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  1. Doodie Machetto on

    Repost from last thread:

    “Looking at that list [of remaining free agents], I’d be interested in Marc-Andre Bergeron if his salary demands were reasonable. GREAT shot from the point. Instantly will improve our PP.

    Of course, that will really limit the number of kids we can bring up to play defense. Honestly, I’d prefer to have a roster with 7 defenseman, considering how little Torts plays that 4th line.

    I’d also potentially kick the tires on Sykora. I’d also offer Jason Williams a tryout, in case for some reason Anisimov can’t hack it as our third line center.”

  2. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    I would love to see some rookies crack this roster, especially Anisimov and Grachev. These kids look promising

  3. 800k for lisin? well, slats just saved us about 500k with the trade and got us a faster more offensive player. well done cigarpuss

  4. id love grachev to make the team too. i just think unless someone gets hurt or plays real bad, grachev will and really should get a year in hartford under his belt.

  5. “EG: I haven’t got the faintest idea about how the ties are going. And I have to say that I’m not interested in this argument since my plan is to play in America”

    Now i can sleep at night, not having to worry aboot Geno.

    Make the team !!!!

  6. It’s pretty depressing that JR will retire, and he has never won a Cup. Fugg the crappy Sharks for blowing it last season, and the year before. Jumbo Joe is pathetic, he cant step up his game in the playoffs, if his daughters virginity was up for grabs. Makes me sick.

    JR’s the man. Call me crazy but i wouldn’t be against having him on the 4th line, but unfortunately that’s Brash*t’s spot, which is even more depressing.

  7. I can’t imagine Sather brining in Chelios… even if it were for peanuts and to mentor the young d-men (they certainly shouldn’t be listening to Rozi or Redden).

    Actually, maybe they can hire him as an assistant.

  8. Grachev said he loves a Trotzky as his favorite drink, that Vodka, prune juice and a Hunky Ruskie with broad shoulders and a Fidel stache serving me.

  9. On the cheap, Chelios would be OK with me as a 7th D. Redden-Rozi, Staal-Danny, Kid-Kid, Chelios. He could help teach the other 6 how to play better, and rotate in and out with the kids so his old body isn’t overworked, and the kids aren’t overexposed.

  10. Cross Check Charlie on

    There was nobody on the free agent list that interests me. Nobody!

    As for Chelios, time to go out to pasture. Your time is past done. (watch Sather sign him tomorrow).

    Roenick, I’m glad Chelios made him a better person because he’s a real jerk now. The old version must have been a total a-hole.

  11. Sounds like Grachev listened to some of Renney’s interviews last year. His answers were very vague. Can’t wait to see him play during the preseason.

  12. i think the article is true. JR threw chelois under the bus during the playoffs as well.

    i think everyone wants to retire here but unless hes going to be head of conditioning or something of ice i dont see a need for him.

  13. UESBlueshirt on

    “lets sign chelios, roenick, larmer, goulet, steve smith, and eddie belfour”

    Champions of NHL ’93 and ’94 right there. If they get into a fight does animated blood pour onto the ice?

  14. roc and others: Contrary to popular belief the cap did not go down for the upcoming season. It went up 5%.

    THE STATUS OF DUBINSKY: This has been a sore topic of conversation on all the Ranger blogs since he was tendered a qualifying offer. Not to worry…….

    Sather, IMO, has had a FANTASTIC run since the end of the playoffs. The Rangers had a great draft, their prospects camp showed there are many blue chippers in the pipeline and a few that may be ready this year as well. Slats made a GREAT deal for Gomez and a good deal with Korpikoski. He signed a top game breaker in Gaborik. He has signed his RFA’s in the logical order of procession and has until 5PM EST, DECEMBER 1st to file a Standard Player Contract (SPC) for Dubinsky. It won’t take that long.

    I believe Sather is waiting to see what the arbitrator’s ruling for Zherdev is before he decides what he can offer to Dubinsky and another free agent. Why wouldn’t he wait?

    Zherdev is probably going to have his salary set by the arbitrator at his qualifying offer: 3.5 million. If he refuses to accept it and walks to the KHL so be it. I think he would much rather play in the Big Apple. I do not think the Rangers would have qualified him at that number only to walk away from it after arbitration. Zherdev’s hearing date is one of, if not the latest, dates to be heard. This helps Sather. So far, all the players that signed up for arbitration have avoided it. Zajac was just the latest one to sign before his hearing date. The market will be set at what these players and the UFAs and other RFAs are signing for. Zherdev and his agent will have to see his qualifying offer is about commensurate with what players are earning who have similar statistics to his.

