they had signed him.

And there may be a few more free agents added to the mix as teams walk away from salary arbitration decisions (Nik Zherdev?).

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  1. There’s not much left out there. I think only 4-5 guys that could possibly interest the Rangers. I actually blogged about them yesterday and I think with the Lisin signing it takes Tanguay out of the picture (if there was any interest in the first place?)

  2. Nobody is gonna give him 5 Million>>if He wanted a one year deal to prove he’s healthy and then test the market again next year for like 2.% , I could have seen them checking in on him but right now it looks like our wings are filled.

  3. uk- from last post- i think sather was regretting the redden signing after he sobered up that evening.

    tangauy is a good playerbut not what we need. hes too expensive even though hed be great on a line with dru. but we need a center or a mean bad d man. hes a lw i think. and as much as we need offense, our d is gonna be pretty young so if you do trade rozy for a forward you wanna get a vet d man back instead of leaving redden as the only vet on the backline.

  4. I think Sather and the rest of the NHL didn’t expect the resession to happen and the cap to go down.

  5. “I think Sather and the rest of the NHL didn’t expect the resession to happen and the cap to go down.”

    I don’t think 99% of the country saw the recession coming.

  6. I did, then again I’m a genius. I’ve made out very well with my investments. While many lost 40%+, I gained 20%… up 80% in foreign.



  7. if you think about other than the rangers and canadiens nobodyis really throwing the $$$ around.

    Except for the Islandersof course who have spent Wang Bucks willy-nilly when they signed a 37 yr old goalie In Roloson and ex- Wolfpacker Greg Moore. They are all set to contend.

    Last Ranger Roundup For Colt 45 Plus Zebra Steve Kozari’s Officiating Is Horse Dookie :

  8. Doodie Machetto on

    Looking at that list, I’d be interested in Marc-Andre Bergeron if his salary demands were reasonable. GREAT shot from the point. Instantly will improve our PP.

    Of course, that will really limit the number of kids we can bring up to play defense. Honestly, I’d prefer to have a roster with 7 defenseman, considering how little Torts plays that 4th line.

    I’d also potentially kick the tires on Sykora. I’d also offer Jason Williams a tryout, in case for some reason Anisimov can’t hack it as our third line center.

  9. Recession, does that mean I have to give up my front row seats at Saddlesores Sports Bar, where the drinks and men are half priced after midnight.

  10. its hard enough putting food on my family during this recession, do i have to read about it on a rangers blog?

  11. KingLundqvist30 on

    I’d take a one year deal on Afinogenov…why not at this point with only one proven, yet fragile, goal scoring winger in Gaborik on the roster.

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