    So, we either get Zherdev at 3.5 million or he walks to the KHL. Sather then knows what he has left to spend on Dubi and a veteran free agent defenseman or veteran free agent center or forward.

    I am sure Dubi’s contract offer will be AT least a dollar over 2 million and for 2 or 3 years. Dubi will still be an RFA when his next contract is up at the age of 25 or 26. Any offer sheet at that time, if Dubi is qualified at the 10% increase (if the new CBA still includes that raise provision), would be subject to a first and a third rounder for Dubi’s services. (Again, provided the new CBA remains the same for RFS compensation).

    Sather refused to include Dubinsky in the Heatley deal and he is not going anywhere.

    Keep the faith, oh yee Ranger faithful. Sather is on a hot streak and Dubi will be taken care of in good time.

  15. I can’t see how Z gets anything over 3.5 or 3.75 Sather raked Avery over the coals during arbitration and he obviously liked him/wanted him back. What’s he gonna say about a guy who was benched numerous times and who had ZERO points in the post-season?

    IF that’s the case… I hope we don’t walk away from him… I don’t necessarily think he’s worth that but to lose him for nothing would be awful (i.e. to lose Tyutin for nothing would be awful).

  16. downeaster,

    I think the cap increase was a one time only clause enacted by the NHLPA. It would have gone down but they chose to use their “get-out-of-jail-free-card” this coming season.

    Carp is this correct? Thought I read that somewhere.

  17. crazy article about chelios. figures people only want to play for us as the retirement home option … not enough guys peaking at 25-28 years old feeling this way.

    dying for some / any hockey news, at least reports from Giants camp will start coming in – shout out to Ernie’s blog: http://giants.lohudblogs.com/

  18. Doodie Machetto on

    “Champions of NHL ‘93 and ‘94 right there. If they get into a fight does animated blood pour onto the ice?”

    Not if it’s ’94. No fighting there. But you can still make their heads bleed.

    What does everyone think of my free agent suggestions above?

  19. DOODIE

    Williams was pretty good with the Jackets when they got him, i wanted him on Nyr back in 07, i thought he’d be a good 3rd line center, but that didn’t happen. Id rather go with Boyle though, but id definitely choose Williams over Arnason. As for Sykora, he did nothing in the playoffs with Nyr, and we needed him the most to pick up his game.

    Pass !!

    Bar Rafaeli is single !!! Someone on Nyr needs to get a piece of that and bring it to the Garden !!!

  20. Doodie Machetto on

    Orr, as I recall, nobody showed up for the playoffs that year. Who was our leading scorer, Betts? Can’t hold that only against Sykora. Over his career, he’s been a pretty solid post-season player.

    Again, I’d kick the tires, see if we could get him on the super cheap.

  21. Riche’

    That is correct. The NHLPA exercised their one time 5% clause. The Rangers will be OK this season….but depending on the ticket sales and other peripherals this season….the cap may be heading down or there could be a owners panel that votes to change it.

    I have it on good account (from my friend who sits in front of me at the Garden) that season ticket sales in the Garden are at about 90% renewal for this upcoming season. They were at 95% last year.

    He was asked by his account executive (as he has been a season ticket holder for almost 40 years) if he wanted the two seats next to his (they were sold on Stub Hub every game last season). He could only use one ticket on occasion and was told they did not want to break up the pair. I told him I did not want to take the other one as it is a pain to sell the seats I have already that I don’t use (Craigslist)and do not need to add another one.

    This is an issue in and of itself that could effect the cap ceiling next year.

    We are talking blue-seats here so it looks like some of you who are on the waiting list might just be able to get tickets.

  22. There is 0% chance we would sign Chelios, and between Zubov and Chelios, Zubov is muuuuch more valuable and could contribute much more than Chelios.. Zubov could still run a power play effectively when healthy, he obviously is old but he can still play i believe, not saying i NEED him on our team but much rather him than Chelios that shouldnt even be a debate

    There is no way that Anisimov is not making this team come the fall, unless he has a brutal camp or has a bad injury..

    Who started the Wade Redden cocaine rumors? The guy is just skinny, itd be nice to blame drugs for his poor play but its just him

  23. Zubov (who should have never been traded in the first place) comes with a much heavier price tag though…

    The thinking was a vet d-man to mould the young guys… without paying through the teeth.

    I’m not advocating that… just saying it’s what this discussion was all about.

  24. Riche’ – That’s correct about the cap. It would have gone down, but the NHLPA made it go up 5% from where it would have been.

    Dupuy – I tried to activate my Insider account because I have ESPN the Magazine, but it’s not workign for me.

  25. Gaborik was a superstar in Minnesota when healthy. In 2006-07 and 2008-09, the winger had impressive points-per-game rates of 1.19 and 1.35 for the Wild. The only problem was his 65 games played during those two seasons. Entering his age 27 campaign, the third overall selection in 2000 will be attempting to stay healthy after having another hip surgery last season. VUKOTA doesn’t know about the effects of the bright lights of New York, but it is pessimistic based on time missed over the past seasons.

    Wow, amazing writeup by espn. Pessimistic because of his past injuries, thats a new one. ARod looks pretty dang healthy to me after the safe surgery/surgeon.

  26. by the way the rangers didnt save 500k on that trade with korpo and Lisin, Korpo is going to make .7mill a year and Lisin is going to make .8 but Im fine with that, just saying though

  27. Vitali
    All this stuff about what Grach likes to drink,etc. is very tipical Russian “klukva”, bs. What I agree however, is that guy really need some support – it’s not easy to carry a pressure of such high expectations, city life and temptations and most of all unforgiving and unpaitient Rangers fans(me including). Hope he will make it here in town and in team.

  28. Fugg ESPN, they know jack sh*t aboot hockey. The only people on ESPN that know hockey that i know of are Melrose, Barney, that retarded Isles fan, Buchi, Levy, and that chick.

    Other than that, everyone has to have the most detailed info aboot what ever they’re talking aboot, when it comes to hockey. Ugh it makes me sick.

    Still want ESPN and NHL to get back together. If i have to go through another year of Verses hockey, i might actually kill Englblom, fat head, and the other guy. Literally !

  29. “I think Higgins is great but King Hendrik is way overrated. Top 20 goalie at best. Even he can’t react fast enough for how deep he plays”

    Id like to take a pipe to this idiots head. Obviously he knows so much, i mean he calls him Hendrik. Fuggin tool !

    Hank can be disappointing at times, mainly in the playoffs. One game he’s god, the next he’s a fuggin nobody, giving up 6 goals. But Hank is top 5, that’s all there is to it.

    Anybody who doesn’t realize this, is just way to biased, and retarded, which is a horrible combo.

  30. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    My earlier post about the youngsters cracking the lineup came out all wrong. I meant to say I am excited to see the cracks on our youngsters.

  31. That guy Ryan Dixon on hockeynews can take that article and shove it

    “At the shallow end of the Atlantic”
    “Could be just plain awful”


    Our offense will be better than last years and we still have one of the best goalies in the league, people love to hate the Rangers man its plain and simple
    I take this article with a grain of salt

  32. Spiderpig…
    I don’t buy it…are we winning the Cup…nope.
    But there is no doubt that somehow Sather did make this team a little better this summer

  33. ROB

    Exactly. Everyone loves it when NY loses, and when they’re winning there’s always an excuse. Ohhh, they use money to win, blah blah blah. It’s sickening. Id really like to take one of these losers and toss them off a bridge, they know nothing !!

  34. I was really excited to see this years ranger team play until I read that article on the rangers by Ryan Dixon from the hockey news. That article brought me down to reality, bummer.

  35. this team the ways its set up right now. will hustle and be competitive. we got a little to lacks last year. i am confident that Torts will give us a team that will be in every game. i don’t buy Ryan Dixon view at all.

  36. downeaster
    Very good analyses. Totally agree.Thanks.
    Nice finding. As for the article- unwarranted, biased, non-factual, probably wishful thinking for author. Nothing more.

  37. Just heard on the radio that Brandon Dubinsky was injured visiting family in Alaska this morning, they mentioned he was riding a moped, and was with friends. Anyone have any further news on this.

  38. just remember who were Toews, Bufuglyn, Mike Richards, Getzlaf, and so on before they had Breakout years. They were nuttin. Some of our youngsters will Show up and play better this season . they all have enough experience under their belt now to get better. just like other young teams have done. Dubi will be better and take on this challenge. Yeah Gabby might get hurt but people were saying the same about Havlat this year and he lasted almost the entire year. His injuries may be behind him.

  39. Vitaly
    Than my apology, BTW it happend to me couple times already. I just dont get it…What is a motivation to take others names to post. Lack of imagination or else – it’s really annoying.

  40. tomg you should still be excited to see the rangers play next season regardless of that idiotic article.. and yes Dixon may somehow be related to Larry Brooks good call

    Is that dupuy post about dubinsky getting hurt in alaska on a moped bogus? somebody tell me it is please

    I would doubt that news would get around that quick and to the radio that quick so im guessing it is bogus

  41. Here’s what the ESPN article says about Dubinsky:
    Brandon Dubinsky was the only offensive performer with a pulse on a dreadful offensive team: he was a team-best 2.5 Goals For per 60 minutes at even strength against Washington in the playoffs. Expect some additional natural growth due to experience; he is entering his age 23 season. Then, match him up with Gaborik on the wing, and watch the points begin to accumulate.

    And Anisimov:
    E.J.’s Name to Know: Artem Anisimov

    After trading high-priced veteran Scott Gomez to Montreal, the Rangers have a void to fill in the middle. That’s good news for Anisimov, who seems ready to make the transition to the big league after posting 37 goals and 81 points for the club’s AHL affiliate in Hartford last season — his second in North America.

    Selected with the 54th overall pick (second round) in the 2006 draft, the 21-year-old Anisimov has impressed with his offensive instincts as well as his two-way game. And at 6-foot-3, 187 pounds, he has room to fill out and get stronger.

    In New York, where the Rangers don’t currently have a clear-cut No. 1 center, Anisimov could get an opportunity to work alongside the speedy Gaborik. If Anisimov gets that chance (and I figure he’ll get at least a good look) and finds a quick chemistry with the Slovakian sniper, he could become a very important part of an improved offensive attack on Broadway. At worst, he should get every opportunity to be a regular contributor under head coach John Tortorella.

  42. See, like I said about Anisimov he will definitely make this team, and there are other writers out there that have been saying he has a shot to be the number 1 center… I was going to mention it before but everyone would have probably thought that I was nuts.. I think he will be very good, he is a big lengthy kid (like Malkin).. not saying he is going to put up numbers like Malkin but he can use that size and reach to his advantage, I’m looking forward to seeing him play.. I think Dubinsky should get a chance with Gaborik at first but if it doesnt work out I would love to see AA get a shot with Gaborik
    Plus, we all know how Dubinsky would always find a way to pass last year when it seemed like he was in perfect shooting/scoring position, so playing with Gaborik you can look at it positively or negatively.. Positive in the sense that maybe those passes he will be making will be turning into alot more assists since the receiver of those passes will be a guy who can bury the puck(Gaborik), but in the negative sense, will playing with Gaborik keep that mindset of him being afraid to shoot and cause him to always defer to Gaborik when maybe he should just be getting the puck on net (See 2007-08 when he did this with Jagr)
    So if he did end up playing on a line without Gaborik it could still be good for him to get him to shoot more, either way I think he will have a strong season, I think we will be very good up the middle at center, not extraordinary, but very good

  43. Doodie Machetto on

    “and we all know what happened.”

    You mean we stumbled across a superstar goaltender and Jaromir Jagr looked like the superstar that he was 5 years earlier? Because it wasn’t Steve Rucchin that got us into the playoffs.

  44. To that Graves lunch that someone posted on HF Boards, that’s the first time I ever heard Derek Stepan mentioned as being a potential number one center. As the owner of a fantasy team where I get first crack at all Rangers, color me pleased.

  45. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    I’m actually flattered that an impostor would choose my name to post under. Seriously though, lots of other teams have rookies making the big squad and contributing soon if not immediately. No reason why we can’t do the same. If Grachev can compete and contribute, there no reason his game can’t mature on the varsity squad instead of wasting a year on the JV team. I think our cap situation may force our hand to have rookies fill out the roster, which may ultimately help us as it will speed up their maturity.

  46. When Renney played Artie in that game last season against the Trashers, and benched him for the remainder of the 3rd period after he had a great shift, that was the point where i really hated him, and wanted him fired even more.

    That’s what i hated aboot Renney. It was always aboot how much the player made. Didn’t matter id Dreary, or Blowmez played like garbage, the youngsters had to stand aside and watch garbage unfold. Poor Pruchs !

    I doubt it would happen, but i wish he scored 30 goals again, that would be hilarious. I hope he tears up the Oilers, and really sticks it to Thomas.

  47. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga will end in 11days... says Greg L. on


    Wake up moron!!! If every writer went on about such garbage they would have been fired already!! How did you get a job with The Hockey News!!!!??? If I was your boss I’d fire you for your idiotic views and insulting remarkes!! Ya mays well say ALL THE CANADIAN teams are garbage too!!! Rangers are in better shape than half the teams in the league and we are also one of the youngest!! To spend hours writing what you wrote Ryan is idiotic and shows ya got no brains at all!! In Saskatchewan here we don’t take kindly to haters and we once dumped manure all over a Kickers front lawn after he missed the winning field goal in a playoff CFL game. Too bad the people missed the kickers yard and put the manure on his neibors by accident..doh! Looks like you Dixion need some poopin on!!!

  48. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga will end in 10days... says Greg L. on

    I can’t believe ESPN said the stuff they did …excellent!!

  49. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga will end in 10days... says Greg L. on

    Yeah Local fan…your Devils are going to be quite the team this year. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

  50. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga will end in 10days... says Greg L. on

    Local fan: yer asslanders are too young too do anything either!! Crosby,Malik and Ovechkin took like 3 years to actually start winning hockey games…so no need to worry about the lame isles of cryin ryan..”please don’t sent me to NYI!!!!”

  51. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga will end in 10days... says Greg L. on

    yeah , Local fan post’s a link that’s already been posted and commented on..talk about s-l-o-w .

  52. Joe in DE (the real one) on

    Dixon points out the worst case scenario. He’s not totally wrong, but I do think we’re better off than the way he makes it sound. That said, I don’t think we’re gonna be a demolition machine next year, disposing of opponents left and right like San Jose and Detroit did last year. I think realistically we will fall somewhere in the middle. Someone will be a disappointment, and I think someone will step up and play their best ever. Time will tell

  53. Orr,

    At least 2 more years of the NHL on Verses but after then, who knows? Problem is that ESPN and their networks have so much on their stations, where is the room for the NHL?

    The NBA playoffs and finals go on at about the exact same time as the NHL’s do. I can’t see ABC blocking out 2 weeks of it’s primetime shows for sports.

  54. That’s what I read someone else say about ABC Sports, but they did it for a few years before the lockout when they had both NBA and NHL finals, playing them on alternating days.

  55. With the NHL working on a new deal with NBC, dont be surprised if we aren’t back with ESPN one day soon. Thats possibly one of the reasons why Gary Buttman was so happy with Crosby and his horde winning it this year. His new “Lace of the League” may get us a contract.

  56. a local fan, how many times do I have to tell you that you cannot use the word “We”, if anything is a disaster it is you and your poor sports choices..

  57. Islanders reported signing Martin Biron and Alex Tanguay today. Have a feeling Dipietro is finished.

  58. And can we please not call Grachev “Geno”, that is Malkin and I dont want any association with nicknames of a Penguin… if they decide that that becomes his nickname we can call him this but dont jump the gun

  59. How is Dipietro finished? We talk about the Redden contract being the worst, but…

  60. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga will end in 10days... says Greg L. on

    ya man Agravaine we all heard it over here. This is like the Ranger hub man and we like unite and voice our opinions on the news man ~~~groovey eh?

  61. These articles you guys posted today from ESPN and THN are comical, really.

    I mean, yeah, if you assume worst case scenario for EVERY player on the team for ANY team, obviously it’s going to be a bad year.

    Can’t really take articles like this serious when its clear they’re built on biased speculation.

    Stop sweating us…

  62. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga will end in 10days... says Greg L. on

    Bad contracts?

    Sedins (should be 2 for 1)or separate ’em if they want more $$)

  63. That Dixon guy failed to mention AA or Grachev in the article or any of the near dozen young and hungry dmen so it has zero validity to me.

    Also he failed to take into account that Higgins and Kotalik are consistent 20 goal scorers to go along with Drury and Cally, and Lisin could hit 15-20.

  64. I miss hockey on ESPN. The hockey commercials were hysterical (I think one was Graves firing pucks at the Rocky statue), NHL2Night was decent and I always enjoyed the team of Thorne/Clement calling games.

  65. Cross Check Charlie on

    Thorne was good doing P-B-P, but he always sounded like he was going to have a heart attack. He must have gone to the Billy Mays School of yelling.

    Even a soft shot on goal and he was yelling at the top of his lungs, “The SHOT!!!!! SAVE! LUNDQVIST!!!”

    I swear I thought he was going to pop an artery while announcing a game.

  66. Proof that we need hockey soon is that we are actually paying attention to what THN and ESPN have to say. They don’t know anything. They predict the Rangers will suck every year and they don’t.

    I hate so you think you can dance. But it gives me time to blog in peace.

    Kotalik may end up being a waste of good cap space. I don’t see how Zherdev fits with Kotalik. Kotalik also takes a spot away from Grachev.


    Where is the room for Grachev or Zherdev. Who is Grachev going to play with in Hartford if Anisimov is here. So he needs to make the team, but Kotalik takes away space and cap space.

    Just saying.

  67. bull dog line on

    paul g,
    good point on Grachev.
    would like to have left a spot for him, but those lines you put together are not bad at all.
    you can win some games with that lineup.maybe Grachev competes with Lisin for a spot.

  68. Grachev will be going to HFD unless he produces (not just looks good) in training camp. He will be put on a line with Corey Locke and P.A. Parenteau where Grachev should be in position to get lots of points.

    if he produces in HFD he should be up with the Rangers by the Olympic break…

  69. downeaster

    It’s never been about who Sather signs…it’s who he uses; who he plays in the big time. Uusally the hi priced older stiffs, regardless. Maybe a new page is turning – biut don’t quote me

  70. Doodie Machetto on

    Arnason can center Grachev in Hartford. He is more than qualified to be a #1 AHL center.

    Shocked about the Biron signing. DiPi must be facing losing the entire year, if not his career.

    All over the skills competition.

  71. Doodie Machetto on

    Arnason can center Grachev in Hartford. He is more than qualified to be a #1 AHL center.

    Shocked about the Biron signing. DiPi must be facing losing the entire year, if not his career.

    All over the skills competition.

  72. Are we leaving anyone out? Besides that stiff Arnason. Anyone on the current roster that can compete for a spot with the big club.

    There is no one in free agency that should even be considered at league minimums by the way. Would not want them in Hartford even.

  73. One last thing as so you think you can dance ends…

    Poor PA Parenteau. Guy can’t get arrested in the NHL. I think he actually makes the team this year. Cheap scoring forward to split time with Brashear on the fourth line. But how many spots for kids. Like Byers and the game he can bring too. Maybe Owens has to stay in Hartford.

    I like the core. Gabby is a stud and can’t wait to see him don the blueshirt 10. Gonna get one for my daughter to replace the Jagr sweater she out grew.

  74. paul g

    Arnason has a good shot to make this team. 7th on the Avalanche in points last season and I know his issues but he can add some offense to that 4th line (even though they barely play)

  75. everyone is too damn ready to rush grachev up here. he had 1 real good season in ohl. let him get better in hartford. him being on the 3rd line will not make or break the team. just be patient with him. so far weve incorporated 1-2 rookies a season. now it looks like anisimov and either potter sauer/heikkenen will make the team.

  76. thats the problem with zherdev. he was rushed into the nhl way too soon. even for a 1st overall pick. last year colombus did the right thing and let filatov get some experience and mature a little unlike what they did with zhrdev. not sayin thats why zherdev is bi polar, but still, some of these kids are 19-20 and not ready for the pressure yet. orrs 19. he can barely concentrate on anything but fox gonzagas.

  77. well, as far as how good we’ll be this year, i can care less what that guy has to say. but, at the same time, were banking on 1 guy who can very easily be watching as he is playing. with a guy like gaborik, its gonna be a stressful season every time this guy takes a hit. sather shouldve traded dubi and whoever for heatley. screw edmonton. sather cares more about them than us. he backed out on a potential game breaker in heatley because it wasnt fair to lowe? please!!

  78. i agree mike. give the kid a year to improve all aspects of his game. you dont wanna f with his head by sending him up and down.

    that being said, i would LOVE it if he made the team and had a Prucha like rookie campaign. besides inexperience, whats the knock on him? bad in his own end?

  79. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga will end in 10days... says Greg L. on

    Mike in ia , wake up and read yesterdays “wake up call” I posted. Gaborik will be fine.

  80. yup. im not sayin i dont wanna see him light up broadway soon, but hes got plenty of time and if hes gonna play, id rather him be totally ready so he can make a big impact. bringin him up to play a few times this season is a good start. i say he should at least get 5-10 games maybe more if theresz injuries. if we didnt sign lisin or kotalik, id be anticipating him makin the team right out of camp, but it looks like they think hes got more work to do first. hey, ya never know he could beat out lisin if hes good enough. in that case ya gotta give him a shot.

  81. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga will end in 10days... says Greg L. on

    Gaborik is the greatest goal scorer we have had sinse…Pavel Bure!!!!

  82. I bet Zherdev is back. GRachev needs more seasoning plus there is no room for him. Anisimov will be in the NHL next season.

    Adam Graves swears MDZ is on the team next year but there is no friggin way. Gilroy and Sanguinetti as additions to the defense would be enough.

    As I have said, the most talent the RAngers have in the wings is a couple of years away. All we have to do is get older like they do.

    Next year will be good, but the season after that, we will challenge them all.

  83. greg- im not gettin my hopes up just yet. but i agree he should be all right. if the surgery supposedly worked for rozy and a-roid, then it should work for him too. i just know whenever he gets checked, and you know it will be alot, since hes our only real star up front, all of us will be prayin he doesnt shatter into a thousand pieces. but he looked great at the end of last season and if he can play like that for us, i’ll be gettin a gabby #10 jersey real soon. it should be exciting watching him play thats for sure.

  84. greg- lol. i didnt see your post about him being the best sniper since bure but i was just about to write that in the next post. youre absolutely right.

  85. Interesting that Grachev or Grach translates from Russian as Rook (a bird). How appropriate to call him Rookie, if he will make a team.

  86. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga will end in 10days... says Greg L. on

    Great #10 for NYR :


  87. Greg, Stop with the Grachev posts until he proves himself, and get on the Dubinsky wagon, and throw me a good night kiss, lover.

  88. I wonder what Graves thinks of Owens. Too bad he didn’t mention him in that little write up. I keep lobbying for him to make the team because of his little cap hit (515K) blazing speed, and ability to PK and grind in the corners. I hope he has a great camp and can win over Torts and the fans with his Ortmeyer-like work ethic.

  89. paul g – I like those lines except to swap Drury with Anisimov. I feel like if those are the lines to start, the first shuffle that Torts would make would be moving Voros to the first line with Gaborik, moving Avery down to third and Lisin to fourth. He could also include a Dubsinky for Anisimov swap, if the latter makes the team. I feel like they are feeling good about Parenteau (despite Graves not mentioning him), so he will have to stick with the team after preseason or else he womn’t be on the Rangers at all this year most likely because he has to pass through waivers. Maybe he could start with Boyle and Voros, having Brashear sitting.

  90. I’d like to only see Brashear when the other team has a goon or is physical like the Flyers.

    Also, I REALLY hope Voros makes the team on merit and not because he’s part of the Gaborik’s entourage. He has a very high cap hit to be sitting in the pressbox and used as a confidant.

    I trust Torts and whether you’re Grachev, Anisimov, Paranteau, Owens, etc. you gotta come to camp competing and show something. Competition and hunger makes for a better organization all around.

  91. Grachev does not have to work on his game in his own end, he played in all situations for Brampton, even strength, power play, and shorthanded.. if they dont bring him up it is to give him more time to develop even more and to not rush him but if he has a good camp he can make the team and compete with Lisin for a 3rd line spot as someone said before, if you play well enough there is always room on the roster.
    I also dont think Arnason should be penciled in as an automatic Wolfpack, he has shown flashes of offensive ability in his career and could add some finish to the 4th line, and for the big Boyle fans Arnason has played wing before, so its not as if its one or the other, they could both be on the 4th line
    With what we have right now my dream scenario would be:


    Scratch Brashear unless playing divisional rival or team with big heavyweight enforcer

  92. just a thought on

    Zajac got 3.8 million a year, same age and points as Zherdev, that what you figure he will get in arbitration

  93. i could be completely wrong, but wouldnt grachev have to go back to juniors if he doesnt make the nhl team after that grace period? can someone confirm that?

  94. i was thinking the same thing anthonyf, but i know thats how it is with DelZotto so dont know why it wouldnt be that way with Grachev

  95. My people came from Sicily, and finally were able to get into a legitamate business, through the roof.

  96. I think that due to Grachev being drafted outside of North America the 20 year old rule doesn’t apply.

  97. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arbitration saga will end in 10days... says Greg L. on

    No I’m not Greg louganis and it was semi-sarcasm cuz ya can say we had Shanny and Jagr but as of pure goal scorers…yeah Bure is the only one. Again ya can say old guys like Mess ,Gretz and Graves. 50 goals have been done only twice and Gaborik is the next to do it.

  98. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 9 days... says Greg L. on

    Lindros and Savard were snipers but wern’t when they played for NY.

  99. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 9 days... says Greg L. on

    Mike Gartner is definaltly a 50 goal scorer but again…not with the Rangers.

  100. ZzZz 13 ZzZz Arb saga will end in 9 days... says Greg L. on

    Im outta here …just wondering who would be #3 ,#4 and #5 top alltime goal scorers for the Rangers.

    #1 Jaromir (Jarda) Jagr

    #2 Adam “9” Graves




  101. bull dog line on

    Hadfield scored 50,
    LaRouche, Messier, Gartner, and Gilbert all scored 47 and up in a season.

  102. You know, I came back to this board to discuss hockey not to be mocked. I can’t even go one hour without having someone do it. I’m above this. Eff this place until people grow up.

  103. Hockeyman Rangers on

    Unfortunatley we are not quite there yet, But I am right there with ya, hardley any hockey news at all this time of year. Makes a long day at work when there is no HOckey news to surf. And it just wouldn’t be right to actually do work LOL.

  104. mike- dont leave. they use my name all the time here. its annoying but its pretty easy to tell who the real ones from imposter. i really dont care anymore. but i think its why some regulars have left. havent seen kaspar in awhile.

  105. BTW, last night on MSG Rangers Classics Game 7 1994 Cup was on.

    A few things:

    1) It NEVER gets old. I still got goosebumps.

    2) I texted my brother and told him Game 7 was on. He responded, “Game 7 versus the Caps from a few months ago?” I chided him to no end saying, “Are you insane? Why would I give a F about that game?”

    3) As I watched that game, every 30 seconds I was like, “Oh that’s a penalty. Oh there’s a hook, there’s an interference, etc.” It is amazing how different the game is now with the clutching and grabbing or lackthereof.

    4) I cannot believe it is 15 years. 15 f-ing years and we’ve never even been within reaching distance since. Sad.

  106. newman- yup. the stuff they let go back then was unreal compared to every bs call nowadays. i noticed that when they replayed game 6 in jersey on espn classic on the anniversary. and the bernie nicholls slap shot at kovalev, or somebody cant remember. now hed be suspended for a few games. but any trash talkin would earn you anger mangmnt class. but i think if we couldve beaten buffalo 2 years ago(which we were actually close to doing before capn clutch killed us), i think we wouldve made the finals. i dont know how ottawa beat the sabres that year, but it looked like our series with them took alot more out of them than some realize. jagr n shanny, and everybody made that series tough for buffalo. i think if we beat buffalo, ottawa wouldve been beaten too.

  107. new newman,

    pt nmber 3 is the first thing i always say to myself when i see these old games.

  108. Chelios….that is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in forever. Why not bring Messier back?

  109. Yeah, and perhaps when Roenick turns 43 maybe he wants to make a comeback with the Rangers

  110. Dixon is a hater who barely watches hockey. I do like the idea of Gilroy getting the Calder, though!

  111. Someone asked the yesterday about the remaining free agents and who we al thought might be a good ranger fit, I think tollefsen, gauthier, vanaanen, zubov, and lundqvist (I know another 3rd or 4th liner, but having hanks bro around may not be that bad of an idea). just opinions though.

  112. Slow day in hockey today, so Chelios wants to play for the Rangers? So do I, shall i write an article about it? No. Chelios probably likes the idea of less travelling as his 47year old body doesn’t respond well to long air journeys and needs to sleep in his own orthapadeic bed most nights.

    2 words for you: Dream On

    We have to forget any free agent defensemen and blood the youngsters. Rosie, Redden, Staal and Girardi can handle 20 mins+ a night, lets have a young 3rd pair who can play 15 mins a night and learn their trade – throw them out against 3rd and 4th line forwards and give them a PP shift here and there too.

    p.s. Sorry to include Redden but i think we will see a better player this year, this system should suit him more and hopefully he’ll get his confidence back and contribute more.

  113. “Chelios….that is the most ridiculous thing I have heard in forever.”

    The guy could barely lift the Cup two years ago. He looked 100 pounds soaking wet with change in his pants.

  114. Yeah, I remember that from the last time I watched games from 1994, that everyone was being hooked and held, especially around the goal line.

    Carp – It might be just about time to go with registered usernames here. I believe Inside the Kings has done it with some success (http://www.insidesocal.com/kings).

  115. If youfolks insist on having a knickname for players and you’re at odds about Grachev..just call him Groucho and be done with it.

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